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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 8, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new heart break from the scene of a fatal drunk driving crash. why the family who lives here can't return home. >> police will tell you why they consider a suspect a monster. and a dramatic rescue of a family stuck in the sierra. they're safe and sound tonight and celebrating right now in the east bay. >> the first major prosecution on california's ban on shark fins ends in conviction.
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>> the man was caught with a ton of shark fin literally, a ton. >> dan noyes was the only journalist in court today and is here with the story. >> this is a major step. now, the first big conviction that he was no small player, but a shark fin wholesaler. the prosecution agreed to drop three misdemeanor counts against the 43-year-old but entered a plea to one count. a violation of game code 2021. the shark fin ban. >> no contest is the same as a guilty plea in a criminal proceeding. >> the defense tried to argue the january, 2014 search of the warehouse in san francisco was improper. game wardens found 2000 pounds of shark fin in various forms
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whole fins, some powder. >> we're disappointed we thought we had a good motion we can run today. >> but the judge sided with the prosecution and urged the sides to strike a deal. as a result he was sentenced to 30 days in jail. he can serve that in the sheriff's work program. three years probation but importantly, he forfeits a ton of shark fin. with the black market value of $1 million or more. some were upset he was getting off with misdemeanor charges. >> what do you say about those upset about the sharks the fins represent? >> we're just following the law. >> this is an important victory for the activists because he was one of the most-vocal opponents.
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>> after conviction he did not want to comment. nor did the prosecution. the da tells me they're arranging for some fins to be used as research in the shark population and dangers the sharks face. >> thank you. >> a heart breaking situation for a livermore family has become worse. after dealing with the deaths of two loved ones they may not be able to return home for two months >> still in mourning, he finds a place to call home. his wife and children are homeless after an alleged drunk driver smashed into their apartment. it will be possibly two months before work will be completed
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>> the police woke up and there is a red cross keeping us one more day. >> he has not been back to work as a cook. after that it could be back living in the truck. last saturday, he was hosting a family gathering when a corvette driven by brian jones jumped a curb and killed a woman and her 18-month-old daughter. >> i don't know. we need to look at >> flowers, candles and donations. >> it's encouraging to see people.
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and they're showing support. >> james walden has a smashed window because of the crash. >> just the impact was unbelievable. >> the community is having a pick pick nor the family in carnegie park tomorrow afternoon to boost morale. >> san jose police have caught the man they say was caught on surveillance video attacking a teenager in her home. the video has been shown all over the world the 31-year-old arrested in a home in san leandro. this shows a man forcing himself into a home. he tries to attack her. the girl was able to fight him
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off. >> my opinion, he's a monster. >> they've received 100 tips in this case. he is a suspect in an attempted swault in a grocery store. >> police are hoping surveillance video can help them catch a pair of brazen home burglars. first a man circles a house, then, this convertible pulls up and the man comes out of the house with a 47 inch flat screen tv. the victim was disappointed police don't have an officer to assign in this case. >> that keeps you in the streets more. it's going to be hard.
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to kind of feel safe anymore. >> now, an oakland man and two young children rescued after being stuck in the wilderness. here is the 3-year-old being lifted overhead. and here she is a short time later flying into the arms of her grandmother relieved and happy. and now the only bay area reporters on hand. >> so grateful. >> professional rescuers told abc7 news once he found himself stuck in the wilderness he did all the right things. >> i left an l.e.d.light on the hood of my car. i had a flashing light that i should have started with the first night. that is what helped.
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>> this photo shows his black toyota tundra after the dirt gave way and it slipped sideways into a tree. he had to maintain the physical and emotional well being of the 5-year-old and 3-year-old, shown just before the helicopter arrived. he was able to convince them their time in the truck was part of the adventure. >> they didn't know they were in danger. he had them pick up sticks and made a game out of almost everything. >> it seems to have worked. wow. >> did you get this, too? >> the chihuahua emerged in good
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spirits. it seems their sense of adventure was intact. >> now, the national guard crew that rescued the family says it was a happy moment. they started searching on 1:30 wednesday afternoon and stayed until 7:15. just before the chopper pilot had to turn around, they found him and the kids. >> we went over some real treacherous terrain. >> we kept them very well secured on the ride up. and it was concerning for them. in the end, they seemed to enjoy it. >> last night it was up there in one top mission yes. >> abc7 news is live now at the
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grandparents' home and celebration is under way. >> well, since last night thank you very much. you know, the grandparents they haven't planned too much yet. i asked the grandfather what he was going to do. he said i don't know, but not going to cook. the family put their arms around the 5-year-old and 3-year-old. they arrived tired and sleepy. their loyal dog in tow. their uncle flew in from hawaii. >> so happy. i want to thank our friends and family that prayed for us and sent out positive vibes. we're fortunate. >> the grandparents were there when he and the kids arrived after being rescued.
