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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 3, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> if. >> 7 news. >> students evacuate sacramento city college tonight after gunman opens fire. >> man hunt under way for armed suspect who opened fire just before 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. it happened south of downtown sacramento in a parking lot near the baseball field on campus. police say at least one victim was a student
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at the college. officials warn rest don't avoid the area as police search nearby neighborhood. witness say there were 4 maybe 5 shows and heard screaming and saw students running. police went building by building. evacuat evacuating students and staff after placing the college on lock down. >> we have gotten 2 shelter in place notices. since we left the they sent us out and then sent us a message telling us the shelter in place which is a little concerning. we literally have no clue where we are going. our car are on campus and we can't leave. >> college officials cancel evening classes. police spokeswoman describe the suspect as male with short dark hair wearing cargo pants and no shirt. one victim l shooting victim was hospitalized. third man didn't need to good to the hospital. 3 santa clara county deputy in jail tonight accused of beating an inmate to death. 3 deputy are matthew ferris jerry and rodriguez. they have been placed on unpaid 11 and are now being held without bail. the
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inmate 31-year-old michael tyron serving 5 day petty theft sentence found dead a week ago in his cell. the david louie was the first to report on twitter today the autopsy results that show he died of blunt force trauma. >> attorney for the family of michael didn't mince words about death allegedly at the hands of 3 deputy. >> there's a fact basis for the phrase he got the the bleep beat out of him. so at the beat him badly. >> after a week of silence the santa clara county sheriff laid out details from the investigation. deputy ferris, rodriguez and luke tvl are charged. coroner examination found that he bled to death after he suffered multiple blunt force trauma found in the single occupancy is cell naked and covered in feces. >> this is a tragic the, sad heart breaking fell haven't. and that michael tyrone even
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though he was an inmate in a jail is a person of value. >> deputy ferris and luke arrested at their home in dawn. deputy rodriguez surrendered short time later. >> they were booked fingerprinted and photographed at the santa clara county male main jail. very same jail where they are accused of taking the life of an inmate they swore to protect ix they are being held in jail outside santa clara county. district attorney office is reviewing the case before decide to go press charges. arraignment of the 3 deputy could be as soon as tuesday. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> san francisco judge refused to throw out the confession of man charged with killing kit steinly. judge deciding whether to charge the man with murder of 32-year-old kate who was walking along pier 14 with her father when she was shot july 1st. vick has new development from court. continue. that while the
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defendant was aware that something had happened with this thing that he was holding, i actually don't believe he was aware that someone was shot on the pier. >> overriding question was second degree murder, invounl tear manslaughter or was lopez sanchez simply a bad shot? fourth day of hearings started with testimony from aaron carpenter. tourist staying at hotel opposite pier 14. she took is cell phone picture from her hotel window of lopez sanchez walking away briskly after she heard gunshots. carpenter said she was suspicious of him because he was the only person walking away from kate steinly lying on the ground when everyone else was going toward her. she gave the images to police. >> prosecutor gar situation always called 3 officers who responded to the scene. officer andrew bryant was the one who arrested sanchez at embarcadero and townsend. he's one of the officers in the cell phone video of the arrest.
