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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 26, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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some... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. >> really wild weather pounds the bay area tonight with heavy rain. lightning and even hail look at this. made parts of napa look like winter had already come. good evening i'm dan ashley. we have the night off. the storm blew in to the north bay late this evening. heavy wren in solana county causing flooding in the fairfield area. some streets covered in water. fascinating
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if fete for this time of year. early for the storm to hit n.napa the storm dropped hail with winter like landscape. look at this. late september. this picture sent in by holly evans. here's a picture of a dog. check egg out. trying to figure out what's going on. looking at the hail on brown valley road in napa up loaded to you report by robin thanks. as you can see here the hail was as big as har bells. let's check in now with spencer and live doppler 7hd. this is a little weird. >> it has been unusual dan. most occurred in the last 6 to seven hours. here's much quieter picture right now very little left in the way of showers and little pocket over here vallejo and concord and down here open the peninsula. just south of south san francisco. that the late afternoon and early evening hours we had out brick of powerful thunderstorms numerous lightning strike as you just pointed out heavy downpour of
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wren localize flooding. hail reported at healed berg. napa cordealia and of course we did have substantial rainfall total 55 hundredths of an inch at santa rosa. 68 hundredths at yountville. 6 tenths here and there have been flooding floods warning lifted now but flooding over in this area with road under water and erosion of roads. over in the sierra we have 80's of showers and thunderstorms within the last hour. i prawm still raining in some location. despite the hazard presented by lightening strike rain helpful to the fire fighting, fire kainlt and fire prevention effort and rain goes on. >> it does and the beat. thank you spencer very much. >> as you saw from some of the pictures showed you a moment ago from holly and robin fascinating if you saw the photo video around the bay are area. if you have this weather we would love to see and share it with us. e-mail it to us at
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this site. >> check out live doppler 7hd any time with the abc 7 news weather app. also has an easy way to share your weather pictures with us. and it's free on a el app store or through google play. check that out when you cap. >> moving on. driver for uber san francisco on demand ride service being charged with attacking a passenger with a hammer. it happened in the heights district of the city and announced tonight by the district attorney. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is on the story. >> the district attorney announced arrest of patrick from pacifica. uber ex driver accused of assaulting a passenger during a trip 2:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. this is video of other uber drivers going around the city but during the specific trip in question da george says the u uber ex driver picked up 3 people and during the drive they got in an argument over the route. the driver stopped the vehicle and told everyone to get out near the
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intersection of ellsworth in the heights. this is google street view of that area. the driver is accused of hitting one of the passengers in the head with a hammer. the da says man suffered severe injuries to his eye. possibly even fractures by the time help arrived he was passing out from his injuries. this mug shot of uber driver in orlando arrested just last week. accused of groping a girl. then yesterday san francisco uber driver was suspended after his passengers accused him of harassing them. uber reless add statement regarding hammer attack identical to the statement they release about the suspended driver yesterday. it reads in part safety uber no. 1 priority. also our policy to immediately suspend a driver account following any serious allegations which we have done. uber driver patrick is currently charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery. he's being held on 125,000 dollar bond. in san
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francisco, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> sad to say 2 people dead after head on collision between van and bus the san mateo o. traveling north bond on el real when the have been veered over the license and hit it. man and woman inside the van were killed. 20 people were on the bus. 5 of them were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. we were above first rae responders took one victim to the hospital in ambulance. cal-trans working with investigators to figure out exactly what happened. >>reporter: investigation ongoing. obviously we don't have the a conclusion as yet but the bus operating northbound in a normal manner. >> crash shut down traffic open el camino real for several hours but it is now back open once again. >> sad develop in the meantime a story you have seen only on 7 news. about starving horses in a field in morgan hill. we have learned that one of those
