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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 11, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> brand new fire storm over nfl star ray rice of we have all seen it caught on camera. rice striking his now wife knockinging her unconscious. >> and tonight there are new details on what happened. good evening. >> i'm dan. tonight the nfl commissioner facing a chorus of
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critic some calling him to step down. the brian smith has more now on what the commissioner knew and when. >> tonight our sister network reporting that according to multiple sources ray rice personally told nfl commissioner roger goodell in a meeting that he punched his wife janae in elevator in atlantic sister. that seems to contradict statements goodell made this week saying that during a meeting with the player he was quote ambiguous because what actually happened. the pressure growing even greater for roger goodell tonight. nfl commissioner under fire under wrap tonight as football top star demand answers. >> we are all held accountable for our action as players certainly every owner should be held accountable for their actions. the commissioner should be held accountable for his actions. >> goodell insist he didn't know the accident of the meeting until tmz rae leased devastating video -- video monday but some players don't buy it.
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>> could have been a better job because if tmz can get it why not the until football league. >> hash-tag goodbye roger. >> nfl has asked former fooib chief robert mull tore investigate the situation and whether nfl received the tape months ago and ignored it. fire storm growing as new details emerge about the assault. hotel security staff on duty that night telling espn when janae rise regained consciousness first words are how could you do this to me. i am the mother of your kid. then this. rice at one point got on the phone after he dragged his then fiance out of the elevator. they are not sure who he was speaking with but rice said quote i'm going to get arrested tonight unquot unquote. >> ravens owner steve telling baltimore station wbal before tmz relessed the tape he thought what happened in the elevator was essentially a drunk el brawl. >> i was picketing her whaling on him and him smacking her and
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maybe her head was this far from the wall and with her drunk dropped so why did i conclude all that because i wanted to. >>reporter: regardless of is what on the tape the police record is clear. documents saying rice punched his wife quote rendering her unconsciou unconscious. tonight 16 women senator sending a letter to goodell demanding new domestic violence policy. if you if you violately assault a woman they write you shouldn't get a second chance to play football in the nfl. >> as for roger goodell that independent investigation will be key. findings expected to be made public as soon as the report is complete. fight abc news new york. >> nfl not the only sports league to deal with domestic violence baseball has had its share with problems with players. commissioner selig doesn't think a written policy is needed. carolyn tyler has more from at&t park where she discussed the issue with if them day. baseball
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commissioner selig today says the league and player union have talked about implement ago policy on domestic abuse but nothing has been done. . major league baseball doesn't have explicit protocol or policy dealing with domestic violence. is it time for that? >> if we handle -- we haven't had any cases i'm happy to say for a long long time. but we deal with situations as they occur. >> there have been several incidents and allegations over the years. former twins and yankees second baseman chuck knob was arrested this summer charged with assaulting his ex-wife. jose con sake plead in order contest to domestic violence charges back in 1998. while there is no official league policy giant ceo bear says niece favor of anything that acts as deterrent. >> every team and every league to do whatever they can to call attention to the issue and
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highlight the issue. >>reporter: for the past 18 years the giants have held a strike out violence day at the ballpark. this coming sunday it will feature non-profit called futures without violenc violence. that group believes every workplace needs a domestic violence policy. >> sports league in particular we think have an additional responsibility because they do hold social value and young people and france watching every move these players make. >>reporter: she calls the giants a model for sports leagues. but for now any official rule is off the table. >> wouldn't that be more transparent. >> that is that is a subject for the next collective bargaining agent where i will be long gone. >>reporter: in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> oakland police investigate what they believe was the accidental shooting of a 1-year-old boy. that shooting happened early this afternoon after home on 77 avenue in the east mont neighborhood. boy was outside the home when some
