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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you. >> show of support in court today. where an accused cop killer made his first appearance before a june. good evening. amma has the evening off. man accused of killing a hayward police officer is now formally charged with murder and 3 special circumstances clauses. this is the newly released mug shot of mark estrada. he said nothing in court today. but his family talked with katie. >> i know in my heart i know my
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soychbility supported by family and defense attorney she feels confident her son 21-year-old mark estrada will be cleared. >> i'm devastated. the whole they think. devastated for the officer who passed away. devastated for my son. >> in the courtroom estrada faced murder firearms charges as well as special circumstances enhancement of murder of a peace officer lying in wait and drive-by. >> hayward chief and many officers packed the courtroom a in solidarity of sergeant scott long and the case. eye heavy with emotion. none of them addressed reporters. >> i know no words that could even touch to help them and i mean i don't have the word but i really feel for them too. i do. >> court documents say lung partner had brief verbal contact before lung was shot in the head. the same documents
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outline investigators evidence against east strad a.they say bullet hole through the east seat of the truck consistent with the wound and they recovered dna evidence. officers found a 9mm. gun near the crime scene and spent casings in the truck. they say surveillance video shows 3 people arriving at estrada home after the shooting. one person was limping. >> reserve judgment until all the facts are in then we can answer those questions. >>reporter: the judge denied bail. estrada next court appearance scheduled for august 25. in hayward, katie, abc 7 news. >> we are learning new details about how sergeant scott spent some of the off duty hours. he played baseball for the tri-valley a. part of the men senior league in the east bay. he brought the best out of his fellow players competing even when hurt. he loved the game of baseball and was just as dedicated to his team as he was to his family and his job. >> after struggling shifts getting off at 3 or 4 in the morning would he make it to the
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ball field for 9:00 o'clock start at times 12:00 o'clock start but just different teams of the day always sleeping in the vehicle just to make sure he was there for the game. >>reporter: team will honor the mentor and friend this sunday morning at 9:15 before the game at granada high school in livermore. the sergeant lungary 15 year veteran of the force laid to rest at full honor next thursday. funeral scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. at neighborhood church in castro valley. it is open to the public. >> offer condolence if you wish by sharing the badge on social media. fine it on the abc 7 news face back page or twitter and instagram under abc 7 news bay area. >> jury today convicted man of killing vallejo police officer in 2011. 41-year-old henry smith junior was found guilty of first degree murder with special circumstances for the killer of officer pooh. he was shot as he chased down smith
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following a bank robbery. deliberation in the trial had to rae start twice just this week in fact judge removed a juror for bias against police after the juror allegedly called a bailiff quota thug with a gun. earlier a juror had to be replace the due to health emergency. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against smith. happening now. search foreperson who shot a man to death in the east san jose area. happened about 5:30 tonight at the wood bridge mobile home park at towers lean and east capitol expressway. neighbors say they heard several shots and sue a man lying in the street. police say the shooter was in a small gray car with several people in it. turn your attention now to the fire burning near like berry 30 percent contained as you can see from the video taken late today from sky 7 hd. crew made good progress for the second consecutive day. 6900 acres blacken by the blaze so are if a. wayne is there.