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during the preliminary hearings pros cawtor garcia called a ballistic expert who showed the gun similar to this one that sanchez is accused of firing. public defender gonzalez called only one witness but crucial to the defense that the gun went off accidentally. former sf pd crime lab director norris said last week that he supported gonzalez theory that it was an accidental discharge. that based on earlier testimony from an investigators that the bullet struck the pier walkway first then ricocheting hitting steinly in the back. preliminary hearing continues tomorrow morning with judge expected to make a ruling at that time. vic lee, abc 7 new news. >> the fremont police are look ing into what caused a horrible accident in this city this morning. witness tells us a woman was driving norton the parkway when she hit a tremendous and light post just before the intersection at
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thornton avenue. as you can see the car was nearly split in half. witness said the woman appeared to be in very bad shape but there is no official word yet on her condition. police closed the street for several hours to investigate. >> 2 girls are expected to survive after being hit by a car while cross ago street with their mother in pacheco this morning. you can see the damage to the car in the not have sky 7 hd. driver told the highway patrol he was using his windshield washer at the time. at the hit a total of 5 people. paramedic air-lifted the girls ages 3 and 5 to children hospital in oakland. another child ncaa and mother suffered less serious injuries. san francisco police say suspect in a hit-and-run case did not allude them for long. officers arrested this guy 23-year-old l rhodes day after they say he ran down a man who was about to get into the car. incident happened on monday morning on gavin street and hill avenue. the 64-year-old victim lost his leg and remains hospitalized in serious condition of course. rhodes
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was booked for felony hit-and-run, mayhem and falsifying evidence. >> new case of legionnaire disease at san quentin state prison but things starting to return to normal. 7 inmates now have the disease. tomorrow the indoor showers will reopen inmates had to use portable showers and port potty after the first case last friday. limited water use stop the sdprees spreading. visitation has also resumed. if commute on interstate 80 you may have seen some new signs going up over the busiest parts of the freeway. they are no ordinary road signs. here's look from our camera in emeryville that you see shortl shortly. january thon the has more about what the signs are all about oechl. >> it feels more like everyone is just stopping to smell the flowers. tell it's called rush hoyvrment sometimes you are signature sometimes you are going like the 5 feet. >>reporter: too many people too many cars. far from just a nuisance cal-trans nose it's dangerous. >> there are twice as many accidents the here on 80 as the
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comparable corridor in southern california. >>reporter: big problems call for big solutions. later this year cal-trans activate these digital road signs. >> most extensive system of its kind in the entire state of california. >>reporter: during brief test engineers showed us how the signs will look when everything is normal and when trouble ahead. indicators warn drivers to slow did you know and move over miles ahead of an accident. >> we anticipate about a 10% reduction st inspect travel times and also about at least a 10% reduction in secondary accidents. >>reporter: still some drivers take matters into their own hands. >> try to take shortcuts. never seem to work thoychlt i will sometimes get off at ashby avenue. or i even get off at powell street if not moving. >>reporter: have you tried to take the shortcut down san pablo. yes. what's that like. miserable. >>reporter: but cal-trans had a fix for that too. same compute they are run the signs can extend the green lights on
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san pablo and activate signs that route drivers back to the freeway once they have passed the accident. that is if drivers notice them. >> it should make it easier but i know from the driving that do i that people are not looking at what is happening on the road nishtion emeryville jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> we have much more ahead on thursday night. up next. controversial upgrade at local elementary school. find out why these young students now use a gender neutral bathroom. >> also why the department of homeland security is stepping up security this weekend on america train. >> of. >> not exactly summer like today but that will change as we hit the labor day weekend i have all the details on the weather coming up. >> big homecoming salute tonight for one of the hero who fought off a terrorist in fought off a terrorist in france las
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>> one of 3 sacramento member hailed as hero after suspected terrorist was stopped returned to california tonight. spencer stone stepped off air force plane at travis just about an hour ago. he had been receiving treatment in germany for injuries he received during the attack stone, sadler and alex all received the french legion of honor medal for the heroism. and today sacramento
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mayor johnson announced they will all be honored withade through downtown sacramento on september 11. well the tsa will step up real security nuts over the labor day weekend. announcement comes after the attack in france that we were just talking about. homeland security secretary says travelers should expect to see mr. uniform and canine officers in train stations all across the country. newly released surveillance video show a man suspected of posing as tsa screener at sfo. you can see name a blue shirt directing 2 women for private pat down last year. the real screener eventually noticed something wrong happening inside a private room. police say the man was drunk. he never faced formal charges because neither woman complained about what happened. >> one elementary school in san francisco is trying to make transgender students feel more accepted and safe. this school started by changing some of the school bathrooms. tell lee ann explains what is being done.
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>>reporter: there are no by or girls bathroom signs in the first grade at this school. 2 located in the classroom now gender neutral. the change came about after few parents told school officials their children were not gender specific and didn't feel comfortable going to the bathroom. >> we want make sure that we are using the correct language as airports. we are wanting to make sure that our staff uses the correct language. as you know words are powerful. >>reporter: teachers here at the school have also again through training to learn more terms such as gender expansive and gender fluid. >> gender fluid means that someone of one biological gender identified as gender a birth may express him or herself slightly differently publicly. >>reporter: some of the bathroom in the common area of this school have also been changed. now instead of having 2 stalls inside there is only one and it's neutral.
