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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. new at 6:00, beefed up security at oakland international airport. was the fire set by a serial arsonist? a suspected fire bug is charged with setting a string of fires. and a bay area coast guard crew intercepts a submarine filled with drugs. tonight, what, and who they found on board. a controversial freeway bypass begins to take shape on the north coast. what will the environmental price tag add up to? from sky 7 hd, this is oakland international airport. officials are stepping up security following an abc7 news investigation. good evening, thanks for joining
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us, i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley this, after airport workers were caught bringing drugs onto the planes. vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> reporter: the airport says there are seven new security measures and they won't go into detail on each one, but a spokesperson for the airport did talk to us about the most-important one. a congress person tells us that it's not enough. there are new signs posted on doors in the terminals leading to secured areas of the airport, not here when abc7 news shot the story in july. the signs say there are new restrictions on what airport workers with carry on. >> they're limited to two small items like a purse, a computer
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bag. >> reporter: also airport officials tell us they have increased random screenings of workers and background checks they say, are more thorough. this as a result of the breeches here. three in four months. keith mayfield, seen here leaving court, were arrested in may and charged with smuggling drugs. two other cases were discovered involving oakland airport workers. in april, southwest airline baggage handler christopher cross was arrested and charged using his clearance to smuggle cocaine and meth on to planes. then in, may, another arrest on to a plane. this one, a rampage from alaska airlines. oakland airport workers do not pass through metal detectors and can enter through employee doors, like these, with security clearances.
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miami is the only major airport that requires full screening of workers. oakland airport will rely on random screening of workers to enforce the new restrictions on size and quantity of bags they can carry in. eric swalwell says that leaves a gaping hole. >> i see what happens at oakland. i worry about the threat of an inside job. we need to look at 100% screening of people who have access to the plane. >> reporter: officials say there are other measures they can't talk about, but screening is not one they're considering. a former spokesman here said money is the biggest obstacle. vic lee, abc7 news. authorities believe one man set at least 30 fires in contra costa county dating back to april and now made an arrest in this case. james william wilson is facing eight counts of arson.
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wayne freedman is live with the story tonight. wayne? >> reporter: amtrak tells us mr. wilson, the investigators tell us mr. wilson was an employee. they made arrests at his home at about 8:40 this morning. no word on what the suspect said about evidence they might have collected, but investigators are convinced that they did get the right man. maybe you noticed the high number of fires this spring and summer. investigators say there were too many, even for a year with a drought and say the investigation began when they noticed a pattern of small fires and those fires were getting larger. they were certain they had their man, but needed more evidence, so they waited, waiting to get more evidence, weighing the risks. here is robert marshal. >> there were common elements of how the fires were started. i can't go into specifics because that is part of the investigation, but there were similarities, both in the kinds of fires and locations of the
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fires. >> reporter: investigators say most of the fires began between midnight and 5:00 a.m., affecting bay point, martinez, concord, orinda and moraga, clayton, walnut creek, and brentwood. mr. wilson stands charged for arson with eight fires and investigators say he may be responsible for as many as 30. they will include enhancements because governor brown declared an emergency against wildfires. his bail has been set right now at $1 million. >> wayne, thank you. fire destroyed an institution on the russian river. video shows flames shooting out of the back of the odd fellows recreation club. the dance hall and theater were
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untouched, however. a pittsberg police officer is recovering after being involved in a shootout. it started when officers spotted a man suspected in an altercation. the suspect is still in the hospital. the officer has been treated and released. one week after the rocky fire started in lake county, weather conditions are changing tonight and not in favor of firefighters. this video shows how smoky the area is. no new structures have been damaged because the fire died down, allowing crews to see what is left. the number of destroyed homes is at 39 tonight. 7,000 structures are still threatened. figures show the fire burned
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69,000 acres. the red cross has set up shelters for residents. many of them are ready to go back to their homes. >> knowing my house is open, it's hard. >> cal fire says if the weather cooperates it hopes to have containment by monday. city college, san francisco is getting creative now to attract new students after losing 25,000 enrollees since it's accreditation battle started. city college won that battle. they take a look at some of the new things the college is offering. >> reporter: this furniture making class is being touted as five hidden gems the college has to offer. >> i have a number of students who start their own businesses. >> reporter: this motorcycle
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maintenance program is another, being promoted by city college. they saw an opportunity to potentially start a new career. >> if i wanted to stick with motorcycles, i'll have a job until they're, you know, they stop building motorcycles. >> reporter: city college had years of declining enrollment in part because of uncertainty over accreditation status. it's given more time to fix it's deficiencies, and now, numbers are up again. >> projected enrollment for fall is up about 3%. >> reporter: besides courses like motorcycle maintenance and furniture making it offers field coastal geology, letter press print making and hacking. promoting them is part of the city college's campaign to attract more students. >> we're in the middle of a year-long, million dollar marketing campaign. it's making a difference.
