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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 25, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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30. will be no ferry service. >> ferry riders have to find another way to work tomorrow. giant fans will feel the strike. >> tomorrow commute between marin county and san francisco is shaping up to be pretty nasty after golden gate ferry boat captain announce a one day strike. that means there will be no ferry service between larkspur and sausalito and the ferry building in san francisco or to and from the giants game.
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7 news has more from the larkspur ferry listeneding to explain what's behind this the then,000 commuters affected by this strike that's the number of people who use the ferry on daily basis. golden gate transit buses will be available. but those buses will be on highway 101 and on the bridge along with thousands of cars. the reason they are going on strike is because of the contract dispute between the bridge district and coalition of labor union which include the ferry captains. district offering work ears 3 percent salary increase over three years. but is asking them to contribute more towards the health care. >> round after round of negotiations have not resolved tonight a fair contract for our workers. >> we try to strike a balance between our rate payers bus and for ri fare and employee. >> fliers were left on the ferry boat letting people know that the larkspur sausalito and the ferry building terminal
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will not be operating tomorrow from 4:30 in the morning to then in the evening. bad news for giants fans. special ferry that would usually take them to the ballpark will not be operating. >> i have to take the bus tomorrow. i'm sure it's crowded so is the pwrichblingt i take the ferry to miss the traffic from the city to the bridge and lower southern may richbility i live newspaper no have the 0. >> i feel we have known for week there is a one day strike. workers do it in the least disruptive way they can for the commuters. >> people knew it may happen after machinist went on a 1 day strike on september 16. that strike didn't have the impact this one will have. next bargaining session is set for monday. in larkspur abc 7 new news. >> now we'll be up early tracking how the track affects the commute. the news begins at 4:30 am. >> well this morning commute was snarled by a bit of rain.
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rare storm this time of year rolled through the bay area this morning causing significant traffic row problem and down power lines. pg&e craw restore powers to santa oh, -- san jose east bay monterey county and thousands of customers without power at some point this morning. check in now with spencer and live doppler 7hd. spencer won't change the drought much but nice to site. certainly was. it helps this and it's unusual for september to produce this much rainfall 24 hour rain fa total quite impressive. half inch in san francisco. 6 tenths in redwood city. over 4 tenths of an inch at mount saint helena. moffitt field. livermore where we thought there might not be more than 2 hundredths of an inch. we have rid arrest very also precipitation and little spots of light shower activity in the
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north bay. a little bit early but at the moment things a bit quiet and dry but we have very areas of moisture developing offshore moving in our direction so may get more shower activity during the overnight hours. in the area of the king fire much-needed rainfall in the last 24 hours over 3 quarter earth's of an inch. tapering off right now. but that is helpful for the firefighters containment effor effort. >> okay thanks very much. >> the written has helped as spencer said firefighters battling the big king fire near pollack pines in the sierra. cal fire officials say the wet weather increasing humidity levels and bringing down the flames so firefighters can build containment lines. but some areas east of georgetown continue to iing tonight as rain poured down over tonight. firefighters have to take things a bit slower too as they deal with slick roads loose surfaces and thick mud out there. the blaze has destroyed 12 homes and still threaten thousands more in the sierra nevada foot hills. tonight cal fir announced it is now 55
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percent contained. >> new at 9:00. south san from a hay school coach was arrested this week on suspicion of allude act with 15-year-old girl. 38-year-old mark avery turner was taken into custody tuesday night after investigators corroborated statements by the girl. turner is a football coach campus security officer at el camino high school. he had also been coaching girls club basketball for several years. school district says turner will not be returning as an employee regardless of the out come of this case. >> san francisco district attorney is threatening to take legal action against uber lift and side car. side car september us the letter the da stont all 3. ride service company in forming them that they are operating illegally. saying they present a threat to the public. letter says the company are calculating fare illegally and performing insufficientackground check that allow drivers convicted of carillo fence even sex crimes to drive around unsuspecting