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>>reporter: here's what progress looks like near the like smoke with an occasional burst of flames and line of cars with engine running waiting for highway 128 to reopen after almost 48 hours. >> i have been sleeping at my ex news davis. >>reporter: how is it going for you. >> not too bad. i wore my welcome out. >>reporter: like this blaze in the hills when the rag fair broke out wednesday it looked like a bad one. as 500 acres burned in the first hour open the way to roughly 7000 acres now. people left homes and vacationers. the campground. hasty exodus >> nightmare in a way scary because it was so fast. >>reporter: ethyl owns much of the land that burned. her family has been here sentences 1850. first concern upon returning today missing bull. >> not a wanderer but maybe with the fire he maybe a wander with the fire he maybe a wanderer. he's fred. >>reporter: over and over the past 2 day we heard about not
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property but animal. lucky ones like this cat named gray still look a little frightened. someone left food for her though. >>reporter: you are okay cat is okay. >> yes. >> ordeal never completely over until everyone comes home safe and sound. >> 1 lingering concern about water quality in the quail canyon area tonight when the fair came through yesterday electricity faichltd pump went out. it color natured the water. local water district is test that go water tonight. should have an answer in the morning. mean time residents say they are drvrnging it any way. near the like wayne freidman abc 7 news. >> the firefighters have been making head way in part because of the weather which is cooperating somewhat. l sandhya is here with more on. that. >> as we take a look at the conditions near that like berry fir first you notice that wind are still on the gusty side but not as intense as they were yesterday. relative humidity
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is coming up. gust right now out of the south west 21 miles an hour. the next 24 hours still looking at breezy conditions at 10:00 o'clock tonight. but then the wind will taper towards morning and then pick back up again tomorrow afternoon evening but once again not eecting them to be as strong so hopefully will continue to make progress on the fire. the other fire near kiber relative humidity also coming up. a little more moisture in the air. not as dry. whipped coming down. it's 61 degrees right now. l. >> thanks very much. officials have reopened one lane of highway 50 tonight in el dorado county closed by a fire since yesterday afternoon. emily pritchard of our sacramento abc fill why the tweeted this video of cal-trans crew removing cones. highway 50 one of the main routes up to tahoe. fire burning near kib interel dorado county and carlos has more.
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>>reporter: attack continued for a second day as fire crew work non-stop to secure the heat on the southern flank of the kiber fire. main concern for firefighters burned tree that can fall without notice. >> we need to make sure that any if fall on the road removed or skishtiond the day put out hot spot the dry conditions make for unpredictable situation. >> this is where the fire torched through yesterday. kahn see all this now ash roadway signs like that. topple over. you can see fire retarred apartment on the ground. and on the other side of the highway the hills still smokey right now as firefighters work to put out hot spots. stishltion both direction of highway 50 remain close from slide park road to myers leaving some drivers without a place to go. >> pretty much trying to good home. >> family leaving tahoe to go back home in the east bay. highway closure caught them by surprise. >> they weren't much helpful.
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we were trying to figure out right now. >> travelers rerouted through highway 88 and told to expect delay. it took us additional 45 minutes. >> dozens of homes on the track remain under evacuation orders as well as campground. camp site left abandoned as people were forced to leave. camp site mapger the only one allowed to return. >> i would rather be here than somewhere else an not know exactly what is going on. >> still much at stake for the couple who know too well if the fire picks back up. they have to evacuate once more. >> again one lane off highway 50 back open tonight. big relief for people out here. trying to get to and from like tahoe. but as far as fire that caused that is still under investigation. this is the report near kibers a.bc 7 news. >> one of the most vital tool in fighting a wildfire is atagging from the air. takes a special sort of pilot to fly in the difficult dangerous
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conditions. and as jonathan bloom found out, lately there is something making the job even tougher. >> cal fire air tanker 86 didn't always fight fires. >> this was an old sub chaser during the war and it used to carry torpedos and you are right. you are signature on retardant tank. >> the job is to drop the 1200 gallon of retardant in exactly the right spot flying 120 miles an hour in heavy winds. >> practicing every day that you fly l it's not a science. it's an art in. some way fires are easier to fight than enemy submarine. >> don't somewhat back. that's one they think. >> they come with a host of challenges. >> turbulence that approaches the severe category and visibility obviously is limited by the smoke. >> nonetheless they drop load after load sometimes going through this 50,000 gallon stash in a single sweltering day. >> you sit in your own sweat all day long. >> can get up to 120 in there. >> now air tanker pilot have a new danger to con the end
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w.more often they find out they are not alone up there. as people try to get a closer look at the fire using drones. >> drones wildfire don't mix. >> the fire center produced this public service announcement. >> even small drone near a fire. >> cars burned on the freeway as planes sat grounded at the airport waiting for drones to leave the air space. >> i can't afford to bump in a drone. >>reporter: word is getting out. >> don't fly the drone at 8 anywhere near a fire. >>reporter: he gave us these image after the south napa earthquake but for the rag fire he keeps it on the ground. air tanker need more space than you think. >> i'm 5 miles away from the edge of the fire right now and they are flying over me quite frequently nishtion santa rosa, frequently nishtion santa rosa january thon bloom abc 7 news. >> not worth the risk. we have much more ahead for you on this friday night and east bay community is a luther the victim of 9/11al with those in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> desperate attempt to
