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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> a tornado wtch out for texas and oklahoma once again. this twister touching down near hydro, oklahoma just as the sun was setting day. dramatic injuries. so far no reports of injuries from this tornado. >> the latest storm comes a day
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after deadly floods hit texas. states of emergency in oklahoma and texas and authorities say a third body has been pulled from a river texas bringing the number ofpeople to 13. phillip has more. >> reporter: surgeing waters from swollen rivers turning highways into canals, leaveing hundreds of cars trapped and families forced to carry children through waist high wars? we believe there may be as my as 4,000 homes with snificant damage. damage. >> in houston, thousands evacuated from their homes in 24 hours they got nearly a quarter of a year rainfall. can't see. >> rescuers responding to nearly 900 emergency calls, more than half water rescues.
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>> repter: days of record rainfall in texas have lefthe ground saturated. more tha a dozen people confirm confirmed dead and dozens more missing, including laura and her two children swept away insi this house. her husband survivedut remains hospitalized. >> she called me said i'm in a house, i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad i loveou and pray. >> the search effo continues with help from mother nature and storms moving out of this area and floodwaters continuing to recede. wimberly, texas. >> sandy patel is here on the sere weather it's been unrelent unrelenting. >> it has been. you will see strong thunderstorms pounding texas and oklahoma and severe thunderstorm watches are still going and
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going to run until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. that report at at the top of our forecast was west of the sticity at 6:32. numerous reports ofownl cloudsunnel clouds and flash warnings in texas as well. and thunderstorms rolled through that area. ey will be seeing severe weather outbreak tomorrow and potential for tornado and hail and morehis week as well. >> thank you. back in the bay area residents and officials can't figure out why water is seeping into a yard and down a street. every little bit of water counts. abc 7 news repter laura anthony has more. >> these are the worst o times when it comes to lack of water. she has to put rubber boots on
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in herackyard and the source is unknown. >> it's mystery water. we can't idenfy the source or where it's comi from. >> the water has flowed from he hillside beyond the home. it flows in the front too. down the street not far from neighbors. >> if nature is provideing the water, who am i to stop it. if it were neighbors, that would be different. >> they do have a pumping statio klose by and giant pump pumps. they have detected no leaks so far. we can't determine the leak and it is a mystery. >> woe will be the only yard that will be green. i would trade the brown yard for
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none of these water pblems any time. >> there are natural springs in the ea. if that's the cause so far no one's been able to find it. in san ramon laura anthony. abc 7 news. >> they're buying up more emergency water tonight. they agreed to buy 12,000 acres, and will cost 6$6 million and getting it here another 5$5 million. >> looking for any who may have seenhis tan maybe gray chevrolet blazer. a child between 9 and 12 was seen struggling in the console area. the vehicle crossed at 8:37. the kid ws screaming and last seen westbound and no license plates but an operateing permit in the rear area of the window. chp wants to loce the driver
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to make sure the child is okay. if you have tips please call. we're learning about the arrest of former 49er ray mcdonald on suspicion of child endangerment endangerment. you hear them transfer the call to santa clara police after a woman reported her daughter had been assaulted. >> myhone number. i'm all the way away. i'm no there and she called me trying to escape fromwith the infant. >> the man was the father'schild's father and the man was drunk. they won't release the audio. in 1982, swedish ah pair elizabeth martinsson remained unsolved until her remains were found in he hills of fremont.
