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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 12, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight a long-awaited presidential action leaving out hundreds of property owners. >> can you make out the mountain lion in this tennis court? why many have been showing this summer >> delay of games in the case against a 49er lineman. why due process for ray mcdonald is taking so long. >> a neighborhood gears up for the debut of 11 eyes stadium. will the commissioner show up? >> damage from earthquake in napa held on as a federal disaster area. we're going to have to wait for
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government help. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the president's disaster declaration is not what people were helping for. not yet. and >> in maces it looks like a federal government area, but the federal government recognizes that fact. why is it linda that owns an art gallery thrilled at perfect suspects of assistance? >> i'm disappointed it's not more clear cut. if need is there, it needs to be there. >> and business owners aren't everybody. nor homeowners or renters.
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this unlocks funds but only for city and county infrastructure, thus far. >> i don't know what happens in washington, d.c. >> until now, just off main street, he showed us where high end wine turning into a house blend. it cost him a quarter million dhars. businesses may be reopening but they're hurting. >> there are 0 rates for loans i'm not sure how they're going to do it this time. >> the detail is under the credential side. >> it's a familiar refrain. the quake tossed sculptures, wrecked walls. she's tens of thousands in debt. and inpatient with a federal
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government that in her opinion should, and could have made napa more of a priority. >> we should have heard by now. we need it. everybody needs it. people are homeless. i get roads need to be fixed. but this is about peoples' lives. >> some napa county inmates are being transferred to neighboring solano county so workers can fix damage to the jail. the county plans to transfer about 55 inmates to solano county, including 20 female inmates one concern is that because of the quake inmates have been able to chip off pieces of concrete to use. >> we've been noticing inmates are picking and tearing at cracks. what that is allowing them to do is hoard these concrete pieces. you can imagine, that creates a safety risk for the jail. >> inmates are receiving video
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visitation and the jail is still taking in new inmates. two weeks from sunday, producers of the bottle rock festival have scheduled a benefit concert called napa valley rocks 100% of the proceeds going towards earthquake relief. you'll find a sketch on abc7 dan noyes has part of the frantic calls in moments following the earthquake. so stay tuned. >> state fish and wildlife confirmed mountain lion caught and killed this week is the one that attacked a 6-year-old boy. since that attack, there have been two more mountain lion sightings. one tuesday near woodside and one last night. >> this was in a neighborhood near san carlos people who saw the lion say it was in the road eating a deer.
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officials say the sightings are actually fairly common, and it's attacks that are rare. >> the picture is a little blurry but shows a mountain lion standing over a deer. this is taken out of a car window around 10:30 last night. what you don't see in this picture is how close the lion is homes. >> i heard there are mountain lions here. i saw one. it was scary. >> devin and his dad, jesse got a text from a family member who took the picture. they went to investigate. we saw it shooting down the hill. >> this just days after a mountain lion attacked a little boy after a search with trackers, department of fish and wildlife shot and killed the animal wednesday the department tested the lion's
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dna with is a liva and determined it's the same lion that attacked him. then, we're able to determine that the cat did not have rain ease. it was a huge concern at the beginning. >> captain don kelly says they get calls about the sightings all the time he's not surprised to hear about one near san carlos and responded to a sighting last night. >> we get reports almost daily but have now as a result >> officials collect their equipment, trails should be back april last week. >> there is growing concern about mountain lions just
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outside of turlock. a rancher says a mountain lion attacked and killed a horse. the horse was six months old, weighing about 600 pounds. according to a fish and wild liar warden, attacks are rare but not unheard of. >> in southern california some homes are under voluntary wildfire in orange county about 15-20 homes are under evacuation order. now, you're looking at a live picture of the fire and authority say it may have started in a backyard. investigators believe two small fires there today were
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deliberately set. another reported not far away. firefighters had both fires under control just a few minutes after arriving and asking anyone with information to call the novato police department. there is the number on the screen. >> the niners defensive lineman arrested on domestic violence charges as abc7 news tells us tonight, police have yet to complete their investigation. may mcdonald will play knowing a possible domestic violence charge is hanging over his helmet. it's been two weeks since he was arrested at his birthday party. a call said he was abusing his pregnant fiancee and still, police have yet to finish the probe.