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>> the only question i got from parents were help me necessity the language to best explain this to my child and what it men for them. >>reporter: so far the changes have been made in the kindergarten and first grade class rooms. second and third graders will eventually see their bathrooms become gender neutral. and easy task because they too have bathrooms in the classroom. the challenge will be for students in fourth and fifth grades who don't. the school is working on ways to accommodate everyone. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> 2 hero were honored by cal train today for saving the life of driver who got stuck on the track last month. san mateo county deputy lance and eric were recognized this morning for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect lives. this is video of the rescue object august 3rd seconds before a train hit car. >> at that time it seemed like eternity. i didn't realize how close it was until after i
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actually watched the video. then after watching the video the video showed a few seconds. >>reporter: police say the driver had been involved in a hit-and-run and kept going until he skidded into the railroad crossing arm. the driver suffered minor injuries and was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. could not have been if i closer. amaze jooing let's talk about the weather forecast for the weekend. >> yes heading that the holiday weekend. sandhya is here with the latest e.yes. somebody is fearing up the grill this holiday weekend i think happy to hear the weather is fantastic. >> all right let me show you this video. if you like the cooler than normal pattern we are in you have another daytona joy it then we up for you. of we show you a few high clouds moving across the bay area. harmless. we do have high fire danger in the sierra nevada so if you are traveling red flag warning starts tomorrow afternoon at 2 and runs until 9:00 p.m. fire danger extends all the way into nevada and due to gusty winds
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expected to develop tomorrow with low humid. >> we look at the high versus average yes it's a little cooler than normal but i don't think too many people complain about this. santa rosa, san rafael, 3 degrees below where they should be exploratorium 67 today. also 3 degrees below normal. look at livermore. this is where you really start to notice it. 79 the high today. 7 degrees below average of 86 san jose 8 degrees cooler than this time of year. live picture from the santa cruz camera looking good. visibility is good. temperatures in the low 60's from san francisco to oakland. san jose 64 morgan hill. half machine bay cooling down 59 degrees. sfo camera look like the planes are taking off just fine. visibility is good because we didn't have fog around. low to mid 60's from santa rosa to livermore. wind kept the atmosphere well mixed out. from the emeryville camera you can see all the way across the bay towards the eastern span of the bay bridge. him if below average continue warmer pattern begins saturday and warming will peak on labor
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day so if you do have out door plans things look going. look at the low pressure system that is bricking some showers up around the pacific northwest. it's a fall like system. so as it continues to deepen a little bit more tomorrow temperatures will pretty much bottom out and then we start to see recovery. do expect it to be a dry breezy friday afternoon and if you are getting away up in northern california you are looking at the possibility of few showers. warming trend starts on sachlts you will see it here mostly 70's and 80's across the bay area we head towards sunda sunday. temperatures up into low mid 90's and at the coast it's what can i say it's beach weather as would you expect in september and then on labor day mid upper 90's inland. mid upper 70's along the coast lan lane. beautiful yx weather coming up feel like summer again. tomorrow morning the cool crisp weather that you expect to see as we get closer to fall it's going to be in the air so we look at low upper 50's mostly clear conditions. few clouds around. right now some low clouds are around places like half machine bay.
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tomorrow afternoon keep it mild. 79 in antioch. 77 liver moerd more concord 75 napa. 71 in oakland. san jose. palo alto. 73 degrees. 70 in san mateo o. 67 san francisco 64 half machine basement another breezy 1. sunshine for your accu-weather 7 day forecast not just tomorrow but continue go through the weekend. the only difference for the holiday weekend is it gets warmer. 70's beaches. mid 90's inland. for sunday monday and continuation of that variation tuesday through thursday. >> all right thanks sandhya very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. what to expect for this weekend shut down of the transbay tube. >> governor plan of action to fix our battered highways but how much will you have to pay? how much will you have to pay? stay here with us.
