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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 22, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> today the family of window washer who fell 11 stories and survived says he's doing much better and already out of the hospital. it is a remarkable story. good evening. i'm amm amma. >> i'm dan. it really is. 58-year-old pedro perez working in san francisco financial district on november 21 when he suddenly fell from the top of the building and crashed on top
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of a car. >> lee ann talks to the family about his recovery. >> san leandro family knows how lucky they are to still have a dad following horrendous accident on november 21 pedro fell from 11 story building in san francisco financial district. he landed on the moving toyota camry. helped to break the fall. his wife says his days as wonder 0washer are over. >> he doesn't want to be a window cleaner any more f.too dangerous. >> he survived but was badly injured. just as surprising is that perez is talking and ready to start physical therapy. family talked to us from the seiu headquarters in oakland. the family says he doesn't remember the accident. his medical bills and physical therapy will be covered. but today the 58-year-old san leandro residents worries more about how he will be able to provide for h family.
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>> not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless my dad and my family really needed it. >> oldest daughter monica dropped out of college to take on more hours as a care give. his wife is also working over time. >> about workers' comp. pays but not 100 percent. >> family will sell brit christmas and dinner at the rehab center with their dad who is eating again. >> he need fad from outside the hospital. >>reporter: given what they have gone through they are fine with if postponing christmas. >> because of the lost wage the family now asking for the generosity of people here in the bay area. if you want to help visit our web site. in oakland abc 7 news. >> pedro family set autopsy go fund me page to help pay for recovery. so far they raised
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about 9500 dollars 1,000 dollars in the last hour or so. so they are getting some help and to do some more if you have the willingness to do so. >> grand jury has indicted 2 men accused of being involved in a dramatic stockton bank robbery and police chase happened early this year. incident left 2 suspects and hostage dead. 47 count indictment sealed today charges them with 3 counts of murder robbery multiple counts of kidnapping and more than 30 counts of attempted murder on peace officer. police say ramos and 2 accomplices rob the bank took 3 hostages and sped off. 2 of the hostages were wounded and ejected from the car during the choice but surveyed. police fatally shot 2 of the robbers and from a-year-old mother named misty sing during somewhat out. authorities said suspect used her as human shield. police not decided if they will seek the death penalty. miss say the one was a driver who drop the men off at the bank
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one of the most violent incident in stockton history. >> new details coming out tonight about the accusations of rape made against ex forty-niner star ray mcdonald. this is coming from the search warrant affidavit. vic lee has more on what that document contains. >> woman claims the sexual assault happened here. at ray mcdonald home. she met him earlier at the bar where she was drink with her friends. she ended up at mcdozen home where they continued drinking. last thing she remembers is falling by his pool and hitting her head on the ground. next morning she says she woke up naked in his bed. woman told police mcdonald let her sleep in the bed because she was tired. later this day she says forty-niner linebacker smith showed up at the house and the 3 of them began drinking. that's when she says mcdonald told her they did have sex. the next day the woman went to the hospital where police interviewed her. an investigators got her
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permission to send a text message to mcdonned from her home as if texting him. legal analyst clark says it's a common investigative tool. >> they try to get a suspect to start talking about the allegation. even if they don't admit are they lying about little things? >> in the text conversation mcdonald sets s just happened we were just enjoying the moment. police sergeant i don't even remember anything. i don't know how i could have been enjoying anything. mcdonald i don't understand why you are bothered. you chess to stay with me for another day. sergeant yes but you shouldn't have had sex with me after i was knocked out. mcdonald i didn't do anything wrong like you told me before you started coming on to me. the person next group that help victim of sexual abuse believes the da should have prosecuted mcdonald the last time for domestic abuse. >> i think i have said in other interview when it was the first incident that against his wife
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that that he will commit another one. >>reporter: when police finished their investigation they will turn the case over to the da. who will decide whether to charge mcdonald. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> look like highway patrol officer e mailed nude photo of 2 women he arrested is ready to accept a plea bargain. 35-year-old john harrington pleaded not guilty to charges of illegally copying computer data. deal still being worked out his attorney told a judge today there will be a change of plea. harrington accused of searching the phone of 2 women he had stopped and sending the pictures to himself and to other of seniors. >> 5 nights in a row residents of east san jose neighborhood went to bed wondering if they might be the next victim. arsonist setting fires causing millions of dollars in daniel. today patrick brennan the man caught on video setting the fire authorities say has agreed to go to prison for very long time. david has details you will see only on abc 7 news.
