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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 13, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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. all of our houses are gone. >> gone, devastation in lake county, cal fire says 1,000 homes destroyed. wildfire ripped through as it exploded in size overnight. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> we were so sad to learn this cal fire confirmed, one person has been killed though did not say where it happened or what the circumstances are. >> the valley fire has spread to 50,000 acres in just 24 hours moving very fast. right now containment is listed
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as zero. it was spraefwas spreading in a directions and pushing north. >> s believe 400 to 1,000 homes have been destroyed. 6400 homes are being threatened by the fire now forcing 17,000 people from their homes. >> four firefighters have been injured responding to the fire and 27 people have been treated at lake and sonoma county hospitals for smoke inhalation. >> here is a look at the area hit by the fire. it's been devastated. hidden valley lake boarders it on the east, middle town on the southern end. it spread to three counties. >> we want to show you this video shot last night at the anderson springs resident evacuating. you can see the flames on both sides of the car, thick smoke and debris flying across the windshield, all of those hot embers you see lighting up the sky coming right at him and you can see homes along with trees and vegetation burning alongside the road. >> our abc 7 community showing
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incredible videos and photos. this one from kelly hear heart-wrenching as she fled her home and took this photo because she didn't expect her house to be there when she returned. cornell bernard begins coverage from middle town with a look at the destruction left behind. >> reporter: the wall of fire moved toward middle town like a freight train, unstoppable sending residents running for their lives. >> scariest thing i've ever been through in my life. ten minutes to pack up and leave. >> she escaped the home she's owned for 16 years, it was destroyed. her two sons lost their homes, as well and this was the home of a friend where she planned to take refuge but it also burned to the ground but everyone is safe. >> i grabbed a couple photo albums and you think you're going to be prepared and you're not. >> reporter: dozens of homes in middle town are gone.
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neighborhoods reduced to an erie moon scape. the total number of homes lost will be staggering. >> as far as an estimate of homes, we'll be pushing close to 1,000. >> firefighters were able to save many homes, jose martinez says his neighbors' places are gone, his still standing. >> i'm a lucky guy. i don't know why but my house still up. >> some bay area firefighters say this blaze, a haunting reminder of the 1991 oakland hills fire. >> you were there, what do you think? >> absolutely. >> amid the rubble, we found this, a garden gate and greeting for all to see. >> as for the rest of this town, we've seen it for ourselves, most of the central district of middle town was not damaged by the fire including local schools. it's unknown when evacuees may be able to return home. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. the mandatory evacuations in effect in many areas throughout
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lake county. it stretches from highway 281 in kelseyville down to highway 29 near the napa county line. firefighters are urging everyone in the path of the flames to listen to the evacuation orders, take no chances, leave homes when told to do so and say the fire grew and the priority was to save lives first. >> those first 24 hours, we were in a life-saving mode. there is cars on the road and people trying to flee and fire engines were doing everything they could and to get everyone out of the homes in a very rapidly developing fire. >> now abc 7 news alan is live where evacuees are staying the night. alan? >> reporter: dan, at least 1,000 are here tonight and many believe they lost their homes. those lost homes have been replaced by a tent city that popped up over here overnight.
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the immediate goal is to bring in portable showers, internet capability and other supplies needed for the long haul, supplies from humans and pets have been streaming in from around the region but the red cross is now asking for monetary donations to give these evacuees exactly what they need. now this summer firefighters successfully fought off several wildfires that seemed to give these people a false sense of security as they watched yesterday's wildfires spread until it was too late. >> you don't like to be defeated by anything, but at that point i felt defeated and i had to walk away and jump in my truck. >> my neighbors were trying to get out and probably 300 cars trying to get out and really no escape. there was one way out and people walking up and down the road saying get out now. >> at a meeting here today, fire officials gave these folks little detailed information surprisingly, the attitude here has been positive even though
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many people have no idea where they are going to go. the sense of loss is strong here but surprisingly, the sense of community is even stronger. i'm alan wong reporting live, back to you. of course, many schools in the area are closed because of this fire. classes are cancelled at all public schools. howl mountain school district and pope valley elementary are closed and for the latest closures, visit the air quality has been downgraded to poor in lake counties. sky 7 hd shows the smoke thick and lingering. for more, let's go to drew tuma for live doppler. >> we'll see smoky haze across the bay area. this is a time lapse showing you a smoky sunset where you notice the smoke from the valley fire
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creating what looked like a fiery sunset earlier this evening. moderate air quality but tomorrow, the county has issued an air quality advisory as the fire and seeing more smoke and ash. out there now, winds helping to keep the smoke away. an on shore cool flow under cutting and keeping it well above the bay area away from our lungs. right now, this system i should say this fire is so massive, it kind of is acting like its own weather system creating chaotic winds. winds out of the west and northwest and winds out of the southeast and that's part of the reason firefighters are having a hard time containing the fire. they can't see where the forecasted flames will go. good news, there will be wet weather moving in by wednesday afternoon. you know some green on the screen. we'll detail the entire rain chances with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> thanks, very much.
