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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 1, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, more homes threatened bay north bay wildfire. that firefighters are having a hard time conolling. >> no bart across the bay. an effort across the state today to ban an oil industry practice that protesters say is dangerous to humans and the environment. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. bart service across the bay shut done this weekend. commuterrers doing what they took get to san francisco from oakland. good evening. i'm katie marzullo. bart says people diddleys ton their request to not take bart today. ridership was down 40,000 trips as of this afternoon. sir gentlemen quinn tan nice live from san francisco's
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transbay terminal with more on how things are going. >> reporter: so far those passenger whose have taken the bus bridge tell us not much of a problem. they're getting plenty of directions on the ground by a small army of street guides guides and the buses of the bay bridge have their own dedicated lanes. a lot of the street guides have been here since early this morning to help passengers to connect bart trains to the embarcadero and then walk to the transbay terminal to continue to trains to downtown oakland. passengers from oakland told us the bus rise was not crowded. 25 to 30 minutes across the bridge. bart says typical ridership is down 50 and they have a fleet of buses to provide shuttle service. >> we have a total of 94 buses
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leaving every 45 seconds so we're doing everything we can to move as many people as we can and we're still encouraging people to use alternate means of transportation if they have them. >> reporter: in this video provided by bart you can see crews have been hard at work replacing a series of aging transfer rails floor the west oakland bart station that leaded to to transbay tube. that is why train service under the bay had to at the stopped this weekend. according to bart the crews are making pretty good progress and bus bridges will continue through regular service tomorrow and then monday morning trains will continue their regular service through the transbay tube. they'll be doing this again labor day weekend. reporting live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> thank you. san francisco bay ferry ridership is higher than usual this weekend because of the transbay tube closure.
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the alameda, oakland, san francisco ferry, experience ted% jump in ridership this morning from its usual 2,000 passengers to nearly 2500. the vallejo san francisco ferry saw a six percent increase from its normal summer saturday load. boat have beened ad and they're quickly filling up. >> the first one we missed because we were lazy and late. the second one, it was -- we were almost at the shaded area, which is almost getting on, and then they said no more people. >> traveling by myself, so i was able to get on. >> the extended services continue through tomorrow night. an out of control wildfire is threatening thousands of homes in lake county tonight. the 22,000-acre fire is burning near clear lake. today authorities closed highway 20 in both directions near the fire, and issued new evacuation orders as the fire is just five percent contained.
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cornell bernard is live from lake county. >> reporter: this fire continues to grow tonight with no signs o giving up, and look at this. behind me, smoke plume to the north where new mandatory evacuation orders are underway for the golden eagle houstoning attempt on highway 20. several miles from where we are now where this fire began days ago. tonight firefighters giving it all they've got. so far the intense rocky fire refuses to be contained. now other there's a new worry. >> this is the first mandatory evacuation on the northern edge of the fire on highway 20. >> reporter: several housing develops are located there. more than 1500 firefighters from across the west are battling this fear fire try -- through steep, hillside. >> we don't have the high winds, humidities can coming up and temperatures coming down. >> see when we can get back in
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there. >> reporter: david is wait fog go home. his family has been living in the rv in the parking lot of his feed stores. dogs a pot belly pig, a miniature horse are here elm firefighters told the family to leave their home on thursday as the fewer grew more intense. luckily his house survived. >> scary time. >> absolutely. you don't know with the winds changing. >> reporter: the red cross evacuation shelter at middle town high school is open with room for more. >> we're expecting a possibility of more if the evacuations in clear lake become mandatory. so we have ramped up the shelter to accommodate 100 people. >> reporter: despite the hour-by-hour uncertainty, locals are grateful for everything firefighters have done. in lake county, cornell bernard abc7 news. >> firefighters had hard time getting ahold of the fire because of the weather conditions. since it began on wednesday.
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abc7 meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> today those winds have shifted from the north and moved to the southwest. we festival have pretty busy breeze out there at this hour. temperature-wise, it's warm. we are still in the 90s. current temperatures around the fire 95. we are watching the relative humidity, it's low at 21%. but the wind still out of the southwest at nine miles-per-hour. gusting to 15. so future weather shows you over the next couple of hours where the wind gusts will go. staying constant through 3:00 in the morning. but then they do drop by 7:00 wind gusts around 6 miles-per-hour, and those winds are going to increase once again tomorrow afternoon. out of the southwest between 12 and 18 miles-per-hour. so even though temperatures have cooling trend we're still seeing the active wind. we'll talk about what the second half of the weekend has in store for you in a few.
