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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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just rained like this for five days, perfect. >> that's a common sentiment tonight as a much-needed rain storm watches through the bay area. you know what, it is not over yet. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the storm hasn't produced nearly as much rain as the national weather service predicted. in fact a flash flood watch was canceled this afternoon. still, the entire area i getting a health dousing. the storm brought down a number of trees. this one knocked out power in los altos this morning. this in an alamo parking lot. especially fierce winds howled through the sierra today. the tahoe ski resorts were
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forced to close their runs, and a tree fell across interstate 0. look at this -- the storm even produced lightning in the central valley. this video came from our affiliate in sacramento this afternoon afternoon. >> that's wild. let's turn to live doppler h.d. and spencer christian. this looked like a genuine pineapple express. >> it was. it produced a huge amount of rainfall. a lot of moisture content and brought mild air. here's live doppler 7 h.d. as you see, the second wave of stormy not that moved through -- storminess that moved through is pushing out to the east and south, though there's still wet weather covering the remainder of the area. let's close in on locations that are receiving the heaviest rainfall. walnut creek, points east. to the south bay, heavy rain near san jose. mainly pushing away from the area now. over in the sierra a change required on all the major highways except highway 4 going into and out of the central sierra. snow is falling.
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the bulk is in the higher elevations, but snow levels are falling. we have a winner storm warning in effect -- winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. in the bay yafrarea, a wind advisory. 49 miles per hour gusts at half moon bay. rainfall totals impressive 3.9 inches. a little over two inch at santa rosa. other locations will see the rainfall totals increasing. the animation starting at 7:00 shows the heavier rain tapering to showers in the overnight hours. more to come in the forecast a little bit later. >> thank you very much. . the rain should taper off tonight, as spencer said, but it's still coming down. no one knows that better than our reporters in the bay area. we have more live starting with wayne. >> reporter: i've got to tell you honestly, we looked around,
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not one single pineapple fell out of the sky and hit us on the head today. there were a lot of raindrops winds, problems. we drove a lot of miles. if you hit the streets or highways of the north bay, it could be you felt like a road warrior, a wet one. most of us survived, but there were casualties. >> be careful when you're driving because it's very wet out here. >> reporter: here's lucas valley road at 101 in san rafael. a jeep versus a divider. now forestville and sonoma county. the drive hit a slick spot, lost control, and in the process spilled some 30 gallons of diesel fuel. tow truck driver rodney cream told us he expected more of the same. >> on a day like this you're averaging big truck drivers, three to four. small cars, i think the number's up around 25 accidents so far. >> reporter: already? >> yeah. in sonoma county. around the county, yeah.
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>> reporter: what's a normal day? >> one, two. >> reporter: then there are the power lines that fell today. this from an electrical guide wire in petaluma. some 1,500 lost power in the north bay today. oxidental had a 45-minute blackout this morning. at the bohemian market courtney meyer barely noticed it. >> kind of par for the course here. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. you live out here in the sticks a little. sometimes you lose power. makes for an interesting day. >> reporter: certainly a pretty one in a region that's gone more than a month without significant rainfall. so say hello again to all your favorite puddles. road warriors and rain warriors and a pineapple express. and now commute warriors. this is the infamous lucky drive. it is not flog. high tide was at about 1:00. so far, so good. lots of rain. thus far, the north subway holding up fairly well. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> that is good to hear.
