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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 8, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a swim for the record books. a san francisco woman makes history after successful swim from the farallones to the bay. we're live with the story. and gate crashers trying to get inside outside lands. the rush for mosquito lovers to be part of the sold-out event. each day anglers setting their sights on more than just fish. wildlife officials are stepping up patrols in a popular lake. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good inning and thank you for joining us. the headliners are getting close to taking the stage at sounds lands. kendrick lamar and the black keys will close out the second night. tickets have been sold out but that hasn't stopped some people from frying to get in illegally -- trying to get in illegally. cornell bernard is live at
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golden gate park. people are still making a go at the fences. >> reporter: some people will try anything to get into a concert. we wilted a pretty brazen effort on jfk drive which explain this large police presence here on bicycle, on horseback. not the first time and police say, don't try it. >> outsidelands could be the hottest ticket to have this weekend. the event is sold out. but that not stopping some people from trying to get in. we were there as a group of gate crashers stormed this fence in front of security. this year there's in effort to keep those without tickets out. higher fences, new feature. >> double fences. >> your advice to somebody who wants to sneck in? >> you're going to jail. >> some blog sites give advice how to sneak in police say don't
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try it. encrypted wrist bands replaced ticks to reduce fraud. >> it's easier to have something on your wrist the whole time instead of worrying where a piece of paper is in your purse. >> reporter: more than 200,000 people are having a blast at outside lands this weekend. >> it's an experience for sure. some of the bands we saw today we didn't know, but we just wanted to experience the music. >> reporter: and the food. andrea is chowing down on a doughnut cheeseburger. >> it's amazing. highly recommend. >> reporter: one neighbor on 28th avenue shot this video friday of loud party buses page picking up concert go years for the most part parking hassles and noise much better this year. >> most people are -- after the concert, surprised to see how many people were leaving and minding their own business. >> reporter: outside lands plays through sunday night. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news.
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>> and touch tenses of thousands going to at&t park to see joel ol' steen. he is expected to draw 40,000 people to hear him speak. for help navigating crowned traffic problems get waze on your smartphone from apple's app store or google play and join the waze group for free. some scary moments in moraga after people complained of feeling sick after inhaling paint fumes. paramedics took two people to the hospital. it happen as swimmers and families arrived for a huge swim meet this morning. firefighters tracked the fumes to a painting project on one of the athletic fields. near where swim teams set up rest areas. >> not an evacuation per se. we're just asking people to spend as little time as possible there out of the 3,000 people here we had two people who had to take a breather and rest out. everyone else is going on with the meet.
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>> 2,000 swimmers as young as three years of age come petted. this is the 59th year for the speed, sponsored bid the orinda moraga pool association. the california highway patrol says alcohol may have been factor in this fatal crash the driver of a porsche died. the passenger was hurt. the car drove on to shoulder of the street, went airborne and crashed into a tree. the driver was 28 years old and from mountain view. redwood city police arrested a man accused of killing a 16-month-old girl earlier this week. investigators took 27-year-old daniel contreras into custody. he brought the todd lower to the hospital with severe injuries and told officials the child was hurt after an accidental fall off the table. an autopsy was performed and the corer to north american the death was a homocide. police say the contrary was was not the biological father.
