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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> looks bad. heavy rain found northern california snapping 43 day dry strichblingt pushed through by wind that reached 70 miles an hour. >> trees fell on roads. cars. pg&e lines knocking out power. 9,000 people are still without electricity tonight. >> and look at this. storm even proud some lightning in the central valley. this video from the affiliate in
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sacramento this afternoon. >> in the sierra chains a must for drivers heading up to the mountains. good evening. let's start with 7 news meteorologist drew and live doppler 7hd hi drew. >> hi. we are in the end of our first storm right now but still some active weather. about we show you much of the regis dealing with just some light showers at this hour. but one location especially in the inland east bay still has some moderate rain activity right now around vallejo and around fairfield. do notice yell with moderate rainfall at this hour pushing off to the north and east near sacramento push a bit farther to the south san francisco right now just on the edge of some dryer weather san m te'o mountain view and san jose light showers at this hour. wider view put this into motion we show you the back edge of the precipitation now working through san francisco and pushing off to the north an east. so much of the rain will be ending over the next hour or
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so. take a look at rainfall the past 24 hours over 2 inches santa rosa oakland shy of two-thirds inch of rain. san jose over an inch and boulder correct over 2 inches of rain. we saw the wind advisory in effect through tomorrow morning at 4:00 o'clock. reason why wind right now still gusting at sfo over 45 miles per hour. talk about when the wind relax and also storm no. 2 is on the horizon. timing with that one full accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you drew gentleman so the rain should taper off over tonight but still coming down hard in places as drew said. wave team coverage of the storm tonight beginning with 7 news reporter laura anthony in the east bay. >> the wind biggest influence from the first storm of the weekend. blowing down trees and fences. and making holding an umbrella big challenge. >> not just soft rain. it's the independent. where did the wind come from.
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>>reporter: the huge tree took out power lines falling across the drive here without hitting anything else. not so lucky in downtown alamo where big branch fell from pear tree damaging 4 care. i heard somebody talking about it in the office so i decided to come look and low and behold my car was one of them. >>reporter: linda the would get of it. luckily her puppy was independence but escaped unscathed. >> windshield broke i can see a couple of dent on the top. so thankfully the client off to see if there's any more so i'm happy i was out of it. >>reporter: martinez sand bag in front of low lying business on main street but no real threat from the nearby creek which remains well below its banks. mean time in walnut creek we found people who welcome the blustery weather almost like a long lost friend. >> a little uncomfortable.
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still wine. >> no no not cold. it's perfect. we need every inch of it. >>reporter: others not so much >>reporter: others not so much. >> i know. i love living in california because it's hot and sunny. not this. >>reporter: now the down tree contra costa county public work tells us so far no major problem of course i'll keep an eye on things through the weekend in 7 nichlts mother and children finally 43 tonight after being trapped in the car by live power lines. terrifying. happened at bodega bay early this afternoon heading out to bowl because the power was knocked out. as they pulled out of the driveway power lines came down and wrapped around the car trapping them inside. >> if probably put on by the fire department safety course not to get out of the car then the wires arced and cuss ago fire in front of us and my children freaking out a little bit more so i called 911 to make sure somebody was coming. >>reporter: after about an hour pg&e was able to get the
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power turned off and they all got out safely thank goodness. >> in pinole tree crashing down on top of the carve in the neighbor yard. see it just fell over. roots and all. homeowner says his waive was at home at the time. not injuredism as often the case with the storms the north bay received most rain and possibly the most damage, too. wayne has the story from north of the golden gate. >> if you hit the streets or highway in the north bay today it could be you felt like a road were your. wet welcome back. most of us survived but there were casualty. >> be careful. when driving because it's very wet out here. >>reporter: here's lucas valley road at 101 in san rafael. jeep versus divider. >> ruptured fall tank right there. >>reporter: now forestville in sonoma county. driver of this truck hit a slick spot lost cell and in the process spilled 30 gallon of diesel fuel. tow truck driver told us he expected more of the same. >> on day leak this the
