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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 22, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> good evening. i'm in forum may. >> i'm larry. dan has the night off. we begin with developing news tonight. first u.s. air strike against isis target in syria under way tonight. president obama gave the order after promising to degrade and destroy that brutal terror group. >> pentagon confirming that up to 20 isis target are under attack. pentagon press spokesman that several arab nation involved in the fvl
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operation. the. >> another u.s. official sets arab nation will be dropping bombs they are not just providing support in the operation. >> karen reporting tonight from the white house. >> the next stapling in the u.s. fight against isis has begun. the pentagon announced monday tonight that the u.s. military and partner forces several arab nation conducted the first airstrike against isis targets in sir yeah. yus using a mix of fighter bomber and tomahawk land attack missiles. obama administration caution that the battle against this extremist grooep group will not be won overnight. >> i think the president has said it will be over several years. >>reporter: isis once again demonstrating it's adept at the the men in military formation with target shingt as well as reiterating threats to american civilian. officials here revealing details of a crook down on werner who want to join
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iceies already have. like these britain appearing in the new video. >> we are working very closely with our international partner to mitigate the threat to keep eyes on the individual and monitor the movement. >> effort to shut down the ji had had pipeline isis will focus on boston minneapolis and los angeles. cities already produced a number of young men and women for the terror group. >> these individuals could decide to return to their home country and possibly carry out acts of violence. >> attack at home underscored at isis message released this weekend. chief spokesperson urging supporters if you can kill a disbelieving american or european especially the spiteful filthy french or australian or kaidz or any other disbeliever. then relay upon allah and kill him in any manner or way however it may b be. >> breaking news out of los angeles. take a look at this dramatic video. part of the port of los angeles. that's on fire. fair broke out just after 6:30 tonight. about 150
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feat of dock is burning and threatening a warehouse and ship. 4 workers in the warehouse were safely evacuate evacuated. both threaten by the fire have been moved to safety. spokes william for the los angeles fire department says 115 mirts are attacking the flame from the water land and air. but it's the fire boat in the wat that are so far moving to be tomorrow thing that is effective. fair department divers in the water helping to direct them no. word at this point what caused the fire. >> firefighters from as far away as that and alaska now converging on northern california massive king fire. the fire burning east of sacramento and this is what it looks like from the international space station. tell fire now stand at more than 87,000 acres that's an area roughly the size of san francisco berkeley oakland and san leandro combined. but cal fire says crew are making progress. fir 18 percent contained up from 10% yesterday. the fire brock out
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interpollack pines and spread in the tahoe national forest. 30 homes and other structure lost. 2000 people remain evacuated. man suspected of starting the fire pleaded not guilty. he's being held on 10 million dollar bail. since the start of the year cal fire has responded to nearly 5000 wildfires. that's over 1,000 more than normal. >> of course firefighters would will have to see me reheavy in the form of rain in the forecast. spencer christian joining us now in accu-weather update. rain is on the oh, riz but few days out. >> tease true. as a matter of fact rain coming our way may not make it that far. f here's the no rainfall here at the moment. we expect it to arrive midweek. let's travel to the location of the fires there and you can see the fires continue to burn thick smoke continues to move east in the like tahoe area and beyond. that smoke is presenting kuwait a problem. as a matter of fact here's a time lapse view this afternoon from like tahoe heavenly camera showing the smoke thicker and thicker in the late afternoon
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hours so clearly there is potential health hazard there and we have a smoke advisory dense smoke advisory in effect that expired though. red flag warning however will be in effect tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to wed at 8:00 p.m. from just south of tahoe northward all the way up that southern other again because strong gusty wind very dry air we expect increase in temperatures also. hot dry and windy and bad mix for fire concerns. >> all right spencer thank you. >> a lot of money raised to help napa earthquake victims but it might be too also too late for tomorrow businesses. which haven't seen a dime of i it. tell wayne has the story from napa. >> about in a 300 million dollar earthquake zone washington can ten million dollars can buy. not co-will eventually. >> but eventually can be now it could be a very long time. th the. >> in the meantime. >> in the meantime how can you go on? >> for jim it's a rhetorical
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question by now closing the tropical exterior in 5 days. victim of his more than 100 tank that came crashing down and those of his customers that crashed too. >> most i need my customer base back. a lot of my customers probably about 50% of my customers lost their fish tank in the earthquake. they have no desire to put them bank. >> the kind of problem that part of 10 million dollar pledge in the napa valley vintner might have helped but most money is undirected in the xunt foundation handling it. so far most potential recipient can't apply due to red tape. >> we can't get applications before now because we don't yet have an objective transparent consistent process in place. that is in accordance with the irs rules how you give away money in the weak following disaster. >> so in the 4 week sense napa shook individuals and business have been pulling themselves together without the benefit of fema money or even those 10 million dollars donated by this community for recovery. are they angry.
