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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 31, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i ask. >> when the sheriff comes by and says it's time to go you need to go and be ready. >> that's what people in lake county are hearing tonight as a wildfire explodes inside. >> at this moment 18 fires burning in california with 8,000 firefighters training to put them out. >> governor has declared state of emergency to help with the massive firefighting response. thanks for joining us on this friday. >> more evacuation were order dad for residents of the path of the massive fire we are talking about. >> fire located in the east of
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the town of lower lake in lake county. it's about 100 miles north of san francisco burned more than 2800 square miles of pasture land and only 10% contained. they defend residence and digging containment lane around the blaze. >> 3 homes destroyed during the fire first day. none burned since. hundreds of people ordered out of the homes. residents nervous about the advancing flame. >> it has been very hot. 106 one day. a 108 another day. today the wind changed and blew the smoke in town. getting hard to breathe. harder to see. >> activity incredibly scared because i live on the avenue. it will be come our way in less than an hour. less than 30 minutes. >> the area is rugged and rural which is making it difficult for firefighters to get to of course. winds have been moving to the northeast but that's expected to change as well. pl
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drew is here with more on the conditions on the fire lines. >> and tonight we get encouraging news in regards to the weather conditions relative humidity on the rise and winds calming down at this hour. lake county live doppler 7hd zooming into the area right now and current observation, air temperature outside is at 81 degrees butt relative humidity has been on the rise l that's good news. from a percent. winds active but not as active as this afternoon. south west at 5. gust to go 8 miles per hour. you can see how erratic the fire has spread with the perimeter up to 18,000 acres at this hour. as we put our future weather into wind mode the next 24 hours you see overnight tonight the winds really calm down first thing tomorrow morning but unfortunately by the afternoon to get the heating of the day they will pick back up to wind gusting to 20 miles per hour. more encouraging news in the area. the temperatures have been cooling off. 24 hour temperature change anywhere from 4 to continue degrees
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cooler across parts of the bay area. that cooling trend will continue into the weekend as well. look at the numbers and accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right drew thank you. >> evacuation have been lifted for rest didn't near the rag fire in napa solana county. fire burned more than 8,000 acres since it began early last week. it's now 87 percent contained. and you can down load our free abc 7 news app to get the latest information on the wildfires just push alert for instant update. 7 news app is free to down load for smart phone tablet and apple watch. >> stay on the fires obviously but lets mav on for the moment. it's likely going to be a rough weekend guest across the bay. bart is shutting down service between oakland and san francisco from saturday through monday morning for some track maintenance. here's if laura anthony. >> we go to san francisco. >> christine, her husband and 4 kid just arrive at oakland international airport with plans to spend the weekend in
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san francisco knowing the trip become on sunday may be tough thanks to bart planned closure of the transbay tube. >> got e-mail yesterday from alcatraz saying that. that's how i actually found out. the tour company e mailed us saying leave extra time because of the fact they have the bart shut down. >> it was good. >>reporter: taxi driver is actually looking forward to the closure. as he remembers well what the bart strike did for business back in 2013. >> business was good. traffic was bad. >>reporter: expecting the same this weekend. >> yes. that's right. >>reporter: tube closure expected to create headache for the tens of thousands who normally use it on a weekend day. disruption that the even plan to bus bridge won't fix. >> bart advising the life line service only so don't defend on that for the trip to san francisco. it will delight trip by an average of 1 2 hours extra from what it normally takes from the transbay. >>reporter: those with live here in the bay area this wean its jaws practice run. bart plans to close the transbay
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tube again the first weekend in september. in oakland, abc 7 news. now bart has lot of information about how to get around without transbay service. we have that information on our web site abc 7 >> now to new details on the death of 50-year-old man at san francisco county jail. alberto pet row killed himself tuesday night. now the family wants to know if jail staff knew he was suicidal. vic lee has more. >>reporter: she can't believe her son alberto would take his own life. nor cap she belief jail custody an would allow to it happen. >> too many question. no answer for my mind now. and i just don't believe. i'm still in shoyshtion he was arrested saturday interthe golden gate bridge after his family told the chp he was threatening suicide. chp says he was drunk. after enter have you gone him determined that he was not a threat to himself. but they took him to san francisco
