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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> the new facilityt ushgs c berkeley working to create a brand new fuel to replace gasoline. >> we begin with developing news in the south bay. the san jose fire partment is working on a grass fire. >> sky 7 hd was overhead about an hour and a half ago near the
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san jose municipal golf course on oakland road. >> crews havet out now it looks like it's just an anchor or two. >> buthey're worried about any grass fis heading into the summer of course, given how dry things re. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama datz. >> something else you don't want to see in this drought this mystery. >> there is a lot of water being wasted. >> right now every bit of water counts. abc7 news is live with this story tonight. laura? >> someone's backyard here when this happens, agencies movein and identify the culprits quickly. but not in this case.
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>> these a the worst of times whit comes to lack of water. >> it's called mystery water. >> the water flowed from the hillside. it flows down the street and into a storm drain. a fact in the lost on neighbors here >> if nature is providing water o am i to stop it? as far as we can tell, it's fresh water. >> this is where they have a giant sink hole.
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we didn't determine a leak. it's a mystery. >> there are natural spris but so far no one has been able to find it. >> intexas the rain stopped many areas are still flooded today frm rains overwhelmed part of the state. ten pele were killed. the number increased after a man was found dead in houston. the desperate search for two families still missing. >> collin kapernick is apologizing after postinthis photo, he deleted th picture
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and teted an apologynd said he didn't understand how many people are struggling in houston, and his prayers are with everyo there. >> in the meantime, we're arning more about the arrest of ray mcdonald. the hp released tapes today. you'll hear the transfer the call after a >> reporter: ed her daughter had been assaulted. >> my phone number, i'm in like los banos >> police took the call from herend will not release the audio. >> a santa clara inmate briefly escaped custody this afternoon. the inmate was about to be transferred when he slipped out.
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now, he was caught a mile away. >> a family who lost two family members to a suspected drunk driver this month is plannin tb in court every step of the way the driver is facing two counts of homicide. this 35-year-old is now charged with two counts of homicide, being held in county jail. jones is accused of kling a 45-year-old and her 14 month old daughter m three. instigators say jones was going 75-99 miles per hour just before the corvette jumped and smashed into four people.
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>> he doesn't feel alive he doesn't have his wife and his dauger. you know? >> family and friends showed up to a courthearing. abc7ews learned he was charged with a dui offense in sacramento, but pleaded no contest. in this case he's facing a life sentence for homicide. >> it's challenging in the sense of the amount ofttention it gets. >> family and friends vow to be in court. >> i hope he pays the victims every penny. >> jones is expected to stay in custody as homicide cases do not allow bail.
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>> sheriff investigators are calling on retired detectives to he solve a missing woman case from 33 years ago. in 1982 a swedish au pair elizabeth martinson disapared. originally investigators questioned henry coleman. they're now searching for him again as a person of interest. >> here we are, 30 years later. it's taken a toll on the detectives a family. >> this is the missing person's flr from 1982. they have new clues in this ca. >> the chp is looking for anyone who may have seen this gray or tan blazer. he was seen kneeling and
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struggling. the chp wants to make sure the child is okay. they want people to call their nonemergency t line at 1-800-tell-chp. >> palo alto city council is meeting now and expected to approve the closure of the buena vist mobile home park and determine how much residents will be compented for that. residents have been fighting to stay in their homes since 2012. >> the warriors are resting tonight before tomorrow's showdown with the rocks. the team returned to the bay area this afternoon. sky 7 was overhead. the players got off their charter plane in oakland. he returned to the game after being checked out but those calling are concerned with out
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his health for the game. >> if he comes ck he should be fine. the weird thing is that you never know until you get a chance to rest to see if there is anyasting impact. >> curry is on the cover of "spoillustrated" e headline, my town, my team. game five is tomorrow if needed, game six back in houston, friday, and game seven, sunday. cah the action on espn,ur sister twork. >> one and a half million visitors mak the trip to alcatras now, there is a debate about where that ferry service should be located.
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>> the court and national park service pet several times including lt week but no decision where it will go. alcatras has been open for tours since 1972. for nine years visitors have boarded the ferry. the national park service is now examining options for a 50-year lease. >> don't do it. >> sheri and dad wrightbject to moving the ferry operation to pier 3 which would bring trafc and other disruptions into a secluded area in the district the park said this is evaluating a move back to the former home base o pier 31.
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negotiation negotiations involve financing and investment. >> in order to have a range of alternatives, we wanted to look at all potentially viable alternatives. >> court officials are fighting to keep the ferries from floating off but say the national park service is asking for unusual terms to stay. >> the commission says says both sides are optimistic a deal can be reached. >> still to come a $500 million problem taxpayers are paying for. >> the fight to keep preschoolers in schools.
