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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 15, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> you are looking at the point of origin in the massive valley fire. fire officials believe it ignited in or near this small shed you are looking at. the cause still under investigation. >> for the first time today the sky clear and we get a look at the devastation from above. these are homes in the community of cobb reduced to rubble. famous hot springs
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known for the communal soaking also a loss. apartment building in middletown now just ashes. years of memory wiped out. good evening thanks for joining us. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. now for the latest on the valley fire. it consumed 67,000 acres and it's now 30 percent contained. >> fire has destroyed 5 68 homes with 9100 other houses and buildings still at risk. >> mandatory evacuation orders were lifted today in 3 lake county neighborhoods. >> school will resume tomorrow in lake port upper lake and lucerne. these schools closed the rest of the week. no word yet from middletown. >> rain is expected in the morning. good news if fateing the flames. not so good if one of the hundreds of people at the evacuation center at the napa county fair grounds in calistoga. as kahn see from sky 7 hhd many family live in tent. wayne has more. pichlts
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it possible that tragedy hundreds of people might describe as hitting rock bottom could feel so warm and hopeful. yes. >> i have seen this is humanity at the finest. >> intense. humanity on cot only carry or wear or cramp that a car or maybe just remember. >> all i know is laying on the ground. everything gone. >> these are the fairgrounds in calistoga tonight where much of burned out evacuated middletown has moved in. >> we had about 10 minutes. >>reporter: chris taken her 17 month old son kevin and father bill. they are victims of a fire so devastating that it burned down their house along with hundreds of others. and yet they feel fortunate that they have this rv left to call home. >> so many people didn't expect this to happen. even then once it started thought no no this isn't real. if just i mean had
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you to run or die. so we ran. >> tent city in calistoga tonight has become one unto it z. estimated 1200 people. >> we tried to did a census start hearing by the time you got to the circle over there the number would change. >> 1200 with sets of necessity ranging from clothing to prescription drug to form will for the baby. to food. >> with all the donation here nobody is going hungry. not even close. >> we can't think. this community enough for everything they have done for us t.without it we would be sleeping in our car. >> instead the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga tonight. heart break. mostly inspirational. >> and they have tent because the rain is coming. kim more at the present time behind us. certainly seem to know what they are doing. you think it would be inconvenience and bit cold and certainly will be. but as one gentlemen told me today if that rain knocks out that fire it's worth every
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drop. in calistoga wayne abc 7 news. >> now let's turn to drew because the weather has been changing a bit on the fire line. what do you have in terms of what they deal with to. they have been dealing with light drizzle. yesterday tomorrow steady rain is on the wait a minute we see the past hour around the valley fire just light showers pressing through. it's a preview of what's to come for wednesday. current conditions out there. cool and humid right now. current temperature 55 degrees relative humidity rather high at 51 percent but still dealing with gusty wind out of the south west gusting to 60 miles per hour at this hour. wind speed forecast over the next 24 hours with the cold front moving through tomorrow it will keep the winds rather active. still out of the north west anywhere are 17 to 24 miles per hour. so let's time the cold front out for you. i'll show you where the valley fire is. mark an x right there we'll put future weather that motion. cold front dives in from the north and by wednesday afternoon 2:00 o'clock they will be getting some beneficial
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rain right over the valley fire. so great news there all important question how much rain will they be seeing. future rainfall estimate does show you that wednesday evening overnight into thursday mornin morning. total rainfall i think anywhere from two-tenths inch to 6 tenths inch of rain over the valley fire which is good news. detail the entire bay area rain chance and accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you drew. >> community are still near active firefighting and close to evacuee. a lot of people have asked us about this. cal fairest corted 7 news reporter katie that the town to survey the daniel. >> surrounded by uncertainty a picture help this woman and her family sleep easier. >> thank you so much for the picture it means so much to us. last 2 nights i had dreams things just burning down. >>reporter: she lives along black oak drive. her house and many others survived the valley fire. until now she has been in the dark. it and anderson
