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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 15, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> we begin with developing news in burlingame where a cal train hit a car. >> the driver was attempting to make a right turn and drove right on to the railroad tracks but seeing the train approaching the driver and passenger jumped out of that car before it was hit and no one was injured. >> trains running again but delayed by up to an hour and a half. good evening. >> it's been 22 days since we have received any measurable rain a long time. >> but that could change tomorrow with the slightest of
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chances for precipitation. >> let's check in withdrew and live doppler 7hd. >> slightest of chances that's what we are looking at. the north bay a weak front moving through. we had some chances early this afternoon take a look at the live loop, lean of some showers try to work through here but what happened the none reaching the ground. we show you yes there is green around ukiah and clover dale and north of santa rose but it's called verga. this evaporating not getting any reports that the sprinkle are actually reaching the surface right now. look at the drought update last week. we had 32 percent of the state in exceptional drought. that increased guys today up to 39 percent. we had slight improvement though in marin county. thanks to heavy rain fall of the month of december. now we all above normal but no written in the next 3
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weeks. we fall below normal. sprinkle on the accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. guys. >> thank you so much. dumping millions of gallons of perfectly good drinking water is not what you expect to see during a drought. that's what happened today at the crystal springs dam in san mateo county. day worth of world trade center for the city of san francisco spilled right into san mateo creek. 7 news reporter david louie reports. >> there are 22 billion gallon of water in the rest voyeur held behind lower crystal spring dam. if ever a breach or time when the water level is close to capacity the water has to go somewhere. and that somewhere is tiny san mateo creek at the bottom of the dam 2 new valve control the spill flow in an emergency. undergoing the first ever test under the watchful eye of 2 state inspectors. >> we wanted to make sure that as we release water we were watching to make sure we didn't have anything slow us down. no debris making blockage in the creek. obviously people downstream
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here we wanted to monitor how it was going to mav down the channel. >> this is equivalent to one-fourth of 1% of the 22 billion gallon in the rest voyeur. >> keep in mind that this is drinking water. water that started out as snow melt up in the sierra came down by gravity fed system waiting behind the dam for release to treatment plant. water officials say it wasn't possible to capture the spilled water. >> ultimately this water will come back to us in some form but it's not very feasible to capture it water. we have to practice releasing it into the stream watching it flow to the bay because that is what willow occur if we have to use the valve in an emergency. >> usgs had a team on hand to measure the flow in san mateo cream with -- creek with the velocity meter. >> fast territory water moves the more it spins and sends out a reading and know how fast the water is moving and
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velocity and cubic feet per second. >> at one point the know is 3 22 cubic feet per second. it's about the size of a basketball. in san m te'o, david louie abc 7 news. >> man in critical condition tonight after shot by a police officer in richmond. happened near 20th street about 1:30 this afternoon. this is video of the scene from sky 7 hd. the officer whose name is not released was patrolling the area which had a rash of robbery lately. police said suspect armed with semi-automatic happened gun. >> look like the officer in full uniform. here to investigate suspicious person. that person pulled out a firearm and officer defened himself by shooting the suspect. >> gun recovered. places say the suspect had a sandwich magazine full of methamphetamine and other bags of marijuana. man shot multiple times in the torso and in critical condition at local hospital. >> this one in fairfield. man has died after being shot by