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county jail after discovering he had arrest warrants. the chp says in the statement it's officers did share information with the sheriff's deputy about the initial suicide call but he was jailed with the general population. three days later on tuesday the 50-year-old man hanged himself in a jail shower stall. >> apparent suicide facts of the case obviously under investigation. >> we are deeply concerned that there was no observation being done of him at all. >>reporter: deputy public defender says there should have been a 72 hour watch on him. attorney who represented him monday in court was even worried about his mental state. the judge at her request had ordered a psychiatric evaluation. >> in every indication was there for the sheriff's department to be tell keeping a close eye on this guy and obviously they didn't. >>reporter: his sister said she even contacted the sheriffs
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office three times after his arrest. >> i said well, he's also suicidal. he tried to jump off the bridge. >>reporter: the man is the third inmate to die in san francisco jail this year. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> father of 8-year-old madison middleton is thanking family friends and the community for the outpouring of support. body of the little girl known as madie was hidden in rae cycle bin near the family apartment complex. 15-year-old neighbor being tried as an adult on murder charges. today madie father michael relessed a statement reading in part my hope is that she is never forgotten and she will remain in our hearts for all eternity. >> family friend set up a go fund me page to help the family get through this tranl did. they are trying to raise 5000 dollars and they are getting close. >> san francisco police are looking for more possible victims of the man accused of assault ago client while posing as a massage thayer pichlingt
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he was arrested last week. police say he was operating as a massage therapist without a valid license at his business. he's charged with two counts of felony sexual battery. >> we have much more ahead for you this friday nht coming suspected shoplifter taken down by security guard in bloomingdale but did have it to good down this way? and what we saw today. >> the baby who couldn't wait for the hospital. big thank you for firefighters who knew just what to do. >> drew will be right back with the forecast for the weekend what can you expect. >> 7 news at 9:00 will b
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>> this video posted on you tube raise ago lot of question about what happened to man in san francisco who was bleeding from his head surrounded by security guards. it was in a high end department store. here's melanie. video shows what appears to be 4 plain clothes security guard inside bloomingdale surround ago man on the ground bleeding. danny sure took the video thursday with the cell phone. >> i thought i walked in a gang fight. when i realize that these actually are under cover
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security for bloomingdale i pulled out my camera. because it just didn't seam right. >>reporter: according to the san francisco police department the man on the ground was charged twice previously with shoplifting from bloomingdale vl. loss prevention officer recognized him and asked him to 11 when the altercation occurred. >> they seemed awfully aagrees of. blood open the floor on the tile. >>reporter: sf pd spokesperson says the man on the ground was not armed. was this excessive use of force. >> hard to determine on the video. you see what happens after the fact doesn't look pretty. it looks really bad to be frank but l again we don't know what the use of force was. >>reporter: bloomingdale did not press shoplifting or trespassing charges. sf pd says he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. he's not filed charges against the security officers. bloomingdale told us the department stories cooperating with sf pd. they declined to comment and did not respond to
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a request for instore surveillance video. different shopper gave thus video taken today. it shows bloomingdale security officers on top of another man. bloomingdale spokesperson said sf pd is investigating this matter. in san francisco melanie abc 7 news. >> california state tax board wants to run a state the run bank for marijuana dispensary. they must be done in cash and bank will not take the money because federal government doesn't recognize marijuana as legal in any form. the cash only transaction also caused concern about safety and corruption. >> everybody knows the story of these bad actors these people growing in residential subdivision and shipping across state lines and blowing up houses will legal extraction activity. that has to be wiped out. and one of the way to wipe that out is with banking services. >> lawmakers will discuss the new banking system when the