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family members with family members when the gun went off. the child is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. he will be okay. so far there have been no arrest. while investigators try to figure out who fired this gun and whether it was in the legal possession of the person who pulled the trigger. >> people who knew and loved 14-year-old san francisco boy who was stabbed to death last week say the community has pulled together in a heart warming tribute to the teen. memorial service for high school freshman shawn williams held this morning at the cathedral in san francisco with shawn was top student and talented football player who earned near full scholarship to sacred heart cathedral prep. hundreds of classmates join family friends for today's service. >> overwhelming to me it kind of leaves me sweechless. if we have appreciation. >> whirlwind of support and also anxiety. a lot of tears but overwhelming sense of
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community. >> he was killed last tuesday outside a corner store in the mission district. another 14-year-old former classmate is accused of kill him. >> plea deal today for livermore golf pro accused of child molestation. 32-year-old andrew nisbit pleaded guilty to 7 felony counts for sexually abusing 3 boys and then trying to pay someone to kill those victims. nisbit talks in the golf course in livermore he was arrested last december and charged with 75 counts of abusing boys who were between the ages of 12 and 17. as part of the plea deal nisbit will receive 27 years in prison when he is formally sentenced next month. >> after wheel fell off bart train last month bart decided to check all the trains of 23 train wheels. there was an incident on august 26 that shut down service at the height of the afternoon commute. immediately grounded 40 cars with suspect wheels. since then crew have checked more
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than 5500 wheels. the testing forced birth to pull cars out of service which in turn resulted in overcrowding on some trains. some trains 7 trains are still out of servic service. bart says the crow crowding problem will continue for at least another two weeks. >> in the mean time new report says bart management and labor union should start working on new contract 6 months before they are up. not wait until the lastment. bart management discuss the findings of independent report at meet thanksgiving morning. the report from a company in washington state site a look of trust between labor and management for recent strike. one recommendation is that each side negotiate with their own employees rather than outside consultant. >> normal bargaining is done is the workers committee and staff from the union and management and their staff sit down and talk together and try to iron it out and that's not how the district came to the table last time so hopefully we'll never see the approach again. >>reporter: the report is based on anonymous interview
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with bart employees managers and board members as well. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. local airline mechanic talks about finding a noose at work and how he decided to tell his family about it. >> signs of winter. look what people ran in at one of the country most famous national memorial. >> and we have the weather. >> if all right. thanks spencer and remembering 9/11. lights glowing tonight over the new york city sky line. lights glowing tonight over the new york city sky line. >>
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employee found a noose in his workplace. he took a picture of it. laura anthon you see on7 news. >> like a noose. no mistaking what it was. >> airplane mechanic carter told us it started as just another day at the san francisco airport. working on jumbo jets for united airlines.
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but this time when he arrived in the cockpit he found this. >> i walk into my work area which is cockpit of the aircraft and i saw lynching hanging there. >>reporter: carter took these photo of the rope fashion as hang man noose and then went and found his immediate supervisor. >> he asked me where is it at i said it's still in the cockpit i didn't pit up there i'm not taking it down. so we went up he lacked at it and he removed it. >> i was a flabbergast gassed. >>reporter: he went home that night and showed his wife the photo oychlt he showed me the picture first thing. he didn't tell me. he just showed me the picture and i'm looking if thinking this can't be what i think i'm seeing. >>reporter: carter says after interviewing employees and fin finding no one who admitted placing the noose in the cockpit united investigation ended. >> the thing that shocks us is the how much they tried to ignore this. at the didn't do anything for the first day when