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>> reporter: a year ago, city college started a hybrid electric vehicle repair program, one of the few in the nation. at $46 per credit, it has the lowest fees in the united states. there is still time to enroll for fall classes. police believe they may have identified three people seen in this surveillance video robbing a san francisco store. investigators say nine people rushed into the store, stealing $11,000 worth of merchandise. they believe it's the rainbow girls group, accused in several similar robberies in 2013 and 2014. a coast guard crew from alameda made the largest drug bust in coast guard history and abc7 news just received video of that bust on the high seas. this is a dramatic video the crew boarding a vessel off
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central america and confronting suspected drug smugglers. they seized 12,000 pounds of cocaine, the drugs are worth $181 million wholesale. we talked to a member of the cutter about the historic bust. >> we're just elated. we have this contraband off the streets. we know we did damage to drug trafficking organizations. >> the coast guard was only able to remove a third of the cocaine before the vessel sank into the pacific. an effort to honor fallen officers is underway in san jose. this is not first time someone has tried to build a memorial for officers killed in the line of duty, but this time, they may succeed. city hall is a possible site for the end of watch memorial, honoring 12 officers killed in the line of duty in the history of san jose police. the death of officer michael johnson in march, as he
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responded to a call of a man threatening to kill himself remains fresh on the minds of leaders and the public. >> we recognize it's an opportunity for folks to come together after what has been a difficult year. in a way that can honor, and pay tribute to those who sacrifice can honor the community coming together. >> a council and committee met today and the mayor contributed $75,000 from his own budget, council members are expected to chip in as well. it will take a public fund raising campaign to close the gap. that was a problem when the city tried to create an officer memorial twice before. san jose has two downtown memorials for veterans. >> if we're going to have memorial for veterans who have given their lives to our country i think that that should be accountable for citizens of the bay area to do the same thing for our officers.
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>> reporter: the mayor is hoping it will be ready in about a year. >> if someone devotes their life to public service, then ultimately gives their live, that is the definition of someone who should be memorialized and honored by the community. >> in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. still ahead at 6:00, does this woman look like a high tech engineer to you? why her hash tag has gone viral. >> and we may see showers and thundershowers in the bay area, i'll have the forecast coming up. >> interests rates of more than 75% are charged to needy residents. the proposed crack down on the loans ahead. and the realtime data that and the realtime data that is now accessible
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area now, raising money. clinton is having a private, $2700 per person fund raising reception in atherton. these are aerials of the venue, she will be in san francisco tomorrow for another fund-rai r fund-raiser. a san francisco tech company ad campaign sparked a hashtag and movement. the 22-year-old that came up
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with the hashtag i look like an engineer never imagined it would be so huge. >> reporter: it's a concept that resonated with female engineers around the world and, out of this world. as abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler looks like. >> reporter: this 22-year-old was chosen with two other employees at one log in to appear in the company's recruitment campaign. they're in muni and bart stations. . >> i thought the other ads would draw more attention than mine did, but i was wrong. >> this strikes me as a model. >> and because many reactions have been like that, she decided to initiate her own campaign using the hashtag "i look like an engineer". women all over the world are
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posting their own comments, including melinda gates, who applauds the campaign for challenging the face of engineering and chelsea clinton, who says, it's helping to break down stereo types. and from ordinary people, who write, i'm female, wear pink, i'm pregnant and also a full stacked software engineer. one log in is 75% male. winger's boss hopes this will increase gender diversity. >> after that exploded we'll get twice as many female applicants so it's been very positive. >> i'm hoping i can set a positive example for a younger generation. >> reporter: a budding ast
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astrophysics says she has. >> officials at cal discovered another algae bloom. the one doesn't appear to be toxic. officials expect to get results back by friday. crews plan to treat the bloom tomorrow morning. it is located near highways 13 and 24 intersection. 49ers acquired a new fan. the upper portion of levis stadium will be renamed california lottery outpost. they hope to impress you with the california economy and schools. anyone can buy $20 worth of tickets. >> checking out our weather, nice today. a little bit of spring?