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>> arson fire in the east san jose neighborhood 5 nights in a he rochlt including a church warehouse and private homes. security camera at one house caught patrick brennan in the act of setting porch on fire. he returned 4 times over a 45 minute period until he succeeded. >> our security system that neighborhood them to if the actually bring charges to him but it was the neighborhood if on watch and coming together that made it so hot for him that he couldn't set any more fires. >> brennan said he was glad he was caught because he couldn't control the urge to set fires. he explained over the phone what motivated him. sf brennan facing potential sentence of 4 55 years to life but asked for
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a plea bargain. >> he would have to admit to all the charges and agree to life sentence. and in the end he agreed to it. he agreed to plead guilty to all the charge charges. all 13 arson and attempted arson and agreed to 40 year to life sentence. >>reporter: this was brennan third strike in california. he was convict of setting wildfire in san jose 1999 and arizona 19 novrment most recent string of arson fires all set within a mile of where he lived in san jose. >> would he go on a walk about in the early morning hours every night and light fires. and he would walk around and use essentially a lighter to set fires and return home. >> fire did estimated 6 million dollars in damage. court will determine if he has the neens pay restitution to victims n.san jose, david louie abc 7 news. mold has some san jose firefighters on the move tonight forcing them from a fire station. mold has resulted in the relocation of 8
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firefighters from fire station 16 on south king road to 2 other station. also moved an engine and truck. department adjustment won't affect fire coverage in the area. station 16 is a problem in the past. one of the oldest station in the city. >> more to bring you here on this monday on 7 news at 9:00 coming up. we revisit peninsula mobile home park flooded by storms and on guard against the king tide of winter. >> dense fog making it difficult to get around. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center despite the fog and threat of flooding if it's very spring like weather here at the beginning of winter. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> you will see how climate change is changing the habit of bay area wild life. what some young people are doing now to help. >> stay
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some. >> flooding in number of bay area location today and didn't even rain. it was from a king tide unusually high tide that happens this time of year. video from mill valley where it flood of when the tide roll in. look at joyed from the golden gate where they monitor the tide longer than anywhere else in the country. today tide the highest of the year. sergio
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has more from a belmont mobile home park where flooding has been a frequent problem. >> this party is a homecoming for residents of the belmont mobile home park. they were he have been ateed from the home december 12 because heavy rain flooded them out with potentially contaminated water. since then san mateo county officials trying to pin point why so much run off spilled that the park. >> that there's a drainage path way that runs along 101 over here. right hyped this trailer park and that's just a little clogged up with if silt and things over the years. >> today cal trans crew dredged out muck and other debris that stopped up the drainage system and this con transportation of pipe tube and pump has been installed to drain any future storm water. rest didn't say they have survived other floods but this was the worst. >> the people were happy to get
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the rain but i gnaw the if is day that this was going to flood. >>reporter: san m te'o county has declared a state of emergency because of wide spread damage and residents here wonder how they can get help replace what they lost. >> does it mane i'm entitled to some reimbursement. >>reporter: county officials told me they will release further details on potential state aid in january. redwood city resident at 2 mobile home park are also trying to return to normal. 35 family were also evacuated city officials try to help any others. >> we are offering them clothing vouchers. emergency food. food vouchers. as well as about they need additional referral to the red cross because red cross has resources >> residents go to fair oaks community center in redwood city if they need assistance. sergio, abc 7 news. >> governor brown today issued emergency proclamation for marin, san mateo ventura county