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the evidence was fresh. >>reporter: carter lawsuit comes two week after 2 oakland city workers found what looked like a noose tied to the back of the work truck. in june bart employee found racist graffiti scribble on the lockers. >> we think a lieutenant could have been done. >>reporter: now carter has filled a lawsuit against united for racial discrimination and civil rights violation. >> they said they did the vex and they didn't find anything so that's it. >>reporter: united spokeswoman told abc 7 news quote united does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and we'll vigorously defen the allegation. as for the evidence carter says the noose the supervisor took down hasn't been seen since. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> local nudist colony raided today by rangers from the mid peninsula open space district. rangers accused colony of stealing water and ripped out water line that has been feeding the resort. this picture from the san jose mercury news shows the owners
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side fong water from underground spring. clothing operational lodge is located in los gatos hills where the spring has been producing about 4 gallon of world trade center a minute. the owner were denied permission to tap that the spring but they claim their rights have been grandfather in. >> doesn't it make you crazy when you hit a pot hole after you got the tires aligned. new report that bad roads are crossing every bay area driver 2200 dollars a year. the report was issued by trip nonprofit transportation research group that found 49 percent of roads in the bay area are raided in poor condition traffic congestion causing drivers 61 hours of delay every year. they say it's costing bay area drivers thousands of dollars in lost time and fuel. wear and tear on the vehicle and crashes. >> worst shape road in, the greatest stress vehicle operating under and more quickly the vehicle depreciat depreciating. obviously anybody when we buy a new car or any car we want to go out as
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long as possible. but there are serious consequences of roads in rough condition. >> and experts predict cost will rise even more and transportation problems will get even worse. without a significant funding boost at the local state federal levels. >> may be mid september but the snow is already flying in south dakota. large wet snow flake fell on visitors at mount rush more. most were not dressed for the weather. one woman wearing a light jacket over a bathing suit. evening program was cancelled because this isn't -- this is covered in snow. >> another hazy day in the bay area. today tomorrow both are spare the air days. the 8 and 9th of the year. bay area air quality management district says the hazy day the result of smog and smoke drifting south from the happy camp fire burning in siskiyou county time. hot out there. >> time to get a check on our weather with experience. >> more heat our way tomorrow another spare the air day tomorrow. air quality probably improve over the weekend as we
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get cooler air maybe a sea breeze mixing in. here's a look at live doppler 7hd bay area a little fog at the coast not quite so much as we had in the lay afternoon early evening hours but will return tonight how about today high. 101 at livermore. 97 at antioch. 98 at livermore. 100 like port 101 at ukiah. 83 at oakland 78 here at san francisco. we had hot weather just about everywhere except of course near the coast. live view from the exploratorium camera showing a few little puffs of light low cloud beginning to move that the city. 59 degrees in san francisco. low 60's oakland san carlos. upper 60's san jose morgan hill. 57 half machine bay. golden gate bridge we see not much in the which of fog at all. expecting to increase later tonight. 62 at santa rosa. napa 65. 61 novato. fairfield 74. upper 70's at concord livermore and one more live view from the sutro tower cam are over san francisco. these are the
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forecast feature hot inland for the next two days. spare the air again tomorrow i mention poorest air quality in inland east bay and santa clara valley. cooler pattern develop early next week. wildfire burning in the northern most part of the city. you see the nasa satellite image over the happy camp area. smoke in various direction and moving out to sea and then moving down into the bay area producing just a bit of haze here in creasing the plugs count here in our area contributing to poorary quality. bay bridge from the south east camera. spare the air alert for tomorrow. air quality the poorest in the inland east bay and santa clara valley. not great anywhere tomorrow. it will be our second consecutive spare the air day. satellite image shows big dome of high pressure that will dominate our weather picture the next several days and heat will hang on few more days and start to reseed a bit on sunday and fix week cooler air. overnight look for fog redevelop at the
