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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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are. next, moonster fire tear through lake county, burning hundreds of homes. >> thousands have literally been forced to run for for lives with flames burning out of control. >> it created a dark cloud of ash raining down on parts of the bay area, meteorologist drew tuma will have a look at conditions tonight. >> stay here for a special hour-long edition of abc7 news at 6:00. block. >> heart break and devastation in lake county. a thousand home potentially now gone. wildfire rips through several communities there. >> firefighters say they focused on saving lives instead of focusing on the fire in the
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immediate area hours. there were no known casualties. >> good evening. the valley fire has spread to 50,000 acres in just 24 hours. right now containment is listed as zero percent. it was spreading in all directions. now there seem to be winds pushing it to the north. >> firefighters believe several hundred and up to 1,000 homes have been destroyed, 67400 homes threatened. >> it forced 17,000 people from their homes. four firefighters were injured responding to the fire. >> 27 people have been traited at hospitals, mostly for homecoming inhalation. >> here's a lack at the area hit by the fire. cobb and -- hidden valley on the east, middletown on the southern end. >> this is last night. you can see flames on both sides of the car. embers flying over the
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windshield and homes and trees burning. our abc7 news now community is sharing incredible photos with us. look at this photo from kelly, giving a last look at her home before she and her family were evacuated. >> kerr nell bernard begins team coverage live a look at the die instruction left behind by the fire. just surreal, cornell. >> reporter: the fire storm was so intense it reduced neighborhoods like this to complete rubble. is virtually unrecognizable. we're here on -- >> it was wall of fire behind us when we left. scariest thing ever. i'm still in shock. >> kimberly harper feels lucky to be alive. >> all of our houses are gene. >> destroying her home october cobb mt. along with her two
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sons' houses. this middletown home belongs to a friend but it alsoen burned to the ground. everyone is safe but the family pet vanished during the chaos. >> my cat, i just don't want him to suffer. >> the ferocious wall of flames moved toward middletown like a freight train. the total number of homes lost will be staggering. >> as far as an estimate of homes, wearing going to be pushing close to a thousand. >> cal fire says the valley fire has been unpredictable, breaking all the rules. >> it went in every direction imaginable. fingers, solve lid no consistency whatsoever. >> what was your plan of attack? >> try to fine a structure we could protect or a block we could protect. >> but that wasn't easy. firefighters made stand against the fire on this street and able
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to save five houses. but across the street not so lucky. the fire was too intense, car after car and home after home gone. >> jose martinez thought his house would be gone bus his place, one of the fuel still standing. >> i'm a lucky guy. that's all i can say. i decent know why -- i don't know why. >> he was lucky but so many others now victims of a fire storm. >> the fire has damaged ildings at a power plant in lake county. this is video off socrates mine road. this facility belongs to the cal pine corporation. the companies where web site sauce the facility was built in 1984. this is a geothermal power plant where steam is piped sent to tu. they tell us awe employees and contractors have been evacuated.
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everyone accounted for. they cannot say he status of the power plant. >> schools in the area are closed tomorrow because of the fire. classes are cancelled. all public schools in lake county and yuba college in clear lake. for the latest closures, visit our web site, >> sergio quintana is live from hidden valley lake, this small town designated by the fire. >> reporter: walking through the neighborhoods it's devastating you. see homes that are completely leveled, and when you drive around, you see even more. i know there are a whole lot of residents who really want to know if their homes survived. unfortunately we're told this is still inactive fire, so a lot of -- an active fire so the areas remain evacuated so the crews can continue. on highway 29, pg&e crews are
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trying to get handle on downed firelines so the fire crews can safe get back and forth. the pg&e has deenergized the power lines to make sure anyone in their homes is not injured. it's a community of a few thousand residents. driving here, counted a few dozen homes that have been lost, but honestly, it looks like it's going to be way more than that because this fire ill cities so active. hasn't been chance for an official count this. area is mostly evacuated beau the fire crews need the roads open so they can move their equipment to the front lines. residents describe a frantic evacuation from the area last night. >> it was chaos. people trying to get out and they were making four-lane roads all going one way. we had a hard time getting back in, and we did. fortunately we're lucky, guess, we were able to save some rounding homes and our own.