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springs off limits to evacuee. >> it has been a lot of social media and false rumor and broke our heart. >> cal fairest corted us in. hoping to dispel the rumor we found neighborhood that are fine. but there's damage to the east of town. >> how the fair came up. >>reporter: flames climb up the hill towards the road. >> we are along the road and lines down all over the place. a power transformer it fell from the pole because as you can see it's charred. many of them are still smoldering and unstable making it unsafe. >> there's active fire to the north. hot spots in the hills. and cal fire says dead tree are hazard. >> these can fall any time. until mitigated and taken care of. >> waist it out with her famil family. >> we'll all be together. >> while shane who lost his home is determined to help firefighters and friends. inspired by surprise message. >> house burn down and one
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thing blowing around in the hills. >> page from the late grandmother bible. story of david and goliath overcoming great odds. >> of all things that you can find i guess this will light a fair under you litd real to keep going. pretty cool. make me smile. >> this road is a main entrance point to the front-line for firefighters. so-cal fire can not have evacuee in the way. still some 9,000 structure threatened by the valley fire. this is 7 news and the death toll from the fire remains at one but officials expect to find other victims. we flu over the neighborhood where officials found the bed of 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams. she was retired school teacher with multiple sclerosis. rest occurs say intense flames prevented them from reaching her home in time. >> cal-trans says the fire has caused significant damage to roads and other infrastructure. agency released these photo. check out the damage to the
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retaining wall below a road. common sight. road signs there on the ground because the wooden pole held them up burned to a crisp. guard rail will need to be repaired after it caught fire when power line came down in the flames. >> resident who live inside the danger zone unsure when they can return to the homes and really whether that home is still standing. cornell spent the day in lower lake where frustration is growing for homeowners not yet allowed back in. >> they are truly putting the good in good samaritan this week. they have been given permission to make house calls for total strangers who want someone to check on pets and livestock. >> any animal we see we feed them any animal in need we bring them back out. >> they have hay pet have had and lieutenants of water. >> yesterday we rescued probably 5 or 6 horses. we get to dog everything we can find.
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>> others want to go themselve themselves. coming to lower leak high school for the chance to be escorted in and out by chp. we were there when this group of nervous neighbors went back to the ranches interhidden valley lake for the first time. after the valley fire chased them out. >> all by the loan some over there. that's my property. >> the for them the news is good. especially for hue gray who heard rumors the valley fire left his home in ashes. not true. >> first look at the house. >> this is it. and i'm glad it's still here. >> we have been here 45 years. we are lucky again. >> gray is a korean war vet. >> i have survived everything. >> neighbor was also lucky. his crew of hungry llama miniature donkey and get to okay. now feasting on hay. >> 3 day. it has been this is too scary like that living like
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this. ty wouldn't wish this on anybody. >> but sad homecoming for john irwin who discovered his father middletown house in ashes. >> we built this house in 1983 and then that was born and raised here. he lived hear he's 80 he's lived here for 80 years. no sense in crying in spilled milk have to rebuild i it. >> john brought hay to the dad horses but they are missing from the corral. >> hopefully they are safe. >> i hope. i hope. enough to replace. >> the wait long for those who want to check on the property. >> no. 3 40 something. >> probably two days before we can get in. >> for those who can't chris east burn is happy to help. >> people need help. they do it for me. >> police escort have ended for the day they will resume on wednesday. we are told the process went possible. in lower lake
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cornell, abc 7 news. >> if firefighters made one happy discovery while digging through the rubble in middletown. they found this black kitten among the charred wreck afternoon. burned but not seriously hurt. that's nursing it back to health. firefighters said this work can be bleak but moments like this bring smiles to their faces. >> difficult assignment being in this town because you feel for the people here because half the town is completely burped up. so it is nice to have one brit spot in the day. >> another cat found alive is in worse shape but still expected to recover this cat rescued saturday with critical pwuvrnlts he has been treated that said he's doing better and should fully recover in two week. he's even started purchasing again. >> good sign. as always we want to see the photo and video you have taken from the fire area. if you can take them safely of course. here are some of the most recent ones that we have received. >> get your pictures on the air or our web site send them to he goes social media and use the hash tag. >> much more to get tonight.
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coming. more homes lost in the sierra foot hills. update on other big fire burning in northern california. >> also. violence at levi stadium. see what happened after last tonight game and the search for the niner fans who went too far. >> how much rain can we expect. >> how much rain can we expect. drew has the full forecast.