9:19 pm
coast. pushing locally across the bay. upper 50's right around 60 then tomorrow another hot day inland south bay high of 88 at santa clara. 89 at san jose. 97 morgan hill and 100 gilroy on peninsula high of 86 at menlo park. palo alto 87 redwood city and mountain have you upper 60's on the coast. pacifica half moon bay. downtown san francisco have a high of 77 tomorrow. up in the north bay 92 at santa rosa and sonoma 93 at napa east bay high 82 at oakland. 88 castro valley and fremont and inland east bay high of 97 at walnut correct. 99 at antioch 98 at livermore and fairfield. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have this near 100 agree heat inland for 2 more day in the heat about reseed a bit on sunday and by monday into the remainder of next week we see a cooler more seasonal pattern. temperatures not extreme in any way. >> thanks spencer. >> okay. still to come on 7
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>> we have new details on story we first brought you here on abc 7 news exploratorium mexican restaurant with controversial name is making a change. the restaurant used to
9:24 pm
be called bandito that is spanish for bandit or out law. it is also considered a slur by many in the mexican-american community. today the owner office that restaurant announce the space will now be known as echo made in spanish. made in san francisco. the restaurant is located at market and sanchez in the castro. >> some of the heat is coming out of the bay area housing market. data quick says the mead um price that closed in august was 6 07000 dollars. down 1.6 percent from july. up 12.4 percent from last august. the medium prison of home in san francisco dropped from all time high of 1 million dollars to 9 40,000 dollars in august. >> tank once part of bay area collection of rare military vehicles is at the center of lawsuit tonight. microsoft co-founder paul allen company war bird tasked with obtaining rare and antique vehicle for the museum in washington state. it paid 2 and half million
9:25 pm
dollars for german tank that was auctioned off in july. but when they sent a truck to pick up the tank it wasn't allowed to leave the showroom in portola valley. they sue coat that ran the auction and massachusetts base foundation which sold the tank for breach of contract. >> up next. remembering 9/11. east bay vigil to remember those who lost their lives at war. marred tonight by the about american flag. more on the twin beam of light shimmering in the sky over new york city tonight. >> and yahoo reveals how the quovt threatened to fine the company quarter million dollars a day. >> another half hour of abc 7 ...we need to break up.
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>> good evening once again. name pause today to remember the heroism and heart break of 9/11. >> it has been 13 years since terror attack that rocked the nation. and here you can see a live picture from ground zero in new york. the site where terrorists crashed 2 plane in the center and the 2 light represent the 2 towers. >> they honor this aboard flight 93 plane bound for san francisco that went down in shanksville, pens vin. there are 40 granite stones bearing the names of the passengers and crew members of flight 93. >> we talked to the twin sister of flight attendant wanda green on the flight of. >> wanda was loving mother. she was fun. she liked people. she was ambitious. she was trying to get in real estate. wants to make a transition. but she was very warm and friendly. we miss her a lot.
9:30 pm
>> sandra james sister wanda grew up in oakland and flew with united for nearly 30 year years. >> captain jason m if dahl. nicole carol miller. >> nicole miller and pilot jason doll among those oned in pennsylvania today. every year the passengers are remembered for their heroism. >> group of them rushed to the cockpit and overwhelmed the hijackers forcing the plane down in a field before it reached the hijacker intended target. white house or perhaps the u.s. capitol. >> bay area firefighters pause this morning to honor the comrade who died on september 11. firefighters at all san francisco stations stood at attention at 6:59 this morning. exact time the south tower of the world trade center collapsed. then they taking turns reading the names of the fallen 3 43 new york
9:31 pm
firefighters were killed responding to those attacks. >> kevin and 14 other firefighters from station 1 used vacation time and bought their own tickets to travel to new york just days after the attacks. 5 more joined them shortly after. they were able to gain access to ground zero and helped clear the rubble. >> we good would down and dig with our hand 5 gallon bucket form a chain of guy. fine a spot. go there fire still burning. smoldering. smell in the air weird feeling. >> group from station 1 also attended funeral for the fallen firefighters while they were in new york. >> vigil at remembered site in lafayette marred by vandal today. it feature what organizers say is the largely east overpass flag display in the state. dozens of flag hanging from the overpass of highway 24 and interstate 6 80 but today thieves targeted the display stealing blythe or not 2 flag. organizers saw it happened and chase the thieves down but only recovered one of