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they questioned this man who was driveing her car a was released and now searching for him as a person of interest >> here we are 30 years later trying to bring closure and stice to the family. certainly it will a does take a toll on detectives and the family. >> this is martinsson's missing person's flyer from 1982. sheriff's investigator are consulting with the original detectives now that they have new clues. a family that lost two family members to a drunk drir plan to be in court every step the way. the driver jones is charged with two counts of homicide and could lead to life sennces. >> reporter: 35-year-old brian zachary jones is no long ear free man shown here earlier this mon going to court. he has now been charged with two counts o homicide and held without bailn county jail. he is accused of killing 45
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45-year-old esperanza morales and her ughter. investigators from chp said jones was going 75 to 90 miles an hour just before the corvette jumped the curb and smashed into four people. >> now, he don't have his wife and daughter. l he wants is justice. >> reporter: so do other members of the morales family and their friends. they showed up to a court hearing where they hope to hear jones enter a plea. instead, the plea has been postponed until next month. they learned he was charged with a dui plea in 2003 and now charged with a dui and homide. >> challengeing the amount of attention gets and political pressure from the district attorney's office.
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>> reporter: the morales family and friends vow to be in court each time jones is scheduled to appear. >> i hope he gets the time he deserves and pays the victim every penny. >> reporter: jones is expected to stay in custody as in ail me da county homicide cases do not allow bail. abc 7 news. on to other matters, warriors are resting tonight before the western conference showdown with the rockets. the team returned to the bay area. there as players got off the charter plane. all eyes on steph curry after this hard fall h his back and head and tough on his shoulder as well. fans were so relieved after he returned to the game after getting checked out by team doctors. people calling in to talk radio are worried about curry's health for tomorrow'sgame. >> he should befine. the weird part about a head inry, you never know until you
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get a chance to rest and recuperate to e if there's lasting effects. >> fans expect curry to play well and put the team in the nba finals with a win. if they can pull it off tomorrow. curry is on the cover of this week's "sports illustrated" regional cover for the second week in a row. the headline, my town, my team. >> game 5 is tomorrow at oracle arena and if needed game 6 in houston and game 7 at oracle. we have a lot more ahead. up next, fighti a plan to move the alcatraz dock on the bay. >> i hate to see it become a huge tourist destination. the quiet sceneic spot that could become its new berth. >> and the more than
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a new report out tonight is drawing a big problemo santa clara counte a homeless population costing as much as half a billion dollars a
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year. >> reporter: lorene chandler is survivor. >> people shame you for being homeless and really blame you. after aear of that you start blameing yourlf something must be wrong with me. >> reporter: a21-year-old woman who had nowhere to go. >> with nowhere to call hom i discovered downtown san antonio, what areas -- sab jose what areas are safe to sleep downtown. >> reporter: the largest air homeless arein the country. between 2007 and 2012, nearly 520$520 million were spent each year to provide services for homeless residents. 53% was spent on health care, er visit visits, psychiatric services and 43 43% on social justice servic. >> what we suspected we can use this data to go after resources and strategyies we need. >> reporter: it was commissioned
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by destation home a public private partnership to reduce homelessness ad building more permanent supportive houseing much like the assistance andler was lucky to receive. >> given these keys i had somewhere safe and sound and permanent, not just we're going to give you houseing for a little bit and hope you get it tother. it takes longer than that. >> reporter: while critics say houseing wot necessaryilyy lyily solve all the problems, advocates believe it's a step forward. abc 7 news. >> there's an addendum here the city ofan francisco spends nearly 176$176 millionn care and services for the homeless annually. that's according to the latest numbers available from the city. keep in mind that figure does not include the cost of hospital care or incarceration. there are about 1100 more homeless people in islamicsanta clara county than san francisco. > 1.5 million people make the
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trip from alcatraz every year. and there is concern over where they board the ferry. some wantt moves and others don't. alcatraz has be open for toursince 1972. over the past nine years sitors boarded the ferryhere. the lease is about to expire and the national park service is now examining its options for a 50 year leas >> please don't do it. >> reporter: sherry and her husband object to it tha will bring traffic and other disruptions to a tranquil seclud part of the marina strict. >> it will change it and ruin it. >> reporter: the park service is exploring moving it back to home basef pier 41 and would replace the commuter ferryies or might just stay put. the negotiations involve finance financing and investment in the