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she was dating the child's mother. police in san jose looking for a shooter responsible for a killing. police found the victim suffering from a gushing wound. the department announced it would be putting more officers in high,-crime area. >> san francisco 49ers are denyings reports of fights win aldon smith and colin kaepernick. something i is out on bail after a device arrest. his fifth arrest since 2012. the team cut him hours later. we were at levi's stadium as the 49ers coach, tomsula addressed the beef. he says it's not true. we'll hear more in sports. now to southern california where police shot and killed man accused of stabbing six people. police say they found the suspect armed with a knife. they say he stabbed the people
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at an apartment complex and went across the street and stabbed three others at a convalescent home. all the stabbing victims survived. >> now to the county fire in lake county. evacuation orders were lifted. returning residents are being urged not to move debris which could contain hazardous chemicals. a local assistance center will open monday morning. the fire is now 62% contained. flames burn 42 homes and scorched 1 08 square miles. kim chambers, she has set a record. she began swimming last night and just finished before 5:00 tonight. we're live at the san francisco yacht club with more on the celebration. >> reporter: she is the first woman to do this, swim to complete it successfully from the farallon islands to the golden gate bridge, and she did
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it in get this 17: it was incredible. talk about inspiring. she was surrounded by friends and family who were of course so very happy for her. the water temperature, she says, was in the low 60s. and it was a 30-mile swim today. kimberly chambers achieved history. >> i had my whole crew just give me the thumbs up, and i could see the bridge, and when you can see that, you know you have to finish it, and i definitely had to dig really, really deep. it's going to take me a long time to process what just occurred. but i was also not getting in and doing this swim all over again. >> you -- it's really hard not to reach out pause it's my daughter. but i just kept -- i was just
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amazed how she has such mental fortitude. >> reporter: kim was swimming alongside a boat, and on the boat, amongst all of her supporters was simon dodo manipulating gas. one of her training partners who attempted to do this same swim but fell short by three miles because of a shark. >> all my -- me not finishing my swim issue was disappointed and only three miles from in the finish but the fact kim was successful the disapaintment is now gone. >> reporter: and again, kim is the first woman to successfully complete this swim. as for what is next for her she says a hot shower she said she has been taking cold showers for several months now as part of her training, and that was the thing she was most excited to do
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now that she has successfully completed the swim. reporting live from the san francisco yacht club. abc7 news. >> she needs to warm up. still ahead at 6:00 are east bay river otters in danger? uben's admission what they didn't do after one of its drivers attacks a passenger. i'm meteorologist drew tuma, sunny but cool start to the weekend. i am tracking a brief warmup for our sunday. the
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>> they're stepping up patrols after receiving a tip someone is out to kill river otters. the fishermen are not catching as much and they blame the otters. visitors say they have seen also least one otter family around the lake. killing an otter is a crime that can bring a $1,000 fine and jail time. uber-says it mistakenly granted driver status to a dallas man accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. the 46-year-old showed a fake permit to get the job as a driver. he served time on a federal weapons charge. the dallas general manager revealed the mistake in a letter to dallas city officials.
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uber today not perform a background check. >> up next, nasty weather hits southern california hard. you'll see what rain and wind did to this minute. a live look outside. expect cooler temperatures, drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> members inducted into the from football hall of fame including two local here roys
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in riverside county, it could be weeks before the damages repairs after a powerful storm. more than 100 metal transmission and power poles were destroyed or damaged by severe weather in the city of thermal east of palm desert thursday night. strong winds picked up and tossed cars around and split apart trailer homes. thousands lost power. some say it felt like a tornado. >> this is crazy. had to have tornado type winds. i'm a machineis of 40 years, and to have something break like this. >> the national weather service is investigating whether or not it actually was a tornado. we'll join drew tuma now with a look at our weather. our weather not as exciting as that luckily. you're super exciting, drew so liven it up use we'll see a
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brief warmup for the second half of the weekend. live doppler 7hd painting a quiet picture, other lovely pick fewer from the mt. tam cam. low clouds, otherwise sunshine and below normal temperatures. right now, 72 in out in view, 71, san jose. and 64 in half moon bay. san jose, south bay lots of sunshine blue skies. notice temperature-wise across the bay we don't see too much in the way of extreme heat. we're in the 70s from santa rosa to napa. fairfield, 79. 77 concord. livermore, 74. a gorgeous shot from the emeryville camera. we have sunny skies. we'll call for the coastal clouds to push in overnight with fog. we're briefly warmer on sunday but much of next week is dominated by a cooler air mass. here's live doppler 7hd along with site. you see this little spin in the atmosphere moving into seattle
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and portland? this is a cold front that helped to enhance our marine layer, thus the cooler temperatures and coastal clouds. now we're watching an area of high pressure to the south and west. that moves in overnight gives us a brief warmup. so future weather shows you tomorrow morning, very summer like pattern, early morning fog sunshine the only exception right along the coast. parts of san francisco, even parts of the peninsula right along the ocean will see mainly cloudy skies. if you're headed to outside lands tomorrow it will be mainly cloudy and a cool sunday at that. some sun in the afternoon but a chilly breeze keeps temperatures in the mid-60s. talk about what is hurricane hilda, a sizable storm winds 140 miles-per-hour, is moving to the west at 15 miles-per-hour. the good news she weakens rather rapidly, and by wednesday and thursday she becomes just a weak tropical storm and all the indications are she will stay north of hawai'i with little impact the. overnight tonight, mid-fives in
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to low 60s. cloud skies. and then sunday, afternoon sunshine peninsula, 66. 78 redwood city, 70. millbrae. downsan francisco, 69. north bay 84, calistoga. 73 oakland tomorrow. 71 richmond. and inland up are 80s to low 90s. 87 concord. another in pittsburg the accuweather seven-day forecast a brief warmup tomorrow a change coming of if you want the summer heat, friday and saturday the heat returns, feeling much here like august a week from today. >> i'm not sure anybody wases -- that's nice. thank you drew. someone who needs to heat up the giants hitters. i. >> that's right. no place like home for the
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giants. win 1-15 in a recent home stand, with the loss in chicago they're 3-6 away from home. matt cane on the field. brandon belt, fifth home run of the month. giants up 2-1. but the best part, the fan tries to throw it back. needs some help. bottom three. chris bryant gives the cubs the lead with a homer. cain tagged for five runs in four innings. cubbies up 3-2. montero knocks in another run. base hit to center. start of a two-run fitch. add three more in the eighth. one of this russell hits. cub needed the runs because the giants rally but come up short. cubs win three straight over the giants 8-6 the final. >> a's hosting the astro. danny valencia, picked up from the blue jays. doubled to the gap. burns and crisp come around.
