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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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skuxz. >> the breaking news on treasure island where california highway patrol officer was injured in a car fire. it happened on ramp that ladies to the bay bridge at 7 ladies to the bay bridge at 7:30 tonight. >> officer driving east on the bridge when he noticed his patrol car starting to smoke. chp tweeted the picture. >> another chp officer showed up to heck. injured by flying debris from this burning car. the injured officer was transported to san francisco general hospital. >> he has minor injuries. but the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> now we continue to follow the story on air and on line. our coverage continues right now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> good evening. >> other top story tonight the major blizzard on the east coast. >> millions of people along the
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east coast are getting socked by a blizzard with blinding snow and near hurricane force wind. >> thousands of flights cancelled. public transportation suspended and for the first time in new york the subway were shut down. >> we are in new york city. >> worst of the storm moving in much of the northeast could be buried between few feet of snow in the morning. >> this will most likely be one of the largest blizzard in the history of new york city. >> prompting unprecedented level of response. bridges and tunnel in new york city shut down for everything but emergency vehicle. subway and a lot of commuter trains not running either. >> they say go home early, you probably not getting home especially in this. >> so many took the advice with similar travel ban in place in new jersey connecticut and massachusetts. also several major airport in the northeast closed. ripple effect being felt nationwide. >> i'm exhausted. annoyed. i
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just want to good home. >> not just the snow causing problems. >> supposed to get bad. >> wind gust in some area could be up to 75 miles an hour. leading to white out conditions and potential for wide spread power outage. >> this is a significant storm. >> should not be taken lightly. >> students and thousands of workers in the northeast getting a snow day tomorrow potentially unlike any they have seen before. >> snow fall really expected to pick up over the next few hours with the heaviest of it lasting well into tomorrow morning. this is abc news new york. >> the now the blizzard is bearing down on much of the northeast and affecting air travel nationwide. let's look at sfo the airport report ago total of 51 cancellations and delays to and from that storm zone. the airport in oakland san jose one cancellation each because of the storm. at least 6500 flights nationwide are cancelled and may not take off until tuesday. >> after taking heat for jacking up praises during past
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disaster san francisco base ub disaster san francisco base uber is capping the peak demand fare in places like new york and boston tonight. riders are paying nearly triple the standard fair but after paying the drivers uber plans to donate the proceeds to the red cross to help those affected by the storm. >> let's now check in with spencer with much more on the blizzard tonight. spencer. >> okay. start with a look at live doppler 7hd where nothing is happening. bounce over to the other side of the country where that blizzard is building up along the north atlantic coast. as a matter of fact blizzard warnings in effect from new york to boston to bangor maine expecting 15 to 30 inches of snow along the coast line there. gust up to 55 maybe 65 miles per hour in the interior areas away from the coast line winter storm warning in effect 18 to 24 inches of snow may fall gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. gust up to 48 miles per hour in long island out on the east end of long island. 67 miles per hour
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nantucket and 25 to 37 miles per hour in other coastal locations in the urban areas there. let's look at the big storm which is just a powerful winter storm that is likely to produce the most powerful affects along the coast line during the wee hours of the morning 1 and 6:00 a.m. as it churns up the coast line producing powerful gust and heavy snow fall late tomorrow start to taper off and move away from the coast line. it is big storm and paralyzing transportation not only in the east but across the entire nation. >> okay spencer thanks very much. more on the weather as we continue but let's move on. woman is dead ncaa and two drivers in custody after what police suspect was street race that wept out of control. we show you where the collision happened near eden wood drive when police say 2 silver cars racing west on this road. they collided. the drivers lost control and plowed into a railing. the impact killed a
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female pedestrians on the sidewalk. the driver may be facing vehicle already manslaughter charges now one of them suffered some injuries in this crash. neighbors in the silver creek neighborhood in east san jose say they have been complaining for long time about speeding vehicles. one woman was home tell he commune mute muting when the accident occurred outside the window and then she realized someone was killed. >> heart breaking. it was unnecessary. and not the first time. right across the street few years back. another fatal collision where car coming down too fast and 2 people were killed. car wrapped around the post. >>reporter: she says she and her neighbors have complained to the city about the speeders but no action has been taken. they say to ongoing pra problem. they would like a traffic signal to try to slow down vehicle. >> popular pizzeria shut down because of fire. fire that was caused by a young teenager driving out of control. 7 news reporter vick lehas more from