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thank you, wayne. a mother and her children are finally free tonight after being trapped in their car by live power lines. happened in bodega earlier this afternoon as they were heading out to bowl because their power had been knocked out. as they pulled out of the driveway power lines came down and wrapped around their car trapping them inside. >> a safety course put on by the fire department ton get out of the car. the wires started arcing and causing a fire, my children started freaking out a little more. i called 911 to make sure somebody of coming. >> after about an hour pg&e was able to get the power turned off. they all got out safeli. >> powerful winds caused problems around lake tahoe. at some of the peaks winds reached 135 miles per hour. wasn't that strong at lake level, but it was strong enough to to damage to be sure. at least a dozen pine trees came crashing down in lake tahoe like this one you're looking at. one hit two cars and part of a
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house. >> i was surprised, though, that this big tree came down. you know, this one. it seems pretty strong. but the wind is stronger. >> the wind is stronger. the winds were so strong today power was knocked out to thousands of people. at least three ski resorts were forced to shut down because of the danger. abc has more from the south bay. david, you've had your share of downed trees and power lines, as well. >> reporter: you bet. a lot downed power lines. you know, we've been keeping a close watch on this particular underpass. it's a cal train underpass. it's notorious for flooding. that's not the case this evening. however, that's not case with other parts of the south bay. clogged drains have created street flooding in several areas of san jose. leaves and debris block the runoff forming small lakes at intersections and swollen gutters like this along coleman avenue. not only was one lane of the
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road under water but also the adjacent sidewalks leaving a bus bench and a sign pole surrounded by water. a resident said she routinely calls the see it clear the drain in front of her house. instead, abc 7 photographer clyde powell took care of it. the backed up water quickly of flowing down the drain on the way to the guadalupe river in san francisco bay. high winds had pg&e crews and public safety personnel hopping all day from one trouble spot to another. in los altos, a small branch fell on a power pole leaving 800 resigns without electricity. -- residents without electricity. >> we heard a loud buzzing that went from here to riverside. and all of a sudden we looked up to that. >> reporter: tall palm trees along hawthorne avenue were bending to the wind in a menacing way. long-time residents weren't worried. >> living there so many years. i've been here for the 22 years now, 24. i've seen the branches fall off
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but it's okay. >> reporter: a tall eucalyptus tree got knocked down by the wind in palo alto crashing on both sides of foothill expressway. no vehicles were hit. in los altos hills, a large power line was snag by falling branches. even trash and compost bins couldn't stand up to the spin. only windshield wiper seemed up to what the storm was unleashing. pg&e is telling me this evening that they have nearly 1,200 technicians in the field throughing to take care of those power outages. it's monitoring where the outages are as a result of its network of just over five million smart readers. in san jose, abc7 news. >> thank you. and in san francisco, some residents on crescent avenue and vernal heights were without power after a tree knocked out several lanes. crews quickly -- several lines. crews quickly responded. they made sure there were no
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live wires. high surf caused a problem for a surf near pacifica today. he was pulled to safety by two jet skiers this morning. the surfer drifted eded out to sea and was unable to swim to shore. the coast guard staged a rescue but the jet skier got to him first. our live coverage continues now with abc 7's laura anthony in the east bay. laura, wet and windy there, too today. >> reporter: it is. i heard spencer say that the heaviest rain now is in one of the places, the walnut creek area. i'm a few miles down the road in alamo. it's been raining quite hard. in some cases, horizontally for the last hour or so. earlier, not as much rain, but plenty of win. count the wind as the biggest influence so far from the first storm of the weekend. blowing down trees and fences and making holding an umbrella a big challenge. >> it's not just the rain, it's
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the winds. where did the wind come from? >> reporter: in alamo, this huge tree took out power lines falling across the area without hitting anything else. >> it probably will come out. i don't see any paint chipping. >> reporter: not so lucky in downtown alamo where a big branch from a pear tree damaged four cars. >> i hear somebody talking about it in the office. i decided to come look. lo and behold, my car of one of them. >> reporter: linda's got the worst of it. luckily, her puppy gabby of inside but escaped unscathed. >> the windshield's broken, and i can see a couple of dents on the top. so thankfully i'll have to clean it to see if there's any more. i'm happy i was out of it. >> reporter: in martinez there were sandbags in front of some low lying businesses on main street, but no real threat from the nearby creek which remains well below its banks. in walnut creek, we found people who welcomed the blustery
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weather almost like a long lost friend. >> no, it's not cold. it's perfect. we need every inch of it. >> reporter: and others, not so much. >> i know but i love california because it's hot and sunny. not this. >> reporter: now besides all the downed trees, contra costa county public works tells us so far no major problems. i'll keep an eye things through the weekend. abc7 news. >> thank you very much, laura. show us the weather where you live. e-mail pictures or video to you can also post them to our facebook page or twitter at at @abc7newsbayarea. coming up, spencer christian returns with live doppler 7 h.d. and the outlook for the seven day. . also tonight the measles outbreak and why you may have to keep your children at home for weeks if it continues to spread. a new video from a murder on
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the peninsula. a cold case investigation that has tormented police for more than a decade. i'm taking a look at the weather where you live. our abc7 news crews are sharing tons of photos of the weather out there on social media. and we want to see what you're seeing. share with us on twitter --
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as the measles outbreak continues to fuel the debate about vaccines san francisco unified school district is updating its policy on unvaccinated children. abc 7's tiffany wilson had the story. >> reporter: forget david earl there's no question -- >> it almost feels like criminal negligence when parents don't vaccinate their kids.
