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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 27, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> abc 7 starts now with live breaking news. >> an airasia flight 1507 is missing, left indonesia and lost contact and hasn't reached singapore. the plane had asked for an unusual route before losing contact. search and rescue operations have begun and airasia has set
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up an emergency call center for family and friends. stay with us for any breaking updates and follow us on twitter. good evening everyone. our other big story tonight. will he stay or will he go. speculation is growing that niners coach jim harbaugh will leave for the university of michigan. the niners wrap up the season tomorrow and could be harbaugh's final game with the team. for more on his future we're joined live by former sports anchor. what are you hearing? >> the plot is thickening. michigan can sign him as college team and won't be penalized like nfl team would. envelope nfl teams would have to wait for him to be fired to be dealing
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with him. >> it has been tweeted out it's done, jim harbaugh is coming to michigan and flying on monday. harbaugh does have an event plan tuesday. he made a verbal agreement as reported. why wouldn't he wait to see what is out in the nfl? raiders, jets, giants, all have openings. i know he wants a lombardi trophy before he retires does he want to go back to recruiting and dealing with huge egos of owners and gms. randy was asked his thoughts of harbaugh returning to the college ranks in his conference the big ten. >> he has his philosophy and what he believes in and you can see wherever he's been, he's been success. . i'm sure wherever he lands up or
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stays if he stays in san francisco will he continue to be success. because he has a model that has been proven to be success. >> i would like to see jim take this team to the sk superbowl. next season. looks like michigan might be his landing spot. >> interesting. thanks. we talked to half dozen niners fans and they all said the same thing give harbaugh more time. >> i don't think he should go. one bad season doesn't constitute getting fired. >> just questioning what the plan b is and who is the short list of coaches. >> harbaugh is an amazing coach, would be sad to see him go. seeing one bad season wouldn't justify getting rid of him. even if there is tension with the front office.
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>> will host cardinals tomorrow at 1:45. stay with us for any updates. or follow us on twitter. bicycle ride ended in tragedy when a cyclist crashed into a truck. >> the driver of a water truck is comforted by friends add a deadly seen near dublin. the rider died at the scene. according to officer with the chp, a large group of cyclists at least 50 were traveling down highland road two accidented happened moments apart. >> near the pack of the riders results in major injuries to one rider and minor to another. >> and then one of the cycleist trying to avoid that collision
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ended up in the yellow. >> driver saw a lot of bicyclist bicyclists scrambling to avoid the first collision and was unable to avoid not hitting the swerving cyclists. >> you have to be care. because you can't stop as fast as a car. >> the others involved in the initial collision are being treated at the hospital. in contra costa county. abc news. you can expect another chilly night ahead. let's take a look at our forecast. >> clear skies once again tonight will last. temperatures will fall into the
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30s and some spots. >> narrator: >> 30s and in some spots in the 20s. poor air quality means no wood-burning in the next 24 hours. 38 in oakland who. when i come back we'll have the seven day. >> thank you. an extraordinary show of solidarity for a fallen police officer in new york city 25,000 officers from around the country packed shoulder to shoulder to send a message of unity. officer rafael ramos and wenjian liu were shot dead by a gunman who then killed himself. the burial service was on the
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scale of a national funeral. >> a sea of blue and ocean of grief by the tens of thousands fellow officers came to see rafael ramos off on his final journey, carrying their fallen comarade into the church where he worshipped. vice president joe biden leading the mourners. >> when the assassin's bullet targeted the two officers it targeted the city and touched the soul of the entire nation. >> bill de blasio had a fine line to walk accused of siding with anti-police protesters some officers turning their back on him when he spoke. but he had gentle words.