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to deal with the im pingt of the recent storm. >> 'tis the season to help those in need and san jose charity asking for your help this evening. so children in need can 7 present this is holiday season. sacred heart community service began giving away more than 17,000 toys and books to the parents of 5800 kids in need. this morning the organization says it's still 42 toys short. call went out for help and the community responded immediately. >> inspiring to us because we feel we are not alone in the struggle to build a community if from poverty. >> i should say 4200 toys shor short. each child gets 2 toy and one book. close to 700 volunteer make the massive give away happen. 1200 toys have been donated since this morning along with 8,000 dollars in cash. >> in san francisco the saint anthony foundation wants your help spreading holiday cheer. curb side donation drive runs through wed. volunteers collect food new socks clothes
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money anything you can give. donated goods make up gift bag for people who stop by for hot the meal on sheos day. >> when santa needs help getting toys to needy children he does what residents have done since early days. calls in the may reechbility they have new home thanks to the corps reserve toy for tot program. marine and volunteer sort toy in the reserve facility in san bruno. folk like you help mat reasons by filling donation barrel located all over the bay area and we invite to you joan us and give where you live. 7 parent company disney has donated 10,000 nollars to toys for tot to help deserving bay area children have a brighter hotel day. how to help link on our web site slash toys. that program is one of the best around. >> it really is. >> it is. >> time to check on our weather as we approach the christmas holiday. >> looks like all the kid
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getting bicycle and skate board should be in good shape. >> they should be. >> i almost called mat arena to help me figure out the full first day of winter or spring. i warm out there. now the toy delivery willow occur on time no. snow on the way. here's live doppler 7hd. we have skleer sky over most of the bay area tonight. little areas of fog developing but nothing very significant yet although this has diminished in some location. napa half mile visibility. fog is spilling into that area. 10 mile visibility that is normal in most other location. 3 at half moon bay with a little bit of fog. visibility is gettingler and lower in some spots we look at our fog forecast starting 11:00 o'clock tonight. already fogged in in sacramento valley spilling natural delta car kin east state and coastal fog at that hour as well. overnight. the fog would if spill natural delta and the straits 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning it pulls away from most of the coast line and inland valley
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location so much of the bay area see sunny skies early tomorrow. we have a coastal flood watch in effect until 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. minor tidal overflow near high tide time is possible. high tide willow occur at 12:54 am. shortly after midnight. 11:44 am at the golden gate so those are the times when we see the tide at the peak and that is when we have the greatest risk for some tidal over nrochlt temperatures mainly mid upper 50's but mild in novato. 63 degree there is and on we go to live view from our east bay hills camera lacking west ward over the bay and forecast feature with pockets of dense fog overnight but again disappear by mid morning. record high temperature and chance of showers on wednesday christmas eve. here's satellite image showing high pressure dominant feature in the weather brought us knight nice mailed day today. even warmer weather tomorrow but won't last long because this next rain maker is moving in our direction to bring us chance of showers on
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wednesday. tom map in motion starting forecast animation wednesday morning. at 7:00 o'clock at which point we see increasing clouds that will continue throughout the day then late early afternoon rain arriving in the north bay an few patches of light rain in other spots ncaa and later in the afternoon at 2:00 o'clock or so more wide spread rainfall steady right through the central part of the bay area later in the afternoon still about 4:00 p.m. see the rain pushing to the south bay and santa cruz mountains then in the early evening hours move on out giving way to mainly clear skies lead ing into thursday which is christmas day. over nature low on this night will be generally in the upper 40's to low 50's. cooler in the north bay valley where we see mid 40's then tomorrow in the south bay look for high pressure in the mid upper 60's at 67 at san jose. 71 gilroy. record high for tomorrow the and may also see record at mountain view, 68, hay of 66 degrees downtown san francisco, not a record but up in santa rosa, 70's expected that would
