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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 1, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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kate steinle's family revisits the scene of her murder. what they hope will come from the legal steps they're taking. the man in this video walks away from a steam pipe explosion. tonight a new chapter in a hospital construction feud. who's responsible for the beating death of a south bay inmate? tonight a call for more transparency from the sheriff's department. and just when you thought it was safe to invest again, wall street takes a sharp turn south. the impact on the bay area economy. what happened out on pier 14 was not only foreseeable, it was predictable. >> the family of kate steinle is taking legal action tonight
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against the san francisco sheriff's department for its role in her murder exactly two months ago now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. new developments following our exclusive report here on abc 7 news last night. the family of kate steinle took legal action today against officials they believe could have prevented her murder. late today as abc 7 news reporter vic lee was about to go live at 5:00 with his report, kate's mother, brother and father revisited the scene where she was shot to death july 1st. vic is live with more information on legal action that they took today. vic. >> reporter: well, dan, the legal action that the steinle family took today was to send a message that things have to change to prevent something like this from happening to other families. now, they say they have received a lot of expressions of sympathy, but that no one has taken responsibility or accountability for kate's murder. late this afternoon, the steinle family walked onto pier 14 to
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the spot where kate was killed. whatever they said, whatever they thought, this must have been on their minds. >> and i know that she's proud of what we're doing. we just want to make her proud. >> liz sullivan was preferring to the legal action they took this morning. >> as she fell, she said "help me, dad." >> reporter: but jim steinle could do nothing to help his daughter. she lie dying in her father's arms. today, two months later, the steinle family fulfilled kate's last wish. they took legal action against those they believe should be held accountable for their daughter's death. first, the sheriff who released francisco lopez sanchez, an illegal imkbrant charged with shooting steinle. >> who in their right mind would let a seven-year felon, undocumented violent felon, loose on the streets where you people are now standing? >> reporter: the sheriff had ordered his deputies not to notify i.c.e. on possible deportation detainees except
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rare situations. >> an order that made himself the king, judge and jury and somebody who directly violated federal law. >> reporter: the second claim against i.c.e., the agency that enforces immigration laws. the family claims the agency knew about the policies and yet did nothing to retrieve sanchez. the third target in the federal action, the federal bureau of land management. the gun sanchez used, similar to this one, was stolen from a parked car of a blm agent. >> if that weapon wasn't there, if it was secured properly, this wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the sheriff, i.c.e. and the blm said they could not respond to the legal action but extended their sympathies to the steinle family. vic lee, abc 7 news. san francisco mayor ed lee is talking about what led up to the deadly shooting. mayor lee seemed to back up the steinle family's claim that law enforcement agencies are to blame for releasing francisco
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lopez sanchez from custody. he said the problem was a lack of communication. >> you cannot have good communication if an agency single-handedly decides not to mmunicate. that is wrong and we need to correct that. >> the mayor still supports san francisco's sanctuary law. so does congresswoman nancy pelosi. she opposes kate's law, a proposal in congress inspired by the shooting that would punish sanctuary cities. >> this horrific crime and terrible as it is, is not a reflection of what the sanctuary cities were established to do, what they have accomplished. >> pelosi says congress should instead approve immigration reform to normalize the status of those here illegally. let me give you a quick heads up on the video we're about to show you. the man you see in it survived without serious injury. watch. from the force of the blast, you
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can see he's lucky. this is the explosion of a steam pipe at a san jose construction site. it happened a year ago, but it's the latest chapter in the dispute between santa clara county and the company that is rebuilding valley medical center. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live with the rest of the story. david. >> reporter: well, dan, you're about to see even more of that dramatic video showing that worker surviving that underground blast. now, santa clara county executives say it's an example why they're trying to get rid of the contractor for causing many delays in the project. but the contractor says the county is to blame. this cell phone video is the latest twist in a very public finger point campaign at charter construction, which is in charge of a multimillion dollar expansion at valley medical center. it shows a vault where a new steam pipe is being extended to heat a new patient building. but that banging sound is a precursor of something very serious about to happen. >> yeah, joel, maybe you should step out for a minute. >> reporter: the worker starts to climb out of the underground
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vault. popping noises continue as the hot steam was building up pressure, and then -- the worker was saved from being scalded as co-workers pulled him out. the county says turner construction was the designer and builder of the steam pipe project. >> although turner say they have a good safety program and they may have a reasonable safety record overall, but in this case, in this project, there are details that need to be paid attention to and their safety program isn't taking care of it. >> reporter: cal osha has no record of the incident. the worker still has an active workers' compensation claim for neck, digestive and nerve distress. this is the very same vault one year later. the county says turner had to redesign the system and is creating delays, one of several which has put this building two years behind of the the two sides had two meetings yesterday to iron out their differences. a spokesman for turner told abc 7 news, quote, turner continues its work and offers proactive solutions while some county officials are attempting to divert attention from their