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infrastructure. infrastructure. >> theinancial picture we understand what that is. that's a national park service site. in order to have a range of alrnative alternatives, we wanted to look at all potentily viable alternative alternatives. >> port officials are fighting to keep thener ferryies from floating off their proper but says the national park serves are asking for unusual services to stay. >> it would put their si and repair above others. >> reporter: they pulled a bad offer off the table. both sides are optimistic a deal can be reached for pier 31 1/. in san francisco colyn tyler abc 7 news. we are getting an up close look to the damage to a bridge in napa county 4.1 magnitude earthquake. in addition to the cracks a portion of the oakville crossroad bridge sank 2-4 inches
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and pulled apart existing crack on the nearly 100-year-old bridge. the bridge was already scheduled for replacement this summer. only bikes ad pedestrians allowed. christopher johns says he will leave the companyiality they ality thet the end of the year and was in charge duringhis company's explosion. and pleaded guilty to 28 federal violations including pipeline safety and pipeline obstruction obstructions. he said pipeline improvedwhile he led the company. >> a little misty in spots today and a chance that may continue. >> that's ight. our meteorologist has what's in store for us. >> we're goinghave a little more drizzle coming our way. >> it won't solve the drought but it helps. >> we count every drop. >> tomorrow mning don't be
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surprised if you run into slick spots. the marine layer here and how extensive the cloud cover is ail me da, you're socked in and just a matter of time before it gets to the inland valleys. the wind is still going at fairfield, gusting to 32 out of the southwest andushing the clouds out of the valley. a look at the pictures across the bay you can see gray skyies and had measurable drizzle this morning and probably had to use the umbrella. san francisco, .200 of an inch and going into the morning with more drizzle. overcast skyies over the bay. cloudy for the morning, touchy drizzle. warmer the next few days and cooler pattern beginning sunday. here's aook why it's unseason unseasonably cool.
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people are asking about this. where is the heat? where is summer? we had one trough after another comethrough. these are slowlyoving out and allows a weak ridge to build in. not a large rid so don't expect hot weather but will allow with warming, especially around the bay and inland. 77s the average high. the next couple of days you will be close to average coming to the low 80s, saturdays a little above normal and dropping sunday. we are expecting numbers to come up a few more degrees. heading to theweekend the trough approaches northern california sunday and the afternoon and monday morning next week. tomorrow morning, uer 40s to mid-50s. you will see some drizzly ots. watch out for that. 74 in south bay in san jose, straight straight, gilroy. 78 gilroy. clouds along the coastline.
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the peninsula, low 70s, redwood city paololo alto coming up to 63 degrees and 58 with the lingering cloud cover and in the north bay in the 50s and cool in the coast withhe clouds. hang onto the sweater or jacket if you're at the coast. 75 in santa rosa. 74 napa. east bay santa rosa you will need sunscreen. 79 in fairfield 78 in limp livermore. mid-80s and low 60 coast. sunday, things turcooler breeze breezier, maybe drizzle in the forecast as well. that couldchange. i'll let you know if it turns into showers. >> we always welcome the showers. a new honor for steve
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woznia where you can visit him. > and recognizeing significant events where you live -- >> the jenny lin foundation was establisheafter the senseless murderof her, and her parts wanted to honor h life with music and
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fans will soon able to see steve wozniac at the wharf. it will be in wax. voteing the co-foundernd will be taking more than 250 measurements of the woz. it will have a permanent
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position along steve jobs and mark zuckerberg. >> perfect spot. abc 7ews was there as graduate graduates showed off their ability in arts. the commencement speaker and opera singer, neuroscientist talked about how budding artists cane successful. >> we want to impart it's really important not just to talk but to listen. there's lot you can learn from listen listening, you don't know what that is until you actually listen. >> city school officials are deciding whether to restrict enrollment to san francio only. we'll have more over on channel on that story. >> for now, another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. cong up passenger planes reatened and fighter jets scrambled. a warning from the fbi. a very frightening moment
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after a passenger jet loses power in both engines at 39,000 feet. what the airline is saying about what happened. >>ax information stoll. thieves for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to repce clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy.