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>> reporter: on the the flip side, this doctor feels as strongly about a parent's right to choose. >> i don't think that we should mandate vaccinations ever. >> reporter: 1.8% of san francisco unified families file personal belief exemptions to avoid vaccinating their children. now the school district wants those parents to know there could be major consequences. yesterday, sfusd send out this robo call. >> if you do not have proof of immunizations on file and there is a case of measles ought your child's school, your child will have to stay home from school for up to three weeks. >> reporter: that's 21 days of finding a babysitter 21 days of missed classwork. >> that would be extremely hard to we'll do 21 days staying home. >> what we're trying to do is make sure that parents really understand what the repercussions would be if there were a case of measles at the child's school. >> reporter: the spokeswoman says a county of the letter urging parents to vaccinate their children will also be sent
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out. to be clear, there are flow reported cases of measles in san francisco county. this is a preemptive policy, and it's perhaps the only thing people on both sides of the vaccine debate have agreed on. >> i'm a fan. absolutely. >> i think that that makes a lot of sense. that if there's a measles case in the school for someone to stay home, yeah. >> reporter: another major vaccination announcement is coming out today. the university of california will require measles vaccinations for all incoming freshmen under a new rule to take effect. >> thank you. an update tonight on this fatal accident in milpitas wednesday. a girl was killed after a hit-and-run collision with a garbage truck. history body was found at the scene -- her body was found at the scene of a second collision today. she was identified as cynthia ram razz becea of san jose. she was just 14 years old.
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there is a new and unusual effort to find a lead in a 14-year-old peninsula murder case that's gone cold. a video has been produced to revive interest in the case. and to the police department released it hoping someone who knows something will call. >> reporter: sunday, june 10th 2001, a late night shooting in downtown palo alto one that lieutenant zach per ownones he'll never forget. >> when a shot rings out, everyone scatters. it was chaotic. >> reporter: perone was one of the first on scene. a 21-year-old woman was shot while with family and friend outside the new-defunct q cafe. she would die a short time later at the hospital. >> there's not a day that doesn't go by that the case isn't on my mind. >> reporter: no leads, no suspects, no person of interest. palo alto police recently made a documentary style video they hope the community will share across social media platform.
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the family, who remained private over the years, agreed to be interviewed hoping it would help catch the killer. >> the peace that that would bring to me would be priceless. with all the money in the world to me it would help me to heal so that i can move forward. >> reporter: the shooting, one of only three unsolved murder cases in the department's history. >> the shooter may have identified themselves to other people. >> reporter: chief dennis burns believes the video could stir someone's memory. >> the relationship between the person who was the shooter and the person who said they were may have changed. >> reporter: thinking outside the box to crack this cold case. there's a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. if you have any information that could help authorities cal palo alto police. abc7 news. >> you can see the complete video on our website, spencer has been tracking
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the storms closely today. >> here we go. >> how about that rain? >> we've had heavy downpours and strong damaging winds. and there's more on the way. here's live doppler 7 h.d. wet weather, although the main body of the most recent wave of intense storminess pushes -- is pushing out of the bay area now. look at all the rain behind that system, light to moderate for the most part. and as we animate and loop the radar image you see there's a lot more building offshore. still moving in our dlekz. the wet weather will continue for a while. here's a live view from our rooftop camera at abc 7 looking toward the empbarkbarcadero. peak gusts, 70 miles per hour at mt. diablo and pacifica hills. 65 63 52 mile-per-hour gusts at sfo. 47 at richmond. by the way we had terrible flight delays at sfo today. wind gust januarymation starting at 7:00 this evening. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. and the gusts will remain over
7:20 pm
