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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> new orders to get out. fire in lake county explodes inside. fire has now grown to 14,000 acres. good evening. dan is off. wildfire threatening homes with containment nowhere in sight. new evacuation in the morgan valley and the latest fire is getting cholesterol to the rocky fire that burned last week. >> certainly scary than the
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rocky fair. >> she and her dog are watching the jerusalem fire gain ground. anna lives inside the mandatory evacuation zone but choosing to stay for now. >> for me just me and the dogs we are easy. easy vac asian. >> sky 7 hd over the newest fire fight in lake county. the fire burning through bone dry brush and steep terrain. cal fire crew giving it all they can. >> hour to hour. come outside every hour. take a survey. >> robert and deb are nervously watching the fire burn on the hill opposite their olive farm. >> have you been told to leave. >> the we have been told that we are evacuated mandatory evacuation they now we are here and have an escape route. >> we love living here but it can be very straight engine and very stressful. >> more than 1,000 firefighters
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operate front lines. some who fought the nearby rocky fire just days ago. for now the fire appears to be moving away from homes. >> that would be more advantageous than if it came west. if it comes west then you have hidden valley and a lot of rest didn't. >> red cross shelter at middletown high school back open again after being closed for one day when rocky fire evacuation were lefted. >> we learned that they are resilient community here. >> terri says most of his belongings in the back of the pick up. his dog are here too. he just left his home. for the second time in two weeks. >> long couple week for you hasn't it. >> yes. the we just we are just rolling with it. >> cal fire putting out the call for more firefighters. homeowner not forced out of their home during mandatory evacuation. just warned about the danger. cause of the fire still under investigation. in lake county abc 7 news. >> 7 news meteorologist sandhya joins us now with more on what
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firefighters are dealing with tonight. sania. >> yes. winds still a factor for the firefighters. let me show you the current conditions near the fair lane and you will see that it is out of the south south west gusting to 20 miles an hour. 3 factor to consider for the fires. temperature. humidity and the wind and temperature has dropped. humidity has come up. frain percent but the wind external not helping. as we look at the next 24 hours gusty winds remain in the forecast at 10:00 o'clock tonight. wee hours of the morning. winds will take takener. only to pick back up again as we head to later tomorrow afternoon and evening. time lapse from our south beach camera of the jerusalem fire captured by the camera. just dramatic as you will notice there. and i am going to show you a picture that was actually sent out to me by twitter so this 40's one of my follower and said this 40's her back yard. you can see uses how dramatic that plume of smoke 40's the jerusalem fire. i'll be back with detailed look
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local forecast coming up. >> thanks sandhya. >> drone will some data flight for san jose police after city council approved 1 year trial early this evening. san jose police bought the 7000 dollar drone similar to this one with federal grant last year. public debate about the drone has kept it grounded. drone will fly into specific situation like when there are active shooters. won't be used for surveillance. san jose now need to get faa approval before the drone can fly. >> also temper flare over ongoing battle over pension. 81 leaders say the recent measure agreement is now fall apart. according to police union representative the city attorney tried to back out of the deal today. but the city tells the us that's not quite true and no one wants the deal to fall apart. >> 2 alameda county sheriff's deputy are recovering after they were hit by app explosion while serving eviction notch explosion led to fire. you can sea the smoke as firefighters
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put it out. here's laura anthony. >> it was stand arrested eviction procedure. 10 apartment had been given notice they were coming. 2 alameda county deputy lock smith drilling lock on rear apartment of the building. when the house at 14th and pralt a a suddenly exploded in flames. >> hear a little explosion and i thought it was like a bomb or whatever. then we saw the smoke coming out. boom. then all of a sudden you saw police officers running from the hous house. >> i was woken up by explosion. i ran out the house because there was a fire. they make entry through the locker with explosion in the home that sent both deputy to the hospital with minor injury. >> second boom i heard. >>reporter: janet lives in the upstairs unit. 2 of the son also live in the front part of the tri-plex and operate music studio there. >> then i had to do the living om and i told my son we have
