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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. i'm katie. dan and amma on assignment tonight. >> you may have seen it in the newspaper. full page ad asking for removal of san francisco archbishop. it was signed by group of catholic who are opposed to his view and are asking rome to intervene. 7 news reporter lee ann found the issue is pitting catholics against catholics. >>reporter: the full page ad is the latest attempt by group of catholics to get the vatican to remove san francisco archbishop. >> before we came inform this
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place there were messages sent quietly and confidentially through parish priests and through other contacts in rome. there were letters and phone calls. >>reporter: without any result >>reporter: without any result. they opposed many of the policies that the archbishop would like to implement for example anyone who works at catholic schools or for the arrested have to sign a morale clause. >> from from using everything from birth control to advocate for stem cell search and voicing opposition to the notion that some day women might be priests. >> mother of 3 here would like the archdiocese to focus on other more pressing issues. >> poverty. the homeless issues in san francisco. the ning quality and the technology boom that we have going on. >> archdiocese has called the ad a misrepresentation of catholic teaching. misrepresentation of the nature of the teacher contract and myself representation of the spirit of the archbishop. >> he's doing his job. i think
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that's why he's here. >>reporter: this group of catholic call attention to the marked differences between the archbishop and pope francis. one is the father of quarterback tom brady. >> we are not all built the same way and he has to appreciate our differences. >> do we expect the pope to say oh thank you i'm replacing him tomorrow. i think that's not going to happen. but we are not going to good away. >>reporter: they say they will continue to use the contacts in rome to press the vatican for change. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> jeans inspiration moment tonight in san jose where brian stowe threw out the first pitch at the san jose giants home opener. something most people never thought he would be able to do. 4 years ago stowe was viciously attacked in los angeles at san francisco giants dodgers game. tonight he used a walk tore get on to the field but he had no problem throwing out the ceremony out the ceremonial first pitch. much more ahead on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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>> golden state warriors heading into the post season with one of the nba best record with one of the nba best record. ever. which makes it easy to be a fan but tough to see a game. the wayne has more. >> you want to talk warrior. take a seat in the massive barber shop as they call it. where owens has carved out his own little piece of oakland with sheer and good ears. this is a porn warrior faichbility all of our earliest member in oakland. as a kid. >> tres wasn't around the last time the franchise won a championship. that was 40 years ago. >> now different players different ownership different uniform different practice facility. today players stretched and reporters stretched, too. with the mick phone hoping for play off pearl of wisdom from guy like coach steve kir need to did what we do. but we have to be sharp with it. >> these warriors hottest ticket in town. all they have
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done is won 67 game this year. 6 best record in nba history. >> i hope they are in the teasing us. winning us the championship and leaving us. >> maybe part of that tease the price for tickets in the upcoming play offs. despite a legal ballots between the warriors and stub hub right to resale surf the web and we hope resale surf the web and we hope. 159 dollars to 5000 plus dollars. and 25 cents. >> the full day pay. >> dre was talking about the lower number not the higher one. one of the customers austin key went to 2 games this year. but now these 2 block between the practice facility and the barber shop as close as either of them are ever likely to get. >> i don't have the finance for that. >> bless you if you can afford it. bless you if you can afford it. >> price for success hard core fan home court disadvantage. from oakland, abc 7 news. >> warrior first play off game
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against new orleans pelican at oracle arena this saturday live coverage begins at noon right here on abc's immediately followed by special edition of after the game. >> conservation at fishermen up and down the coast are at odds over the disappearing sardine. sardine fishing season has been stopped for the next 14 months in monterey famous cannery row the sardine industry collapsed 70 years ago ands as david louie explains history may be repeating itself. >> 48-year-old cast his net 4 to 5 hours out from the fisherman wharf but the season declared over next season as well. that goes against the optimistic outlook. >> just because there isn't any fish now doesn't mean there's going to be any fish a week or two week from now. >> these are thousands of sardine visitors to the monterey bay aquarium can view