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horses has died. david louie broke this story on monday and has the latest now from san benito county. of the 11 horses she bought and rescued early this week one not originally part of the deal. 9 to 12 month old colt. she insisted he be included because of his condition. he was thin and estimated 75 pounds under weight. and monica instinct were right. there was much more that was wrong with him. the horse died at the rescue center before the veterinarian could examine the 11 horses. post mortem procedure showed the young horse had infestation of parasite and worms. they compete with the horse for food and eventually spread to the lung. condition can be serious for young horse horses. glen is the veterinarian caring for the rescued horses. >> this tech worm competes in in part for nutrition that the horse would be guest if the worms weren't getting it and worst case scenario so many of
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them that you can get im pass. other horses are also under weight but not in a serious condition. as hard to see the one horse die monica the believes in her opinion the death reflects the look of care the horses were getting. >> i knew we had to get to the bottom of what was really going on and it's senseless. there's no reason for him to have died that way. >>reporter: 3 other horses are blind and being held in a separate pasture for their safety. >> horses sometimes fight and nobody fought they just all sit around me i was kind of nervou nervous. blind horses and everything around me. are they going to start fighting. no. they made a circle around me and everybody just stood there eating. >>reporter: the hope is once the horses health is rae stored that they will be adopted by loving people who are committed to the well-being. this is david louie abc 7 news. >> belmont police have arrested a suspect in connection with a high end car heist last weeken weekend. police booked 24-year-old jeremy redwood of
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oakland on multiple charges including auto theft, possession of stolen property and violating his probation. they also recovered one of 8 vehicle stolen from auto bonnie motors early sunday morning. 6 more vehicle driven off the mir said lot were recovered after they were found and entered oakland on tuesday. >> rest for silicon valley congressional district pits 2 democrat against one another getting a lot of attention and getting nasa. >> long time incumbent mike honda challenge by former obama administration official row kahn a honda won the primary but as laura thoyn explains the challenger now claiming have have been campaign ethic violation. >> goats against very fabric of our democracy. the challenger long time san jose democrat is trying to capitolize on allegations that honda staffer offered perspective campaign donors prime seat at state
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department function. in early 2013. >> what we are saying is that if no one is allowed to trade on the public assets that belong to the taxpayer. state department. for personal gain in a political campaign. >> alleges stem from e-mails honda chief of staff allegedly wrote from personal g mail account to congressman campaign chairman obtained by the metro newspaper in sap jose insid they refer to possible inite to state department round table. identify them as potential campaign donors. in an e-mail to us honda current campaign chef wrote the fact is that this challenger has orchestrated a fake news event in a desperate attempt to have publicity to save his campaign from another failure at the poll. nonetheless 2 elected city officials from honda contradict have written a letter to the office of congressional ethic. >> e-mails reveal this week in
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my opinion in the pay to play arrangement coordinated by congressman honda chief of staff. >>reporter: the he trailed hopped a by 20 points in the june primary. debate schedule for october 6. in fremont, abc 7 news. weekend get away off to shakey start tonight thanks to walk out by golden gate ferry captain. striking pilot picketed local ferry terminal today forcing the cancellation of all north bay ferry including one that had been scheduled to take fans to the giants game tonight at at&t park. 700 fans bought tickets get the money back. several bus runs had to be cancelled as well when dozen drivers called out sick in sympathy. several commuters were unaware of the strike today when they showed up for the ferry and they were stunned. >> i thought would i treat myself and take the ferry this morning. i don't take it every morning but it's always nice thing to do. so i came here and the boat were his shut dow
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down. so if what are you going to do? >>reporter: 13 golden gate transit union have been working without a contract since july in dispute over pay raises and health insurance cost. now if you head in wine country this week 10 miles of highway 37 closed. between vallejo and sears point this weekend from 10:00 o'clock tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. cal-trans will do some repavin repaving. that section will also be closed overnight this coming monday through friday from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. so keep that in mind if heading up to wine country. >> more to get to the here. spencer back in with the weekend forecast also coming u up. >> very funny t.great sents of humor. >> he has reason to smile too. what we learn about the bay area man who is 200 million dollars richer tonight. >> also that big king fire burns nearly 100,000 acres. new concern about it tonight.