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>> firefighters tonight are getting a handle on another major wildfire burning in california. all evacuation and road closure in am door county from the butte fire now lifted. crew gaining ground on the flames. jackson south east of sacramento here the fire now 40 percent contained but more than 2 33 homes have been lost. >> take a look at picture of the smoke taken by redwood city firefighters who ballots the blaze burning for a week now. >> we partner with the red cross to support wildfire victims across the west coast. it's easy to give where you 35 make a 10 dollar donation. text the word red cross to this number to make a donation we have a live phone bank tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. >> 49ers celebrated last nature win against minnesota, new video posted to social media show a vikings fan being assaulted outside levi stadium. but what exactly led to the attack and who is to blame for it. 7 news chris wins on the
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story. >> santa clara police want your help identifying the people involved in a post game fight seen here in the video. >> disturbing and shocking and we put investigators on it. fast track this case and identify these folk and bring them to justice. >>reporter: the pictures show minnesota viking fan being assaulted at levi stadium by group of frainer fans following last night win. >> brutal to see somebody getting hit so violently by somebody else right. for me personally it's hard thing to watch. >>reporter: since the frainers moved to levi stadium police have responded to 24 reports of assault during football games. one case last year involved a man who start add night a restroom leaving one 2 victim with a severe brain injury. >> visiting fans need to feel comfortable going to an opposing stadium because at the end of the difficult it's jaws game. >>reporter: investigators look into last night incident and already interviewed the victim. fans say regardless of who was original fell at fault this
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type of violence needs to stop. >> so pointless to end a night where the 49ers won. that's crazy. then get into a huge fight like that. it's a shame. >>reporter: forty-niner fans are adamant there shouldn't be reflection of who they are as a whole. >> i know it doesn't represent the spirit of the frainers or football at all for that matte matter. >>reporter: investigators are asking anyone with information about this case to call police. at levi stadium chris winn abc 7 news. >> new license plate may soon hit the road in california and some women say it will be a badge of honor. check it out. plate has pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. gel is for it to be a constant rae miner of the importance of screening. brain child of the survivor sisters group of women who battle breast cancer. >> it's an amazing way to honor somebody who might have lost their battle with breast cancer t.for survivors like myself i'm going toyvt on my car kind of like my badge of strength and courage. >>reporter: part of the fee
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will pay for breast cancer screening. 7500 pre-orders before it will start printing the plates. >> i have no doubt they will meat that. can't immanuel they wouldn't. >> we are talking about some rain around the bay area. >> drew has what's ahead. >> need the windshield wiper. >> where are those on the car. >> on the right probably haven't used them since 8. it has been some time but nice to see changing pattern through fall. 8 days away so get read ready. >> track showers we show you right now. immediate bay area is dry. but tomorrow we will track cold front that die from his the north to the south for our wednesday midweek this wee week. outside the camera showing partly cloudy skies. clouds arrive overnight tonight and the rain will follow tomorrow morning starting in the north bay. so the forecast does call for the areas of rain coming for our wednesday. showers may linger spotty in nature by thursday morning and then after the cold front gets out of here we turn sunny and
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warmer beginning on friday. out this right now temperatures mainly in the 50's and the 60's. currently 64 in concord. 59 san ramone. duplicate that as well in san francisco. 60 san mateo o. same san jose and 63 in novato. satellite tells you the story we track first of all the ripple of energy ahead of the main cold front that's bringing the cloud cover overnight tonight and then the cold front will bring the showers starting in the north bay first. so future weather will time it out 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. do notice much of the bay area is just overcast sky on the dry side. good through the early morning hours into the midday how are you do notice the showers manufacturing through clover dale at that hour. cold front begins to dive to the south and by 4:00 o'clock mainly north of the gelleden gate that's where the wet weather is really focus and steady showers falling in the north bay. watch with happens though. cold front begins to die to the south. it does begin to lose some of the punch so to speak. we do begin to see showers developing around san francisco oakland berkeley an parts of the
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peninsula then in the south bay it really fizzle apart sought far as north you are with the system the more rain you see not to say the south bay won't see wet weather. just more spotty in nature. in terms of total rainfall how much to expect north bay seeing the steady rain the long heest to expect majority of the rain to fall. quarter to half inch of rain is possible. outside of the north bay much of the bay area looking at about tenth inch of rain or just there but nice to see the pattern change happening adding heat and cooler temperature of fall. over nature tonight over cast sky temperatures across the bay falling in the 50's so-cal night kind of nasty for sleeping weather. then high for your wednesday starting in the south bay. micro climate at. south bay the last location to see the rain showers tomorrow evening. 73 san jose. 73 cupertino. 74 for los gatos. peninsula tomorrow republican and democrat wood city and 62 the high for pevbing cam. rain tomorrow afternoon natural evening 66 downtown. 63 for daly city. north bay see the
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rain first into the early morning hours into the afternoon. so 67 clover dale. 68 santa rosa. 69 novato. 68 vallejo into the east bay tomorrow. 70 oakland with afternoon evening showers. 71 san lee andro. fremont and inland cool. 75 livermore and 72 san ramone. accu-weather 7 day forecast scattered showers we'll track after that it's nothing but sunshine warm temperatures and we are dry by saturday and sunday. back to beach weather if you belief that. nice weekend on tap after the rain manufactures through to. all right thanks drew. >> still to come here on 7 news at 9. man who claims twitter is intercepting the direct mess aichblingts even changing them. aichblingts even changing them. stay with us.