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>> they didn't have to did anything. they donated this money. >> the trisha lost and must replace tens of thousands of dollars of mir chance dies from her downtown store. let's talk about how some of that cash would help t.consider for instance the front window. still plywood. patricia can't replace. too expensive. how is she raising the money? tell she is selling pictures of it. for a dollar a piece. >> how much is the window. >> tell between 700 and 1,000 dollars. >> that's a lot of cards. >> well, yes. it's a lot of cards but i'm forever hopeful. >>reporter: and faithful that eventually relief money will come from fema and also from that 10 million dollar fund. until then l napa hangs on. in napa wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> deal to rescue 9 horses that appear to be mall newer issue has fallen through this evening. that's despite offer to buy them from the owner. this picture show why is people are so concerned. the horses are in plain view in a pasture
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on busy road in morgan hill and the condition has triggered many complaints. abc 7 news reporter david louie talking to beth side. >>reporter: several of the nine horse ins this corner pasture have ribs showing. g hoy some of them could be 100 pounds under weight. foel not much milk mom any more perhaps because the mahr mary isn't getting nutrition. is this abuse or neglect. animal control officer respond to go complaints says no. >> these horses actually have improved. heot these from somebody else and they have improved since he received them. things they came into his car. >> my gosh. >>reporter: tt doesn't is the tie horse people who drive-by daily concerned about the horses welfare. some even bring leads of hay and drop it over the fence. horses react immediately cross the pasture to get what amounts to a treat. monica runs thee quin rescue center in holster and wants to buy them to rae store their
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health and weight. >> if they would just act now and help to us get the horses fit will change their lives and they the will be healthy and they will be fed properly. they can't be fed like this. this is complete because and neglect. >>reporter: he disagree the owner of the horses he's turning down monica's offer to buy the thin horses until they have gained weight. >> those horses are skinny because i have other horses and somebody gave me the sceney horses, don't have place to fight. >>reporter: he explained he placed the thin ones in separate pasture so not bully by bigger horses at feeding time. they are notices because it's at major intersection. horse people losing patience about what they consider neglect this neighbor didn't want her face shown for fear of reprice 8. we don't know what else to do there's enough people that have complained to the sheriff's office to the county to everybody nishtion morgan hill, david louie abc 7 news. >> numb an medical story. deer
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rescued in palo alto. police tweeted this photo happened on hill view avenue. crew tranquilize the deer pulled the animal up by rope. >> we have more ahead on 7 news at 9:00. up fix. neighborhood construction xlaichbilitysd you will see just what it's like to live rate next to facebook mark zuckerberg remodelling his hop hope. >> and sorry to be the bearer of bad news. even worse bottle neck getting into san francisc francisco. off ramp shutting down tonight and will not reopen for 6 months. >> ahead at 9:30. scare at the reopen for 6 months. >> ahead at 9:30. scare at the white house. new question
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>> facebook millionaire zuckerberg wants to live near san francisco mission district with the thousands of other people his age. what he has a lot of money to renovate a hom home. for some of the neighbors they are not too happy with all the construction happening near dolores and 21st street. abc 7 news reporter sergio has more. >> in this well to do neighborhood in dolores heights there is barely a parking spot to be found. and there is one construction project that local say is the bgest parking space hog on the block. some residents just apparently waiting until it wraps up. >> you have to put up with it. the because it is going to be gone in 6 months.