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>> air travel disrupt from a sudden shut down of chicago airspace. delay being felt hear at home too. stay right
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smoo 228 million dollar power ball jackpot winner has come
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forward. it's vin win and nail technician in san mateo. at least for now. we have more on this very lucky winner. >> very exciting. she works jaws few doors down from san mateo nails resort where power ball winner vin win who is vincent rumored to work as nail technician. >> he's very funny. great sense of human 0. very is in. very down to earth. >> salon is to open at 9:00 a.m. but the doors are locked and nobody is answering the phone. neighboring shop owner tell me that the last time it was open was wednesday before the winning numbers were announced. >> she hopes he puts the money to good use. >> we have so happy for him because hard working you know. they work long hours. >>reporter: lottery officials will not say where win lives but he bought 15 tickets at this key market across the
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street from the salon. you mit call the winning ticket one big lucky guess. he picked the numbers at random because they are the ones that happen to come to his head. >> i think it's great. i think it's great for the neighborhoo neighborhood. it's blue collar neighborhood. a lot of people around here work really hard for their money. this is good to see it hit close to home. >> didn't wait 24 hours to go to the district office in hayward but he has to wait for the big pay out. he chose the anuity option that means he gets all 228.4 million dollars over 30 years. in san mateo oshtion abc 7 news. >> weather is helping firefighters in the sierra tonight but bigger concern is what happened because of the rain just small amount of rain can send ash and mud into the rivers which flow did you know into the reservoir. crew will seed and spread straw open the ground and from the air. but with more than 100 square miles to rehab the forest service is
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in the fight for the long-haul. >> there is likely going to be several years if not decades of trying to restore areas after the fire. >> if the rain comes before any significant work can be done will likely be a mess downstream and there is the very real threat of flash flood as well. nothing to hold back the soil. you can get an idea of the size of the fire from the nasa satellite image. remarkable. false color image shows the surviving force in green. burn forest you can clearly understand in red and blue color represents smoke. a lot of smoke from the fire. burned nearly 100,000 acres but the fire fighting effort along with the race interest rain has driven containment to 74 percent according to a new estimate relessed just tonight. so pretty good news up there because of the rain and of course they throw in so many resources at it but spencer back with the forecast. this is the best part about the written. won't do much really for the drought at all. help
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the fires. >> help the firefighters effort it dozen deed. snow over parts of the sierra this weekend. not down at level where most tourist go. >> we are not skiing yet. >> not yet. >> in fact i never will be. here's about that's another story. here's i like my kneecap the way they are. we have not much happening right now in the bay area after an evening and afternoon of turbulent weather. powerful thunderstorms. a little trickle of light shower activity spots at vallejo in the parts of the east bay there and down on to the peninsula. few areas just pockets of widely scattered light showers activity. despite heavy showers thunderstorms continuing to rumble through parts of the sierra. live view from the emeryville camera looking at the western sky which is only partly cloudy right now. temperature readings are in a yawn form pattern mainly mid 60's at san francisco oakland san carlos, san jose morgue al an hill and a half machine bay. live view from the east bay hills camera.