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>> getting in and around san francisco will be a little tricky this labor day weekend especially for those heading to the billy joel concert at at&t park. bart shut down service on saturday sunday and monday to do some rail work. transit agency has hired bus that will carry riders for free from the 19 street station in oakland to the temporary transbay terminal t.also operate shuttle late for this is attending the concert. >> at&t park is calling us and letting us know the moment billy joel leaves the stage so we can prepare for the big mad rush. >> to complicate things king and fourth street closed on the central subway from any night to tuesday morning. closure will affect the 280, king street exit in san francisco. cal tran riders face detour
9:24 pm
around the station. so be prepared for some headache. down load the free 7 news app to get the latest information on the closure of the transbay tube. just unable the push alert for instant update. the moment the tube reopen we will let you know. the 7 news app free to down load for smart phone tablet and apple watch. >> california drivers could soon have to pay a new fee to help fix our crumbling roads. governor brown propose ago 65 dollar a year user fee when you register the vehicle t.increase in the state diesel an gas tax tied tiny inflammation. his plan would generate 3.6 billion dollars a year to spend on roads. because there's tax increase involved he needs two-thirds support of the legislature and if you head out of town gas prices haven't been this low on labor day weekend in more than a decade. average price is 1 dollar a gallon lower than last year which men collectively we save 1.6 billion dollars this weekend. >> not too bad. >> not at all. >> another half hour of news at 9:00 just moments away. coming
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up. the show down in kentucky. county clerk hauled off to jail after revving to issue marriage licenses to guys kim. >> also the race for 20 16 donald trump takes the pledge. vow he make tonight to the republican party. >> big day ahead for "star wars"fans. may september the fourth be with you a
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>> county clerk in kentucky is in jail tonight after igniting a legal show down over denying marriage licenses to same sex couple. >> federal judge found her in contempt of court today. she says it's a matter of her religious faith. >> alex has more. >>reporter: show down ending tonight in jail. the county clerk led away. cheers and boo
9:29 pm
from the crowd. at issue kim davis refusal to issue marriage license to same sex couple. insisting in testimony today quote my conscious will not allow me. >> she has been ordered to stay there until she's willing to change her mind until she's willing to change her conscious about what that belief is. >>reporter: davis can resign but if she doesn't and refs to comply the federal judge who ruled her in contempt can keep her in custody as long as she stands her ground. controversial clerk at odds with the june supreme court ruling making marriage a right nationwide. >> under those authority are you not issuing a license. >> i simply told you all i'm willing to face my consequence as you all face your cops quen when it comes time for judgment. >> we don't have consequence. not everyone believes what you believe. >> that's your choice. >>reporter: that kim among those suing the clerk. >> she's not above the law. that's where we are. >>reporter: the judge today saying davis good faith belief is simply not a viable defense.
9:30 pm
>> you can't do your job, resign. >>reporter: others rally behind davis. >> today we come to stand for god and support our county clerk. >>reporter: flash point issue reverb rating on the campaign trail several g.o.p. candidate speaking out. >> i think it's absurd to put somebody in jill for exercising their religious liberty. >>reporter: former governor huckabee we must end the criminal sayings of christianity i'm with kim. 5 of 6 deputy clerk agree to comply with the law and could issue marriage license as early as friday. alex, abc news ashland, kentucky. >> we want to give you a warning about the next story because it contains a graphic image. single image of 3-year-old boy and december drawing attention tonight to migrant crisis halfway around the world. little boy in the photo tied trying to flee along with his family from sir yeah. tonight the boy father expecting out. of terri has the story. >> he had a name dead little
9:31 pm
boy on the beach. three years old. his brother gallop 5 dade too. their father abdullah survichltd he spoke at morgue today after identifying the bodies. everything is gone. they are syrian occurred like so many desperate refuse you gee they fled to turkey and arranged for a boat. this is the central staging area people wait here for a phone call from their smuggler they get in a taxi and go to the beach. the curd family came to this beach. we were there this week when another group waded through the surf. big into the flimsy dinghy. children lift entered. heading in the wave by fv thi this. today in tears the father remembered how he disprattly held one small son in each arm when the boat went over keeping their heads above water but they tired. so did his wife and he lost them all. my kids were the most beautiful children in the world he says.
