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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 30, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it. abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of san francisco where police have detained a person of interest who may be connected to a dismembered body found in a suitcase. >> the gruesome crime has touched off an intense manhunt and tonight a possible break in the case. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama-daetz. here it is again video of the person of interest being lead to a police car in the tenderloin district. >> sergio is live at the hall of justice with the latest. >> just a few hours after police released the picture of a person they believe is a person of interest in this case they were called to a public housing building in the tenderloin and that's where we saw officers driving two men away in police cruisers.
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a man wearing a sheet over his head says he has seen him visiting another resident of the building. he called him the help leprechaun because he was short and didn't speak much. another man nearby recognized the man as a person of interest in pictures released earlier today. >> i recognize the person. i know he shaved his hair. i seen him on tv and then a few days ago i see him bringing this person out. >> is surveillance video where the torso was found the man in the peck tour looks to be dragging a suitcase. right now police tell us he is simply detained. >> they have to figure out whether or not this person was involved in a crime aspect. obviously he is a person of interest in this case. however, he has not been charged yet with that crime. >> a second man was also de tined -- detained, but police
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didn't release details on him. the person of interest is cooperating and will likely be questioned by police in the morning. and officers tell us that they got an anonymous tip from someone who directed them to the exact apartment in that public housing building this the tenderloin. abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. we uncovered new details tonight about the sexual assault case involving a former stanford swimmer. turner withdrew from school after being accused of the crime against a woman who was drunk and unconscious. abc7 news reporter katie joins us with what court documents are revealing tonight. katie? >> ama this is the criminal complaint. it is more than 50 pages long. in it is a detailed police report. that is what police say the woman the suspect and the witnesses have told them so far about that night. >> two grad students told police they happened upon what
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they thought was consensual sex. but police took this statement from johnston. he noticed the female on the ground was not moving and something was weird about the situation. another person tells the same storytelling police it appeared like the female was not moving and something seemed odd. the two men chased tackled and held brock turner until police arrived. in his statement turner said he was drinking and that he and the woman were hooking up, but they never had sex. police quote him as saying he was having a good time with the victim and stated that she also seemed to enjoy the activity. the woman told police she was drinking and has no memory of leaving the party with the man. police say the victim did not consent to any sexual activity or touching. victim was completely unresponsive and did not wake up until she was at valley medical sen -- center. students we talked with have strong opinions about how the university is dealing with the
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case. >> if this is another case in which the entitlement of being a white male stanford athlete finally hit an obstacle and i hope that entitlement does not create impunities for the future. >> i don't think the university does a good job to begin with. it is because it went public from the beginning. >> brock turner is scheded to be in court on monday. abc7 news. >> another person has breached security at mineta san jose network by scaling the fence. police tell us before midnight a security guard spotted a 39-year-old man in the perimeter of the fence. he took off running and was injured trying to climb the fence back out. officers cited him fortress passing -- for trespassing. a spokesperson said the layers worked because the trespasser was detained. a 15-year-old run away hoped the fence you may recall and stowed away in the wheel well of a plane headed to hawaii.
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families who lost their homes in the four-alarm fire in the mission district on wednesday night are in an emergency shelter tonight. he was killed in that fire. he was from el salvador and a member of a local church. some of his 54 neighbors who survived the fire are getting help from the salvation army tonight. they are staying at the mission community center where they get food clothing and a place to sleep for a week. one woman's children are worried about what is next. another man doesn't know if he can sleep. >> he tries to go to school yesterday. can you come in? >> our main concern right now is our dad. he was one of the last persons to get out of the building. he has third-degree burns on his face and arms. >> the red cross and other agencies will meet with the families about future housing options tomorrow.