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police. it happened just before 8 this morning on zeus court while respond to go disturbance call. authorities have not said what led up to this shooting. no officers suffered any injuries during the incident. >> police still investigating the crash that left 6 people injured after car jumped a curb and jumped 50 feet inside amazey department store. jonathan has more from newark. >> i'll never forget pulling up to that scene. and seeing what i saw l. >> she got the call ever mother fear her daughter run over by a car. inside a deputy store. >> i just trade to tell her you are okay because she was frantic and i said you are okay. >>reporter: she took these pictures as she was strapped down and loaded into an ambulance. >> the police officers i said you see her feet yet and i look i had ugg on and all the ugg were torn off. and blood like liquid just coming all
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down the floor. >> her mom saved the boots that doctors say may have saved her left foot. >> i get the shoes i hate them l but i love them. i mean like i said if she was wearing tennis shoes or san today her foot who have been sivrmentd but in the chaotic moments she wasn't thinking about the 2 broken feet. only one thought broken feet. only one thought. >> i don't care about me. only cared about her. >>reporter: it was long after midnight when she finally learned her friend kandace had survived after being dragged under the front of the car through the store. >> how could you possibly take that corner that fast? and end up in the door? l it's just it blows my mind. >>reporter: police have been asking that same question. >> we believe strongly it was probably medical condition for the driver. >>reporter: they are wait to go learn more about why the 63-year-old woman apparently didn't hit the brakes until she was already in the store. >> we want to find out exactly
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what kind of mental condition that she experienced and we don't believe there's any criminal charges resulting from this. >>reporter: for her the road to recovery steep but she has her family and her best friend. >> just thankful that it's only my feet. it's not me. i'm not gone. neither is she. we are both going to be okay. >>reporter: already she is stronger than before. >> so proud of her. she is a trooper. nishtion newark, abc 7 news. >> fiesta night club in san jose has been shut down because of what happened there l ♪ ♪ that was chris brown performing on stage as gunshots were fired early sunday morning. 5 people were wounded. san jose police say the club owner agreed to shut down and given his entertainment permit for 60 days and the alcohol bench control board has suspended his liquor license as well.
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concert scheduled for tomorrow night has been cancelled. no arrest have been made in the shooting. meanwhile los angeles judge has revoked chris brown probation. grammy winning singer not supposed to perform in san jose without getting permission. brown on probation for his 2009 assault on rihanna who was his girlfriend tell. attorney mark gair got says his office incorrectly advised brown that he didn't need permission. >> san jose marry card 0who screws took office says the city will not give up on its effort to move the a's to the south bay despite another legal defeat. today federal appeals court rejected san jose claims that baseball refusal to allow the a's to move violates federal anti-trust laws. the judges agreed with the lower court ruling that says that only congress or supreme court can over turn baseball anti-trust exemption. the mayor says the city will likely appeal to the high court while the lawyers who failed the suit for san jose say they absolutely will do so. baseball commissioner
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elect rob man ford says it's time to move on and get a stadium built in oakland. >> jim tom sewer a under way for the san francisco 49ers general manager trent introduced him at news conference this afternoon. the 46-year-old says he understands he has big shahs to fill replacing jim harbaugh but is ready for the challenge. >> i get it. i accept it. i know what it is. and i'm real excited about it. >>reporter: tom has been the forty-niner defensive line coach since 2000 z.known for his energy and teachingabilities. forty-niner fans outside the team headquarters today admit the transition away from harbaugh has been tough. >> sad forth team, >> sad forth team, organization. harbaugh is a winner to me i'm sure a lot of other people. but the new decision that they went with i'm happy with. >>reporter: larry will have more on this ahead in sports.