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but the commercial west coast sardine population has dropped 93 percent over the past 8 years. conservation group ocean believes sardine need time to recover from the changes in ocean temperature and marine predators. it believes fishing harms that process even though fishermen disagree. >> if the population is naturally declining due to unfavorable ocean conditions it's important to aleaf 88th the fishing pressure. >> czar deny population has collapsed before. they disappeared in the late 40's leading to the demise of cannery row in the 60's. sardine made up one-third of his business. insurance and dock fee will continue. >> roughly i'd say the anywhere between 3 and 4,000 dollars a month. just sitting here not moving at all. >> commercially fished sardine are sold for basement also exported to australia and japan where they are eaten. another sardine survey will be done next march. >> many of those affected by the ban are second and third generation fishermen. all doing sardines. l in their
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50's. most with high school education. so they say now that the livelihood cut off they are not sure what the future holds on fisherman wharf in monterey, abc 7 news. >> tragic end tonight to the search for missing palo alto hiker. 70-year-old irvin don meier disappeared in the mcguire peak year of the regional park in alameda county yesterday. this afternoon search crew found the body matching his description. family members tell us myers liked to hike the trail a couple times a year and 50 people search for myers throughout the day it was shortly after 2 this afternoon that the discovery came that everyone dreaded. >> helicopter circling one of the highest peak in the area and they located what appeared to be a body. >> corper need to officially confirm the identity of the body. authorities say foul play is not a factor in the death. myers lived in palo
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alto. he loved to volunteer with ability united. >> 7 people are now charged in the shooting death of young mother in oakland. alameda county da charged 16-year-old with murder in last month killing of pierce. pierce died trying to shield her children from a shoot out in west oakland. police arrested 6 other suspects. teen arrested today will be charged as an adult. da says there could be even more arrest. >> one of the arrest came as part of nationwide sweep of violent felon by u.s. marshall and state local law enforcement agency. operation netted more than 100 high risk fumingtive from the bay area. abc 7 news reporter vick lerode along with the task force. >> 6 of the arrest were murder suspects. among them alex davis. he was one of the suspects wanted in the murder of an oakland mother killed in the cross fire of a gang shooting. also arrested in another high profile case suspected child molester jan
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carter escaped from santa clara county jail last month. u.s. marshall found carter in mississippi. >> 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun. fired 5 shorts toward the vehicle. >> past 6 week u.s. marshall and task force of federal state local law enforcements agency fan out across the greater east bay. targeting violent felon. we were im bedd with james and bay point in oakland where numerous arrest were made. this person was taken in custody at a trailer park. fight assault with deadly weapon. >> team members search the home they also found methamphetamine they also found methamphetamine. 137 fugitives and gang members from the east bay were arrested. some captured in other statements these arrest approximately 23 individuals are affiliated with gangs. 27 gangs -- 27 guns recovered and large amount of drugs. >> of the 1 nbc30 37 arrest 60
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were wanted for crimes in oakland. we were there in the city when federal agents and police took several people into custody at this home. they were lacking for gang members as well as a gun used in a murder. oakland police chief shawn went thanked the marshall for helping his under staffed department. >> oakland police department resource are stretched thin and constantly demands for services on our city streets. >> now operation violence reduction brought federal agent to the bay area from all over the country. 13 different agencies local state and federal participated. vic lee abc 7 news. >> we have >> much more ahead on this thursday night. coming up. we hear from the woman who was trapped in other car when this tree fell on it. also. reservoir reality check. how much water we have left in the state biggest reservoir. >> i'm sandhya it was warm beach day across the bay area. things will look a little different for some of you
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tomorrow. i'll be back with the details coming up. >> and from 7 on your side. who needs the police. extraordinary measures. one couple took to get back the stol
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>> imagine losing your computer or i-pad to theft. now imagine losing pwochlt happened 0to san francisco woman but what she and her boyfriend did next is extraordinary. michael has the story. >> she and her boyfriend joe
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were shopping in the san francisco shopping center one saturday. when they got back to the parking space bumper. >> we wept grocery shopping. came out. my car was broken into. >> they found the window broken and the lap top and i-pad gone. they spoke with a police officer who told them property crimes like theirs were a low priority. >> we returned back to her place dropped off the grocery because we had patienceable side honey we are going to get these guys. >> really. >> yes. >>reporter: they turned on find my i-phone and the chase was on. >> san francisco traffic being what it is very frustrating because we could see her phone or her i-pad going south on the 101. >>reporter: off they wept heading south. then north. on highway 101. >> we were getting closer closer closer. >>reporter: find my i-phone showed the device leaving san francisco and heading across the bay bridge. they were in hot pursuit. >> in my manipulated i was think going they go to private residence or dark alley there's nothing that i would have done.