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be a record. 67 expected at oakland that would be a record for tomorrow date. then we see mid upper 60's if the inland east bay. accu-weather 7 difficult forecast showers in the afternoon on christmas eve. sunny. . cool day on christmas difficult thursday then sunny dry right on through the weekend. pleasant weather ahead. >> thanks spencer. >> l if you are traveling over the holiday these are 7 weather app keep an eye on what is happening with live doppler 7hd in the bay area before you start your trip home. vl perfect for the new smart phone we have more information on our web site slash app. >> works great. check it out. >> coming at 9:00. new technology stanford researchers have developed. >> yes. it would make even
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>> scientist work on technology has them scaling business like "spider-man". media partner the san jose mercury news says qulov and foot hold help them climb a flat surface. each hand pad has 24 small pile covered in tiny hair like pieces of rubber like a gecko. it claims to smooth surface but easy to pull free to aid in climbing. team has patent on the technology. working with sports company to possibly develop rock climbing gear and with nasa to create a did he stris reel in space junk. >> google said today prototype of new self driving car could hit the road in the new year. until now google has been test the driverless technology with equipment and sensors wired into already existing vehicle. today the company announced it has now built a car of its own. company showed off the video of the self driving car few months ago. it's a tiny 2 sea
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seater resemble a volkswagen beetle. it look like more recent photo. google is now looking for car manufacturer to build and sell them in the next 5 years. >> cool. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 just moments await a minute the investigation into the shooting death of 2 new york city police officers and the 2 new video revealing what happened just before and after the wish. >> the question remains. who is behind the crash, internet in to north korea. >> ♪ what would you do. >> we'll remember joe cooker -- .ocker and unforge
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>> 2 new york city police officers were murdered in cold blood on saturday. ambush as they sat in their police car. >> tonight police officers across the country are on high alert as the new york city mayor calls for calm tonight. >> lindsay has the story. >> tonight these new images of the moment of crisis. police swarming the scene. rushing to ambulance one of the 2 brooklyn police officers gunned down saturday in broad daylight by a man authorities have identified as 28-year-old ishmael pwren. police say he was on a mission to kill cops. that morning he left bottle mir after allegedly shooting his ex girlfriend. arriving in new york before noon on a bus. police release thanksgiving video of him at brooklyn mall. the gun in the bag. baltimore detectives san advertise covering threats he posted on instagram. i'm
9:30 pm
putting wing on pigs today. they take one of ours. let's take 2 of theirs with the hash-tag shoot the police. rip garner and rip pwrouchbility alerted nypd but word never got to officers sitting in the patrol car in brooklyn. 2:47 p.m. police say ishmael approached the car telling 2 bystanders watch what i do he walked up to the passenger side and fired 4 shots. striking both officers in the head. >> shots fired shots fired. >> as police descended the gunman fled. s.w.a.t. team chase the suspect here to this near by subway station. police say ishmael shot himself in the head. tonight a city in mourning. wife and 2 sons writing on facebook it's horrible that someone gets shot dead just for alaska police officer. everyone says they hate cops but they are the people that they call for help.
9:31 pm
i will always love you. >> many in the nypd now angry with new york mayor de blasio who they say has been too sympathetic to anti-police protestors. some officers defiant turning the back on him saturday night. today de blasio calling for calm. >> assassination of these 2 officers was an attack on the city of new york as a whole. on every one of us on our value and democracy can't tolerate such attack. lindsay davis reporting. members of the san francisco police department will head to new york city to hop the 2 fallen members of the nypd. police chief greg sir advised his officers to be on what he describes as heightened safety alert after the ambush style murder. chief also offering to help new york city police in any way possible. >> whatever the new york police department think that is they can use from us we'll help out. i know obviously nypd the bi biggest agency in the country. but i can assure you this has shaken every police officer in
9:32 pm
the country. >>reporter: thousands of officers from across america are expected to attend the funeral for officers if there. >> over sea to north korea lateness the sony hacking scandal. there's word that internet service has been restored after being down for hours. the tom reports. >> the loss of service comes 4 difficulties after president obama blamed north cae for the sony cyberattack vowing proportional response. >> if the u.s. did this, clearly defining what the parameter are for this type of activity. not only north korea but other nation states participate in this type of activity. going to be republicer kichlingts on state tv north korea now threatening an attack on the u.s. if there isn't a joint investigation to prove north korea did not hack into sony computers. >> they want to help here they can admit culpability and compensate sony to the daniels that they caused. >> sony is dealing with the new problem. theater owners
