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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you. >> there are reports tonight that sheriff of san francisco has been driving with suspended license. something he says he knew nothing about until now. good evening. >> the state suspended his driver's license because he failed to report a car accident whale driving city opened vehicle. the chronicle reports the other driver did file a report with the dmv as required but the sheriff did not. so his license was suspended in january. the accident happened while the sheriff was on
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misdemeanor probation accused of grabbing and bruising his wife arm. as of today he has not filed a report or paid a fee to regain his driving privileges. the sheriffs office gave a statement saying quote the sheriff only learned of this from the press when the accident 0kuvrmentd he contacted the inshurnts company and was in formed that everyone, everything rather was in order. his office describes the accident as fender bender. the sheriff is running for reelection in november. >> big announcement by google today. mountain view giant is rebranding itself as alphabet. new umbrella company with geeling as the largest subsidiary. you won't notice a change if you google something you will start hearing about a lot of things the company is doing beyond the google brand. hears lillian kim. >> google will now subsidiary of alphabet. holding company lining burke share hath away. co-founders page ceo and brine will be president. >> google said that alphabet was reference to the many
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different parts of their company, right. the other thing also is that they say it's annual if a bet. the best at the can make. this is the future of what google needs to be. >> long time google executive becomes google ceo which is one of several company under alphabet. google will continue to focus on internet search mapping and you tube and who will lead the other company such as google nest and venture that has yet to be announced. tech analyst say it was a surprise at first it ultimately make sense. >> people would argue that google was too big and too desperate and by dividing it that separate company with the old google being there biggest one make it a little more entrepreneur and a little less bureaucratic. at least potentially. so far so good. company stock was up about 5 percent in after hours trading. lil i don't know abc 7 news. >> just few hours separated 2 shootings in which san jose police shot at armed suspect. man holding knife died after
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officers shot him nearest antonio street and packing place last night. detectives say he was wanted in a stabbing about 6 hours later woman called police complaining her brother had returned home drunk and had a shotgun much officers confronted him at home on san marcos drive after midnight. >> suspect was outside the residence with the shotgun. once the he racked the shot gun officers shot at the suspect. >> man ran back in the home. police believe he then shot and killed himself. alameda police are on the look out for this man. he's suspected of breaking into homes 6 times this summer. and sexual assault. most recent incident happened yesterday. police say he cut a hole in window screen and sexually assault add girl sleeping. police warn residents to be extra vigilant and be sure to lock the doors and window. >> the trial is under way for teenager accused of killing a paramedic in the oakland hills. quinn boy was shot and killed 2 years ago when car full of
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teenagers pulled up alongside him. lee ann has the story. >> 34-year-old quinn boy had just dropped off his father at his home in the oakland hills. after taking him to doctor appointment. when boy came up to stop sign he was approached by car full of teens. prosecutors say one of them christian burton got out of the car and shot boy in the head. car want off the road that the are vane. later died. widow was the first to take the stand at the murder trail today. >> they don't know what they gave up when they decided to take this path. they have no idea what they gave up. >> burton the alleged shooter only 16 at the time. he is being tried as an adult. his attorney maintenance he did not kill boy. >> we believe someone else was shooter and the evidence will be quite convincing overwhelming on that area. >> second team being tried is david mcneal. >> look of evidence. that mr. mr. mcneal my client participated actively in the
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crime against boy. >> according to prosecutors the teen had previously stolen a car and after the murder surveillance camera show them dumping the vehicle at this school in oakland. 3 of the other teens pleaded guilty in juvenile court and are serving tame. fourth pleaded no contest and is doing 15 years in prison. >> i lost all my joy when i lost quinn. >>reporter: boy father held back tears when he testified today. >> l all the this innings to look forward to. grand children. boy was pair immediate nick santa clara county. today co-workers and friend came to show their support for his family. in oakland lee ann, abc 7 news. >> bart service came to a halt in dublin this afternoon after car crashed interthe bart track. thinks a picture of the vehicle after it crashed through guard rail and came to stop below the track. this video shows the damage the suv caused guard rail on interstate 6 80 pretty mangled. bart
