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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight, how women are treated in silicon valley. >> distraught relatives arrived in a san francisco murder scene. a shooting that left two men dead. >> use less water, spend more money. why your water bill could go way up. >> and apple takes a wrap off it's new watch. >> we begin with criminal accusations against a member of the san francisco 49ers, good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. there are new allegations of domestic abuse against fullback
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bruce miller. we don't know what happened or where the alleged crime occurred but miller was arrested just before midnight for spousal battery. miller has been a 49er four seasons now. he's 27 years old the team issued a statement, saying quote the organization is aware of the matter and we'll do our due diligence in collecting all relevant information. you'll recall ray mcdonald was dismissed after two assault arrests. prosecutors tell abc7 news the investigation is open with no decision on charges in the second arrest. >> more breaking news the search underway now for a man suspected of kidnapping his 1-year-old son in southern california and he could be in the bay area. police have activated amber alerts and put up pictures throughout the state this evening. this is one near east oakland.
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here is the man they're looking for and his son, jaden two feet tall and 26 pounds. he was abducted from his home in san pedro where his mother's boyfriend was stabbed this morning. his father was last seen in a gray nissan altima. >> and breaking news in west oakland. police are searching for a person who shot two people a little more than an hour ago on chestnut and 30th street. >> at least one of the victims has died. here you can see video of one person you just saw them being hurried into an ambulance. traffic is blocked off. >> police are investigating after two men were shot and killed this morning sitting in a
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car near crocker amazon playground. we're live with the story tonight. sergio? >> this is the 12th and 13th shooting homicide in the city this year. this shooting happened in a city park but family members came here to the hospital to try to get more information. friends and family showed up at the scene of the crime. many are distraught to find out the young men were dead. we watched some rushing to the cars to get to san francisco general hospital the two young men were shot just after 9:30 this morning as they sat inside of this tan chevy cam yaro. according to a spokesman they were unarmed. just feet away a crew of rec and park workers saw and heard what happened >> the witness of a double homicide, you can imagine it's
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not something will see in a daily life. we want to make sure employees are okay. they're not physically injured but it could be traumatic. >> there are a lot of neighbors nearby. some come here to play ball >> this morning, there were police. >> it double homicide is quite a shock for people. >> this is about five minutes from here i never heard anything. >> one witness told me nine shots were fired into the car we saw the members of the gang task force meeting with family. one officer said he knew the two victims. he would not say if they were in
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a gang. >> reckless driving may have caused this head on collision this afternoon. it happened on river road in windsor the chp says one driver speeding to pass. the driver was killed when the speeding car hit a pick up and caught fire. the pick up driver was killed a 58-year-old man from winsor. >> the woman at the heart of the silicon valley sex bias trial took the trial today, suing her former venture capitol firm for gender discrimination and retaliation. we are live with this developing news. tiffany? >> she's the star witness and analysts say a large part of the case hinges on her testimony. >> ellen powell does not strike you as a woman who put silicon valley on edge.
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her $16 million lawsuit against her former employer is tracting international attention. >> the case is a study in contrast. it's fascinating. almost every bit of evidence had two sides of it. today, calmly she talked about her ivy league education and work experience saying she turned down the offer because it was too junior. after accepting a position, she noticed issues which culminated in filing this lawsuit, alleging gender discrimination and retaliation by a colleague she'd had an affair within 2006. saying when i found out he lied to me and his wife had not left him, i ended it permanently and i was furious. powell said she thought they can make a working relationship but
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she complained to senior partners about this. one partner, she said not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. in 2008 he was prom yoeted and placed in an office across from powell. when mentioned this made her uncomfortable she was offered a back office in the visitor's section. and she was passed over for a promotion because she was on maternity leave. >> was action taken against her because of her gender? >> she's expected to return to the stand tomorrow. in san francisco, tiffany wilson abc7 news. >> in fairfield a group of parents cornered a man seen taking cell phone pictures. she pointed him out to her mother who started chasing him.
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>> the man police caught with a girl scout troop's stolen cookie cash box was in court today. abc7 news was there this afternoon in san jose. he posted bail, and due in court next month. >> shorter showers, and now, higher rates. that is the latest impact as california moves into the fourth year of drought. >> this rate increase is over three times higher having some ndering why valley water district can't dip into $557 million in reserves >> the board will consider financial reserves.
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many are in place for very catastrophic emergencies, an earthquake. the drought of course is an emergency. >> the rate hike will generate over $42 million and increase will depend upon where customers live. >> it's $8.09 in north county and $1.52 in south county. >> the board will look at staffing levels and consumers seem to understand finding and importing will be more costly. >> it's steep. and that is a steep amount. if we have to buy water outside of the district they've got to get money somewhere. >> there is opposition among other consumers who want to see belt tightening.