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to get out of here and that was rate after the second boom. >> once the flames died down investigators found badly burned body just in the doorway. >> we do believe even more so now that it was natural gas incident. question is whether it was disconnected to commit suicide prior to our deputy this or was it disconnected or left on and then ignited knowing the deputy were there. >> coroner will determine if the body found inside was the that of the tenant. target of the eviction. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> today police announce the arrest of 3 carjacking suspect in san jose. we show officers work ago perimeter nearest ridge mall where police spotted the suspect. connecticuted to carjacking yesterday morning 6 miles awhich near the blossom helical train station. officers moved in suspect tried to carjack 2 more drivers but unsuccessful. they fired shots as they ran. nobody hurt. police arrested 2 men
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immediately and third hours later. >> taken 6 months to determine what seems to be obvious dismembered body found in suitcase in january was murdered. official word tonight from the san francisco medical examiner office. 58-year-old victim was killed before he was dismembered. might remember his torso was found in the suitcase. leg was left in a nearby trash bin. his head and hands were never found. man spotted on security video was arrested for the crime but he died of drug related complications few weeks later. more than 100 passengers on united flight were delayed after reported engine issue today. pilot stopped the aircraft after noticing the issue. flit was headed to newark from san francisco. one passenger tells us they were sitting on the tarmac for half hour before deplaning back at the gate. they were rae backed on to other flight to newark today exploratorium fire department boarded the plane with unioned airlines
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maintenance to determine what happened to that engine. >> thieves hit oakland non-profit that works to help young people build leadership skills. take a look at picture of the stolen van taking from wee lead hours. it's 1999 blue ford econoline. we are told the van was locked and was taken some time between last friday nature and saturday afternoon outside the office on oakland santa clare avenue. the van takes students to the after school program with if this when school starts. >> have the car there and next morning it's gone. it's just not right. >> i don't know what to say because fit wasn't like a fancy van. there was no reason to steal it. >>reporter: we have year round sports leadership camp as well as mentoring programs. >> we have much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. coming up. california dmv employee charged with trading cats for license.
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>> if you love the cable cars then operators ask that you love and protect them, too. >> meteorologist will be back with the full forecast. will we see more heat this wee
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>> 2 cable car drivers in san francisco end up in the hospital the city decided to start cracking down on traffic start cracking down on traffic all part of safety campaign launched today to protect drivers and riders on cable cars. here's carolyn tyler. >> we have a lot of fun with this. you don't mind coming to work. >>reporter: ambassador of the city. 170 cable car operators like derek johnson. who says the job is rewarding but there can be hazard. in april operator who was helping passengers get off was hit by a car driven by a tourist. suffering fractured leg and broken ribs. another is fighting for his life after being struck by a motorcycle in june. >> the 2 incidents on the cable car this year have just really redoubled our resolve to make
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sure that not just well system l but the cable car in particular that are operators can be safe. >> including adding notice like this to the back of cable cars. to make sure motorist know it's against the law. to try to get around these historic treasures. they were created in the 19 century when horses were the main obstacle o. now the streets of san francisco are anything but ideallic. >> don't pass the cable car. >> if you do pass while they let passengers on or off police are promising stepped up enforcement. like the crook down today. but with san francisco and cable cars top tourist attraction the head of the worker union says there must also be education. >> hotel need to get involved. car dealership rental dealership need to get involved. >> johnson says he's close calls. he hopes this the safety campaign will help. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> san francisco sheriff has
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apparently resolved issue with the driver's license. he announced late today that the dmv reinstated his driving privileges. he apparently failed to report a car accident to the dmv and found out yesterday his license had been suspended back in february. the sheriff says he provided proof that he had reported the accident immediately to his insurance company and city officials but his insurance company apparently didn't file a report with the dmv. the sheriff describes the accident last october as a fender bende bender. federal officials today announce they busted illegal driver license scheme in california. salinas dmv employee and trucking the owner committed bribery identity fraud. more employee may be involved. court records show employee change computer records to falsely show drivers passed written and behind the wheel test. >> we depend on the department of motor vehicle to keep the roads of this state safe and individuals who undermine that function for personal gain must