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san bruno. >> st thick black smoke and flames sore into the morning air. firefighters responded to 911 calls a little after 10. fire went quickly to 2 alarm. fire that was tough to fight. rupture gas line kept giving the stubborn blaze life. shooting flames to the attic of the peter ri a.he owns this pizza shop. >> i just woke up out of my sleep to run over here and see our what we have been working for for the last 12 years up in flames. >>reporter: firefighters brought 18 pieces of equipment including ladder trucks. they doused the gas line with heavy doses of water hoping it would stop the inner shah. it helped while pg&e got here and dug a 4 foot hole in the sidewalk clamping the gas pipe. firefighters were able to stop the fire from reaching a tattoo shop in the same ground level building. >> had to kick my door in. and i had to see if any flames went
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in the show. the white mir said benz wedge in the pizza shop. firefighters say that is what caused the blaze. 16-year-old girl was driving the cary ratcly down a back street. police pursued her through several stop lights. jo an saw the chase from the bedroom. >> it was like if you were in a race track. the it was so loud. tell and fast. >>reporter: the driver apparently lost control and plowed into the pizza ri a. >> hit the building hit a gas main sought gas main ruptured which started the fire. >> vrjts teenager escaped unhurt arrested. fire put out a little after 12 noon. vic lee abc 7 news. >> san jose police want your help tonight locate ago missing teenager who may be in need of his medicine. noah ran away ran away from home last thursday. missing teenager has type 1 diabetes and requires
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insulin twice a day so this is serious. last seen wearing a pittsburgh steelers hat and black sweatshirt. if you think you have seen him please call 911. at another business to the list of places visited by a measles patient. health officials say the person visited dave and buster in milpitas. man came here week ago tonight. visitors to the arcade today didn't seem overly concerned. >> i'm from the older generation so you know we hall measles when we were kid so i don't know if the strain is worse or better or what but i'm not overly concerned about i >> dave and busters has its own entrance and the measles patient didn't go into the adjacent mall. south bay location where people were possibly exposed to measles to 3. man also visit add costco and wal-mart in gilroy the day before. signs of those stores warn customers to look for symptoms of measles for 21 days. >> if you haven't heard this
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story and seen the pictures today it's something. pilot has quite a story to tell about the plane that he was supposed to deliver to australia but did not quite make it. watch this remarkable video taken by coast guard rescue crew 250 miles short of hawaii. pilot deploy a parachute as plane runs out of, develops a fuel problem that despite addition of auxiliary fuel tank in california. plane goes down in the water where it tank but the pilot rescued without injury by crew of nearby cruise ship. he's the one in the green shirt there. just an incredible survival story. the laura went to tracey where the fuel tank was i hope stalled. >> it's long range fuel tank that extend the total distance the plane can fly. >> richard says his company tracy sky view aviation has installed 1200 of these long range fuel tank for small planes and 25 years. never had
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a system failure. >> very the good system we design many, many years ago and never had a system with the system. can't really have any as i said before you put fluid in the tank and nrutd here and you open the valve and come from here down to here. >> the company installed a tag because they are called on this small plane aand the system flight test entered tracy over the weekend. had video show second before the it loses engine power mid-air. 250 miles from maui. and the parachute deployed. first the plane faces nose down until stabilize and land gently in the ocean. coast guard had directed pilot lou to fly to the area near cruiseship holland america where the 28-year-old mort an water pulled safely on board. morton said just few word when he arrived in maui this morning. >> coordination of san francisco air and coordination
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with coast guard and holland america has been more than impressive. >> this system is totally safe. >> he wouldn't speck litton what went wrong in the plane but he told us he has installed 1200 of these over 20 years. and never had a failure. the company morton works for in seattle released a statement saying the plane had adequate fuel reserve but the remaining fuel was unable to reach the engine for unknown reasons. >> i have to get going to the airport guys. >>reporter: in hawaii he declined comment on what happened to the fuel system. national transportation safety board safety board will investigate the incident. in tracy laura anthony abc 7 nuts. >> just incredible. >> all right. there is more ahead here tonight. coming up. vapor harmful as smoking. e-cig receipts like the real thing. >> the rare grass fire that burned here this morning. >> spencer is checking on our