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>> fog is moving in on the coast. >> the earth will crack open. >> and later, it's not reality but, hokal why am i so awake?
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did you know your brain has wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, thneurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage yo insomnia.
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new report is drawing attention to a large homeless population costing the public a lot of money. as much as half a billion dollars per year in fa.
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>> officials tell us with this data, they can focus attention on building moreousing and there is a need for it. >> san jose state senior is a survivor. >> people bl you know? after years, you start blaming yourself. >> a 21-year-old woman with nowhere to go. >> with nowhere to call he i just discovered downtown san jose. what areas are safe to sleep outside. >> se shared her story downwn in what is being called the largest cost study in the country. nearly $520 million were spent
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every ye. 53% on health care. 34% on costs related to the justice system. >> his group hosts the county by building more permanent housing. >> i had somewhere safe and sound and permanent. it takes longer than that. >> while critics sayt won't necessarily solve all problems, advocates believe it is a step for theed. >> a preschool may be forced to
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close leaving 300 ki without a preschool. parents looked at other preschools but say it's been difficult. >> here i didn't take anything. >> they have until july 21st otherwise it will have to ose. >> in san francisco, public school leaders are expected to decide whether to restrict enrollment to city residents only. right nowbout 14% are from outside of the city.
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those in favor say it will be for local kids >> we're there. graduating seniors showed off their abilities the speaker and neuroscientist talked about how the artist can be successful. there isa lot you can learn from listening. >> if officials decide to restrict enrollment it will not take affect until 2014, 2017. >> yes. >> blue skies today. a little bit of misty rain.
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here is a look at a report at the moment of mystery rain. low clouds nearthe coast clouds have the last couple evenings. 22 in san jose. low 60s in the northeast bay. mid to upper 60s here is a lo at low clouds 400 in monterey. 0 in watsonville. clouds over the bay, cloudy conditions ovnight, warmer inland but cooler pattern
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beginning on sunday. a weak ridge means warming. livermore as an indicat of high temperatures for the next several days. 77 degrees in the next several days highs 80 friday and sunday. on sunday might get more measurable rizzle. overnight, low clouds. upper 60s to near 70s around the
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bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. low 60s on the coast. pretty much the averageange for this time of the year. >> a popular tourist attraction you can visit every day. have you bee told you have to get flood insurance? ahead, what happens if
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a remrach is in the works by a congressional seat representing the silicon valley. former secrery of state campaign is selling some unconventional products. supporters can wear the red pan suit tee for $30.
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for the very young voters, this future voter onee. >> apple fans will be able to see steve wozniack. his x figure will have a permanent position along steve bs and mark zuckerberg. >> still ahead here at 6:00, massive storms leave cities underwater. she called me. >> cars are stranded d rescuers re to find people strapped. >> what experts say we can learn from the san xdandreas.
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alternative. >> in housn, 4,000 homes have damage. this video shows streets homes and business underwater. >> 11 inches creating dangerous flash floods. >> there are 13 missing. >> hundreds of homes locked ay and flood waters underwat. >> this worked. at is one of the things we're doing to make sure no one is trapped i the vehicles.
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this several communities remembering those lives lost. like home coming queen and he coming queen killed. her car swept away. >> she called her father but it was too quick. >> laura and her children, still missing after the cabin where they were staying split in half. >> it's a major undertaking. just hundreds of thousands of acres and seems to be impossible task. but there are people dedicated to the mission. >> with more rain on the way, the texas governor worries more
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lives can be ct. >> we'd been to what we are now there are more challenges still to come. >> heavy rain forced fans to wait around long after it ended. 15,000 people waitedor the rain to ease up. >> i don't wanto be on the highway, stuck. and so i'm happy about that. >> police are investigating one of their own after the chp
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arrested a police commander. the department placed him on administrative leave. pl, alt yoes police are looking for two men wanted in a burglary that took place inside of a house on fairington court. if you recognize them, ca the los altos police department. >> hollywood's latest disaster flick opens friday. san andreas will likely get a lot of atttion. and wayne freedman says they should be the first to see it. >> are you worried? no. >> didn't you see the coming attraction? >> no.