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today, in piedmont they took a stroll and reflected. >> your mind goes to negative. you have to pull it back and say no. he has water, he has warmth and clothing. it's going to be okay. >> his sister left new york city to be here with the family. >> i remember calling a couple friends and was like i'm flying to california. they're like why? what can you do? all i can do is go. >> she was upset with nick for endangering the kids. it's just natural for a mother. >> i'm happy they did it this way so we can celebrate mother's day. >> a reunion driven by an unforeseen event. >> another family is mourning a
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big loss tonight. family and friends gathered for a memorial service he was stabbed to death in his own bed he played for angels in a pony league. a friend of the family admitted to the killing and is now in police custody. >> still ahead dozens of families are forced out of homes by a major renovation project that will recognize the rent. >> tonight, the emergency barrier is now going up in the delta to hold back one of the draw backs of the drought. >> weather for mother's day seems to be shaping up in a mild fashion. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> what color is your car? why? i'm michael finney
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>> we know about the skyrocketing rents tenants facing higher rents a rally is happening now in san mateo and vic lee is there with that story. vic? >> well you can see demonstrators are standing across the street here on el camino holding a rally in front of the park royal apartments they want officials here to enact legislation that will protect them against those skyrocketing rents and
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evictions. this family lived in the apartment six years, 73 units are being renovated. tenants have been given two months to leave. rents are going up about a thousand dollars. >> we knlt afford it. it's getting too expensive for us. and and 70 families are getting evicted, here. >> this is our home. we want to stay. his parents and sib sings are renting the owner is renovating and jacking up rents and they've been given 60 days notice to leave. their $1750 apartment. but haven't found another one they can afford. >> we've gone to one place, it's $5,000. for a first month rent and
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deposit. >> can you afford that? >> no. we cannot. >> the rents >> it is destabilizing the community you think of a work force going through this, what does that do to the community? >> a spokesman for the landlord told us they're helping tenants with the move and that all have left on their own without any evictions they say it's unfortunate but not unfair. >> abc7 news was in oakland international airport this morning. they're hoping to take the lead in the playoff series this weekend. they held a shoot around
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the warriors were getting a lot of cheers in one neighborhood. it was not a rally but could have been. there is a lot of excitement. the court >> it's helping kids achieve success we need to give them tools to be successful. this is one of the things. >> this is the 50th gym refurbished by the fund and good tidings foundation. >> game three of the playoff series tips off tomorrow at 5:00 p.m . >> mike shumann will be in texas and larry beil in the studio as well. >> the ski season has been
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extended because of a >> this video after receiving a foot and a half of new snow last night and that dog is having fun. >> how about that? snow in may. here is a live view looking towards mount diablo. six # in morgan hill. check out this view at the golden gate bridge. you can see low clouds beginning to move over the golden gate now. there are patches of blue over the bay.
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one more live view from our mount tam camera. you can see low clouds beginning to push in from the coastline right now. clouds are going to get thicker overnight. chance of rain and the storm brought us rain pushed almost out of california into southern nevada. it's leaving california. this low pressure inland produced a strong breeze that is blowing now. so lots of us will see clouds and it will be a sunny day inland. and lots of clouds at the coast. overnight, mid to upper 40s and
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low 50s around the bay. upper 40s on the coast. south bay, sunny skies a patch or two of low clouds and temperatures into low 70s. on the coast, highs into mid-50s. 67 in fremont. here is the accu-weather forecast. mother's day is looking good. mild inland. mid-70s there. mid-60s around the bay. mid-50s on the coast. clouds linger. so beach may not be the best place to go for mother's day.
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thank you. >> coming up next a tribute to aling singer joni mitchell. >> one of the stars here to sing her praises.