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attorneys say they're making sure they're talking to all of the witnesses. there may be a good reason the ray rice case. >> that case was batched i think they're being careful. >> there may be another reason. victims refuse afterwards to testify against their abusers. in this case, reported victim was mctonnald's fiancee. >> most women don't want to be part of it. they don't have protection out of the court house. >> it would be rare to have a domestic violence case where complaining witness, or victim does not testify. that would be very hard to prosecute. >> incriminating audio may not
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be enough. >> using a dispatcher's report is considered to be hearsay so he can't use that. and i'm not sure about the witnesses. >> you can bet investigators across t's and eyes because of the spotlight, they'll take all of the time they need to do it. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the niners 11 eyes stadium makes a regular season debut sunday and have an he will be brit opening ceremony plan. the spokesman responded not sure. either way, the field is painted and ready to go the neighborhood is bracing for a huge onslaught of 49ers
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faithful. >> the pregame show is supposed to be spectacular. 49ers want sunday sunday to be memorable. >> field is just about done. nearly two and a half years since breaking ground, 11 eyes stadium appears to be ready for the big stage. 49ers say they've learned a lot from the events. traffic plans haven't been tweak. >> we've been tweaking and preparing and planning. fans being urged to arrive as earl had i as 1:30 p.m . three and a half hours before the pregame show. 49ers say there are plenty of things to do to keep busy.
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>> i'll nevering for get that day. >> tony and ray >> absolutely. a regular basis, every game may be hard to do. but big games like this, it's priceless. >> as for people that live near the stadium, many are just as excited and hoping things don't get out of hand. many litter and urine yat along the way. >> we want people to just be courteous. >> now, everyone who attends will be getting a special commemoration ticket.
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there will be lucky fans, 501, will be getting a willy wonka experience on sunday. >> that is neat. >> iphone 6 not available yet. already, on back order. why many customers are having a hard time getting through. >> a local philanthropist making good on a promise. >> new plans for helping you get around the bay area after the train stopped rolling. >> i'm happy to result air quality is improving and heat will be easing up soon. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. hey pal? you ready?
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it's christmas in september for san francisco public school students the company is giving $5 million to improve technology. this is his second major donation to the school district. >> this will help purchase more technology instructors. this means all middle schools
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including k-eight ones. last year, benioff donated to.5 million as part of the pilot program after being approached by the mayor and superintendent. schools able to purchase 1500 ipads. results show the use is helping students not just academically. >> they're not going to be truant and displaying antisocial behavior. it's a win, win. >> we can take research and projects. >> employees are offering
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volunteer hours at middle school year. . >> i like mentoring and reading. getting involved, maybe relieving a teacher. there is much that could be done. >> today, they started with packing 2000 backpacks for kids to take home. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> apple says it had record demand for it's new iphone, some people who tried to preorder it this morning found that frustrating. abc7 news is live at the apple store in walnut creek. hi, laura. >> well, hi, anna. it may have been a experience for those, that is my friend. but in the long run, no one expects it will hurt apple. jeremy wrote it's 12:11 a.m
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meaning the guy supposed to be reopening has a dead apple watch battery. eager iphone 6 seekers might have been greeted by this. or another indication the apple site and others were overwhelmed. >> just seemed like a gigantic amount of demand. a couple carriers weren't ready for the load they got. >> it's cool. >> young alex has limits. >> so if you had to wait an hour is that worth it? >> yes. two hours? >> no. >> a spokeswoman acknowledged the site was busy, quote, response to iphone 6 and 6 plus has been incredible. a record number of preorders overnight the site was up and running and
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processing iphone 6 preorders just fine by mosh morning. . >> i didn't have trouble. he preordered. >> then, those that got online before midnight. >> i think it was too early, too. and trouble two is cashed out and everything. >> it's still available online, but apple says preorders for larger iphone 6 plus are already sold out. iphone 6 will be available in stores september 19th. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> well, frenzy. >> yes. >> easy to get excited about the weather. >> yes. it is. >> two things are making me excited. one, air quality, two, heat will be easing up a bit. >> good. >> here is the live doppler 7 this, is sky 7 hd before i get
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to live doppler 7 hd. a lovely view of early evening weather conditions. nice, pleasantly warm. little, just a little bit of haze being seen there over the bay. but not much much in the way of crowds moving inland from the coast yet. let's take a look now at live doppler 7. you can see low clouds are along the coastline. sunny skies over the bay and inland areas right now. we have had another hot day, second consecutive day of triple digit temperatures inland. highs 101 in yuk kaia and livermore. right now, looking live western sky, we see high clouds mainly blue skies over the bay now. 64 in san francisco.
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70 in oakland. here is a lovely view looking at downtown san francisco. again, wispy high clouds over the bay. it's 84 in santa rosa. 99 in fairfield. 98 in livermore, slow to cool down. here is a live view from sutro tower looking northward frm we'll see high clouds, fog tonight. chowed pattern, low clouds continued to hover near the coastline. we had sunny skies inland. this is our forecast animation overnight. high clouds mixing in. tomorrow, mainly sunny day. another warm day.