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pardon me. fighting off a cold here looking westward out over the bay. these are readings in other location upper 50's right now at santa rosa. napa petaluma. low to mid 60's at fairfield concord and livermore and lovely view of part of the sky line of downtown san francisco with few cloud in the background from our exploratorium camera. forecast feature. isolated showers overnight and into the morning hours tomorrow. sunny mild this weekend and we'll see warming trend next week. the fact it's quite warm by the end of the week. here's satellite radar composite image. upper level low moving over us. the center just beyond us brought unstable air mass that provided all this whacky weather. that is moving out of here. replacing it over the weekend. big ridge of high pressure bring us sunny mild weekend with quit warm weather going in next week. here's the forecast animation. starting 11:00 o'clock tonight. clouds around during over tonight early morning hours we see isolated showers. early mid morning
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hours total then by late afternoon tomorrow we see the showers pretty much ending giving way to at least partial clearing. meanwhile let's reassume 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. going through the day over the sierra. we see some snow there about 2 to 4 inches of snow way up high though. about 8,000 feet. still from the central southern sierra some snow on the ground. back to the bay area overnight. partly mostly cloudy isolated showers. low pressure in the upper 60's to low and tomorrow partly sunny. probably mostly sunny by mid afternoon. high pressure ranging from upper 60's at the coast to mid 60's mid 70's right around the bay and upper 70's to near 80 in the warmest inland location. excuse me. i don't like this cold. i don't like any cold. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's going to get sunny warm over the weekend and by the end of next week check out thursday and friday. high pressure inland and low 90's mid 80's around the bay. low
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70's on the coast. and it's fall already. >> we'll be in october. >> we will be indeed. >> thanks very much. >> well squash anyone? check this out. >> it's happening in downtown san francisco. what's the can't hold my breath ♪
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♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric smart electric drive. just $139 >> mystery in china tonight. where have all the tesla gone? tesla has shipped 2800 model s vehicle to chinese customers but according to the los angeles times only 4 32 of them have been registered for tesla says it may be that buyers are waiting for the government to wave an 8 to continue percent tax but the times quotes an expert who says they are being bought by scalper hoping to jack up the
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120,000 dollar price and turn a private of their own. >> world class athlete have been squaring off along embarcadero in san francisco tonight and not the giants game which is still going on. no. it is the net suite open squash championship at the herman plaza. third year the event held there and venue really couldn't be better. glasson closed court. across from the ferry building. players say it is exactly what the sport need needs. >> we need to get the glass court in to places that a lot of people can pass by and get to know our sport. fantastic that this is the rate here. >>reporter: players will compete for 70,000 dollars in prize money. in case you don't know squash got the name because of the squashable softball used. forbes once rated it as no. 1 healthiest sport to play. very aerobic obviously. >> stay right here. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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coming up next. airline passengers may have to deal with delays for days. what touched off all the chaos and confusion at some of the nation busiest airports today. >> also new ally tonight in the fight against isis. plus the scene on board u.s. aircraft carrier in the persian gulf. >> and the berkeley free speech movement turns 50 years old. we hear from one of the people who was instrumental in starting it. stay with me. another half hour of abc 7 news bulldog: bulldog: [yawn] i just had a dream i was at mattress discounters with tempur-pedic and the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort, by serta... optimum, by posturepedic... ahh! comforpedic, by beautyrest... ooh! 48 months interest-free financing, free delivery, and queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697!
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. you. >> a fire forced the cancellation of more than 1300 flights in chicago. at san francisco international airport more than 50 flights were either cancelled or delayed. the faa stopped all flights in
9:30 pm
and out of o'hare and midway airport for more than 5 hours. after a contract employee set fire in a basement of an air traffic control center outside chicago. david curly has more. >> chicago 2 airport critical hub in the middle of the condition try grounded by one man and gasoline. >> very frustrating. arrived to this chaos and flight got cancelled. >> thousands office fliers from coast to coast line up with nowhere to go. the message cancelled. just look at this man's face. >> seems like a zoo here. >> the cause contractor at this faa traffic control center outside chicago reportedly putting gas lennon the basement communication computers and lighting it. when firefighters ariff they found the man who source tells abc news was disgruntled at work with multiple cell inflicted stab wounds. >> lying on the ground. there was some degree of effort on their part to drag him out of the building. >> but the fire caused critical
9:31 pm
damage. controllers couldn't get the information they needed to properly communicate with jets. so the airport went on hold. created the hole in the radar tracking. no one getting in or out of chicago and planes forced to go around the air space. how does one person bring so much of our system down. >> he obviously knew where to good and what to do and the problem is i'm not sure how you guard against it somebody authorized to be there. controllers took over for the chicago air spas but the damage so bad in chicago flight plans had to be inputted by hand by the afternoon both airport had planes getting in and out but at a severely reduced rate. >> it was more than 12 hours after the incident that faa officials finally got the first good look at the accident of the damage which means the delays and cancellation will spread in the weekend and possibly even into next week. david, washington reagan airport. >> this evening britain denmark and belgium are all joining the
9:32 pm
fight against isis. chef global affair correspondent is in that region a u.s. warship again tonight. >> everybody bomb dropped on isis by the navy every missile streak from the sea has originated from this aircraft carrier and the ship that surround it. dozens of f 18 fighter jet loaded with precision guided bomb. we saw team below deck semi-bling hundreds of them. each bomb level a building. deck of aircraft carrier busy ever day but during this aircraft campaign it has been especially intense with an average of 80 ever data off and landings. >>reporter: and the landings we want were coming every 55 seconds. slamming pilots on to the deck from 155 miles an hour to a dead stop in 3 seconds.