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>> we have much more ahead for you on this thursday night. coming up. controversial historyf a california pioneer. he founded the missions and now he will be remembered as a saint. >> plus the full fillmentildhood dream. inspirational advice from the 2 men who have completed the world most difficult climb. >> and the slight change in the weather under score slichlt 7 news meteorologist dr
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sz. >> great apostle here in california i must say i also feel very personal connection and permanent joy at this news. >> san francisco archbishop made the statement late today on the pope decision to make a saint out of a legendary figure in california history. >> he's someone your children learn about in school. in fact if you have a fourth grader you have probably helped with a project on the mission. father serra founded 21 mission in california from san diego to sonoma. 6 of them here in the bay area. tonight pope francis says he plans to make father serra a saint. but that decision is not without controversy. lee ann explains why. >> i just think of the party that must be going on in heaven rate notch andy has been waiting for this announcement for decade. he's made it his mission to lobby
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for pats serra elevation to saint hood. he's also the curator of the museum. >> he brought christianity to california. it was never here before. >>reporter: he's of referred to as the apostle of california or the father of the missions. a title which comes with controversy as he converted indian in christians. most fourth gradeers in california are taught about his role in the mission. >> we know that the reality or the actual impact is that it seems california native americans way of life completely. >>reporter: ironically the cousin app indian and curator of the museum called this announcement disappointing. >> when indian people came in the mission they weren't allowed to leave and they were forced to work which today in our country we call slavery. >>reporter: but he says the father was living in a time when the spanish were colonizing which was then alta
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california. >> serra was a very, very good person in a very, very bad situation. everything i know about him everything i have read about him he loved indians. >>reporter: vatican says serra is considered a holy man. therefore the pope has waved the rules that require second miracle for saint hood. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> san francisco mayor ed lee delivered state of the city address today. the mayor announced that he intend to talk with mayor on the east bay about a second bart from mission bay to east bay. he also focus on housing. >> we may be setting record for our new housing construction but we must still work to stabilize people in their homes. >> to that end the mayor says he will invest more money to rent support and eviction defense. mayor lee wants to increase loans for first time home buyers. and build more housing on surplus public land. >> after 19 days on the side
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of the dawn wul of el capitan the 2 climbers who made history at the summit in yosemite are talking about the amazing fete. tiffany wilson has reaction to the climb and the attention generated. >>reporter: to understand the dream tommy goes back to his childhood. >> i was 3 years old is just sit in the meadow and watch my dad up there. >>reporter: seven years ago he considered the dawn wall the future of climbing. >> when i first looked at it i'm never able to climb this thing but maybe somebody will some day. >>reporter: eventually his perspective changed and kevin joined the effort. they formulated their lives around the wall for years. not in an effort to conquer but in a hope they could find the balance between human strength and natural wonder. jorgeen sen admits the 15 pih made him question everything. >> you need to be able to hang on with just 2 fingerers while you are fully extended like this and just happened that these were the 2 finger that's had cuts in them. >>reporter: 11 times his
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fingers failed him. he spent a weak waiting for the cuts to heal. caldwell says he never planned to leave his climbing partner behind. >> i think it was we formed this incredible band and we have been together. >>reporter: his broken voice evidence of that investment caldwell lost it khering on jorgeen sen. yesterday family around the world joined in their celebration. moment still surreal. >> at least for me when you grab the last hold you can literally feel all the hope and desire and stress drip off of you and hanging there in silence and relief and joy and coolest feeling. >>reporter: in a few week he climbs in france. he's off to patagonia but hope the memory lives on. >> i hope everyone following along can take the dawn wall as an example of what is possible and find their own dawn wall nishtion san
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francisco, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> that has to be great feeling. i'm relieved to see them. >> finally they made it. >> 3 week. can you belief that. >> they got lucky with the weather and all. >> they did. >> storms could have come in. >> any sort of rain on the vertically they could have slipped easily. >> now they are safe and sound at the summit we need rain. talk about what our chances are. live doppler 7hd show you we are picking up on a little bit of moisture. very weak cold front diving in from the north around ukiah right now an clover dale we have showers but most of the not reaching the ground. a lot evaporating before it hits the surface. so temperature wise right now we sit in the 50's pretty mild for this time of night for this time of the year. oakland currently 55 in san francisco. same in san carlos mountain view fremont popular temperature that the hour in concord currently sitting at 49 degrees. we
