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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 30, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> wicked winter trees and and going through the bay area if just a moment i'll show you where strongest wind gusts are right now. >> a bay area security company concludes sony pictures wasn't hack by the north korea. turns out it was an inside job. a rock star home coming for former 49ers coach jim harbaugh. >> the sign in the center of the screen says it all. high winds. fierce winds blow into the bay
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area. good evening and thanks for joining us >> the windy weather forced roads to close throughout the bay area. bart closed as well. winds brought down trees today, several trees this video in san francisco today. and this is the golden gate bridge. >> we do have live team coverage for you tonight. let's begin with spencer christian. >> clear skies as you can see.
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we still have these powerful winds to contend with. right now gusts up to 48 miles per hour at sfo. 43 miles per hour at oakland. and mountain view 35 in napa. you can see winds are still powerful and gusty. there is a live view now looking at peak wind gusts. 62 miles per hour winds at oakland hills 52 miles per hour at napa airport. winds about 20-40 miles per hour. and so here is our wind gust animation, winds continuing to be strong overnight and into morning but into evening we'll see winds beginning to taper off and moderate. >> and one of the biggest
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problems is interstate 80 showing red in both directions there. abc7 news is live now with an update. tiffany? >> crews showed up just about a half hour ago, able to take down that telephone pole line that had been knocked down there. and at the same time, crews are forming an assembly line. some using chain saws and others clearing branchs thousands are stacked up, waiting to get through the pinch point so they're working as quickly as possible. the trees branchs span eastbound lanes and a car was hit by a tree. then on the westbound side, you
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can see wires that were live wires. chp shut down highway 80 as crews came to clear the wires which they have done. at this point, all westbound lanes are restricted. >> it's typical to uproot shallow-rooted trees. these were left to resprout. >> pg and e expected damage from this storm. officials tell me they're prepared to work throughout the night. and at this point we don't have
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an official word on which highway 80 should return to normal. >> thank you very much. two people killed by high winds in paradise near chico. a 78-year-old woman died here when a tree crushed her car. not far away another man was killed when a tree crashed into his house. falling trees did cause people to lose fire in shellville. one tree toppled along east 7th street. and in napa another part of a pine tree landed on top of it along mary c drive. and also san jose happy hallow zoo was forced to close.
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>> that is right they halted roller coasters because of the wind. this gust pushed 100 feet trees across the width of 11 street. branchs caused outages in the area. in livermore a tree crashed through a home and no one was hurt. oof it's a halt in concord the eucalyptus nearly crushed a white corvette the driver washed as the trees started to fall. he had nowhere to go. >> just saw it coming down like
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oh, no. i wish i would have been driving my truck. >> nearby a driver didn't want to wait so he hooked it on to his truck and moved it out of the street himself. >> bart has been crippled by windy weather. check outlines of people waiting to board a bus. abc7 news is at the glenn park station which saw it's own wind-related problems vic? >> it's like a typhoon here. service was stopped in both directions for an awfully long time. a service from balboa park and things have improved in the last
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hour. some passengers had been waiting the entire time. >> since 1:30 >> four hours? >> yes. >> what is your mood like? >> not real good. >> this is the reason a large tree fell between glenn park and balboa park stations. passengers were inconvenienced. >> ruined my day. my friends came down from oregon. >> you're going to party? >> just a little bit.
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>> where is your friend coming from? >> germany. >> yes. he's arriving. >> passengers were told of options. >> i'm new to the area. >> gate agents were giving stickers. go to the emergency gate. >> next time show them. and you can get a freebie. >> now only major impact left on the system is in hayward. service is still closed between hayward and south hayward stations because of a tree which fell that includes glenn park here. bart had a big issue with a wind
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all day today. >> check this out. aviation bus witnessed jets approaching sfo on a different route. some landed at an angle. if there is weather happening where you live we want to see it. >> let's move on. jim harbaugh getting quite a reception in an arbor, michigan less than 48 hours after parting way was 49ers he was introduced as the university of michigan's new head football coach. a bank nicknamed itself the bank
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of ann-arbaugh. >> when is the last time we covered this time touch on firing and hiring of a coach. almost never. to describe this as heroic doesn't quite do it justice. this is jim harbaugh in ann arbor, michigan today a decision to love and be loved back. it makes sense to fans who suffered seven years. fans feel as lost as niner fans
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did four years ago. fans like kim see him as a diety. >> it's like the messiah coming in. >> who showed off decidedly human qualities however, at his press conference. >> did anyone see that? a lesser athlete would have gone down. >> he has a reputation of a fixer and being difficult. >> michigan can expect a shake down from top to bottom. >> today we spoke with the athletic director at cal state stanislaus. he says michigan will go through a period of intensity.