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thousands of fish from one of the biggest reservoir. you get the story and the weekend is here. sandhya has the forecast
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be you. >> ground breaking in hayward where stone memorial built to memorize vicms of 9/11 and first responders. but the somber ceremony took an even satder tone today. here's vic lee ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight last gleaming. >>reporter: memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and 3 hayward police officers and firefighters who died in the line of duty. but those here at the ground breaking today had heavier hearts. >> when we planned this we didn't know that sadly this we can we would have anher name to add to that list e-the name of hayward police sergeant scott lung killed wednesday during a traffic stop. his name will be among those indescbed on these 4, 10 foot tall black fwlan it mon0lift representing the 4 plane that went down that tragic september
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day. the man behind it the veteran marin sergeant michael emerson. this is seventh memorial project since 9/11. eight years ago union city he built this granite tribute to victims of flight 93 which crashed in a pennsylvania field. sandra and her mother lost their loved one flight attendant wanda green on the flight to. them each one of these memorials is as painful as the first. >> you have to keep moving but it doesn't make it any easier. always fresh. >>reporter: emerson is on a patriotic mission. >> i want to the make sure that people remember not only 9/11 but also veteran and first responders. >>reporter: that's why those here believe it's important to include sergeant lung name on the memorial stone. >> we hope is name is first on this memorial. we hope that it's the last. >>reporter: amen to that. vic lee abc 7 news. >> california drought has
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gotten so bad. state authorities have begun evacuate authorities have begun evacuating fish from folsom like. crew side phone out nearly 68,000 rainbow trout. put them into a temperature controlled tank on a truck and will distribute them to cooler water. right now folsom like hatchery is 71 degrees warming quickly ashe like levels fall quickly as the like levels fall. they will die at 75 degree so there's not much time. fish will be released into donner like it hassle vegas of 7000' should stay cool enough to keep the fish alive. >> santa cruz county asking people to stay out of the water at cowl beach because of unsafe level of e.coli. affected area level of e.coli. affected areas the small strip of beach to the west of the santa cruz wharf. county health department warn about the unsafe bacteria levels there on scenes. rest of the beaches in the county are reunderstand considered safe. looks fantastic we hit the
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weekend like today mild to warm let me show you the doppler and when it starts to cook around here. not for few days. so don't worry if you do have any birthday parties outside don't have to worry about the weather being too uncomfortable. we show use we have a little bit of fog right near point reyes and seeing more as we head towards tomorrow morning. temperatures will be on the cool mild to warm side for the upcoming weekend. right now in the low to uppers 60's from san francisco to oakland mountain view. 66 san jose. 61 half man bay. kgo roof cam are the flag are barely swaying so barely a breeze here along embarcadero low mid 60's from santa rosa to no vat o. currently pretty warm still in concord 71 degrees livermore 69 concord 71 degrees livermore 69. and gorgeous view. a lot like what it looked like this afternoon. golden gate bridge camera nice and clear. foggy area overnight tonight. it's heating up. next week you will see exactly how hot it gets in
9:19 pm
just a moment here. one trough came through. another one is coming in behind it and so we keep it on the breezy side for the upcoming weekend. that also means temperatures will be at or a little below normal. with sunshine for the afternoon l after the morning fog. now sunday afternoon evening the last of this series of trough will go through high pressure comes in. and in a big way as it builds west ward temperatures will sore. next week. we are looking at kuwait a bit of app increase in the numbers where it will be noticeable. so san jose average high pressure is 83 degrees this weekend it remains just a little bit below normal and then temperatures start to recover only to see the has returning. low mid 90's tuesday through thursday. 86 on friday. so temperatures will back off a little bit as we head toward the end of the work week. next week. today at the gilroy garlic festival nice and warm. 92 degrees tomorrow the we go just a slight bit lower so it is great for the gilroy garlic festival
9:20 pm
in the cities to start um and warming to the 80's and 90's. cooling off at 7:00 p.m. if you are going enjoy all the garlic fad it's great eventment tomorrow morning starting off with fog bay coast 50's then tomorrow afternoon if you have out door plans nice warm in morgan hill. 80 san jose. 85 los gatos. 78 in sunnyvale. santa clara 79. same thing mountain view on the peninsula. 77 redwood city. 63 in pacifica where the fog is sitting into the afternoon and you know that the is the case in daly city of times in the summer. 63 there. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay most of you will see blue sky. a little patch of fog near bodega bay. 64 there 82 santa rosa. 77 in vallejo. east bay. breezy. blue. 7276 fremont inland spots on the warm side. 84 in livermore. 85 concord. 82 san ramone. 7 day forecast temperatures will come down a few degrees on sunday as we get a little i hope crease in the cloud cover and stronger breeze
9:21 pm
coast about the same. monday it warms up. but it's just getting you gradually night. upper 60's mid 90's then tuesday wednesday triple digit inland 90's around the bay. 70's at our beaches sochb the beaches will get warm. thursday we are going to notice the temperature falling a little but the humidity goes up. and we have been down this path. yes. when that humidity goes up it make it feels worse than it really is and at this point we may even be tracking some showers with if live doppler 7 hd. not there on thursday because the computer model in disagreement. >> interesting thanks very much sandhya. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. bay area festival features everything garlic. advice for the first timer coming up. >> quick action by police and some bystanders that save a woman trapped under a car you see what happens. find out how she's doing tonight. stay with me. 7 news at 9:00 continues.