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donations are pouring into shelters across napa and lake counties tunnel from people who want to help. if you want to help out, officials are urging you to donate to the red cross. they say financial donations are the quickest and best way to get help to the people who need it most. visit a brks for information or if you want to donate $10 right away, very simple, text red cross to 90999. dan, firefighters stretch so thin right now. the valley fire isn't the only one tearing through northern california. >> still ahead here an abc 7 news at
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updating you on the valley
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fire that started yesterday. this is the power plant damaged by the flames. >> the company tells abc 7 news all employees have been safely evacuated but can't say the status of the facility. >> this is actually a gio thermal power plant where steam is piped in to generate electricity. pg and e reported 8,000 customers are without power because of the fire. 20 active fires going on across the state right now. can you imagine including another large one southeast of sacramento. >> the butte fire burned more than 65,000 acres can destroyed 86 homes. the fire is 25% contained but a cal fire spokesman believes it will grow in size tonight. >> the emergency services chief or governor brown says this summer's fires are spreading faster than they have in 40 years. >> a live look from the camera, air quality definitely affected by the fire. smoke and ash drifting around
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the state. >> drew tuma will have more coming up. >> impressive themselves orph s
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we have learned one person has been killed in the valley fire. they confirmed the death to abc 7 news but did not give details how or where it happened. >> the latest on this breaking news, 1,000 firefighters right now are battling back flames of a destructive wildfire in lake county. from alameda county to san bernardino. >> they are doing perimeter control to slow the fire down and also working to protect homes and buildings.
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four firefighters were burned fighting the flames yesterday, they are expected, you'll be glad to know, to make a full recovery. >> the latest on the fire and road closures there. we're joined by corey reynolds. what's the latest? >> i want to thank you for having me again. we have highway 29 closed from kelseyville to lower lake and from lower lake down to napa county. 175, of course, is closed, rock road and highway 281, which goes up to the clear lake riviera. >> hard to say but can you tell how long the closures will remain in effect? hours more or days more? >> days more. we've had california highway patrol called up people from santa rosa, williams, and starting tomorrow, we go on to
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mandatory shifts with no days off to man these closures. >> officer reynolds, i can hear in your voice the exhaustion, what are you dealing with? have you ever seen something like this in your career before? >> no, i've been in lake county for 17 years. i've seen lots of fires and you can hear in my voice, i got a lot of soot and ash going there but yeah, this is the worst thing i've ever seen. i've never seen a fire move so fast and you think of cobb mountain, it's a very populated area. it's very small but very populated and we lost a lot of homes there and it's very unfortunate. >> i know you and the other officers are working so hard, corey, and no point in saying it but try to get some rest. i know you probably won't but thanks for coming on, officer corey reynolds talking about road closures that will stay in effect for quite sometime, maybe the next two or three days anyway. >> absolutely. we want to turn to drew tuma because we're talking about a
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double-ended sword. precipitation, perhaps storms but hoping for no lightning for the firefighters out there. >> yeah, that would be a huge relief if we got wet weather without that but we're tracking the chance of showers midweek this week but the showers may come with gusty winds to help spread the flames more. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. explore tore yum camera showing the san francisco skyline cut in half now. we have low clouds, fog, rather muggy out there and that's an indication of truly tropical air we have overhead right now. 59 in downtown san francisco and 60 in oakland and 64 in san jose and 70 concord and livermore checking in at 73. here is live doppler 7 hd along with satellite. the sam over us right now was once hurricane linda. so that's why it feels muggy out there. the system came from the south with tropical warm air and will sit over us for another day. the next system we're tracking is a quick-moving area of low pressure that dives south on tuesday, cooler shot of air and
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a chance of some wet weather. future weather shows you tomorrow morning 7:00 back to work and school for most. overcast skies, the clouds hang with us for the entirety of monday. tuesday temperatures will feel rather fall-like across the bay. temperatures only topping out in the mid 60s to low 70s across the region. then we'll talk about the rain. future weather shows you it moves from the north to the south. first moving into the north bay, diving into santa rosa by wednesday afternoon but unfortunately, looks like a lot of this will evaporate by wednesday afternoon. there could be as much as a half inch, which is great news but it could come with gusty winds. overnight tonight, will stay in the mid 50s to low 60s, generally overcast skies and highs for monday, starting in the south bay with micro climate. 76 sunnyville and 77 santa