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passengers. side car tells us they strongly disagree and plan to tip operating as usual and even expand the operation. los angeles da also signed the letter in forming them of the joint investigation by both departments. >> applause and tears from friends neighbors for marin county doctor now facing felony charges. 71-year-old james simon twice shot a man who followed him home after an incident of road rage. dan is here now with the story you will see only on 7 news. fight dr. james simon seemed overwhelmed by the show of suppor from friend and neighbors tell l me he's a pillar of the community. all of them could fit in the marin county courtroom for simon arraignment on felony charges. attempted voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm. very important occurring this difficult time that doctor simon knows he has the support of his community
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and love of family. >> 2 month ago doctor and wife riding in the smart car with road rage incident with retired mortgage banker. 69-year-old of tiburon follow the couple home and tried to pull into the garage. police say the door came down on the silver mir said simon went inside for his.357 ruger came out fired a warning shot and then hit him twice in the stomach. his neighbors defend simon action saying he was protecting his wife. >> they were both scared. he told him to leave and i don't know why that man wasn't charged. that really bothers me. >> marin district attorney about his decision to charge d dr. simon. >> deadly forces with not reason decision based on the facts that come out during the various hearings we have. >> person shot drove into his garage. well, you will see what drove in means during the preliminary hearing. there was es on the property. that's going to be clear from the
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evidence. yes. >> during rainment the june granted the request for 250,000 dollar bail. based in part on public safety. da pointed out the police confiscated more than 50 firearms and more than 200 box of ammunition from dr. dr. simon home. his attorney argue that all the weapons were legally registered. kept in safe and simon is an avid out doors man and hunter. >> i believe it is public safety factor that had he that type of firearm possession. >> all the guns confiscated. >> that is true. the weapons now in the possession of the police authorities. >>reporter: simon attorney spoke to his supporters after the hearing. >> dr. simon is constitutionally entitled to defend himself from an assailant and i'm confident that during this court proceeding that will be what happens circumstances i reached out to bill upton through facebook page and calling his
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home but not heard back. i'll keep you up to date on what happens. if you have a tip on this or another investigation call me at this number on the screen. send me an e-mail at this site. this is abc 7 news. >> if more we want to bring you tonight. coming up. frightening carjacking incident and it ended in gunfire in san francisco funal district. we hear from the woman whose car was taken at gun point. >> also hotel carjacking caught on video. watch now as man jumps into a woman car and side swipes pedestrians. you have the full story. >> one of the most beautiful cities in the world is getting itself ready for one of the biggest weddings of the year. st
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. >> early morning carjacking and chase through 3 bay area counties ended in a shoot out. serve case came right across the golden gate bridge before ending in the financial district where a dangerous scene played out. nick smith talked with the woman whose car was taken at gun point. liste listen. >> i don't know this is random, i was a random person. he decided to, i don't know where he was standing t.i don't know where he was. >>reporter: so many questions without a simple answer. when
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she left her house this morning she never thought she would be placed in life offer death situation. >> suddenly the passenger seat door open and i saw the guy. he pointed the gun at me and he is like you are going to drive await a minute i immediately started saying no. no. >>reporter: with no time to waste she made her mooch. >> reaching over to me is when i decided i'm going to jump out of the car. i'm going to get out. i won't go anywhere with him. >>reporter: man with the gun taking off and took olga white cadillac escalade with him. she calls for her husband who immediately called police. kicking off a deadly chain of vents that included a high speed chase through multiple cities across the golden gate bridge. driver hit 2 other vehicle before he crashed the cadillac at the corner of battery and california. >> heard the cops yelling at the car. they said get your hand in the air hand in the ai air. >> suspect was attempting to get himself out of the car and good samaritan going to his aid he fired upon the good samaritan.