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mismanagement of this project. the county has threatened to fire turner by the end of the week. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating tonight what, if any, role three corrections deputies played in a maximum security inmate's death. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more information on the moments leading up to that inmate's death and she joins us live from san jose tonight. melan melanie. >> reporter: well, right now the coroner's report on this inmate's death is not yet out and there's a media hold on it. that means that office has been told not to talk about it with the press. the coroner's office falls underneath the sheriff's office, and so do corrections deputies that work here at the jail. still, despite the connecticut there, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office says that their investigation into this inmate's death is not a conflict of interest. according to the santa clara county sheriff's office, a corrections deputy found the inmate unresponsive last thursday during a wellness
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check. paramedi pronounced the 31-year-old white inmate dead inside the cell. sergeant scott jensen said while one deputy initially found the inmate, three are now on administrative leave. >> it's a nontypical -- it's uncommon for deputies to be placed on administrative leave after an in custody death. >> reporter: detectives are speaking to other inmates. a source familiar with the investigation tells abc 7 news during a cell search prior to the inmate's death, another inmate reported hearing the inmate who later died screaming and saying "i'm sorry" followed by silence. now community advocates are calling for an independent review of the inmate's death. >> being transparent about what happened doesn't harm anybody, it just keeps everybody safe. >> reporter: corrections deputies that work at the jail are part of the sheriff's office. >> i believe our detectives have the integrity, so it does not become a conflict of interest. >> reporter: sergeant jansen said they have requested the
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name not be released yet. the d.a.'s office did not comment on the investigation but a spokesperson said in general the d.a.'s office reviews inmate deaths once an investigation is complete. at that time the office makes a determination about criminal culpability. in san jose, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. palo alto police hope someone will recognize a sketch showing a man suspected of flashing a woman. the victim says a man who looks like this followed her to her car inside a public garage on friday evening. she then drove a few blocks and stopped. that's when the man knocked on her window and exposed himself. he's described as standing about 5'8" with a medium build. hot meals are once again being dished up at san quentin as the prison deals with that highly contagious illness we've been reporting. prison officials today said 85 inmates are now under observation after showing symptoms of legionnaire's disease. six inmates have the illness. inmate services have been
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limited to control its spread. they can now visit the law office and get dental work but still have to shower in portable units. the illness spreads through mist or spray. a ground-breaking legal victory for inmates held in solitary confinement in california prisons. the state today settled a lawsuit filed by pelican baystate prison inmates in 2009. the prison system will edged unlimited isolation of gang leaders, a practice that kept some inmates in segregation units for decades. activists celebrated the settlement at a rally in san francisco today. one woman's son has been in solitary for 14 years. >> to be left alone in a cell anywhere from 22 to 24 hours a day with nothing but your tv is definitely a form of cruelty, because we are all creatures of habit. we need -- we need interaction. >> under the settlement, the state will limit how long inmates can spending in isolation and segregate only inmates who commit new crimes
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while in prison. blame it on china. stock prices took another big plunge today. the dow fell another 469 points or almost 3% of its value. down almost 1500 points in the past two weeks. bay area companies taking the biggest hits today include google, down $20 a share, decembtesla, down $10 a share and netflix, down 8%. ly ann -- lyanne melendez is log whether this will spill over to the economy. >> reporter: so far september is living up to its reputation, every year considered the worst month for the dow jones. this time around we have a few negative factors that could make for a very difficult year. zach richard is a truck driver. he knows whatever happens in china will have an impact on his livelihood. >> we haven't get it in here, then that's no work for the drivers that are going into the port. bottom line is, the end customer
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won't be getting their products on time. >> reporter: asian countries are the port of oakland's major trading partners at 76%. china is at the top of that list. >> if i'm not making money, i'm not paying my mortgage, i'm not paying my car payment, i can't afford my health insurance, so that's big. >> reporter: the same applies to commodities sold to china, such as california's agricultural products. weak reports in china are just one piece driving down stocks. >> i think we're going to have a difficult earnings season. we are going to obviously have news from the fed. there's a lot of things that can just continue to have the volatility be very high. >> reporter: some tech companies have seen their stock tumble, which then affects employees and their purchases. >> if you have those shares rapidly correct, it gives you a moment of pause before you're going to rush out and buy a multimillion dollar house in san francisco. >> reporter: already some people we spoke to are in caution mode. >> that definitely discourages me from purchasing a car or really anything big.