9:33 pm
at night things get even more difficult. we watch the fighter jets returning from long combat mission overnight in syria and iraq. some unable to catch the wire bolt forced to instantly take off again for a second try. >> those night operation look so hard. >> they are i men. fine at night and long hours. >>reporter: there are many long hours long months to come. martha, abc news aboard the uss bush in the persian gulf. >> very impressive. grim new milestone in the ebola chris's tonight. world health organization says the number of deaths in west africa reached more than 3000. that may be underestimate. many cases are going unreported. international monetary fund today approved 130 million dollars in emergency aid in order to try to fight the outbreak. >> government of north korea in rare display of openness today
9:34 pm
confirm that leader kim is in ill health. he hasn't been seen in week in public and he missed an important session of parliament yesterday. 31-year-old kim said to be a heavy smoker. government describes his condition as uncomfortable but did not confirm reports he may be suffering from got. >> tonight all through next week uc berkeley celebrate 50 years of the birth of the free speech movement. it was on october 1st, 1964 when stunts sat down at the plaza demanding that the university lift its ban against political activism and spree speech born. lee ann was at berkeley today with a look back. >> the uc berkeley known as the cradle of the free speech movement. for most students the details are somewhat sketchy. >> what do you know? about we are to read a book. >> one history professor here sent the students out to ask others how much they knew about
9:35 pm
the movement. >> people have like a grasp on it. they understand that it is very important in the history of the university. >> university has the free speech movement cafe where students are surrounded by pictures of that time when in october 1954 jack weinberg a student activist was arrested for trying to push his message of racial equality. >> i had the good fortune of being the one they selected and when i wouldn't cooperate they called in a police guard to hall me away. >> students who had gathered at the plaza quickly surrounded the police car. the car became the speaker podium and no one delivered the message more effectively than mario. richard mueller was a student at the time. he took pictures of students inside the hall being arrested. weinberg held in the police car for 32 hours. during that time he gave an interview to a reporter from the san francisco examiner. >> trying to i felt get out of me that some older somebody or
9:36 pm
other was pulling our strings and i sort of got mad. we have a saying we don't trust anybody over 30. it was just mainly a put down. >> it became one of the most memorable expression of the 60's. university eventually gave in. lifting the ban on all political activity and fundraising on campus. today the steps named after mario those who go by here rae mind that had any student can spark change at any time. at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> anniversary event continue through the weekend. find out what where and when by going to our web site. 7 >> that catalog customers love to the hate. >> michael says massive mailer can't hold my breath ♪
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about. >> remember when luxury retailer restoration hardware mailed out the 17 pound catalog a bunch of them in one big bond toll millions of people who didn't want them? it caused a big backlash. surely not do the same thing again. right? well here's mechanical with a follow-up. >> it was a bundle as big as a cinder pwlochblingt some joke it could be used as furniture. others said it was a colossal waste of natural resouvrments you would think the company would pull back. instead there is talk about putting out yet another giant catalog. this is the bundle that came by ups to door step across the country. 13 book with 3300 glossy photo of luxury furniture at resttor asian hardware. >> they are going to good in
9:41 pm
the recycling tote. paper ties precious. trees too precious. for this kind of junk mailing. >>reporter: nancy of woodside and her neighbors all got catalog they gather them at nancy house. >> i had a literal ton of magazine on my froont door sto stop. >>reporter: they piled them into truck and wheeled them back to the store. nancy hopes the retailer got the message. we asked restoration hardware about all the backlash against the giant catalog. it did not respond. however in his latest address to investors ceo friedman wasn't rule out an even bigger catalog next year. >> we are questioning how much bigger the book can be. how much bigger the drop can be. >>reporter: rae tailer is expanding product lines and that could mean expanding the catalog. however, freedman did acknowledge some folk didn't like all that marketing material. >> while the book being this big is a positive this there's nothing like it and it breaks through and it's dominant so on