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afternooning big truck are averaging 3 to 4 small cars i think the number is up around 25 accidents so far. >> all right n.sonoma county. >> around the county yes. >> normal day? >> 1 or 2. >> then the power lines that fell today. this from electrical guide wire in petaluma. >> some 1500 people lost power in the north bay today. accidental had a 45 minute blackout this morning. bohemian market courtney meier barely noticed. >> par for the course here. >> really. >> yes. kind of out here in the sticks a little bit sometimes youless power. made for interesting day. >> certainly pretty in the region gone more than a month without significant rainfall. so say hello again to all your favorite puddles. road warrior and rain warrior and pineapple express. from the north bay wayne abc 7 news. the. >> in san francisco some folk on crescent avenue in vern oly
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heights without power after this tree knocked out several lines. pg&e crew quickly responded fortunately no one hurt. crew didn't begin cutting down the tree until sure no live wears. >> high surf caused problems for surfer near pacifica today. pulled to safety by 2 jet skiers near pacifica state park this morning. surfer drifted out to sea and not able to swim back to shore. firefighters and coast guard stage a rescue but the jet skier was able to get to him first. >> theory of this first storm spared no one from power outage. down tree and flooding outage. down tree and flooding. and emergency personal and pg&e crew responding to one problem after another. if david louie was chasing after storm damage in the south bay. >> clogged drain created street flooding in several 80's of san jose. leaves debris blocked the run off forming small late intersection and swollen gutter like this along coleman avenue one lane of the road under
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water but also the adjacent sidewalk leaving bus bench and sign pole surrounded by water. resident of west hening street routinely calls the stoy clear the drain in front of her. instead 7 news photography collide powell took care of it. backed up water flowing down the drain on the way to the guadalupe river and san francisco bay. high wind had pg&e crew public safety personnel hopping all day from one troubled spot to another. in los altos small branch fell on power pole leaving 800 resident without electricity. >> heard very loud sound. kind of buzzing sound went from here to the other side. and all of a sudden they went out. >> tall palm tree on hawthorne avenue bend to the wind in a a menacing way. long time resident not worried. >> i have been hear 4 or 5, >> i have been hear 4 or 5 about 22 years now. 24 years. haven't seen any, financial see the branches fall off but it's
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okay. i'm not affray of that. tall tree got knicked down by the wind in palo alto crashing on both lanes of the expressway on both lanes of the expressway. no vehicle were hit. in los altos hills a live power line was snagged by falling branches. even trash compost bin couldn't stand up to the wind. only windshield wipers seemed up to what the storm was unleashing. >> pg&e telling us this evening that they have nearly 1200 technician out here in the field trying to take care of all the power outages and monitoring where the outages are as a result of its network of just over 5 million smart meters. in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >> show us the weather where you live. e-mail the picture or video to you report at kgo dash and post them to our about web site or this twitter account. >> see washington is on our web site with the 7 news weather app. 43 at the apple app store or google play. also create a
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weather post card. more on that coming up. >> we are continuing to track the storm as it pushes through the bay area tonight. 7 meteorologist drew is lacking at when the next wave of showers move in. weekend forecast is next. >> also some other news. measles outbreak why you may have to keep the children at home for weeks. if it continues to spread. >> plus the benefactor. zuckerberg recor female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now!
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>> as measles outbreak continue to fuel the debate about vaccine san francisco unified school district is updating the policy on unvaccinated children policy on unvaccinated children. is tiffany wilson has the story. >>reporter: forget david earl no question. >> almost feels like criminal negligence when parents don't vaccinate their kids. >> on the flip side dr. amy feels just as strongly about parent rate to choose. >> i don't think that we should mandate vaccinations ever. >> 1.8 percent of san francisco unified family file personal belief exemption to avoid vaccinating their children. now the school district wants those parents to know there could be major consequences. yesterday sf usd sent out this robo call. >> if you do not have proof of the immunization on fill and
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there is a case of measles at the child school the child will have to stay home from school for up to 3 weeks. >> that's 21 days of finding a babysitter. 21 days of missed class work. >> that would be extremely hard to deal w.21 days. staying home. >> what we are trying to do is just make sure that parents really understand what the repercussion would be if there were a case of measles at the chilled school. >> district spokeswoman says a copy of this letter urging parents to vaccinate their children will also be sent out. to be clear. there are no reported cases of measles in san francisco county. this is a preemptive policy and perhaps the only thing people on both sides of the vaccine debate have agreed on. >> i'm a fan. absolutely. >>reporter: i think that makes a lot of sense actually. that if there's a measles case in the school for someone to stay home yes. >> another major vaccination announcement coming out today. university of california will require measles vaccination