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>> quick rae minder here. cars diverted off northbound park presidio before the golden gate bridge. detour take them in the south bound direction in doyle drive and back on northbound. weak long overnight closure begin at 1:00 a.m. lasting until 6:00 a.m. intermittent night work lane closure continue on doyle drive and richardson avenue through september. some streets of san francisco will be shut down because of the 38 running of the san francisco marathon on sunday. race now sanctioned as u.s. track and field qualifier for the 2016 olympic begins and ends at the embarcadero and mission street after winding its way through the city. street closure begin at midnight through 2:45 p.m. for complete list go to our web site the. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. come up. deadly shooting inside the louisiana movie theater. what police found in the gunman home. >> also more campaign headache
9:26 pm
for hillary clinton involving private e-mail server. and the massive auto recall. steering wheel and engine could be hacked by someone outside the car. another half hour
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>> good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour in louisiana where police are vowing to get to the bottom of yesterday movie theater shooting. 3 people died including the gunman. 9 people were wounded. marsy is there. >>reporter: tonight prayers in laws an and flowers left outside of the movie theater. inside a horrific scene investigators still combing through. trying to figure out what would trigger a man's suddenly stand 20 minutes into the movie train wreck pull out a 40 caliber handgun and start methodically shooting into the crowd. >> realize that this is real. this guy is shooting tevrn in the theater. >>reporter: witness sharing heroic moments. strangers
9:30 pm
helping each other to safety. >> william pulled me around. she probably got me out of there 3 or 4 seconds faster than i would have by myself. >>reporter: janet taking a bullet for fellow teacher saving her life. martin then pulling the fair alarm. >> that teach her really saved everybody in the theet are life. >>reporter: and the 2 who couldn't be saved. 21-year-old student macy blow and 33 student macy blow and 33-year-old mother jillian johnson pictured here on instagram. >> we have to sit there and do everything we can to bring closure to these families. >>reporter: alleged gunman 59-year-old john russell houser taking his own life when police say responding officers caught him trying to escape. investigators now looking into his past. protective order failed by his estranged wife creating olence and history of mental illness. places investigating houser hateful internet postings and the mysterious find ntion his motel room. >> we found wigs. and glasses. and disguise. >> but still no explanation and
9:31 pm
tonight of the nine people who were injured we are told 5 are still in the hospital and doctors say they are all expected to survive. sfichlt we want to show you amazing individual y.police in dallas release surveillance joyed today of woman rescued from a car underneath the car. it happened couple weeks ago after car collided with a motorcycle trapping miss gibson. she was gasping for air up the weight of the vehicle. realizing the do your situation group of police firefighters and bistand police firefighters and bistanders literally lifted the car by hand. look at this. rush in and picture up. dash cam video pulled her out and rushed her to the hospital. >> all we saw was like an arm and the rest of her we make sure she was still aleif still brevitying. >> we weret help was on the way we would get her out. >> once we get got enough. saw the big guy show up then we were like i think there's
9:32 pm