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have seep this image a lot in the afternoon in january. we have another spare the air in effect for friday. poor air quality forecast in the north bay but we are looking down the road. does look early next week could see a couple of this inland east bay and the south central bay back to good air quality. promising news there live look from the roof top camera show you the bay bridge in the fore ground. quiet night light breeze with the tree swaying slightly. forecast calls for spotty showers in the north bay tomorrow. slight chance again on sunday but nothing look like a soaking storm unfortunately. then yes dry mild pattern persist into much of next good to the overnight period that early friday morning we get fog from 2 direction coming from the straits and the coast we get a foggy start to the friday morning. some of this could be on the dense side. satellite radar show you here comes the front. unfortunately most of the moisture well to the north of our area in washington and oregon but yes we have a chance of showers working into
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the north bay over the next 24 hours. so going in the future mode and early tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies across the region with the fog and there is the spotty light rain chance around santa rosa and areas to the north generally you do see rain couldn't be less than a tenth of an inch. on saturday included cover hang around for the first half of the day then clear out by the afternoon. so we look into the long range forecast. see what we can find and start out on saturday and go through the future yes. look like the dray pat he were continues through at least next sunday. january 25 does like dry across the bay area. overnight low we see mid 40's in some spotsment 48 in san francisco. partly cloudy skies. 42 palo alto. same in san jose. 40 over nature low in napa then high for friday after the fog. 60 in rich mon. 61 san francisco. 64 in the east bay and oakland. 64 in san jose. 59 antioch and half moon bay up to 61
9:21 pm
degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast. chants of sprinkle tomorrow north bay saturday partlyloudy skies. slight chance on sunday with next system but that would be into the north bay once again. mlk day dry sunny mild that dry pattern persist tuesday wednesday thursday. nothing but sunshine probably more spare the air day to kilometer. >> good climbing weather. >> great claiming weather. >> other than that. >> thanks. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00 google female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry! this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train.
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>> sprays announcement from google tonight. it's back to the drawing board for google glass. as you know google glass is the future its particular looking eye wear that is connected to the internet. explorer edition has been around for 1500 dollars a pair. google will stop selling them until it can develop more polished affordable version. they have taken it away from the google
9:25 pm
l x laboratory where in vented and placed it in the smart appliance division run by marketing executive. last day to buy a paris on monday. >> bay area real estate seems to be picking up some steam tonight despite relatively small number of homes on the market. sales for the month of december were more than 14 percent higher than the previous year. prices are way up as well. for example the medium price was 9:15,000 dollars. that's up 21 percent. san francisco prices are even higher. they are up 17 percent almost. cocoa and santa clara county praises are up by double digit as well according to figures from the data quick information service. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away >> coming up. fire fight in belgium as authorities go after a suspected terror cell. what was the plan. >> also. the fbi sting. how
9:26 pm
they took down suspected terrorist right here on american soil. >> and oscar nominations came out today. stay with us
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saz. >> question begin this half hour with dramac terror take down in belgium. >> authorities stopped a major imminent attack in europe. >> alex is in belgium tonight. >> as night fell, bullet fly in the small belgium town. dozens of gunshots. flames filling the window as police descend on the building in this town. you can see the flash lights as they went in. the drama unfolding after policeried to serve warrants to terror suspects who had recently returned from syria. >> suspect immediately opened fire with automatic weapon special force of the police. >>reporter: by the end 2 suspects were dead. third
9:30 pm
arrested. l that assault one of at least tenant terror operation across belgium today. officials said terrorist were preparing to carry out major imminent attacks. russell less than 2 hours from paris which of course is on high alert. you can see here increased security presence in the belgium capitol. authorities raise terror alert level for second highest for police station and justice ministry. this tiny country now fertile ground for breeding jihad. security officials say more than 350 young men from here have traveled to sir why to fight. concern now they are coming home. no known link between the terror cell between belgium and france. that's the worry. today operation highlighting the growing fear of officials across europe and in the u.s. this could be the beginning of a new wave of terror. alex abc news brussels.