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pass. >> state senator is latest politician to try to regulate the use of e-cig receipts. he says they are designed to hook another generation. but users say they are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. carolyn tyler has more. >> this shop in san francisco a map indicates that customers from all over the world have been here. they come to buy the battery operated devices that heat liquid nicotine inhaled or vaipd. state
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senator says these e-cig receipts are tobacco products that should be regulated under california smoke free act. >> amazingly this is now a multi-billion dollar industry unregulated untaxed operating on its own and we know that there is great risk to public health. to individual health of these users study published last week found that users who turn up the heat on the vaporizeser are exposed to high levels of formaldehyde but shop owner says that's not what regular users do. >> it's kind of like saying the cars are dangerous. if you drive them at 800 miles an hour around a curve when eating a bailing. so yes same thing. tested in a manner not supposed to of course it's dangerous. >>reporter: the fda has called for a thorough review but nothing has been finalize. the
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uc berkeley variabilityal scientist says he supports the fda getting involved. but also thinks the device may be useful in helping traditional smokers quit. >> it's better i think health wise than smoking cigarettes. even though it's probably not totally safe. >>reporter: this former pack a day smoker says he's now vein day smoker says he's now veining at low level. senator leno wants to make sure he and other users captain do it in bars restaurants public transportation or anywhere smoking is banned. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> it is skunk mating season if you didn't know it in the bay area. female often spray away unwanted partner we probably all smell skunk the next month experts say dog are drawn to the spray smell so pet owners should keep the pets close so they don't accidentally get sprayed by skunk. >> cause of rare january brush fire in pacifica early today
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still hasn't been determined. the wind fueled blaze moved up a hillside in the rock away beach area forcing evacuation of 90 people. 6 acres burned. firefighters able to contain it before it reached any structure. residents say they have never seen anything like this during the winter. >> why wouldn't we have this brush fire. feels like it's spring or even summer. >> 70's over the weekend. so dry. >> season almost reversed. except we don't get rain in the summer. >> if exactly. here's a look at live doppler 7hd weather down under. and we have got increasing clouds over the bay area right now. relatively $1 million and we may have a few sprinkle in the early morning hours because of this system to scattered shower activity in southern california. half inch so far across much of southern california but the system is weakening moving in our direction. right now dry conditions temperatures 59 degree ins san francisco at
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this hour. 55 across the bay in oakland. 60 in hayward and dropping now to 50 right now at fairfield. live view along the bay bridge from our south beach camera. forecast feature cloudy but not chilly as last night. spotty sprinkle likely tomorrow that's about all the rain we get out of this system and dry mild weather for remain dear of the week. let's revisit satellite image and see weak low pressure system caiingt the wet weather down in the southern part of the state kicking clouds and moisture up into our area. but we are not likely to get any significant precipitation from the system. forecast animation to about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point just a chance of some light showers to our south south bay to monterey bay and later if the day maybe some spotty sprinkle that's about it by tomorrow evening. should be all over with possibly no measurable rainfall at all. mane while in the sierra some light snow fall by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow nature looking at total of only 1 to 3 inches and that's above 7500 feet. so
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back to the bay area. cloudy skies overnight. with increasing chance of spotty sprinkle. low pressure mainly mid upper 40's. probably 50 degrees oakland 52 san francisco. begun half moon bay francisco. begun half moon bay. tomorrow after a little episode of spotty sprinkle in the morning we have mostly cloudy. easy conditions the rest of the day. mild in the afternoon with high pressure reaching into the low mid 60's even see some mid 60's on the coast about 65 at half moon bay tomorrow around the bayshore line mid 60's low 60's some of our east bay and north bay inland locations and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast not much different from last week actually once past spotty sprinkle we have warming trend taking us that the weekend by saturday sunday. lose my voice saturday sunday. lose my voice. we see high pressure up to about 70 agrees on the coast inland and around the bay. both weekend days in just a graduate tapering off of temperatures into next week so we still have the long dry mild spell he doesn't look or feel