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unfortunately for these guys they went to very crowded place right across the street from the college the oakland swap meet. >>reporter: thieves had a stack of lap top and smart device they were right over there. joe he was determined to get her devises back. >> could you see your lap top in the pile of lap top. >> i could. and actually when he was running across the street i could see my bright red case i said joe that's my stuff so that's when joe took off after them. >> i just mid a quick judgment call and ran across on to the island and told him to place all the stolen property down on the deck and we would not call the police. i told him to do it now in a very forceful and stern voice and he did it. then took off running. >>reporter: they picked out loren lap top i-pad found a police officer few block away and gave him the other computers. they wish police would have done the foot work rather than themselves but loren is happen to have her computer and i-pad back.
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>> we did a spot check of police department around the bay area asking for their policy on theft that can be tracked on find my i-phone. those policy are posted on our web site if you want to check them out. click on the sebingts tab then select 7 open your side. >> this is 7 on your side. >> google finally has find my phone service. all you have to do is install the google app on your phone. if you lose your phone you log in to geeling and type the word find my phone. map will pop up like this one so in the phone location. also ring the phone or erase all the data open the phone. >> wind kicked up a bit today you probably noticed. it was strong enough to push a large tree on to a car. >> it really happened so fast. kate was on her way back to work after doctor appointment when freak accident could have sent her to the hospital. tree fell on to her moving car crushing the back seat. >> all of a sudden it was
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falling on my car on me. i hit the brake i stopped. and i don't know it just felt like it kept like caving that my car probably felt like a lot slower than it was. but i just i was wondering if it was going to hit my head or what. >> she'sokay. the fir department say it's possible the whipped is to blame. in san francisco could it be any better. absolutely glorious. this is the upside of the wind. to march and her daughter viola knew how to take advantage of the beach weather e.we actually got one at fisher map wharf today. specifically to play on the gone day because it's perfect kite flying weather. >> one fat note they are visiting from vermont where it was 27 degrees when they left. warning also for you from the coast guard tomorrow through saturday evening. there will be strong swell big wave and possible sneaker wave. be careful if you are on or near
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the waichlts california water agency calling the governor proposed water cut unfair. the governor met with many of them today and his demand for 25% cut in water use will come at financial cost. they hope new more practical plan comes out of the state water resource board meeting tomorrow. governor has no intention if relaxing the rule and believes the cuts are needed to deal with the drought. here's reality check of how much water is left in some of the states biggest reservoir. like shasta at 60 percent. folsom 59 percent. like or ville. 51 percent and other bay area community is at 74 percent. there is so little snow left in the sierra the numbers are unlikely to change much. >> full accu-weather forecast. sandhya and is there any relief in sight. >> not enough to make a difference in our drought but we have an opportunity from seeing showers next week. >> we will take anything at
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this appointment. >> right now i show you just how bathroom it was today. i know were you out at the beach. so you know what i'm talking about. 70's and 80's across the entire bay area. 79 in san francisco. 75 in half machine bay. ia oakland which was just degree shy of its old record 82 santa rosa napa 80 in fairfield. livermore san jose all in the low 80's. here's look at 7 hd. it's clear right now but that's going to be changing. i'll explain in just a moment. beach hazard conditions still remain along the cost line so hazardous weather conditions if heading to the coast. through tomorrow just keep in mind that there is a greater risk of sneaker wave and rip current so beach hazard until friday evening. temperatures rate now this is what you expect to see in the middle of summer. it's pretty warm out there still. mostly 60's across the region. 67 antioch and the camera looking at san francisco financial district in the clear. cooler at the coast tomorrow. warm
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inland in the weekend and we look at chance of showers next week. so here's the pacific satellite picture. high pressure here has been providing with us a warm weather along with the offshore flow. ridge holds tomorrow but the wind switches direction a little bit. enough so that at the coast you will notice a difference. so the faing rolls back in. cooler at the coast with the fog coming in. 60's there. inland area you are still on the warm side you look at 80's. warm inland saturday still. along the coast stay foggy and then as we head into sunday we see slight dip in the temperatures in our inland communities but along the coast we keep it cool a lot like your saturday. let's fast forward to next week. slight chance of showers middle of next week. april 22 and again thursday april 23 but notice the moisture is pretty limited so if we do get anything it's light at this point unless something changes drastically. tomorrow morning most of you wake up to clear sky when taking the ferry across the bay. you will probably start to see something out west. a little bit of fog showing up.