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>> reporter: economists predict if this correction gets any worse, investors will not see a quick rebound. in san francisco, lee yanne melend melendez, abc 7 news. a northern california family is forced to run for their lives, victims of a terrorist hate crime. you're going to hear their shocking story in a moment. first, it was the monster in the mission. now it's the beast on bryant. critics claiming victory after stopping another big development plan. the future of refunds are common. i'm michael finney. the california fitness franchise changing its refunds policy. i'm spencer christian. we have a cooling trends the next few days but then a nice warmup for the labor day weekend. i'm have all the details in my accuweather forecast in just a mome
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for the second time in two weeks, the controversial housing project in san francisco's mission neighborhood is on hold. the so-called beast on bryant street at bryant and 18th street was up for city approval next week, but with so many community opposition, the developer is taking a step back. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: it's back to the drawing board for a project opponents had dubbed the beast on bryant street. this warehouse, slated to become a housing development, is the target of protests as a symbol of the affordability prices in san francisco. especially in the rapidly gentrifying mission district. the developer was scheduled to go before the planning commission next week, hoping for approval. but has instead decided to put
7:17 pm
things on hold until the temperature cools down. >> for us, the larger issue is how do you get to a project that people can be comfortable with, and that's a process that needs to be done out of the eye of, you know, political heat. it needs to be done in a collaborative way and you need time to do it and we ran out of time. >> reporter: the project calls for 274 apartments, 47 of them below market rate. critics say that's not enough affordable housing. and there are small manufacturing businesses currently on site that would have to leave. >> if we continue to go down the road of continually building these luxury condose, which is what the beast on bryant was wanting, those exacerbate the problem. >> reporter: the san francisco building and construction trades let it be known they did not like the project and voted against it earlier this year. >> a lot of our members live in the mission. latinos are the largest part of our workforce.
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>> reporter: they are in discussion about changes to the project. >> we have every intention of coming back at some point. >> reporter: in november, voters will weigh in on a measure that could temporarily stop this project and others in their tracks. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. police may have averted a school shooting in fresno after a sophomore posted threats on a social media site. these are some of the weapons police found at the student's home. they include a replica ak-47, a rifle and a .357 magnum revolver. they also found a bulletproof vest. in the instagram post, the 15-year-old boy quoted a song about a school shooting. san joaquin memorial high school was closed as a precaution. the student is being evaluated by mental health experts. an e-mail warning went out today on the uc berkeley campus where a student has come down with a case of the measles. without knowing it, the patient may have exposed other people along the way by taking ac transit bus route 25-a one afternoon to and from 99 ranch
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market in richmond. those who may have been around the patient are encouraged to check their immunization status. you're contagious for several days before you know you're sick and measles stays in the air for several hours. san francisco's college savings plan has surpassed a significant milestone. abc 7 news was at monroe elementary as congresswoman nancy pelosi heard an update on the city's kinder to college program. it began four years ago. since then san francisco has automatically created savings accounts for kindergarteners. it begins with a $50 donation from the city. parents who contribute their own money can get matching funds. >> and we'll even match a habit of steady savings. if they do every month for at least six months in a row, another bonus goes into the account. >> the incentive is working. so far san francisco parents have contributed $1.3 million of their own money into the kids' college funds. great. can you believe it's september already? i can't fathom it already.