enough of to us lift up the cars. >> isn't that incredible. gibson crediting her rescuers and helmet for saving her life. she's still recovering. sheer she is in the hospital after the accident. gibson has since gone home. amazing story. politic now. hillary clinton is in cross hairs again over the private e-mail server. used during the time as secretary of state. tonight there are new calls for the fbi to investigate at least 4 e-mails processed through clinton server drawing new scrutiny. did they contain classified information and did she know here's the chef white house correspondent january thon karl. hillary clinton today ignored question about call for the fbi to investigate the handling of class fight information on the private e-mail account she used as secretary of state. mrs. secretary of state. mrs. clinton has been emphatic in her denial. >> i did not e-mail any the class fight material t
9:33 pm
on my e-mail. there noise class fight material. >> but tonight interm investigators for the intelligence community say at least 4 of mrs. clinton e-mails potentially hundreds more included classified national security information at the time they were sent. mrs. time they were sent. mrs. clinton said today she has nothing to hide. >> said repeatedly that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. >> will do my part. if. >> jonathan karl reporting. the unpress deptd automobile recall to tell you about tonight. about fiat chrysler is recalling 1.4 million vehicle over fear they are vulnerable to hacker. this comes just days after wired magazine experiment show that computer hacker were able to take control of the car steering wheel even shut down the engine. here's l lindsay january. >>reporter: tonight the
9:34 pm
shocking recall affecting cars with this touch screen. offering the customers a software security update. just days after hackers did this. to one of the jeep. it's going 70 miles per hour when 2 hack 70 miles per hour when 2 hackers miles away shut off the engine. tell driver starts to pap ick. >> dangerous. >>reporter: green burg a writer at wired and the hacker wanted the to show how some new cars with internet connections can be vul nshl. >> navigation and safety enter tanlt but each one of those internet connected features is also potentially hackable bug. >>reporter: hackers able to control everything from the wipers to disabling the brake. >> hold on tight. >>reporter: in it that recall including dodge jeep and chrysler model. and regulators now saying they are looking into whether other car makers may be vulnerable too. lindsay
9:35 pm
abc news new york. >> speaking of getting around. use lift to get a ride home from oakland international airport. port of oakland has approved lift permit for operation at the airport. that means you can use the company ride sharing app to get rid to and from the airport. lift currently prohibited dozens of airport across california. however it does service sfo san jose and now oakland. >> reports say that square the mobile payment company found and led by twitter dorcey has confidentially filed for initial public offering. square processed 30 billion dollars in payment last year fr tom merchant customers and ex pan nude business lending and payroll processing exploratorium base company has did he clipped to comment on the i p o. >> well now fivrnlt health care giant anthem is buying signa for 48 billion dollars. the deal would create the nation largest health ensurer by
9:36 pm
enrollment covering 53 million u.s. patients. regulators assessing whether the two deals would give the company too much power to set prices and drive up health care cost. as opposed to reducing them. >> i don't think that customers should necessarily think that they will be significant cut in prices. >> buy-out couple with aetna bidding for human could trans form the first, the 5 massive u.s. health company into just 3 which would be a change. >> president obama arrived in kenya today for a two nation tour of africa. the president will focus on deepening economic and security partnership between the continent and the people. it's historic first visit as president to ancestor homeland where his father was born. president obama is expected to spend time with family and address the kenya people on sunday. he will travel to ethiopia monday to meet with leaders and attend a state dinner.
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>> the come up fix!next >> the come up fix on 7 news at 9:00. first of its kind restaurant in the north bay and how it spark a fast-food revolution. what is the deal prep trauma unit 5. what've we got?
