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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 3, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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this is aa seven-year-old girl is alive tonight, the only survivor of a plane crash that killed her family. >> reporter: it all started with a knock at larry wilkins' front door. >> i opened the door. there was a little girl, bloody and she told me her parents were dead and she had been in a plane crash zblncht
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crash. >> reporter: the disoriented seven-year-old the sole survivor of a plane crash. the faa confirms that late friday evening air traffic control just outside memphis lost contact with the plane traveling from key west to illinois. the pilot had send a distress call. minutes later the piper crashed into a row mote-- remote area in kentucky. little sailor somehow survive, trekking barefoot through this rough, better rain alone. >> i need ems down here. >> this is what we call the fight or flight response. >> reporter: investigators say by the time they found the crash site, dad mom sister and cousin were all dead. the family released a statement saturday saying we are devas
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dated by this loss. miraculously treated at the hospital with minor injuries. >> done good for a 7-year-old girl, i tell you that extremely good. indonesian officials today say they're confident the wreckage of flight 8501 has been located. they detected four massive objects on the floor of the java sea. one week ago the airasia flight disappeared off radar and into the sea. at least 30 bodities have beeny tyies have been recovered. two u.s. warships are now looking for more victims and debris. well, tomorrow is going to be another chilly day here in the bay area. and you will not be allowed to
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light a fire in your fireplace. >> we have that spare the air in the effect the next 24 hours. temperatures overnight tonight won't be as cool as last night. highs pretty nice, season mri cool in the 50s and 60s. 56 in santa rose sa. we got up to 58 degree in napa. these numbers are some two to five degrees below normal. it's 48 in freemont. coming up i'm tracking warmer weather, ten degrees above normal. we'll show you that in just a few minutes. meanwhile, brisk chilly cold all words people were using to describe the weather this morning.
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around union square we found people wearing coats hats, gloves and scarves to stay warm. >> normally if you come from germany you are used to the cold weather, but i did not think that it's so cold in san francisco. >> it is cold. it's a little chilly out in comparison to san diego where we're from, about 10 degrees colder here maybe more. >> it was exciting. i was here in december and it was raining quite a bit. so this is a pleasant change. >> our cameras found one guy wearing shorts on the trolly. and a male carrier who said just doing her job keeps her warm. winter break was anything but relaxing at newark memorial high school where a ruptured pipe meant cleaning up class rooms. water up to three feet deep caused millions of dollars in damage to eight class rooms.
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classes will be moved to another building likely for the rest of the year. no word on what caused the pipe to burst but the school district says nothing appears suspicious. >> three people lost their home to a fire in antioch. it started just before noon on san jose job near mission element element elementry school. the fire started in a christmas tree. >> it's a reminder this time of year to get your christmas trees out of the house quickly. a lot of fires have started this way. >> no one was hurt in the fire. we're told the home is almost a complete loss. concerned parents in east bay took to the streets today. they're concerned about social injustices involving police and racial discrimination. seven news reporter has the
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story. >>. >> reporter: after months of violent demonstrations and police protests there was this march through oakland's lake shore district. these young activists barely old enough to read or write, but parents want their children to get the message. >> to talk to him about what this means, what it means to be fair what justice means, it's really important to me. >> reporter: the group marched right through the farmer's market getting lots of attention. the colorful mamas of the 99% organize niced the march. >> you don't want your children to grow up in a world where they can be targeted just because of the color of their skin. >> reporter: talking about racial injustice not so easy with little kids. >> the stars weren't toso big. they were really quite small.
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>> reporter: teaches tolerance and acceptance between one group with stars on their bellies and one without. >> is that fair? >> reporter: kids later made their own stars. tell me about your star. >> we made it have a little face on it. >> reporter: she wants her daughters tab arm daughters to be armed with information. parents hope today can be a lesson for their kids' future. >> reporter: in oakland, abc seven news. people say they're not too worryied about multiple reports of a mountain lion sighting. neighbors say it's nothing new. because the area is so rural, they often get the same alerts. people who live in this part of
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redwood city say they do make a point to bring their pets inside at night when mountain lions are most active. >> i'm always finding deer in my front yard. if there's prey, there's going to be predators. we're in their home not the other way around. still ahead the first increase at the gas pump in weeks. we'll show you the new averages. plus, why scientists believe a pacific coast bird is suddenly dying off in large numbers. and a new
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. scientists are baffled as to why a pacific coast sea bird is dying off. hundreds have been found dead from alaska to baja, mexico. scientists have never seen them die in this large of groups before. they say they appear to be starving to death. they say weather may be pushing them into habitats they are not
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accustomed to. gas prices are inching up in california. that's according to reports from drivers on gas it's the first increase in weeks. experts say it's because of california's new cap and trade requirement that requires oil companies buy credits to offset carbon emissions from vehicles. right now the nationwide average is 2.21 a gallon. california's state average is 2.65. san jose's average 2.67. and in san francisco you're looking at 2.82. coming up next, how sony is making amends with gamers after a devastating skiebcyber attack this christmas. and could we see warmer weather in the days ahead? up next with the forecast. wild card weekend in the nfl. panthers ground the
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. hackers have a new tool that can easily break into your apple icloud account. apple reports a new tool can break through pass codes. but not everyone is in danger. only those with very basic names like password 1, i love you 2, and nearly 500 others. we've linked all the the affected pass words to our web website. if you find yours there you're definitely going to want to change it. sony is saying sorry to fans for a christmas day hack that kept fans from playing newly purchased games. sony how offering anyone affected by the hack a five-day
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extension of its play station plus membership for free and. authorities have arrested a british man and are working to tack down others involved in the hack. another check on the weather and i'd say lately it's a good night to stay inside. >> the days are going to get milder. at the bottom of this cold snap now there's nowhere to go but up. we're not tracking any rain. we haven't had rain since the first couple of days in 2015. we'll talk about when in just one second. our tower cam showing you downtown san francisco. a little bit of haze in the distance. so not the best air quality on sunday. poor air quality from the north bay right around the central bay and even in the santa clara
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valley. so no wood burning for sunday. a cool night, some isolated spots below 32 22 degrees tonight. we're calling it a january thaw. tuesday into wednesday temperatures go some ten degrees above normal. and a chance for rain will happen thursday night into friday. you do notice we had generally clear skies throughout saturday. some high clouds are now trying to filter in. partly cloudy overnight tonight. it's going to deflect any storm systems well to the north out of the region. and warm us up nicely. temperatures tuesday afternoon, we're in the mid 60s across the bay area. but the peak of this mild spell will come on wednesday afternoon. by 1:00 many areas are flirting with 70s. even oakland in the upper 60s.