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joni mitchell is being honored tonight. she has been in a hospital for undisclosed reasons. tonight receive a lifetime achievement award for her vision and krth gss to
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modern music. special guests will perform some songs . >> i consider her a poet. she's the best singer-song writer there is. she's beautiful too. >> mitchell is 71 years old, and won eight grammy awards. >> countdown is on for the weekend closure of the san mateo bridge. caltrans plans to close lanes as early at 7:00 tonight. the whole thing happens again on memorial day weekend officials say this system is what works best. >> we lose time when closing the freeway and open the freeway. time can be used during the
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work. >> closures are so caltrans can repave it. >> competition to buy a house in the bay area is about to get more intense half a million boomerang buyers are eligible to buy again. >> there is more still to come here. just ahead a man claims to be a doctor. the i team's dan noiz return was clients that lost patience with him. he took your money knowing an eviction was underway? >> yes. >> that is not true. >> dan will be back to get to the bottom of this. >> and no walk
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. a man who calls himself dr. d is under investigation tonight by a state health care agency. >> yes. he is in the bay area and several clients tell me he promised services never provided
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and betrayed their trust when they needed help the most. >> this 62-year-old woman is living in her car. homeless for the first time in her life. she divorced and felt isolated began having financial problems and began to drink. they answered a craig's list ad for dr. d. his brochures is your life in the toilet? dr. d can help you go from bitter to better. >> he seemed very happy and relaxed. saying yes. what is not to be happy about? >> she wanted a stable place to live and a stable environment. she paid rent of a thousand dollars, and moved into this house on alden avenue. >> i found out an eviction
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notice had been posted before i moved in. >> he knew? >> yes. >> he took your money knowing? >> yes. >> that an eviction was underway? >> yes. >> that is not true. >> he agreed to answer my question. >> that was her last money she had. as a result, she is on the streets because of you. >> that is not true. >> how do you feel? >> it's not true. >> but that is the same story we heard again and again from his former clients. >> he has no soul. no nothing. this is about money. >> diana owns the house she tells me when he stopped paying rent he had no choice but to evict tenants. . >> i went to rehab a long time ago. to have this happen to them?
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when they're trying to maintain a clean and sober life is horrible. >> i said we didn't owe them. we're behind but not entirely. >> he is behind on his payments. he runs other sober houses and now, i team learned state department of health care services is investigating. >> anyone in the state that wants to provide residential services requires a license >> he offers behavioral health treatment for clients with addiction issues intervention, social security benefits, but is he really a doctor? >> i have a life experience phd
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from canterbury university. >> you offer as a doctor to counsel people. are you misleading people? >> no. >> he has a criminal history. he went to jail after buying cars for two strippers and himself with phony checks, writing a fraudulent $2 million check for a house, and conning investors in a vending machine scam, seen in 2002. >> i pleaded with him, this is my life savings he claims crimes on his bipolar disorder. >> this is all the result of these mental episodes you have? >> yes, sir. he says he's better now. after our interview he told me any publicity is good. just to spell his name right. quite a flip attitude.
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>> one more challenge in my path. that is what challenges do make you stronger. >> the woman living in that car is paying $900 to board her dog while she's starting a job. my investigation began with a call to our tip line. >> all right. well, other news tonight a san francisco police consultant is facing child pornography charges the 41-year-old has been arrested on charges of possessing and distributing child porn and receiving or buying stolen property. he led the drive that convinced then interim mayor to seek a full firm in office. >> 223,000 new jobs were created last month and despite people looking for jobs the
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unemployment rate fell to 5.4%. wall street could not have asked for a better report rising 267 points. nasdaq went up 58. and s and p 500 gained 28. >> cal has a new athletic director. michael williams has been serving as interim aed for ten months and has been committed to making sure athletes perform in the classroom as well as field. he says he plans to raise the standards. >> it's not clear how many longer demolition from candle stick park can take. the company said it might take about three months
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>>. one of the major draw
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history being made in the san joaquin delta tonight. >> yes. the water department began putting up a massive barrier along jersey island near oakland. >> wayne freedman explains why. >> another spring summer season and maybe for owner, the most-difficult season. >> he's referring to this. a massive construction project just beginning up the slew. what will be a barrier in the sacramento san joaquin delta
7:39 pm
designed to keep salt water from traveling into the delta from which contra costa county and city of tracy service customers. >> you release water from upstream reservoirs. >> it's 35 feet deep. and working 24-7 until finished. this project will be temporary. department of water resources intends to pull it out last fall. >> this is building super highways along small towns >> boaters will need to take the long way around.