9:42 pm
so or the. there's also intimidation factor and the customers that didn't want it. >>reporter: in fact freidman admitted even he got one on his door step. he hasn't read it either. >> listen i run the company and my big set of books came. i was telling the team last night i said alaska it's sitting on my count intermy kitchen and i even sat down and went through all the books because it's a lot. >>reporter: friedman said it took a huge effort to produce all those books. the printer about built 3 extra machine just for the mayoral. didn't mention returning the catalog. joke about using them as step stool or all the folk who dumped them in the recycle bin only how to do it better next year. >> i'm shocked. i don't think he's in touch with reality. >>reporter: friedman may try to condense the book and company will try not to mail them tout folk who don't want them. nancy says she's ready to organize another mass return
9:43 pm
if they do get them again nexty. well coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. next step in wearable technology that is designed to fly right off your wearable technology that is designed to fly right off your wrist. how is that
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9:46 pm
. >> we have a happy bit of breaking news to pass along tonight. chelsea clinton and her husband have had a baby girl. here's the tweet she just posted. mark and i are full of love awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter charlotte clinton
9:47 pm girl born to chelsea clinton the daughter of former president bill clinton and of course hilary clinton congratulations. >> stanford researcher came up with the lateness wearable technology. it's called a risk camera that unfold into a remote control continue or. it can take picture or video of you and like a boom rang comes back to you on command this thing is still in development but the team had enough to put together this video to show how it works. intel has competition to encourage new wearable idea and this is one of the finalist. pretty cool. let's go back and check on the weather forecast oneless time. what a weird day we have had with spencer back. hail lightning a lot of rain. >> unusual weather. here's how it looked this afternoon from sutro tower exploratorium nice and calm in the afternoon. north and east and big thunderstorms clouds lower napa county solana county where most
9:48 pm
of the afternoon action occurred right now no action weather wise on on live doppler 7hd in the sierra thunderstorm and bay area hard to find a sprinkle right now. few moments ago a couple little spots of green indicating light shower activity but pretty much all gone right now. but much some of it may redevelop overnight. tomorrow state wide look for snow in the sierra in the higher elevation above 8,000 feet. remaineder of the state see sunny dry conditions and bay area most part we may have isolated showers overnight and early morning hours but we expect partly to mostly sunny conditions by afternoon and mild temperature range from 60's at the coast to upper 70's inland. here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. it warms up big time next week. thursday friday look at high pressure inland in the low 90's and mid 80's around the bay. >> very nice. 90 degrees we hit october. >> it's strange. >> thanks spencer very much. >> larry is here. baseball
9:49 pm
talk about of course the a's people under the gun right now. >> absolutely. experience is talking about thunder and lightning in the air. a's had thunder. thunder in the bounce tonight. >> good. which is pretty rare. >> you can see how much they really wanted to win tonight in texas. josh donaldson take a look at this. look at him limping. literally. limping toward a play off spot. >> that's the guy with some toward a play off spot. >> that's the guy with some desire there like to see
9:50 pm
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9:52 pm
. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. coverage of the wild weather that hit the bay area. we are live in napa. where hail and lightning struck a neighborhood still recovering from last month earthquake. >> plus does the new i-phone really bend? consumer report puts it to the test. >> neighborhood hero. special honor for woman who helped track down an arsonist targeting her neighborsth those stories and more coming up 7 targeting her neighborsth those stories and more coming up 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 . you. >> larry is here. a's needed to get it done tonight. >> smash it.