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>> well hopefully. >> but most fellow property ow owns like this man who didn't even want us to use his name are reluctant to speak out about the new neighbor. >> why is that a touchy subject. >> well i think the fact that you are talking about somebody that has some big major dollars here and he has quite a bit of influence. >>reporter: parking is a problem throughout the city especially because of the building boom on this block of 21st street. i counted 9 different construction project projects. supervisor scott weiner says his staff is wielding calls about this throughout his district but limiting building projects may not be the solution. >> hard enough for people to get their project through the planning process. if what we really need to be doing is focusing on how long tell some of the project take. >> zuckerberg house has been in progress for more than a yeevrment i it is a marathon of frayed nerves for nearby resident and crew try to mitigate the problems. >> i know the person next door
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has had his home covered with dust for several months. the car is 2 or 3 vehicle covered constantly. and they have offered to allow him to be pressure washed or cleaned up. >>reporter: rest didn't can report tow away sign set up outside project that have gone to dormant. reporting them to 311 might help gel get them removed. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> starting tonight. at 11:00 o'clock you might have to take a different route to exit the bay bridge coming into san francisco. folsom street exit will close for construction project still use the same off ramp to exit the bridge but verify to the left and take the free mont street exit. thoughts of people use the off ramp connecting the bridge to both exit every single day. commuters worry about possible bolts neck starting tomorrow morning. >> probably even worse traffic than the there already is. >> i think the intersection is a little would thinky and this
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exit is not too bad so probably in the long run i'll be better. if. >> use of the word would think thinky. planners say they the hope the exit open early next yike when it does there will be a new traffic signal path and new bike lanes. >> car pooling might be a good alternative. today ride share company lift announce it's buying a car pooling service hitch. hitch was the first start up to embrace car pooling and face competition when lift and uber offer their own ca pooling surface. the drivers will become lift drivers. >> turning to the weather now. we are an hour and a half or so into fall. i don't know if you can feel the difference. i mean it'striking. >> it's dramatic. spencer. >> i specialize in dramatic. >> bring drama by midweek. we have wren fall that we have not in a very long time. this is more measurable than the
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drizzle we had a week or so ag ago. here's live doppler 7hd mainly clear skies right now through high clouds that will be the pattern through tomorrow before the frontal system arrives that brings us much anticipated rainfall. here's roof top camera along the embarcadero temperature readings rather yawn form in the bay area. mid 60's about everywhere on this panel from san francisco to oakland. san carlos. morgan hill. cooler 59 at half machine bay and another live view from the emeryville camera lacking along the bay bridge. temperature readings right now low 60's at santa rosa. napa no have the 0and precisely 67 degrees at fairfield concord and livermor livermore. and one more live view from mount tam this time of night with the bright later leading on to the bay from marin county and out over san francisco. under mainly clear skies right now. these are forecast feature partly cloudy and mild tomorrow. showers arrive wednesday night continu continuing that thursday morning and we have a warmer and sunny pattern for the weekend. satellite image shows approaching storm system.
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thinks most vigorous and energetic storm system we have seen in awhile so let's start the animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. tomorrow few high cloud cloud thicken overnight into wednesday and by wednesday night 11:00 o'clock we see rain arriving in the north bay first and along the coastal areas then front sweeps through overnight hours and early morning commute on thursday likely to be a wet one most of the bay area and probably be a slow one as well with some slippery spots no doubt. by 11:00 o'clock in the morning we see the rain push you into the east bay and south bay tapering off in the north bay and if wind down by thursday afternoo afternoon. we look ahead with the projection of rainfall total by 11:00 o'clock thsday morning probably see 1500 to 4 tenths up in the north bay mountains. for most central part of the bay area lower elevation 5 hundredths to 15 hundredths in the a lot of rain but more than we have had of late. downtown down in the santa clara valley to $500 of an inch. over nature look for clouds increasing both high