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>> maybe thunderstorms, and i'll show you that. first, we have mainly sunny skies across the bay area right now. high clouds moving through the sky as well. concern is for fire weather. fire weather watchers from just east of the east bay across the central valley into central sierra. this is in effect until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. so 5:00 friday morning. the concern is that there may be dry strikes as a trigger fire that will keep watch on the system. meanwhile a live view showing mainly blue skies on the bay. it's 66 degrees in san francisco. 71 in oakland. 76 in san jose. 84 in morgan hill and 64 in half moon bay. here is a view from our emeryville camera. it's 80 degrees in santa rosa. 89 in fairfield. 88 concord. and one more live view from our
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east bay hills camera looking towards mount diablo, will be another warm day tomorrow, warmer inland. showers may develop into evening hours and thunder is possible into friday morning. so here is what's happening as we prepare for that possibility. moisture is moving into our direction assisted by circulation along this upper level low, capping into the moisture from tropical storm guerrilmo. there is a chance of scattered showers so here is the forecast animation as high clouds increase. so late tomorrow evening, looking for a chance of scattered showers and or thunderstorms. that chance continues into friday morning as low pulls out of here then friday, we'll see that chance diminish. forecast animation with rainfall animation indicates we may see a generous dose of rainfall and
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others may receive no measurable rain as this is a scattered system. those areas might be up to about a tenth of an inch near san francisco, oakland and mountain view. maybe a quarter inch at concord. and could be rain we need. overnight this night, look for dry and mild condition was will he temperatures in low 50s tomorrow, warm in the south bay. highs mid to upper 80s. north bay valleys, 89 in santa rosa. 82 union city. and we'll have low to mid-90s. friday, after the passage of that system, that may bring scattered showers and temperatures moderating to seasonal levels saturday, warming up to 80s.
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then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪ . the oil spill from a ruptured pipeline is reportedly worse. the company said up to 100,000 gallons may have leaked.
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but according to documents, up to 143,000 gallons may have spilled and that calculation could change. well, some san jose residents will get a high-tech tool to help them save water, an app that will show how much water they're using and compare it to similar customers. >> water smart helps residents understand how they can meet the 30% target we've got here for conservation. >> it's randomized because that is one of the ways we'll be able to measure the results across different kinds of people. water customers will find out next month if they've been chosen to be part of the program. it's a special day for nine teen-aged girls battling cancer. they're being treated at lucille
7:26 pm
packard children's hospital for life threatening disease s but today, they loaded into this limo and headed into the day spa for manicures, pedicures and massages. >> nice to have time to pamper their bodies and feel beautiful and girly. >> i can't explain. just normal teen-age girls getting their hair done every once in a while. >> this is the seventh year for the program. it's wonderful. >> there is more still to come here tonight. a controversial freeway bypass but the price tag has yet to be challenged. tonight, an attack inside of a movie theater in nashville. police took quick, deadly action
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caltrans is making progress tonight on a largest environmental mitigation project in history. this is a project we've been investigating two years. work is moving ahead on six miles of new freeway, on track to open late next year. traffic goes through and backs up on main street. construction started two years ago, but was delayed because of protests and lawsuits by environmental groups pushing for a smaller route. those efforts failed and many truck drivers, vacationers and locals can't wait for opening
7:31 pm
day. >> willis has been a bottle neck. i feel it l be good not to have this major amount of traffic. >> new, the cost is estimated at three hup million with the unknown, the environmental price. it runs through habitat of salmon, and could affect wildlife and plants. as a result, they are requiring a environmental mitigation. caltrans won't say how much the environmental work will cost. two yearsing ayes, it was supposed to be $50 million. now, expert analysis suggests it's going to be like $100 million. critics are not surprised. >> caltrans, i am sure is going to overrun the already overrun budget they have.