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>> those trying to help were quickly scared away by the shotsism at least one piece of something we are not sure what it was struck one government samaritan. >>reporter: when he refused to put down his gun and with pedestrians in danger the officers fired killing the driver. >> when he made a certain turn, turning the gun to the officers several officers fired upon the suspect and the suspect pronounced dead at the scene. >>reporter: crew prepare window damaged by bullet olga back in rich mopped with her son safely by her side. thankful she acted without hesitating. >> scary because wow! that coffee could have shot me. >> nick smith abc 7 news. >> police release surveillance video today showing a carjacking that happened at marriott hotel downtown miami this week. this video shows a man standing around and as woman get out of the car the carjacker jumps that the driver seat watch it now. 2 valet were hit as the man reverses the car to get away but gets wedge between 2 other cars.
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eventually he gets away side swiping several pedestrians. several people were injured. police caught up with this guy late last tonight and arrested him for carjack and attempted murder. >> woman who runs the san francisco fire department says tonight this she will survive growing challenge to her authority. white is under pyer from the inment her own people turning against her and calling for her to resign. the here's carolyn tyler with the latest on a major power play. >> i want everybody to know what they have got. >> san francisco police chief greg sir the fires stand up for listening time friend joanne hays white. followed by female city department heads and members of the irish community expressing support for one of their own. >> seep the department through resession public personnel issues and through many tragic events. she led through it all with grace determination and professionalism. >>reporter: by she lost the confidence of rank and file
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firefighters. even theroux leaders of 2050 women in the department joined with all the other employee groups for a con fab in the mayor office yesterday asking him to oust the first female chief in san francisco history. >> what's wrong with her leade leadership? >> if i would have to say maybe look of communication. us not knowing where she's going. she hasn't been transparent. letting us know her strategy or her plan. >>reporter: crisis that has developed over time has reached a tipping point. long wait for emergency medical service that firefighters say puts public safety at risk. they believe the chef should have fought harder for funding and spent what was allocated more efficiently. she believes shooe she tried. >> any department head if fully funded every year particularly in the course of the last 5 years the answer is no. if anything we made reduction. 5 years in a row. so we are in
9:17 pm
the rebuilding mode. >>reporter: the mayor described the meeting yesterday with 81 leaders as good but gave no indication what his decision about the chief might be. >> i'll not talk in public rate now about any personal matters i have committed to working and i'll have a number of meetings to ascertain and get to the bottom of all the concerns. >> chief hays white believes she will weather the storm. in san francisco, care license tyler abc 7 news. >> the let's go back to the weather forecast. pretty good little bit of rain overnight and into the morning spencer. we need snow this year we know that. but the rain is nice see. >> certainly nice biggest part is the fire. >> absolutely rain moved over to where the king fire is and 3 quarters inch of rain there. >> really that's good. >> in the bay area things pretty dry at the moment. here's live doppler 7hd rain from last night this morning pretty much wound down to just
9:18 pm
a few spotty widely scattered showers and just a little bit zooming into the north bay and nothing there just before we went on the air we had spots of green showing up on the screen. widely scattered isolated shower. we continue to see the development of little areas of moisture offshore moving in our direction so there may be more showers overnight. here's view from the exploratorium camera clouds lurking in the background behind the sky line of downtown san francisco embarcadero center area. temperatures in uniform readings mid 60's san francisco to oakland san carlos and morgan hill and 59 half moon bay. live view from the emeryville camp r.few cloud in the western sky. more temperature readings for you right now. 62 santa rosa. 64 novato. mid 60's at fairfield concord and livermore at the golden gate bridge mainly clear at the moment but we may see some showers later. forecast feature isolated showers
9:19 pm
possible in fact likely overnight and into the morning hours tomorrow. mostly sunny saturday sunday and we have a dry pattern for next week. satellite radar composite image the cold front brought us substantial rain fall overnight and this morning in between that the system and this little trailing impulse we have had scattered showers and sierra rain diminishing right now and good soaking as well. this impulse offshore bring us a few showers overnight but they will be light and isolated. still the forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight doing overnight hours cloud around spotty shower activity. may be wet spots for the morning commute but not so wide spread we saw this morning. by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon to 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night it should be all over. so we look in the sierra into saturday we see some snow developing in at the time higher elevation now. talking about 8,000 feet and above. maybe 7500 feet and above. not down aroped like level but snow early in the
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fall season. bay area overnight. partly cloudy tonight. upper 50's and again maybe few isolated showers. we may see a couple spotty showers tomorrow as well. there's greater chance of earlier in the day than late in the afternoon. we should see at least partly sunny skies in the afternoon and $1 million not very warm with high pressure ranging from mid upper 60's at the coast to low 70's right around the bay to mid upper 70's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast sunny dry weekend. take us in a warm week next week. monday through thursday high pressure inland in mid 80's low 80's around the bay upper 60's to near 70 on the coast. so pretty sharp contrast to the weather we have rate now. we do of get this kind of weather. late september early october. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. surfer sticking their toe in the water figuratively and literally. testing a judge decision. abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month through october 15 with
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posts to our instagram feed. today is national comic book day so we want to tell you about the latino comic expo coming up october 11 at 12 san jose. more details on instagram and 7 news bay area check that that out when you have the time ...we need to break up.