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good evening. once again we'll start in southern california this half hour. the lapd bomb squad responded to lax this afternoon. >> the flight landed safely and taken to the airport. they were able to exit the plane safely. >> all threats were taken seriously regardos angeles -- regardless of the credibity of the caller.
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>> this comes after threats on monday. >> the fbi is looking for an anonymous suspect responsible for this. >> shut down at your discretion. you may be there for a while. >> reporter: an air france yet surrounded at jfk. as it approached the u.s. fighter jets scramblednd watch watched from a distance ashe jed liner landed just 1 in about 10 flights an unidentified caller made a threat to authorities about a chemical aboard, all fakes. >> the fbi has to take every one of these seriously? >> they almost don't have any choice particularly if th plane is in the air. what will you do? you will search it. >> tonight the fbi will try to trace ck the phone call was it in the u.s. or overseas. is that call made from an organization or individual. >> you want to charge this person. this costs hundreds of thousands of dollars andhey have to send a signal out.
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if you do this, they can lock you up. >> "abc news," washington. a singapore flight from shanghai lost power in both engines at 39,000 feethis weekend. it happened just south of hong kong and caused the airbus to descend 13,00 feet before the crew was able to restart the engine. the jeff landed safely and hour and a half later. the plane was only two months old and despite a series of tes tests, the cause of the loss of power couldn't be determined. irs says thieves stole information from 100,000 taxpayers. they used an online servic to get taxpayers' information. the irs said they cleared a security screen that requires knowledge about that person cluding social security number, date of birth and street address. the system was hit from february to mid-may and temporarily shut down. another demrat eyeing the
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pridential race, vermt bernie sanders announce dd dd his candidacy. >> this type of rged economy is not what america is supposed to be about. this has got to change. as your president together, we are going to change it. >> sanders also promised to run a clean campaign with no personal attack ss. meantime, secrary of stateitte hkt hillary clinton's campaign is running unconventional pducts with this pantsuit up. they can wear it for 30$30. clinton is known for wearing pantsuit pantsuits. part of their campaign's sre glasses made from 100% shattered glass ceiling. get it? for the very young voters onesy
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with clinton's campaign on it. a teran voter-- refusing to let the order take effect on deportation if allowed to take affect it could affect millions of legal immigrants. and the president's executive order was blocked. temperates in parts of the country yesterday were as high as 122 degrees. forecast forecasters expect high teeratures for another couple of days before anyrelief. another heat wave could be on the way after that. in the country's capitol,ew delhi, the heat was so intense it melted the crosswalk lines on major road. genetically engineered and harmless form of her piece virus is showing progress. kills cancer krelsz and
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triggering the immune system to attack tumors. it is funded by am gen develong the new therapy. two restaurant chains say they're getng rid of artificial flavors and colors in their food. pizza hut and taco bell are among the latest panera mcdonald's and subway the food makers are faceing essure from smaller rivals that position themselves as more wholesome alternatives. up next, your cell phone bill. >> how to knock off hundreds from your bill right
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the average american family spends about 1,000$1,000 a year on their cell phone bill.