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patchy at best. temperatures mid 40's to the mid 50's then tomorrow afternoon here's how it will look. still need the sun screen in the south bay. 81 in morgan hill. 82 gilroy. kawp tino on the peninsula. sunshineing mid 70's around palo alto. los altos. 77 red wad city. 63 pacifica fog holding on. daly city 62 degrees. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay 60's along the coast. all the way up to the 80's around clear like clover dale ukiah. 77 in santa rosa. nap a.73 san rafael out toward the east bay. 74 oakland 75 newark inland spots. remain on the warm side with sunny sky. well above average for this time of year. 85 in livermore. 83 in concord. 84 fairfield. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast you like it warm you are in luck because inland area stay warm through the weekend. butal the coast line fog cooler conditions and same think for the bay. so we are looking at upper 50's to low 60's for your weekend plans. notice the
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temperatures coming down. tuesday through thursday katie we are looking at low 70's for the warmest spot. upper 50's along the coast. more cloud cover and slight chance of some showers midweek. >> 7 news at 9:00. lost at sea for 64 years. scientist find
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saz. >> 7 news at 9 coming up next. >> man who flew a guire 0copter on to the u.s. capitol lawn and why it was so easy for him to slip past homeland security. >> somebody please stop it. >> 911 call placed from the belly of a jet you hear his december president plea for help. >> our unbrickable bond with dog. scientist say there's more to it than you might think. another
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>>. >> we begin this half hour with big development in the scare at the capitol. homeland security officials are now revealing more about the pilot who pulled off an he has been rat political stunt by flying into restricted airspace. jim avila has more. >> still in the u.s. postal service jacket the first glimpse of doug hughes the pilot of that gyro copter that landed right on the lawn of the capitol. this new video shows him flying through what should be a no fly zone. zooming past the world war ii memorial. over the head of tourists. through the national mall and past the washington monument. now serious question about how hughes dodged the nation radar and missile security system. starting the journey in gettysburg traveling the 80 miles to the national mall in washington, d.c. flying just 150 feet above ground. at
9:31 pm
roughly 45 miles per hour. homeland security secretary jay johnson admitting the pilot quote literally flew in under the radar. from the white house serious concerns. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement agency including the secret service. to review the procedure. >> postal worker made no secret of the brazen plan. shooting this video with his local newspaper. practices his wobble plate back home in florida. hughes put the authority on notice before his stunt. >> i don't believe that authorities are going to shoot down 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >>reporter: secret service says no one warns them specifically about yesterday flight as for the pilot he was released from jill on the condition that he operate nothing that fly an stays away from the capitol. jim avila abc news washington. >> you can now look at hundreds of thousands of hacked sony e-mail and documents on wikileke. on line whistle blower sight blower site publish
9:32 pm
the documents today. it show international company workings and belong in the public do mane. sony slammed release and says it will continue to fit for the safety of the company and employees. in december sony suffered a massive cyberattack ahead of the release of the movie the interview. >> for the first time we are hearing the terrifying 911 call from the worker trapped in the belly of an alaska airline plane he used the cell phone to call for help. operator on the was in december belief. the here's neal. >> voice of the panic bag annual happenedler calling 911 on the cell phone. >> hello i'm stuck in the plane >> hello i'm stuck in the plane. >> after waking from nap inside the cargo hold on this jet on take off. >> where you are. >> ensz a plane. >> i feel like it's moving in the air. flight 4 48. can you tell somebody to stop it wlichlt are you in a plane at. >> i'm in the plane. >> after 44 seconds on the line
9:33 pm
the call abruptly cuts out. but passengers on board heard him. as he bang away at the floor under them the pilot heard him too and made an emergency landing after just 14 minutes. there he is on the ground. being led to an ambulance. meanwhile the 911 operator shocked to learn just where that call came from. >> i had this guy call and he was screaming at me saying he couldn't breathe and he was stuck on the flight. >> we are actually getting aircraft landing right now with an alert where somebody is trappeden the baggage compartment or someplace else. >> pretty remarkal. cell phone cut out in the air before could it give out more details. tonight he is doing just finance and amazingly he's back on the job. this is abc news phoenix. >> the government is revealing tonight that the rate of