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residents have reduced water consumption by 13%. >> it's legs now but they want to charge you more. >> the board holds it's discussion tuesday evening. a final decision expected in may. in san jose abc7 news. >> we've had a look at the apple watch the new product in five years and costs ranging from $349 to $10,000. abc7 news was at the big event and is live in san francisco with more. >> apple is willing to bet the
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smart watch will be the next thing you can't live without. >> looks like blue modern buckle. is this a favorite? >> this is my fashion favorite. >> mod christy turlington burns is among the first users of the watch. >> it is fashionable. >> apple showed off watches in stores. and the question of battery life? >> you can expect 18 hours. that works for most people i think >> on price, it's complicated. >> the apple watch sport starts at only $349. >> this reigns in at $349. other versions are priced into five figures. >> there will be limited quantities of the apple watch
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edition from $10,000. >> the solid gold version works like other was apps by developers who had to use computer simulators. >> it's better to see things in action. >> and even accessory makers have had to use computer print outs. but third parties could make the watch great. >> i can now get information approve the deal from my wrist watch. >> then, work out details on this tiny new macbook. >> until you see it in person, it's very small. >> when you get home turn on hbo. you can stream it on apple tv without cable. it's available next month. >> do you have a prediction for how many you'll sell? >> not today but i'm confident
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>> the watch will be able to bring you breaking news alerts. down load it now so you'll have it when the watch becomes available. >> in san francisco it's shut down most of the daily city bart line. woe learned police are suspending the search and should reopen within next few minutes or so. bart warns delays will be as long as 45 minutes. >> still ahead how to land a good-paying technology job in silicon valley the government is now stepping in to help you out. >> campus uprising in a high school the back story behind this walk out over a popular teacher. >> a woman sends $3,000 to the
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wrong company. ahead, why
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school officials in palo alto are urging parents to talk to their kids about depression and suicide a student was struck and killed by a northbound train near churchill avenue. cal train says the student walked into the tracks this morning. >> unfortunately they were killed by a oncoming train. the trains were delayed this morning. >> trains going in both direction were backed up an hour, cal train says there was a
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security guard at the station at the time but it's unclear if the guard saw the teen in time to call for help >> the security guard is provided through project safety net. their job is to observe and report they can't go out on the right of way or interfere with a person on the tracks but have a hot line number going to dispatchers that will allow us to stop the train. >> officials say last year, there were ten. this former student recalled hearing about it too often. >> there was an average of one student suicide a semester. it's -- they're not all the train i don't think it's about the train. it's about the culture. >> it's sad you know it's avoidable. students say those who need help don't seek it.
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>> the stigma against depression is high. a lot of people won't go look for help they think needing help means they're failing. >> it's a culture cal train, the city of palo alto and educators are trying to change. >> authorities announced a multi agency task force to try to track down a missing inmate he escaped on friday. we were following closely for you as breaking news a manhunt ensued. officers were surrounding the area where he was last seen. authorities believe he is still in the greater san jose area but where? they updated his appearance. >> hundreds of studts walked out of class to demand a teacher be rein-tated. students demonstrated outside de-anza high school in support
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of teacher felicia dean. her contract was not renewed. some believe it's because she encourages students to speak up for themselves. >> the students feel they have no voice here. and are concerned about a resource. >> a spokesman told abc7 news what we value and respect opinions of students and parents, the responsibility lie was the principal and the district. >> she could not be reached for comment. >> there is a little bit of change coming. >> now more evidence of the rain
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in this view. i should remind you today was very warm inland. we had 80 degrees in antioch. highs into 70s. we have fog at the coast. skies are still mainly clear. here is a live view looking over san francisco, you can see low clouds that have spilled throughout the golden gate and pushing over san francisco and towards the bay. it's 54 degrees now in san francisco. 74 in gilroy. here is a view of the not yet setting sun.