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>> southwest air lines announced today that all of the flights departing from bay area airport will soon use biofuel starting in 2016 all south west flights leaving san francisco oakland and san jose will use a blended biofuel that burns cleaner and is better for the environment. colorado base red rock biofuel will supply 3 million gallon of the renewable
9:25 pm
fuel every year. many airline carrier looking toward alternative to power the planes time proof the carbon footprint and of course because of the rising cost of fuel. we have update to story now involving popular half moonbeaca judge ruling that billionaire property owner could not block access to the beach. well, the gate locking the road to martin beach is still up. but it's no longer there legally. not after judge ruled silicon valley billionaire did not have the necessary permit to put it up in the first place. the director of the surf rider foundation that sued the man says he's happy for the ruling but he wonders why the bear wasn't fined. >> he's run up about a 20 million dollar tab in penalties. the penalty are 15,000 dollars a day for the last 5 years. maybe he can use this extra money to build a hostel down there to zo economically normal people can spend the night at the beach ever once in awhile. >> despite the gate the road is
9:26 pm
open to the public now. still not clear if he will get the necessary permit to lock it up again. >> stay right here. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just a few moments away. coming up. new attack on isis. target coalition forces are going after now. >> i-phone latest problem had a role in the huge drop on the stock market. >> stuff of nature mayor. woman crouched on roo with intruder closing in on her. what happened next
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with break in the hunt for one of the most wanted men in the world. fbi director says they believe they have identified that mask man
9:30 pm
with the british accent seen in the beheadings of 2 miles per hour journalists and british aid worker. wouldn't reveal the man name or national and didn't say whether man actually carried out the killings himself. mane while the pentagon says coalition force attack new isis targets in syria. including oil installation that generate estimated two million dollars a day for the use of the isis terrorist group. if martha is the only reporter on board the uss george hw bush warship. >> we are in the middle of the persian gulf u.s. ship war planes wage ago 24-7 war against isis. dropping almost as many bomb in just three days as the entire first month of the attack on ice 90's iraq. the critical isis controlled oil supply. mobile oil refinery once generating millions a day but after a wave
9:31 pm
of airstrike now destroyed. >> i was on a tanker mission so support mission. >>reporter: commander of the carrier strike group telling us today the goal is to stop the isis money flow. another major target the isis strong held of rock, syria we see for the first time in the city this video secretly shot by woman before the air strike. showing the brutality within. heavily armed men women everywhere. here extremist burning what they call western vice. cigarette. alcohol. and harrowing moment when woman is called over to militant who think her face too exposed. but life in rock has not been the same since the air campaign began. indeed after the sun went down here in the persian gulf flight operation seemed to intensify as we watched an waited for whether comes next. martha the abc news aboard the aircraft carrier george hw bush
9:32 pm
in the persian gulf. >> back at home 2 bay area women talk about as u.s. replacement for attorney general holder who announce his resignation today. harris issued a statement saying she intends to continue her work for the people of california. she is seeking a second term in november. university of california president janet nopolitano who covered the a.g. job when she was homeland security secretary issued a statement of praise for holder without taking herself out of the running for his job. holder the country first african american attorney general has drawn a great deal of criticism from republicans during his 6 years with the obama add hrtion. but supporters praise him for his work to uphold civil rights and lower crime rates. holder will stay on as torn general until his successor confirmed by the senate. that process expected to be contentious as a result could take self months. iran president is in new york this week for the annual
9:33 pm