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>> it's just flown by. fall will be here not too long. in the meantime, spencer, really nice weather. >> there's an official weather word to describe today's weather. nice. >> draw it out for a few seconds. >> it's going to get even nicer. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have mainly sunny skies across the bay area right now. a few thin high clouds around and little patches of some light to low cloudiness forming at the coastline. let's talk about those warm august nights we had this past month. it was so warm, as a matter of fact, that 15 days -- there were 15 days of record high minimums or record high overnight lows. six of them were actual -- actually new records, nine of them tied existing records. and the average overnight low for the month of august in san francisco was the highest of all time for the month of august. okay. on we go. speaking of warmth, how about the warmth of our pacific waters, okay. we've got this warm blob on the sea surface waters from hawaii
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to california and then northward, northwestward up to the gulf of mexico -- gulf of alaska, i beg your pardon, gulf of alaska. and that's not even taking into consideration the el nino that's developing on the equatorial waters which is an expansive area of temperatures well above the average level. in fact up in the blob there we have sea surface temperature 6 to 7 degrees above average for this time of the year. a view from our south beach camera, we'll see fog and high clouds overnight. cooling trend through friday and we'll warm up through the weekend, labor day weekend with the warmest day likely to be labor day itself. here's the satellite image showing a trough developing in the jetstream. some cooler air is headed our way which is why we'll have a cooling trend over the next three days. follow the forecast animation there. wednesday, thursday, friday. cooler days inland than we've had the last few days. over the weekend we'll warm up
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again. overnight look for patches of fog traveling across the bay. low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. then tomorrow south bay highs, upper 70s to about 80. 77 at san jose. low to mid-70s for the most part on the peninsula, up to 77, though, down at mountain view. we'll see mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 68. up in the north bay, mid-60s on the coast and inland valleys, upper 70s at sonoma and napa to 81 at santa rosa. over on the east bay, we'll see highs of 71 at berkeley, 74 san leandro, 77 in castro valley. the inland east bay will have highs ranging at 88 at san ramon and pleasanton up to 81 at livermore and 82 at antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. at week's end we'll see the pattern changing a bit. temperatures start to warm up again on saturday. sunday, inlands highs around 90. about 92 on monday, which is labor day, and then temperatures drop off a few degrees on tuesday. a lovely little swing in our weather coming our way. >> good way to describe it.
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>> thank you, spencer. coming up next, a new milestone for bay area gas prices. >> good news coming just in time for your
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the world's largest public stem cell bank is now open for business in marin county. it's in novato. it's stocked with 300 stem cell lines that can be used to develop tissue for people with
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heart, skin action liver or kidney problems. the cells are not the type that is harvested from embryos but have similar properties. they'll also be collecting tissue for research into alzheimer's, autism, cardiovascular disease and more. in berkeley a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.95. aaa reports the average prices for fuel in the bay area range from $3.09 in vallejo to $3.22 in san francisco. this time last year it was $3.80. aaa says these are the lowest gas prices for this weekend since 2004 because of the decline in the cost of crude oil. a bill to open up a third eastbound lane on the richmond bridge is now on the governor's desk. the bill by mark levine won unanimous approval in the senate yesterday and passed on a 74-3 vote in the assembly today. levine's measure allows caltrans
7:27 pm
to design the project while it undergoes an environmental review. a separate bill would require caltrans to open the third lane immediately as a temporary fix for eastbound gridlock on the bridge's lower deck. if you're looking ahead to labor day weekend, probably we should remind you that b.a.r.t. will not run across the bay from saturday through monday. that's because critical repairs will take place on the track leading to the transbay tube. they will provide transbay bus service from saturday morning through late monday night. those will run between the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco and b.a.r.t.'s 19th street station in downtown oakland. the last of san francisco's backlogged rape kits have been sent for processing. the abc 7 news i-team first reported the backlog in 2013. according to the "san francisco examiner" more than 1100 untested rape kits from before 2003 were sent to an independent forensic lab last week. "the examiner" also reports since the rape kits were sent, results for about 90% of them
7:28 pm
have been received. testing is expected to be complete by december. a major policy shift for the catholic church tonight. just ahead on orders from the pope himself, an offer of amnesty for a transgression that once could have gotten you excommunicated. and you'll hear from the northern california family chased out of their campsite by a racist terror threat. and later, boston may not want them, but l.a. does. the city of angels makes an 11th hour bid for the olympics.