9:33 pm
reportedly fuming at the film student why for blaming them for not releasing the movie the interview. >> movie theaters came to us 1 by 1 over the course of a very short period of time. we were completely surprised by it and announce that had they would not carry the movie. >> we learn sony ceo had to reach out to the major theater chain after the comments and say he did not mean theaters were wholly responsible. government sources cybersecurity experts tell that you say hacking north korea internet the denial of service attack is not incredibly difficult but if the u.s. government did do this they are not talking about it. this is abc news new york. >> sony guess after twitter because people are are tweeting screen shot of leaked information. sony attorney suggesting the company might sue and southern california congressman sherman is inviting sony to screen the interview at the u.s. capitol. he made the offer as show of solidarity with the american film
9:34 pm
industry. >> theater in tennessee volunteering to show the film the bell court theater wrote an open letter to sony on benefit of other theater owners. inform response yet from sony. >> one of the most distinctive voice in modern time joe cocker the british soul singer lost bottle with lung cancer at the beach of 70. leaves behind a musical legacy from woodstock to the wonder years. john looks back. >> voice that could do this with words. about ♪ if joe cocker lasted through transformation. he was woodstock. a little help from my friends. ♪ lend me your ear and i sing awe song ty ♪ . >> then generation later wonder years. same voice. sp.
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>> in between the rock interjoe cocker receded a bit. something more of a ballad emerge. >> stayed always the grind around the syllable. gravel you are so beautiful ♪ yes and so is the sound if ♪ abc news washington. >> i saw him a couple years ago. >> awesome. coming up next. claim at change is changing the habit of bay area wild life what some young people are doing to help those animals get around. doing to help those animals get around.
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>> bay area conservationist are combining state of the art technology and old fashion elbow grease to help wild animal adapt to climb at change. project happening about 30 miles south of san jose in valley between gilroy and holster where critical habitat being brought back to life. >> this howling coyote pup and mountain lions are just a couple caech facing serious challenge as the environment warms up. all the image are from motion activated camera showing large mammal at the lower edge of the santa cruz mountains and the mount hamilton range. >> it's hard to move from one police to another because the habitat in the original place is changing getting hotter and dryer. >> need to be moving up that cooler areas and finding cover and food and water.
9:40 pm
>> animal used to travel across this valley south of gilroy to move between mountains. but most of the trees and bushes that provide food and shelter here are gone. >> they have a really hard time getting across. >> so now the school kids are helping create a wooded passageway through the valley. >> planting trees and shrub along historic channel of the river hear. >> this video provided by the niche conservetory team of non-profit group working on restoration. children from bradley school. long curvey lane of trees in the fooit photo natural passageway that already exist through part of the valley. this project will fill in the gap so animal can make it all the way across. >> this is snow berry. there's valley oak in that cage and this is a sycamore that is doing great and we have already seen bird poyching on it. >> team puts in many type of native plant that monitored over time. so information from this project can be used on
9:41 pm
other restoration. that's where this wild looking they think comes in. using this technology i walk. scientist is wearing the google trekker as he walk the route that will eventually be filled with plants. the ball at the top contains 15 camera. all taking pictures at thesame tame to produce a 360 degree view. >> also gps unit on top. and that is tracking my exact location. >> it will take several week to process the trekker at that time product is a 360 degree view of the trail. similar to this one done in marin county. take new image every year to track the progress of the plants. but scientist won't have to wait that long to know they are already making a difference for wild life eager to start moving through the valley. one of the first things the team did was to get rid of a fence that blocked the culvert under a road. even before the whole fence rae moved the animals went into action. >> a little bobcat poke his
9:42 pm