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>> texas man filed lawsuit today accusing twitter of secretly eaves cropping on the user private direct messages. suit filed in san francisco federal court. now it claims that as soon as the user sends direct message twitter intercept. reads and at times even alters the message by switching link to web pages to benefit the advertising business. the suit is seeking class action status. >> nap valley wine train sold for millions despite widely publicized racial incident. noble house hotel and resort bought it for between 10 and 50 million dollars. 150 employee will keep the job and wane train may face a lawsuit after kicking a group of black women off the train last month. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9 is next and we continue the deadly flood. matter and children swept away it happened in just
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sichblingtdz also. republicans prepare for tomorrow big debate and new poll that shows donald trump losing ground. >> and new guidelines for aspirin. how could it reduce aspirin. how could it reduce the risk of getting a very
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>> now to the latest on the valley fire still burning tonight. >> some resident return home for the first time today. mandatory evacuation orders lift entered the riviera west, ri area a heights and clear lake riviera neighborhood in lake county. >> classes resume tomorrow at several school district including upper lake and lake port. lawvt ran elementary school will also open the door doors. fire spread overnight to 67,000 acres and is now 30 percent contained. >> now from the dry hills of
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lake county to the utah arizona border where it rained so hard water fall sprout from the sides of mountains. l floods killed at least 12 people. nick has more. >> oh. the vehicle. >> in those vehicle 3 mothers and 13 kids youngest just 4 years old. cut off by the flash flood. >> there goes oh, my. >> watch the wall of water debris blind side them washes them away. >> oh, no. it went over the fence. >> 30 minutes of staggering one and a half inchs of rain fell. flash flood washing family to their death. >> get everybody out. >>reporter: further disaster narrowly averted as rescuers pull a group of women from this stranded vehicle. this afternoon 10-year-old boy was recovered. 6 and a half miles downstream. >> i knew the mother i knew them growing up as young girls. >>reporter: this little town hill dale is a bags of the
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polygamist fundment list church of the latter day saints once ruled by warren jeff. >> thinks an act of god and this is something that we can't control. >>reporter: 3 children rescued last nature. death toll now stands at 12 with one still missing. this is off my stree street. creek rose 3 and half feet in 9 minutes. 2 feet of water will sweep a car away. >> oh, my goodness. it's huge. getting bigger. >>reporter: zion national park 3 killed in a flash flood. 4 still missing. same weather system that brought tragedy to hill dale brought written to much of the south west. dog and owner rescued from the l.a. river. man air-lifted in huntington beach. many if. >> that was nick watt reportin reporting. >> new jersey teenager in jail tonight accused of plot to go kill pope francis. 15-year-old planned to kill the pope during his visit to philadelphia next week. the teen was arrested last month and officials say he was inspired by isis. however
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philadelphia police commissioner says the case is being blown out of proportion no indication the boy had any ability to carry out an attack. >> controversy surrounding the pope new york visit next week. catholic church is outraged that people are selling some of the 40,000 free tickets handed out to see the pope procession through central park. some go as much as 600 dollars a pair. cardinal do land says selling the ticket for the september 25 event goes against everything pope francis stantdz for. >> i'll be live in. l dc first of 3 city the pope visits when he arrives in the u.s. next tuesday. watch my report next week as we follow pope francis on this historic trip. >> u.s. secretary of homeland security jay johnson spoke at the commonwealth club in san francisco today. he spoke about challenges americans face with isis homegrown terrorism and cyberattack. he also responded to questions about the july shooting death of kate steinly. man charged with her
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death juan francisco lopez sanchez deported 5 times to native mexico. officials disregard the request to keep him locked up. >> all of us in law enforcement whether you are the sheriff or the secretary of homeland security should be dedicated and are dedicated to public safety. it's simply in my judgment not acceptable to have no policy of cooperation with immigration enforcement. >>reporter: johnson says this kind of resistance is counter productive to public safety. >> now to the race for the white house. next big republican debate is less than 24 hours away. new poll show dr. ben carson and donald trump nearly neck in neck. here's more. >> tonight donald trump is a walking target. rival outside group trying hard to take him down. >> it's disgusting what is happening to our country. >>reporter: trump the only republican filling 20,000 seat
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awren a.outside police in horseback break up clashes between supporters and 0pontsd. candidate always bragging he's on top. >> we are killing it. >>reporter: but today that new national poll shows dr. ben carson within striking distance. carson will be standing right next to trump at tomorrow debate. >> i'll be center stage this time so more difficult for them to ignore me. >>reporter: also on the stage carly fiorina. trump trashing her in the pages of rolling stone. saying look at that face. would anyone vote for this. today iowa influential des moines register calling trump an overtly sexist celebrity billionaire who represents a bigotry that generations of women have struggle to overcome. in a new ad fiorina may have the last laugh. >> this is the face of a 6 61-year-old woman i am proud of every year and every wrinkle.