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overnight, low clouds, fog at the coast again. low temperatures into upper 50s to around 60. tomorrow's highs mid-80s to mid-90s. east pay upper 70s to low 80s. notice how cool next week, monday, a week of highs only into upper 80s around the bay. and mid-60s on the coast. >> thank you. >> a reminder about the new daytime line up. >> and monday, the new season of
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"rachel" begins. weekdays at 3:00. more news coming up.
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governor brown led the pledge for a thousand new americore members in the presidio.
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members commit themselves to a year of community service. governor brown says this organization let's members help their own neighborhoods. >> you can't have impact is where you are. where you're working. in a neighborhood in a community. >> more than 900,000 young people have participated since it was founded. >> this weekend, the recovery efforts after the napa earthquake and how the cities are coming back. >> an amazing recovery. the work to get cleaned up, you know, everybody lost. people saying i have old glasses do you want to use those? >> everybody is helping
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everybody? ien deed. >> coming up next, fear and confusion tonight. powerful emotions in the aftermath of last month's earthquake. >> stay tuned for the story. >> the man that shot and killed an unarmed florida teenager has another run in with the law. and a moment from the children of francis scott key school. budog: quarterback takes the snap...
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go boston! after a public records request, police in napa released 911 calls from the moments after last month's earthquake. >> dan noyes brings us accounts of the fear, and confusion, people felt as they found their homes and businesses badly
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damaged. the calls started almost immediately. >> my house is shook. my grandmother is elderly. >> is she determined to have injuries or damage? >> i don't know. >> when you figure it out, call me back. >> dispatchers have to pryer ties >> is there a rupture? or just a smell. >> it's just a smell. i think there was a rupture. >> i can't get out of my apartment. it's blocked in front of both doors >> are you injured? >> i -- i am kind of worried
7:33 pm
about my heart. >> okay. take a deep breath. i'm going to get help. >> most of the area is in darkness. >> a transformer exploded in the dry brush. it's really big. >> okay. >> it's a big fire. how big is the fire? >> really big. not sure how to explain it. just getting bigger. >> the worst at the mobile home park. what is on fire? >> a home. there are a lot of children here. >> we'll get the fire departmented started. is it one story or two story. mobile park. >> the dispatcher showed grace under pressure. >> i believe she's trapped in the house the caller is on the line. >> i can't get out of my
7:34 pm
bedroom. >> i'm going to let the fire department know you're there. it's going to be a little bit before they can get out there. take a deep breath. know it's going to be okay. we're going to be there. okay? >> you need to take deep breaths, okay? long, deep breaths i can't call my daughter to find out where she's at. >> that report from dan noyes. before the next hits look for the prepare norcal link and you're going to find what steps to take and how to secure items in the home. >> there is no sign of a navy pilot that jet crashed into the pacific near guam.
7:35 pm
one pilot was rescued. a massive church is still underway. authorities refused to give details but the fighter jets were based near fresno, stationed on uss carl vincent. another run in with the law for george zimmerman. police in florida released camera video showing officers confronting zimmerman tuesday a driver reported he threatened to kill him after a road rage incident. the next day, officers pulled him over. zimmerman was not arrested the driver declined to press charges against him. >> embattled toronto mayor rob ford withdrew from the race
7:36 pm
today two days after being diagnosed with an abdominal tumor. he did file to run for city council. ford waged a public battle with drug and alcohol problems his older brother decided to step into the mayoral race and registered to run for mayor. >> california state senator sentenced to 90 days for lying about his legal residence. lawyers argued he is guilty of a victimless crime. wright is one of three suspended from office in march. >> if you think bart should operate 24 hour service, you're about to get a wish.
7:37 pm
bart plans to begin in december. buses run between midnight and 2:00 a.m or 3:00 a.m on weekends. ac transit will operate the bart buses and will be in addition to ac transit's service that runs across the bay bridge at night. >> well this, month is the bicentennial of a song all kids learn in school. >> it was sung by the student body at francis scott key elementary. the name sake wrote the star spangled banner. >> we felt it's our responsibility to honor this song the main part for us was to have the community come together as a people just like for star spangled banner.
7:38 pm
>> he was inspired after seeing the american flag still flying after british siege of baltimore. >> just ahead tonight a look at an invitation only event. >> and all about making things.
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there is something going on in san francisco that is part conference, part festival and all about making things. >> taking you inside fort mason where the second annual free make is under way. san francisco plays host to hundreds of conferences. >> we're about trying to bring it back. >> it featured 3 d printers. >> a lot of internet means wtf, omg. >> we're focussing this year on state of the maker movement. what is change something
7:42 pm
>> it's no accident they're given a box of art supplies >> working this space. some washi tape. >> she was one of 500 selected. >> it's the cream of the crop right here. i've been picking peoples' brains this morning. >> the second day will get to show everyone what they're made of. >> connected things air big thing here >> future is about not just making new things but connecting those. it's not about connecting to an app but making them talk to each other. >> making isn't only about gadgets.