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like anything what we have come to know as winter. >> not at all. >> thank you spencer. >> come to police dog this needs a little protection of his own. >> and bay area gas prices. enjoy them while they last. new survey predicts the end is
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fight humane society is hoping 5000 dollar reward will help locate whoever stepped 3 terrier puppy in plastic bag and abandoned them at a park last week. puppies discovered by couple walking their dog. we are glad to tell you the dogs are doing fine. being held at facility in clayton until they are old enough to be adopted out. >> well tonight strangers stepped up to help save the life of a canine at the is he
9:24 pm
boss poll police department. >> 7-year-old german shephard started limping. his handler took him to the vet and turns out that frank has a form of cancer. >> treatment 10,000 dollars. the city can cover only a portion of it. without the treatment frank would have just to months to live. >> comes with me every day and like a member of the family. look pretty sad when we found out and do everything we can to keep him around for as long as we can. >> sergeant bell started go fund me page to help raise the 10,000 dollars and guess what he reach the goal. >> sense we first reported the story at 4:00 p.m. today people donated 8000 dollars towards frank treatment including one, 2500 dollar donation. >> well tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7 sneak peek behind the scenes of the bachelor. >> mud is my thing. i like getting my hands dirty and being outside.
9:25 pm
>> find out what length the bachelorette will go to to whip chris's heart. >> hit show comes to the bay area and everyone gets dirty. the dirt on what the women say about this season punk. so tune in for the 7 news report at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7 or look hyped the scenes. >> and another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. drone breach at the white house. discovery and the man at the controls. >> also rethinking fish. scientist found in people who eaten times more than we do. >> find out which zip code pay the highest auto insurance rate. yours on that list. >> stick around with us. another half hour
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>> we begin the half hour with update on the breaking news out on treasure island wlichlt the patrol car caught fir and part of it exploded tonight. one
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officer had minor injuries and sent to san francisco general hospital. >> happened on ramp that ladies to bay bridge at 7:30. the ramp was closed but has since reopened. >> chp officer was driving east on the bridge when he noticed smoke coming from the back of the car. another officer showed up to help and something exploded. hit by flying debris and sent to the hospital in an ambulance. >> cause of the explosion is unknown at this time. we continue to follow the story on air and on line. our coverage continues rate now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area look at that picture. >> now we mav on to the scare at the white house. small drone flying low crashed on the white house grounds. tonight a government employee says he did it. now has some explaining to do. fv pierre has more. >>reporter: in the hours just before dawn secret service and emergency personnel descend on the whis house after secret service officer report seeing
9:30 pm
souping precedented. small drone the 2 feet in diameter flying at low altitude in the what it house south lawn fence. it crashes and left tattered and broken. so-called quad copter. widely available. president and first lady were in india on official trip. but with the first daughter possibly home word of the breach traveled quickly. >> early indication are that it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat. >> who sent the drone at 3 in the morning? roughly 6 hours later a man called the secret service to tell them that he lost control of the device which he says he was using recreationally. secret service in the midst of security overhaul after that white house fence jumper is trying to confirm the drone pilot account. but this raises serious question about the ability to protect against such devices. >> what about terrorist and loading up a drone with some type of explosive device.
9:31 pm
>> former cuban president fidel castro ended the silence over the decision to rae store diplomatic relations with the us. 88-year-old castro wrote he doesn't trust the politic of america but the difference between the nation should be resolved through cooperation. castro made the comments in statement sent to student federation and read mopped at the university of havana. >> if wondering how low gas prices condition go. you are about to find out. latest survey predict that gas prices may have bottom out. survey says whether he will sale praises gone up in the past 10 day and increase show up at the pump soon. for new drivers still enjoying the lowest gasoline price since march of 2009. nationally the ample praise of gallon of regular gasoline at 2.0situation. every time my tank gets to about half full i come and get some more because i'm afraid it will go back up again and i want to have a full tank before the praise it is increase.