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legislative session begins in mid august. >> bay area experts this week successfully rehabilitate adhemar mother that found waits toy oakland from lake tahoe. family found the marmot cowering behind a pot in the oakland hills. taken to the lindsay wild life museum in walnut creek t.young marmot was dehydrated with worn pad on the feat and thin fur. vets say it's possible he hitched a ride underneath the car. >> peninsula woman showed up to south san francisco firehouse this morning to give craw there a big thank you. 7 news with the alexis arrived with the baby frank. she wanted to meet firefighters jessie lang who delivered baby frank in the bank of an pwlaps. happened while going 50 miles an hour on highway 101. >> driver asked how we were doing. somebody said we are going to deliver. i thought i want to get to the hospital first. and they just said okay
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push. i push twice and he came out. >> baby had the cord wrapped around the neck and trouble breathing but firefighters were able to free him without complication and as you can sea he's doing great. >> looks good. all right. time to turn to our weekend weather. >> finally cooled off a little bit. drew is here of course with what we can expect for the weekend and what firefighters expect for the weekend. >> temperature wise it's great news for them. we'll continue the cooling trend with comfortable weekend of saturday sunday and relative humidity is on the rise. good conditions there to help fight the fire that has been erratic. we tell wish we saw some rain to help the fire too but right now we are seeing dry sky. the the camera showing you yes the coastal clouds are back and it's a great start to many areas tomorrow morning. but that means more sunshine likely on the way by the afternoon. so the forecast does call for the fog moving back near the coast overnight mild to warm tomorrow but the cooling trend
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does continue that we have seen under way the past 2 day so the cooler pattern lets up over the weekend and early next week. temperature wise to the bay and inland we are all in the 60's right now. 67 fairfield currently 65 in oakland 62 in san francisco. 67 mountain view and san jose right now checking in with temperature of 65 degrees. satellite radar here's the sympathy. it's a good set up we saw increase moisture today in the form of the high clouds but you do notice the 2 areas of moisture kind of went around the bay we saw showers right along the ocean and even some of the higher elevation of the sierra lit shower moving through the south bay earlier this afternoon. most of the moisture missed us but we'll see the low clouds once again tomorrow morning so we call coastal clouds start out saturday by 8:00 o'clock in the morning. partly sunny across much of the bay but by the afternoon the clouds pull back lots of sunshine on the way and we call it back to normal for this time of the year with the nice on shore flow keeping us on the comfortable and cooler
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side. take you to the tropical pacific update on what is now hurricane guillermo winds 105 miles per hour gust up to 125 miles per hour is moving to the west north west at 20 miles per hour. watch it early midweek next week. you do know by wednesday morning 9:00 o'clock in the morning as tropical storm it does look like guillermo brush just to the north of the hawaiian islands. something we keep tracking over the weekend and into early next week. overnight low tonight upper 50's to lower 60's across the bay as the clouds thick ep. from west to east then high for your saturday starting in the south bay tomorrow. san jose high of 81 degrees. 80 in santa clare. 86 morgan hill. 79 the high in sunnyvale along the peninsula 64 pacifica. 79 redwood city. 79 pal a.the numbers are actually below normal for this time of year. 67 downtown san francisco tomorrow 64 for daly city that the north bay. 91 santa rosa. go to 78 petaluma. same in sonoma. 79 the high in napa
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into the east bay. 73 oakland. up to 76 san leandro. 80 free mont high in richmond and upper dwroys near 90. 84 the high in pleasanton 85 in concord 87 livermore up to 90 in antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we call it mild to warm cooling trend continue cooler on sunday and even into monday into tuesday. clouds of sunshine temperatures continue to drop before wednesday thursday friday. we call it little change but very seasonal this time of the year. sought weekend is shaping up to be a really nice one saturday sun. >> great. >> thanks drew. >> sure. >> still to come on 7 news at 9 >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. muni offers new way to get to at&t park. >> and uber really worth 50 billion dollars? how the san francisco company value just shot into the stratosphere
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>> it is new era for muni service in san francisco. we were on the embarcadero as
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officials formally dedicated the new e line today. the line offers the first direct street car service between the cal train station at fourth and king near at&t park. fisherman wharf on weekends. officials say it will be a huge benefit for tourists and folk whose live in the city too l. >> this is vitally important not only to get people back and forth to work and appointment and make sure our city continues to run smoothly. >> hope you get a ride on this as much as you can. thank you. >>reporter: muni day but another new boat tram car today. open top car used in england back in the 1930s you can see it behind the officials there. as you. >> bus drivers who shuttle tech work investigators the job vote on the first labor contract tomorrow drivers join the temperature sister in february and negotiating with the employer compass transportation teamster official doesn't disclose details but it's similar to what facebook