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force all incoming freshmen under new plan set to take effect in 2017. in the newsroom tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> in sacramento health officials say 16 people at high school have tested positive for tuberculosis exposure after student was diagnosed last month. the 16 students staff will get test x-rays and preventive treatment. tuberculosis is highly contagious. it spreads through the air when someone sneezes or coughs. it include as cough that last more than 3 week and night sweat. >> we note identity of the driver who died after turning in front of a garbage truck early in the morning and driving away from the crash. her body was found next to her car about half million away. today she was identified as cynthia ramirez. she was just 14 years old. face back founder zuckerberg stepping up
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philanthropy in a big way. he and his wife are giving 75 million dollars to the san francisco general hospital foundation. that is the largest single private gift ever to a public hospital in the united states. the grant will help the hospital complete its new acute care and trauma center with state of the art technology. >> the only trauma center in the city the general really every day no matter who you are every day no matter who you are. we consider ourselves to be the people hospital. >> project is being paid for by a bond approved by voters 6 years ago. keep in mind despite today generous donation hospital officials say they still need more money. it is time to good back to the weather. we want to show you a picture from san francisco. i saw some of this as i was driving in today. >> i did as well. really pounding the crashing sea wall along the embarcadero waves really hysterectomy it hard. another sign of just how power another sign of just how powerful the storm really was today. you don't see it quite that choppy too often. >> no. incredible. let's get
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the full accu-weather forecast. we have the latest hi drew. >> the wind the bigger story today. gusting really high. over 40 miles per hour. ease overnight and then storm no. 2 arrives sunday and could bring the same amount of wind witness the same amount of wind witness. live doppler 7hd we show you an active picture. lots of rain on the screen. light. pre-dominantly heavy moisture now work ing into sacramento off to the north and east. live doppler 7hd that motion over the past how are you can certainly see the tail end of the steady showers working through san francisco and that line of heavy rain is now pushing off to the north and east so we see scattered showers throughout the overnight period. but much of the heavy rain is exiting right now. as we manufacture that the sierra we are seeing snow falling across portions around like tahoe even around truckee so we have a winter storm warning that is in effect until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. where above 7000 feet they could see up to 2 feet of snow. this certainly paint the picture very well sutro tower cam are bouncing up and down at this hour. look at the peak
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wind gust today. mount diablo pacifica hills wind gust 70 miles an hour. los got os 63. at the the airport sfo l we have long arrival delay because of the win f.peak wind gust of 47 miles per hour. wined right now is coming out of the south. that is very mild wind. look at temperatures right now. 63 degrees in san francisco. the same in hayward. 64 right now in sap carlos. 69 oakland and 60 degree ins san jose. look at the current wind gust still 45 miles per hour right now in san francisco. 43 in half machine bay. wind gust right now to 39 miles per hour. oakland. as the front moves through over tonight tonight and calm down the winds and tomorrow morning when you wake up 10:00 a.m. notice winds generally less than 15 miles per hour. so much quieter saturday on the way. pacific satellite here's storm number win. rain and wind is going to ease over night. on the heel of the storm a weak ripple of energy that is lagging could
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bring us isolated scattered showers on saturday but bigger storm, storm no. 2 araves here on sunday. so we good through the forecast into future mode saturday will feature mainly cloudy skies perhaps drizzle here or there by 10:00 o'clock saturday evening. light rain showers falling in the north bay but bulk of the moisture storm no. 2 comes in early sunday morning by 8:00 o'clock and down the bay year. but quick mover. by the afternoon 2:00 o'clock on sunday the showers are already tapering and may even linger that early monday morning by 5:00 o'clock in the morning some light showers still around the bay year. overnight low tonight showers wind down. winds act and mailed over tonight period. temperatures falling in the upper 50's. tomorrow we see mainly cloudy skies. 65 san francisco. 67 oakland. 67 the high in san jose. accu-weather 7 day fork. tomorrow the showers diminish. wind relaxes then on sunday storm no. 2 arrives. brings us early morning soaking shower by