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>> reporter: in talking with some of the people who remained in these communities, they tell me they plan on staying here because they want to be able to keep an eye on their homes and on their neighbors' homes. it is interesting, though, because there has been no power so many people have actually been coming up to us to try to get information as to how active the fire is and where, and the extent of the damage. reporting live in hidden valley lake, abc7 news. >> so hard. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> mandatory evacuations are in effect tonight for residents. -- in effect in many areas in lake county the it's from highway 281 in kelseyville, down to highway 29 near the napa county line. firefighters are asking those in the path to leave their homes don't waste time. lilian kim has just been debriefed on the evaluation and
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is live from calistoga with more on the crisis. >> reporter: many evacees guarded here at the napa county racetrack to get get the latest on the fire. people are desperate for information, wanting to nor if their homes are still standing, their animals still alive. unfortunately a lot of those questions went unanswered. crews are trying to get handle on the fire, and so far they're still zero percent containment. cal fire says several hundred homes have been consumed by the flames. the fire now at 50,000 acres, started in the cobb mountain area yesrday. it quickly grew 40,000 acres in 12 hours. cal fire is calling this fire part of one of state's worst fire seasons. >> in the cause of the fire is still under investigation. shortly after that, because of the drought stricken fuel and the heavy fuels, that particular fire started spotting in all directions. this year, the last 890 days, particularfully lake county and parts of napa county, these
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fires are burning in all directions. >> residents have been told they won't be able to return home for at least a couple of days. they've also been told this evacuation shelter her at the nap a pa county fairgrounds will remain open for as long as necessary. evacuees are being warned about predators. people have been offering to check on homes with the intention of looting the homes so evacuees are being told not to give out any personal information. >> we were struck here watching that news conference live, with how many -- by how many people stepped forward to sought out questions, ordinaries -- ordinaries ordinary folks. >> people were crying, asking is hi moment okay? can you check on this road? it was tough to watch that. as i said, a lot of the questions went unanswered. >> okay, lillian. thank you very much. >> messages system has been set up for people looking for
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real-time information on the fire in their neighborhood. you can go ahead and text your zip code to 888777 for updates for your area. >> drivers in the area certainly can expect delays delays and des because of the unpredictable fire, the chp closed northbound highway 29 to 175 in kelseyville. >> the fire chief tweeted out a photo showing one over the four firefighters who was injured yesterday whywhile battling the valley that's firefighter richard reef, still managing to give the thumbs up despite suffering burns. chief says he is in good spirits. cal fire says that all four firefighters suffered second degree burns but they're expected to make a full recovery. the air quality has been downgradedo poor in lake county. sky 7hd shows the smoke lingering above a hilly countryside. for more let's head to meteorologist drew tuma with live doppler 7hd.
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>> the smoke and the ash combination is trending towards that poor and unhealthy air over the valley fire. one reason that firefighters are having such a hard time containing the fire, the winds or chaotic. the fire is acting like its own weather system. so wind is around the fire, just to the west of clear lake, out of the north northwest at two, just south of middletown, out of the west southwest and 0 the north they're coming out of the southwest so there's no dominant prevailing wind to help firefighters forecast where the fire will spread. that's part of the reason they're having trouble containing it. future weather showing the chances for rainfall mid-week. this is wednesday afternoon, 2:00. rain right over the valley fire, continuing into the early evening hours. on wednesday. so how much rain are we talking about? it could be rather healthy amounts. right now future weather is predicting a quarter to possibly as much has half inch of total
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rain over the valley fire, but the rain could come with gusty winds. so we'll talk about the rain chances for the entire bay area in a few minutes. >> we need some rain. if you have pictures or video of the fire or news, post is with the hash tag abc7 new. >> still ahead at 6:00, forced to run for their lives. thousands of evacuees are homeless for the night. many not knowing if their home still stands. >> their stories or surviva
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>> following breaking news out of lake county. cal fire gave a briefing. the 50,000 ache at the wildfire has i destroyed several hundred and up to 1,000 home home homes. the fire has left a trail of destruction and sent people running for safety as fast as they can. >> alan wang is live with more. >> reporter: there's an estimated 500 to 1,000 evacees here right now with more streaming in. this is where supplies are coming in.
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this center mostly for a lot of the pets, mostly cats cats catss people were able to gather. people are bringing in food, cat litter, supplies for the dogs and animals. everywhere you look, stunned people walking around, wondering what to do next. teresa moniz, from middletown you have been through several fires this summer already. what was the sense as you saw the fire yesterday. >> we weren't ready at first. we thought it was another fire, and then we quickly knew it was coming for us. >> was there a false sense of security? >> definitely. >> why, we're. >> we thought it would be contained in time. >> then what happened? >> it moved fast. the high winds, moved so fast. within 20 minute i its blows to our home. >> reporter: everybody in the town was kind of watching the fire, watching cal fire planes
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dump water. >> definitely. just watching, thinking it wouldn't get to us. thinking it wouldn't get to us at all. >> describe how much time you had to react. >> within minutes, we drove down the road to go back into up to and it was so much worse. it grew faster and faster. we knew we had to get -- couldn't go. >> thank you, teresa. they got out of their alive with their one-year-old daughter and now, as i mentioned, people still walking around here, stunned, a sense of emptiness out here because so many people have lost so much. usually we'll see 45 people at the shelter. there are a lot of people here, mostly because the friends they thought they were going to stay with lost their homes, too. so, a lot of sadness out here. i'm alan wang, reporting live, back to you. >> just terrible. so many people just waiting and wondering. that's the hard part. >> a live look from the east bay hills camera.