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>> i extend my condolences to the family of the nypd that is hurt sog deeply right now. >> he was, he is a hero. >> outside an honor guard of thousands of police officers joined hands as they stood in silent witness. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu shot execution style a week ago seeking revenge from police . a final salute to detective rafael ramos possibly would have been promoted today. several bay area police departments paid their respects to rafael ramos. this picture was tweeted by captain from the oakland police
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department showing an oakland police officer standing alongside a new york city police officer. still ahead, sony finally acknowledging a cyber attack that has made new blockbuster games unplayable
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>> a northern california lawmaker says he has a plan to curve drunk driving. he wants to put an ignition lock device where driver's would be required to blow into a tube to prove they have no alcohol in their system to prove they have no chol in their system it start the car. national survey on drug use and health says colorado has the
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second highest use age of marijuana users, they just legalized marijuana use. the survey doesn't are enough information to tell us about the long-term impacts. road island had the highest percentage of marijuana users nationwide. the temperatures last night plummeted, the forecast up
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today sony officially responded to a network outage that has kept millions of gamers off play station network since christmas. sony said the gaming networks
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are experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt activity. lizard squad admitted to the attack but ended the attack christmas night now engineers looking to fix the network. some of sony's top selling games require an online connection to work and some have connected to the network though sony has not confirmed that. >> imagine you open it and you can't play it. >> then you have to play outside like the good old days. you would need a jacket to to that. you would but at least it is dry. we'll show you the scan going around the region. it is high and dry with clear skies we have cool conditions
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ahead and will track a chilly overnit period next twelve hours. could have patchy fog developing. forecast calls for a delight. summer day. a cool conclusion to 2014 across the bay area. look at highs today. 60s the high in oakland. 55 high in san jose. these are two to four degrees below normal for this time of the year and wl continue that trend the next couple days. cooling off in the 40s in most spots. 48 in hayward and freemont 47 degrees. tracking clear over california. high clouds in northern california but all the moisture off the coast will stay off the coast.
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that means for us, looks like a lot of sunshine for the second half of our week. take you to tonight a few high clouds mainly clear, waking up in the 30s across many locations in the morning. by 4:00 sunday tracking temperatures once again topping out in the mid to upper 50s. overnight lows in the bay area 29. 30 in santa rosa. 38 in richmond. 34 in concord and falling to 33 in livermore xg. 57 high tomorrow in santa rosa. same in san jose and santa cruz with a high of 58. tomorrow it is a chilly starting off with patchy frost in the
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valley with lots of sunshine mid to upper 40s lots of sunshine and mid 50s along the coast. tuesday will drop to the mid to low 50s. looking dry and sunny and also looking seasonable with 50s on the board as we welcome 2015 we'll do it under dry conditions lots of sunshine come friday still total sunshine on the way, mid to upper 50s and this time next week a little bit milder with high cloud in the afternoon, cool tomorrow no rain the next seven days and temperatures a bill bitcoint cool to end the month of december. >> got it. thank you. warriors struggling without their two big men out with injuries and hoping to ride
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their ship against minnesota tonight. players looking much more comfortable. curry and green to curry who finishes with the lay up. warriors up eight at the one. living livingstop st -- >> right now in the third up 83-63. complete highlights at 11:00. warriors lost two straight at staples center. sharks hoping for better luck. 1-0 sharks. kings tie it up under six to play. foley 1-1 game.
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2-1 down low. kopitar roofs it eighth goal of the season in the third it's 3-1 kings. jackson showing he can play on sunday. slices through nebraska defense. look at this. 71 yard touchdown. second of the game. kessler three td passes. trojans up 17. pierson l arizona state led by as many as 17. in the fourth the touchdown 31ive 3
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31ive31 31-32. richards second of the game. a srk u back on it . sun devils win the sun bowl 36-31. boston college at yankees stadium game went to over time. on the extra point eighth missed one this season. eighth. christian hackenburg. sam able to make the extra point and drew wins the pin stripe bowl 31-30. college football plafrz set for january 1 oregon takes on florida state at the rose ball and at 530 sugar bowl hosts ohio state at alabama. january 12th cowboys stadium in
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arlington. here from stanford tonight at 11:00 on abc 7. >> drew couldn't be prouder beaming over there. thanks drew. next amazing wheel of fortune run for the record
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(vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru
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we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. coming up tonight at 11:00, following breaking news about a missing airasia passenger jet and the connection the plane thoos the still missing jet from malaysia malaysia. now a contestant from wheel of fortune took on a record prize that amazed the crowd and even pat. >> the lone ranger. >> yeah. >> awesome.
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with just one vowel on the wall he correctly guessed the lone ranger and went on to win every puzzle in the main game. he earned $91,000 before the bonus round began. the most ever. unfortunately his luck ran out in the bonus round he couldn't solve wooden gavel to add to his winning. check out the next episode of wheel ever wheel of fortune on monday at 7:30. that's just a lucky guess, right. do you think you're good at this game. learning a lot. that's it for us tonight. news continues on line on twitter and facebook. see you at 11:00.
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>> warning--please do not attempt any of the activities you see on this show. they are dangerous and--hey! watch out for that truck! man, i didn't even get to finish my warning. >> ohh! >> ohh!
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>> today on "what went down," snow jumps in winter playground jumps in summer... >> unh! >> plus this guy falls down. see what i did there? summer fall. i'm seasonal. and later, it's an actual spring fling
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