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>> in san jose, suspect was injured after a shootout and police chase. it started downtown near the convention center. police approached the suspect, who took off. he opened fire on the officers and carjacked a driver. cell phone video shows the chase that followed. police said the suspect tried to run over an officer before crashing the vehicle. the suspect tried to run again but was arrested and taken to the hospital. no police officers were injured. police say the suspect's injuries were caused by the crash and a second person in the vehicle was also hurt. many people in the east bay were shaken awake this morning magnitude 2 about 6 earthquake hit a mile from san leandro just before 5:00 a.m. but no reported damage. abc7 news was at justin herman plaza in san francisco today as activists called on the governor to end fracking in california. the protesters held signs gathered signatures and handed out pamphlets witch the governor and lawmaker's phone numbers on
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them. fracking is a process of drilling into underground rocks and injecting them with water to distract oil or gas. they say the practice hurts the environment and is dangerous to our health. >> after citizen in california should be very concerned beside this. near a drought situation, using millions of gallons of wart with an up safe practice. so i urge everybody to call the governor and call their legislators. >> this is one of 16 rallies in california there was one in sacramento today as well. supporters of fracking told us today there are sign stick studies prove thing practice does not harm the environment. still ahead at 6:00 big money already playing a big role in the 2016 presidential election. we break down the new numbers just released. it's called, a bionic eye. the high-tech breakthrough helping a woman see for the first time in 16 years.
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just 60 donors are behind one third of all 2016 presidential campaign contributions raised so far. last night was the deadline for super pac to report their donations from the first six months of the years. super pacs a and outside groups rained $250 million them amount is quickly approaching the 374 million spent by super pacs in the spire 2012 campaign season. 60 donors contributed $1 million or more, the two largest were $11 million and $10 million in support of ted cruz. five republicans are ahead of hillary clinton in super pac fundising. a woman in florida who has been blind for 16 years has the
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ability to see again. carmen had a condition that caused her vision to decline starting when she was 18 years old. at 45 she couldn't see her in the mirror. doctors emplaned a new bionic eye and gave her special glasses with a tiny video camera that captures images. the image is then processed by a small computer attached to her belt or purse and the signal is sent back to the glasses and the image is transmitted to the implant. torres is the first person to get a bionic eye. >> very emotional. i'm very strong. i didn't cry. i was happy and i was just laughing like crazy. >> she says the procedure has changed her life. torres can now see sidewalks buildings, and even the stars outside her home. come up next at 6:00 state emergency officials planning for the worst from an el niño weather system.
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california could be especially vulnerable to rain that comes with it. for now no rain in sight. meteorologist drew tuma tell us what to expect. >> giants in texas yesterday with a loss to the rangers and then facing off against cole hamels just trade. from phillies.
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a historic el niño system could bring a lot of rain to the state but california officials believe it could be too much. they're now now getting ready for worst case scenarios. emergency officials say california faces many challenges due to elevation range, variety of topography and climate. wildfires bring an add come mix because they create debris. national weather experts won't know until fall if this year's el niño will bring intense rainstorms. >> higher elevations looking like snow and slurry. different type of debris floes and perhaps ground collapses. >> state emergency officials have start the process of talking with local and state agencies so that everyone is on the same age in terms of procedures. the faster the response time to events lining flood, the more they can contain them. now over to drew.
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a check of the forecast. hard to picture rain being the enemy at this point. but it happens. >> get too much too soon in a short amount of time. so something we'll be tracking. out there today though beautiful. morning clouds afternoon sunshine, nice start to the weekend. we are tracking numerous storms to the easting south of south lake tahoe bishop, numerous lightning strikes. this is in just the past 15 minutes 5. hundred and 64 lightning strikes around the area alone. you see numerous ones falling at this hour so it's not good news to see this many lightning strikes especially when the environment is so dry. the storms will continue over the next couple of hours as the sun sets. the showers will diminishing as well. outside, sutro tower camera showing you the low clouds fog pushing back in over the coast, and around the bay at this hour.
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nice onshore flow has kept us rather comfortable. 68, san francisco 73 oakland. 75 mountain view. 78, san jose. half moon bay, 70. a gorgeous picture showing the light chop in the bay waters. that will change overnight. more clouds increase overnight. so 72349 santa rosa, 80 napa. what your noticing no intense heat today. 84 concord. 83 livermore. the rope why satellite and radar combined shows you morning clouds and afternoon sunshine you. see the spin off the khost of northern california? a weak little energy but it is pushing the onshore flow into the bay area. so morning clouds and comfortable august temperatures and that will continue into saturday as well. the future weather shows you tomorrow morning low clouds around the bay and by the jean lots of sunshine, even along the
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coast. partly cloudy there, and temperatures still below normal for this time of the year. take you 0 to the tropical pacific, give you an update on hurricane guillermo. winds 100 miles-per-hour tracking west northwest at 14 miles-per-hour. we're watching the system because it leaks into a tropical storm next week and gets rather close to hawai'i. by thursday 6:00 in the morning, loo lick some high surf and showers there. we'll keep our eye on the track guillermo. tonight, lows can 70s to lower 60s. mostly cloudy. then for your sunday, clouds to afternoon sunshine. temperatures similar to today. 70, san francisco, 73, oakland 80 the high in san jose. the seven-day forecast, below normal on tuesday.