40 miles per hour near the coast into the late night hours. then overnight into tomorrow morning, we'll see the winds taper off significantly. we'll have breezy conditions by about 8:00 tomorrow morning. here's a live view at the golden gate bridge. traffic is slowing nicely. i think many people will scare away by the forecast. these are features wet and windy. showers will taper overnight into tomorrow. we'll have more rain and more wind on sunday. so the stormy pattern remains with us for a while. here the satellite/radar composite image. this is the system bringing the current waves of wind and rain tonight. behind that, a weaker system that will bring scattered showers tomorrow. and then the next big storm arrives on sunday. let's skip ahead a bit. start our forecast animation tomorrow night at 11:00. we'll see some pockets of rain and showers. not very widespread. they'll become more widespread overnight. by is not morning, :we'll be looking at something similar to what we saw today. the wave of steady dawn pours and heavy rain the strong gusty
7:21 pm
winds, just swinging through the bay area from north to south. producing wet conditions for all areas. there will be other waves to follow in the afternoon hours. we won't see this weakening and tapering off until overnight sunday into monday morning. even monday looks like it's going to start off as a wet day before thing start to ease up a bit. overnight, look for low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. will be relatively mile overnight. tomorrow, we'll have as i said, scattered showers, little breaks of sunshine here and there. that doesn't mean that the stormy not has ended. we'll see high temperatures ranging from low 60s at the coast to mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. here the accu-weather seven-day forecast. another stormy day on sunday. showers and pockets of rain lingering into monday. mostly sunny on tuesday wednesday through friday of flex week sunny skies and increasingly mild conditions. i think we're ready for that. >> probably. >> then we'll need another storm. >> exactly. that's right. >> and another. all right. you can follow the storm on live
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doppler 7 h. did. by downloading the abc weather app, we'll show what else it can do. >> with another storm on the way, now is the perfect time to download our abc 7 weather app free from apple's alps store or google play. one you open app you'll see live doppler 7 h.d. this is going to show where it's raining where you live. in the top left corner you'll see three lines. that's the index. that's going to take you to the next page where you begin the process of taking year own weather postcard. what you're going to look for in the center of the screen it says share a weather postcard. when you click that you can select the picture from your library, or you can take a new photo of the beautiful bay area as the weather is happening. here's the result. we created this weather postcard this afternoon. you can e-mail your friends or share it on social media. the whole process takes less than ten seconds. get download details on the weather app at
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ measles. new developments in contract talks at the portland of oakland. one of 29 ports along the west coast where a temporary work suspension has been imposed this weekend. containers won't be loaded or unloaded. union workers have been without a contract for mine months. the pacific maritime association says there's been a work
7:26 pm
slowdown for the last three months but the long shore workers union denies it. local fruit importers are worried. >> we do not want this to happen. especially with the perishables. bananas are coming from ecuador woomp dee have them in containers so that they are kind of controlled atmosphere. we're going to unload as many as we can. >> he says he doesn't think there will be a complete shutdown like the one that happened in 2002. if you want to try what some people say is the best beer in the country be prepared to wait in line. that's what these people did in santa rosa. despite the downpour, some waited eight hours to taste the limited edition younger beer. it is brewed by the russian river brewing company and is only available on tap and only for the next two weeks. the brewery says that's to guarantee its freshness. >> any beer you're using a hot of hops in you want to preserve the freshness by serving it as
7:27 pm
close to when it brewed as possible. so this beer of only ready to be drank as of yesterday. >> some call it the best ipa in the country. the braughery produces only about 200 kegs of it a year. the last chance to try the brew will be february 19th. a prestigious catholic prep school is embroiled in a scandal tonight. >> teachers tell the abc 7 nudes i-team the principal has been show -- abc 7 news i-team the principal has been showing nude photos. >> more ahead. a spike in identity theft.