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powered down the service to inspect the track for damage. didn't find any so resumed normal train operation. >> happening now in lake count county. firefighters are battling a new fire burning near the rocky fire. cal fire said the jerusalem fire has burned 6000 acres since it broke out yesterday afternoon. mandatory he have been asian ordered and there is no containment. men while this man silva accused of setting a back fire to burn off dry brus brush. silva was trying to save his home from the jerusalem fire. deputy believe he set it to protect mile an hour juan plants. george warren talked to sill have and wife today in lake county. >> if sill have showed us where he created a fire break to save his rental property. house and acreage he bought just a month ago which still doesn't have insurance. >> training to protect the his home. >>reporter: with the help of his daughter alex. silva explained how with the jerusalem fire burning near by he set a small fire himself to remove the dry grass in case
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the big fir got this far. of. >> all he wanted to do was fate fire with fire and from there to there. >> had everything wet just sought fire wouldn't come over here. >>reporter: although the fire was out by the time cal fire crew responded silva was arrested for unlawfully setting a back fire. and was jailed until he posted 15,000 dollar bail early this morning. >> just said i did it. and they i don't know ifim. >>reporter: silva and his wife own a market on main street in the town of lower lake. >> all he was trying to do was protect his property. >> you wonder should even setting a fire when there's such high fair danger. >> i know i know. that was a big mistake but is part of you have been december president and your mind goes. >> made a mistake by doing tha
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that. tichlts just training to protect his home. >> everyone seems in agreement now that back fires are best left to the professionals. in lake county, george warren, abc 7 news. >> well if you drive a car on market street in san francisco get ready for big changes tomorrow. new restriction will be in place between third and eighth. it is all part of an evident to eliminate traffic death as wayne explains, this has been building really for a listening time. >> this is significant change. you have to figure that when a group of san francisco administrators and politicians gather on a street corner something is up. on market street it is. >> they are bucking history to a agree on this grand thoroughfare that predates the great quake of 19 06. chaos then. take a look at it now. faces change and the mode of transportation but it is still chaos. >> this is chaos the director
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of transportation justifying big changes on market street between third and eighth. beginning tomorrow no more amateur. also known as private cars. the. >> some of them will be in for surprise but i actually think people if listen to us. >>reporter: 160 injury accidents in two years on market between third and eight eighth. private kartion make up 10 to 30 percent of the traffic but they were responsible for 80 percent of the collision. you will notice new signage. markings if streets and crosswalk. free flow muni an supposedly more safety for bike riders like karl. >> a lot of traffic here and if it's just buses and professional drivers who know where they are going if and we won't have random people turning left. >>reporter: that's what the city calms progress in these 4 lanes with more than a century of chaos in motion. from market street in san francisco
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wayne, abc 7 news. >> much more ahead on this monday night. coming up. early campaign coup for sanders during a stop in the bay area. >> also tonight living on yurba buena island provides some of the best view in the bay area but not for fch longer. >> cloud and a little bit of drizzle moving in on the coast right now. that sets the stage for a cool tuesday on the way. the number in the forecast. >> thanks very much drew. state of emergency once again in ferguson, missouri tonight. latest on the protest one year after the death of michael brown. brown. >> 7 news
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. presidential hopeful sanders came to the bay area to shake things up in the race against hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. he met with nurse ins oakland and left with a major endorsement from one of the big national union. here's sergio. >> senator sanders waded through the packed crowd of
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excited nurses in downtown oakland. he had auto grv and pose for selfie. announcement from the national union is a big deal for the campaign. >> national nurse united is endorsing sanders, friend, human rights champion for the president of the united states. >> political observer say the endorsement could prompt further union support. >> yawn have some wealth they contribute to candidate campaign but they also contribute lieutenants of people powers. >> sanders says he fully expects to be out spent by super pac controlled by deep pocket backers. david versus goliath popularism is a trademark. >> interesting gay but obviously not as standing up working people and take on the bail area class. >> senator drew tens of thousands office supporters over the weekend stop in seattle and portland and also confronted by members of the black life matter movement. says the message addresses those concerns. >> all of you will remember l