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there's reaction here in the bay area tonight to a historic move by pope francis to offer forgiveness to catholic women who have had abortions. it's remarkable, but is it lasting? abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has our story. >> reporter: some are calling the move by pope francis to offer forgiveness to women who have had abortions a landmark decision but they acknowledge it's not really a change in church policy on the larger issue. a history professor says the pope is allowing priests to offer forgiveness, not just
7:32 pm
bishops. >> it makes it possible for women to seek forgiveness and absolution in a way that they weren't able to previously. >> i see god's mercy in everything. i don't see it as a step back at all. >> reporter: danville's diana is a pro-life catholic from danville. >> i can't see it at all as a loosening of the doctrine of abortion. he's just saying everybody makes mistakes and god understands everybody's hearts. >> i think it's good. i think it's good for women and i support him. >> reporter: but others dismiss the pope's offer of forgiveness, saying it's unnecessary for something they do not view as a sin. luna nichols with the bay area chapter of a group called radical women. >> women don't need forgiveness for an abortion. it is not a sin. it is not a crime. it is a woman's fundamental right. >> reporter: as it is now, the pope's change in practice is only temporary. the offer of forgiveness is just
7:33 pm
for the jubilee year, which starts in december. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> don't forget, you can see pope francis' virtual visit to the u.s., a three-city town hall session moderated by david muir friday night here on saefabc 7. i will be traveling to washington, d.c. to cover the pope's canonization of a priest. a federal judge says the roland county clerk has until the end of business tomorrow to respond to the latest motion in the case. clerk kim davis has refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples despite the supreme court refusing to take her side. >> i've asked you all to leave. >> i pay your salary. i pay you -- >> do your job! >> the couples named in the lawsuit have asked the judge to hold davis in contempt of court
7:34 pm
and fine her for her continued refusal. the president visited a melting glacier in highlight ths climate change is having on our nation. the two-mile-long exit glacier has lost more than 800 feet in the last seven years. it's been melting for decades, but the pace continues to speed up. the president said it demonstrates how urgent our response to climate change needs to be. >> this is as good of a sign post of what we're dealing with when it comes to climate change as just about anything. we want to make sure that our grandkids can see this. >> tomorrow president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to travel north of the arctic circle. he'll talk to salmon fishermen about how climate change has affected them. a sacramento area family claims they were victims of a terrifying hate crime while on a camping trip over the weekend. as reporter george warren explains tonight, the family was forced to run for their lives from a campground in the sierra foothills. worst of all, they didn't get much help from local
7:35 pm
authorities. >> reporter: an extended family that gets together for an annual camping trip in late august thought they had found heaven here in nevada county. >> we have been tasting water around trying to scout a campsite that would be good for us, and we thought that this would be a perfect place. >> reporter: family members, some from as far away as florida, had a great time swimming, floating, dancing. and the family tried to ignore some intolerant comments they heard from an adjacent campsite. >> you know, when you're african-american, you have to do that sometimes in order to -- you know, to move forward. >> reporter: but saturday night the insulting behavior turned absolutely frightening when one especially hateful man in the neighboring campsite charged the family gathering with what they thought was a shotgun. >> then all you can hear is "i'm going to kill you f'ing ns." guy runs down the hill.