9:23 pm
drivers got early this year. the deal included a pay range of 21 to 28 dollars an hour depending on how long a worker with the company. if the drivers approve compass has to get aparagraphal from the tech company. >> uber most valuable company in the united states the wall street journal reports the company is four valued at close to 51 billion dollars following a new round of funding. the total equals the record set by facebook for a private convenient take your back at start upment analyst say the rise to the 50 billion dollar valuation reflect the aggressive global expansion into more than 300 city and popularity carrying millions of riders every single day. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next jet crashes that a parking lot full of cars and on board the plane was family members of infamous terrorist. >> also game changer breakthrough in the fight against the deadly virus. >> and big announcement today
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from mark zuckerberg
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sz is. >> police investigating what some say is the most violent crime bodega bay has seen in years. >> it happened where taylor street meets highway one just a
9:27 pm
block from deacon bay store. the jonathan bloom has more on what happened. >> employee at the store were just making breakfast when it happened. >> lady came in. pretty frantic. saying that a guy had a gun and he was after her. >>reporter: moments lateary second woman ran in to the bodega harbor inn. >> screaming crying hysterically and said that there's a man down the street. he has a shotgun and i heard 3 shots fired and i think she's dead. >> she was a third woman who was still alive. taken to santa rosa memorial hospital where she was conscious upon arrival. meanwhile the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house where the 3 had been sleeping before the gunman woke them up. they knew who he was. >> she had filed a restraining order against her ex boyfriend two days ago. so he somehow found her. >>reporter: neighbors say the house is vacation rental so the victim were not from here. it turns out neither was suspected shooter. neighbors believe he
9:28 pm
drove here in the middle of the night and parked right up the street. >> suspect parked the car here. >> property mapger says police found the blue rental car by calling the suspect cell phone. what they couldn't find was the suspect. told the neighbors to shelter in place. >> i'm scared. i'm really scared. i have kids and stuff you know. i can't believe something like this would happen in our town. >> we had the man hunt here in the neighborhood for good couple hours. i don't think they relevantize he was in the house. >>reporter: neighbors say police sent a robot in the houseth sheriff's office confirm they found the man dead of self inflicted gunshot wound. argue some discovery that left neighbors rae lead. >> because if he goes to the jail and gets out he will just do it again to somebody else. >> we are glad it's over. >>reporter: police not release the name of suspect or victims. in bodega bay, 7 news. >> u.s. forest service announce tonight that fire fighter has been killed battling a fire in the national forest. firefighters david role of south dakota on
9:29 pm
temporary assignment here in vl cam. unclear how he died. search rest caw team found him this morning. governor brown ordered capitol flag to be flown at half staff. saudi arabia british embassy confirming tonight that every of osama bin laden relatives were killed in a private jet crash in southern england. jet which is owned by bin laden family over shot the runway at small airport south of london. the jet crashed through fence into a lot of parked cars before bursting into a fire ball. there were no injuries reported on the ground but no one on the aircraft survived. airport spokesman told bring issue media that the jet crash attempting to make a landing an investigation into what caused this crash is ongoing. >> now to mysterious airplane part found on island in the indian ocean. certainty tonight this it's from missing malaysian plate 370. debris now on its way to france where experts will analyze it. jim avila has more on what investigators have already learned.
9:30 pm
>> tonight that wing part found on the beach packed on board a plane to france and europe leading center for analyze leading center for analyzing aircraft wreckage. while on reunion island beach combers search for more evidence by hand and helicopters like the one bbc reporter karen allen flew in today. search from the air. those investigators now down playing the likelihood that suitcase came from the missing plane. focus on the wing part found by the islander looking for a rock to pound spice who only called police after a google search pointed him to mh 370. the part called flaper on helps the plane turn and show down on approach for landing. by pivoting down. the numbers 6 5 7 bb found in the boeing 777 maintenance manual match numbers found on the barnacle covered debris.