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not expect leniency. >> 2 other dmv employee in salinas and sacramento and 2 other trucking school operators face similar charges. >> california water czar giving state resident high mark from water conservation. police ft control board spoke before the san francisco chamber of commerce today. marcus says california an lowered water use m june by 27 percent. she expects even more conservation once the july numbers are in. >> they get we are in a drought and they are doing everything they can to save particularly by limiting watering on ornamental out door turf. >> marcus says californians shouldn't count on wet el nino winter to solve the drought. she wants people to think long-term and change their water use habits by conserving and recycling watsd. >> the of course tv will not the time to be talking about rain coming because we are in the middle of august. >> i know but you know the thing is it's going to take more than one el nino to get rid of the fourth year of this
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drought. we are talking years of damage already so we don't have any rain in the forecast. we had drizzle this morning and dray pattern and let's check out with if what's ahead we will be seeing temperatures riseing in big way as we head toward the wean. for the time being though modest gains in our numbers heading into tomorrow just minor warm-up. live doppler 7hd showing you few patches of clouds along the coast line and here's what we are watching. yes some rain showing up but off the northern california coast. that's eureka a radar picking that up. unfortunately it's not going to make it to the bay area. from our sfo camera this is what it look like right now. low clouds around and see them first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures low mid 60's from san francisco to oakland. 67 mountain view. currently san jose morgan hill 66. half machine bay 62 degrees. beautiful view from the emeryville camera looking across the bay at the marine layer. temperatures in the low to mid 60's from santa rosa to fairfield. 68 concord 67 in livermore. this is a
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spectacular view. you will notice from our east bay hells camera looking all the way across the bay. fog is not an issue tonight. mild pattern for your wednesday and thursday warmer day beginning friday with triple digit heat this upcoming weekend. satellite radar showing you what is going on. this is why temperatures have been remaining on the comfortable side. area of low pressure that is playing with our marine layer and keeping the drizzle conditions going this morning. showers with the low will stay off the coast and eventually move towards the pacific northwest would www. that low but for us it means an expansion of the heat into california the starts on friday night late and really we start to feel it over the weekend as high pressure comes in. here's look at the temperature trend for livermore. normal high for livermore is 89 degrees. we are a little bit below whedz thursday then recover just above normal at 90 but look at that saturday sunday it's going to be cooking summer will be living up to its name on
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saturday sunday with the triple digit. tomorrow morning some limited low clouds. temperatures primarily in the 50's. 60 degree ins palo alto then tomorrow afternoon you want to make sure you have the sun screen. gilroy 86. 80 santa clara. 81 san jose south bay. 89 los gatos. 79 sunnyvale on planes it's a beautiful mild sunny day. 75 in san mateo o. 79 redwood city. palo alto 68 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 69 degrees. daly city 65. north bay it's going to be bright day except for the smokey conditions near lake port area. 83 degrees 85 ukiah a.80 nap a.santa rose 81. vallejo sfichblingts east baylow mid 70's from richmond to berkeley oakland 77 in newark. inland spots not too hot. 86 in livermore. 83 walnut creek. 84 concord. accu-weather 7 day forecast nice and mild or warm depending on definition for the next couple days then the temperatures start to come up. 70's to 90's friday it's going to be in the warm to hot category upcoming weekend with
9:19 pm
the triple digit showing up. >> all right thanks so much. >> dozens of non-profit came to the broadcast center today to learn how to tap into the at that time interest of other companies. this is tap root foundation and sponsored by disney our parent company. goal is to connect non-profit with professional offer expertise for free including marketing and technical suppor support. today session called powered by pro bono. >> bring in professionals for marketing. hr. it. a lieutenant of the capacity building helped non-profit really need but don't necessarily have a lot of access to. >> if you would like to learn more about the tap root foundation sgrous to our web site. there you will find a link on how you can get involved. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how drivers are coping with the new rules on san with the new rules on san francisco market street
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here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit >> big changes today on san francisco main downtown thoroughfare. at we have been telling you most drivers are no longer able to make turns on several block of market street. that caused some confusion during morning commute. here's melanie woodrow. >>reporter: try as they might, speed limit drivers try. turning on to market between third and eighth is no longer allowed. remember. new restritions are now in effect. >> they changed the rules on market. i didn't realize. i heard this morning. >>reporter: despite news stories and new signs. lots of drivers are still in the dark. where are you going?