7:36 pm
guys on our campsite tell us to run. >> reporter: in the dark kanesha recorded a portion of the intense confrontation. >> this is on video. >> go back to your campsite. >> reporter: her mother tripped and fell while trying to escape. >> we run up the hill, we've got kids screaming, "are we going to die?" "why don't they like us?" >> reporter: deputies questioned the supposed ring leader but found no weapon and let him know pending further investigation. the family reunion came to a sudden end as everybody packed up in the middle of the night and drove home. >> maybe we were a little bit naive to think that we could go into an area that is not necessarily known for diversity and think that nothing would happen. >> reporter: i had a long talk with the manager of the campground and he told me that everything kanesha allen said is true. michael said he had never seen anything like it in 23 years of
7:37 pm
running the campground, and he was near tears as he spoke off camera. lucera described kanesha's family as delightful and said he would welcome them back any time, but she said this place will forever be a bad memory. george warren, abc 7 news. all right. well, just ahead, a health club chain vows to change an important policy. important policy. >> it is the result of
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a health club with dozens of california locations is vowing to make changes to its cancellation policy following complaints brought to light by 7 on your side. >> michael finney is here. michael, you dove deeply into this one. >> yeah, i know. we got some complaints. fitne nesness evolution has bee rapid expansion mode. now the senior executive is questioning whether the company has moved too fast. kahlil works out at kezar stadium. he had been a member of fitness evolution, a health club franchise with 33 locations in the state. he went into the club to cancel
7:41 pm
his membership. >> two months later, both my girlfriend and i found out that our bank accounts were still being charged. >> reporter: he went into the gym in may of 2014 to complain, only to be told he didn't sign the required paperwork. the club's new senior executive, martin stein, told us it's all spelled out in the contract members sign. >> we probably all at some point in time have been guilty of not reading something and signing it. >> reporter: he says the club presented him his contract on an ipad that he felt extremely rushed and never really had a chance to read the contract before signing. >> a lot of people are being victimized in a similar manner as me. it can be seen documented all over yelp, it can be seen documented all over better business bureau websites. >> reporter: he said fitness evolution refused to say what he and his girlfriend owed. one year later fitness evolution sent a bill collector after
7:42 pm
them. they originally owed less than $100. the collection agency demanded payment of nearly $950. fitness evolution says it's re-evaluating its collection practices and has simplified its return policy. >> we want to measure up to what you want us to be. our standard of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. if we're not doing our job, we're going to be held accountable. >> reporter: the club is working hard to make sure club members know when they join about its cancellation policies. club members can cancel their memberships by talking to a manager and signing the forms or do it via certified mail online or through regular mail. all outstanding balances must be paid before the cancellation becomes effective. >> if you don't owe anything, it's as simple as that, you just cancel it. >> reporter: the club has agreed to zero out kar echt l and his girlfriend's account. their membership is now cancelled. >> i feel like it's a small battle won for the little guy. i feel grateful to 7 on your side. >> reporter: fitness evolution
7:43 pm
just closed its san francisco civic center location, but says all memberships will be honored at nearby fitness evolution. they will be adding more clubs elsewhere around the state. to see my reports online go to and click on the sections tab and select 7 on your side. up next, a new look for one of silicon valley's best-known companies. >> a permanent new doodle for >> a permanent new doodle for the go
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>> a permanent new doodle for the go it took joel silverm years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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a class action lawsuit against uber by its drivers over whether they're independent contractors or employees is continuing tonight. uber argues its workers have the flexibility to set their own schedules but they shouldn't be considered employees. the u.s. olympic committee has made it official, los angeles will replace boston as the american city vying for the 2024 summer games. the games will cost well over $4 billion and as reporter carlos
7:47 pm
granda notes, l.a.'s mayor made an olympic-size promise today that no taxpayer dollars will be needed. >> breathe this moment in. >> reporter: it was a grand announcement by mayor eric garcetti. with former olympians by his side, he opened the city's bid to get the 2024 olympics. >> if the olympic movement decided to build a brand new city that was founded on its ideals of pluralism, of competition and harmony, they would have to build los angeles. here. >> reporter: l.a. is the only city that showed interest after boston dropped out of the running. today councilmembers voted unanimously to allow the mayor to move forward. >> bring the games to los angeles in 2024. >> reporter: getting the olympics comes with financial risks, and there is concern about cost overruns. >> we want to make sure that this is an olympics that succeeds, that doesn't succeed on the backs of our taxpayers. >> reporter: the price tag for putting on the olympics is huge, about $4.6 billion. one of the biggest expenses will be the olympic village, housing for the athletes.