9:32 pm
fv family who actually get to europe this awaits. chaos in hungary. budapest train station. thousands of refugee fight to go beard. hoping to get to germany. but the train stops at hungarian village an hour late. police take them to camp. no camp they shout. one family lying down on the track in protest. violently pulled away by police. if but ab dull a will not good to europe now. now all i want to do is sit by the graves of my wife and children he says. terri, abc news. >> the donald trump has done i it. days finally signs republican party loyalty pledg pledge. move means trump will back the g.o.p. nominee for president if not him and skip potential third party bid after the head of the rnc traveled to new york the make direct plea to trump. >> i will be totally pledging allegiance to the republican
9:33 pm
party and the con servetive principal for witness stands and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will we know. >>reporter: the decision comes just weeks after the billionaire refused to make such a promise in the campaign first debate. the only candidate on stage not to make the commitment. g.o.p. leaders believe third party bid by any established republican could december detroit party effort to take back the white house. it is not legally binding. to the democrat contract a major head license for hillary clinton who is under fir for the private e-mail server. it professional who set up the server was called before house committee and is planning to take the fifth. here's of cecelia. >> today hillary clinton former chief of staff the as you ushered into a closed door hearing on capitol hill grilled all day by the house committee investigating benghazi and clinton private e-mail
9:34 pm
surverify. but tonight brian bag the former it work who are helped set up the server in clintons revving to answer questions. invoking his fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. republican chairman of that committee saying. >> you are 43 to the claim whatever inference you want from the fact that you did. >>reporter: clinton campaign calling the decision to not testify disappointing. saying in a statement clinton has made every effort to the answer questions and be as helpful as possible and has encouraged her aide about current and form tore do the same. civil rights groups calling on the department of justice to investigate gun stores that have created muslim free zone. 6 snores 6 different state declare they will ban anyone who is muslim or perceived to be muslim from the stores. the 6 businesses are in arkansas, oklahoma, new york, new hampshire, florida and kentuck kentucky. one store owner says his been is not discriminatory
9:35 pm
and started it after he t this guy shot 4 in chattanooga. >> school facing backlash tonight after football team received a mass baptism. school officials at the school district west of atlanta say they were not told about the baptism beforehand. assistant coach recently posted video of the pwach baptism on facebook. pastor says the coach and 18 players asked for it and it was a bonding experience for the tea team. >> african americans there was white kids. there was hispani hispanic. you know and everybody was hugging each other. it was a great moment fivrjts critic say the baptism is a clear violation of the constitution and abuse of the coach position. district is investigating the situation. pope francis address as joint session of congress this month and representedtive spear wants few constituent to experience it. she gives away 50 tickets to watch the pope dress on the west lawn of the
9:36 pm
capitol on september 24th. tickets will be given away in the lottery and only available to those who live in her district. more information on our web site. >> pope francis visit i'll travel to washington, d.c. to brick you coverage. pontiff will can noize tell father on september 23rd and he established california mission. >> be sure to watch special edition of 2020 more with the pope and virtual american audience. hosted by abc news anchor david muir that's again tomorrow tonight at 10:00 rate here on abc 7. >> next on 7 news at 9:00. "star wars"merchandising begin. >> we'll show one of the toy that is mottled
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>> well around the bay area the nation and the world tonight there is "star wars"fever all brought on not by just what you can see in the new movie when it comes in and out december but what you can hold on to no now. have you heard of force friday? the wayne went to if there for explanation. >> gets yourselves. envision coming. it will be the dark side. evil em pair and in this case the approximatey which is any company with a "star wars"license. the if you have been watching the you tube feed or television around the globe you may have seen the star worse items unbecomesed and eagle in multiple earth language the san francisco disney store however they remain under lock and key until midnight. same at this target in coal may but not in san francisco on haight street. >> small stack is all i go. at super 7 store they have 8 box of items for sale beginning
9:41 pm