9:24 pm
>> i don't know any more. >>reporter: cyclist like keith are hoping they will see the light. >> i think it's great. i have actually been hit by turning cars just couple blocks up. >>reporter: new restriction part of the city vision zero plan which aims to end traffic death in san francisco by 2024. >> i think it's a good move. certainly they have been planning it long enough right. >>reporter: taxi, bicycle bus and some truck are exempt from the restriction. ride share company like uber and lift are not. >> not like you captain drive a car on market street like people are saying. just captain turn on market street. >> if you forget traffic officers are here the reminiyou. at least in the mean time. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. >> kamarck 1 year anniversary of robin williams death and actor is far from forgotten. we visited the house depicted in the movie mrs. doubt fear. fans many of them tourists are still streaming by to remember the famous comedian. many left messages written on rock that
9:25 pm
adorn 2 tree in front of the house located on the corner of broadway and steiner street. >> sad to see but good to remember the movie and remember his come president clinton. >> come to check the house out. >> very spraysed to the tv see. >> celebrity take media to remember robin williams today. the sarah michelle gellor if post add touching instagram post with this photo of the bench scene in goodwill hunting but added you succeeded rw. twitter account for disney music tweeted this photo of about the voice in aladdin. ain't never had a friend like me you are missed. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is still next. coming up. donald trump back on the campaign trail tonight after a very public feud with fox news journalist megan kelly. what the 2 are saying tonight.
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♪ >> first donald trump refused to apologize and even demanded apology from tv afternoon or. now the anchor fired back at the billionaire presidential candidate. stephanie has more on the race for the white hous house. >> fox news anchor megan kelly finally addressing the attack against her by donald trump on her show. >> you may have heard there was a dust up involving yours truly and presidential contender donald trump. >> this question to trump last week g.o.p. presidential debate on fox.
9:30 pm
>> you called women you don't like fat pig. dogs. slobs. and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> that led to this attack from trump on cnn. >> could you see the was blood coming out of her eyes. blood come out of her wherever. >> despite being widely criticized for the comment trump is standing firm that he wasn't implying menstruation and even called on kelly to apologize. >> trump who is front runner will not apologize. and i certainly will not apologizing for doing good journalism. >> after bashing fox news trump phoned into the network tuesday did you didn't talk about kelly or debate. meanwhile former texas governor perry campaign is apparently having financial problems. not paying his staff in the early primary state of south carolina. on democratic side front runner hillary clinton continues to tap her college affordability plan saying republican critic don't have a plan of their own. >> there was not one word from one of those candidates about
9:31 pm
making college affordable or dealing with debt. >>reporter: latest political feud is pitting bush and hillary clinton. the 2 exchanging sarcastic shot at each other on twitter over the college funding plan. stephanie abc news washington. >> tonight spokesman for hillary clinton says she is corrected her attorney to turn over her personal e-mail server to the justice department. she's also asked that thumb drive be handed over. decision comes weeks after government investigators said her use of the server while she was secretary of state led to breach of classified material. >> international ring of hac hackers has been charged with pocketing more than 100 million dollars in unprecedented scheme. federal authorities say dozens of people hack into news wires including business wire of san francisco. hackers stole press release containing information about company before it was publicly relesse relessed. they used to it trade stock with advance knowledge about merminger and
9:32 pm
financial details involving hp, bank of america, home depot, boeing and wine technology in san jose. this is video from the line. hackers made quick lucrative trade. sec says there are 32 defendants many are from ukraine and russia. now to ferguson, missouri tonight.where there was more unrest. protestors there marking one year anniversary of the fatal shooting of unarmed black man now heavily armed vigilante moved into the city. we have the story. >>reporter: new surveillance video of the tense shoot out in ferguson, missouri on the anniversary of michael brown death show as different angle. police say captures 18-year-old harris seen here reaching for a gun. teen later shot and critically wounded by officers. city is on edge after several day of protest and more than 140 arrest. demonstrators shutting down roads and blocking entire freeways. now