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clara. 74 redwood city and 69 and downtown san francisco tomorrow 67 degrees, 59 daily city and north bay 71, santa rosa and oakland tomorrow 70, 69 berkeley and inland cool side so to speak for september. 83 pittsburgh. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. cloudy tomorrow, below normal with that cooler air tuesday, the chance of wet weather in the north bay wednesday otherwise temperatures rebound and mild to potentially hot next week for saturday and sunday. keep our eye on monday next week and hopefully showers come with weak wind and no lightning at all. >> thank you so much, drew, appreciate it. high hopes for the raiders. >> what happened? >> all the sports. >> all in the first game. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> that's all i can give you. only the first game. a familiar feel, they lost their quarterback to a hand injury and the bengals carved the silver
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and black like a thanksgiving turkey. great moment. honoring the late skinny sailor by placing flowers on his jersey. first quarters, three-yard line and jeremy hill breaks a tackle and defender for the touchdown. 7-0 bengals. cooper gets his welcome to the nfl hit. doing the honors and had five catches, 47 yards, the start of the raiders downward spiral. car running for first down. uses the throwing hand to stiff arm adam jones. reports are nothing is broken but can't return due to swelling. 25 of 34, two touchdowns, six here and tyler before the half bengals up 4-0. third quarter, same two, cincinnati up 3 three points through three quarters and two late td catches and have raider fans and oakland 33-13 the final. >> it just wasn't very good. wasn't very good. we'll have better days.
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i believe in the rule. i believe in our staff and we'll get things corrected. >> you have to please the fans and play, that's what we expect from ourselves, as well. >> we can't truly beat ourself up yet. it's one game. it's something we have to learn from and i've been in this league long enough to know that you don't reach your goals in the first week. >> also, hosted and wide receiver since 2013. but due to a sight in, kelsey smith, 243 yards, three touchdowns, opener 27-0 the final. the nfc west, st. louis down seven minute left in the game. nick to lance kendrick, 37 yards tied at 31 going to over time. pete carroll opens the extra
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quarter. did not work. a field goal and fourth and one and hawks need a yard to keep the game alive. marshawn lynch is denied. 34-41 the final. >> rex ryan making the buffalo bills debut hosting the colts to make the super bowl. taylor out played luck 51-yard touchdown pass. the bills beat the colts 27-14 that final. well, after madison bumgarner flirted with a perfect game, padres and giants back in it today with mike leake on the hill. good day to be there. padres made sure there would be a perfect game with three runs in the fir two innings but the own cause in the second with a three-run shot and second of the season. giants up 4-3. never look back. posey, two rbi and double towards matt duffy and sweep the padres, 10-3 the final but seven and a half back of the dodgers who beat arizona. rangers and a's in texas,
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another rough day for pitchers, felix dubrow and two-run shot, 3-0 texas and in the fifth, same guy. same result. three-run homer this time. beltre 2 for 5, 5 rbi and a's lost eight of the last 11, 12-4 the final. >> great men's finals, the u.s. open highlights at 11:00 on abc 7. tenth major won and roger federer. new look raiders, new look rex ryan. >> looks good. >> thanks. >> appreciate it. as we take a quick break, incredible closeup look at the flames surrounding highway 21 last night. david shot this video as he was evacuating before the firefighters got there. >> if you have pictures or video to share, use the
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>> before we go, one last update. cal fire confirmed one person has been killed. the fire burned 50,000 acres. >> and moved into the geysers area in sonoma county. this power plant we've been tracking on fire near middle town. cal fire says several hundred homes are destroyed. possibly up to 1,000. >> 27 people have minor injuries, mostly smoke inhalation. the cause is under investigation. we'll continue to bring you updates on the fire on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. coming up tonight at 1 1:00, thousands of animals have gone missing from the fire. how people on social media are stepping up to help. >> as people escape from the flames, predators are stepping in to add to the devastation. all that at 11:00 but for
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>> warning. please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. >> ha ha! >> you're welcome. >> you [bleep] >> oh! >> oof! >> "what went down." today on "what went down," big falls... huge falls... >> oof! >> giant, massive falls. and i promise there's a win...


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