9:31 pm
what does that barely damaged piece of wreckage tell us? it may support early evidence that someone was at the controls. first deliberately turning off course and financially trying to make the plane disappear all together. >> if he wanted to minimize the amount of floating debris the best way to do that would likely be ditch the air plane. land i on the water. intact. open the doors. let it fill up open the doors. let it fill up. and think. >> french begin the lab work wednesday looking at all possibility including mechanical failure. crash investigators here says they should also look at where the flaper on detached to see if it separated in the air for when it hit the water. jim avila abc news washington. >> woman faces unlawful entry charges after she climbed over barricade in front of a white house fence on pennsylvania avenue. created a brief lock down at the white house tonight. last year remember a man climbed the fence and manage to get in the white house. that and other incidents led to shake up and secret service leadership.
9:32 pm
security measures were taken to make that fence more difficult to climb. >> now to abc news investigation that the government handling of massive computer breach. chinese hacker reportedly gained access to 22 million employee records an now questions about the company brought in to fix it all. here's brian ross. >> until abc news broad dhas revealing whistle blower video. >> there you go. all right. >>reporter: staggering drunk men work for u.s. security company that had 47 million dollar contract from the pentagon to protect american citizens in afghanistan. >> please snap out of ought it. >>reporter: this out remain us behavior u.s. officials tell us did not stop the government from awarding the company a new even more sensitive contract. the job of fixing cybersecurity at the office of personnel management. after chinese hackers stole the files of more than 22 million federal employees.
9:33 pm
>> this is a company that has a bad record. that has engaged in impropriety in the workplace in impropriety in the workplace. is this really l the kind of corporate entity we want to turn to in a moment of crisis. >>reporter: apparently the answer is yes. the company once called george scientific located in this office building in virginia changed its name to imperative after our abc news report. now continues to get huge government contracts. the new president former marine major general robison one of several former general refused to see us. and we were turned away when we showed up at the office. >> anybody here who can talk to us. >> not this time no. >> you can change your name. change some personnel. but conduct is what matters here. >>reporter: company says it agrees the behavior was in appropriate and employee have been fired and it says it has confidence in the cybersecurity team now in place. as for the government nobody yet explained
9:34 pm
how a company with this past track record should be rewarded with a new set of government contracts. >> brian ross abc news new york >> brian ross abc news new york. >> major breakthrough tonight doctors calling a game changer in the fight against e.coli. researchers say new vaccine was 100 percent effective in recent field trial against the virus. world health organization officials call it an extremely promising development obviously. more than 11,000 people have died from e.coli worldwide since last year. the hope is this new vax will stop another outbreak before it begins. >> man whose work paved the way for more than 5 million birth has died. dr. howard generals and late wife georgiana pioneer invitro fertilization in the united states. work led to the first child born as a result of ibf in 1981. dr. jones was 104 years old. >> hillary clinton released tax returns and those of former president bill clinton today.
9:35 pm
couple payed average tax rate of nearly 36 percent on tens of millions of collars in earnings over the past seven years. in a statement released by the campaign today the clinton have paid nearly 44 million dollars in federal taxes since 2006 and donated nearly 15 million dollars to charity. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. helping hand for teachers. >> thousands across the state and in the bay area doing some brain storming today. >> what they hope to learn sllz.