united nations general assembly and while here he has become a prolific tweeter. commenting on world affairs. twitter ceo took on the man tweeting love your tweechlt we would love the eye run people to enjoy them as well. when will that be. twitter is banned in iran. he has yet to respond to the tweet. about there was not a lot to smile about at the close of the wall street trading day today. stock market suffered worst slide in two most. dow ended below 17,000 down 265 points. about one and a half percent of the valley. apple led the drop for the tech pack nasdaq ending the day down almost 2%. apple just relessed a new update for i-phone operating system. it fixes a bug that disable the phone cell connection and fingerprint sensor in the new phones. problem along with concerns about the phones sending
9:34 pm
bending contributed to today fall on wall street. apple certainly felt the drop the company lost nearly 4 percent of its value today. shares fish the trading session at roughly 98 dollars a share. apple valley lost more than 20 billion dollars in the stock sell off. >> head of the fbi criticizing apple and google for ep cryp crypting the smart phone to the accident that law enforcement can not gain access to them even with valid search warrant warrants. james says there will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people that we will be able to gain access to such devices. he says i want to have that conversation with companies responsible forbefore that day comes. the comments are most forceful yet from the top government official on the subject. >> image of home intruder going viral tonight. being called the stuff of nightmare. it's easy to understand why. young woman crouching on the roof outside her window look at her. above her a man quickly
9:35 pm
closing in. her split second decision may have saved her life in this case. if miss roy has the story. >> it's a terrifying image. woman crouched on her roof wearing only a flannel shirt and clutching her phone while man hovers just above. authorities say he was an intruder 29-year-old christian hick homeless man broken into her home while she was in bed. rivera calling police before crawling out her at ibingt window 20 feet up. passerby snapping these picture. >> suspect on gun point te on the roof. >> 2 minutes later authorities arrive. police talk hicks off the roof while firefighters rush rivera down. was she right to act the way she did. she was. no. 1 you run. no. 2 you hide. and no. 3 if you have to you fight to save your life. >> tonight that intruderbehind bars on 50,000 dollar bail while rivera grounded and safe.
9:36 pm
thinks abc news los angeles. >> the coming up. 7 news at 9:00 korean company known for tech innovation. samsung anyone. what brings so many korean develop tore silicon valley t female announcer: save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here.
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smart electric drive. i can't wait to get to mattress discounters good and early for the tempur-pedic bonus event. choose $300 in free gifts, and, get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. ♪ mattress discounters >> all around us we see how the united states is an important market for cooep company with cars, refrigerator but the focus is shifting to smart technology developed for the internet of things. tonight david louie introduces to you korean entrepreneur showing off the big dreams in silicon valley. >> most of the people at the conference a nation of 50
9:40 pm
million. not lost of them that the u.s. population is 6 times larger. huge potential market for them. committed an app that lets young people do or game the art of pain folding on screen. >> it's quite big. especially for the kid and it is quite bi big. we want to approach here. >>reporter: so his company named 5:30 joined by over 40 others to network to meet potential funder and to seek opportunity in silicon valley. and many are brim with idea how to dot internet of things. the goal to have apparel appliance and many other did he vase talk to each other over the interne internet. the korean start up have come here with a strong sense of purpose. >> more creative in the sense that they are very competitive so they, kind of pressure even by the government because the government is supporting all the company or even start up so start this all together and to create jobs eventually. >>reporter: american entrepreneur know start up can be risky and lead to failure
9:41 pm
this generation of korean embrace that same belief. this is a si cop base venture capitalist. >> failure is considered in the only a financial business failure but social failure in those society for many years. i think that's changing. >> it's the fearless attitude gained developers hoping to attract more players in the u.s. company that does gesture recognition is convinced it can make google glass more reliable when noise interferes with verbal demand and backing from the korean government. the mayor here announce plans to concrete a test incubator in zole and more capitol from silicon valley n.santa clara abc 7 news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. what is holding things up? look at the delays and the cost overrun in ...we need to break up.