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"abc news" reporter rebecca jarvis shows you how t save hundreds of dollars on mystery charges. >> reporter: it's a top expense for so many families like t wilson wilsons. we pay so much money for cell phones. >> reporter: this family wants to cut their 175$175 a month wireless bill and add their daughter this man helps cut waist uswaist -- stes using these websites. they will tell you if there's a cheaper way available. >> cost is complicated, not like it used tobe. >> reporter: watch out for common charges like service fee, membership, service fee and usage bill. see this check on the wilson's bill? that's fancy language for an inc.s phone case. iphone case. >> you don't pay for something
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that will cost 72$72 at the most. >> reporter: if you e a customer, you may be able to cash in. that's how todd found them a new offer with a big return. >> 720$720 in saveings? amazing. >> reporter: a newhone for their daughter and 720$720 back in their pocket. the best tip, negotia on your own behalf. go tohem and tell them you found a better deal. it does pay to speak up. you could save between 20 and 30% just by speaking to them. rebecca jarvis, "abc news," new york. the son of one of ina's richest men is taking heat after posting pictures of his dog wear wearing two apple watches. heploaded the pictures on weibo, china'sversion of facebook. his siberian huy appears to be wearing the apple watch edition, the high end del that sells for more than10,000$10,000. he says he would have put watches on all four of the dog's legs but that would have been un
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unkooit. the post received outrage and his dad is worth billions of dollars. the new
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a nobel prize winner cut t ribbon on a building named in his honor on the hills above berkeley. jonathan bloom explains a high-tech lab already making discovyies in the quest to replace fossi fuel with sunlight. >> a funny headline could be nobel prize winning physicist
9:45 pm
wants to save world needs cash >> reporter: how could this family say no to that. they gave money named after steven chu, the former energy secretary who onceran this lab. >> it feels great. it will feel even better when these guys produce stuff that will really change the world. >> reporter: it starts with these bubbles. chu toured the lab whe scientists are splitting water wi hydrogen and oxygen process processed only by sunlight. >> it's being made on this side and this side. >> reporter: artificial photosinthy sist to ke energy the same way plants d >> the risks are very very real. if the solution costs three times as mu it's not going to be used. it has to be competitive with fossil fuel. >> reporter: chu says i has to work like fossil fuel. that's the goal of the lab to recycle carbon dioxide that comes out of tailpipes into
9:46 pm
liquid that bus like gasoline. >> i'm confidence electric vehicles will be a big deal and less confident w will be seeing electric airplanes or electric boat boats. >> reporter: one key function is experiments that requires sunlig at all hours of the night using artificial sunlight generators like this prototype at the lab. >> it's a great challenge and will engage the best minds. >> they will worknder one roof. >> how many people can say they have a baseball signed by this guy? >> reporter: abc7 news. this can get you in trouble at wk if you post it on social media. take a look. taken on the tarmac of chicago's o'hare airrt. passengers got a little concerned when they saw her standing in front of one of the jet engines scrunched in front of the blade there. >> they weren'ton.
9:47 pm
the chancef windshield wiper action in the morning. >> and more on that. >> we're looking at drizzly drop drops tomoow morning. tracking quite a bit of cloud cover at this hour. if you're doing traveling severe weather possible in the southern plains in oklahoma tomorrow. 83 in dallas, 80 in atlanta lookin at thunderstorms as well. 81 in new york. thunderstorms extending north around the northern anes. 75 in seate. hot in the desert. palm spris, las vegas, 94 degrees, where the ht stays pretty much. 62 only for monterrey where the cloud cover lingers and tahoe, bay area high temperatures cool and loudy, coastline temperatures aroun 60s. around the bay inland you will warm up a little bit. 72 in pa alto, 74 in san jose.
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78 degrees in livermore. accuweathe 70s forecast, temperatures continue to rise a few degrees as we head towards your thursday and friday, up to the mid-80s and mid 60s, a little milder than normal in some spots and cool it off the second half of your weekend. >> thank you. >> when warriors close this thing out we know who they will play. >> more on that coming up. first, the s ofcity of santa clara is takingnother step to boost its name recognition. they spotted a crew, as they were finishing up painting this city seal on top of a water tower, new territory for the brothers doing this job usually paint the sides not the top. they're hopeing it shows up from shots of ninersame and the international airport. >> can you see how big that is? huge. that's a huge paint job. >> i'm thinking of a smaller
9:49 pm
scale, i will put lay. there's not that much hair left. >> early drones. >> have to use the signage spot. spot. >> where's the drawing? >> revenue. >> think about that! >> now to sports? >> now we proceed. one-half of the nba finals is set. lebron and mpany take care of business. >> place your ad here. [ laughter ]
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coming up tonight on "abc news" at 11:00 chp asking for your hefrl tonight. what they saw inside this suv that has them worried a child may be in danger. new drugs and dangers and why scientists are encourageing women to switch to new birth corol pills. >> a lot of sports to talk about.