head through and came straight through the culvert and after that other animal started crossing back and forth too. it was impressive how the little action make a differenc difference. >> the project cost 250,000 dollars but because it is a demonstration project it will be a lot cheap tore recreate in other places. most of the funding 40's private do nation also. there is link on our web site if you would like to contribute. grit work. >> absolutely. up next on 7 news at 9:00. hotel difficult rush is on. this is the busiest shipping day of the year. >> can't believe how many packages. if still shopping
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>> now to the last minute christmas rush for gifts. if you are not done. don't worry you are not alone. in good company. if we have the surprising last minute deals out there and tonight we ask is it really possible to still get the gifts there on time? >>reporter: tonight looming deadlines for shopping and shipping. some stores open around the clock. offering deals not seen in years. >> i got a pair of shoe for 70% off. >>reporter: 13 percent sales up this year leading to whole lot of delivery. today ups expecting to deliver more than 34 million packages. 394 per sec. busiest day of the year. after reports of missed christmas delivery last year shipping giant ups and fedex each hired an additional 10,000 workers. some of their most
9:47 pm
crucial employee team of meteorologist, 15 at fedex. 5 at ups. helping route precious cargo flights around unpredictable winter weather. >> they can really look that the future for us and help us better plan contingency to make sure our customers get the packages every single time. >>reporter: time running out for second the last minute gifts 0still get them in time for christmas if you send them out tomorrow with next day service. at this point it will cost you. >> free shipping deadline have passed so if you haven't gotten things ordered yet you may have to pay a hefty price. >>reporter: the shipping praise doesn't end at christma christmas. ups plan to the very gift return back to retailers in the coming week. this is abc news new york. >> meat your shower peak tonight and grit show. visible through the early morning hours tomorrow. this is named
9:48 pm
because they stand out from the shower peak tonight is good news for observers because we are a day past the "new moon". meteor best seen during the last dark hour before dawn. >> i'm going to be asleep. >> me too. >> i'm sure it's spectacular. >> one last time about the weather forecast at least skies will be clear tonight. >> that's right. spencer here with the latest. >> that is true. hers live doppler 7hd mostly clear skies right now. few places where some fog in the early morning hours but most of the bay area not socked in in fog tomorrow. state wide tomorrow afternoon look for sunny sky top to bottom. high of 68 at khibing o. 63 sacramento 74 down south los angeles. 77 in san diego. here in the bay area we have mainly sunny difficult as well after whatever fog develops overnight burns off in the morning. we have high in the afternoon at record level in all locations with asterisk. 70 santa rosa. 67 at san rafael. oakland. and san jose. all the locations are likely to set new record hay
9:49 pm
for tomorrow date. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. after the warmth of tuesday we have the cool and showers of wednesday. wed afternoon showers likely on christmas eve but it's dry for spas day on thursday. cool though with high only in the 50's on thursday. then we have a dry pattern all the way through the weekend into early next week. >> good chance to dry out. >> thanks spencer. >> all right. skyler appears in the new movie night at the seum secret of the tomb got a chance to work with 2 idol ben stiller and late robin williams and also a prom date out of it. >> what's up my man skyler what's going on. if robin williams. >> he plays the son of ben stiller character in the film. he was a senior in high school during the shoot ago. so he decided to ask stiller and williams to appear in his video to ask his prospective date. turned that a 3 minute proposal
9:50 pm
and like he said he got the day. i would hope so. >> you think. >> when i see robin williams makes me sad. >> i know a lot of sports. >> college football bowl game turns that a brawl game and on monday night football peyton manning never lost to no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that
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coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. vish is pit bull mauling sent the machine to the hospital but were 3 deliberately set loose. victim describe the attack that went on that seemed like forever. >> new video and new lawsuit calling into question the shooting death of man by local police. tonight the district attorney responds. >> the stories and more on abc attorney responds. >> the stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 >> football to talk about. >> yes. jim harbaugh. everybody wants to know. >> changes coming to santa clara by this time next week a pretty good chance jim harbaugh will no longer be the frainer head coach. it was reported