9:32 pm
>> it has been a good sceebing gasoline price have fallen every week since july. and compared to a year ago and drivers are stating 1.24 per gallon. >> fda is rethinking the policy on fish consumption. agency currently recommends that pregnant women should not eat fish more than 20's a week. because many fish contain small amounts of mercury. university of rod chester in new york study 89,000 residents of island nation that consumes 10 times as much fish as people in the united states and europe. researchers fond that mercury exposure was not linked to lower test scores. they found that the children of mother with higher level of omega 3 perform better on some test. researchers say that the benefits of eating fish may outweigh the risk. >> someone has defaced new anti-muslim ads on san francisco muni bus. american freedom defense initiative started running the ads. washington you see here. the
9:33 pm
ad draw parallel between the muslim faith and hitler nazi genocide of the jewish people. this week the facebook page here reported the ads are defaced with super hero and message of stopping hate speech. super hero in question is at the time first muslim pakistani american super hero. >> in san jose big detour for drivers due to bart construction. intersection of sierra road and lund avenue will be completely closed to vehicle and pedestrians for the next nine months. bus line 77 will be rerouted. craw will construct trench for the bart extension to run below the intersection. construction reached halfway point and running ahead of schedule. bart service san jose could begin as early as fall of 2017. >> the zip code has a lot to do with how much you pay for car inshuvrments if you live in detroit you probably knew that according to car people in detroit the zip code
9:34 pm
pay average of 5100 dollars per year. highest in the u.s. second place goes to brooklyn. followed by philadelphia providence and new orleans. as for the bay area north beach rest didn't pay an average of 1700 dollars. al immediate it's lower. you can see some other bay area zip code here with palo alto at just 1200. zip codes are judged to have different risk levels based on the number of claims in the area. the residents of green springs, ohio pay the least at 6 47 dollars per year. >> thaits. that's where i park my consider from now on. >> over there. >> coming up next at 9:00. pitching pop. >> the products new ville for the marijuana industr
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is. >> investments firm that track legal marijuana industry in the u.s. is reporting that pot sales jumped 74 percent last year. that's one of the reasons why venture capitalist spent the day with pot industry entrepreneur. sergio reports. >> this event started with an exercise that was like a cross between a shark tank episode and a speed dating session. >> where is the hand. >>reporter: this is an opportunity to get several precious minutes with investors to back a number of different marijuana related product like edible hemp oil, even gizmo to help home growers get a start. >> this is ordinary culture science brought into the marijuana industry. sought marijuana industry has been done in people basement garages and now you have this opportunity as sort of like coming out of the closet. >>reporter: for investors this is a chance to get in on an industry that is booming. st. >> this is something that is
9:39 pm
the in 5 years is likely to be larger than the organic food industry. >>reporter: troy is one of the organizers of this event. he says the hundreds of investors here are interested because legal sales in this country jumped 74 percent last year to 2.7 bill dollars. if more states follow the lead of colorado and washington investors want in on the growth possibility. >> this industry is actually been around a long long time and because!bus and because of social forces and changes in legislation it's just turning from legal, from illegal to legal t.and that's what is interesting. >>reporter: these investors likely see more growth soon because other again and alaska voters passed measures legalizing recreation poll pot sales but california is still where more than half of all legal sales are made even though it's just for medicine purposes. this group is hoping recreational sales will soon
9:40 pm
become legal here too which will make any investment now really pay off later. this is abc 7 news. >> come up next on 7 news at 9 >> come up next on 7 news at 9:00. discovery of dozens and dozens of new species. >> why demonstrates still a lieutenant to learn skisz.