9:32 pm
the flags. >> we literally followed them up the street and asked to give the flag back it wasn't their property. they hesitated we can call the cop. call the cop or hand it over they handed it over. we were driving away they threw a big chunk of decree at my truck just missed it 30. has been annual remembrance on the bridge ever since september 11 2011. 2001 rather this year featured the travis air force base honest guard blue star mom and retired new york city firefighters. >> on smrevt nature sky over manhattan filled with two beam of light as we showed you. called the tribute of light. installation of 88 search lights placed next to the site of the world trade center to create 2 column in remembrance of 9/11. we have more. >> when you visit new york city this time of year when you live here its unmistakable. you look downtown and you see the trade center and expire on to. you look in the sky there is something else you can see. the beam of light. helping to
9:33 pm
fill the void for the twin towers once stood. >> trib newt light first started 6 months after the attacks. returning lighting up new york city sky line every september since. hers how they do it. 88 search lights. 7000 watt each. placed at the site where the twin towers once stood creating 2 vertical column of light. rising 4 miles into the sky. on clear night visible from 60 miles away. scenes say the search light cast strongest beam of light ever row jebingted from earth into the night sky. tonight you send us your image. this is across the bridge in brooklyn this one train track of new jersey. from overnight the moon and the american flag and those beam helping us to remember. >> david muir reporting. >> amazing pictures. >> still coming up here tonight. the surprise for teenager with debilitating disorder and will make her and
9:34 pm
teenager with debilitating disorder and will make her and her fam
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>> signs of support from congress today for president obama call for new authority to fight islamic state militant in iraq and sir yeah. senate leaders on both side of the aisle including leader mcconnell get the resources need to carry out the mission. reid called on colleague and american people to rally behind the president. house leader though voice differing opinion opinions. >> last night the president was strong, formidable and clear in presenting his strategy to deal with isis. >> the role is to eliminate
9:38 pm
isis. there's a lot of doubt whether plan was outlined by the president last night is enough to accomplish that mission. >> despite boehner concern it appears house republican will support the president request for funds and support. most americans support military action against isis. >> yahoo says the government threatened to fine the company 250,000 dollars a day if it refused to the hand over its customer confidential on line at that time a.maybe yours. the threat came may of 2008 after yahoo balk at the request for the data from the nsa. yahoo felt the request was unconstitutional and fought it through the secretive foreign intelligence surveillance cour court. sunnyvale company lost the case and records remain sealed until today when a june approved a yahoo request to unseal them. in the end most major tech company including geeling facebook microsoft comply with the nsa demand. >> 13-year-old alameda girl
9:39 pm
living with a debilitating disorder got a surprise today. tv she has been featured before on abc 7 news. it's getting harder for her to move around and she is now in a wheelchair this morning she and her family went home with something that will make their lives a lot easier. lee ann was there. >> 13-year-old girl got a push from her younger brother owen. from now on these will be her family new wheels. van made especially for her. we have told you about the family of alameda. euzy threaten has freidrich, fa rare debilitating disease. there is no cure or treatment. >> kind of hard sometimes but posely i can get through it. >>reporter: one of the neighbors watched our story. he own as dealership. 1 toyota of oakland. >> i have seen them and know them so i saw there was a need we get passionate about. >>reporter: toyota and company called mobility works paid for
9:40 pm
the conversion. the total price for this van is 70,000 dollars. >> toyota make the chassis. like a regular van starts off like this then the conversion company cuts the flar out. raises the chassis and makes this whole chair accessible ramp right here. >> will make everything easier. >>reporter: until now her parents have had to help her get in and out of the van. >> sheets been having harder time getting in and out of the car so i think that this is just going to make it so much safer and so much easier for everybody. >>reporter: the van was brought to at&t park where the family was inviteded to giants game. there they met some lookie look. >> i trade. it's beautiful. so it's perfect. >>reporter: for them watching the giants beat the arizona diamondbacks today made for an even better day. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> more fall out from the