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cloud and low cloud. it's mild overnight with low pressure just about 60 degree ins most location then tomorrow we have mainly sunny day with few more high clouds in the north bay and some lingering clouds parts of the coast line and it's mild again with hay ranging from near 70 in some coastal location to mid upper 70's around the bay why area to low mid 80's inland and here's 7 day forecast. cloud thicken on wednesday by wednesday tonight we probably sea some rainfall continuing into thursday not only thursday morning but even into midday thursday. it's the coolest day of the week thursday with high only in the 70's around the bay inland. warm-up a little bit and dry out some on friday and then back to warm weather again for the weechbility up to 80 around the bay and mid upper 60's on the coast. feel like summer all over again which it often does this time of the year. >> can't wait for the rain. i have to find my umbrella and the hood that zip on to my jacket which unzip aling long time ago. >> continue have a bad hair day. right. >> okay. >> the important stuff will be
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taken care of. >> still to come 7 fuss at 9:0 9:00. cal sports to bay area golf. how hitting a
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for over0,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> incredible video out of russia. terrifying accident involving a truck sedan and bicyclist. truck ignored a yield sign slamming into the sedan crossing the intersection and look at the guy on the bike here. i mean at the last second he realizes well first of all parts of the car barely miss him and then l most of the truck misses him as well because he could be under nivt. traffic camera caught this happening in town outside moscow todays ago and he suffered only cuts and bruises. >> unbelievable. >> yes. archeologist have discovered enormous tomb in
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greece days after the time of alexander the great. >> largest burial site ever discovered in the country it's said and in the tomb 2 sculpture both female with arm out stretched presumably to discourage introduceders. >> structure dates back to the late fourth century bc. greek culture minister says the nation is watching the excavation with awe and deep emotion and wondering who is pwurtd within. it's protected 24 hours a day by 2 police officers. >> tell we may have noticed dan ashley not with us tonight that's because he's out raising money deserving kids to summer camp. >> this is the 17th year of the dan ashley friends of camp concord golf tournament at the country club in alamo. it send 500 kids to summer camp in south like tahoe with all expenses paid every year. most important things we do at friend of camp concord is all of the kid we send up to south like tahoe at summer camp are anonymous in terms of who is on scholarship and who schbility
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counselors don't know and other kids don't know. get to go up there and be kid. >> if you would like to help send kids to summer camp visit our web site for link with all the details. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. white house intruder and washington shorts say they found in his car. how about l 800 round of ammunition. for found in his car. how about l 800 round of ammunition. for starts. also. . >> activist flood wall street making urgent call to reverse climate at change. >> the new promise for the future of space nature for the rest of us.
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helping dogs help people.
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>> update now on developing news. new plan of atang in the fight against isis. first time the u.s. launch airstrike in syria in an effort to disable the terrorist group. this map shows the area controlled or contested by isis. spreading from inside syria to just outside of the iraqi capitol of baghd. >> 6 arab country join in the strike including saudi arabia jordan united arab emirate and bahrain. the attack hit 20 isis target and senior u.s. military official describes this operation as quote intens intense. speaking of intense, the scare at the witness house. suspect scampering across the white house lawn going right for the front door and tonight there are new questions about security at the white house. abc news reporter karen travers explains. >> oh, mary appeared in federal court today. three days after he scaled the what it house fence sprinted the lengths of football field and made his way all the way inside the front door. prosecutors said today
9:30 pm
that gone sol satisfies danger to the president. they say the from a-year-old homeless iraq veteran parked his car several blocks away from the white house. in800 round of ammunition. 2 hatchett and machetee. gonzalez had several run-in with law enforce thment summer. prosecutors said he was stopped but not arrested in august. walking interthe white house with a hatchett. police searched the car but found in ammunition. gonzalez arrested if virginia in july. charged with possessing sawed off shotgun and alluding police. at that time 11 different guns found in the vehicle but perhaps most troubling. virginia state police say gone sol its also had a mp of washington dc with a line drawn to the white house. they say they alerted atf and secret service. friday night security breach at the white house came moments after president and his daughter departed on marine 1. mr. 0bam asked about it in the oval office. >> grateful for the sacrifice they make on my behalf and family behave. >> it raises many questions why
9:31 pm
weren't trained dog used to stop gone sol its. why not tackled. why was the front door unlocked? law enforcement forces say the agent made life or death decision within seconds and chose not to use lethal force. secret service will conduct review of the security breach and response. this is what it house. >> gonzalez is not the first person to hop over the white house fence. in fact there have been at legislature 32 similar incidents reported since the mid 70's. at least 15 intruder scale the north fechbilitys incident include wide range of both culprit an motel vaiingts from homeless people to anti-war protestors to one very drunk guy. >> tomorrow united nations make urgent call to reverse global climate change with nation make pledge to reduce the carbon foot print. governor brown addressing the un because the bay area is one of the region that will be impacted by rising sea level. lee ann has more on