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keep that below normal trend on wednesday. clouds and sunshine but we go above normal on thursday, touch warmer but no intense heat for friday and saturday temperatures nice for august. so first of august not too bad. >> thank you. shu is back. just in time for football. >> that's right. you follow me on twitter, that's why i'm book. where it all started. follow me on twitter? >> i don't know. >> somebody dropped me today. raiders have several question marks, heading into the 2015 season. one thing for sure this team is changing the culture under new head coach jack del rio. they're flying around in practice. several starting positions are up for grab, and the coachy georgia staff, heavy on ex-nfl players, knows how to be successful. derek california -- derek carr
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has several weapons. they put on the pads tomorrow and you fine out more about your team but here's coach. >> the amount of contact we have in today's nfl is limited, and so we have to be very purposeful when we are in pads and we get the work we need, and that we prepare ourselves fundamentally to be able to do the blocking and tackling that are in toes be a good football people. >> coach rocking the hat. the niners start camp with the 7:00 p.m. practice at levi's stadium. they have a new head coach and severely positions up for grabs with players leaving via free agency or retiring. coach t's strength being up front with his players. >> i think we got a lot of guys here that aren't faking it. so roll up your sleeves. it's the day da-to-day. who shows up. if you show up every day with a smile, if you show up every day and you're an angry man, be an angry man every day. 0 know what i anyone? -- know what i mean?
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just be that guy. don't fake it. and let's go. >> or fake it until you make it. giants with one of their toughest stretches leaving town for a ten-game road trip. started with a loss to the rangers, get cole hamels in arlington. the g-men respond with a three-one third led by brandon belt. solo shot. right now we have a 33-game in in the -- 3-3 game in the fifth. dodgers taking on the angels. clayton kershaw extended his scoreless streak to 37 innings. the first eight ninths, two hits, struck out seven. angels pitcher, gives up a two-run shot. his first loss of the season. >> pga tour in virginia for tigers event, the quicken loans national. tiger has struggled but his game
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signed to return for two days this week. made the cut in he hunt but came back to earth today. he double bogeys tied for 42nd at 5-under. kevin chappell had it going, 14-under and tied atop the leaderboard with troy merritt. 10-under 61, 11 birdies birdies and a you're they have a one stroke lead over rickie fowler. rain and wind in the forecast for the women's british open in scott apartment suzann petterson, two boths, shot an even par 72, one back of the leader. ko three under on the day. tied for the lead at 8-under. she shares the lead with teresa liu. one of the many nba stars statementing the first
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exhibition game in africa. motum bow and olajuwon making an appearance. the 52-year-old still has graham. a dream shake here. fun nor fans to see two legends. the world team led by clippers chris paul go on to win 109 -- 101-97 the final. a's and indians and complete giants highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. see you thin. >> we'll be here. thank happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary to me right now with your club card brentwood sweet corn is 4 for $1.00 tropicana orange juice or farmstand juice is
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join us on kofy tv 20. may look like they're showing up but this is for more than bragging rights themself event in san francisco is helping police officers from across the country. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, the world's most endangered species and the u.s. organization tasked with trying to keep the animals safe from people. that is tonight at 11:00. san francisco zoo's tradition continue with the march of the penguins. these or two of the newest checks shuffling how to a crowd back to their colony. one is male one female. the march commemorates the penguins' grad weight from what the zoo calls fish school. they teach chicks how to swim accept food from staff, and eat whole fish.
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you can help name the penguin is if you purchase a zoo membership. cute and cuter. >> drew and shu sounds pretty good. >> there you go. >> thank you for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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coming up today on "intelligence for your life" we have heard of the mid life crisis. what about the end of decade crisis? the crazy things people do on oh birthdays that end in nine. if you're out walking with your dog and she freezes in place, you may want to turn back. and great news for dads and grandpas. apparently a slightly squishy body is the way women want guys. details on the dad bod. and two women walk on a sidewalk. one wearing flats and the other in heels. if they both drop something which woman with will a man help 85% of the time? don't miss the science of om
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