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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 29, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a search underway for a uc berkeley soccer player last seen at a party in los angeles. new report reveals a pay gap between men and women at the capitol. how it compares to the rest of the state. plus. >> all my little hulk maniacs out there. >> the wrestling fans styling and profiling for the biggest day in sports entertain. right here in the bay area. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm matt keller. tonight a search is underway for
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a uc berkeley soccer player missing in southern california. eloi vasquez went to marin academy in san rafael. his family is in los angeles helping authorities try to find him. we're live from berkeley with what they know. >> reporter: eloi vasquez is a freshman midfielder on the uc berkeley soccer team, and on friday he drove down with teammates, who hey friends at usc. that night he went to a fraternity party at at around 1:00 in the morning his cousin told me vasquez tried to talk his friends into running to the beach but they told him no. the beach is 15 miles away. vasquez decided to leave the party on his own, and a short time later he made a phone call to his friend in berkeley. he said he was lost, alone, worried and needed her help. she told him to reach out to his friends who were with him at the
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party. at 2:15 in the morning he called her again repeating the same story mentioning something bat beach. that's that last time anyone heard from vasquez. his parents drove down to los angeles and are pleading for any help that loads -- leads to his safe reason. >> he is a top athlete, soccer player at cal. a very responsible -- that's why we drove all night to come here because we wanted to contact the police. >> hope he comes back safe and sound and nothing happened to him. he has bright future ahead of him. he goes to uc berkeley. a soccer play for uc berkeley. >> reporter: tonight cal released a statement which reads in part: eloi is a wonderful young man who has excelled together academically and athletely here at cal. family is concerned for his safety and our first priority is to help to locate him. now, tomorrow is the very end of
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spring break so a lot of students are getting back on to campus now and of course everyone here at cal is holing out hope that eloi will be back in time for classes tomorrow. live in berkeley abc7 news. >> thank you. marin county sheriff's deputies and novato police investigating a shooting that left one person with two gunshot wounds. happened this afternoon in a field near hamilton elementary school. police have not yet released specifics about the victim, only he is male. authority head -- have detained two people in connection with the shooting. the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the highway patrol is trying to find a person who shot three men in a drive-by this morning in sunny vail. it happened on the lawrence expressway offramp. one of the men is in critical condition. witnesses saw a white ford explorer in the area near the shooting. the man behind one of rock's most iconic songs of the 60s was critically injured in a
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deadly crash in santa rosa norman greenbaum, known for "spirit in the sky" was a passenger in the car. it helped on -- happened yesterday. the car turned in front of a motorcycle with two people on it. the motorcyclists was killed, the other person on the motorcycle was taken to the hospital in critical condition. investigators are trying to figure out how fast the motorcycle was going. two deadly crashes in fairfield shut down lanes in both directions on 80 this morning near red top road. chp responded to reports of a pt cruiser crashing into a tree. the driver died at the scene. one hour earlier another deadly crash took place on 80 west of red top road in the eastbound lanes. all lanes of traffic are now open. the former owe ceo of hewlett paccar said she has what it takes to be the next president and hillary clinton does not. >> hillary clinton lacks a track record of accomplishment.
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she is not candid, which suggests her character is flawed. >> carly fiorina told fox news today there is a higher than 90% chance she is going to seeing the republican nomination for president in 2016. she says she understoods technology and economics and uses those skills to grow her company and create jobs in 2010 she lost the bid for the u.s. senate. clinton has not responded to her comments. a new report found women who work for lawmaker tuesday state capitol earn considerably lest than their male counterparts. "sacramento bee" analyzed pay and found women who work nor state assembly make 92 cents on the dollar. those in the senate are slightly higher at 49 crepts on the dollar. both figures are better than california overall where women earn 48 crepts compared to men at the same jobs. top five awaying legislative staff positions were held by men in both houses. state lawmakers introduced nearly two dozen laws and budget actions to help close the pay
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gap. the supreme court could decide tomorrow whether to hear a freedom of speech appeals case on what students can wear to school. at issue can children mary western flags on their -- american flags on their shirts on cinco demayo. the shirts were banned after fights. the students with the shirts were sent home or told to turn the shirts inside out. yesterday was warm. today, even hotter for parts of the bay area in san ma day to, people were on the water soaking in the sun's raise on boats and paddleboards. other areas such as san francisco were a bit cooler although still beautiful outside. abc7 news' drew tuma joins us now. beautiful in san francisco, maybe a smidge cooler. >> a little bit. temperatures in the mid-70s along the coast. the lower 70s but any way you slice it feels like summer again for a second day.