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martin luther king jr. led the march on washington. do you know what the march was called? it was called jobs and justice. >>reporter: union has endorsed senator sanders and members pledged to actively campaign for man they admit many people don't yet know much about. >> he has shown us through theiaers what he is for so i think he will be a great candidate. he will be an excellent president. >> sanders heading to los angeles for another california campaign stop. this is abc 7 news. >> if some residents are battling a different kind of landlord. the city of san francisco. it's affecting people living on yurba buena island who have to move perhaps to treasure island next door. carolyn tyler has more. >> about 100 people live on yurba buena island enjoying spectacular view and affordable rent. but now they are being told to leave the former navy housing because of long time
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development plans by the city. to build market rate condo. hotel. and ferry terminal. >> it's very, very frustrating. >> the family of 6 has lived on yurba buena since 2002. and like everyone on the island must get out next month. >> there is always an understanding that this is temporary. we are offering every one to 1 replacement housing on treasure island. >> but many yurba buena residents didn't want to mav to treasure island. concerned about crime contaminated soil that the navy has spent millions cleaning up. another option the city is providing relocation packages to those who want to leave. but many feel they should be allowed to return when the new 1.5 billion dollar development is done. >> i just feel like no they are not only like moving us out of the island they are moving out of the city. for not only for me but for anybody from the
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working class people. >> only a few of the new condo on yurba buena will be affor affordable. supervisor kim considers treasure island planned development part of the package. >> we are building cholesterol to 28 percent affordable housing on the island on both treasure island and yurba buen buena. >> some residents feel they can't fight city hall. but others plan to sue. >> in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> hope had you a great weekend. it's heating up by next weekend. >> that's right. we have what's coming our way. >> it is. tomorrow we could see drizzle early in the morning. wet roadway and besides the cooler temperature really the focus of the forecast for your test. >> we see the cloud up above. really stick along the coast at this hour. so take you outside earlier this afternoon into the evening from our emeryville camera. showing you the cloud rate along the coast with high cirrus clouds. it was a really
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nasty start to the work week with comfortable temperatures in terms of august numbers. we take you outside right now live look from our exploratorium camera showing you clouds are hear and there could be some spotty drizzle over tonight tonight. already a few reports aroped pacifica right along the coast. some damp roadway at this hour. so wouldn't be surprised few more spots pick up a little bit of wet weather tomorrow morning. the coolest day happen inland tomorrow and then we start to turn warmer to the end of the week. out there right now also breezy with the clouds rate along the coast. gust of 20 miles per hour at sfo. 32 at fairfield but generally around the bay between 10 and 15 miles per hour out of the west at this time. that's coming keeping us on the comfortable side in the 60's around the bay. 62 currently in san francisco. 62 the as well in nap a.68 in fairfield. 66 san jose. 65 in hayward. the wider view on satellite show you the reason why so cold first of all. we have the area of low pressure that is giving us the on shore breeze bringing us cooler than average inland temperatures but what is waiting in the wing a
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big dome of high pressure we have seen the set up many times in the summer season. this is going to build back west and heat moves in on friday. livermore example average high this time of year 89 degrees. stay below that at least through thursday. but after that high pressure moves in. temperatures sky rocket and by the weekend saturday and sunday we are in the upper 90's to near 100 degrees over the weekend. overnight tonight track the patchy drizzle developing otherwise mainly cloudy temperatures ranging from the mid 50's to the low 60's. and high for your tuesday. make row climate at starting in the south bay afternoon sunshine go to 78 in san jose. 82 los gatos. 83 the high in morgan hill. along the peninsula 75. san mateo 7 77. 64 for pacifica. downtown san francisco tomorrow. south san francisco 68 degrees. with afternoon sunshine. in the north bay we go 78 santa rosa. 75 san rafael. 66 sausalito. 77 sonoma. 76 for vallejo. in
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the east bay. we are breezy 73 the hay for oakland lots of sunshine in the afternoon 75 union city. 71 richmond. 76 in free mont. and inland we are in the upper 70's to mid 80's. 83 antioch. 79 san ramone. 81 river more and 82 the high in fairfield. 7 day forecast. clouds to sunshine tomorrow. it's a touch warmer here on wednesday. we hold steady through surs but then we turn much warmer friday the day of transition by the weekend saturday and sunday warm to hot around finally feel a little bit like august a little bit like summer by the weaned. >> we have avoid that had so far. >> yes is that thanks. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. pair glider chase why l.a. sheriff wanted this guy to land. >> and the rat problem in east bay neighborhood. why experts are saying and how you can are saying and how you can protect your home.