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2-0 a's. jesse chavez has not had a lot of run support made one mistake in the fourth the solo bomb 2-1:00 but chavez would get the win and edward mujica would get his first win. a's win their second straight 2-1 the final. >> 49 arester riling from the release 0 aldon smith. the front office would not tolerate his offfield behavior. niners are having their seventh overall pick get his life back together. showed to be a feared pass rusher but his game off the field did not match his on-field performance and his teammates understand and hope he can get his life together and that's more important right now than being a football player. >> no one is perfect and i hope that he gets all the help he needs. i think the best thing is that he has the support needed here.
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even though he is no longer a member of the team. everyone is committed to that. coach is committed to that. and he said that in in front of rather. >> the pro football hall of fame. eight inductee, charles hey lee gets the call as mr. raider, tim brown. hall of fame stats, over 14,000 yards, 105 tds, nine pro bowls, nine straight seasons with over 1,000 yards. put up the numbers with 19 different quarterbacks. haley the only player in nfl history to win five super bowl rings he has 100 and a half career sacks and mr. d presented charles whose heart was in san francisco. >> i am truly blessed. played with some of the greatest players ever in the history of football, and i've learned a lot, and the one thing i learned from all these guys is unselfish play. team matters. we need to go back to that. it's not about individual. it's about team.
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that's the only way we can have success. [applause] >> ricky foul he look alike third round of the bridgestone. final tuneup for the pga, jim furyk, bird on 11. 1-under 69, the co-leader at 9-under with justin rose. 7-under 63. four birdies including this 50-footer. the bank of the west at stanford. bottom of your screen took the first set. great drop shot. takes the first opinion of the game. wins the match advancing to her fifth final, and the second semi. curvier dominated from start to finish winning nine of the last ten games, taking the match in straight sets. curber, who is 3 or in finals, will play in sunday's final. this sports record brought do you by bank of the west with
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hear from tim brown at 9:00 and 11:00, sigh you then. both well deserved. >> hearing their good speeches as well. next at 6:00, getting the mind and the body ready to head back to school. how san francisco kids are preparing for the first day of
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join us tonight on kofy tv20. a medical mixup a woman blames for an unwanted pregnancy shep believes the federal government should pay for the mistake. >> then at 11:00 on channel 7 thousands of people at st. at&t park tonight to hear televangelist joel osteen.
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what making this mega minister so unique. there won't be lavish living at the burning man festival. friday the bureau of land management withdrew the request for them to build them a $1 million complex with washers driers, air conditioning refrigerators and couches. the request included 24 hour access to ice cream. the director called the request outlandish and says staff members have the same caterers the rest of the people in the festival and stay in the same town in nevada in years past. >> back to school season now and several charities are helping families provide backpacks and other surprise. we will at the hutch community center in san francisco where the tenth annual western addition health to fair and family day took place. youngsters received backpacks with school replies. -- school supplies. >> helps me a lot, saving money.
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>> across town the salvation army hosted a backpack and school supplies give away in the south of market area, that benefited 1500 kids. that's it for us at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night.
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coming up today on "intelligence for your life," would you like to test the strength of your relationship? at least one psychologist says all you have to do is take a walk through the nearest ikea. we'll tell you what's strolling through the children's furniture and kitchen departments together. we'll tell you about your relationship. also today, you've seen your dog twitin her sleep? we'll tell you what researchers are saying about what small dogs and big dogs are dreaming about. and then we'll tell you how hunger anger could be ruining your relationship. you'll find out about the
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clothing a woman notices on a man. and what wearing gym clothes around all day will do to your waistline. get ready. "intelligence for your life" begins now. ♪


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