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>> i just got word this space is already taken. >> toyota bought it as part of our finals. not anybody can get tis head. >> casey mcgehee w signed to replace for third base didn't work out. he has accepted a demotion to aaa while giants look to see what to do with him. hiseplacement homered in milwaukee. home of the barrel man. we have similar physiques, i notice. bruce bochy he should rent out space that bod. hunter pence. i'm sure botch lovesh loves have him back. here comes 6'5", 235 pounds of a mad bomber ideing in safely. mcgee's replacement matt duffy flockhart skinny, but he can
9:54 pm
play. not sure if that stillworks, she's not on television anymore. giants win 6-3. kids are still doing the bernie lean. the only run came off a sac. and miguel cabrera trying to trick the rookie burns thinking the pick-off got away. bus did not fall for it. laug all around. good d-fashioned pitcher, david price. chavez, eightinnings allowed one run on five hits. right now, as down 1-0, as they go to the bottom of the ninth. warriors flew back from houston. steph curry had no media ability and we didn't get to ask him 1,000 questions about how his head feels or if there are lingering effects. curry not listed on the team's official injuryreport. good news.
9:55 pm
questions whether they made the right step putting him back after the horrific fall. curry said the crash was scary and has taken bigger hit >> i was taking my time to be honest with you. i wanted to make sure i was okay and not put myself in danger for the rest of the series if it wasn't right for me to go back out there. ? i list.ed to all the advice and d the stuff i need to do and stayed patient with it. obviously, i wanted to play but i wanted to make su the process was going about it the right way so there would be no send-guessing once i got back on the floor. >>he seems fine. nba will not make a fgrant to howard despite the fact he smacked bogu in the fac a player from the ca was
9:56 pm
suspended suspended. but they want to stt dwight howard on the court not the bench. kyrierving sat out games two and three due to a knee injury, had 16 on his return. lebron james btling a variety of injuries and looks healthy right there. cleveland will benefit from an eight daybreak. james had 23 points. j.r. smith stepback three. tristan thompson. cavs sweephe hawks, 113-. lebron becomes the first player to reach five straight nba finals since bill russell in 1966. one-half of the finals is set. lightning have a chance for the stanley cup finals. bishop there, but they keep pressuring and j.t. miller puts it in. 3- 3-2 new york.
9:57 pm
mes james sheppard on the rebound with his first of the playoffs. rangers tie the series. game seven is friday in new york. quarterback, derrick hart tk handoff but did not throw the ball as raiders resumed their ot workout workouts. carr's finger injury not expected to need surgery. ponder too over after going to the minnesota vikings and played in 38 games, 38 touchdowns, 36 inrception interceptions. >> my job is backup and here to help derrick and this team. it is exciteing for m to be out there and taking first team reps. i understand this is derrick's team. i am bringing a competitive nature to it. and it only helps all of us. >> we feel like we have a more competitiv roster going into camp. it's still early, good thing to
9:58 pm
have depth and competition. weant to create as much competition as possible. >> hopefully carr will be throwing soon. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. we'll get that done. >> i thinking permanent. >> permanent. >> you will have to pony up. >> thanks larry. >> thank you for joining us tonight. we'll carry the tattooing live. >> we'll stream it live >> s you guys in one hour on channel 7.
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whoa! oh. (door closes) i almost killed a lizard. oh, great story. thanks. i worked on it. yeah, go sit down. we're making popcorn. it is so cool that you and kirsten are staying foa movie. thanks. you said if i didn't, you wouldn't give me money for food. just say, "you're welcome," dude. jules doesn't, like, always force everyone to hang out gether, does she?
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