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l. >> second car thief in custody in los angeles following high speed chase down i fight the truck had been stolen from the town of kings county in the central valley. driver refused to stop led authorities on chase that hit speed of up to 80 miles per hour. truck finally crashed in a freeway barrier. look at that. suspect ran off caught short time later hiding behind a parked car. >> then this los angeles county sheriff's deputy chase a man flying motorize para glider today. initially thought he may have dropped con from band over county detention center and man flew over the prison complex at 5:30 tonight. quickly pursued by helicopter
9:25 pm
for failing to yield. 35 minutes later the man landed and authorities detaped him without incident. man claimed he made a mistake and didn't realize he had flown over the jail. he was later released without being cited. >> train trestle caught fair near portland oregon tonight. some 50 firefighters battle the flames but pulled back when it began to collapse. 4 businesses near by were evacuated. >> all right. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next as we continue to protest in ferguson once again. how police are dealing with tonight up rest. >> about car smashes into a home then explodes. what triggered the blast. >> grizzly bear that killed a man is captured. some advice on what to do if you come face-to-face with one. stay
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with protest in ferguson, missouri tonight. >> state of emergency is there followingless tonight violence. protestors become on the streets but just after 10:00 o'clock local time police moved in. protestors again to scatter. >> st. louis police say the crowd began throwing frozen water bottle at their officer on hand to help out. police tweeted the crowd was unlawfully assemble and said those who don't follow orders to leave would be arrested. >> few minutes later police began making arrest. and here's the scene on the ground. you can see the heavy police presence on the street. >> jim has more on what led up to tonight's arrest. >> ferguson, missouri under state of emergency tonight. late today protestors had traffic backed up as they blocked nearby highway. they didn't resist as police broke them up. the authorities are hoping to avoid a repeat of last nature violence that
9:30 pm
brought back painful memory of rioting last year. >> shots fired shots fired. >> after nature fall gun fair shattered the calm of sunday peaceful protest. if. >> we just want to be the as patient as possible. >> even catching ferguson interim police chief off guard. 18-year-old tyrone harris shot and critically wounded when police say they returned fair after harris shot at them. >> last tonight was pretty out of control at times. >>reporter: earlier today more protest these at the federal court house in st. louis. police made more than 50 arres arrest. despite minor scuffle demonstrators remain peaceful. >> police were at the scene of the overnight rioting and looting as business pick up the pieces. this boughty parlor ransacked last year violence and again last night. >> you have to keep going. i can't quit. failure is not an option. >> as riot police are standing by it look like the unrest may continue with another long
9:31 pm
night ahead. jim ryan abc news ferguson, missouri. >> there are dramatic images out of lansing, michigan tonight. car slammed in a home then look at. that massive explosion. happened after hit-and-run. fire department released dash cam video of the blast officials later said that the car hit gas meter fortunately everyone got out okay. >> donald trump refs to become down. billionaire faces backlash from fellow republicans while hinting at the possibility of a third party run for the white house. now the democratic front runner children at any weighing in on it too. if we have more. >> tonight donald trump revving to bang down from the provocative comments about fox news debate moderator megan kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes blood coming out of her wherever. >> now democratic challenger hillary clinton taking him on. >> i know it makes great tv. i think the guy went way overboard. offensive outrageous. pick your
9:32 pm
adjective but trump tells george he was fought referring to anything inappropriate when he talked about blood. >> i was referring to nose ear very common statement and only a deviant would think of what people said even declaring kelly owes him apology for asking this. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. dogs. slob. and disgusting animal. twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >>reporter: the fact is she asked me very inappropriate question. she should really be poll jay-z to go me you want to know the truth. >> competitors took him on during the debate. kelly criticism bringing in anti-trump chorus. >> that's a side show. >> this is not who we are as party when it comes to women. >> there is no skaws for this. >> i don't think vulgarity equates within site. >> give me a brick. i mean are we do we want to win? do we want to insult 53 percent of all voters. what donald trump said is wrong. >> republicans haven't won the female vote in a presidential
9:33 pm
