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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 31, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. we are just an hour away now from the new year on the west coast. the times square celebration already occurred. and this the central time zone fireworks from the navy yard lit the sky over chicago, ushering in between 15. in london, the bells of big ben range as the fireworks display lit up the skies. >> and australia was one of the first marriage cities to see the new year. good evening and happy new year.
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the celebrations are just beginning here in the bay area. this is a live look from our roof camera. we are down there live. >> happy new year, all eyes on the sky, in less than an hour, for now, a lot of people have been watching a protest march that is moving up and down the san francisco waterfront for the past hour. so far, it has bp peaceful and the celebrations continue. >> happy new year! >> thousands of new years reve revelers were here to ring in new year. this couple came up from san jose. are you ready for the cold? >> i'm ready. >> they are bundled up of course ready for frigid temperatures. she hopes the new year brings good things. >> good health, life success, i guess.
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>> these demonstrators showed up in the middle of the festivities to demonstrate against police brew brutality. >> at the stroke of midnight. we are saying hands up, don't shoot at the stroke of midnight. >> the demonstrators blocked traffic for a short time. the san francisco police kept a watchful eye hoping that the demonstrations were peaceful did not interrupt celebrations. >> i don't think it will be a big deal. you know if need be i will close the doors and you know, shut the lights off. but i think it will be okay. >> many watched the demonstrations and focused on why they braved the elements on this night. >> happy new year! >> back live here, many headed to watch the fireworks at midnight. the protests march as far as we
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can tell has been peaceful. two protesters were arrested for public drunkenness. we are live, happy new year to you. abc 7 news. >> same to you thank you. happening now in oakland, traffic is a mess as protesters block cars in a demonstration against police brutality. we have live views for you. they are at broadway and 14th near city hall. the police say that some did throw bottles at officers, they are calling it the new year's a eve noise demonstration. the crowd is estimated at 125 to 150 people. they are gathered at 14th and broadway and marched a few hours ago. several transit lines are detoured. >> it's tense times for police officers across america. they have taken extra steps to ensure their safety after threats against officers surfaced. those have included the #kill a
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big night and the new year's eve massacre massacre. those words follow the murders of two police officers in brooklyn on december 20th while they sat in their police car. the video shows how police will protect themselves. they will pair up. two officers will ride in every car, instead of the usual one from now to tomorrow morning. >> we want an additional set of eyes and an additional officer in the vehicle so that the officers are safe. >> nervous for our officers. i recognize that it's not been an easy job. it's often been dangerous, and this doesn't help. bit think our chief is doing right thing. >> police admit that by having two officers per car instead of it will take tlorng get calls but the benefit is that pairing up will mean fewer officer will have to call for back up. >> tonight's cold weather could
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not keep family home at san jose, a free outdoor showing of disney's "frozen" was going on. tiffany, very fitting. isn't it? >> reporter: oh, very fitting indeed, the temperature could drop down to 32 degrees overnight and families say they were not freezing watching frozen on the big screen. >> sad to see 2014 end, the frozen fans say. ♪ let it go ♪ >> hundreds of people convefrgrged on christmas in the park. >> i researched and researched what to do on with the kids, it was by far and wide the best option. we are grateful for it. >> as for the chill that added to the "frozen "experience for the night. >> we have mitt ens and boots. we have got layers. we are perfect. >> others were not quite as prepared. >> the bad news is mommy wanted
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her in a hat and gloves so i'm in trouble now. >> fortunately she loves the cold can like her idol elsa the christmas in the park ends tomorrow. the send off included a live band. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to hesee you dance ♪ ? >> and a bed time friendly countdown to the new year's at 9:00 p.m. >> we had compliments from people saying thank you for doing something like that. >> happy new year! >> reporter: while much of 2015 is a mystery, you can bet elsa and anna will captivate audiences in door and out. do you feel it's a good way to start 2015? >> yeah, i think it's a good way. >> reporter: you may hear the band still they took the stage since 9:00 p.m. and and families are dancing ever since. they are expected to give a warm
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welcome welcome to 2015. happy new year. >> happy new year. thanks very much. that looks like fun. it is going to be a cold new year's celebration tonight. we have the first look at the forecast and drew live doppler 7 hd. >> and we are talking about temperatures in the 30s in some spots and falling further over the next couple of hours. we will show you, we are not dealing with precipitation issues. it's the chill out there. 33 in napa and 47 in downtown san francisco, 40 in san jose and oakland currently at 40. so your new year's eve fireworks if you are out late on the town, by 2:00 in the morning, temperatures around 44 degrees. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories we will explain the details in a few moments, s moments, dan? >> from the wind and big chill, get the current weather conditions any time on the weather app.