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earlier this afternoon sutro tower camera showing you a busy day around the bay. lots of blue out there. plenty of sunshine and records on the board. take a look at highs across the region today. new record in livermore, coming in at 85 degrees. 78 oakland, 86 santa cruz, 87 gilroy napa, san rafael, lower 80s. now, i am track tracking winds of change. we'll talk about the cooler temperatures headed your way in the full forecast in just a few minutes. matt. >> you can track the high temperatures anytime with the abc7 news weather app. you can get it free from the app store or goggle play. we have information as abc7 levi's stadium is rocking with the titans of the wwe. wrestlemania 31 is underway right now in santa clara. could be a record crowd for the stadium a preview of what to
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expect in next year's super bowl. cornell bernard spent the day with fans getting ready for wrestling's main event. >> reporter: i'm pretty sure they can hear wrestlemania as far as san francisco today. wrestlemania is on fans make that super fans are loving it. the show began about an hour ago. look at all the people in the stands here at levi's stadium. next stop, the super bowl. it's not just a show. it's an event. with a giant cult following. wrestlemania nation. >> i'm excited for the triple h on sting match. >> wrestlemania! >> wrestle many! >> before the show started fans were pumped up, getting into character. >> hogan hogan, hogan. >> my my man stone sold with he.
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>> bus stone cold said so. >> that's the bottom line. >> that's not the real pair but no one cared. fans say it's amazing. >> this is about my lifetime dream since i was little always wanted to come to wrestlemania. this is one of the biggest events. this is our super bowl. >> going survive? >> i'm absolutely going to survive. no doubt. i may come out battled and bruceed and bloody but i'll walk out here. >> just like amazing, and just to see them just to say i was there. >> this will be the ultimate test for lee vives stadium. the most people ever this side of the super bowl. a capacity crowd of more than 70,000. the show alone could pump 100 million bucks into the local economy. levi's official says when it comes to crowd control and security is it the perfect dry run for next year's super bowl. >> i think we're well prepared. we have had some big events, this mail be the biggest win --
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biggest one so far. we're ready. we're all here because we love wrestling. >> reporter: let the matches begin in santa clara, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00. why scientist say our state's water slyve is going up in smoker. hundreds of people in the bay area get their shot be on the big screen today. and needy bay area families go on a spring shopping spree than
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hollywood came to san francisco this morning filming a scene for a new movie about steve jobs.
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dozens of people lined up outside the symphony hall to take part in mayoral picture's open invitation for extras in the movie title "steve jobs." some of the stars were scheduled to be part of the shoot including kate winslet and seth rogue began. >> we're here to be in the steve jobs movie being extras, crowd things. i can't give you the plot but we're going to be in the movie. >> there's no pay for it today but lots of prizes including a trip to universal studios hollywood for the movie's premiere. >> more than a thousand people have closets filled with new clothing shoes and toys thanks thanks so some generosity in the east bay. a group called the light pony express organized the event to help students and parents. visit the group's free general store program. volunteers collected 13,000 new and subsequently used clothing items for people in need in
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corrosion d contra costa county. can't think people enough. >> they look for something extra and find their very good stuff. i appreciate very much. >> two and a half tons of donated food was also given away today. coming up next at 6:00, today was a day for sun screen hand fans and parasols. maybe a hat or two. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> we're down to the final four in the ncaa tournament with three number one seeds and a seemingly perennial part of the group, no matter they're seed. michigan state. we'll have
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scientists say california's underground pot industry could have a lethal effect on the water supply. they looked at streams and rivers near marijuana farms. one stream is now dry. the only one that wasn't dry is nowhere near a pot farm. the demand from may to september exceeds the stream flow some areas. scientists say the problem is getting worse, pot farms double from 02009 to 2012 and it's hard
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to regulate without better monitoring and conservation standards. another unseasonably warm day. >> today is the peak of the heat. we'll start to usher in cooler temperatures by the middle of the school week, coming back to reality. feeling more like spring than summer. live doppler 7hd showing you high pressure in control but nothing but blue outside. we'll take you live outside showing you that sun is at a low angling. going down at 7:30 this evening. and you do notice right along the horizon a few cirrus clouds. stepping outside right now it's warm in locations. 81, concord. 77 danville. 79 fremont. san jose 76. and san francisco, one of the cooler spots, currently 61 degrees. satellite and radar is going to