election since 1988. carly the only female republican candidate tweeting mr. trump there is no excuse. trump unleashing on twitter tweeting back i just realize that if you listen to carly for more than 10 minutes straight you develop a massive headache. she has zero chance. >> trump back on the campaign trail tomorrow night in michigan. then heads to new hampshire and iowa later in the week promise to release immigration plans and something yet to did as candidate, job creation. >> the mean time there is no sign that donald trump is losing any support since last week debate. if the poll show he's favored by 24 percent of republican voters. jeb bush down to 12 percent while carly has gained some support. next debate is september 16 at the ronald reagan library in simi valley. >> actress melissa gilbert best known for role in little house on the prairie says she's running for congress in
9:34 pm
michigan. she'll run as democrat in republican district. she's never held public office before. gilbert grew up in los angeles but lives north west of detroit with her husband actor timothy. >> colorado governor declared state of emergency after toxic spill from gold mine. more than 3 million gallon of waste water spilled in the colorado river wednesday morning. before and after pictures show how drastically it has changed. water contains lead. arsenic. cad my um and other heavy metal. they began pumping waste water out of the men because it was leak nag nearby water way. agency has been criticized for initially down playing the accident of the spill. >> zimbabwe lifted the trophy hunting ban less than 10 days after news of the killing of cecil caused international out cichlt minnesota dentist killed at the time well known lions in what officials say was ill legal hunt. several south africa news outlet say the ban has been lift in the most areas and remains on place on the
9:35 pm
farm where cecil was killed. >> coming up next. park rangers capture a bear that mauled a man. >> plus creature on video 4000 ♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at
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>> team from bp on routine operation near an oil well recently when they spotted an unusual marine animal. bp captured the video with under water vehicle off the coast of angola. at depth of more than 4000 feet. it was nicknamed the flying spaghetti mop ter. it was sent to the center in england where the caech was identified as a member of the jelly fish family. >> park rangers believe they have captured the grizzly bear
9:39 pm
that fatally mauled a hiker in yell stone and offering practical tips for other park visitors when it comes to encountering bears in the wild. if we have the story. >> tonight park rangers at yellow stone national park have just caught a bear cub they believe was also involved in the attack that killed 63-year-old lance cross by. biologist telling us they are confident they have the if he mail grizzly involved but the testing continues. and if these are the bears, they will be put down. officials say once a bear attack as human it's lost all ferry and poses grave danger. park officials concerned about human interaction with all wild life but for bear in particular they say you should move slowly. caulk loudly. make sure you carry bear spray and 11 your pack on. it can protect you if the bear gets aggressive. >> attack are relatively rare despite the fact that around 800 grizzly are thought to inhabit the park that over 3 million tourist visit each year. yellow stone has only seen 8 deadly encounter in
9:40 pm
nearly 100 years. park officials tell us we are actually more likely to run in a bear here on the side of the road than the back country. your honoring motorist to not get in 100 yards of wild life and save the extra cautious if you see a female bear and her cubs. this is from yellow stone. >> east bay residents say they smell a rat and we talk about the real kind. residents in this pleasant hill neighborhood say rats have been eating up the garden. one resident nabbed 5 create interjust 4 da days from traps. contra costa county rat patrol say they are searching for food and water. agency has free inspection to keep rats out of homes. >> we can tell just from the droppings whether it's a roof rat or norway rat. washington kind of rat its. where they are coming in and what you need do to make sure that doesn't continue to happen. >> the now to keep the rat population down the they recommend resident eliminate odor water source out door water source pick up fallen
9:41 pm
fruit. keep branch from his touching the roof of the house. that's a good tip. don't store pet food outside. only attract them and get rid of bird feeders. okay so you can't see the rat from this nasa satellite photo but they are there. island off the coast of australia and has become home to the polynesian rat which is notorious predator of birds, chick and eggs. evident under way to rid the island of the massive rat population. >> wow! all right. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. invention that takes the guessing out of whether milk has gone bad. has gone bad. >> and you don't even
9:42 pm
hathe buttery jack was a huge >>success. don't even people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom. hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack, the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome.