7:32 pm
they came back and asked for another $10 million from our local funds. >> reporter: those local funds are for use in all of the county. >> we have hocked our future here in the county all of the transportation dollars for the county have been sunk in this project. >> reporter: last summer, caltrans was so far behind, the army corps of engineers suspended it's permit and shut down construction for three weeks. >> caltrans has an adjustment from 2014 suspension letters. >> reporter: caltrans has to make improvements on 2000 acres, including creating new wetlands. >> they improve water quality by avoiding pollution, and provide habitat for plants and animals. >> reporter: caltrans did show us some of the work. this crew is grading work for
7:33 pm
the first of the planned wetland areas. caltrans installed 25 miles of fencing to keep cattle out of protected streams. ten miles of underground pipe to bring water to the cattle and has begun removing invasive black berries by machine. there is more do and caltrans appears to be falling behind. caltrans told us five contracts for environmental improvements would go out by but here we are in august, and caltrans only negotiated two of people. when the work is finished it will be years before we know whether these are working. it may take just as long to heal a divided down. >> we're going to do the best we can. >> caltrans will hold a public meeting this week on its plans to use an herbicide on the project. there has been no resolution to issues involving native american
7:34 pm
archaeological sites. police in tennessee are trying to figure out why a man armed with pepper spray attacked movie goers today, firing several rounds from an air soft pistol. three people were injured, he doused the theater with pepper spray and cut a person with a hatchet. police officers were able to get there quickly. the officer returned fire and killed him. >> we heard screams, and then a shot. >> we're like that must be a scary movie. >> the backpack was made to look like a bomb. they say it did not contain explosi explosives. former l.a. clippers owner donald sterling is filing for divorce from his wife. he and his wife have been married nearly 60 years and
7:35 pm
cited irreconcilable differences. he is suing his wife and the nba over the sale of the team. the divorce filing comes two weeks before their 60th anniversary. a new mandate for corporate america, beginning in two years, most companies will have to report ratios between salaries and median pay of workers. losses at tesha tripled from last year and said today it may not meet the goal of selling 55,000 sedans this year. abc7's parent company, disney reported record profits but disney stock dropped 9% after showing a small drop in espn subscribers. and sun run, the san francisco solar financing company raised $250 million when
7:36 pm
it went public today. the price fell 17%. there is a new weapon in the benefits battle between tech companies in silicon valley. they try to attract the best and brightest employees. netflix is offering new moms and dads up to a full year of paid leave and abc7 news reporter chris nguyen explains how that may be pushing other companies to sweeten the pot for their employees. >> a year? that is amazing. kind of shocked by it, actually. >> reporter: reaction after netflix announced an unlimited leave policy for new moms and dads to take as much time as they want, with pay, provided they're a full time salaried employee. . >> i just think it's wonderful. and i'm thinking as a woman working 43 years and raised two kids and had a hard time finding child care. >> reporter: more companies are
7:37 pm
doing what they can to attract and retain employees. >> a lot of companies are known for a very young work force. >> reporter: rachel is a researcher at a company that focuses on our local economy and quality of life. >> this has been anmpending issue. what are the companies going to do when their employees start having babies? >> reporter: microsoft announced they upped the time also. >> they will dive deeper into what employees are saying what works well and make other benefits we haven't seen yet. >> reporter: reigniting a conversation about the importance of having a work-life balance. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc7 news. a 7 on your side warning about an increasingly popular
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an increasingly popular app is coming under scrutiny. >> this are calling this a debt trap oo. >> reporter: if you own a car, you're likely to qualify for what is called an auto title loan. it come was risks. tony recalled the excitement in this commercial we found on you tube. >> i won a car. >> she won a car a day give away. the sonoma resident has become mostly bedridden from a hip problem could barely walk up to claim her prize last year. >> they're going here she comes she's here, she's here. >> the car was free. but she was responsible for paying $4,000 in taxes, and for the extended warranty she bought. it's money she didn't have. she got a title loan.
7:42 pm
a new report found the number of auto title loans in california between 2011 and 2014 went up 179%. consumers borrowed $172 million during that time. consumer action says it's a bad idea. >> they resemble a ring of car thieves operating with the blessing of the state. >> reporter: nearly 93% of the loans had interest rates of 70% or higher, half charging rates of 100% or more. >> like all predatory lenders they claim they're giving a life preserver in the time of financial difficulty. it's made out of concrete. >> reporter: the company told us it prides itself to offering access to capital for those who
7:43 pm
might find it difficult to obtain. all fees and costs are disclosed. tony admits she mud shud have read it more closely. she realized she'd be charged 85% interest, she decided to sell her car to pay off the loan. >> i could have gone to a loan shark and gotten a better deal. >> . >> reporter: those who fail to repay the loans could lose their cars. there are new federal regulations being drafted and the proposal is expected to be released by the end of the year and that is when the fight begins. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. stay with us, because tennis has never seen anything like this. >> advances being used at the bank of the west
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a celebration at stanford today finished building a new ronald mcdonald house. the new addition should open
7:47 pm
next year. the house serves as a home away from home for families while their children receive treatment. >> over the last two years we've been operating with a waiting list for 40-50 families per night. this will alleviate that waiting list but it's anticipating the growth of a hospital. >> also, today, $1 million was pledged and vowed to match $2 million more by a philanthropist. at the bank of the west classic there is something nontraditional. jonathan bloom has more on how the game could change in a big way because of big data. >> tennis, some say hasn't
7:48 pm
changed since changing the color of the tennis balls. >> reporter: a court side press conference has players and coachers talking less about hitting the ball... and more about hitting the books. >> we're geeked out. >> reporter: when lindsay davenport was number one, statistics were kept on paper. >> when you're on call, you're not thinking about the statistics you're going to play the game. >> look at this. >> you can see the red bull after the run. >> reporter: every serve is tracked and insights can be eye opening. >> you want to serve this first forehand. you're like well, that was 92% to the backhand. should be i didn't know that. >> reporter: software designers say that is the point. >> they help the human brain understand patterns not otherwise seen. >> reporter: it turns out the hardware was there from the raft big advance.