9:20 pm
the afternoon. diminish to scattered showers. could linger into monday morning but after that guys the pattern really calmed down. tuesday wednesday thursday and friday we see the ridge build back in it for us. that means sunshine dry and mild weather on the way. okay. >> all right. >> chance to dry out. >> thank you drew. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. would you stand in line if the rain for the country what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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sp. >> bay area activist who dedicated 30 years to saving gray hounds in the u.s. turning her attention over seas turning her attention over seas. tonight at 11:00 i-team takes you inside really shocking case of animal abuse that i hope expired her
9:24 pm
movement. that's on channel 7. >> new development tonight in contract talk at the port of oakland. it's one of 29 port along the west coast where work suspension posted this weekend. containers won't be loaded or unloaded. yawn workers have been without a contract for 9 months. pacific maritime association says there's been a work slow down the last three months. but the long shore worker union denies it. local fruit importers are worried. >> we do not want this to happen especially with the perishable. banana come from equador. we do have them in containers. so they are in controlled atmosphere unload at many as we kaichbility h says he doesn't think there will be a complete shut down like the one that occurred in 2002. >> if you want to try what some people say is the best beer in the country be prepared to wait in line. that's what these people did in santa rosa despite today downpour. some waited eight hours to taste the
9:25 pm
limited edition young beer. it's brewed by the russian river brewing company where it's only available on tap and only for the next two weeks. brewery says that's to guarantee its freshness. >> any beer you are using a lot of hospitals and you really want to preserve the freshness by serving it as close to when it was brewed as possible. so this beer was only ready to be drank as of yesterday. some call younger best i p a in the country. brewery produces only 200 keg of it a year last chance to try this brew will be february 19. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. the young american woman held hostage by isis. what they now say has happened to her and who they blame. >> also the major new development in the plane crash. what the pilot did after an engine failed. investigators say tragic mistake. >> and we continue to watch the storm pass through the bay area who
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wants to try a new burger? that's good! it's really good. very juicy. that's melted garlic herb butter. it's original. i like soft buns. i would buy this. this is amazing! could this be from jack in the box? definitely not jack in the box no. i'm not a big fan of jack in the box burgers and... this is really good! thanks... i guess. that is my new buttery jack with garlic herb butter melted right on. you can go classic or baco& swiss
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will they melt in your mouth? you butter believe it. sz. >> we begin this half hour with isis claims american woman being held hostage is now dead. >> 26-year-old kayla mueller of arizona was taken by the terror group 17 months ago. and tonight they say she was killed
9:29 pm
during a jordan airstrike. t brian ross has more. >>reporter: until today her family feared any public mention of her plight as isis hostage would endanger the life of this 26-year-old american idealist. but now in an on line message isis claiming she was killed in an airstrike on this building in the city of rock carried out they claim by jordan pilots. isis divided no evidence of the claim. >> i can not confirm those reports in any way. people are looking into them but can not confirm them. >>reporter: jordan carried out series of airstrike in syria against isis this week. retaliation for the murder by isis of captured jordan pilot. u.s. officials told us tonight the building hit by isis was a weapon storage facility struck by the jordan but it doesn't proof miss mueller was there. >> no question that isis is responsible for her death whether on it occurred during a
9:30 pm
bombing or at the hands of isis bombing or at the hands of isis. >>reporter: she view about up in prescott, arizona. all american girl and student leader who wanted to make the world a better place. the she was captured year ago half ago in the syrian city of help where she went to work with refuse you gee after post thanksgiving video on you tube. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people i reject brutality and killing of the syrian authorities committing against the syrian people. >>reporter: police this afternoon close off the street in prescott where her parents live. they had worked desperately behind the scenes to find way to gain their daughter freedom. after isis first threatened to kill her on her birthday last august. demanding 6 million dollar ransom be payed. >> brian ross reporting. >> new clue from black box on board the plane that fell from the sky in taiwan. at least 35 people died. now concerns about what the pilot did in the final moment d.they somehow shut down the wrong engine?