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>> beijing. >> historic announcement today from international olympic committee president back. beijing host the 2022 winter olympic games and first city to ever host winter and summer games which did it in 2008. beijing was chosen over kaz. >> teachers from across the state came together today with the gel of sharing best practice and resources as they get ready to begin a new year. part of the calf teacher summit and chris winn was there. >>reporter: san jose state university. >> people choose profession because they love it. they
9:39 pm
love working with kids. ter there for them. >> first of its kind opportunity for educators to listen talk and connect with the colleagues at the california teacher summit. >> we serve students with varrett of needs and we need to make sure that all of our teachers are committed to the making sure that every single student has access to the an opportunity to learn. >>reporter: today event in silicon valley one of 33 held across the state. over all more than 15,000 teacher signed up to attend nearly 600 of them came to san jose state. >> teachers sometimes get stuck in our class rooms. we have our head down. working with our students. and events like this remind us to open our doors. step out and talk to each other. >>reporter: teacher driven topic range from lesson planning to parental involvement and time management and collaborative learning. >> just little shifts can have really great changes in the impact that we have on our student ability to teach. >>reporter: the teachers lacking ahead hoping to have the students meet the common
9:40 pm
core. >> we can empower and trust teachers to know what is best for our kids to learn from each nora setting that is free and engaging you uses everything. >>reporter: giving up a day of summer brick to give so much more in return. in san jose chris winn abc 7 news. >> how far would you good to get the attention of your favorite ♪ ♪. >> check out i tall i don't know town did to lure the foo fighters. what the band is now saying bit. >> stay
9:41 pm
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>> facebook founder zuckerberg and his wife are about to
9:44 pm
become parents of baby girl. he announce his wife pregnancy on the page today and posted this picture. announcement came with very personal note to whether zuckerberg revealed present sill has 3 miscarriages but pregnancy is far enough along that the risk of loss is very low and they are very hopeful. >> dreams do come true. the faa fighters play in italy is video response from dave himself. >> ciao, he's saying hello to the city this is david more importantly he says we are coming. the matt shows us how all this started. >> you have never heard or seen the song learn to fly by foo fighter like this. organizers say it took one year to coordinate bring together 1,000 musician from his all over
9:45 pm
italy to the field in the city. the mission invitation that would be hard to refuse. >> our cause is to ask you the foo fight investigators come and play for us. to come and play and here give a concert to all of us in italy. >> this business the size of havingville more than 97000 residence. the foo fighters have 44 tour stops this year with two in italy in november. the closest is about 60 miles away. but with the video getting millions of view on you tube the message got to the band. the faa fighters tweeted out 2 messages in italian. first reads that's nice. the second see you soon. xxx david second see you soon. xxx david. apparently 1,000 musician make a noise in field in far off land it can be heard around the world. if you like to see the foo fighters on the upcoming tour don't make a
9:46 pm
video. in fact you don't very much to get on a plane. playing at the shoreline ampitheater mountain view on september 16. matt abc 7 news. >> way to go. clever. >> yes it is. time for another check on the weather. >> drew is here with the weaned forecast. >> saturday sunday live doppler 7hd coastal clouds and otherwise a picture so show you what is going on across the u.s. for weather on saturday. we are track ago line of thunder showers working through portion of iowa into minneapolis as well. otherwise hot along the east coast. sunny 89. new york city 92 in washington, d.c. lane of showers working through friday. 90 in miami. 90 atlanta back to the 4 corner. in the pattern this time of year. monsoon moisture bring threat of showers salt lake city denver. 95 salt lake city an lower 100 in phoenix. tomorrow tell california will want for thunder showers trying to pop up along the sierra. if you go to lake tahoe afternoon threat.
9:47 pm
82 there and 101 in fresno and 108 palm springs. monterey along the coast up to 72 degree along the coast up to 72 degrees. tomorrow closer to home. morning clouds afternoon sunshine nasty day. temperatures still on cooling trend. 67 the high in san francisco. is 87 fairfield and santa rosa up to 81 in the afternoon. accu-weather 7 day forecast shows you we 59 the cooling trend once again into the weekend through sunday a little cooler coastal clouds on monday. clouds sun on tuesday then little change in seasonal range 7 difficult forecast. august already begins to. wow! >> can't believe it already thanks drew. >> new sky diving record was set today international team of 164 sky divers created largely east ever vertical sky diving formation over illinois. they locked up happened at 240 miles per hour and formed a giant flower at 20,000 feet up. took 7 means and 13 attempt to do this. it beats the 2012 record
9:48 pm