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the air quality definitely affected by the fire. >> meteorologist drew tuma will have more about the current conditions throughout the bay area coming up. >> the bengals man handle the silver and black.
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>> we're following conditions on the fire lines very closely. the weather a key factor. we'll be back to work tomorrow and everyone wants to know what the forecast will be. >> absolutely, and drew tuma has been tracking this and joins us with live doppler 7hd. >> saw the picture right before the break. we have moderate air squall air quality in the north bay. live doppler 7hd is painting a quiet picture but the mt. tam cam showing you smoke above. this is called the smoke inversion layer. we have cool, foggy air moving in, undercutting the warm air. that warm air above act luke a lid on the pot and trachethe smoke, so as long as the fire continues, we'll likely see the smoke above the bay area and under moderate air quality close toast the fire. wind speeds are a huge factor why year not seeing the smoke on
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the ground. coming through the golden gate strait and then disbursing around the bare, anywhere from 15 miles-per-hour to 20 miles-per-hour. as we had the on shore cool flow that will keep the smoke away from the ground and that looks likely for the next self days. temperature, 60 san francisco, 74, san jose, live doppler 7hd along the satellite showing you there's an energy pinwheeling over much of california. so cloudy for monday, and the next player, another area of low pressure, diving south on tuesday, and then a chance of rain on wednesday. tomorrow morning, mainly overcast skies, on the muggy side, and clouds sticking with us through much of monday. fast forward into weather. diving in from north to south. moves through the north bay wednesday afternoon. bring some rain likely to the valley fire but also some gusty
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winds, unfortunate quickly evaporates before move into the east bay and peninsula. the north bay and half inch is possible. overnight, mainly cloudy, mid-50s to lower 60s across the bay area. highs for your monday, lots of clouds keeping it on the muggy side. 67 in san francisco, 78 san jose, 74 fremont. 80, concord. 75 napa here's the accuweather forecast, tomorrow, mostly cloudy. tuesday, below normal. next weekend, the heat is going to make a return to the bay area. >> hoping it was again for good. >> i know. >> thank you, drew. >> sure. >> this sports report is brought you by bank of the west. >> mike shumann is in. a lot to talk about. >> take you're minds off the fire, the raiders had a familiar feel in the opener.
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they lost their quarterback to hand airand the bengals canada up the silver and black like a turkey. first quarter, bengals fourth and goal. hill brakes breaks the tackle. touchdown. cooper, welcome to the nfl. check out this hit. five catches, 47 yards. the tart over the raiders' downward spiral. using his throwing hand to stiff are arm adam jones, he could not return due to swelling. stay tuned. an day dalton, 25-34, 269 yards. before half being gals up 24-0. cincinnati had 33 points through three quarts, reese with two late td catches. i've seen much of the so have raider fans, 33-13 the final. >> wasn't very good. we'll have better days.
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i believe in the men in that room. i believe in our staff. and we'll get things corrected. >> have to play well. i know they expect big things from us. that what way expect from ourselves. >> we can't truly be ourself yet. there's one game, and it's something we have to learn from. i've been in this league long enough to know that you don't reach your goals in the first week. >> also the afc west, chiefs and texans, alex smith at any time thrown a td since 2013 but several to his tight end, including two today. 243 yards and three touchdowns. chiefs win their opener 27-20. great game between the nfc oknowns, rams and seahawks. nick foles deep to kendrys, 37 yards, tied.
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ot, pete carrolls to do the surprise onside kick to open the extra quarter. did not work. rams get a field goal. hawks need a yard to keep the gage gmo. lynch is denied. maybe the should have thrown it. rams win 34-31. buffalo bills hosting the colts who some consider favorites to make the super bowl. andrew luck, 51-yard strike to harvin. luck hat two picks. the bills upset the colts 27-14 the final. after bumgarner flirted with a perfect game last night. they're back today with mike leek leake on thehill. leake helps his own cause. three-one shot. 4-3 san francisco. never look back. buster posey, 2-3, scores matt duffy, 10-3 the final, remain seven and a half back of dodgers who beat arizona.
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a's and rangers in texas. fourth inning, beltre, two-one shot in the fifth, same guy. three-run shot. a's lost 8 of the last 11, 12-4 the final. this abc7 abc7
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>> update now on the breaking news we're following, the destructive wildfire in lake county. >> flames have chased 1,000 people from their homes and cal fire says it will be two to three days before evacuees can return home. >> to serious injuries reported but 27 people treated for smoke inhalation, sta


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