7:49 pm
>> electronic line calling has been a perk, embracing the technology. >> reporter: same ten cameras are feeding these official tablets in realtime, during the match. any coach can use one to analyze any player. >> to have a competitive edge, meaning a more competitive product, which is more exciting to fans. >> i probably would is been the type studying the night before, going over everything. now, as a coach i'm trying to take that out of my players' hands. that is high tech. >> yes. >> it's time for a check on the weather again. >> spencer christian is back with the forecast. we have sunny skies over the bay area now, with some high clouds around, high clouds increase tomorrow, not only here in the bay area, but statewide. 97 in sacramento, 98 fresno. 83 down south in los angeles.
7:50 pm
a warm day, high temperatures in our inland locations if inland valleys into low to mid-90s. we'll see upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay and 70s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow night, things begin to change. the system moves through that may produce scattered showers or thunderstorms tomorrow night into friday morning and cooling down friday, and start warming up over the weekend. >> perfect. thank you, spencer. let's talk baseball. >> this is very cool. the big story in atlanta is the new kid. his name is ke
7:51 pm
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happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary to me right now with your club card usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound 32-ounce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. good evening, giants are wrapping up their series with the braves tonight in atlanta. this series turned into the kelby tomlinson show. he's a rookie. called up because of joe panic's back injury and he is fantastic. this fan got a souvenir.
7:54 pm
madison bumgardener goes seven in the third, strikes out nine. now, to tomlinson. gets the giants on the board in the second. single to right, a 2-0 game. he's out of oklahoma just called up. has family in the stands. he starts with three consecutive hits before making an out. just number three rbi single in the 4th. willy mccoffee has the giants record. to the 7th, after a two run double from matt duffy, hunter pence driving in a run. a's and o's at the coliseum, a big three-run homer breaking a 1-1 tie for a two-run double today. took a 3-1 lead to the sixth. a man on for adam jones.
7:55 pm
this is deep. it's center field. billy bird tracking to the wall and got it. hard to tell if it was deep enough to go out. we'll call it highway robbery. two batters later an rbi single. to the tenth, bases loaded. there it goes and this is 28. burns can only look, and watch the grand slam. 12 days and ox's win. jared hanes gave up stardom as a rugby player in australia to try american football with the 49ers. first lesson, getting hit by guys in pads and helmets hurts. he is trying to make it as a
7:56 pm
running back and kick returner. great speed and power but never run before in football. this is a huge adjustment. >> wearing a helmet and shoulder pads you're a lot hotter and a lot more force. yes. for me i just have to keep working on my game and figuring out the best hit to put me in the best position. >> he'll be more of himself once he gets into a comfort zone and makes plays. we'll probably see the -- we haven't seen the real jared yet. can't wait to see. >> work harder. after ten years with the 49ers, frank horaceman is with the colts. talking about what it's like being in the huddle with andrew luck. >> with number 12, i'm not knocking my other quarterbacks.
7:57 pm
but a couple months he's a different breed, man. he's smart. he makes me feel young, man. he runs the huddle. i never had that. >> do you take offense to that? do you see where frank is coming from? >> i mean it's nothing very to worry about. i'm moving forward. a new season, coaching staff. >> burden is on kap this year to be more of a leader. he needs to step up. >> supposedly work hard, no question he put in the work. now take it on the field. >> join us tonight at 9:00, we're going to tell you about a hack attack that led to a $17,000 bill for a california man, and the crooks did not target his credit card. their sneaky trick, tonight at 9:00. another deadly shooting in a theater. how do we protect movie goers? what security experts say needs
7:58 pm
to be done to keep people safe. >> tonight in prime time here we have the middle, goldbergs, modern family, blackish and celebrity wife swap and then abc7 news at 11:00, we'll see you then. thanks for joining us i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley from all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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it is friday morning. and it is another beautiful day in scranton, pennsylvania. oh, my god. oh! [dialing telephone] pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. oh, we have a serious problem here.


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