9:31 pm
>> now to an abc news exclusive. you are about to see new footage of fbi sting. tonight the fbi and terrorist who they say was determined to kill right here in the united states. senior justice cooperate thomas >> that is dc area hotel room brandishing a machine gun he hoped to use to massacre members of congress and u.s. capitol. if tonight this exclusive look inside an fbi undercover sting targeting a man the bureau believes was homegrown radical. would be suicide bomber. >> this is one more example of the fact that this threat that we have talked about is very real. >>reporter: here's him at home depot buying nails to use as shrapnel in an explosive
9:32 pm
vest. >> don't be nervous man. >>reporter: this is him driving out to test the bomb. unaware the men with him are undercover fbi. he thinks they are al qaeda. >> i'm going to put everything in my body and go like a real place. maybe capitol. i'm done i'm done my work is done in this life. >>reporter: fbi records his every move. even as he pulled into a west virginia rock quarry where they would test the bomb. watch as the fbi undercover gives him a cell phone rigged to detonate explosive that is planted outside the car. if bomb detonates. if not impressed he wants a bigger bomb. he was more rock an national living outside dc when the sting operation took place in 2012. he hardly seemed a
9:33 pm
terrorist type. known on the party scene working as local dj but would he havdone it. >> critic would say thinks entrapment. >> at the end of the day all we can say is watch that tape. >> he was arrested only 2 block from the u.s. capitol on the morning of february 17, on the morning of february 17, 2012. he had the machine gun. was attempting to put on what he thought was a suicide vest. he pled guilty and now serving 30 years in jail. abc news washington. >> oklahoma executed an inmate tonight after a sharply divided u.s. supreme court refused to block it over concerns about the drug protocol being used. state prison officials declared charles warner dead at 7:28 central time tonight. execution lasted 18 minutes. warner convicted in the rape and murder of an 11 month old girl in 1997. it was oklahoma first execution since last year botched lethal injection.
9:34 pm
>> president obama plan to reestablish diplomatic realize with cuba taking a major step forward. starting tomorrow new rules to significantly looseen u.s. trade embargo against cuba and open up greater american travel goes into effect. measure will allow u.s. company to export some technology. it also means many americans with family or business in cuba no longer have to apply for special licenses to travel there and can bring home up to 100 dollars in alcohol and tobacco. meaning the ban on cuban cigars is officially over though 100 dollars may not buy that many. >> 2 california chef say they are receiving threats because they sell foi grau. it was banned last week and now the chef in napa and hot kitchen in hermosa have been threatened. animal activist group peta sustained protest at restaurant and they were skeptical about the threats. this is made by force feeding duck and geese for the purpose
9:35 pm
oven largeing the liver. >> government of mexico says tonight it will start issuing birth certificate at consulate in the united states. that will make it easier for mexican born im grpt to obtain driver's licenses work permit and other services here in the state. until now mexican birth certificate have been issued only in mexico. more than 113,000 undocumented immigrants have applied for california driver's license since the first of the year. >> marlboro man died. darrell winfield passed away monday at his home in wyoming. some of the men who appeared on in the ads were actors winfeld the real thing. he was working at wyoming ranch in 1968 when advertising agency found him. at least 4 actors who played the marlboro man died of smoking related illness. no cuss of death was listed he was 85. >> coming up next. the one thing missing from this year oscar nomination. >> why so many on social media are
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>> selma one of the 8 nominee for best picture this year. >> we are pleased to announce the film selected as best picture nominee. >> with 6 nomination also coming of age epic boy hood appears to be the movie to beat. even topping the list for las vegas odds maker. >> grand budapest hotel and bird man had 9 nomination each. >> the full list of best picture nominee include american sniper, imitation game, bird man, selma, boy has had, game, bird man, selma, boy has had, theory of everything, grand buddha pest hotel and whiplash. after the
9:40 pm
nomination were announced one thing stood out. all 20 actors nominated in the 4 acting categories this year are white. award watchers calling it the whitest oscar in years. social media pounced on it with the hash-tag oscar so white. here's of george. >> steve carell in fox catcher. bradley cooper in american sniper. >>reporter: 5 deserving performance recognized best actor nominations for this year oscars. same for best actress and both supporting categories. but missing and noticed any one of color in those line ups. that makes this the least diverse off the list in 17 years and that did not go over well on social media. twitter and other web site blew up with comments. one of the most visible hash-tag oscars so white. ucla dr. hunt co-author the annual hollywood difficult divorce ty report. >> the fact that minority