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fairfield, 72. one more live view from our camera looking at san francisco's skyline, these forecast features fog, low clouds overnight scattered showers wednesday and a warmer pattern for the weekend. taking a look at high pressure dominant feature now. this is often described as a dirty ridge of high pressure. we have coastal fog as well here comes our rain maker. it's this weak stream of moisture we'll start at 5:00 wednesday morning. it will be mostly cloudy skies with little patches of rain. next wave moves in the first wave about 6:00 a.m more wide spread. and into afternoon a second
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wave of showers and it will be over by late wednesday night into early thursday morning. by late wednesday night, we're expecting rainfall totals no greater than 3-tenths of an inch and no measurable rain to 5/100ths in the south bay. overnight lows tonight fog at the coast pushing inland and over the bay. and upper 50s on the coast. 64 degrees downtown tomorrow. upper 60s in the north bay and east way bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather and 70 degrees on
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the coast. >> thank you >> okay. >> coming up next, the uss freedom. >> ye
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people fighting for affordable housing in silicon valley packed a palo alto city council meeting tonight trying to save the last mobile home park. most residents are low income families that work in wealthy neighborhoods nearby and have to leave if the park closes the owner wants to sell. santa clara county put up $8 million but it may be worth as much as $30 million to owners. >> stocks recover from a big
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sell last week. today marks the anniversary of a six-year bull market. one of longest positive runs since the 40s. general motors agreed to a $5 billion stock buy back part of a deal avoiding a fight with four hedge funds clamoring for a return on their investments. >> and tesla has followed through with a promise that heads would roll in china where the palo alto based car maker sold only 120 vehicles in january. >> a class of warships were spotted in the bay area. the uss freedom uses water jets
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instead of normal pro pellers. and has a monthed -- modular design. >> wow. >> yes. >> more still to come here tonight the racist video with no sympathy from a university president. . >> i don't have much sympathy for them. we don't plan to help them. >> tonight a level of outrage over the shooting of a shooting of a black suspect in madison, wisconsin by a white police
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there is no tolerance for a video showing fraterty members in oklahoma singing a racist chant. the frat has been kicked off campus. >> the audio clip is disturbing. a group of young men and women on a bus, chanting. video shot saturday, showing partying members of the fraternity in black tie, singing a racist chant. the chapter belonged to the university of oklahoma until these images surfaced. the national sae chapter sharply
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condemned the actions the university president called the students a disgrace and permanently severed ties with the university. >> we'll don't provide student services for bigots. >> he's giving until midnight tuesday, to vacate the frat house. >> as they pack their bags i hope they think long and hard of what they've done. >> there are a series of peaceful demonstrations. some believe these incidents are not uncommon. >> we were upset and angry but not shocked because these things happen every day that took this group of people to be caught for it to get national attention.
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>> the footage surfaced a day after the president joined hands with civil rights leaders. this video suggests the march is not yet finished. >> those marchers agree our nation still has a long way to go. the group is walking 50 miles from selma retracing the steps taken in 1965. >> protestors took their outrage to the state capitol today in madison, wisconsin today, thousands demonstrating after the weekend police shooting that killed an unarmed black teenager. his name throughout the
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wisconsin state capitol building. hundreds of students here demanding justice for the unarmed 19-year-old. police say friday evening, someone matching his description was fighting in a gas station and running through traffic. police tracked him down at this apartment. veteran officer matt kenny radioed in to report a disturbance inside. kenny reportedly forced his way in claiming he was attacked and moments later... kenny shot the teen saying it was self-defense. friends and family comparing the case to those of michael brown and eric garner. >> all lives matter. >> police say they've learned from mistakes.
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>> i don't have a good answer except to say i'm sorry. >> working to keep the demonstrations... peaceful. >> he shot a man to death in 2007 and in that case was exonerated and given a medal of valor. >> wisconsin's governor struck a major blow today against organized labor. the law makes it illegal to force workers to pay union dues. wisconsin is now the 25th state and comes four years after signing a bill effectively ending collective bargaining for workers walker is a rising star in the republican party and potential 2016 presidential candidate. >> the vatican is confirming a
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disappearance of a letter last seen 20 years ago. an official received a ransom demand. the art yiflt usually dictated letters to assistants. >> a bay area woman sent thousands of dollars to the wrong compmp
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in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former
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military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. paying bills online could be easier than writing a check. but it could be easier to make a mistake. iet can. a bay area woman paid thousands to the wrong company. >> yes. >> yes. >> exactly. that is what this is all about. it's one of the cases making you pause before hitting the send button. at least, i hope it will. this woman admits it was her mistake but should it be hard to correct? in this case, it took awhile. >> patricia likes her newspaper. >> i get coffee, get the paper and sit and read.
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>> for 30 years she started her day flipping through pages of the san jose mercury news she reads in a certain order. and looks for her favorite features she pays $350 to subscribe however wasn't willing to pay $2800 for it. iet happened when she went online to make her how longs payment. her bill pay puts the mortgage company next to the mercury news. >> they're in alphabetical order. >> she realized her house payment went to the mercury news. she called to get the money back. >> she said oh yeah.