9:31 pm
here's david curly. >>reporter: fit we know more about why this plane dr. matcly dropped out of the sky. both engines are not running. evidence that the pilot who lost one engine shut down the good engine leaving them with no power. >> it sure look like there is some series pilot error that actually induced a mishap that didn't need to had a. >>reporter: after radio annual >>reporter: after radio annualment that the plane with 50 on board had taken off just 5 seconds later the crew knows something is wrong. at 10 seconds engine alert. trouble with the right engine. it nearly shuts down automatically even though this plan can fly on one engine at 33 seconds the crew shuts off the left engine which is running properly. >> pilot co-pilot what's going on. crew communication. critical here. >> you put 2 pilots in the cockpit for a reason. i put my hand on that throttle i'm shutting down this particular engine and it's everybody confirming it so that you didn't make a mistake. the
9:32 pm
pilot realize the mistake. and try to restart the left engine. but it's too late. if david curly reporting. find something far are preliminary obviously. pilot praised for avoiding buildings had nearly 5000 hours of flying experience 5000 hours of flying experience. >>reporter: authorities in missouri are charging a mother with kidnapping and child abuse for orchestrating the phoney kidnapping of her own son. sheriff's deputy say the bother mother grandmother and aunt all pictured here wanted to teach the child a lesson which went well outside the law. his mother believed he was too nice to strangers. so they planned an elaborate kidnap. investigators say one day after school friend of the boy aunt lured the 6-year-old into a pick up truck >> boy starts immediately crying when told he will never see his mother again. never going to see his house. and then when then he doesn't stop crying he shows them a gun. the. >>reporter: police say the boy was told he would be nailed to the wall of a shed. kidnapper
9:33 pm
bound his hands and feet with plastic bag and covered his head. he was even told he would be sold as a sex slave. investigators say the ordeal lasted about 4 hours. >> if we reported this week that hackers stole personal information from 80 million people who used health insurer an them now the inshir didn'ten crypt that information. scrambling of data is a recommended safe guard but it's not mandated by law. some cyberexperts say law need to be strengthen making encryption of the personal information mandatory. ceo of direct trust says not doing so will hurt the public faith in the system. direct trust is a non-profit that sets cyberstandard. >> democratic senator call for investigation into verizon for secretly inserting secret codes to track the westbound traffic of 100 million customers. so-called super cookies attacked a set of letters and numbers that i had tie on each site you visit. senator nelson
9:34 pm
of florida wants to know if verizon violated any privacy law. company says it will respond to nelson concerns and anyone that wants to opt out of the tracking program can do so. >> good economic news. 250,000 new jobs were created in january. moyrs now hiring fastest pace in 17 years and wages have wrist than by the most in 6 years. >> showers are still coming down all around the bay area tonight. >> they are. 7 news drew is tracking for you with live doppler 7hd. >> certainly a wet and windy end to the work week. if we show you the tail end of storm no. 1 and now i'm tracking storm no. 2. that brings rain to the second half of your weekend. details with accu-weather forecast. >> thank you druchlt plus the effort to make a young bay area leukemia patient feel like a kid. >> that's a great story. 7 news
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>> about great great story here >> about great great story here. family from castro valley thankful tonight for volunteers who spent the week at the house. >> give where you live teamed up with special space disney on ice and entertain tomorrow give one special also boy a big surprise. >> in some way 8-year-old austin is your typical third grader. >> i like about soccer. football. baseball. posely. >>reporter: he only mostly likes baseball because he kept getting hit by pitches. >> i can hid in the hand, hit in the leg right near the stomach my wrist. i got a lot of space i got hit. >>reporter: back in may he suffered a much more serious blow to his health. he was diagnosed with law chemoyeah. >> i was in shock because you think of all the worst going through your head. but he's going to good through. is he going to make it. >>reporter: austin parents amy and greg are making sure he
9:39 pm
gets the best care while also caring for their other son 6-year-old dominic. >> interact so well. little brother looks up to him so much. >>reporter: he has limited understanding of what is happening to us a continue. he know how it effects his brother ability to run and race him. >> fv next week austin will be admitted to ucsf mission bay to 7 a bone marrow trans plant. he will be in the hospital for 6 weeks. when he comes home he will need a special environment will need a special environmt. >> he need a place that the is germ free and clutter free that he disnot get sick. if he gets sick right back in the hospital. >>reporter: so they partner with disney on ice performer this week to transform the small room the brother share that a place fit for a king. or rather a lions king. one of
9:40 pm
