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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 31, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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sz. >> mother of a san francisco woman shot and killed at peer f 14 talks to us about dealing with the loss. >> and tonight the family is taking legal action. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma. kate was killed in july. suspect is undo you unmeaned immigrant. >> about cornell is in the newsroom with new details on this. cornell? >> all the details will be revealed tomorrow. we first reported on the legal action against the federal government and sheriff ross on abc 7 news at 6:00. tonight we hear from kate steinly mom who says the family wants justice for their daughter. >> sometimes we are very together and then sometimes we are just falling apart at the seams.
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>>reporter: life has been a roller coaster for liz almost two months after her daughter kate steinly murdered on pier 14. accused killer sanchez a mexican immigrant deported from the u.s. has pleaded not guilty to the crime. she blames those who allow him to walk free. >> it's something that needs t toen. we don't need them here. not violent felon. >>reporter: steinly family will file broad legal action tuesday against many agencies. federal immigration and custom enforcement and the u.s. bureau of land management. gun sanchez is accused of using is stolen from a blm agent car. also named will be san francisco sheriff ross who released sanchez from his jail in april. declining request % from ice that sanchez be turned over. the sheriffs office attorney. >> federal court held that detank somebody on ice is unconstitutional. it's unlawful. >>reporter: statement spokeswoman says while sheriff can't comment on potential
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litigation, he continues to extend his deepest sympathy to the steinly family for their loss. not enough for liz sullivan. >> violent. felon. they are illegal. the enough said. >>reporter: khait a special soul. kate father jim testified on capitol hill in july calling for stronger immigration laws. family is seeking justice to honor their daughter and protect others. >> it's almost too late for us. that ship has sailed. we want it for future people. we want it for future possible victims. we have got to put an end to it. >>reporter: steinly and attorneys will hold a news conference tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. abc 7 news will be there. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news is that all right cornell thank i. >> douvling news in san francisco. flames damage at least 2 houses along clayton street in ash bury heights. firefighters tweeted this video from the scene. officials believe the fir started in light well between the 2 husbands around 8:30 this evening. but still looking for
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what sparked it. nobody has been hurt. >> highly contagious could you unprotected. 7 news reporter is live in berkeley with the search on for anyone who may have been exposed. >> officials know the student rode transit bus route 25 a on specific day but there were 5 other days where unknown number of people were exposed. fight it's pretty skaivrment bus riders the just found out a passenger was highly contagious with measles while ride the bu bus. >> close quarters. and hail contagious. i think it's pretty terrifying. >> public health officials say open monday august 24th the than effected uc berkeley student left campus 3:30 p.m. on ac transit bus route 25 a. the student returned to campus on the same route around 5:30.
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measles virus is highly infectious and can listeninger in the air for up to 2 hours. >> i feel sale. i have gotten the vaccine but a lot of people who haven't been and some people who can't be act like little kid. babies who are going to be more susceptible to that. >> infected student whereabouts were documented on the day the student rode the ac transit bus to uc berkeley but the student continued exposing people for 5 more days until finally being placed intoize laetion. now health officials are tracking them down and encouraging others to get the measles vaccine which protects 99 percent of people expose to the virus. in berkeley abc 7 news. >> san quentin prison officials restored some inmate services after shutting them down to help contain a highly contagious illness there. there are 6 confirmed cases of legionnaires disease. 73 other inmates are now under observation today. inmates were allowed out of cell time once again including dental and law library vichlts inmates
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still have to drink bottled water and take showers and portable areas for the time being. illness spreads through steam and mist. >> new details emerge this evening after violent clash between bicyclist and driver during critical mass in san francisco. >> not going anywhere. not going anywhere. >> video posted on you tube show a cyclist had it been a zip card with a u lock. police just assigned an to friday accidental marine a boulevard. work will zip car to find the driver and try to locate cyclist to get both sides of the story. >> man killed by oakland police officer last week had several run-ins with police which included terrorize ago woman and decapitating a goose last thursday near lake merit this woman stepped in front of officer farrell patrol car when she got out police say he repeatedly hit her in the head and face with a chain. officer farrell opened fire killing hi him. court records show just
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nip days before he was killed the he release from jail served time because he strangled a goose and cut off the head near the lake. officer who respond had had to use a taser on him. if he feels convicted last december for stalk the ago woman. pros cawtor say he threatened her at homeless shelter and followed her on to bart train where he further terrorize her. he served about 5 month ins jail for that incident. >> capture close calls in oakland fruitvale district where suspected burg already tried to get away from police. officers started chasing the man after witness to home brick ingave them the carlin plate. the suspect ran from the car after park it at the fruitvale bart station. he was hiding behind other parked cars. police brought a witness to the bart station to help identify the suspect. >> teenager admitted to setting a fire that caused 1 million dollars in damage to 2 schools in los gatos. investigators say 17-year-old and his friend went to smoke marijuana near