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i see that. we'll get it back to you. >> customer service promised to send her a check, but weeks passed and still no refund she called again. >> just wait. just wait a while. you know? it should come. and so it didn't come. >> now she got worried. maybe the check got lost or stolen. . >> i called again. can you just credit my account? no. we don't do that. >> she kept calling the 800 number and getting the same promise >> i go who am i talking to? what state are you? they wouldn't tell me that. they didn't take it seriously. like it was no big deal. >> she never did get the check. she contacted 7 on your side we contacted the mercury news and immediately patricia got a call. >> we're sorry for the inconvenience. >> the mercury news issued this credit to her account telling us it took longer than it should have. we apologize for the delay.
7:41 pm
and we value her as a subscriber. she's more careful now, and off line is still a reader of the printed news. >> that is a lot of money. >> the spokesperson said they did send a check and she isn't sure to it. always double check like your mother now always double check before hitting send now, watching reports online is easy. that is called a transition. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead how to land one of the technology jobs in silicon valley. >> yes the government is step can't say thank
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chase. so you can. if you wish you can qualify for a high-paying job in silicon valley? >> today i'm announcing an initiative, so what it's gng to do is help local leaders to the jobs. >> tonight, how tech hire will work. >> cory started training for a career in technology.
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for six months he will undergo training at year up. a nonprofit dedicated to helping 18 to 24-year-olds land a tech job. >> training is free thanks to support and donations they get a stipend, and that is just the beginning. >> they earn an internship with a company then they finish they're employable by one of those partners. one company is highering the newly-trained people. today, president obama introduced the initiative. >> these partnerships are creating those pathways that get everyone into tech that you don't have to have a four-year engineering degree. you don't have a masters degree
7:46 pm
to get a job with growth potential. >> san francisco started training people in 2012. it's called tech sf initiative. >> it's designed to focus on those who may not have a job today or wish they cracked and can get into the industry. >> this year, san francisco hopes to train 200 people. all they need to do is contact the city office of economic and work force development. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the premier gathering of women in business gets underway tomorrow. crews were busy setting up for the 26th professional business woman of california conference. 5500 people are expected and the event is sold out. it provides women an opportunity
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to network and advance their careers. key note speakers include cheryl jennings as the conference host. >> maybe a change in the weather? >> slight change and maybe a warm up. showing a little layer of low clouds and fog moving thu the golden gate and bay. air quality is okay for the most part. but we have a rise in tree pollen that is very high. so if you're sensitive to tree pollen, you may have noticed that. weed pollen and mold spores are low, that is good news low clouds near the coast. clear skies over the bay area. tomorrow way down south, will be mostly sunny skies and warm. in the bay area low clouds
7:48 pm
lenningering at the coast. highs into low to mid-70s inland tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. some scattered showers wednesday and a big warm up with highs around 80 degrees saturday. highs on the coast 70 degrees friday and saturday. >> 80? >> yes. >> really in the bay area. >> thank you spencer. >> changes big time. >> it's hard to keep it straight. >> i'm not sure that i can help. >> this is a wild time for the 49ers patrick willis
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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good evening, there is so much 49er news. and part of that patrick willis skipping last season because of a nagging toe injury. he's been a tackling machine eight years. and everybody expected him back. he may go into the ministry.
7:52 pm
a lot of messages along those lines. now expectation is justin smith will retire. his decision expected by next week. it is enormous. and niners were actively shopping collin kapernick. niner gm has strongly denied that report but this creates more questions and instability. and when free agency begins, he will be going somewhere. colts were apparently trying to throw a zillion dollars.
7:53 pm
my guess is that they felt like they'd be fine without him but that is before the mass exodus. now he's part that will insclud replacing replacing. he got better as the year wore on. that is a very big loss. vernon davis took to twitter to address this mass exodus, tweeting we've been hit by a lot. looks like there is more still to come. times like this your faith is all you can lean on. raiders have a ton of cash to spend so far. he's 25 years old and that makes
7:54 pm
him one of the highest-paid centers in the league. his arrival probably means the end of him as a raider. hudson will be joined by a receiver. on to baseball pablo sandoval said he was upset about the initial offer about $40 million. he says the only giants he will miss is hunter pence. >> fly ball to ground right.
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and the game ended in a 5-5 tie. a's, jesse hung competing for a spot in rotation. abc7 sports brought to you by the bank of the west. might be easier next time to tell us who is staying. >> yes. that is fluid itself. >> that is a lot of change. thanks larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00. seized by federal marshals why a team oracle boat has been arrested >> it's fun. >> yes. join us to see what bay area fitness centers cooked up to
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keep you coming back tonight at 11:00. >> tired just watching. >> prime time tonight the season finale of the bachelor. and then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> yes. customers can get all programming on smartphones, tablets or computers. and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. we'll sese
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