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the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the measles outbreak is spreading with more confirmed cases in the bay area. san mateo county confirmed the third case and two marin county siblings have come down with the virus. it has been there since 2001. alameda county has six cases and there are two in santa clara county. school districts are taking drastic steps to prevent the spread of measles. if the measles breaks out at any school, the health department there will tell all unvaccinated children to stay home for 21 days. there are now 92 cases statewide. most of which are linked to a december outbreak at disneyland. disney is the parent company of abc7. new at 11:00 the coast guard records show a bay bridge beacon that helps guide ships in bad weather is not working which is increasing the risk of an oil spill. our media partner the mercury news, tried to replace a beacon, but three replacements
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failed to work. that means hundreds of boats have passed under the bridge without a beacon. that is tricky and dangerous. cal trans doesn't know why the beacons doesn't work. one was sent back to the manufacturer forewarn tee repairs -- for warranty repairs. it is blamed for the crash of the tanker the overseas raymar. dog owners are being warned as one dog maybe more, died from swimming in a toxic lake. the conditions may have been brought on by the drought. abc7 news reporter alan wang has the story. >>y it is believed the slime me blue-green algae caused the death of a dog. they share the same veterinarian 6789. . >> the sweetest chocolate lab. a wonderful, dear gentle soul. >> this is the first year we have had toxic algae blooms. >> signs were placed around the lake warning people and their pets not to come in
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contact with the water. it is believed the drought has created ripe conditions for the algae bloom. >> this is the lowest level i have seen it. >> the warm winter temperatures created the water conditions. the symptoms in dogs who consume the algae are vomiting, diarrhea and seizures that can lead to difficulty breathing. liver failure and death. human deaths are not common but it can make people sick. >> we do the people that if you are fishing clean your fish thoroughly and throw away the fish guts. >> they were never allowed because it is a back up water supply. now they have good reason to keep them out. alan wang, abc7 fuse. abc7 news. >> we have seen almost everything, but does it do more harm than good? why activists are taking aim at a miracle ingredient found all over your house in your
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food house and even lipstick. >> a disturbing amount of child porn files agents discovered. >> and a daring rescue without a moment to spare. a drowning dog plucked from the water. and it was caught on camera. >> i am sandhya patel. spring-like today. we have a record warm up and a
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financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ a northern california fire cap -- captain is in jail accused of having thousands of files of child foreign. he worked for south lake tahoe fire. federal agents found more than 5,000 pour pornographic images and videos on one of his flash drives at work. investigators say he admitted to secretly recording some of
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the videos. he was also involved with fundraisers for children fighting cancer. he is on paid leave. if you are tuned into the super bowl on sunday keep an eye out during the commercials for a call to action. dorritos even has a section for people to shoot their own whicher shalls and shoot it during the game. there is a parody that has gone viral. billed as the ad the company doesn't want you to see. >> this video you are watching now has 12 million on-line views. created by a global organization called some of us. the executive director is in san francisco. >> the campaign has taken off leak no other campaign we have done. >> it features a video falling in love over their shared love of dorritos. they get married and off to a honeymoon at a tropical rainforest. they arrive to find out the forest has been mowed down. the scope is aimed at pepsi-co
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which buys more than 400,000 tons of palm oil a year. >> palm oil is one of the biggest contributors of de forestation. >> it is one of the biggest vegetable oil. it is in cookies chocolate had, peanut butter and even lipstick. sometimes it is labeled, but it can be listed under other names. the demand has exploded because it is cheap and the trees growy fast and it does not contain trans fat. some call it a miracle crop. but it can have a dark side. >> it is connected to the massive scale and home rights violations and destruction across the world. >> they share video of serious destruction. >> this is some of the most
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diverse in the world. they are being cleared at tens of of thousands of acres at a time to put in the long rows of palm trees that are biological deserts. we have species like the orangutan that have been you are ped to extinction. >> on the ground and using nasa satellite images they have been studying them. this shows the heavy smoke believed to be coming from thousands of fires to clear land for palm oil trees. gee it's bad. the clearing in the indonesia part of borea alone. >> several big companies including pepsi-co has worked to make sure the crop has grown responsibly in the future. but progress is slow and environmental groups are demanding corporations do more to save rainforests before it is too late.
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>> big companies like kelloggs and like mars and like nestle have put in place the policies we are asking for. all we are asking is for pepsi to do the same. >> they insist they are committed to sustained palm oil. a statement says the continual miss charktizations of our commitments are false. but activists are not giving up. now they are focusing on the quaker granola bars. we have the entire spoof dorito ads and a lot of other palm oil information on our website at a hero firefighter swept this to save a dog's life. the yellow lab was swept away after a sudden thunderstorm. a firefighter tethered to a helicopter snagged the drowning dog. the crews brought the dog back
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to shore to make sure he was breathing. the dog didn't have tags, so the firefighters renamed him lucky. >> and he was. let's focus on the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the what's ahead. hi sandhya. >> we have some spectacular weather coming up. it is warm enough that we will besetting records tomorrow. and it is guilt free enjoyment of the weekend. we have rain coming beyond that as we head toward next week. live doppler 7hd is not tracking the rain. it is just patchy fog around half moon bay and napa. the fog will disappear and i will explain why in a moment. the temperatures right now are in the 40s and the 50s. the breeze is holding your number up 60 --63 degrees. looking toward san francisco locally windy and record warmth tomorrow. it looks like rain late next week. the computer models are in agreement and they are insisting on rain.