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we were hoping to have a response to a report about a scandal at a prestigious off-male catholic school in san francisco. >> as we reported last night at 11:00, it involves graphic pictures and a sexually suggestive video featuring a student. >> san francisco's archbishop had schedule a news conference for today but abruptly canceled it. the i-team has the investigation. >> reporter: over the last year and a half, at least five teachers have complained to the
7:31 pm
archdiocese about the principal showing pictures of naked women and other images not appropriate for a school environment. and some of those teachers tell me they have faced retaliation because they took a stand. >> reporter: archbishop reardon high is an all male catholic prep school in san francisco. tuition is $17,000. boarding students pay more than $47,000. vitorio graduated from reardon coached the wrestling team for years. worked as guidance counselor and became principal in 2013. several teachers now accuse the 48-year-old of conduct that's not proper for a catholic school setting. >> showed me an inappropriate picture of a frontal of a naked woman. >> reporter: from top to bottom? >> yes. >> reporter: the i-team spoke with three reardon high teachers on camera. they don't want to show their faces out of concern for their careers. they echo what i've heard from
7:32 pm
other faculty and staff. that anastasio used his iphone or ipesticide to show pictures of naked women including sexually explicit photos and one meeting porn star ron jeremy. how does it come up? >> what do you think about this one? that's how it comes up. you know, like it's no big deal. >> reporter: two teachers were especially concerned when the principal played a video of a 17-year-old rear dsdon high student. the fwhoi khaki pant and no shirt -- the boy in khaki pants and no shirt, was at a party, living skirts and touching girls in an inappropriate way. >> when you see a video involving a student that's a whole different story? >> yes, a serious matter. >> first i was taken aback. obviously, it's not right. catholic school. wasn't the right thing to do. >> reporter: the principal has hired attorney harmitt dylan, a
7:33 pm
powerful figure in the state republican party. she e-mailed "the allegations are false and defamatory." and threatened to sue the teachers. a law firm responded for the teachers. "we certainly home mr. anasasia was not using the threat of legal process to silence his employees. but pursuing their complains or from talking to the press which obviously would be further evidence of retaliation." the law firm's letter also says several of the employees have lodged formal complaints with arhs and the archdiocese. two teachers tell me they are out on stress leave. >> i told them it was inappropriate. and from that point on he retaliated against me. and that created a hostile and toxic working environment. >> reporter: what things have happened to people who -- >> letters, suspensions lost days without pay. it's all over the school that we're the bad guys. they just flip the whole thing around on us. like we've done something wrong.
7:34 pm
>> reporter: the archdiocese issued a media advisory in response to my reporting saying "last summer we investigated a claim that suggestive photographs of adults had allegedly been shared among faculty or staff. we determined that nothing inappropriate happened. we retained an objective outside expert to review the investigation. her conclusion was the same." that objective outside expert is rita gleason a retired catholic high school principal who wrote this letter saying she admires archbishop reardon high school and has had the pleasure of working with some administrators and concluded, "i found nothing illegal, immoral or unfairly." but gleason did not speak with any of the teacher who complain good the photographs or video. in fact in this letter she admits to performing her entire investigation by phone and e-mail from her home in louisiana. >> that's an unusual move. >> reporter: abc 7 legal analyst gill soer is a former federal prosecutor. he says the archdiocese should have hired someone who was clearly objective, with no ties
7:35 pm
to the church. >> go to someone who has had the experience, a former prosecutor, detective. there are plenty to be found. >> reporter: he also tells us a principal showing a sexually suggestive video of an underage student, violate federal law. >> if it is sexually suggestive, if it is intended to generate a sexual reaction in the person watching it, then it can be child pornography. >> reporter: while the archdiocese holds meetings to figure out how to handle the crisis, all the major players are refusing to be interviewed. i asked the principal and his lawyer. arch british of san francisco, number 2 at the archdiocese, father john piterit superintendent of catholic schools' maureen huntington, they all said no. it is a major step for these teachers speak out. they tell me they had to. >> i was brought up with integrity. i will uphold that even if it means my job.
7:36 pm
i'm not going to let this enjoy our school. i don't want that -- let this destroy our school. i don't want this to happen. my question -- where is his mower compass as a catholic school principal in leading our young men. >> reporter: you question that? >> i question that. >> reporter: a group of parents launched a pig at asking the school to find more new, effective leadership. and other parents say they feel the same way. tonight at bay area activist helps lead a national campaign to save spanish greyhounds. they're called galgos. they're used for hunting rabbits. what happens after the hunting season is over is shocking. how you can help. i-team tonight at 11:00. >> a lot of people will talk about this report. >> absolutely. >> thank you. the state department says it's unable to confirm a claim by isis that an american being held hostage by the terror group of killed in a coalition air strike. the fate of 26-year-old american
7:37 pm
aid worker kayla mueller is unknown. isis claims she died when jordanian planes bombsed a stronghold where she was held. jordan has been a partner in the international coalition against isis. the country has rod blagojeviched up its campaign against the group after the group killed a captured jordanian -- the country has ratcheted up its campaign against the group after the jordanians jordanians lodged a strike. local stocks now yelp fell more than 20% today because fewer people are using it. pandora lost 17%. linked in went up 10% on surprisingly strong earnings results. and the 125-year-old family-owned bus maker is pulling up stakes in hayward and relocating to a new huge manufacturing facility to be built in the airport in livermore. 7 on your side's michael