9:33 pm
amid state of emergency heavily armed men calling themselves the oath keeper roaming the street they claim to protect people. >> police did their job we wouldn't have to be there to begin with. >>reporter: some believe their presence may escalate things. >> make certain people think maybe issued start doing that. that's a bad idea in this environment especially right now. >>reporter: most refuse to allow this to over shadow the peaceful message to enact change. >> doesn't stop me from coming back. >>reporter: they plan on staging more demonstration in the coming day despite the danger or any clash that erupt on the streets. abc news ferguson, missouri. >> archeologist says he may have found evidence that the former queen of egypt is secre secretly buried inside of king tut too many. she remains never found while king tutd located in 1922. now university of arizona archeologist nicholas reid says
9:34 pm
new test show there may be a portal leading from tut too many and recent scam of the too many show where 2 doorway used to be. he could be wrong but if he's right, the prospect are staggering. king tut too many is the most intact egyptian too many ever discovered. >> up next 7 news at 9:00. new inexpensive technology to help inexpensive technology to help locate your car when you can'
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>> turkey vulture poisoned by euthanasia a drug back in the wild. he had been exposeed to a drug commonly used by veterinarians. it's the seventh since 2014 to be
9:38 pm
treated for i hope jesting the drug. today the massive bird with 6 foot wing span flew back to freedom right there. after being treated at the wild care facility in san rafael. veterinarians say he made a full recovery. north bay smart train respond to go extend service to larkspur. senate committee drastically cut a program that would have funed the line. officials are still hopeful a deal can be reach n.2008 voters approved a sales tax with the promise the train would run from clover dale to larkspur riders catch a ferry to san francisco. the san rafael santa rosa line set to germ plasm service late next year. >> where did you park cart? easy question. sometimes isn't so easy to answer. but jonathan bloom found entrepreneur who want to fix that and it will cost you less than a burrito. >> some people super powers. >> do you always remember where you park. >> yes always. >> then there's daby ryan.
9:39 pm
>> if i have lost my car many times the in parking garage. >> put together with co-founder drew brash and you have a problem nearly every driver can relate to. getting off elevator and walking around different floors to find my car or using the beeper. >>reporter: dan and drew knew there had to be a better way once if he found the car they found the answer this tiny device. >> it goes in to this. >>reporter: called aware. known as a blue tooth beacon. if you have seen this pop up when you walk by apple store that is from a beacon too. >> they are using this to push whenever you walk past the store same kind of technology but instead of ad they make it useful. >> the the app knows when you have walked away from the beacon when you got out of the car saving your location even inside a garage. >> at the time meters which he can tap that that information and figure out which floor you
9:40 pm
are on. >> this card can tell where you are parked at meet are and set a timer to you don't get a ticket. >> we open up up the timer. they warn but street cleaning and other device do that and more like the automatic or device given away by metro mile insurance but aware has different business model. >> this is priced at 9 dollars. >> 9 dollars. of course eventually they hope you buy a few of them. they are working on a to trap the bicycle. automate home and desk with the also beckon. pre-selling on kick starter and plan to ship in the fall n.san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. visitors just can't help but smile. star attraction at california ranch washington the california ranch washington the ownerh,z/
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. >> new school year about to begin and yet many bay area district are struggling to find enough teachers to fill the rank. math science teachers especially needed. lee ann has more. >> anna sanchez is exited about her first year as teacher with the san francisco unified school district. in a risky move to secure teachers the district began hiring in january. something it had never done. >> the whole idea of being able to see the school 6 month ins advance was completely new to me. >> this year we offered 140 early contracts. that's before we even knew which subject area we need teacher in. where we had opening. we gnaw we would need teacher. >> still as of today san
9:45 pm