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you. >> fda approved a breakthrough drug that lowers bad cholesterol. the drug is called app injectible helping people with hard to treat inherited form of high cholesterol. part of experimental class biotech medication which are considered the first major advance in the field in decade. analyst expect to generate billions of dollars in sales for makers. >> new drive through restaurant in the north bay is definitely a hit. >> amy kitchen known for the frozen vegetarian food but now
9:41 pm
it's launched a drive through restaurant in rohnert park. the first conveniently taryn drive through in the country. here's cornell bernard who went to check it out. >>reporter: lines independent the new fast fatd restaurant was almost out the door. and check out the drive through. >> welcome to aems what can i get you for you today. >> hungry customers sat patient in the car determined to order lunch. >> can i get 5 of the aements. >> wait long. almost 25 minutes. dillon said it was worth it. >> you have to stay healthy especially now day. i'm annex athlete. >> you won't find burger or fried chicken on the menu but you find other healthy option like vegan mack and cheese and gluten free peter 8. how does it taste. >> delicious. >>reporter: kelsey is trying the amy burger and her mom is trying it too. >> process food definitely big on my mine. my daughter weapons bugging me about going vegetarian. >>reporter: organic veming
9:42 pm
taryn fast-food place the first of its kind in the country. >> we try to take on classic american drive through have had and make organic healthy tasting version of it. >>reporter: amy is the local company makes frozen organic fad for years. but if he ever dreamed the restaurant would be such a hit. >> some people show up and give us hope this is a concept that work. >> normally cheese 48 and burger for lunch would leaf me feeling super guilty but the fry fries are vegetarian and so is the burger so st why not. mike is happy for the healthy choice is happy for the healthy choice. >> it's definitely important to me. i have a young family. starting that kind of stuff obesity is big in the country james is still skeptical though. he had the vegetarian burrito. >> it could be better yes. but it's edible. >>reporter: entre run between 4 and 7 dollars. 95 percent of the food organically grown including the roof. employee
9:43 pm
paid a living wage with health benefits. >> awesome we have the option like acupuncture your and stuff like acupuncture your and stuff. >>reporter: business stays like this amy plans to open other drive through across the bay year. in rohnert park cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> i think they may have a hit look at the lines. coming up fix at 9:00. sandhya has final check on the weekend forecast. we talk about weather conditions. how about what is happening on pluto tonight. hazy with floating ice. latest image from the new horizon i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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♪music ♪ the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit . >> is really something. up close look at pluto tonight. nasa unveiled the first true color close-up portrait of pluto this afternoon. findings reveal surprisingly active world filled with glacier nitrogen and methane ice. another image showing the dark disk of pluto with hazy layer was especially stunning for
9:47 pm
scientist this was the image that almost brought tears to the eyes of the scientist on the team. we start from scratch to understand twhal we thought we gnaw about the atmosphere. >> new horizon made the closest pass 10 days ago coming within 7800 miles after traveling about 3 bill miles to get there about 3 bill miles to get there. more exciting image on the way too. it will take scientist over a year to down load all the images snapped by the new horizon open spacecraft the new horizon open spacecraft. >> money has landed. campaign to preserve neal armstrong space suit has reached its funding goal. national aerospace museum asked the public for half million dollars to keep the suit from deteriorating. suit displayed for the 50th anniversary of the will you know arrest landing on july 202019. never been to that museum in washington. well worth the trip. >> one last time update the weather forecast for the wean. sandhya is here. >> weather look going for the
9:48 pm
upcoming weekend. we see a little fog there along the coast line. you will be seeing more if you do travel along the coast. 83 in los angeles up to the morning fog. nn yos michlt eureka 66 degree so pretty much sunshine top to bottom las las vegasment 104. the heat it takes break from the bay area for few more days we go mid upper 80's inland along the coast line 60's with fog and so many events happening in the bay area try to touch upon a couple of them. first welcome back soccer forecast manchester and barcelona take on barcelona levi stadium 76 sachlts uv index high coming up to 78 degrees make sure you have the sun screen and as far as san francisco is concerned sunday morning if you run in the marathon ideal conditions upper 50's low 60's. you will have the fog low cloud around so that should keep you quite comfortable. 7 day forecast we see the temperatures coming up as we hit the work week and well tuesday wednesday is it's
9:49 pm
beach weather. 70's coast side low 100 inland. hot getting humid on thursday. temperatures will fall a little bit more noticeable on friday and we track showers on thursday. rate now it's the area of high pressure that could possibly drop some monsoon moisture and we know about it in the desert south west. >> we'll see thanks very much. >> garlic lovers are gathering tonight in gilroy taste ago smorgasboard of garlic food. 37th annual garlic lover festival kicked off this morning. drew was there earlier and got some recommendations for anyone heading out there for the first time. >> first timer what should someone absolutely do when they are here for the first time. >> eat the garlic ice cream. come on. that's what it's all about. >> what does it taste like. >> garlic ice cream you hate it or you love it but you have to have it. try. >> more than 100,000 people are expected to attend the festival which runs through sunday if.