9:34 pm
e-cigarette use among high school middle ask students triple in one year. the center for disease control says two million teens used e-cig receipts in 2014. that is almost 13 and a half percent of all high school students. about 1 in 14 use tobacco in some form. >> san jose state graduate will get some advice from one of the nation most powerful politician nation most powerful politician. house minority leader nancy give commencement dress at spartan stadium open may 23. san francisco congresswoman delivered the commencement speech at uc berkeley last fall. >> senator pat roberts respond to go cell phone interruption at senate finance committee hearing today. >> geographic preference. come on. sfot ♪ let it go ♪ ♪. >> just let it go. >> agriculture secretary tom tried to keep a straight face when robert phone rang. ring tone there that's the theme from the movie frozen. afterwards roberts the
9:35 pm
republican tweeted somebody had to tell the obama administration to let it go. >> up next. operation baby lift. we catch one a pair of survivor of 40-year-old tragedy at the end i like fun as much as anyone. but we need to talk about - whoa! what was that? - about mustache safety. my blazin' chicken sandwich has ghost pepper ranch sauce. you crave it. but you need to respect it. so remember: keep it neat, before you eat the heat.
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>> extraordinary chapter of the vietnam war will be celebrated tonight at the presidio in san francisco. dozens will gather to mark the 40th anniversary of operation baby lift. mission to bring thousands of vietnamese orphan to the u.s. as matt shows us many of those children with not have made it here if not for the heroism of an american pilot. end of the vietnam war just the beginning for a few thousand orphan being taken away from the violence in the country. first operation
9:39 pm
baby lift flight carrying 243 children, 44 escorts, 16 crewmen and 2 flight nurses wouldn't make it to the destination. the air force base in fairfield, california. 40 miles from saigon. 23,000 feet high. the rear cargo door blew off. cripple the plate control. the plane lost altitude quickly. the pilot captain trainer crash land entered a field. >> i said goodbye to my wife because i thought okay i'm done because i thought okay i'm done. and then we came to a stop. >>reporter: captain trainer spoke to us recently at his home in fairfax, virginia. >> airplane broke in parts and again you can see where the fire is burning. >>reporter: captain trainer was not injured. 100 yavrdz away he could see the troop compartment. wing and tail someplace else and tragically the cargo compartment where many orphan and escort seated was crushed in the landing. 138 people mostly children were killed. an investigation blamed the crash on maintenance
9:40 pm
issue with the cargo doors. captain trainer was awarded the air force cross for extraordinary heroism and air manship. flying skills creditd with this not being a worse tragedy. ordinary captain life and it was made extraordinary by the mission and then made tragic by the fact that we lost so many people. but we lost 130 people but 176 went on to live long and prosper. >>reporter: one of the 176 surverifies is kerry briggs 4 years old when put on the doomed baby lift flight. we caught up with her in her home in southern california. >> recently i was given a piece ovens las vegas of the plane. >>reporter: her memory of the crash is limited. she doesn't remember getting on the plane. >> once it crashed at the time help training to get me out. i remember the flash fire that happened. seeing fire in the distance of the different peace that is had crashed.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: kerry remembers being taken to medical facility being taken to medical facility. checked out then put on another baby lift flight to the bay area. chelaned 4 days after the crash. >> i don't remember being on the next plane but i do remember once i landed in the presidio that my, my adopted father grabbed me. took me and i just hung on to him the whole time. >> kerry taken by her adopted family them to in riverside, california. she sets she's grateful for the baby lift leading to new life and new family. fight definitely part of my history and american history so it's great. >> kerry and captain trainer have met. they both takened reunion in southern california. captain trainer says the survivors keep in touch through special facebook group. he says many people like kerry plan ongoing back. search for the roots and find out more about the family they left behind in vietnam. matt kellor abc 7 news. >> 43 exhibit paying tribute out to operation baby lift opened tonight at the presidio