7:43 pm
they can now post what they did on facebook and pinterest. and it's a great motivator to keep doing more. >> talking about impressive school project. >> a teen-ager with a revolutionary approach to saving water >> great if it rains again. stay with us.
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in never ending quest to build a better mouse trap a north bay inventor built a better water trap. >> painful, the thought of the rainfall from last winter. water we couldn't catch. now, water we can't use. >> steven mcdowell is a 15-year-old at technical high school.
7:47 pm
and, a devoted trumpeteer. he may revolutionize how to save water. >> we'll have water for your summer months. >> it's one of the why didn't i think of that ideas? every house has a roof rain gutter and fence. and in california, a water problem. >> there are 1200 gallons of water. so roughly i would say 8, 9 inches would fill this. >>. it would be 12 inches wide think of it in a water tank stored off the roof. it would be enough water to fill a pool. he did his school technology high school science fair, won that, then went to sonoma county
7:48 pm
science fair, and won that. and then, bay area science fair and won >> we stopped doing science fairs and decided it has to become a product. >> it led to patents and manufacturing. their first molds now about two weeks away the kid practically earned an mba last summer. >> i had no idea about anything business related. now, i know a lot more. >> it's a heady idea. >> this assumes it will rain, right? >> yes. it will rain again we don't know when. >> why not? >> exactly. >> we do. yes. we've got sunny conditions right now.
7:49 pm
a little bit of low clouds forming at the coastline tomorrow. 100 degrees or higher in chico. 91 down in los angeles. 97 i antioch. how about football tomorrow? great conditions tomorrow afternoon. temperatures rising to 81 so sun screen is recommended. upper 90s around inland tomorrow. cooling and up to 80s around the bay. >> yes. >> thank you, spencer. >> this is a very big weekend for giants. >> it is.
7:50 pm
evil dodgers were playing again. >> they open up a she down series with dodgers and one
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7:53 pm
feeng, stakes are simple. 16 games left. they open a huge three-game series tonight. giants with nine straight at home. giants going with their ace madison balmgartner. >> it's cool to be playing in real life. so just exciteed and ready to get this underway. >> it's a good series, good for baseball. this time of the year it's like, you work hard in spring
7:54 pm
training. >> sean doolittle deactivated on august 23rd. offense has struggled so much, but the beard is back. chris davis suspended 25 games and has 26 homers this year. another blow to the baltimore team. well, a horrible week for nfl. adrian peterson indicted on charges. reckless injury to a child.
7:55 pm
saying he used a tree branch to spank his 4-year-old son and the boy suffered cuts and bruises all over his body. his attorney says his client never intended to harm his son. on the field, cardinals squandered many scoring chances. tomorrow, will be hosting army. >> resiliency is a sign of any good football team. it's hard to win every game. you know we're in the mode of doing what we do, doing it better. >> join us for after the game around 8:30 following tennessee and oklahoma. that game starts at 8:00 p.m
7:56 pm
. that is a rare hole in one the fan gets a great story to tell back to back birds up 17 and 18. ladies in france pga. approach here on three up by a stroke. big weekend, today, mayweather will make $32 million to
7:57 pm
midonna's $3 million. it's gooding to floyd. that ought to be a great match. >> join us tonight at 9:00 brain surgery concert. this woman helped surgeons by playing a violin. >> a teen gives up vacation to help children in central america. >> finally tonight. my little nephew, jackson summed up the ray rice scandal now enveloping the nfl with four words. be nice to girls. here is how he made the point on the back of his ray rice jersey. he and his family live in the area and root for ravens. spot on, jackson.
7:58 pm
i'm not ghad it happened by very glad it happened on video. the video forcing the national football league to confront domestic violence. but far more importantly, that tape compels us to take take a look at crime happening across america. many women watching now live in fear. don't argue. don't say anything. don't make him mad a man who hits a woman for any reason other than self-defense is no man. same for emotional and psychological abuse what matters is what my nephew says on the subject. be nice to girls, women. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. of abc7 news. >> from all of us
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>> hi. i'm looking for an engagement ring. >> are you sure? >> maybe you should have had a ring the first time you proposed. then elisa wouldn't have said no. >> she didn't say no. she said we should think about it. >> yeah, that does not mean yes. in my experience, "let's think about it" usually ends up with me watching solid gold


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