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this school but nobody had any pot so they set a cardboard box on fire to stay warm. group placed ash ins a trash can sparking a fire that spread to the gym. this is the result you are looking both schools will reopen tomorrow by the wa way. >> residents south san jose say homeless encampment pop up in places where never seen before. tonight they took concerns directly to the kuns man who says the issue goes well beyond the district. about lillian has the story. >> resident in south san jose said homeless set up camp in the middle of the night along highway and hyped commercial buildings. they say the most troubling encampment is the one rate behind the home near the park where drug paraphernalia often left behind. just across the street from where children are playing. >> they have been having sex and kids come by here every day on the weekends they come in on the bike. >> tonight neighbors voice their concerns to councilman who says new encampment are
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popping up in every san jose district because of last september shut down of the encampment along the creek. >> homeless population has spread out around the city. they are not as concentrated and because of that there's no doubt that neighborhood are feeling the impact of homelessness more than they ever have. >> now that he nose the trouble spots the police can't help but can't come soon enough for people who didn't see the hom homeless in the neighbor. >> pay a lot of money in property tax and to have that around here is not pleasant. in the moon time neighbors have been told to keep their eye out and to let the city know of new encampment. in san jose lillian kim abc 7 news. >> just ahead. pope francis as we have never seen a pope before. discussion you will see only on 7 news. how the pontiff reaching out to the mass ins a new and different way. >> we tell you about the homeland security project that
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is putting a sensor in the sky over the bay area. plus. >> everything about this restaurant is different. >> different approach to typing what makes this san francisco restaurant unlake any other. >> new trough developing how this will play into the rest of the work week forecast coming up. >> thanks. >> now let's take a look what's coming up tonight rate after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks. take a gander what's up with us after news. >> shine shine shine. about. >> what? sz is is
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>> anchor david muir hosted first of its kind event today. virtual audience with pope francis from the vatican. and chicago the voice touched the heart of pope. she struggle with a rare skin disorder and music helped her overcome bullying. the pope asked her to sing. technology and translytor link the pope to americans in 3 cities. chicago. texas. and los angeles. francis spoke with single mother and her daughter in l.a. >> he's nice and kind and i always wanted to speak to the pope and there i was just standing talking to the pope. >> pope francis will meat americans in when he visits wash washingtoning ton dc next month. watch special edition
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of 2020. pope and virtual papal audience with question from americans in those 3 different cities. friday tonight at 10 rate here on abc 7. i travel to washington dc next month for pope francis u.s. visit focusing on the pope cannon of september 23rd. >> new at 11:00 you may see low flying who want they are week. national nuclear security administration will be testing for radiation across the bay area. starts tomorrow in san francisco and will continue through friday with testing in berkeley and pacifica. national security hopes to use the data to im paragraph radiation and nuclear detection technology. new restaurant open entered san francisco today and it's anything but ordinary far from a swachbingy new dinner spot we end up with the city often. fresh take on fast-food. jonathan gives you a taste of what it's all about. >> what do you think of the line. >> long but its i'm here.
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>> the name rhyme with pizza but that's the only they think in common. >> swip the credit card before you order. >> when you start with the credit card it knows all of your history so what you have ordered with us. >>reporter: it is the computer ordering system. no ksh ear and no wait staff. >> do you miss ordering from a person. >> no. not when everybody is in for a quick meal to get in to get out. >> computers never get tired or grumpy. >> don't worry about people giving awe look or trying to touch your order and i like that. alaska picky ether is in the a problem for a machine. >> no judgment. >> now make no mistake. there are human being back there. >> you will never see them. food arrives like this. >> why didn't you take a picture of that. it was really, really fun to see. >> she wasn't around theless tame have had was serve entered a wall of glass cuby. >> it's extremely high tech version of the old auto mat. >> you take video of the michlt i have to show my which have. >> what you are left with is a different way to run a fast-food restaurant where the i-pad and robotic cuby far more
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than eye candy their part of the business plan. >> entree only 6.95. amazing. >> they serve all vegetarian bowl a grain high in pro taken and typically expensive, quinoa but not when served leak this. >> we are mr. fivrnlt then we have a lower prison point. >>reporter: this means fewer job. >> concept of disruption of jobs by technology is real. >>reporter: this university says new jobs will emerge. >> turning those human on to more human activity the. >>reporter: like the concierg concierge. just in case human need help. what do you think. >> pretty good. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> neat. well tonight yahoo ceo meier made a huge announcement. she's pregnant. even more exciting she and her husband said in this tweet they are expecting identical twin girls. she's consistently named by fortune and forbes