francisco unified has 21 teaching positions yet to fill. school starts on monday. >> absolutely necessary we'll be sure there is a qualified substitute or emergency decree depositional teacher in those few spaces we can't fill. >> the teacher shortage in most california district is a result of years of layoffs during recession year. 82,000 school jobs in california were lost from 2008 through 2012. >> then you also couple that with retirement 18 of many of the teachers and schools you kind of have this perfect storm coming together to tell create this urgent need. >> carolyn nelson the dean of the education program at california state university east bay. the number of teaching decree depositional awarded this year at east bay wept up by 25%. still not enough. it will take years to meet the needs of the district especially in the areas of math
9:46 pm
science and bilingual education. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> all right let's get one last check on the weather this evening with sand yeah. >> hi. the marine layer is starting to reorganize. we see clouds rate interthe coast lane right now and as we take a look at the tropical system i want to show you tropical storm hilda it has weaken. packing winds 65 myers. gust to 75. it will continue to weaken but there are tropical storm watches up for the big island where they are expecting some very heavy rain and some big surf. expecting rain on the order of 6 to 12 inches possibly 18 inches so if you have travel plans to head to the hawaiian islands or family or friends there flooding and mud slide the biggest condition. why watch this tropical storm. weak ep to depression and continues to make its way west ward well south of the main island chain biggest impact on the big island. is in day mild for most years. 60's to the mid
9:47 pm
80's and as you take a look at what is happening tomorrow tonight it's the peak of the meteor shower into thursday morning. look northeast at 11:00 p.m. to dawn the best time to look. as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast if you head inland that will be the best viewing. temperatures remain on the comfortable side for two days before it starts to warm-up on friday. by this weekend we talk 100 inland. 70's at our beaches. fog will be gone that will allow the warmth to reach the coast as wechlt it gets hot. >> thanks so much sandhya. central valley ranch never fails to make people smile. owner raise fainting get to. we have more on why they have become so popular. >>reporter: everyone wants attention. from the goats to the guinea foul to the llama. but everyone also knows the fainting goats are the stars of l this farm. this is a place where meal time often becomes nap time. the bearded wise men
9:48 pm
don't think it's funny. susan thinks it's a drag they have to live this way but visitors captain stop laughing. >> i feel bad. activity horrible. i hate doing it. >> but nights their nature. they kind of just happen. >> so susan got another one to faint. about momentarily groggy but otherwise okay. lillian paul check on her animal every day. she says it's the natural behavior of this east get to. >> i don't like to see them faint but it doesn't hurt them at all and their eyes stay open the well time l that they are out. >> they just kind of lay there and wonder what happened. the farm had 20 fainting get to babies this year. people love to buy them as pets. the. >> they become very popular. they like the new dog. >> they compete for carat.
9:49 pm
over excited goats often faint when time to get fed. >> usually trying to jump up on to some the little table or something don't make it all the way fall over backward and faint. >>reporter: eventually they learn to stiffen the leg so they don't tumble over. admit that's funny stuff. >> yes.'s hilarious. >>reporter: susan says she never catches these goats sleeping. maybe because they are always fainting during the day. in fresno county, the abc 7 news. >> the the goats. aretha who delivered type might show in oakland cancelled next appearance in vegas friday suffering from exhaustion. franklin hear at the white house last year is 73 years old now. her gig last tonight was first bay area perform naps 40 years. she issued a statement thanking fans friends and supporters and rescheduling in
9:50 pm
las vegas. about wish her the best. >> find out what it means to m me, respect. >> feisty. >> don't get me start snd see if whether happen. sports larry. >> i know. if giants become on track after a long road trip. and bell locked and loaded
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>> coyote stalking a local community. the warning tonight for people and their pets. >> plus the race against time fund out how you can help local toddler suffering from a rare auto immune disorder. be sure to join us for 7 news at 11:00 to join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> all right. giants back home larry has sports. >> singing or highlights. >> sandhya should we discuss i it. >> go for the highlights. >> it's unanimous people.