9:54 pm
yesterday the club won't take long to cut tie was harbaugh saying would he meet with management from 24 to 40 hours after the season finale. at today news conference harbaugh would not expand on the rumors about his future. >> jay glaze every go back and ask his source if for more clarification. but i haven't participated. i don't intend to now. this is a good 12 months of this kind of thing so the l inform reason to start start now. what will happen, will happen. won't happen, won't happen and work with the organize and let them handle the floor open that. >> harbaugh could wind up in oakland. raiders appear to be a time on the rise after third straight home win. they got by buffalo 26-24. interim head coach tony has had his own talk with team owner mark davis. >> we have had good
9:55 pm
conversation. just conversations that, you know, i hope will 10. at some point. his goal my goal plain and simple. make sure we are doing the right thing. i'm sure he and i will xhawn indicate again here. talk a little bit last night. >>reporter: monday night football bengals needed to beat the broncos to earn play off spot. kim through prim time pair of touch downs led 27-14. lead just 2 with under 3 minutes left. manning ready for one of those game winning drive but no, kirkpatrick pick off. take it in. manning threw 4 interception since he beat denver 37-28. manning was 8 and o against the bengals. college football. bowl parade continue today with byu and them miss playing in the inaugural miami beach bowl. up by 3 in overtime the cougars feeling pretty good about the chances but jake elliott comes through with 55 yard field goal to tie the contest at 48 all
9:56 pm
and keep the game going. second o t memphis gets the ball first. and scores as lynch finds proctor in the end zone. b yuchl needs to answer but stewart has the pass picked off. memphis beat the cougars 55-48 in double over time. if the tigers first 10 win season since 19 38. post game celebration though was spoiled as brawl broke out with both teams throwing cheap shots and danni looked it up. byu doesn't stand for beat you up. >> tonight maybe a little. >> you might be right about. that 2 more bell gym on tomorrow at 3:00 o'clock n northern illinois in the boca raton bowl and navy and san diego state in the poinsettia bowl. warriors hosted sacramento tonight. golden state looking for the eighth straight home victory after missing 21 games because of hamstring injury david lee returns to the line up. warriors had this one under control from the start. curry
9:57 pm
steal and lay up. lee off the bench and chip in with 4 points 4 rebound the first half. jump shot and go. to cousins. answer on the other end but wasn't nearly enough war why are shot 54 percent the first half even off this with the staechlt gets it back for the jam. great passing hear. the fake underneath. transition. curry with the pass to thompson. up by 14 at the brick. third quarter now. curry with the dish to him golden state didn't let up. curry to tomorrow sochbility hits the 18 footer this game just ended. warriors win it 128-108. >> also. best start in 25 years. host to sixth rank wisconsin tonight. first year coach martin is getting the most out of players like wallace junior average almost 20 points a game here the steal and dunk early on. badgers have one of the best big men in
9:58 pm
the country. 7 footerrank puts in the reverse. now it's wisconsin working the give and go. duke with the finish. badgers up by 12 at the half. this kind of gym for cal and mission the easy lay up while at the other end up and under for 2 of the 14. within striking range. cut the lead to 8 but the bears get no closer. from outside. wisconsin wins 68-56 cal drops to continue and 2. shark in anaheim going for sixth straight. scott levels jackma jackman. he's out on the ice knocked him out cold. leave under own power. i hit him with my forearm. shark young gun team up. to krl son. the first gel for the 24-year-old. game though would good to over time. second after the shark with the power play. duck score. game winner here. 3-2 anaheim was the final. 7
9:59 pm
sports report has been brought to you tonight by toyota this fight was ugly. >> cheap shop. >> it's over. >> very tough game. become and forth. very emotional. >> thanks rick. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for joining us on this monday night. i'm amma. >> and i'm dan ashley for all of us here. we appreciate your time as always. hope you know that. see you again in 1 hour over on abc 7. >> that's right. don't you forget that abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back and on all the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. >> see you in a bit
10:00 pm
jules? oh, good. it's just you. were you napping under your desk? bonnie and jerry just left a message saying they're popping in to ask me a favor. those two are so annoying. jules, your obligation to the client ends once they move into the house. i know, but they call me constantly for help. today, i'm putting my foot down. hell, yeah, you are.


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