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magazine as one of the most powerful women in the world. >> congratulations. >> absolutely. >> good news. >> lets focus on the weather forecast as we start another week and august comes to an end. >> i know. sandhya is here with the latest we head into september. sandhya. >> yes it's going to change as we head into september. it was warm today. mid 60's to mid 90's tomorrow. trems going to slip a little and the cooling will continue through the middle of the work week. we see a little bit of fog rate near the coast visibility half machine bay down to 6 miles so it will continue to flux ate for the morning commute. haze and 6 mile visible as wechlt be careful during the morning hours. temperatures still quite mild in the 60's across the entire bay area. lovely picture from the exploratorium camera. moon 91 percent of full and a little bit of fog in the picture. it's around in some 80's tomorrow morning. cooling trend thursday and warming up again forth holiday waenld. water vapor im range
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ri the cooler weather and if you trough developing as the jet stream dips a little bit the temperatures will fall. really you are going to notice iten lapped 80's where it is cooler than average for the next few days. tomorrow not so much. jaws couple agree drop but get you down there as we head towards wednesday thursday. now i show you the pacific. it has been a very active season. you know we have been talking about el then o. we have 3 hurricane right now. listed here. kilo near the international dateline. we are really not worried about any of these storms but el nino the warm ocean water continue to go fuel the hurricane this will good down in the record become as far as how many hurricane of this strength are in the pacific at one time. >> we expect the storm to continue to manufacture away from the hawaiian island but will continue to see the high surf. this other one is not expected to make its way towards hawaiian islands so we keep an eye on this in case it veers off course. tomorrow
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morning fog really will be con find to the coast maybe a little bit rate near oakland. watch out during the morning. mild upper good is to low 60's but when you get the kids off to ask some spots especially up in the north bay on the cal side so they may need to bundle up. mid 50's for starters in the afternoon it's a nice afternoon. temperatures actually a little bit lower than today. gilroy in the south bay 85. 79 in san jose. 78 santa clara. 83 los gatos. 77 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula 78 red wad city. 75 for new san mateo o. pacifica 65 degrees. a lot like today. 70 degrees downtown san francisco. daly city hang on to a little bit of the fog. 65 degrees. north bay mid 80's. santa rosa 80 san rafael. east bay san leandro 74 oakland. 73 berkeley. pretty mild and sunny in the east bay and warm inland 86 in livermore. 85 walnut creek. accu-weather 7
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day forecast temperature drop below average bay inland wednesday thursday only in the low 80's for the warm spot mid 60's coast but don't worry i have you covered for the weechltd the temperatures will come up a few degrees. no extreme for labor day weekend. mid 90's inland. low 70's at the coast. good time at the beach. >> thank you. >> just ahead. meet a map who decided become the main attraction during the visit to new york city. new york city. >> stor
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>> l.a. man turned heads on the recent trip to new york. logan paul shot video of himself doing the splits just to get funny reaction. most people ignored him it's new york after all. rising star on social peed yeah. more than 8 million followers on vine and half million on twitter. so that's what it takes.
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>> yes. that's it. pretty simple rate. >> i could did that. i couldn't get up. >> why not. >> i pulled a muscle just watching. >> all right larry. >> sports tonight. >> big day. giants and dodger dodgers. playing most important series of the tonight in l.a. 3 and a half game lead over the g men and extra innings of course. and innings of course. and hopefully we have the game
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>> giants made a trade acquiring outfielder from baltimore and about his to be. tthiin261. 7 homers. 32 rbi. filling the void until hunter returns. pivotal serie series. ending the dog day of august. lead over the giants
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make or break match up for beth teams. tell he's working the ice cream. jake with some nasty stuff for palo alto product. peterson freeze on the outside corner. unhappy with the call or swing but in the happy with the el helmet. giants lead in the sixth when the serves this up. 5 to rate field much bleachers 2 run shop. 2 batters later. the change up. bird. need add few more inches. he gets out of here. coming tears a lead. gentleman's tie it up in the eighth. third rbi of the night in comes matt. 4-if you are ball game that's where we are in the 12th. 4 and a half hour game. hopefully the whipper by the end of the show. a's host the angels. failing in the third. put a 5 spot on the board to take control. jake left field lean with bases leded. ball caught in the cable. 2 runs in. here comes josh beat the throw by that
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much. if 5th inning. valenci valencia. deep to left. look to be there maybe not. this time the crashes into the wall. ball gets away and race home from first. in front 6-3 and add the wall at the coliseum to the list of malfunction. the jar the wall loose. 15 minutes to fix. homer in the sixth. third straight 11-5 the final. nfl teams trimming roster to 75 players by tomorrow but today raiders ended experiment with running back richardson waving the 3 year veteran. outstanding running back at alabama and top choice of the browns but bust there and ran for only 5 93 yards 3 touch doups with the colts last year 5 carries for 19 yards yesterday but just does not have the quickest and explosiveness to be effective nfl running back. frainers ended experiment with former track star license man open reserve the first year and
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despite the of course tool just had too much to overcome. >> vane a williams begins quest forth calendar grand slam facing 86 rank the how about the spin on this slice back in. that is nasty. serena dominated first set. deal with left ankle injury. trainer come out check it out then brick after the first set. tough object serene a.sitting around. retire 2 games into the second set. 27 minutes later. serena moves on in a walk over. this is sports report brought to you by exfinity and cheering her on to whip the entire g ♪ ♪


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