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pass. >> cal-trans did a show and tell today on what remains of the eastern span of the old bay bridge. you might have noticed it is disappearing piece by peace. abceporter wayne found a complication though an it is a winged one. take a long looibing look while you can at history just a few feet from the spinning wheels. may not even notice any more but the old eastern span disappearing act is taking on serious dimension now. >> it really was a great bridge. it's bitter sweet the take it down. >>reporter: but that's a job bill does every day. isn't it ironic when the cal-trans engineer finishes the project next year he has nothing literally nothing to show for his work. >> big sprays about this project to me is, is how the well l the behavior of the bridge has been predicted as it gets demolished. >> deconstruction is quite
9:46 pm
methodical. cal-trans studied old document and rae moving piece ins the reverse order of how they went oychbility have you dropped anything. no. >>reporter: look around. even now the bay bridge tells its story in the details from riff wet countless layer of paint to scrape mark from collision and slow down long forgotten. it remains beautiful. then this small but not insignificant issue of the bird. sea gull living on the structure for decades. cal-trans doesn't want them any more. they want them over there. >> well the challenge is not just the bird presence but the fact that the bird will nest. >> no. as the bridge disappears and inadvertent baby bird slaughter just won't do. it's part of a biting by state federal wild life guidelines even more winged ones we never saw or heard today. >> what do you tell the bird. >> that's the tell.
9:47 pm
>> in a feeding environment. >> make it uncomfortable. >> it's about it's not about discomfort. it's about attrac attracting them to the new bridge. >> cost of the bird president obama? unknown as of now. who can put a price tag on nesting. or not nesting. on the eastern span of the old bay bridge.wa , 7 news. >> now wayne took a lot of great pictures out on the old bridge today and he has a slide show on the face book page. follow him on this site. >> one last time touch base with spencer about the forecast no mr. rain in the immediate future. >> maybe isolated shower or 2. that's right. time lapse view this afternoon of rain cloud storm cloud over like tahoe. rain traveled through our area this morning. about sierra today and brought relief to fire ravage area and we see few cloud around right now but a little spot of precipitation up in the north bay there. we
9:48 pm
have had a little area of isolated spots of moisture offshore developing which may move in to produce overnight isolated showers. tomorrow state wide mainly dry mainly sunny northern corner of the stay we see some showers continue to fall after chance of some isolated overnight early morning showers and partly sunny afternoon. at least high pressure range from 60's at the coast to mid 70's inland and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have mainly sunny skies. saturday sunday. dry conditions and warming up again next week. most next week high pressure in the mid 80's inland location and low 80's around the bay. >> very nice. thank you very much. >> well the big hint that george clooney gets married very soon. in venice, italy city officials close the walkway with the word mat ri money george clooney. don't have to be a detective to figure that. no exact difficult or time announced but most expect it happen monday or tuesday. he is marrying human
9:49 pm
rights lawyer mall mawd. wedding expected to take place somewhere near the famed grand canal no doubt a spectacular affair there hasn't been this much hype since shoe man got married. >> i don't remember when that married. >> i don't remember when that was. amal alamuddin. >> final weekend in baseball guys. derek jeter ends his career in style. while the a's opposite end of beltrans slugger. send one packing and
9:50 pm
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is. >> coming up fit at 11:00. big buck one bay area company is spending to low pressure new employee. what make this is starter salary so different. >> bay area diner east this up. one kind of scang catch. where you have to eat the food >> plus the nfl player showing very different kind of strength tonight. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at tonight. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel
9:53 pm