7:48 pm
city analysts figure that alone will cost well over $1 billion. the idea is to reach out for private investment. councilmembers say the city already has world class facilities. >> we've got the infrastructure in place. we've grown as a city since 1984. we have the resources. we now have an agreement that's very explicit that gives others comfort. >> reporter: the competition now will be from cities such as rome and paris, which is considered the front runner. >> we have a good shot. who doesn't want to come here? we've got everything in this city. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic committee now has to submit the application to the national olympics committee. the selection of the host city won't take place until 2017. i'm carlos granda, abc 7 news. itf you searched for something online today you probably saw google's new look. the company unveiled a new logo with a newly designed font that
7:49 pm
resembles what you might see in a grade school book. google undergoes new structuring under a new company called alphabet. the e will remain tilted slightly. this is the biggest change since google dropped an exclamation point in 1999. one last time, update the weather forecast. >> as we kick off september, spencer is here with the weather. >> it is looking good. here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies all across the bay area right now. we might get a little coastal fog tonight. let's travel down to the tropical pacific where we have active weather systems. three hurricanes, as a matter of fact. mercury jimena, a category 3, hurricane ignacio, a category 1 and way over to the west, hurricane kilo, which is a category 2. neither of these systems seems to pose a real threat to the hawaiian islands right now. they're all expected to move westward, northwestward, then northward and weaken, although rain may fall over the islands from hurricane ignacio but we
7:50 pm
don't expect that to be heavy flooding or damaging rain. back to california, mainly warm conditions in the interior sections of the state with highs to the mid to upper 80s in chico, yosemite. 103 down in palm springs. here in the bay area a mild day tomorrow but cooler than average. 60s at the coast to low 80s in the warmest inland locations. a seven-day forecast. temperatures bounce back up before labor day weekend. >> sounds good. thank you, spencer. back from a few well deserved days off, mr. beall is here with all the sports. >> what's the latest? >> the latest is the giants better start winning some games here. they are heading into what is without question the biggest game of the season tonight and they have got their best pitcher on the mound. but it's what happened last night in 14 innings that's put them in a
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
good evening. in case you did not stay up past midnight for a five and a half hours of last night's giants/dodgers game, it ended in 14 innings and ended padly for the giants who are four and a
7:54 pm
half games behind l.a. this sets up the biggest contest of the year tonight. madison bumgarner versus zack greinke. last night, top of the 14th, tied at 5. chris hatcher, the dodgers seventh pitcher of the evening, strikes them out to end the threat. the giants using their eighth pitcher, mike broadway, who's not ready for broadway right now, too big a spot for him. jimmy rollins singles. the dodgers load had bases and adrian gonzalez, this is what he gets paid to do. he ends it on the first pitch that he sees. it's good morning, game over. drive home safely because it ended past midnight. dodgers win 5-4 and they open up a four and a half game lead in the west. brandon crawford is hurt. he will not play tonight. there is a lot resting on the left arm of madison bumgarner. heading into their final preseason game, the 49ers have finally decided on their starting offensive line with a guy who just got here pencilled in to start at right guard.
7:55 pm
jordan devey was acquired from the patriots. there he is, number 69. he's going to line up at right guard. the left side is joe staley and alex boone and eric peters at right tackle. devey is 6'6", 320 pounds. colin kaepernick who has been under seebiege at times thinks niners will run the ball and devey will be fine. >> he's been phenomenal, picked up everything quickly. went in rand played well for us this past game so excited to see what he can do. >> we definitely have some time to get to know each other and get a good feel for how each other plays. it's a great opportunity for me and i'm going to try to do the right thing and help out the team and help out the offensive line. first round action at the u.s. open. victoria asrenka breezed to a win but she was not happy with
7:56 pm
the chair getting personal. >> for me, you hit the ball before. >> are you kidding me? >> ouch! you play tennis? you probably were not very good. azarenka calmed down and advanced to the second round winning 6-1, 6-2. on the men's side, andy murray taking on the volatile but supertalented 20-year-old australian nick curios. he struggled at times against murray. you never see that. third game of the second set and the racket flies clean out of his hand. it's a warm night in new york, it's muggy, all right, a little moist programs. but the racket is flying around. frustration mounting, and you can see it there. some intention to slam the racket down and it broke. actually he just came back to
7:57 pm
win a set, but he's down 2-1 and they're currently in the fourth set. he's mentally not all there at times. a football team ended with a dance-off. the winners get ice cream. you put ice cream on the table and suddenly it gets very real. those two were good but big 99 -- look away, ama should not be watching that. kevin wilkins taking it up a notch and this is a big finish right here. you do the worm at 295 pounds. >> yeah. >> not to mention the magic mike stuff there, and you get ice cream. ice cream for you. abc 7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. are you okay? >> i'm okay. just like that arena football player we saw dancing a couple of weeks ago. >> it's all fun and games until somebody pulls a hamstring. >> that's true. don't pull a hami. >> join us at 9:00. pg&e has just put in a request for a huge rate increase. find out how much your bill
7:58 pm
could go up. and a hiker stranded for nine days with two broken legs is now sharing her story. hospital bed and her one big regret. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time as always. look for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you a little later. it's tougher than ever to be a...
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