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>> this is where etc. $40 million. >> this is what happens, some win, others may lose and all for a greater good. >> michael finney unlocking a mystery behind the color of your
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a moment to think, what color is your car? does it look the same as others on the road? >> there may be a reason for that. michael finney has been looking into it. >> yes. i drove a yellow car. that is a color all but impossible to find these days so here is the question. what is up with that? >> drive down the highway. there is a good chance cars will
7:44 pm
be black, white silver or gray. kelly blue book keeps track. >> the car companies are very conservative. when it comes to color. >> here is a two tone. here british racing green. how times have changed. specializing in high end cars, look at the recently painted car panel. >> we have the white. and black. he says it's hard to find other colors. >> this is a black is for cool
7:45 pm
factor. white, silver don't show dirt and scratches. >> is that true? >> that is true. >> so car buyers embrace the colors. why? things are different now. >> things are changing. tastes have changed. dealers are ordering what people will buy. these days, popular colors are almost no color. and you know real color. bright yellow red, those colors are not as popular. >> he's right but there is a new hot looking tux do on the red carpet is a dark electric blue. >> if deep blue is stylish for a
7:46 pm
tux, it makes sense to be stylish for a luxury vehicle. >> that brings us to red cars. a check with the people who care most insurers shows etc. not the case. >> it does not matter what color your car is. red car doesn't get anymore tickets. that is an urban legend. >> what color do you have? >> red. >> now i have links to >> i thought about that. years ago there were all kinds of colors. >> three on one car. >> yes. >> it's time to check on the forecast heading into mother's day weekend. >> that is right.
7:47 pm
>> is that the only color? we have a tropical system. subtropical storm, anna. could produce up to eight inches of rain. that could cause flooding problems. in the bay area, sunny skies inland. low clouds hovering at the coast. and we'll see mild weather inland mother's day looking like tomorrow. mid-60s around the way.
7:48 pm
mid-50s on the coast. >> time to bring in larry beil for sports. >> yes. >> that is key. >> what
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good evening warriors roll to five victories in the playoffs. without real adversity, bumps and bruises but no real trauma or drama. well, now, they have some. they went to fechl yechl forum, the grind house. that is genius. how does the team respond? >> there are a few things, a match up or something
7:52 pm
but that is minor. >> our focus in the game is a good test for you. >> mike shumann will be live in memphis. what do you think was steph curry's best call this season? . it's been a busy week for rookies. start of rookie mini camps. amari cooper is one of many to take the field today.
7:53 pm
head coach this is a good chance for guy owes get ready for radar football. >> everybody here accomplished something. so these young men have an opportunity to be in the locker room. >> jaguars were ahead of them. they took a serious hit today the third pick tore his acl. and the season was oaf a long time ago. but today announced they come from a new 10-year lease agreement to continue playing.
7:54 pm
sharks owner made a rare public appearance and this is one step in a plan to bring the stanley cup to san jose. >> all right. second round of the playoffs championship round about to get a visit from nature. a raccoon on the court. tee shot nearly went in the water. had to make this one, he got 18 to stay alive. kelly shot a seven under 65 with
7:55 pm
a two-shot lead. abc7 sports brought to you by the bank of the west. >> good game. interesting. what do you say? >> the ex-factor in the series is staying out of foul trouble. >> hopefully just a shock from the loss. >> yes. >> right. >> thank you. >> yes. >> right. >> join us tonight at 9:00. why a woman was trying to smuggle a child through a security check point. >> tourists making a run for it with bears on their tails what happened next at 11:00. >> tonight then we'll be back at 11:00.
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>> and now available for xbox is xbox 360 for apple. down load from the xbox store. >> finally tonight one of the things that i like about sports is what they're supposed to represent and teach us. an important value is increasingly lost. the pedestals should only be so high but to expect they're worthy of the money that comes their way. and his his foot work ducking real answers is agile. it's not just tom brady and not just sports.
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cutting corners and shaving the truth is rampant. winning is great but in sports as in life what matters is not whether you wen or lose but how you play the game. >> our coverage continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us we'll see you agai so, ed, you seem pretty angry
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today. what the hell's up with that? well, i'm angry because living with your father's putting me in the poorhouse. we pool our grocery money and he wastes it by buying brand-named sandwich meat and his two-ply, quilted toilet paper.
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