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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 1, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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fire emergency in california. it's chasing even more people from their homes tonight. we're learning homes have been destroyed. good evening everyone. i'm katie. here is the latest on the rocky fire. it has burned nearly 26,000 acres north of santa rosa. it's still just 5% contained. authorities shut down highway 20 earlier this evening and cal fire announced 24 homes have been destroyed along with 26 outbuildings. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: so for a the fire refuses to be contained.
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there's a new worry for firefighters. >> this stt first mandatory evacuation we've had on the northern edge of the fire. >> several housing developments are located there. more than 1500 firefighters from across the west are battling this fierce fire through unforgiving steep rugged hillsides. finally, the weather is helping firefighters. >> we shifted a little bit. we don't have the high winds out of the north. humidity is starting to come up a little bit and temperatures are coming down. >> just keep an eye on it to get back in there. >> reporter: david's family has been living in this rv. many of their animals are here, too. firefighters told the family to leave their home on thursday as the rocky fire crew more intense. luckily david's house survived. a scary time for you. >> absolutely. you don't know how the wind has changed. >> reporter: the red cross evacuation shelter at middletown
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high school is open with room with more. >> we're expecting a possibility of more if the evacuations in clear lake become mandatory. so we have ramped up the shelter to accommodate 100 people. >> despite the hour by hour uncertainty, locals are grateful for everything firefighters have done. in lake county cornell bernard abc 7 news. firefighters had a hard time getting ahold of the fire because of the weather. abc meteorologist has more. >> this is the time of day firefighters like. the air temperature controls off. et the relative humidity rises. the air temperature is at 83. are the relative humidity is on the rise. 34% right now. the winds out of the west southwest at 7. gusting right now to about 15 miles per hour. future weather shows you the wind gust over the next 24 hours between 2:00 and 10:00 a.m. they're going to calm down to
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less than 5 miles per hour, which is great news for firefighters. unfortunately, we get the heating of the day later in the afternoon, the winds will increase to about 10 to 15 miles per hour. this west southwest wind coming off the ocean will keep us cool for the second half of our weekend. we'll take a look at the numbers in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. a major bart shut down in effect right now while crews work on track maintenance. without transbay tube service this weekend, bart arranged to keep things moving across the bay commuters can take a bus bridge between san francisco and downtown oakland. street guys in yellow vests are directing passengers to the drop off and loading points. ridership is down about 50% and that helps. >> we have a total of 94 buses and they're leaving every 45 seconds. we're doing everything we can to move as many people as we can. we're encouraging people to use all means-- alienate means of
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transportation. you can see bart replacing ageing transfer rails that lead to the transbay 2. that's why train service under the bay had to be stopped this weekend. bart said the crews are making great progress. san francisco bay ferry ridership is up this weekend because of the bart closure. the oakland san francisco ferry experienced a 25% jump in ridership this morning from the usual 2,000 passengers to nearly 2500 and the san francisco ferry saw a 6% increase. both have been added this weekend. they are filling up fast. >> the second one we were almost at the shaded area which is almost getting on and then they're like no more people. >> unfortunately were five slots
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left. >> extended services do continue through tomorrow night. hayward police are investigating tonight after a woman was hit and killed by a train. it happened near the intersection of industrial parkway west and pacific street around 6:00 this evening. investigators are looking into why the woman was on the train track. her friends at the scene told us she had belongings on the track and tried to retrieve them when the train hit her. they also say she was hard of hearing and may not have heard of train coming. there are fears tonight another famed lion in zimbabwe may be dead. cecil was killed last month by a dentist in minnesota. jericho stepped up to protect his young cubs. there are reports that jericho has been killed. >> reporter: tonight conflicting reports from zimbabwe that jericho may have been shot and
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killed by a hunter. jericho protecting cecil's cubs after his death one month ago. the news comes as cecil the lion's killer, american dr. walter palmer faces scrutiny. he hasn't been seen since closing his dental office five days ago. joined by the environment minister calling for dr. palmer to return to answer for the killing of the most famous lion. >> we are looking forward for his extra addition. >> even if dr. palmer isn't extradited a u.s. law called the lacy act could spell trouble for him. >> to people who have imported animals they have taken in violation of a foreign nation's law. imprisonment is a possible penalty. >> big game hunting is big business. last year a texas man paid $350,000 to hunt a rhinoceros.