7:38 pm
finney is next. do you file your taxes with turbo tax? >> find out about the troro
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female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the nation's most popular tax software had to stop filing
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income taxes today. >> reporter: turbo tax has resumed the state tax returns after a temporary suspension due to an increase in the filing of fraudulent returns. additional fraud detection measures have been put in place now. the company took action after state agencies began notifying turbo tax that it's been seeing an increase in tax filings using stolen personal information. taxpayers often discover their identities have been stolen when they file a return and the return is rejected because one has already been filed. the fake one. turbo tax has launched an investigation and says it believes the personal information has been stolen elsewhere. taxpayers who submit their state returns to turbo tax while processing what's suspended will now have their returns done. we reported yesterday that hackers stole personal information from 80 million people who use health insurer anthem. now we're learning the second
7:42 pm
largest insurer did not encrypt the information. the scrambling of data is a recommended safeguard but not mandated by law. some cyber-experts say laws need to be strengthened to make enkripg of your personal information mandatory. the ceo of direct press says not doing so will hurt the public's trust. a nonprofit that says cyber-standards. some democratic senators are calling for an investigation into verizon for secretly inserting secret codes to track the web traffic of 100 million customers. the so-called super cookies attach a set of letters and numbers that identifies you on each site you visit. senator bill nelson of florida wants to know if verizon violated any laws. the company will respond to nelson's concerns. it says this anyone who wants to opt out of the tracking program can do so. to see reports on line, go to
7:43 pm, click on "7 on your side." >> thanks. coming up a leukemia patient's bedroom gets an extreme makeover. >> a bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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facebook founder mark zurichburg is stepping up his philanthropy in a big way. heap andhe and has wife are giving $75 million to the san francisco general hospital founding. the single largest private gift ever to a public hospital in the united states. the grant will help a hospital complete its newark cute care and trauma -- its new acute care and trauma center with state-of-the-art technology. >> the only trauma center in the
7:46 pm
city, no matter who you are. we consider ourselves to be the people's hospital. >> the project is being paid for by a bond approved by voters six years ago. despite the generous donation hospital officials say they still need more money. a valley family is thanking volunteers who spent the week giving their home a disney makeover. abc 7's give where you live crew teamed one special spaces, disney on ice, to help an 8-year-old boy fighting leukemia. austin will be admitted to ucsf next week for a bone marrow transplant. he'll be admitted for six weeks. when he comes home austin will need a special environment. >> he needs a place that's germ free and clutter free so that he does not get sick. if he gets sick then we're right back in the hospital. >> our team of volunteers went to work transforming the room austin shares with his little brother into a living space fit
7:47 pm
for a king or a lion king, rather. austin's favorite movie. even mickey mouse was on hand for the grand unveiling. as you may know disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> sweet. what a great smile. >> yeah very happy. we have real rain. >> that's right. we have the latest. >> hey. real rain is right. what a mess. the most intense stormy not has pushed out of the central valley but back to the gilroy area. over the immediate bay area, we'll have areas of moderate rainfall and heavier rainfall developing offshore and moving generally our direction. we'll get more waves of stormy not tonight. earlier we reported delays at sfo up to three hours. we still have the same thing although no delays reported at oakland and san jose airports. i'm going to go to the atmospheric river which is directed the plume of moisture to our region. it's there and will remain over the weekend, dipping southward a bit tomorrow.
7:48 pm
then back northward toward the immediate area by sunday. we have more stormy weather coming. across the state tomorrow look for a showery, rainy condition except in the southernmost part of the state. here in the bay area after a night of heavy downpours and strong gusty winds, winds tapering off tomorrow. tapering off to just scattered showers with even breaks of sunshine. high temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the mid to upper 60s inland and around the bay. low 60s on the coast. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. another very stormy day sunday with a chance of a thunderstorm or two. showers will taper off on monday. then the remainder of the week starting on tuesday mainly dry and mild. >> all right. we'll need a break. thank you. >> all right. in the nba a great match-up tonight. >> we have the details. >> spencer's tracking storms. i'm tracking other guys who can make it rain. teams meeting tonight, warriors and hawks in a shoot-out in
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
good evening. the warriors in the midst of a spectacular season. perhaps more surprising so are the atlanta hawks. they haven't done much since dominique will kin was flying through the air 20 years ago. merritt meeting they're meeting in a possible finals preview in atlanta. check out the cool display during the warmups. >> this of a fascinating --
7:52 pm
>> i'd like that in my house. warriors leading early. it was the ex-warrior from way downtown. 11 points. warriors sloppy with the ball. driving, scores. throwing the inbou pass. the warriors did this like three times tonight. and making them pay with the long range jumper. 17. tied at 52 at the half. the brothers get involved -- step from off of the screen and clay here 27 points. the hawks shooting at last check 56% on threes. that's shrewd. the hawks leading 11-6-108. they were so relaxed earlier, the coach photobombed espn during the live shot this morning. and then stefwave waved his hand -- how about a little respect for us tv guys?