9:41 pm
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>> apple most devoted fans are firing up lap top and setting alarm so they can get their hands on the latest object of desire the i-phone 6. apple this week unveiled 2 new phones with larger screen. i-phone 6 and 6 plus pre-orders begin tonight at 12:01 right after midnight pacific time on a and on the web site of wireless carriers and retailers as well. they go on sale september 19. >> two years after being on red planet they reached the primary destination. the rover snapped a picture and sent it back on
9:45 pm
the business of mount sharp 5 miles from where it landed in 2012. curiosity now begin climbing the mountain during a two year extension of the mission. we should expect update in a week or 2. >> incredible. >> officials at yosemite national park reopen the half dome cable this weekend. the cable which guide you to the top of half dome were suit down sunday when that wildfire broke out. the fire has four burned almost 5000 acres. and 23 percent contained. many trails campground interthe fire are still closed but the park main entrance and most of its attraction including yosemite valley have stayed open. >> hard to see the smoke though and we have the smoke advisory in the bay area. >> drift thanksgiving way. spencer is back with the forecast. >> yes fortunately not quite so much haze today as we had yesterday but still getting smoke here from the fire up to our north at happy camp. time lapse view from sutro tower showing few thin low clouds drifting in over san francisco and out over the bay. currently we look at live
9:46 pm
doppler 7hd seeing mainly clear sky with some fog beginning to form along the coast line. it gets more wide spread overnight and tomorrow big wide quite a bit of heat. high pressure at or above 100 degrees tomorrow at chico, sacramento, fresno and pall springs and 91 in los angeles and 97 at yosemite. in the bay area we hit triple digit again to. summer spread of temperature 77 downtown san francisco over in oakland high of 82 walnut creek 97 antioch 99. pretty close to 100. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow. second consecutive spare the air day and hot inland for the next 2 days. temperatures cooling down early next week. >> thanks. >> thanks spencer. >> california drought having imagine impact on the santa cruz high football team. they have been told they may not be able to play any home games all season long. tonight jonathan bloom says that there may be a glimmer of hope. santa cruz
9:47 pm
cardinal knew it was coming. >> we wouldn't a be allowed water back in may. star spring football so we knew the field was going to get bad. >> but they had no idea how bad. city walker restriction meant they could only water the field once a week. by the end of summer it resemble the surface of mars. >> field was lumpy. bumpy and there were cracks in the surface. >>reporter: but even the principal wasn't prepared for washington came next. local football officials association came out to look at the field and said it was unsafe to play on. >> they said that the dirt was hard which was, could potentially cause concussions. >>reporter: with the season fast approaching the school and the district petition the city and won an exemption to start watering the field daily and what a difference. >> 3 weeks ago there was no green. and so the proof is in the pudding here that the watering helps. >>reporter: parts of the field still have problems. big problems. this is where you would be if you were kicking a
9:48 pm
field goal. officials said field still isn't playable. so once again the school had to make a deal to play its home game nearby so-cal high school that has artificial turf. >> it has very good field and stadium but tomorrow problem it's a little bit longer of a drive for the people who live on the west might be a little bit harder to get fans to kilometer to games. >>reporter: that hurts fundraising for the school athletic program but hasn't broken the team spirit f.anything it's in viing rated them. >> because they are traveling. they are warrior and so far so good. our record is 1 and o. >> still holding out hope. >> i think it would be nice to give our senior one last chance to play at the home field. >>reporter: they hope the first game about november. one against arch riffal so-cal high. this is abc 7 news. >> playing golf can be a bear. but here's the other way around as well. golfer captured the video of young bear having a blast with flack stick at the
9:49 pm
golf course in vancouver, british columbia. fought done. bear had so much funny decided to steal a ball off the green before he headed back in the woods t.they are happeningg a g. >> young bear not properly train. cut in the if. >> that looks a little like you. >> oh, >> if it's cute. >> no doubt. >> if a lot of this. >> noticeably silent. >> i any this too. >> giants rise a's fall. scary moment for one of the best hiters in the game. fast ball