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money reportedly used for conservation. authorities in zimbabwe suspending big game hunting in the area where cecil was killed. abc 7 news was in san francisco today as activists called on governor brown to end fracking in california. the protesters held signs, gathered signatures, and handed out pamphlets with the governor's phone numbers on them. they say the practice of fracking hurts the environment and is dangerous to our health. >> every citizens in california should be concerned about this. we're in a drought situation. we're using millions of gallons of water with an unsafe practice. i urge everybody to call the governor and their legislators as well in sacramento. >> this is one of 16 rallies in california. there was one in sacramento today as well. supporters of fracking told us
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today there are scientific studies proving the practice does not harm the environment. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00 big money playing a big role in the 2016 presidential election. we break down new numbers. called bionic eyes. helping a woman see for the first time i
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just 60 donors behind one-third of all 2016 presidential campaign contributions raised so far. last night was the deadline for super pacs to report their donations from the first six months of the year. super pacs and other groups raised $250,000. the amount quickly approaching the $3.74 million spent during 2012. 60 donors contributed $1 million or many. the most was $11 million and $10
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million. both in support of ted cruz. five republicans are ahead of hillary clinton in super pac fundraising. a woman in florida has been blind for 16 years has the ability to see again. carmen torres had a condition that caused her vision to decline starting when she was 18 years old. at 45 she couldn't see herself in the mirror any longer. doctors implanted a new bionic eye and gave her special glasses with a tiny video cameras that captures images. the images are processed by a small computer and the small is sent back to the glasses and the image is transmitted to the implant. >> i'm very strong. i didn't cry. i was happy. i was laughing like crazy. >> torres is the first person to get a bionic eye. she can now see sidewalks, buildings within buildings, and the stars above her home. get your motor running. coming up on abc 7 news at k599:00
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for more than bragging rights. how it's helping police officers across the country. we're enjoying a brief break from the heat. find out when we can expect the next blast of summer. we're on the road for a brutal ten day stretch where buster posey continues his stretch with cole hamels. who happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary to me right now with your club card brentwood sweet corn is 4 for $1.00 tropicana orange juice or farmstand juice is $2.49 and lays potato chips are just $1.99. happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better.
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motorcycle officers from across the bay area and the country got revved up today for the third annual san francisco international police motorcycle competition and exhibition. abc 7 news was on pier 30 where participates performed u-turn circle and rapid acceleration all for bragging rights but safety training while on the job. >> doing a presidential escort or doing special event like the giants winning the world series. it's better to have a dress
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rehearsal out here versus making errors on the street. >> the event offered a bicycle obstacle course for kids. definitely more my speed. >> yeah. >> blue skies over the event today but not brutally hot. >> no. we've had a break from the heat. that will continue to sunday as well. for the first week of august one day that has an intense heat. >> i knew it. >> okay. you have to wait. that's why we have the seven-day forecast. the majority is cool. you'll find it pretty comfortable out there. live doppler will show you a quiet scene. we'll take you outside. earlier this evening the camera pointed to the sky ting that the clouds over the pass several hours are very typical august scene. we have clear skies early on. the marine layer thickens and the overcast skies. that's what we're dealing with now. temperature wise we're generally in the 60s and 70s. it's currently 70 in fairfield at the hour. 67 in fremont. we'll duplicate that in san
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jose. downtown san francisco with the clouds coming in with a temperature of 65 degrees. live doppler 7 hd along with the satellite. clouds early in the morning, sunshine by the afternoon and cooler temperatures. we're seeing a pin in the sats fear over northern california. a weak wave of energy. it's switched our wind to more on shore flows. that's why we're cooler today and that trend will continue into sunday as well. future weather picks it up from there 6:00 tomorrow morning clouds around the bay and the coast. not out of the question. there could be a spot area of drizzle early on first thing sunday. the clouds were a part. lots of sunshine on the way and rather comfortable temperatures once again. we'll take you into the pacific and update on the hurricane now. winds 105 miles per hour and moving to the west northwest at 12 miles per hour. it will weaken to a tropical storm early tuesday. by wednesday morning 9:00 you notice there will be showers around hawaii likely some rough surf at this point. it looks like this tropical
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storm will go to the north of the island chain. something we're going to watch but if your plans take you to hawaii next week there could be rough surf and showers for the second half of the week. overnight a pretty comfortable night. upper 50s to lower 60s across the bay. in the south bay 80 in san jose. along the peninsula warm at half-moon bay 71 tomorrow. 80 the high in mountain view. 81 in santa row say. 76 in veljo. inland we'll start to cool off in the upper 50s and lower upper 80s or 90s. 86 in fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast. mild to warm tomorrow. a little cooler on monday.