austin favorite moviement certain mouse named micky there for the big ramp reveal. >> i love my new room. mostly excited about this because of my kind of, i like the art drawing on this because it look like the same thing in the movie. and it's like if kind of real art. >> you know what i thin that austin and dominic are very happy and i hope that greg and amy are happy i think they are. it's more than what i expected. it's beautiful. >> i captain explain how happy and how much joy i have for my son. having his new room. the lions king. >> thank you for everything. >> sweat day for austin. wave slide show with pictures from austin bedroom make over. tell disney helps make austin stay
9:41 pm
special is the parent company of abc 7. >> grit kid. >> absolutely. >> coming. after years of walking 21 miles each day to and from work, this man can finally relax. that's next. >> in honor of black history month we use our 7 news instagram feed to celebrate the people making a difference where you live. >> today we honor pastor michael mcbride of the way christian center in berkeley and national director of the life license to healing campaign which work to change the lives of black young people. hear pastor speak this friday american history month. flag raising ceremony at san jose city hall. more information on inst
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>> angry way to learn the alphabet. video posted on you tube shows a father and his 2-year-old daughter singing a metal version of the abc complete with the head banging and angry facial expressions. >> wow! >> looks pretty happy. >> she does. >> metal version. did a jingle bell. >> after years of walking 21 miles each day to and from work detroit man can financially take the it easy. >> finally he did all that walking simply because he couldn't afford a new car and today he got a big surprise. >> david muir has the story. >> hello i'm james robertson. i'm 56 years old. i live in detroit. before. >>reporter: like so many americans james gets up every morning to go to work. his commute on foot. 21 miles. that's right more than 10 miles each way. >> i walk 21 miles every day. just to get to the job that i love. >> factory worker he infer
9:46 pm
missed a day of work. 13 years there. >> it its fun. co-workers are second family. >> worth walk to go ever since the car broke down more than a decade ago. >> i bought a 1988 hopped a for 500 dollars. it only lasted about 3 or 4 most? a he said he could never afford a new car. over time driving to work himself detroit banker blake pollack notices something. >> the thing i saw was this man walking down the road all different points on this road in all types of weather. >>reporter: so one day he offers james a ride. friendship soon the. >> commute is astonishing to me. >>reporter: banker tells the newspaper detroit free press then the article then 19-year-old college student reads it. enter he have van. >> i read in the comments that people were asking how they could donate which inspired me to create the go fund me page. >>reporter: goal raise 5000 dollars. get james an old used car.
9:47 pm
>> within 4 hours we had 25,000 dollars donated and 25,000 turned into 50,000 turned into 100,000 now up to 300,000 dollars. >>reporter: first the banker then the student then the detroit giant ford who invited gentleman dames to test drive some cars aware of all the donations. but when jim's got there they simply gave him the car instead. >> the keys to your new ford taurus t.come take a look at it. >>reporter: he was overwhelmed >>reporter: he was overwhelmed. gave him the car. city. how do you like it i don't like it. i love it. >>reporter: then is stilt hits him. >> if only my parents could see me now. >>reporter: tonight the whole country has. >> i feel like i'm simple average guy having fun. been blessed to did what i have been blessed to do. >>reporter: >> incredible
9:48 pm
story. >> david muir reporting. >> okay. let's go back up date the weather forecast e.that's right. drew has the latest drew. >> we are still tracking storm no. 1 rate now. live doppler 7hd will show you the steadiest heaviest of the written now working through parts of the north bay. more dray air working into the system so really seeing the tail end of this first storm move through tonight. heavy showers work around santa rosa. areas to the north. still having some flight.38 specialally sfo this hour. nearly 3 hours. no delay at oakland san jose because of the quoyingt wind. tomorrow we see residual scattered showers nothing wide spread. not a big issue compared to today weather. 67 sacramento 56 yosemite. 67 high for fresno. closer to the bay area. you will see the wind relax tomorrow morning want be a gusty start to the weekend. mainly cloudy skies. 65 the high san francisco 67 oakland. same in san jose gust 61 degrees santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast show showers and windy miniissue early tomorrow
9:49 pm
morning. get break in the rain saturday afternoon before storm no. 2 arrives early sunday morning. more rain more wind and showers even linger natural monday morning rush. >> thanks drew. >> all right time the turn our attention to experts and hoop. >> good game tonight. good match up. >> these 2 teams pretty interesting in the fba right now best in the west versus beast of the east. warriors and hawks. what a shoot out it was w i turned 26, and under my parents' insurance, i just wasn't able to get coverage any more. health insurance through covered california is so affordable, it doesn't make sense not to sign up. i'm in, and i'm making it on my own.