9:54 pm
jaipts back home after ugly end to the road trip facing the al west leading astros. best medicine for giants slump is. madison the park. tell big hat night. 1st inning. duffy taking it it out of the i can't remember. gomez into the wall. unbelievable catch. gomez look at the passion there. fired up. reason to be fired up. another look. if gomez got a face fall of wall. 2nd inning striking out the side and carter and lowery and you all get nothing and like i it. madison 7 in a row in one stretch of this game. belt providing the pop putting end to score less game in the fourth. deep to center. escapeth of the season. fwhool no. 17 in the 6. off cashmere. made it 2ing in giants. game
9:55 pm
went final moments ago. 3-1 giants. complete game for madison bump garner. a's on 7 game 2 country road trip. canada. home come for danny who is was released by the blue jay on fire since joining the a would stay hot tonight. first being. that ball is smoked to center field. the dive from kevin and gets nothing. tell 1 nothing lead early but top to 3 on the board. can't throw to first airmail that. and chris colonel later in the fifth. here it comes. there it goes. jose baptist. turning on the raven change. making return to trn to. 3 game winning streak comes an end. ominous tone from the nfl owner meeting in chicago from franchise relocation open the table. officials say the city of oakland has not come up with
9:56 pm
any viable plan to present to keep the raiders in oakland. joint venture involving the raiders and chargers moving to the city of carson to play 1.7 billion dollar stadium. that continues to gain steam. former niners executive carmen is spear head that go effort and says raiders and chargers are committed to moving. >> well it works for californi california. it certainly works for the l.a. market. and now it works for the 2 teams that are playing in the most dilapidated terrible stadium in the league. i think that you have to remember these 2 facilities pre-dated can stick in terms of accommodating football. candlestick today is rubble and dust. raiders chargers committed to l.a. and they spent a lot of money a lot of money. >> last thing bad yes, it is team needed quarterback smith is out at least 6 to continue weeks after being sucker punched in the jaw bay teammat
9:57 pm
teammate. smith undergo surgery to fix 2 fractures in his jaw. teal mate is linebacker ik polly released. 2 got into altercation apparently over 600 dollar airline ticket. >> incident like this in the locker room setting something personal between the 2 no i never seen anything leak this well it's a first for me. i have never seen a punch thrown in the locker room. i have seen guys scuffle and seen shoving matches. i have seen screaming matches. but never to this accident. >>reporter: polly pl gisted for the punch. ryan moves in to start at quarterback for the jets. >> qb. how much will he be at natural game. pre-season opener in houston. worked out off season with kurt warner focusing on foot work mechanic touch and reading defense. machine who had a firsthand view is back up quarterback of
9:58 pm
lane. here's what he see ins cap. >> everybody will talk about throwing and this. i think what i have seen is he's comfortable in the offense. if he and the coach have done grit job of helping the quarterback out. asking for our input way we see things helped things out tremendously as a group. more and more comfortable the quarterback get i'd say the better off this is. >> the some hoop news. warriors well represented at usa basketball minicamp this week in las vegas. mvp seth curry with tom son, barns for 3 day training session that begins to perform for the games in ri of the. >> oh, yes. it'sa dream. get back and get in the gym. hay ate us a lot of us have. so for us to be back here and so special. >> all right. 7 news sports
9:59 pm
brought to you by toyota. talk to kim really disstrut raider fans upset the city of oakland all we hear is cricket. >> no proposal. nothing to keep the raiders at this point. >> too bad. >> thanks for joining us tonight. 7 news continues on all your local device facebook twitter we see you at 11:00 twitter we see you at 11:00 over on channel sever the. 7 is+++6mñ
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is+++6mñ all right, a couple of beers and a whiteine with half an ice cube for princess. jules, i am liking the new boyfriend. you ever notice how you can tell how a guy is in bed just by looking at him? oh, for sure. that guy screams out his own name. (laughs) (laughs) that guy doesn't make love. he makes love. ooh.


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