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get more information on abc 7 >> powerful winds caused at least three deaths across the state. two men died on santa catlina harbor. he was pinned between the a boat and rock, when the boat blew over. and in reading, a woman died when a tree fell on her home early this morning. this is the weather video everyone is talking about. take a look at the rose bowl, gusts of more than 60 miles an hour. picked up tents and tossed them in the air. four people did suffer minor injuries. the wild scene slowed down the set up for tomorrow's florida state/oregon game. you can watch the rose parade here at abc 7. >> the wind caused big problems in the bay area. check out the course in alameda. at least five trees fell on the course on bay farm island. huge trees too. that is north of oakland.
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another tree damaged vehicles, parked along the perimeter of the golf complex. more than 40 people were stranded on a ski lift in the sierra after strong winds blew a cable off the line. it happened at the china peak mountain resort. they had to evacuate the lifts one person at a time. temperatures were dipping in the mid 20s with winds speed in excess of 45 miles an hour. >> all right still to come, new year's eve celebrations turned deadly. what happened that led to a stampede. >> hundreds of new laws go in to affect tomorrow. we will look at the ones affecting the people in the bay area. >> and the easy freeways to get around the city after
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thousands of people descended on berlin's gate. and in paris, many celebrated the city of lights closed off the city to cars for the first time as it hosted a three-d
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light show. >> well sadly a new year's eve celebration turned tragic in china when the lure of easy money triggered a stampede. people scrambled to get coupons that looked like dollar bills. the crush injured proo otheryed -- injured 42 others. officials are attempting to recover the black boxes from air asia a 8501, the wreckage has been moved from rough weather. the air bus, a-320 crashed during a storm on sunday. >> five people were hurt ever a shooting and crash in san francisco. it happened just after 6:00 shots were fired. the suspect's vehicle crashed injuring five people. one suspect was can caught,
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police are still looking for a second suspect. no one was injured in the shooting. >> a man who died in a uc berkley fraternity house died of c intoxication. he was found on sunday morning at the frat house after a big party the night before. he lived in lafayette attended uc davis and was from antioch. >> more than 900 new state laws go in to affect. among them audrey's law. she commit suicide and her attackers only received 30 to 45 days in jail. teenagers convicted on sex acts on someone who cannot give consent will face tougher penaltities, another new law that will apply to college students, requires both parties to say yes, to consent to sexual activity. the yes means yes law,
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elimines any possibility of silence being consent. and undocumented workers can receive licenses. >> hundreds of thousands of people are in san francisco to ring in the new year. this is the look live. if you cannot make it here you can watch the fireworks streaming live on abc 7 and don't fool with traffic. public transit is the way to go. cal train is offering free rides and buses will run in to 5:00 a.m. you will need to pay for b.a.r.t. but trains will be extend theed on 3:00 and tipsy tow will offer rides to 3:00 a.m. an average ride could be more than $100. be aware of that.