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show you not a cloud over the bay area. notice high clouds will move in overnight tonight and it's all ahead of a cold front. but for tomorrow high pressure will still be in control. this high is going to sink to the south monday afternoon into the evening. what that will allow to happen this cold front to move in tuesday morning. it will turn windy around here and that's going to help to usher in cooler air for both tuesday and wednesday. take a look at future wind gusts. tomorrow, not too bad. a calm wind. that cold front begins to move in from north to south and winds pick up from 20 to 25 miles-per-hour tuesday, but in the wake of that front by tuesday afternoon and evening the winds will really begin to crank. nearing 40 miles-per-hour. notice the direction out of the north. that's a cool wind for us and that's why we're going to cool off rapidly tuesday into wednesday. so, overnight lows, partly cloudy skies dropping to 50 in san francisco 47, vallejo. 48 in san jose. highs for monday in the south
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bay, 77, san jose. 76 cupertino. on the peninsula, 70 menlo park. 68 tomorrow in downtown san francisco. under mainly sunny skies, and north bay 9 santa rosa. 79 in calistoga. east bay low 70s for monday. 71 oakland, 72 castro valley. 72 union city. and inland locationness the mid-80s this week will fall into the up are 70s. just a roo minder, the sun angle is getting higher and higher and that pep means it's easier to burp quickly. uv monday at high elevations your skin can burn between 15 and 25 minutes of here's the accuweather seven-day forecast we'll have a few clouds monday, but tuesday we're turning windy and that will usher in cooler numbers. by wednesday, breezy
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temperatures back to reality. mainly sunny on friday and then indication saturday into sunday with increasing clouds for easter. we could have a few drops coming from the sky. >> going to have to bring out the little umbrellas with the hats. >> thank you, drew. >> next weekend we have easter, also have the final four. >> that's right. we're down to the final two games of the elite eight on the men's side starting with gonzaga and duke. the blue devils happen been to 15 final fours and gonzaga has ban to the ncaa tournament 18 times, never methods it to the final four. tony romo and jason garrett duke fans. blue devils run away win in the second half. gonzaga star kevin pangos four points, lays it in with 6:38 left. the final shot in the game.
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duke back in the final four, with coach k. michigan state against louisville, my home town. travis trice three of his 17 right there for the cardinalses. leads by wayne brashears. msu back on top mad scramble. the foul and then puts it in. could have been a three-point play. instead made the first, missed the second. going to overtime tied at 65. the spartans dominate. bren forbes, the 3. he had 14. 35 seconds left. forbes misses but dawson for the putback, michigan state heading back to the final four for the seventh time under tom izzo and face duke 76-70 the final. >> not going to disney but we're going to indy and we're excited about it. i it was -- these guys did a
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heck of a job after a sluggish first half. i'm happy and proud and excited and incredible amount of michigan state people here and i want to thank them too. >> i'm ready for the real deal. enough cactus league. opening day only eight days away but we did gate giants-dodgers preview today. ryan vogelsong credit for the win and did damage with his about. a base hit. matt duffy 3-4, three rbis. hicks scores, duffy fighting for a final roster spot as a backup. giants beat the dodgers 11-9. a's and brewers brayman impressing on the mound. allowed one runs and ten hits in 21 innings this spring. struck out three today. billy butler homers. the a's blank the brew crew 7-0. nascar in martinsville.
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looked like the first day on the job for this pit crew. denny hamlin headaches the lead -- takes the lead and never looks back. keselowski clips the back of hamlin. pga tour in san antonio, jimmy walker's home course and he used his local knowledge to win his second event of the year. players love this event. bring the entire family. fellow texan jordan spieth on 14. a 50-footer over the hill. on line nothing but net. rub of four straight birdies, second place finish. still lost by four streaks. jimmy walker birdies on 16 same on 17. 11-under for the tournament. he would par 18 and win in his home town. he won a trophy but had his hat storm -- stolen by his son.
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serena williams meeting bellis on the third round of the miami open. no contest. the thrill of a lifetime for the 15-year-old prodigy who had a bright future ahead of her. match point. she couldn't return. serena wins 6-1 6-1. this sports reporting brought to you by bank of the west. remember the name. bellis she had great run at the u.s. open last year. she has a bright future on tour. >> took two sets from serena. >> two games, sorry, two games,. >> i couldn't take two sets from
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. scientist use elephants to take their first step in bringing back the extinct wooly mammoth. then on channel 7 the new effort by volvo to keep bicyclists safe. two new movies boosted box office ticket sales. dreamworks animated movie, home was in top spot. featuring rihanna as the lead and jennifer lopez in a supporting role. the top new comedy, get hard starring will ferrell and kevin hart-earned $34 million. divergent and cinderella were third and fourth.
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and it follows was fifth with $4 million cost 2 million to make. ticket sales were up 8% this weekend. >> that's its for us at 6:00. city you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night. ♪ ♪ coming up today on "intelligence for your life" if you're lookingpsaz for a job alone be the first or last to be evaluated?
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the latest research on the harvard business school to what happens to loan officers teachers and interviewers at the beginning and end of the day. also today, do you need little help in your dating life? would you like some expert


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