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>> you have probably done it once in your life. big sip of milk and realize oh, no it's turned. how do you tell if milk has again souvrment you know that's an area that hasn't seen much innovation since date stamping started in the 1930s. >> the team at berkeley found a better way actually. january thon bloom explains how it wor works. >> developed awfully sensitive nose. but lab made casey isn't so lucky. >> i can never tell if the milk is spoiled. i have to hand it off to someone else who frequently can't tell. >> casey always rely on the date stamp. >> sell date isn't absolutely. milk good for day after it or weeks after the sell by date and depends on the individual carton. >> but what if inform guessing. >> we want to replace the smart cap. >> it's electronic but dent need battery >> just flip over
9:46 pm
and let milk get trapped in the smart cap. >>reporter: electricity from the reed they are could be built in a smart phone. pass as tiny radio signal and measures what comes back. >> the signal is indicating. >> this because the growth of the bacteria gradually change in electrical property of the milk. >> might be awill before the high tech cap replace the old fashion sniff test. that's because these are made with brand new 3d printing and each one takes nine hours to make >> this is smart cap process. >> printer use twos material. plastic and wax. plastic the structure. wax is later melted away to make room for the circus. >> you have to figure out how to get the wax out and then get the metal in. >> researchers are working hard to make the process quicker and cheaper so they never have to do this again. >> or even worse not sniff the milk and 3 out entire bowl of cerl. >> at uc berkeley abc 7 news.
9:47 pm
>> if nobody likes sour million building. >> or sour grape. >> the we are tracking at least a cooler start to our tuesday perhaps some drizzle on the wa way. we see coastal cloud and seeing some significant rain showers hurricane hild a.latest update right now. category 1 storm. winds 90 miles an hour. you see the gust 215 miles per hour. she's moving to the north west very slowly but she will weaken over the next day or so to tropical storm but could be some heavy downpour developing late thursday in friday thanks to hilda on the big eye listened of hawaii. showers up and did you know the east coast. rather quiet across much of the western half of the country into california. we go to 69 monterey. 78 l.a. . hot in palm springs 92 yosemite. 88 chico and 78 the high in tahoe. zoom into the
9:48 pm
bay area tomorrow. could have early spotty drizzle first thing in the morning afternoon sunshine 69 in san francisco. 73 oakland 78 hand so 8 and 78 santa rose. 7 day forecast show you cloud to sun to. heat really comes on friday and especially in next weekend. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> men of the enter until space station craw have become the first gardener in space. the harvest crop of lettuce. astronaut scott kelly tweeted today it was one smile bit for for man one giant leap for massive vegie in the journey tomorrow. kelly here on the right with the rest of the crew. sampling the harvest pwch of red romaine lettuce calling out red. lettuce came from the growth lab on the iss. >> this the that the lettuce will repel radiation and lift a person mood. they eat half the har a invest and transport back to earth for scientific analysis. this experiment is
9:49 pm
part of a wider noise create sustainable conditions for nasa on going journey to mars mission. >> all right well back here on land. twitter stock jumped 8% today after the company unveiled a deal with the national football league. it will men that you will see more nfl tweet that will include video and photo from games as they are being played. also today company founder jack dorcey revealed he bought 8 75,000 dollars worth of twitter stock. company still lacking for a ceo. larry. >> if i have to tweet more if i want. i have been told. that i have been told that by some. >> i'll get on that. jack made a good deal for himself because of the stock jumped up today. >> fought that he needs more money. >> in sports. seems like distraction after advertise traction for the frainers this off season but smith is focus on getting deep now. his message for
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sz so. >> warning tonight for resident of east bay city. the shocking crime that have police telling people to lock their window and doors. >> plus the huge change for google l today but in the without a bit of humor. secret message hidden inside the big announcement. >> those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 1 you coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel >> the all right we want to hear some good stuff come out of the niners camp. >> be is in for a change. >> so do the niners. if we'll get to that. given all that has happened this off season with the niners. coaching changes and player leaving and retirement. sudden loss of smith and look pretty grim and even more so when you look at the early schedule you it's brutal. road game at pittsburgh and arizona. they come back home to face aaron rodgers and packers. yikes and giants at home against baltimore. for new niner smith