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>> this is remarkable figure scientist estimate only 10% of all the species on earth have actually been discovered. 2014 was very goodyear in the regard was very goodyear in the regard. researchers for the california academy of science in san francisco confirmed the discovery of astounding 2 21 previously unknown species. demonstrates there is stale lot we have to learn about our remarkable planet. bay area
9:44 pm
scientist constantly travel the world to unlock mystery of biology. they find a plant or animal believed to be a new species it can take years to confirm it n.2011 abc 7 news went along with the california academy of sciences on expedition to the philippines. the that's where senior scientist john found this weird thing. more than 3000 feet deep in the ocean. >> if worm he'll. >>reporter: most are a lot smaller. >> it's 4 teams the weight of the largest previously known worm he'll and three times the length. it's a lot of worm he'll. >>reporter: he was pretty sure had he a new species but the work was just beginning. >> we have to x-ray them the. because is there are so many small bones and vertebra in the body. >>reporter: you have to dissect the bones in the he'll throat to compare them with other known he'll. >> here you can see the little small teeth within the throat bones. >>reporter: add in dna analysis and three years of
9:45 pm
research and john finally confirmed yes, it's a new species. >> critical to understanding life on earth. you have to really know the accounting of character if you want to understand the ecology and biology of the ocean. >>reporter: he'll is just one of 2 21 new species cop firmed by the academy scientist last year. including a tiny elephant 110 species of anti- colorful sea slug. ghost fish from new zealand. and fossil teeth that proof the existence of an ancient mega mouth shark. when possible sample of each species is preserved for future research but live specimen how they actually behave. for many there is a long which to go. >> more than 6500 species of frog with names. we know so little with most of those species so for many of them we know they exist. that's i. >>reporter: one barely known species is the like claw frog from cameroon discovered 2
9:46 pm
decade ago. now critically endangered. academy scientist recently flew some of them 8,000 miles here to the aquarium in golden gate park. the frog have one unusual feature. giant tad pochlt you can see the tadpole on the right compared to an adult on the left. adult frog now open display for visitors while behind the scenes tiny tadpole hatch with world trade center quality and food to find out what the babies need to grow to full size. >> hoping to unlock the secret and crack the code on how to breed these guys. >>reporter: really phenomenal work. scientist say it's great age of discovery forum fib i don't know but a third are threatened with extinction and we know so little about many others. it's impossible to evaluate the stat news the wild. that's what the academy of science is busy training to do. good work over there. >> last check on the weather. >> spencer is back with full look at the forecast which is
9:47 pm
warm warm warm. >> certainly is. start with a time lapse view this afternoon. looking from our emeryville camera to the western sky. colorful sunset we had mainly because!bus because of the cloud. sunset officially occurred at 5:26 p. we have extensive clouds over the bay area. even cloudy overnight in advance of moisture coming our way. maybe a sprinkle or 2 to. light showers that's about it. let's look at the long range forecast starting tomorrow going up to about next tuesday february 3rd about next tuesday february 3rd. we might see sprinkle or 2 next wednesday i beg your pardon. february fourth might have a slight chance of rain in about a week but look like mainly to our north. if it work its way to the bay area mainly north bay he vend and don't expect it to be very much rain and back we go in another dry spell going into february. state wide tomorrow partly cloudy mainly sunny sky and here in the bay area we see lots of clouds maybe sprinkle
9:48 pm
or 2. farther to our south may be some more measurable rainfall but we don't expect that here in the bay i can't remember. accu-weather 7 day forecast. drying out late tomorrow remain dear of the week show us warming trend in the weekend. high pressure over the weekend up around 70 degrees once again feeling much more like spring than midwinter more like spring than midwinter? thanks spencer. >> iconic statue at candlestick park blessing sports teams for decades soon need to find a new home. chronicle reports the st. francis statue commissioned in 1973 soon removed from the middle of the stadium bus zone. we were over candlestick park earlier where demolition will begin in just the next few coming days. not yet clear where st. francis will end up. may wind up staying in that neighborhood. >> what about the statue of shoe out there what do they do with that. >> demolition i think. >> thanks for that. >> tore it down before they built it. >> i was a little concerned about that. all right.