9:42 pm
and runs through december. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. the "star wars"trailer revealed with some giant new clue
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0. >> tonight chance to feel like a kid again new "star wars"trailer was revealed just few hours ago. clayton sand ellis at the "star wars"convention in southern california. fight long time ago. 1977 in a town not so far away. this little guy unwrapped his very first light saber. and yes this young one was me. which is why today i'm throwing all journallis particular objectivity out the window. i'm here as fan at the "star wars"celebration in anaheim, wars"celebration in anaheim, california. we all came to see this. the starting with old "star wars"nostalgia. that's a
9:46 pm
crash star destroyer and there's the iconic now melted mask and luke. >> force is strong in my family >> force is strong in my family. >> his voice any way. but that luke hand and whose hand are these? >> my sister. >> but what really september spine tingling including mine on solo and chew. >> chew we are home. >> now disclaimer. if eights part of abc parent company. so long. >> clayton san del abc news anaheim, california. >> well done. even japan airway getting in on the act. company released this video showing a boeing 787 dream liner decked in and out an a 2 d 2 paint job. plane scheduled joan the ana fleet this fall. >> one latter check of the weather now. let's go to
9:47 pm
sandhya. >> as we look at live doppler 7hd you notice the look of cloud and fog. of course no moisture here but there is certainly some moisture if you travel to the gulf coast or up along the mid atlantic states. showers thunderstorms. 80 degrees new orleans. looking at 65 in new york. boston 65 as well and over the rockies. snow colonel republican and democrat 0could get several fooem feet by the weekend. 66 in seattle. out west looks at sunshine from north to south except along the coast where monterey see a return of the fog cooler weather. 66 agree if his heading up to tahoe. 65 down in los angeles 81 degrees. 76 in san diego. bay area we continue to 0enjoy the warm weather inland with wash. low to mid 80's but along the coast line fog back and so will the sea breasts which will knock the temperatures down to the 60's. as opposed to the 70's of today. accu-weather 7 day forecast the cooler coast. and bay then eventually inland the second half of the weekend a
9:48 pm
little bit of a dip but by next week everyone is cereal. maybe showers around here. >> glad i made it to the beach today. >> yes, it was a good day. >> thanks. >> brewery in japan claim the beer contain both the fountain of youth and the buzz. bench called precious and sold by sensory and contains 2 gram of collagen and 5 percent alcohol. collagen is a protein that can make skin more beautiful and younger lacking. new product is targeted at women who seek collagen rich sup lepent powder and food and hoping more attractive. experts say property taken has no discernible anti-aging benefits discernible anti-aging benefits. >> only one way to $15 out. new research shows that when a dog stares that your eye they activate the same or hone -- hormone response to bonds to us infant. scientist at school of veterinary immediate found mutual gazing boosted the levels of the hormone in dog and people. it's thought to
9:49 pm
play a role in trust and emotional bonding. it may explain why dog are our companion for century companion for centuries. research is published in the journal of science. >> that dog is so cut. >> so cute it doesn't work this way. no offense. the no offense. only for babies and puppies. >> our dog is so dense. the only thing. >> it's good. >> the only thing he gaze is fad. always. >> he look at you and see as pork chop. >> he know where is dirp is coming from. >> in sports. brandon crawford started the season in a dreadful slump like a lieutenant of the team mates. might this be the slump what's that thing? i moved our old
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saz. >> coming up tonight at 11. hired to take care of kid. instead police say he preyed on them. shocking allegations against local manny. >> we often see video of police shooting suspects but what happens when the camp are stops recording? tonight what officers endure
9:53 pm
after opening fire join us for 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 >> larry now with sports. >> yes. warriors game last tonight. >> very exciting. >> isn't the crowd unbelievable >> isn't the crowd unbelievable. that's what we see when the play offs begin and they begin this weekend. takes 16 victory to win an fba title. warriors start the est saturday afternoon against the new orleans pelican and curry says anything short of winning the championship this season will be considered failure. warriors coming off record setting season. best in the nba. record of 67 and 15. unbelievable. they haven't had a lot of adversity to deal with a lot of adversity to deal with. no real serious injury along the way. curry knows winning one play off series is tough enough. never mind 4 in a row. they all know this is a difficult grind. >> at times not just like a cake walk through the play offs to get a championship. there