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>> take advantage. do what you need to do. let's keep it safe out there. >> that's right, here is a look back at the biggest stories this year on abc 7 others made us cheer and others ss made us question. >> weather tonight, we are talking approximate about cool temperatures, and dry conditions. live doppler 7 hd will show you nothing but clear skies out there. the clear skies, a nice night. the rooftop camera. the crowds are gathering, less than 45 minutes away from the fireworks going off in the bay and less than 45 minutes in the year of 2014. take a look back at the rain we received here for the past 12 months. almost 25 inches of rain. beating the average of of 23.65 inches in nearly times as much rain this year than we saw last year. good news there for the drought. temperature wise sitting at 33 approximate in in napa and 40 in oekd land and same thing in san jose. and concord has a cool
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temperature of 39 degrees. we have freeze warnings that will go in to affect after midnight and last to 9:00 in the morning much early morning lows will be in the low 20s and 30s. overnight, we have a frost advisory. temperature thes ss will be early morning lows of the low to mid 30s. the story that is going on. high pressure to the north continuing to send us a north wind. so we are going stay cool, and we are going to stay dry over the next couple of days. these two areas of high pressure are not going anywhere rather quickly. so the rain the next seven days will hold off. a rather dry forecast. you see 29 same in napa and 35 in richmond and 41 in downtown san francisco, overnight and 32 in san jose and 37 overnight in oakland with plenty of stars out there. after the frosty start tomorrow
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morning. new year's day is look nice and season ably cool. a lot of sunshine on hand. 53 will top out and 56 in napa and 55 in fremont and 55 in san jose. here is your seven-day forecast a frosty start tomorrow morning. a lot of sunshine temperatures in the 50s. we will have a cool start again on friday. the morning chill will give us more sunshine by the afternoon. a bit of an up swing in the temperatures. in the upper 50s. over the weekend. both saturday and sunday, we are sunny and on the mild side. take a look at this. the temperatures are back in the 50s. if you are not a fan of the cool air. we have warm mild air on the the way. sunday lots of sunshine on the way. as we go on monday. you notice a few clouds in the sky. mild air will dominate the forecast. mid to upper 60s to board and guys, those 60s last in to tuesday and wednesday. a mixture of sunshine and clouds. and by wednesday, this time next week the chill will be a memory for folks as temperatures will
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be in the mid 60s again. if only just a bit of rain. >> mid 60s, now we are talking. >> we californians cannot hack it. thank you. >> thank you. >> going in to weather that was the last miscue of 2014. now we will get to the biggest stories here on abc 7 news. >> still ten minutes left. some made us cheer and others made us question. but they all made 20 the 14 a year to remember. >> cool moments this year. a lot of interesting stories.
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>> yeah, turning to sports. a lot to talk about. the year that it's been and a lot as we hit the bowl games too. >> the interesting sports moments. >> you stole my act. when a year it was we thought we would look back at the top moments. there were so many that my touchdown catch did not make the cut. really? the oldest player to catch a
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this sports report is brought to you by ebay.
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>> what a year in bay area sports. 2014 was an eventful year. here are the most 7 memorable moments. >> they know they are playing the warriors. it's a different era. curry, three, yeah! and there you go. >> steph curry and the bench explode. >> breaking free is murray. murray's got a clear field ahead. murray trying to take it. 90 yards. touchdown. raiders. >> that is down the left fiel line, he is not going get it. >> and it rolls off the side, whoa, they are going to wave home kendrick. >> oh, my goodness. >> they got it. are you kidding me? >> wow. >> kaepernick, crabtree, broken up picked off.
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this game is over! knocked in the air. intercepted by smith. >> ishikawa, hits one in to right. the giants win the pennant. >> i thought we accomplished great things. you know tremendous football. so many people worked so hard, you know, to construct where this football team is, and feel great to be a part of it. feel it's been a signature year in my life. >> the 2-2. popped up. sandoval in f
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all right sharks beat the ducks tonight 3-0, tomorrow, all eyes are on college football. then it's the college football playoffs, semifinals. the rose bowl is at 2:00 p.m. and sugar gloahugugar bowl at 5:30 p.m. it leads up to the championship game. this is abc 7 news sports report brought to you by ebay go seminoles and happy new year's eve to all of you.
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>> you too. >> i will watch the highlight over and over again. >> abc 7 news continues now online. >> for all of us happy new year. we will see you soon.


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