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below normal trend continues for tuesday. the clouds on wednesday. the one day with the heat and that's warmer on thursday. thursday is the day. >> okay. >> friday and saturday we're nice for august. it's a bittersweet stretch. >> thank you. over to -- >> i'll be teeing it up. >> oh! >> early on but you're going give me the personal. >> that's at 11:00. >> yeah. >> okay. the best for last. the brutal road trip to start off the month of august. rangers up newly acquired pitcher coalpitch er cole hamels. scored three in the third. solo shot 11th of the year. hamels get the no decision. even though the team had been trailing all night seventh
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inning buster posey a solo shot and scored a tieing run in the eighth. rbi single three runs on a two out. tied at seventh. gamed decided in the top of the 11th. hunter pence gone. game winner solo shot sixth of the year. his second of the game and second of the year. they win it 9-7 the final. dodgers taking on the angels. clayton kershaw extended the scoreless streak of 37 ins. andgels pitcher won five consecutive but a two run shot in the sixth. the first loss of the season. the dodgers a game and a half up. 3-1 victory. a's hosting the indians. and still able to make the bare handed catch. he's a guy. he came over to the a's making the second career start.
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struck out and allowed one run. fifth inning tied at 1-1. carlos santana throws it away. eric scores 3-1 a. did you get that? hasn't had an rbi 17 games. solo shot in the seventh. ninth home run of the season. gets first career win. a's get the first win 11 of game home stance. it's not a storm that drew missed but the hot rod association annual trip to the wine country. today the pro bike final went to eddy defeated andrew heinz 191 miles per hour and a quarter of a mile. the funny car session has been a record for the last time 3.95 second. 319 miles per hour. the number one qualifier for the funny car antron brown has the
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one spot. pga tour in virginia. tiger advanced. he struggled. he made the cut. came back to earth today. finds the water off the tree on the par 3 11th. tied for 42 rnd at five under. kevin chappell had it going. 67 today. 14 under tied atop the leader board with troyie five of the last seven. sunday's final round should be interesting. rain and wind at the women's forecast. peterson two bogey on the front but responded to back to back birdies on 10. and here on 11 one back of the leader that is jen ko.
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tied for the lead at eight under. theresa lu on her way to 369. more at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7. >> a lot of weather in that sports cast. >> there was. >> good to have you back. next on abc 7 news at 9:00. they're not wearing mort boards but they're moving up. how zoo keepers prepared them for the future.
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coming up tonight at 11:00. the world's most endangered species and the u.s. organization tasked with trying to keep the animals safe from people. all right. you grab a shake and find out it contains something unusual. the new ingredients shaking things up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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i can't tell if it's going to make me hungry or not. the cutest tradition continues today with the march of the penguins. the vine video from the zoo shows two of the newest chicks shuffling through a crowd. one male we female. the march chemoommemorates from the graduation of fish school. they teach them how to swim, accept food from staff. you can help name the penguins if you purchase a zoo membership. >> any ideas? >> it rhymes very easily shoe and drew. >> just saying. >> tie breakers? >> thank you for watching everyone. that's it for 9:00. we'll see you at 11:00 on abc 7. good night.
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