9:54 pm
is some tough times. games you might drop that you will be dispointing but to have this kind of resolve and resilience situation as a team is the important. >> now you can watch game 1 between the warriors and the pelican was our coverage starting at noon saturday over on abc 7 followed by after the game with all the live interviews and the post game reaction. were yours have gone hollywood. featured in the sitcom being filmed right now. show that could be in abc prime time line up this fall. i had a chance to go behind the scenes for a little bit of a sneak peek. if you take murphy coming to america. combine witness the nba and you have the premise for the new pilot. blondeie play as basketball player who his come from the congo but speaks no english. he's provided a trapslytor who knows nothing about hoops. of
9:55 pm
comedy relationship really a love story between these 2 guy whose navigate their way through basketball and friendship. >>reporter: veteran tv producer caplan came up with concept of the hoop version of the odd couple. he pitched the idea to mike of mandalay entertainment own personal connection to the were yours. >> i covered the 75 championship warriors as cub reporter at stanford. >>reporter: wow! >> yes. so 40 years later come home pretty exciting for me. >> what the hell are you doing? >> keep in mine the crowd is loud too. >>reporter: he's partner with peter at mandalay. same peter who just happens to be a co-owner of the warriors. this is a unique collaboration between the nba, abc and mandalay entertainment. >> all we have to do now is make it funny. >>reporter: they will produce a pilot and then pray. sfichlt you have to get locate in the business. you don't get lucky in the business you are in trouble a.lot of luck in the
9:56 pm
business. in the movie business. >> challenge for the crew was somewhat ago scene hath time of the warrior suns game if which blondeie punches out a teammate blondeie punches out a teammate. they had precisely 8 minutes to nail the shot. >> we had to tell the fans don't worry. they are not the were yours but supposed to be the warrior. not the warriors. not the were yours. >> this pilot was in the work long before the warriors became the hottest team in the nba. hollywood guy have had to make some changes. my aim guessing you used to be liker faichbility you know as a born and raised l.a. native we have seen the lakers we have seep the clippers but california is much bigger than los angeles. >>reporter: very nice. >> golden state warriors are my from now on for sure. >>reporter: aaron could go into politic. that was very as a matter of fact. very he vaivs. nicely done. we see.
9:57 pm
warriors and show actually has a chance to get picked up. so all things could end very nicely at the end of this season. early slump the giants sent the is a to the mound tonight. madison task shut down the arizona d backs and snapped a 6 game losing streak. we begin with happy birthday to manager bruce. about here's the first present buster in the first. base hit scoring. 1 nothing giants. tied at 1 in the fifth. him if paul takes the it deep. 3 run homer. arizona. crawford. hasn't been hitting much lately. changes in the seventh. 2 run jack. giants right now in the 9th. giants threatening. trailing 4 to 3. nfl will reinstate running back peterson tomorrow. peterson sat out most ofless season after facing child bus for hitting his son
9:58 pm
with a switch a wooden stick and doing that as form of disflip. question is whether peterson will return to the vikings or if he insists on forcing the trade. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. one more note on the whole pilot unnamed. don't very much a name for the show yet. come up with a name fit gets picked up by abc. pulp fiction one of the star in the show. gold star power. a little sizzle there. so it's going to be interesting. it will be fun to see if they can pull it all together and as for blondeie the big basketball player they did a search from new york to nairobi to find him to play the role. >> hope it gets picked up very exciting. >> thanks everyone for watching have a great night.
9:59 pm
okay, for this years group trip we agreed to play a game where the winner would choose the destination. unfortunately, we did not think it through when we chose the game... cul-de-sac crew trivia. [ chuckles ] i smoked you guys!
10:00 pm
but a deal's a deal. tom, you pick the destination, and we leave tomorrow. where we going, tom? here. what? nothing beats hanging around here with all of you! so i didn't book a trip. we're


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