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>>reporter: tonight trump expecting on the battleship. tomorrow battling 10 rival on the debate stapling. this is abc news san pedro. digital analytic firm dug through 4 and half million trump related tweet last month and found that 4 percent of them were from people promise to go leave cunt try if he wins. hears are some of the top destination by the way. mexico no. 1. followed by no specific location. canada the uk australia and france. u.s. air force offering two million dollars to whoever can design new engine to power the plane. competition known as the air force pride open to u.s. citizens and permanent u.s. resident 18 and older. gel to speed up development of light weight fuel efficient rbo engine to power the aircraft of the future. >> health news tonight. government is now recommending adults age 50 to 59 may be able to reduce the risk of colon cancer by taking a low dose aspirin for 10 years. older
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patients consult their doctorment as you may know aspirin is widely used to risk the use of heart attack and stroke. >> woman who arrived from south >> woman who arrived from south korea today. with the goal of
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. >> 7 news. >> san francisco could become the first major city in the country to honor victims of world war ii known as comfort women. the women are now in their 80's apartment 90's. one visited san francisco today to support a memorial. carolyn tyler was there when she arrived. fight lee says she made the long journey from zole to san francisco on behalf of thousands of others.
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>> the rest of the victims they have the same heart and the same thinking as i do. >> lee is one of an estimated 200,000 women taken from their homes by the japanese imperial army during world war ii and forced to become what japan called comfort women for their soldiers. if. >> forcefully took me away and made me a sex slave and the government is not still making an apology. >> today san francisco supervisor eric mary presented lee with commendation and he's pushing for san francisco to become the first large american city to install a memorial honoring the women like this 87-year-old. >> that has an example of courage and story of breaking silence over generations. >> his office says there's no official opposition though some
9:41 pm
concern in the jap that's community. but supporters believe this dark chapter in history and the victims should be recognized. >> they are old. they are wea weak. they are poor. but we know what the truth. >> lee will testify before the supervisor later this week in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9. facebook work on new button. >> this gives awe choice when
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. >>. >> we track the scattered showered for your wednesday and front mavs through thursday and partly cloudy. temperatures rebound friday and we are mild to warm with beach weather for the upcoming weekend. >> wow! just in time for summer to end. >> exactly. >> thanks drew. >> all right. wine and bay area taco bell. fast-food chain planning to experiment with up scale can tina restaurant in chicago and san francisco. the restaurants will not have drive through and the kitchen will have an open design so customers can see the ingredient as the food is put together exploratorium restaurant will also serve beer and wine. set to open later this month near at&t park. interesting. >> yes is that well we have some football to talk by. we do larry is here with all the highlights. >> i thought we would talk
9:49 pm
about the food and at&t park. >> powerful combination. >> may not be able to turn it down. look at carlos putting the vikings in spin cycle and the a's with the out burst of the a's with the out burst of the season. tonight in
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> we told you earlier about the point of origin of the valley fire coming up tonight at 11:00. we are at that lake county property. new look we get at the source of the flame flames. >> and caitlyn take new legal action. what she's now asking a southern california court to do. >> this is stories and more coming up on 7 news at :00 coming up on 7 news at :00 over on channel 7 >> lots of sports to talk by. football and baseball. >> giants still alive and hanging in there. giants trying to finish strong and hope back in the wild card race with 18 games to play. trying to win the fifth straight. streaking in the right direction with chris trying to snap his own personal 5 game losing streak. stranger things happened. put machine on the
9:53 pm