7:53 pm
i top tell you. if the raiders can tackle like it their new defensive coordinator did, they should be fine. the raider hired ken norton jr. the 48-year-old norton has spent the last five seasons as the linebacker coach for the seahawks. he played 13 years in the nfl won a couple of super bowls. one with the cowboys one with the niners '96. he punched out the goal posts after big plays in honor of his father, the former heavyweight champion ken norton sr. giants pitcher and catchers report february 19th. today the defending world series champions got together to preview the 2015 season. they'll hold fan fest tomorrow at at&t park. mad bum exploded on to the scene with epic performance in the world series. he remains a low-key country boy no matter how big the spotlight is now. >> for me it hasn't changed the tded
7:54 pm
at all. we tried to ignore the hype and publicity. it's great what happened. but when it comes down to it we've got one job, and that's to be ready to pitch for the san francisco giants and compete in 2015. >> looks like he hasn't cut his hair since the world series. after losingpablo sandoval, they wasted no time trading for mcgee. four hours, from santa cruz thrill to be home. he did not come here expecting to replace the panda. >> i would be missing the boat and think i will regret it if i felt i was going to try to be the next pablo, you know, or replace him in that sense. i don't think you can really. really just try to carve out my own niche and play my game. i think that, you know, i bring things to the table that can help the team. and i think i can help us win games. >> reporter: second round of the farmers insurance open in san o. let's enjoy nature for a second. phil mickelson two over yesterday.
7:55 pm
even par today. misses the cut for a second straight week. you know tiger's gone. harris english a bogey three, six under 66. a two-stroke lead heading into the weekend. ten under par overall. abc 7 sports brought to you by the bank of the west. >> all right. thanks. join us tonight at 9:00 here on kofy-tv. showers still falling. we'll have an update on the weekend forecast tonight. live doppler 7 h.d. at 9:00 and 11:00. also on abc 7 news at 11:00, a thief targets one of san francisco's most celebrated bars. the valuable items ripped off the walls at smuggler's cove. and tonight, "last man standing" followed by "christella," "shark tank," and "20/20." then back for news at 11:00. there's a saying i've heard a long time ago that has stayed with me -- waste not, want not. first recorded in 1772 the
7:56 pm
meaning is as relevant today as it was then. use our resources wisely and we will not lack them in the future. going green is in vogue now that's a good thing. in recent years we've done a better job of recycling cans cardboard, and plastic than we used to. remember we pitched that into the trash? we've made progress burks we still waste a staggering amount of food. far more than plastic paper, metal, or glass. san francisco is further ahead than most cities, setting a goal of zero waste sent to landfills by 2020. in seattle, a new law just took effect to publicly shame those who throw too much food away by red tagging their bins for all to see. people in that city alone send 100,000 tons of food to landfills every year just in seattle. i'm not sure if that scarlet letter approach is the answer, by-law really matters is that we make the same serious changes in our behavior toward food waste for that we have with bottles, cans, and recyclables.
7:57 pm
let me know what you think. follow my on twitter and facebook at danashleyabc7. rain still falling across the bay area. spencer? >> it is. it will continue to fall until early tomorrow. a break tomorrow then another big storm on sunday. >> all right. >> perfect. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on twitter at abc7newsbayarea. thanks for joining us.
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okay, lacey, you're up next. describe the image you've chosen to be your happy place when you get upset. well, i've been thinking about it and i saw this deserted white-sand beach in a magazine, and there i am sitting in front of a thatched hut bungalow sipping a mojito. that's very good. patrick? i was gonna say the penthouse at the four seasons off of central park, but mojitos there are, like, 30 bucks.
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