9:32 pm
what is at stake. spirngs new york faintal district was stadium of big demonstration today on climate change while the united nations prepares for tomorrow summit on global warming. country are expected to present new strategy and initiative to limit green house gases t.governor brown brings to that sum mit several environmental bills recently signed in law. including the one introduced by senator leno to reduce methane emission caused by leak in the state aging gas lines. >> very costly to the state that we are losing all of this goods and then of course yoyvrng even need to mention that the dark east side of the problem is what we saw in the explosion inhe community of san bruin oyshtion researchers proven the green house gases are the cuss of rising sea levels exploratorium is considered one of several synching city around the world t.san francisco tide station at christyfeld has been measuring
9:33 pm
the race of the coastal water since 1854. over the last century there has been an 8 inch raise. -- rise. along san francisco bay king tide seen in december through february plug the shoreline area. tomorrow have suggested building a kind of sea wall under the golden gate bridge. that would disturb the natural flow of the local fishery. >> the easy recreational boat access out under the gate would be a wait in line with the sfm cohn container ship and so on to get in and out. >> environmentalist especially watchful of the marsh. >> most important thing is protecting our existing wet land. and making sure that they have somewhere to my grea great. so that as the sea level rises they have where to go. >> bay conservation and development xition predict with sea level rising sfo could be flooded by 2060. >> that was lee ann reporting exploratorium has been identified as one of 7 cities
9:34 pm
in the world facing major problem bus of climb at change. tomorrow summit is important because it set the stij for another round of negotiations. in paris next year. >> people who keep tab on california sea otter has been good news tonight for third consecutive year the sea otter population has gone up. cute little guys. sea otter is threatened species as it has been since 1977. >> mud and debris continue to flow tonight from a melting glacier on mount shasta. the picture over the weekend 2 roads remain closed because of all the mud that developed. u.s. forest service today said although the exact cause of the mud slight not determined they believe it's the drought that has left mountain shasta glacier exposed to the heat. mud reached the like many millions away. >> tesla broke ground on new space x launch center. located in brownsville in southern texas. this site host the space x launch control center
9:35 pm
and they which spend 100 million dollars on construction to build the world first commercial launch facility. >> could very well be that the first person that departs for another planet could depart from this location. >> space x the first commercial company to fly cargo to the enter until space station l. plan to lunch at least 12 mission a year at first and hope to have facility up and running before the end of 2016. >> money magazine list of the best small u.s. city and which to live is out today and ranchings might surprise you. only 2 bay area cities broke the top 50. according to the magazine the highest ranking northern california community is milpitas. they like the city proximity to the silicon valley. well perfect forking schools and the great mall. so pleasanton was ranked no. 31. author like the city eclectic downtown area. milpitas came in 29th. rounding out top 3. carmel indian a.maple grove,
9:36 pm
minnesota and mckiny texas top spot money magazine said it has great schools. affordable housing and mix of european east coast west coast culture giving it the most value for family. >> we are all goad to mckiny. >> sure. i'm stuck on the word value. >> okay. >> who is going to invest in the next big thing coming up next. google science fair and the next big thing coming up next.[ male announcer ]air and automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class.
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>> imagine high school science fair but on a global scale. today the google science fair brought kids to mountain view from all over the world to show off their invention. abc 7 news reporter january thon
9:40 pm
bloom walk the floor to meet some of the bright young mind if. >>reporter: yes that little robot just flew away from a kid trying to swat it does have it name. >> yes fly both. it's a pet name. >>reporter: the name isn't coincidence. 15-year-old if young man model him after a fraught fly. >> they can escape within 300 milliseconds faster than we can blink our eye. >>reporter: that's how they evade our fly swatter. >> yes. >>reporter: and they dodge the falling object while looking for survivors. fight at their able they don't realize that things are impossible so they go ahead and do them. that's part of the great inspiration what we see here at google science fair ix attack ago problem had grown up stump 1 14-year-old trisha has an tons atons cyberbullying. >> to pwrip size this part of the brine called the pre-frontal cortex not developed until age 25.