9:53 pm
>> bob can exhale a little bit. >> it's friday. you foe where i have to good monday. personal thing. bob melvin he has a personal thing too because the a's don't win any more but they finally scored few runs in texas. a slide and inching ever closer tlocking up a a wild card play off spot. anybody hungry? i would love, doesn't that look good. forget the highlights. let's go easement how is the prime rib. coming up the block. any way adam dunn finally got a hit. which is notable because he has been ma terrible slump. this is scary. donaldson in the third. land on his knee. left knee. he was in so much pain but he stayed in the gamement top 4 josh reddick. high. deep. aloha. solo blast. reddick with 3 rbi on the night and 3- 3-1. then in the fifth. a's
9:54 pm
had 3 more. where has this been. double did you know the lane. donaldson limping home. that's the guy with so much desire. a's win 6-2. magic number down to just one game and mariners winning tonight so look like it stays at 1. tonight the kansas city royal ended longest my off drought in major league baseball. stor stormier stanford man to pop out toned the game. royals heading to post season for the first time in 29 years. is that bubble has been on ice for a long time. kc beat the white sox 3-1. wow! immanuel that celebration. giants hosting the padres. madison seventh billy mack award. most inspirational player on this career squad. top 6. tied at 1 former athletic. smith. double off the wall. knock in a run and 2 1 padres next batter. renee broken bat. single off ryan. grand slam
9:55 pm
last tonight scores and then the throw to the plate. travi travis. safe. and pulled with 4 runs 5 and a third. bottom 6. try to county. and looking in kennedy struck out 6 and the padres leading 4-1 getting. after an 0 and 3 start. fly to the moon to get a victory. guarantee him 1. instead the silver and black not quite so far away. 5000 miles, though. in london hoping to beat the 1 and 2 dolphins in england on sunday. raiders practicing in london all week. the dolphins they left miami just last nigh night. seems a little tight. they arrived this morning london time. jet lag could really be an issue for them. dolphins head coach said ryan tannehill will start at quarterback. trying to quell the controversy from few days ago. philbin initiated when he refused to say he was going to start. al help just know the raiders need a win badly. >> this game is all about
9:56 pm
really momentum and confidence and that's what winning does. builds momentum and confidence. >> guy put we know in the win column. we have been playing hard and we have been battling each week. just hasn't gone our way so we have to continue to fight and do the right thing f.we do that we feel comfortable and give ourselves opportunity to win this we can. >> lebron james back home in cleveland. starting training camp with the cavs to. won to title ins minimum. lost in the final the other two years. lebron said returning to cleveland was not only his decision his kids had some influence. >> whether do you think about you know daddy going back home to play. home in you talking about cleveland i'm like yes they was like okay you get to play with irving i was like yes they was like we get to go back home to our house? i get to go back home to my old school and old friend. yes
9:57 pm
they were okay you can do it. these how i went. >> that's funny. the kid they uses want to see irving i thin think. less time u.s. beat europe in the ryder cup was 2008. if the americans win this year in scotland they have to come from behind. day 1 today. key match came late in the afternoon. mcilroy and garcia trailing fowler and walker. 2 left. rory long putt on 17 to take that hole and on on 18 garcia in the rough. behind a tree. and look where the shot lands. he sticks it. back of the green. mcilroy was all pumped up. birdie the hole forcing foul tore make the putt to win the match. not even close. so mcilroy and garcia come from behind to have the match instead of u.s. trailing by 1. now down 2 europe leading. americans need 14 and a half points to win. europe heavily favored going in need 14 points
9:58 pm
to rae taken the cup. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> fascinating how golf changed the last couple dozen years. balance of power used to be the united states was dominant now the european players so strong. >> even with tiger woods when, u.s. was still getting beat in the ryder cup not like he was playing this year so they are in trouble. he had some the hasn fared that well himself. >> that's 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20. we appreciate your time as always. for all of us here, thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile devices our news app. have a great night and take some time for us at 11:00 on channel 7. great night and take some time for us at 11:00 on channel 7. see you then
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