tomorrow. luke martin no relation to sky walker. manag manages the place. >> we play on the things people have grown up with and still hold true inside of us. >>reporter: the toy released episode 7 due in east d. interest drawing never ending procession of "star wars"lovers like kevin who awaits the new memorabilia craving the old. >> having this made me happy like when i was a little kid watching this gets pe gichlingt everybody favorite bubble set. >>reporter: some items from previous general rigs and movies now worth 3 figures. good figure that. >> the it's worth more because there is a finite amount. not making any more. >>reporter: true but not new. hence anticipation. in. any language may the sales force tuberculosis with you. from san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> the sales force. >> i hope they are thinking
9:42 pm
it's a strong force too. you cap find the "star wars"merchandise at disney toys-r-us and wal-mart target story. we should mention of course "star wars"is now property of disney parent company of abc 7. >> among the toy hitting stores is the him if dried that is model after character in the new "star wars"film. >> robot shaped like a ball with a head that is magnetcly attached which allow it to kind of roll around. >> video provided by row about the maker if and also an app that you can down load that lets you give bba voice command and more. toy list for 150 dollars. >> star war franchise generated 33 billion dollars 15 billion of that from license toy sales. a lot of anticipation about this stuff. >> the up next. sfch one of the country best marching band has inspirational message tonight for some east bay students. students. >> back in a moment
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> if you are craving a chocolate roll or specialty scone you have one more day to visit some bakery. 4 more location will shut down at the close of business tomorrow. they include stores in san francisco sunset and russian hill neighborhood as well as ones in wall at and danville in the east bay. closure come week after the first of 23 stores in california went dark. starbucks acquired the san francisco bakery chain 3 years ago for 100 million dollars. then decided to close them earlier this year saying they were not sustainable for the coffee giant long-term growth. >> bay area man now calls central valley home says he escaped apartment fire with his kids but wants everyone was out he went become for one mr.
9:47 pm
thing. >> first day i got my kids i this the about my ribs not let my ribs burn because take parade in washington i do man. like 3:00 o'clock in the morning i was hungry. put the ribs on there man. >>reporter: the he says he knows what is important. family. then ribs. l wrait grew newspaper west oakland talked to photo journalist about the rib rescue. he says he was barbequing rib when he noticed the fire next door and went back in once the family was safe. >> the well pretty good looking ribsment can't blame him. delicious. don't burn them. >> not too good over cook it's bad. >> okay update the weather forecast perhaps you do some back yard contracting this holiday weekend. >> that's right. sandhya has what kind of weather we look forward to. >> yes. we have some beautiful weather. i don't think we have the invite to dan house for the barbecue. >> i don't think we did either. all right come on dan. look at leif doppler 7 hd right now. we do have a few clouds out there but not a lot. we do have quite a few tropical
9:48 pm
systems in the pacific tropical storm kevin just off the baja california coast is newest storm. look at this. hurricane jiminez. category 2 tropical storm ignacio and tie fine kilo interthe dateline. unusually warm water of the pacific certainly helping to keep the stormsoing all the way across the pacific. high surf warnings forth island of hawaii. doing some traveling they are expecting some surf from that next storm coming through. the heat will continue in dallas tomorrow 97 degrees 96 st. louis. doing some traveling back east. 91 in dc. 90 in miami. 56 at great it's starting to feel like fall in other parts of the country as well. 67 in tahoe. showers northeast portion of the state. 76 in los angeles. mid 70's san diego t.97 in las vegas. you take a look at the bay area high pressure really cooler than where we should be for this time of year but not too many complaints here. breezy. mid 60's to at the time upper 70's. pretty mailed sunny
9:49 pm
afternoon and the week ahead for san francisco enjoy the cooler weather warm above normal and take a look at the 7 day forecast temperatures do reach the peak on labor day 74 to 96 then a drop tuesday through thursday. dan you still have time to invite us you know. >> come one come all. >> sounds good. >> thanks. >> they are perhaps most famous college marching band in the country. gram bling tigers in the bay area preparing for the performance this weekend at memorial stadium in berkeley. cal hosting gram licensing in the opening football game of the season. sfchlt if ♪ . >> look at that. we caught the band performing tonight at kennedy high in rich mochbilityd there's also an effort to send a message that anything is possible. they want to inspire other kid to play music. good to college.