9:41 pm
under represented that's what we see year in year out because of the way the industry structured. the way the academy celebrates a particular type of work because it's overwhelmingly male, because it's overwhelmingly male, white, older. >>reporter: the organization is working on having a more diverse presence it's said. >> the good news is that we as the academy and even as motion picture business is spending more time and i'm so happy about this of seeking out new talent, about this of seeking out new talent, new voices, difficult divorce ty and we, we all of us movies goers and audience we are learning about new film makers we didn't know about maybe last year or the year before. >>reporter: however not only were there no people of color nominated from the acting rank there were also no women recognized in either the directing or the writing categories. dr. hunt says not see a republican and democrat cal change in the immediate
9:42 pm
future. >> unfortunately until the academy make the membership make up of the membership changes we probably won't see changes in the way the nomination come down. >>reporter: this is reporting for abc news. >> remember. mark your calendar for oscar sunday. big show is february 22 over on abc 7 which is your oscar station. >> don't want to miss it. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. we show you how this lost dog was reunited with his family. >> these are great
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>> three years ago a dog went missing from the back yard of family in tracy. nearly gave up hope that the beloved pet would ever be found but shelter in oakland called on monday three years later. here again tiffany will so that with the story of a remarkable reyawn.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: she tells the story she can not share. her leg in constant motion to fight itching. picked up astray january 9. they recognized her as pure bred she be a. they found the mike chip and from there a few phone calls before her family knew hanna was alive. >> it was a huge wow! how often do you get to have that moment like the system works like it does actually work. >> on monday ian drove from tracy to identify the dog he thought he lost three years ago. he was too nerve to us tell his family. i didn't know by looking at her if she was injured. what she has been through for the last 3 years. it was pretty hard to leave her there. >>reporter: today the joyful and lasting reunion. >> this is amazing. this shock we had. the shock to see her gichbility i feel happy right now. >>reporter: when hanna disappeared mia was only 5. >> i feel great to see her again.
9:47 pm
>>reporter: family believes she was stolen in 2011. they filed a police report and posted flares around the neighborhood. after months turned into years they never thought they would see hannah again. oakland animal service says hannah story is one more reason every pet should be micro chipped. >>reporter: they plan to take her to the vet then take her home. >> i want to take care of her and i feel bad for her being out in the wild. we are just going to spoil her and keep her home and probably going to sleep with her together and just going to make her queen eric's queen finally reunited with her family and her thrown in oakland tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> great ending to the story. >> all right. lets talk about the beginning of our weekend with the weather. >> that's right. drew has the answers for us hi drew. >> a little bit of rain in the north bay. live doppler 7hd light showers beginning to dive a little bit to the south
9:48 pm
right around santa rosa clover dale and all indications right now. not reaching the ground but they may the next couple hours as the cold front continues to move through the region. nationwide weather. quiet picture across much of the lower 48. lots of sunshine throughout the middle part of the country even the east coast and showers working the parts of portland and even into seattle. high for friday in california northern section of california, chico sacramento, showers on the docket southern california l.a. 75 palm spring 75 lots of sunshine on the way for friday. moving into the bay area fog early on tomorrow morning. perhaps chance of sprinkle in the north bay by the afternoon. 61 in clear land. 61 san francisco. 64 oakland. 64 san jose. accu-weather 7 day forecast. weekend guy looking nice. partly cloudy on saturday. chance of sprinkle on sunday. hotel dion monday is looking good. lots of sunshine and mild. >> that's drew. >> sure. >> sports now with larry. >> we have the new man at the
9:49 pm
top of the totem pole. >> interesting. after today a little shakey but niners introduced the new leader jim tom anti-har but. first