9:41 pm
position make and impulse. >>reporter: web browser detention detect a post before put up. 93 percent effective and has provisional patent. >> lacking to take this forward i'll be speaking in lon didn't in october. >>reporter: the project can be project of passion infired by the people who mean the most to the stun. >> my grandfather is awesome and sfe caused my aunt significant stress stay awake to keep an eye on him sorry, he built a sensor to stick to a foot or sock that wirelessly tells a care give when a patient steps out of bed. once pressure alerted september out. >>reporter: personal hero who speak with the help of largely heavy computer. >> i want to make something that can fit in the palm of my hand portable fast. >>reporter: the answer morse code. dot and dash formed by breathing on a tiny sensor. inbox is overflowing. >> my son disnot talk and your
9:42 pm
invention would be answer to my prayer to hear my son say i love you. >>reporter: in mountain view i don't know thon bloom abc 7 news. >> hat off to this is young people. if you want to see who won we have a link to the hysterectomy of winners on our web site. >> so i think back to my science fair where we hack 2 wires together and made a ligh light, light up and we thought we were brilliant. these kid are clearly several levels above that. be exploding volcano oychlt exactly. all right up next on 7 news at 9:0 9:00. father surprise as his daughter does the absolutely 9:00. father surprise as his daughter does the absolutely unthink
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>> bay area billionaire on a mission to tell the business world what it's doing wrong. he has been critical of twitter and thinks google is too big
9:46 pm
for its own good. peter teel struck it rich with pay pal. tonight on 7 news at 11:00 he sits down with abc 7 news anchor amma for his only local tv interview. find out why he says college is in the for everyone. what it takes to get rich. why he thinks silicon valley is where it can happen. >> people always are worried it's another bubble like the late 90's. i don't think that's the case. i think this is really the start of a very long boom. >> amma find out why peter teel is grabbing people attention tonight at 11:00 here on abc 7 news. >> starbucks is experimenting with a new beer flavor coffee. post image of product ingredient a dark barrel latte without the alcohol. drink is describe as blend of espresso. dark carmel, chocolate stout flavor sauce. freshly steamed milk. topped with whip cream and dark carmel drizzle. you like so it are faichlt i like what i hear. >> so far only being tested in
9:47 pm
handful of snores ohio and florida. >> we don't even get to weigh in. >> not yet. >> live check of the weather. i can't wait spencer what is u up. >> can't wait for the wine nrivrd could have feet. here's live doppler 7 hd. don't wait much longer mid week. tings dry. sky mainly clear. tomorrow state wide mainly season over the lower 3 fourth of the state but way up north around eureka a and beyond there will be cloud and threat of showers then as you go farther south it's sunny and high. 95 at 40's no. 1 04 palm springs. 82 los angeles and here in the bay area few high cloud especially over the north bay skies tomorrow and mild day with high ranging from near 70 at the coast to the upper 70's aron the bay and mid 80's inland and here's the 7 day forecast here comes the rain. wed tonight in thursday we get rain. it's light. but it will be weighed spread across the
9:48 pm
bay area so we will have a little bout of wet weather. coolest day in the period with 70's inland but start the warm up to mid 80's again inland over the weekend up to about 80 around the bay. just brief burst of rain but rain nonetheless. >> we'll take it. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> the now to story about a dad who caught the ultimate prize. foul ball from derek jet interone of the final games ever. but what happens next has fans everywhere screaming are you kidding me? abc news anchor david mooer has the story. same team. same trademark dedication. about you over the weekend so many talking about one seemingly ordinary foul ball. if because of what came afterward. blue jai danny tossing the ball in the stands and you can see the dad holding the ball mom with i-pad recording it. oh, no. his daughter threw it back. taken aback. >> time out on the field. >> even a replay.
9:49 pm
>> oh, no. the you through away your college education. >> the they watch and fans whisper in his ear and dad up in the stands stand on his head until they bring him down. >> jeter foul ball saga. little one is waiting. >> the we called some auction houses tonight and that ball even foul ball during derek jeter last week could fetch thousands one day but even if jeter last week could fetch thousands one day but even if it doesn't, already a good >> reaction on mom is fantastic. but spencer pointed out great arm. that girl can throw. >> bring it. >> she does have a very good arm. all right keep the baseball theme now. nor cal so-cal highlights tonight. >> 7 games left in the season. 155 went by like. that didn't it. >> all right. >> not for the a's. >> we have 2 great battle of local night tonight. a take it on the angels coliseum and
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local night tonight. a take it on th[ male announcer ]and automotive innovation starts... right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus.