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so warmer air is on its way. overnight lows we're going to call it cool out there. not as chilly as the past couple of nights. we have no freeze warnings or frost advisories. 36 in napa. dropping to 34 in santa rosa. tomorrow after that cool start, we'll be warmer tomorrow than we were today. a couple of 60s on the board. 62 the high in san jose. we'll get up to 58 in san francisco. 59 in free monthmont. on monday it's sunny and we go back into the 60s across the board from our inland spots even around the coast and into the bay. tuesday it's rather mild. we're in the upper 60s inland.
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70s likely in a lot of spots in our inland valleys. even upper 60s around the bay mid 60s around the coast. thursday night into friday morning is our next chance for rain. it looks like less than a tenth of an inch. >> sounds good to me. thanks. >> sure. now over to mike. >> best weekend in the nfl. any time the ravens and steelers get together there's some hitting going on. the ravens pulled a fly-by on pittsburgh. baltimore led ten at the half. late third quarter flips it 11 yards to smith. back in the ends. flacco had two td passes.
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forsett sumfumbles. pittsburgh recovers. six yards to bryant. 5-point game eight minutes to go. steelers get the ball back. ben roethlisberger picked off. makes an amazing catch between his knees. jim harbaugh and ravens here really first play after the interception. flacco rolls out and finds gilmore. he's going to do the rest. plays new england next week. 30-17 your final. flacco 259 yards, two td's. ben roethlisberger two interceptions. well it's never been more evident that a quarterback position is key in the nfl as it was today in carolina in their third string quarterback ryan
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lind lindley. he's got to get past the panthers. stewart 122 yards rushing. cam newton interception. cardinals with great field position. fumbles on the goal line. panthers recover. but upon further review, the ball is over the line touch card cards and cards. whittaker gets a screen pass. pretty much you lose the entire cardinals' defense. 39 yards. panthers were up 20-13. full nlsmbles the ensuing kickoff. the next play lindley picked off. two picks on the day. cardinals 77 yards of offense. fewest every in the postseason. they're eliminated as the
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panthers move on. first playoff win since 2006. they'll get green bay or seattle next week. >> truth of the matter we've got to be ready to go. a lot of guys feel the same way i feel. you know this one was great for a lot of reasons. but yet we didn't come here just to end it tonight. >> kind of unconventional the way we got into the playoffs, but we got in the playoffs nonetheless. we still have a long way to go. who snowknows what happens next week? this is the first step. >> sharks hosting the blues without thornton who's out with a shoulder injury. game tied at 1-1.
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still goes stop shelf. 20th of the year. ties it. less than a minute later. little dip what a goal, his 9th. we'll preview tomorrow's nfl match-up at 11:00 p.m. hope to see you then. next at 9
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. coming up tonight at 11:00 an international night nightmare.
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passenger heading to sfo wait nearly 12 hours on the tarmac. why the delay and what passenger are saying tonight. plus, they're used for celebrations but they're so dangerous they're actually banned in parts of california. why it's a growing problem tonight on abc news at 11:00. >> our state's capital looks like halloween this weekend. people are attending sacanime, a festival devoted to pop culture, japanese anime and comic books. the designs can be very ornate and expertly crafted. one man spent seven years putting together the perfect captain jack spare rowrow outfit.
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that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. we tonight on "swirl", we speak to former navy seal kristen beck. i get beat up for my transgender brothers and sisters. we will also take a look back into 2014 and go through some of those wonderful, incredible, and wtf moments here on "swirl." that's a bunch of bull [beep]. ♪ and a special performance by "gypsy love." ♪ all that and more coming up on "swirl." ♪ ♪ welcome to "swirl" your a to z covering
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the lgbt lmnop and everyone in between show. i am michelle meow your host.


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