9:49 pm
patriots are in arizona today for superbowl 49 hear from their quarterback brady and hear from tom senior. talk about his son career and hopes of joining joe montana
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. we talk more about the daring rescue we showed you at sea as this plane parachutes into the pacific. pilot who taking off from california. >> plus the bachelor right here in our back yard behind the scenes of the show bay area visit. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 sfichlt all right big week shoe in for larry. >> big big week and tomorrow is media day. >> that's right that's right. flight gate taking the air out of the superbowl. hopefully patriots must feel like they have already gone through the media haze of superbowl week forth past 7 day but it gets worse. they arrived in superbowl for 49. the team is deplaying and subject matter will turn in superbowl for everyone involved as this is great match up. chance to be one of the best superbowl ever played >> outside of our family and friends and other people
9:53 pm
who may have a positive or negative opinion about us, how we play is going to be determined by what we do i think that's the major motivation to find a dig deep and do everything we can to put our preparation to good out and may our best. >> tom brady the first quarterback to play in 6 superbowl and he try to match joe and terri as the only 4 time winner at that position. i sat down with the dad tom senior who has been to all 6 and asked him if they ever get old. >> this is beyond anybody's imagination. >> you go as fan. go as father >> you go as fan. go as father. >> i go strictly as parent. winning the game obviously is more than the anything anybody parent could ever hope for. but getting off the field healthy is my rooting interest as a patient. i think this probably because!bus probably because of his age at 37 means as much to tom as
9:54 pm
maybe as any superbowl he has been to. >> he has just a great passion for this. he is able to be extraordinarily excited and getsd really down but at the same time keeps his wit about him able to go back out and play but he loves playing this game as much as anybody could love playing any sport. >> i notice you have a ring. tom has 3 soup bell rings which one sthaichlt first one. >> first win. he give me his first one rate after he got. >> i can't take your first ring >> i can't take your first ring. i said i'll at that time next one he said you take this one i'll at that time neck one. he found out since he got the third one that the fourth one is hard to come by. yes pretty motional time. >> if he does get the fourth superbowl ring i imagine he keeps that one because that one puts him up in the lead coy. it does. it really is awesome to be in the conversation with joe montana 8. i think if the 49ers aren't in the superbowl. i think the bay area kind of clings on to tom as their own
9:55 pm
also. as alternative to maybe not getting there. >> i also think because we all hit the seattle seahawks. >> here is one proud parent. how cool tom gave his dad the first ring. >> i asked about the deflit gate but didn't want to comment but tom said he didn't do anything wrong and of course he believes his son. >> let's talk about the raiders good news coming out of the camp. charles coming back. agreed to one year contract bring back for the 18th season. 38-year-old veteran solidify the raiders young defense last year leading the team intact el and interception. says the first player in nfl history with 50 interception and 20 sack in the career and still playing at high level in the young man game. warriors get real test tomorrow. hog the bull for the 20th straight win at oracle third time this season clay thompson the player of the week. dropping in 52 open the kings in which he scored nba record 37 in the third quarter probably didn't
9:56 pm
hurt. green and warrior team mates look like this next month. team unveiling the new uniform today in san francisco as part of the chinese new years celebration when they host san antonio on february 20 host san antonio on february 20. >> to be able to wear the uniform and have pride and show our fans we appreciate this and doing something new state of the art it's very time to be a part of. >> san jose earthquake kick off the training camp under new head coach dominic but all the talk is about the new stadium. holds 182001 of the most tech lomcly advanced stadium in the world with a double sided video score board. if. >> not a bad seat in here. i think this is something that the community and team working for very long time. you have everything now and there's no longer an excuse. it's relief to be her but also a good pressure. >> third seed in today in
9:57 pm
trouble at the open. his opponent hadn't dropped a set still hadn't. back hand winner to take the first set 6-2. down the seed to take a 5-love second set lead. return the serve winner. cross court to in today 14 time mainly champion. third set to tie breaker. fourth match point. guess big on the second sevrnlt into the net. thomas in straight set. he ends a 17 match losing streak to nadal. how cool is that as a dad to go to 6 superbowl. watch your so that play. >> soup bell. >> where is the ring. >> first ring great great. >> i at the time it was interesting that he goes as parent still the first concern get my kid off. >> concussion really worried about his health on the field. >> saw what it d.and a lot of players. >> may be a super star. >> tom the he wants to play
9:58 pm
until he's free. he looks like george bland aichltd thanks. >> thanks for joining us. >> for mike and spencer and all of us we appreciate your time. thanks so much for watching. >> always on line all the mobile did he vase at the 7 news app we see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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