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11:00. flooded and infested. the drastic step taken by one local school to protect its stichbilitys plus billionaire entrepreneur peter teel sits down with us for exclusive interview. harsh words he has for some local tech take it an and what it takes to make tonight silicon valley. >> join us for abc 7 news at 1 tonight silicon valley. >> join us for abc 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7 >> all right she was here now and giants and a's tonight. >> a little bit of both. start with the giants. still in the hunt for the national league west title but probably needs to sweep the dodgers to have any chance. take beef very on the mound tonight. vince working the organization. spencer christian of baseball. greg gets things started in a mainly way. connects off former a pitcher for lead off homer. the fifth one nothing g men block up again in the thir third. miscommunication.
9:54 pm
between mat and ball glances off the glove and next batter. gentlemen panic beautiful bunt safety squeeze pwlavrnl 0score. giants lead 2 to nothing. crawford. giants lead in half. about over the wul and ending the no hitter crawford eighth of the season. in the 9th we have a two-2 ball game. complete highlights coming up at 11:00. in the national league wild card standing currently plays out like this. pirnts won tonight. half game lead on the giants. brewers still hanging in there 4 and a half back. going to be fun. mvp candidate mack trout and angels in oakland. wilson came if the game with a record of the coliseum. over the last 3 years an he struggled tonight. bases loaded. nor is sam comes if game tied at 1. 2 batters later. the walk. the trot home. fix batter. single up the middle. break it open. 4-1 oakland. gave up 4 runs 4 walk and 2 third of an inning. angel change pitchers didn't
9:55 pm
matter. ground to third. david free throws it away 2 more run score with the if at third with 3 base error. in the seventh. also have the highlights at 11:00 on abc 7. if half game lead over kansas city and wild card race. 2 and a half up on seattle. angels already clinch the american league west title stay tune. >> lets talk niners the only team in the nfl hasn't scored second half. not a point in the fourth quarter. out scored 52-3 after half time. open defense no sack of. gave up 2 td pass against arizona and don't get me started on penalty. >> kaepernick brilliant in the first half. if accounted for 161 and 1 why yard. 54 rushin rushing. johnson 9 catches. michael crab tree on the td and bolt at 6. harbaugh prefer to run the ball but frank gordon had only 9 carries between them for 23 yards. what's the team offensive identity.
9:56 pm
defensively no sack give up 2 td passes average 12 penalty a gym for over 100 yards. cost scopportunity. look of discipline on the field. starts with the coaches and this is angry team after yesterday loss. >> definitely frustration. and not feeling good after a loss. sometimes the football god can be unforgiving. and i say gods with a small g. tell but if you work to fix it and tell and confident we'll do that. >> jz hosting the buyers on monday tonight football at met life stadium. second play from scrimmage for new york. smith. pump fake. telegraph the pass. pick off by ryan monday. pick 6 45 yard 7 nothing bears just like. that bears up 4 in a third. cutler drops back. find the wide open bennett 13 yard score for the big tight end from ucla last chance for the jets fourth and 5 from the
9:57 pm
9. down 8. hits jeremy out of the bag at the end zone. survive 27-19 improving 2-1 and fall to 1 and two ravens owner steve face the media today in a 47 minute q and a regarding the handling of the rice domestic violence situation. l he admits he made a mistake. know the team character integrity and confidence question but claims all he can do is manufacture forward and asking for a second chance. >> i'm willing to apologize forever but my point is apology of where i fell short or team fell short aren't getting us anywhere. >> i ask people to give me another shot. then i certainly would ask you to give the league office another shot. >> sports report brought to you by toyota and as i mention earlier the financers. 5 straight after me. started back in 1981. won the superbowl. early in the seaso season. let's not panic. >> you were the one panicking. >> a little bit. number one
9:58 pm
final this the because i love your spencer vince impression. what is amazing to think about is that vinny broadcasting don donor games for as listening as spencer has been aleif. >> that's true. >> we know you think of those numbers it's both amazing. >> both are rmarkable. >> exactly light. >> mind boggling. >> thanks everyone. >> compliments you sthaichlt what that was. >> thanks. >> i guess some of us misinterpreted it. >> okay. >> i heard it in your favor. >> i did too. >> thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all of the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> all right. hope to see you again if an hour. at 11:00 on >> all right. hope to see you again if an hour. at 11:00 on channel 7. goodbye
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