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we'll see. the low-pressure system down to the south brought thunderstorms to southern california anlos angeles in particular and rain there. spring-like warmth for us as the respect has blacked the storm track. the high pressure will allow the offshore winds to develop and as the winds i can c up we are going to start to see the wind coming up around close to 40 miles an hour at 8:00 tomorrow morning. that's fair field and 31 in napa. keep that in mind. the winds will ease up tomorrow evening and then we will see them drop off considerably on sunday. it will bring us the warmth. get a slight possibility of wet weather on monday, february 2nd. we have to wait a few more days, but look at the pattern. rain chances are increasing friday february 6th. it is wet across the bay area. saturday, february 7th still a good possibility that the rain line is right over us. and then february 8th, not
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a lot happening. this is signaling a change in our forecast which is encouraging. low 40s to low 50s. there is going to be a little on the breezy side. if you go out for a run or take the dog out for a walk, keep that in mind. 70 degrees in the south bay in santa clara and 69 in san jose. mill pea disand unseasonably warm on the upper peninsula. 70 loss altos and is it really winter? you begin to wonder. 71 san rafael. out toward the east bay oakland and richmond look like records, 72. inland, 70 in livermore and 71 in concord. fairfield up to 70 degrees. by the way, if you have super bowl parties and you are wondering about the weather in glendale, well when the patriots and the seahawks start dropping to 57. in the bay area major viewing will be beautiful. accu-weather of the is mild weather con ition dids.
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continues. rain chances into friday. >> thank you. coming up next a competitive eater just winging his way to history. >> how much chicken do you have to eat to be crowned the wing b b
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this is unbelievable. a professional climber has scaled niagara falls. it is not the rocks, but the actual water fall. he used ice picks to make his way up frozen water. look at this image. during the climb several huge chunks went past his head. it took an hour to reach the top. several people have survived going over the niagara falls but he is the first to survive the trip up. >> that's incredible. so is this. >> he set a new record in
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philadelphia. the contest was thought without drama. wries leg legend -- wrestling legend nick foley competed, but was disqualified for hiding wings in a fan knee pack. really? after winning he told the crowd, quote, i have the sweats but i feel better because i know i don't have to eat any chicken wings. >> we had deflate gate and now wing gate. >> it is preposterous. >> there is a message for kids on super bowl sunday. don't be the guy getting caught with chicken wings in the fanny pack. don't be that person. some nights you just don't have it and tonight was t
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female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good evening. the warriors have not had too many nights like this this season. they shot poorly and got
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hammered on the boards. steph currey showed up in a big way. on the steal coast to coast and 26 points and 15 points. 20 consecutive three's going back to the bulls game. steph changes that here. he lead all scores with 32. steph making it rain once again. they lead by double digits most of the night. with authority. they lose two in a row for the third time this year. 110-100 and they are home against the suns tomorrow night. tiger woods has gone from the most intimidating golfer on the planet to a guy who looks like he just took up the sport of golf last week. dead last in the phoenix open. he was playing in his second event in months. what was shocking was tiger looked like a weekend hack out there. it was the worst round of his career. look at that. 132 players entered the
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phoenix open and tiger finished 132nd. golf channel analyst says tiger should beg his old coach to take him back. >> i don't know if this can happen. if he takes hat in hand -- if he asked him to jump off the golden gate bridge would he do it? yes i'm gonna do it. >> that's extreme. patriots have a slogan do your job. they believe marshawn lynch should keep that in mind. goodell in his state of the address said it was a tough year for the league. as for lunch and his reluctance to speak to the media he says answering the questions is part of the job. >> when you are in the nfl you have an obligation. it is an obligation to the fans. it is part of your job. i think mar sean understands -- marshawn understands the importance of the super bowl and the importance of his
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appearance and the importance of him as an individual in this game. >> take the patriots


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