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>> he's like very successful coaches. very driven, sees what he wants. and sometimes may be abrasive. >> it's the only personality i have. the others were all taken. >> now michigan has harbaugh. let the honeymoon begin there. the new search continues here. >> thank you, wayne. >> there is more still to come. ahead first winter reading of the sierra snow pack. whether the weather put a dent in the drive. >> will weather be a factor near these celebration will it show preparations underway. >> how to save money by
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police identified two men who had authorities on a high-speed chase started when an officer spotted a stolen delivery van and tried to pull it over. it led police 60 minutes into the east bay. a passenger jumped out of the van in downtown san leandro. where he stole a bicycle. he has been identified as rudy martinez the driver who abandoned the van has been identified as andrew rojas. they are both charged with auto
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theft, assaulting an officer, evading police and conspiracy. >> the snow pack in the sierra is deeper than last year the first snow pack shows amount of water is 50% of average for this time of the year. at this point last year, only 20%. so considerable improvement. but that water doesn't necessary necessarily necessarily fill reservoirs. >> the snow is going to go into the ground water. >> the runoff supplies about a third of the state water >> tomorrow evening, hundreds of thousands will ring in the new year with a bang. the city's bracing itself,
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preparing fire works and police. >> in the neighborhood of 4 to 5,000 devices will go off >> this is different. this is just a 15 minute rage of explosions. >> in the summer fog. winter it's clear. >> you see people saw the show from it's incredible how far they can see it. >> if you want the best view there is only one place.
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>> take public transportation. and ferries. just don't drink and drive. >> the good news is that there are openings. uber and lyft will have extra cars on the road. and flywheel has a special promotion. $ten to go anywhere in the city. >> with crowds people are tunistic in trying to steal a smart phone or purse. >> in san francisco abc7 news. >> you'll find events and how to get there safely.
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>> good news is that we think the winds will die down. >> yes. it's going to be cold. clear skies now as you know. winds are still brisk outside. 50 in oakland. it's not cold yet. in the bay, 49 in santa rosa. and 45 in fairfield. a live view at golden gate bridge, it's windy and chilly.
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clear, chilly new year's eve. more than chilly. cold into later in the night. a cold storm bringing strong gusty winds we have a freeze watch from late tomorrow night into thursday morning. this watch is for the bay area with exception of the coast. tonight low temperatures into low to mid-30s into coldest locations and will be windy. upper 30s around the bay.
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lows indicate the trend, into low to mid-30s with friday a low of 31 degrees. and cool tomorrow, highs low to mid-50s here is the accu-weather forecast. so chilly to cold new year's eve coming our way. sunny skies, temperatures milder sunday. monday, tuesday, next week high temperatures into low to mid-60s again. >> no rain, it's going to be a dry spell. >> abc7 news weather app gives temperatures and wind conditions for the bay area. >> and a bay area city going for the green.
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>> yes. local people taking part in the tournament
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a community garden is in the running to win a lot of green this week. >> it's part of a contest sponsored by miracle gro. >> oakland has 18 community
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gardens. this one needs tlc. the project got off the ground last year. he says the idea was to grow crops for her neighborhood in west oakland. >> it's better to grow our own fruits and vegetables. >> the company is sponsoring a contest among detroit, new york city orlando, and oakland. representatives from east city will ride on the miracle gro float. hoping to capture most votes in social media. the money would go beyond.
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>> we're going to have a family market and will be available on a sliding scale to community members. >> if oakland wins there will be more outreach to the neighbors. >> what we've learned is once the community takes part, they protect them. >> voting ends february 9th. in west oakland abc7 news. >> good stuff. if you want to vote there is a link on abc7 >> still ahead here tonight a hack attack that forced sony pictures to all but cancel a
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movie. >> what has been recovered from the site where air asia went
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good evening again, we have new problems to tell you about. high winds are out here starting kcal train hitting a tree on the tracks near burlingame. >> one track is blocked and cal
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train is single tracking around obstruction and that tree blocked lines for a short time. >> the arms of the railroad crossing were hitting those power lines the intersection is closed down. that has traffic backed up. >> chp is about to open a second line of i 80. all can be lanes are open but still one lane is open at this point. >> trees falling in our places this afternoon disrupted service for hours. >> is the fbi wrong north korea
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was responsible for hacking into computers? an investigation reveals the answer is yes. details on how it may have been led. >> the fbi is convinced north korea was behind the attack on sony stealing sensitive documents, documents and movies however, a cyber security company says north korea entered the picture after six others hacked sony including a laid off employee using a code name lena. >> one had ties to critical knowledge of sony systems and ip addresses. and also, motive for being what i would say upset at sony. >> the mystery woman was laid off by sony last spring.