set by 138 sky divers. >> when they first went outlook like confetti fall. pretty cool. >> all the shoots opened by the way. >> that's good. >> 13 attempt. >> after 12 i would have been. i'm done. i'm done. >> rest of you carry on without me. >> sports tonight. giants return to arlington for the first time since the 2010 world series very different results. for madison temper would
9:49 pm
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we mention moments ago firefighters has been killed battling major fire in california. one of more than 20 burning in the statement we take a look at tribute already beginning to come in for him. >> plus stay on your side of the bay. that's what officials are saying just hours before major bart shut down. what you need to know about the weekend closure. >> the stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> if all right. baseball. >> yes. sports director larry is here. >> last time giants were in arlington in 2010 for the world
9:52 pm
series and madison pitched a gem. they place tim on the disabled list with l i don't want to say fake shoulder injury but it's one that happened to come at convenient time with mike leak suddenly being acquired last night. giants starting 10 game road trip in texas did fought good well. mike leak joining new team today will make the giants debut on sunday. giants had madison on the bound. not looking like the ace early on. high deep and goodbye. 2 run shot 2-1 texas. tie it in the second. if the double off nick mary opportunity east. the score. tied at two mad gave up 4 more in the second. cap by a jack this time andrew with the fourth of the year. went 7 innings. things nasty in the fourth when the the slade and late on joe panic. next batter shield pop up then tosses the bat up in the air and that set madison off who started yelling
9:53 pm
at the shield and bench clear. a lot of jau ing. upset but no punches thrown by anybody. typical baseball jump. rangers win game one of the 3 games series. a's indian on green wig night at the coliseum. yes wig night at the coliseum. yes. oakland had 2 hits last 98. one hit tonight. this isn't it for marcus ground to third. the the score on the play. 1 nothing a's gift in return. shopper to short and simeon who is the beneficiary in the last play he throws it wide and the score. pair of error. 1-1 game. indian pitcher retire and cleveland one final run in the 9th michael ground rule double off edward in the a advance a total of 3 hits over the last 2 games. hard to win leak that lasting 2-1. football is back. raiders open training camp in napa with two faces and new expectation. finally winning
9:54 pm
soap after 12 long years, the hope. pros text of derek car throwing to young cooper fans exited. questions of running back and murray carry the load. defense has to get better. they were fv in the there last year crab tree coming over from fraipers one year deal and has lot of lieutenant to prove. >> it's football. you go out and do your job. the numbers speck for themselves at the end of the day. >> thinks ultimate team game. no one person on their own. more great players we have on the team i'm all for it. they are grit players. whole receiving core the coach has done grit job teaching the guys really. fight familiar faces. davis. brooks. cap there for a second. no patrick or fravrjt wibs retired and one moved on. if missing last year because!bus because of the devastating
9:55 pm
knee injury pumped to get back on the field. >> going through this whole off season and not having fishingts just something i have had to deal with i think as stepping stool just getting older taking the next step we always talk about the nfl not being for long. you want to take advantage of the opportunity and thinks the opportunity for me believe it or not. just to good out there and lead the team. >> after months of haggling russell wilson has new contract with the seattle seahawks. he took seattle to become to become superbowl winning one and would have had another one if they gave the ball to leverage at the 1 yard line. 4 year steption worth 87.6 million dollars. signing bonus 31 million. 60 million guarantee over all. annual salary puts wilson second only to green bay aaron rodgers. college football 2 year with cal. quarterback has thrown for nearly 7500 yards. 53
9:56 pm
touch downs only 17 pick. but only total 6 wins during the 2 seasons. 5 came last year. now junior already. talking about the possibility of pack 12 championship. bears need to focus on one thing in particular. >> finishing games i think is what we federal to do. something we weren't very good at last year and we should be good at this year this comes with experience with veteran team and leadership like we have now have better chance to come pet and mace the main thing we focus on this year. >> trade news. one year ago today july 31 dealt by the a's still struggle with this. went to the red sox then detroit on the move again. tigers traded him to the met for 2 minor leaguer. whether you wonder it was a great trade they made have gone 67 and into including the wild card loss to the royals since the infamous trade
9:57 pm
warriors dealt wallace to phillies for tomorrow sochbility just acquired few days ago in the trade when they made it official. warriors young forward in the process. cut payroll and myers shaved 22 million dollars in luxury tax payments in the process with david lee and jerrold wallace deal. sew gets it done. this is brought by toyota. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to sigh again in an hour over on the big 7
9:58 pm
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