9:50 pm
weather is inment sandhya just said. mr. information on ticket praises and times go to our web >> i don't know about the garlic ice cream. >> i know. >> stv just different. >> i'll go with cookie and cream. >> not a big fan of the garlic ice cream but anything garlic because it's great. >> all right. >> i haven't tried it. i have yet to try it. >> a little bit goes a long way >> a little bit goes a long way. >> he hated it. >> make sure you have mint. >> giants well comment a acrops the bay for turns out to be a friday night bludgeoning. offense look so
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>> coming up. breaking fuss tonight. police say these men kidnapped a three-month old tonight. we have late breaking details in a live report. plus crowd clamor for chance to meet soccer superstar. excitement over europe best visiting the bay area. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> all right mr. biel is here tonight with all the sports. >> garlic highlights. >> yes. you want that.
9:54 pm
>> stinking highlights the. >> garlic. stink. >> thank you sand yeah. for your contribution. >> it's a weird night. friday nature. a little strange tonight. any way the giants and a's heading in opposite direction. as sandhya and i are. the giants are making a play off push and afternoon apartments selling off parts to rebuild who knows how long that take. met in game one of the bay bridge series. if you are adorable good chance that we'll put you on television. look at that cutie right there. chavez if hurt in the game. rbi double. 2ing in giants after one. runners at the corner in the sec. fv inning ending double play. giants would add 2 more in the bottom of the second. angel base knock opposite feel. crawford scores 3 nothing giants. this is not
9:55 pm
oakland in. forget how to slide here and sort of just plunge that the bay. billy oh, plunge that the bay. billy oh. he left with a contusion to to tender spot. and some people are laughing like oh, no people are laughing like oh, no. jessie chavez last only 3 innings. bases loaded in the fourth. ending inning can you believe play. giants add on hunter pence. offense so good when pence is helping swing the bat. another rbi double for him. the score. crossing in a gym that is taking forever. now 7-2 in the seventh. after yesterday trade scott took the mound for the astros tonight against cans city. pitched gray. sec i think. jake on the run and robs morales. goes 7 scoreless. lodge 3 hits. struck out 3 including palo orlando. cashmere improves and
9:56 pm
astros win 4 nothing. the scratch because his wife gave birth to the first child. jonathan wife due any second now but he played. roughed up. turner deep on him two batters later. if rafael with two run shot. gave up 6 runs 2 innings. his wife had the baby during the game. which is the only good thing that happened for him. roll lens upper tank. off of robles. done off of robles. donors we know 7 and 2 at the very second up 3 and a half games of the giants. 3 if the giants win the game. 2 power house soccer playing at levi stadium tomorrow. map chester united yankees of soccer take on the reigning champion of europe fc barcelona. 2 teams in california earlier this week. manchester united beat the earthquake 3-1 and southern california barcelona beat the galaxy 2-1. neither club full strength tomorrow. downer of this because if these guys not
9:57 pm
playing for barcelona. if the teams getting in shape for the regular season across the pond but there is a chance to grow the game in the country so this is fun to watch. the stricker said he expects great match an it's pack tomorrow. down in the south bay. second round canadian open campbell on 18. trying to tie the course record with 62. settle for then under 63. 2 shot lead at 14 under. jason day. eagle putt on 18 and then he played the back side first. finance wish a 6 under 66. minus 10. 4 become of campbell. david hern from canada never won a tour event. closement birdie on 18. 3 back in the third round. round 2 of the championship no sun in england there like a pond in the pwuchbinger there. like a like. play suspended but montgomery gets in 12 holes. approach lead to birdie tied for the lead with 8 others at 5 un. expecting to play again
9:58 pm
tomorrow. just 2 races left after stage 19 of the tour de france. 85.7 miles today. chris the room need to stop after a rock got caught in the chain. stl this is competitor in trouble he takes off and room knuckle head spits at him. that's ridiculous. he wins the stage 4 hours 23 minutes. if 2 and a half minutes back here. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> good stuff thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00 for all of us here news at 9:00 for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour over on channel 7. 7 news continues now on line twitter face back al
9:59 pm
wow, this commission check from one of the houses i sold last week is way bigger than i thought. it's like free money. mm, one of the perks of working in the world's oldest profession. you think that real estate is the world's oldest profession? because -- of course she does, 'cause it is. yes. um, tell me, jules. is it tough working in the world's oldest profession? it can be a grind. t
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