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i didn't. elsewhere, the san andreas fault will crack open leaving san francisco in ruins. if it's any challenge to you, they have reported fakes are virtually impossible. >> david ebberly. david would do it in real live for the department of emergency management. he considers it a good excuse
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for being prepared for earthquakes >> we want them to find they're probably more prepared. >> your watch probably won't be however with help from his friends. >> in san francisco, wae freedman abc7 news >> we' taking a look at the damage after last nit's earthquake. officials tell us a portion sank the bridge was already scheduled for replacement this summer. >> a nobel prize winner cut a ribbon on a building named in
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his honor. >> howould the sfaem say no to that? they gave money toward a building named after steven chu. he once ran the lawrence berkeley national lab. >> feels great. but going to fl better when these guys proce stops that will change the world. >> using sunlight and water to make energy the same way plants do >> if it calls it's not going
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to be used. >> she says it has to work like fossil fuel. >> i'm confident it's going be a very big deal. >> the grand challenge will engage t best mind. >> how many people can say they have a nobel prize winner? >> a picture is worth a thousand words and can get y in
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trouble. passengers got concerned when they saw her standing in front ofa jet enge. >> comi up next, flood insurance for your home could be
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a family tha lived in their home 28 years, we're toldived in a flood zone. >> it was a shock. >> this can costou ht of money. changes in flood phone designations is something homeowners don't want to see. if you receive that kind of designation, it's worth your time to review it. this dried creek bed is south of san je. and it's the reason the lender required her to purchase flood
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insurance. >> it's never been more than 1 inches. boy say, from 14-16. >> she lived in this home for 20 years. the folks say thats not uncommon. in this case fema says there has been no change since the early 1980s. it's likely an audit in a flood zone. >> you can consider that over let's say a 30 year mortgage. it's a 26% chance of occurring duri that 30 years.
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>> a engineer confirmed it was not in flood danger. luanne submitted this information. however, the decision was still with bank of america. luanne says she resubmitted it and got nowhere. >> i don't know wt to do next. >> we contaed bank of americax"c
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a bay area research group is
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about to take on a controversial question. how frequently should women be screened for breas cancer? but this time the goal is do more than just issue a recommendation. cheryl jennings explains. >> she's getting mammogram many schedule once per year this is part of an effort to re-examine the benefits. >> i'm lucky risks are low. >> any other women dig nosed? >> susan is joining a file. >> family history is first, then, mammogram. and finally for the first time a dna sample allowing researchers to scour a patient's genome.
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>> with that it will determine how often a woman should be screened with what dality. >> te question has become a lighing rod over several years. what a panel suggested some women might only need a mammogram every other year, that debate spread to congress. >> it's a positive. well i guess it doesn't matter. >> we wantto test. is the safe to screen people? and is it better? >> he argues it could spare many
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women from unnecessary screenings and treatment. >> if your risk is high, like you have a mutaon of brca 1 or 2, you perhaps should be screen every six months. >> women in the study can receive either traditional screening scenings screenings or risk-based screenings. san is hoping it will lead t new answers. >> because of my interest in making research happen. >> the trial will be known as wisdom. researchers will be working to recruit women for screenings. >> we have mist arod the bay area today. will that return? >> spencer christian is here with the latest.
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>> there is a good chance of low clouds. so we may get otty drizzle. there is severe weather in texas. that areaushed into the south atlantic coast. another areaas broken out west of dallas. this area in red, i don't know if you can see that box there, had a tornado warning earlier. across the state tomorrow, warm weather and 98 in palm springs. accueather forecast shows a
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cool down starting on sunday. >> thank you. >> let's go on to sport why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake syste.. and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotranstters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to
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manage your insomnia.
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steph curry did not have media availability and curry is not listed on the team's inju report. curry said last night's crash was scary and he wanted to be sure and cautious where he cam back to the court. >> i was taken my time. i wanted to make sure i wasn't in danger. so i listen to advice and did all of the tests i needed to do. i waed to play, but make sure
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it was done about it in the same way. >> the nba will not upgrade despite theç smacked andrew boget in the face. lebron james with authority. the hawks are getting smashed
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here. back up quarter back ponder with some rest. >> my job is a bab up. it's exciting but i know this is a competitive guy. we feel like we have a more competitive roser going into camp. it's still early. od thing to have competition. in milwaukee, giants facing
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brewers. this is matt garza. a's will closer sean doolittle with a strainedotator cuff. 62 and 63. jack stock took down grigor grigordmitroff.
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>> it looked like this. >> thank you, larry. >> a frightening moment afte a passenger jet lost power. >> new drugs new dangers. scientists are warning women to skip certain birth control. >> at 8:00, 500 questions. >> join us for abc7 news at 11:00 and jimmy kimmel live. >> our coverage continues on twitter. we appreciate your time. >>
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