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>> first demand that came from attackers was a ransom demand. nothing around the movie "the interview". so early to mid december north korea took advantage of the situation. >> the agents did sit down with employees to review their independent investigation. >> another silicon valley firm also believes fbi may have pointed a finger too quickly at north korea. the ceo says high level hackers can hide their tracks it takes a long time to trace them. >> in this case, after seven days they declared this is not korea. last year an investigation took several months. >> in san jose abc7 news
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>> by the way the movie "the interview" is playing in more and more theaters. sony says it will open in 27 theaters throughout canada. >> first president bush released from the hospital today now resting at home in houston. the 90-year-old thanked doctors and nurses for their superb care. >> searchers are having some success in finding parts of the wreckage of flight 8501 are being brought to the town nearest the spot where a debris field was found today. >> fire stands out, explosion
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stands out ripped apart? something else going on here? >> bodies are being brought ashore. as many as seven recovered today none wearing a life jacket. there were 162 people on that flight. no one survived. >> tonight a state lawmaker is trying to force california high schools to adopt new mascots, all four schools call themselves redskins. and at tulare union high school the redskins mascot is on nearly every poster at school. for students and staff here, being a red skin has deep roots. athletes are proud to represent the name. >> we say we are born a red skin and will die a red skin.
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>> it's the driving force behind our school. >> now, an assemblyman wants to eliminate the red skins from all california public schools who use it as a mascot. ab 30 would require the schools to phase out the red skin. >> i know this is a continued debate. i recent the implication we've been doing it right over 100 years. >> students showed off a native american dance, officials say they'll try to call the bill upsetting. the principal says the school works with local tribes to make sure they accurately depict the redskins. >> they've been supportive yes. they thank us for the way in
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which we're portraying being a red skin. >> i don't find racial content in it. redskins use native americans are warriors they're strong hearted people brave hearts. and that is such a pride to have. >> the bill will likely be considered in 2015. >> coming up next, a new year's eve tradition known around the world. >> that is right the balance drop in times female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes.
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ooshg an eagle eyed police officer gets credit for breaking up an identity theft ring. a man and woman came out of a room. officers found computers phony credit cards, stolen mail and drugs. new details on a double shooting that left a man dead and woman wounded.
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police say the gunman left the scene in a car with others inside. >> a coyote that bit a 5-year-old boy does not have rain ease. they got good news that the tests were negative. >> they can test to see if there were any other sicknesses or health related issues they can find that might help explain aggressive nature and behavior on that evening. >> in times square new year's eve ball is ready to drop. do you know it weighs 12,000
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43 43 across the bay. still cool with sunny skies and lows into low to mid-50s. early thursday temperatures dropping below freezing but sunny skies for the week. and throughout the weekend z milder weather next monday and tuesday. >> so at least winds will die down. time for sports. >> yes. jim harbaugh. had enough yet? it's official. he's now the funniest head fo
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>> jim harbaugh is his enthusiasm to the michigan press conference probably because he had to be exhausted. there is a lot of pressure on jim to turn this program around. he's up for the challenge. this job has been a dream for him throughout his life. >> dreamed about coaching in michigan. now, it's time to live that and no other words to tell you how that feels.
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>> how do you feel your personality translates into the college game? >> i feel like it's the only personality i have. you know? won't be more honored. >> excitement off the charts today during wolverines game. harbaugh was introduced at half time. the game went into overtime. and good luck to coach harbaugh. the coaching carousel is heating up for raiders and their
7:53 pm
interest in them. he spends time in the nfl and has deep thoughts. >> i was calling tomorrow. defense, what he brings that is what raiders are in need of. that is what i would do. i almost mean for a shot at the head coach. >> and stan feared and maryland just about ready to kick off foster farms bowl. game coming up tonight at 7:00.
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cardinals will be without ty montgomery. quarterback kevin hogan doesn seem too worried. >> i wish i had done a good job of that. >> today charlotte with georgia and louisville. this 31 yarder, 17-7 georgia. georgia is up 30-14.
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32 yard field goal, good, and as time expires into four-game losing streak. the 25-year-old almost single handedly won a title 4-1 with 1.03 era and pitching two games. warriors sharks, stanford football tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. jim harbaugh, no voice. he was exhausted. didn't bring that usually intensity. >> good to see him smiling. >> yes. laughing a little bit. so i think he's going to be a perfect fit there.
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>> thank you. >> thursday, new year's day we'll see buffalo wild wings here on abc7 at 10:00 a.m . >> then it's college football playoff semi finals rose bowl is at 2:00 p.m . and it leads up to the first ever national championship game that is monday january 12th at 5:30 again on espn. we're following strong winds whipping throughout the bay area knocking out power, causing big problems for the evening commute. and in "time," stay with us for
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abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. breaking news continues on twitter. i'm dan ashley from. all of us
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