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you. >> you coming up at 11:00 o'clock. whipping wind brought down more tree power line throughout the bay area tonight. we have new video showing you how much damage this storm has caused. >> thief target one of san francisco most celebrated bars. valuable item ripped from the wall of smuggler cove. >> those stories and more come up 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> all right. now we have some sports action with larry. >> what do you have. >> i have a lot of stuff. if doubtful. >> maybe. >> i don't know. maybe not. the warriors in the midst of a spectacular season. maybe even more surprising than the warriors the atlanta hawks. the hawks they haven't done
9:53 pm
anything since wilkins flying through the air dunking on people 20 years ago. warriors hawk is a possible final preview. not hyping nichlingt possible. played tonight in atlanta. cool display in phillips arena. look at this you can have this in the living room. get off the phone stop tweet having a life. kent hits a 3. won't let you off i know. warriors too sloppy with the ball here. drives and scores and david lee hand it right back to him. kyle from way downtown. it's an old keith lean but i use it. tied at 52 lean but i use it. tied at 52. curry leading the come back. hits the 3 at 26. fellow splash brother thompson. had 29. hawks brilliant off the bench. mechanic scott with 17 points they shot 56 percent from downtown which is ridiculous. schroeder and tiege he's a blur in the open
9:54 pm
court. had 23. and pouring salt in the wounds kyle core in the 3 point shoot out with clay the 3 point shoot out with clay. 5 of 9 from downtown. what are you smiling for? warriors took 26 more shots. fall 124-116. warriors 39 and 9 on the year. hawks 42 and nichbility they are good. you saw steve kurr smiling. even more relaxed this morning. look at the face. photo bombing mark stein and live shot on sports center on espn and he waves his hand stlchlt no respect for the job that i do mark stein does? my good. nba people. i'm joking. thunder pel ken 1.2 seconds left. anthony davis are you serious? they were tied at 113. jack knife. double pump again days fender. dave history 41. best stat of all. first 3 of the
9:55 pm
season. pelican win 116-113. women basketball. 12 rank stanford at arizona state. football coach at asu. sun devil on a run. quinn led asu with 22. they had the current of distraction. with the shatter it worked. johnson missed the shot there. my goodness. 5 seconds left. cardinal down 1. can't watch. rihanna gets a good look. back rim. there's the ball game. asu sweep stanford first time 83-84. 53 to 52 was the final. if the raiders can tackle like the new defensive considered 98tor once did they should be fine next season. raiders hide norton junior today. 48-year-old norton spent the last 5 seasons linebacker coach for the seattle seahawks. talk about lynch and getting the ball. 1 yard license. dan wants to talk more about this.
9:56 pm
norton 13 years in the nfl. great with the cowboy and niners and the punching routine in honor of his dad former heavy weight boxing champ ken norton senior. junior now a raider. baseball season almost here. giants pitchers and catchers will report on february 19. today the champ got together to preview the 2015 season talking in the media. fan fest is tomorrow at at&t park. immanuel the line to madison baumgarner. the now natural star after epic performance in the world series but he remains a low key country boy no matter how big the spotlight is. >> for me hasn't changed at all >> for me hasn't changed at all. we have tried to ignore all the hype and publicity and all that. it's great that what's happened but wh it comes down to it we got one job to do and that's to be ready to pitch for the san francisco giants and compete in 2015. >> rock star hair going there.
9:57 pm
after lasting out on the pablo sandoval sweep stake giants waste in order time trading mcgeechlt he hit only 4 homers at 76 rbi last season. from santa cruz. heat thrilled to be home. did not come here with the expectation this he is going to did everything the panda did. >> missing the boat and would regret it if i felt like i was going to try to be the next pablo. replace him in that sense because i don't think you can really. the really just try to kind of try to kind coverup my own niche and play my game. i bring some things to the table help the tee. i can help us win some games. >> should be good at third base. defensive player. 7 sports brought to you by toyota and fan fest tomorrow. the. >> it's grit. >> hopefully the written won't make it too bad. >> thanks very much. >> thank you for joining us. tonight i'm amma. >> dan for drew and all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you for 7 news at
9:58 pm
11:00 over on channel 7
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