spichlt all right mike is in for larry an lots of good baseball. >> season winding down. get busy. 2 games remain and clinch play off spot. 30th team in the major this season to win with walk off home run. first time since 2003 all 30 teams pulled it off. a's plenty of chances to win the game but continue to struggle with runners in scoring position. runners on first and second. 1 out. sp the strike out. inning over. bases load two out. dunn grounds out to first. pl 10 runners. top 6. runners on the corner. one out so the lay down of the sack bunt and worked. moss scores 1 nothing a's but not enough. bottom half of the inning. tying single to elvis. hampton struck out 5 game tied at 1. what happens when you don't have runs. bottom 9. adrian walk off home run against lu
9:54 pm
and rangers win 2-1. now the a's magic number still 2 games but 3 left royals battle detroit. american league central title and seattle keep the pressure on the a's. >> meanwhile the giants clinch a final play off spot in the league before taking the field against the padres as the brewers lost to the red. pressure off. it showed. may ins 1331 lincoln. spencer first car. celebrates the 65th anniversary 4 days early and great series back in 1954. about bell about 12th of the year. august 3rd. the plenty for him. 5 in the third innings. 2 home run. 8 strike out. 4 nothing giants. crawford nearly hits. solo shot. 5 nothing g men now giants lead 6 nothing. sixth in the seventh. randall. the
9:55 pm
grand slam second home run of the game. 5 rbi. padres lead in the seventh. the complete highlights on abc 7. >> cardinals pirates still in battle for the central title while the giants try to keep pace. final 2 teams face in a playing game next wednesday best record will host. >> 40-year-old jeter final home game at yankees stadium tonight after spending 20 years with the club. 14 time all star rae tiring at season end what a career he's had in the first at bat. rbi dull. 3 rbi on the 9. bottom 9 game tied at finance. final at bat at yankees stadium. memorable one base hit to right and richardson hustle from second. physician safe at home. jeter. walk off single and final home game as yankees. 6-5 the final. what an end to hall of fame career. doesn't get any better than. that story book ending. >> this is all i have ever
9:56 pm
wanted to did and not too many people get an opportunity to do it. >> lived a dream. this is since i was 4 or 5 years old and part of that dream is over now. >> what a fittingening. raiders open the season but played the game last weekend loss to the patriots. looking to turn the fortune around in london against the if dolphins. they broke the if the against the patriots and branch out for the year. streeter expected to return in 4 to 5 week. good news. the full participant at practice today. bum hand and looks to return on sunday. >> grit to us. this is phenomenal. we just try to do everything we can to change this around. if our new place, new facility. >> thursday nature football giants redskins remember the
9:57 pm
name larry intern nick and ma manning and ho up for 3 td in the game. 7 catches. 54 yards. playing against him in fantasy football. he lay 4 td passes. 4 interception and coming back. jipts crush washington and improving to 2 and twochltd and washington falls to 1 and 3. open training camp next week. steve chomping at the bit. take of for jackson. big shoe to fill. off on the right foot visiting every player on the roster around the world playing golf about and traveling to australia and time to mesh on the koyvrment you want to get rolling first and fears couple days generally practice take a little longer because you are organizing and not doing and i feel like once we get past the first few days and guilty momentum 10 i think we'll all feel more comfortable. >> this 7 sports report has
9:58 pm
been brought to you by toyota an i was joking spencer first car went a 31 lincoln it was a model 4. >> what a story book ending for jeter. it kent happen to better guy. what he has done the whole career. just a fabulous way to end at yankees stadium. >> stef kir going to everybody home. >> he knew how close jackson was to all the players. he wanted to set the tone too. >> clever decision. >> thanks. that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00. here on coffee tv 20 for all of 0us here, we appreciate your time. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all mobile device with news app see you in an hour over on all mobile device with news app see you in an hour over on channel
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