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. search on for the who stole a high tech drone from local city agency but tonight many people want to know what the agency is doing with that drone in the first place. >> and miracle on highway 24. the special delivery on the side of the road. >> join us for those stories and more coming is. >> new gym in charge. >> yes you are right. no short among of things to talk about with the 49ers. >> totally different gym you should point out in terms of personality and approach and dealing with the mead yeah. everybody has dealt with him has nice things to say about the niners new head coach jim tom having said that huge difference between coaching defensive line as opposed to coaching everybody on the team and dealing with all the responsibility of being the head coach and some includes dealing with the media and knowing how to do that. we
9:53 pm
saw some struggle in tom first news conference being honest about this. he didn't look comfortable at all this even. he was seated between his bosses l york and trent and seemed hesitant to say much of anything. almost like afraid to reveal any trade secret. 46-year-old tom has been the niners defensive line coach for 8 sochbilitys enormous task replacing jim har pwawchlt he knows. when you go from tell up to head coach that's the path less traveled. >> i know this is not normal. and i'm very comfortable in not normal. i didn't say i was not normal. i understand the responsibility and i understand the people are counting on me. things get done the right way. certain way. i clearly understand the expectations. of the ownership. on and off the field. >> he's man of high integrity. low humility has lot of humility i should say and one
9:54 pm
of the finest men i have ever been fortunate enough to be around and all those things that you are looking for in a football coachp are important but even more so what you are looking for in the person. >> this is a long process to figure out last couple week who is the right man to lead us and made the right choice and excited about it. >> tom clearly more at home on the side lines than in front of camera and podium. if you look at the montan you understand why players love this guy so much. this guy so much.
9:55 pm
if if we get that tom at the news conferences everything will be set and of course he has to win a bunch of games. moving to the ice. shark open the 7 game home stand against the reeling maple leaf. toronto shut out in the last 2 games. shark not on the road again until february the fourth. injury plagued kennedy 15 game of the year scores fourth of the season. 1 nothing team teal. marlo on net. james make the save. pushed the pad so marlo gets credit for the goal. first in 16 games. just 2 and a half minutes later. shot off the board. doesn't steal the post in time. i have to get over there. l knocked it n.shark hold on to 2-1 lead in the third period. al raucous crowd hear. not that much. aaron feeding brad waldo high off the window. had 15 the first half. down low. reversing up and in. helps
9:56 pm
the gales pull away in the second half. corner 3. sticks it right new st. mary's leading 64-56. over here. good news for stanford football as expected quarterback kevin said he will return to the farm for his fifth and final season. hogan struggled through much of the past season but he played really well down the stretch. final 3 games were almost magical. he will forego the draft for now hoping time paragraph the draft stock even more. hogan 24 and 8 in the last 3 seasons as the starter winning 2 pack 12 championship in the process. fresh off of his national championship win ohio state quarterback jones called news conference for today. and everybody was scrambling around thinking that he is going to announce he is going pro. it was the ultimate fake out. jones steps to the podium said i'm going to stay in school. back at ohio statement he began the season as third string quarterback played 3 unbelievable games. won the
9:57 pm
national titles but he's not even guaranteed to start. for the buckeyes next season. first browned of the abu dubai championship miguel jiminez. tee shot on 15. par 3-1-77 yards. 1 hop and in. for the is a. the only thing better than the shot is jiminez celebrating. kind of moon walk like. even par 72 on the day. martin ladies at 8 under par. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> nfl. celebration. >> a little flavor. give him a little flavor. that's it. >> thanks very much. >> l thank you so much for joining thus evening. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. we appreciate your time for drew and all of us here at abc 7 news thanks for watching. >> 7 news does continue now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. >> check it out when you can.
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settle in over
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all right, a couple of beers and a white wine with half an ice cube for princess. jules, i am liking the new boyfriend. you ever notice how you can tell how a guy is in bed just by looking at him? oh, for sure. that guy screams out his own name. (laughs)
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(laughs) that guy doesn't make love. he makes love. ooh. hey, dude. slow down.


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