9:50 pm
and attend the school as well. >> fantastic. great school. they are if you please to watc watch. >> absolutely. >> lets talk about sports. >> yes larry has the latest. >> so the busy tonight. you won't believe it is that for a change. >> so busy about seriously. so busy tonight that at the time nightly sports department massage and nap were both if cancelled. the? terrible. >> holiday weekend. >> how can you exist. >> i don't know how i'm out here. 49ers have been lacking for offense this pre-season for some receivers to make some sz.ys. look like they
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock on abc 7 news at 11:00. heartless act of burglar that could leave a family victimized twice. what thieves did to the family dog. >> custody battle over the famous bay bridge chick taken cuss add big traffic back up yesterday. who is fighting over him now? >> real chicken fight. those stories and more coming up at stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7
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is. >> all right. talk a little football. >> larry is here pre-soychbility last gym of the pre-season for the niners and raiders. niners closing out the preseason. few roster spots open but one primary goal don't get anybody hurt tonight. niners hosting chargers and spectator this evening here. third play of the gym. thompson third string quarterback hits the slant and goodbye. 70 yards. just a second offensive touch down on the pre-season for the niners. 8 nothing after 2 point conversion. second quarter. thompson. throw behind intended target. this is picked off by richard crawford. 29 yard and 8-6 game. jared make the roster showing up and showing up angry. tell have some. if one more play. thompson to tight end. the anderson. tell bust a move. not buster it's bust. i went
9:55 pm
lay to you. the well i would but not on television probably. 14-12 niners leading late fourth quarter. raiders in seechlts seahawks like a regular season. russell wilson was in the game. airing it out to tyler locket. and wilson with good numbers tonight. 1 for 1 for 63 yards and score. raiders played like it didn't count at times. matt hit by clark in the end zone. fumble hill. scoops and scores. 17 nothing seahawks. but if battle back. 6 yards. back corner of the end zone. nice job by roberts to get the beat down. to streeter. if he stays healthy he make big play. but right now raiders trailing and score is 31-14 in the fourth. the tom brady fought the power and he won. in decision stunning because it was so overwhelming judge richard berman tossed out brady 4 gym deflate gate suspension
9:56 pm
and basically cut the leg out from under commissioner roger goodell who was more than happy to rule as judge jury and executioner. now the judg did not even fwots take up the issue of whether brady actually had a hand in deflating football. the league investigation was not independent and questioned the way the nfl handled the entire process. one thing here that is so puzzling is why commissioner goodell would push so hard to crush the poster by for the entire league. tom brady is squeaky clean. he's one of the best players in history. he is so popular. what company can you think of guess out of its way to destroy one of its most popular product? think about that. the whole thing makes absolutely no sens sense. on to baseball and unfortunately look lake the end for tim as jichbility timy had hip surgery today. miss the rest of the season. he's free agent. it's unlikely the giants would bring him back at this point. fpt call in the thin air of denver 1st inning. the again sol east. it's cargo
9:57 pm
national league leading 34th of the year and 2 nothing rocky lead now give up 4 runs in the first. came back with two of his own in the third. 2 run shot for the pitcher right her. that is ryan first contrary home run. but giants pitching these days advertise on fumes. down in the 4. gives up a sink toll reyes. that scores black man to major it 2-2 rockies and he guess to george. no relief in sht. hang it bang it. that's cargo again. 2 run bomb hits second of the night lose sixth in a row 11-3 and donors are winning because that thing is fading away rapidly. college football season kicked off tonight. ron from san jose state. oh. down he goes. sniper got him. the start answer hosted new hampshire. wide o. 13 nothing. he's fas fast. he's a blur. look at the move. stiff arm. 30 of
9:58 pm
the 67 yards in the first half came right there. urban add a third touch down run right now all spotty at the spotty potty south bay. 43-threaten over new hampshire. ex niners head coach jim harbaugh leading michigan into utah. har but the didn't announce the starting quarterback until game time. if put your hand down sir. thomas returns 55 yards for the score. utah would spoil the harbaugh debut 24-17. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. a lot of people will be surprised by the out come but utah is lake one of the best teams in the pack 12 that nobody ever talks about. stanford oregon l.a. but utah very good. difficult to play in salt lake and so harbaugh begins the michigan tenure with a loss. >> looked almost calm there. >> calm for him. >> if for a moment.
9:59 pm
>> thanks larry. >> thanks so much for joining us this evening. i'm amma. >> i'm dan ashley for all of us we appreciate your time. >> 7 news does continue now on line on twitter face back all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. >> enjoy the rest of the evening and make time for us again at 11:00 over on channel again at 11:00 over on channel 7 if you can. goodbye for now.
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