9:54 pm
crank camp crash course in get to go know the quarterback. >> definitely still getting stuff together. it's play that happens. always go what were you think ago on this. so we kind of get open the same page about certain things. not that i feel lake i'm a speed demon on the if fastest moon in the world but sometimes i feel like i can run bro. throw it up i'll get it for you. >> open up a lot of possibilit possibility. a lot of opportunity. the he's great player. he can make play and big time situation and something we want to take advantage of. >> the fireworks in caroline a panthers camp quarterback newton into a fight with corner back norman stiff armed the qb. 5 inches taller and 50 pound heavy. but doesn't have the helmet on there so that leaves you vulnerable. coach was in the thrilled his 100 million dollar player on the ground duking it out. don't want to
9:55 pm
do that. things also got a little testy in dolphins camp. look at this pass blocking drill. jim's gets the best of montgomery. and then they start swinging. james i mean just dominated him right there. then everybody else jumps in. bunch of other line men then cooler heads would prevail. san jose state kick off 2015 season at home against new hampshire september 3rd. quarterback competition reduced from 3 candidate down to 2. that would be senior joe gray against junior college transfer containy port. this is coach ron third year leading the spartans hoping to show the team which went 3 and 9 last year and the program on the way up. >> we had outstanding class and good one and those guy make the move in the program and i think everyone is all in. buying in. we have ways to go but claim to the mountain top one step at a time and we have 5 or 6 steps
9:56 pm
in. >> last year we dealt with growing pains. that's something that we really took to heart and we speak in the locker room and took our own self. time to execute. >> both the giants and a's are off tonight. giants return home tomorrow against the astros while the a's which make the long trip. north of the border to toronto. that will be the return of valencia against his old team. released by the blue jay. scrap he would pick up by the a. he has been on fire since the 4 game 7 for 16. couple of homer. game winner yesterday against the astros in virginia helpsia looking forward to facing his old budies with the jay. >> want to go in swing the bat well. pitch as great team. tell they are probably hottest team in baseball right now. it's a challenge for us going in there if win the series is huge. see what kind of player the blue jay gave up. come over here and hasn't missed a beat coming in the the license up and carried us for a better
9:57 pm
half of the home stand. >> 97 pga championship tees off thursday at whistling straits in wisconsin and world no. 1 ridiculous ill roadway will be there. defending pga champ suffered ligament damage to his left ankle 5 week ago. playing soccer. he feels 100 percent and timing coming back this week. had nothing to do with the event or magnitude of the event but rather the speed of own recovery. >> regard leads whether this week or no matter what week it was, it was i was ready to go whether this week whether some other tournament. wasn't like i was trying to get back for this just so happened that i was feeling good enough to go this week. >> being rich has the advantages. all you have to do is ask green of the warriors recently sign a new contract in the neighborhood of 80 million dollars. so what is he doing with all the cash? >> want to know about the money. take a look. fight got
9:58 pm
the money. wow! >> that's former warriors center 0neal who has money in his own right enjoying quality vacation time with until cabo. lunch and then a pedicure. all right. on slow sports night adorable kid make the highligh highlight. in tie kwan do class break the board with a kick. he's dancing on the board. not going to get it done. all right. try with the hand. stop now. if perplexed by this thing. the remind me of the first klate class. and watch little dance little celebration. don't mess with me. nicelyone. >> 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> he's good. he's good. >> don't mess with him. >> if let's not break this.
9:59 pm
>> thanks larry. >> all right thanks for joining us. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> enjoy the rest of the evening and make time for us again at 11:00 o'clock over on again at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7 if you can
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