moon right. buzz at the game tonight. apparently. giants in red. chris struggle early in the first. about triple here. bringing joe and phillips. reds up 3 nothing in the flash. settle down after. that giants even up in the fourth with one big swing and buster 3 run jack and tied at 3. reds bring in brian matthews to face parker pinch hitting. high deep and aloha means goodbye. however turned in a good game and hunter gave up a bunch of runs. walked in a run and reds now leading 8-5 in the seventh. a's white sox former a giving up 26 runs in the first inning this year. category you don't want to be leading the major in but that's the way it is. trend continued tonight in chicago. base hit. score sam and josh up 2 nothin nothing. later in the first. jake small. double to left. josh scores. 5 run 1st inning for the a's. gets worse in the
9:54 pm
fourth for this 2 run homer. they explode for 10 runs in the fourth. in the sixth marcus similar yochbility he has clou clout. jones make it 17-5. most runs the a's have scored in a single game all season long. in fact they scored 2013 season and roll 17-6. after an off season filled with turmoil the 49ers really pleasant surprise last night in the 20-3 win over minisociety spectacular. defense was stout led by would man didn't play last year after suffering devastating knee injury. hardly played in the pre-season because you won't risk meaningless games. last tonight had he 7 tackle and sack niners shut down petitions son. >> honestly i just want to get through the year man and week by weak continue getting better more confident with my knee. and ultimately lead this team to the play offs and so forth.
9:55 pm
>> carlos hide ran wild on the vikings. 168 yard 2 touch downs. and spin move to die for. lost 10 pounds in the off season trying to get quicker more explosives. look lake it worked. similar to the spin move by another fellow buckeye miller. week ago monday. >> walking past the t vm and tweeted b bite. i was filmed this weekend. 99 hits. pretty fit. when i get the hans in a game i have tmove for him and he was that guy back there. and spin move killed him. >> b button the spin butt pon ton. drew is a video game guy would he know. that bush didn't lastong in the niner debut. limp off in the first quarter with a strained calf. durability an issue for bush. this is not believed to be a serious injury and there is a chance that bush could be available for sunday game in
9:56 pm
pittsburgh. jared hawaiian was the talk of the pre-season not just for the niners but throughout the entire nfl. not the debut the former rugby star had in mine. first touch in the nfl with an entire country watching was must have had punt recovered by the vikings. haines settled down after that. few carry at tail back and after the game we caught up with the aussie sensation. >> jared regular season game you got some touches how did it feel. >> felt great. first touch was awful but other than that went down to the was great something that i prepared for and focus on and got it. >> grade yourself what would you give yourself. >> probably tough because of the first one so if it was awesome out here. >> after talking about hawaiian
9:57 pm
went straight to his fans. man of the people. grabbed and draped in australia flag over his shoulders. just how big of a deal hawaiian is. not only in our country but he's huge in australia. raiders made a move today. trading wide receiver bryce butler to the cow by for additional fifth round pick. desperate for receiver after losing pwrint for 4 to 6 week. out with a broken foot. butler not active on sunday against the bengals despite the fact that he showedome flash ins the pre-season but didn't put him in the game in the opener butler 30 catches for 3 83 yards and 2 touch downs in two seasons. with the silver and black. some hoop news. 2 time mvp steve nash could soon be joining the warriors as part-time coach. plan would be for nash who star entered college santa clara several day a month working with warrior guard. nash close with head
9:58 pm
coach kir and 41-year-old nash retired back in march. 7 sports brought to you by toyota and one other update on the raiders because derek car suffered kind of an odd hand injury and some question but jack del rio said it look like he may be okay sunday against baltimore. about a little bit murky on the details. but. >> not letting it out there. >> bottom lane is don't stiff arm people with your throwing hand. bad for your health. >> kaepernick took a pretty big shot monday night. >> that's if running quarterback that will happen. don't want a lot of those. >> thanks very much. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. >> 7 news does continue now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. >> hope off great nature and make tim for us again if you can at 11:00 1 hour over on the can at 11:00 1 hour over on the big 7 goodbye for now
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a cross-dressing killer who goes by the name ms. puppy eludes police. but this murderer's plan to cover his tracks is about to head for a dramatic showdown. and a love triangle launches a revered astronaut into


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