9:50 pm
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>> coming up tonight. frantic 911 call just moments after the powerful napa earthquake. tonight the fearful firsthand account you will hear. >> plus back from the
9:53 pm
front-line. local doctor who is putting his life on hold to ballots the deadly ebola outbreak. >> those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. coming up on abc 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry with sports. >> lots to talk about. >> giants and a's both playing this afternoon. years ago with san diego jake was one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. he's proving to be huge for the giants down the stretch now as they went for sweep today of arizona and we got to start this out with san francisco carlos jerrold. his 100 birthday today and having fun. throwing at the ball knock ins a run. 2 rbi in the game. giants up 1 nothing. jake has won 5 of his last 6 starts. 1 run on 5 engines and bottom 6. perez starts the rally. 3 run rally. rbi double. buster and tough man to get out these days. 3 for
9:54 pm
5. about the giants win the 9th straight at home. they went through stretch where they couldn't win a gym at home to save their lives. 6-2 final. 2 back of l.a. with the dodgers coming to town with 3 game set tomorrow. conversely we have the a's. circling the drain. that's what it is right now. blank by this. that will happen. he's great. but with 16 games left the a's could very well be home for the play offs. a's and white sox. no complaints about the effort from sam. he's into the stands. cocoa ceps gomez. husband and wife no communication. made one mistake in 8 innings and there it goes. gone. solo homer by simeon in the sixth with hawk screaming in the background. lights out. 8 innings. 2 hits allowed struck out 9. one of the victims. 12 and 3 on the
9:55 pm
year. teeing run at first in the 9th and jake gets derek swinging and the a's lose 1 ni nil. they drop 3 of 4 in chicago. a wild card lead is now 1 and only one and a half over seattle whom they face this weekend. marlins and brewers tonight. scary moment in the fifth. carlos stan ton l hit in the face with a fast ball from mike fires under the left eye blood pouring out. take off on a stretcher. suffered a laceration and getting x-rays as we speak. now the next pitch and reid johnson hit on the hand so marlins they are furious. not intentional by the way. fires said the pitch got away from him but mcgee you want a piece of fires. they were rejected. bench cleared. no punch is tlochbility you can understand how upset after seeing stan ton the star of the team. brewers won the game 4-2. nfl
9:56 pm
baltimore riff instant took the field tonight trying to put the ray rice controversy aside. facing one of the bitter rival. the steelers. never more never more ravens at home. baltimore strike joe flacco with a play fake. daniels wide open back of the end zone 7 nothing baltimore. third quarter 10-6. about again mit want to could have him. 17-6. 166 yards psing and minus rice. cal bear justin. with some nice moves here in the open field. gain of 41. ravens run for 157 yards and baltimore we understand 26-6 after week of controversy. 1-1. team usa play in the fifa world cup final in spain. warriors thompson big game in the semifinal. same as always in the game. team usa out sleep walking. the score. thompson
9:57 pm
off the bench. 14 in the first half. the move by if kenneth. if third quarter starts to heat up. 13. clay. stop and pop 13 splash brothers getting it done and clay up the court. i i have beening. dunking. team usa out scored in the third and then people got angry. but nobody threw a punch so that's good. the times 96-68 the weapon. golf. first round of the tour championship in atlanta. if billy we understand he takes the fedex cup and 10 million dollar bonu bonus. wish i was billy. co-leaderal with chris. likewise if he wins he gets the 10 million and it's going going gone. likewise. 66. lpga first round of the championshi championship. final about of
9:58 pm
the year. michelle had a stress reaction on right index finger she played 13 hole and had to leave. kim first or man ever to good 10 under in the opening round of major bogey 61 and that's it for 7 sport brought to you by toyota. >> lead to get the bear cub a caddie. >> so cute. >> if even would like that. >> that's it for us tonight. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. >> 7 news continues now on lean twitter facebook abc 7 news app. >> we see you in an hour on the app. >> we see you in an hour on the big 7
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narrator: "between two groups of people "who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, i see no remedy but force." oliver wendell holmes. shirley: there was a point where all i saw were feathers. then i started swinging.


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