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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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a powerful earthquake shakes santiago. concerns of a tsunami here in california. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> the 8.3 earthquake triggered an advisory for southern california's coastline. chile's president say three died and many injured. the quake hit off the coast.
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check out the shaking out traffic cameras, the moment it quake hit. within hours, after the quake strong aftershocks were felt, the strongest one 7.0 so far. many more. we're also getting new images of the damage. parts of the ceiling collapsed in buildings and reports of damaged homes. inside stores, lots of broken glass and items off the shelves. there is flooding on the streets as cars are trying to get out, people trying to get cars out of dangerous areas. residents in southern california in the meantime are on alert. this is huntington beach in orange county. the tsunami advisory extends north and expected to bring strong winds to southern california or waves, rather, to southern california in a few hours. they are on alert for this. >> let's get to weather, that is pretty rare. >> it is indeed, ama and dan. the last time we had a tsunami
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advisory was in march. let me show you the large, powerful earthquake. the engineer he traveled northwestward across the pacific ocean, which is why we are basically dealing with a tsunami advisory for the hawaiian islands. there is also a tsunami advisory for parts of the southern california coast. let's take a look at exactly where it stretches from ragged point state beach, the first waves expected to arrive at new port beach at 4:46 a.m. what does this mean? family and friends need to get off the beaches, out of the harbors and if you have boats, even though the bay area, monterrey bay are not under an advisory, first wave expected to arrive tomorrow morning at 5:19 a.m., heights of .4 feet. here is a live look from santa cruz, good idea so we don't see a repeat of the march 11th issue and as we take a look at live doppler, we have a few showers in the valley fire area. humidity running 9 9% and winds
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down and watching the showers diminishing. rainfall totals in and around the fire zone from 500 at lower lake to about half an inch and st. helena 1.7. >> look forward to that, thank you. to our other top story, the valley fire burning in lake napa and sonoma counties. the fire scorched over 70,000 acres. at least 585 homes have been destroyed and 35% can tontained. tonight's rain is welcome at the shelter but it's going to be a wet night for those evacuees as katy tells us the people are tough and that includes one of the youngest. >> reporter: he's a 7-year-old from middle town. >> you just feel like maybe these three were neighbors and they were all in their houses
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were like that. >> reporter: he's become the mini mayor of the red cross shelter. >> i really like it because you get sugar and breakfast. seriously. >> how can you not bump into this guy? he's everywhere, 10-foot tall and bullet proof. >> reporter: like the other evacuees staying at the fairgrounds, his story is moving. >> a little man like this came up to us yesterday and actually brought a tear to me and my wife's eyes that he told the story about his horse. >> one horse died and then two horses survived. >> reporter: he goes to the animal lot to pass time. >> it reminds me of my horse. >> reporter: he tells people how the two escaped the fire. >> brand-new gate. >> grand new gate and horse says no and ran through it anyways. he's like okay, i guess we have something for the firefighters to get through. >> reporter: just as a gate couldn't stop horses, the rain doesn't slow him nor dampen the
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spirit of those learning of rain in the fire zone. >> yes, it's raining. if we can save one more house with the rain, that's all that matters. >> does anybody need a poncho? >> i've been out walking people's dogs and they can take a shower and feel comfortable. >> reporter: a little bit of relief, practical and comical. >> a kid over there who thought my snakes were real, i put a prank on him. >> reporter: fortunately, his home was spared. cal fire does not have an estimated time to allow evacuees back in for good. the red cross says they will keep the shelter open as long as needed. all right. we want to take you to the town of anderson springs, which was devastated by the flames, as well we moved in too quickly. laura anthony is there. >> reporter: finally showing
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devastated lake county submersing, the skies opened up on day five of the fire that cost so many so much. in anderson springs, firefighters from nevada county took the break in the weather to douse hot spots. >> it's wet. very, very wet. >> a little too late for the the rain. >> too late for the rain and probably, depending on how much rain we get may not be enough to put an end to this. >> this is where nearly everything was wiped out at the height of the fire and 7 2-year-old barbara mcelderwilli was found. neft's score was found in anderson springs, not far from his burned out home but so far, no sign of him. up the highway off gifford springs road it's a scene of total destruction, house after house completely gone with just
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a few spared in between. and, though, the rain helps the 2500 firefighters to put out the remaining flames. it also brings with it new dangers like downed trees and though the wet weather is welcome, everybody here is well aware it's only temporary. >> we don't consider ourselves to be out of the woods until we have to completely contained and mapped up and all those possibilities of more explosive fires are gone and then we'll know that everything is safe. >> reporter: sometimes in television the camera makes things look worse than they are. well, in this case, as we drive through these neighborhoods around every corner, this are scenes just like this. in this case, we can't begin to show you the enormity of it all. >> that was laura anthony reporting. governor jerry brown talked to president obama today about the fire. the governor tweeted this photo of him on the phone with the
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president. he was asking for more aid to help victims soft far the state spent $6.4 million fighting the valley fire alone. two people have died in the other big fire burning in northernornia tonight, the butte fire in the pohills. a picture was posted on a facebook page found buried beneath his home of san andres. the fire is now 47% contained and tonight, we have word of a possible cause of the butte fire. pg and e is investigating whether a tree contacted a power line. pg and e and cal fire are investigating the possibility. chris nguyen went where local families can't thank firefighters enough for their hard work and sacrifice. >> reporter: along highway 49
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signs of gratitude. >> it's pretty moving to see the amount of energy that's gone in to protect people's homes. a lot of homes have been lost. >> reporter: 4800 firefighters are battling the butte fire. many came from the bay area including these two from san jose. >> california should be proud. >> reporter: jeff welch and his team have been here five days. >> the men and women fighting the fires, not only this one but every fire are putting in a tremendous amount of effort. >> reporter: so far 230 homes destroyed and struck tutures threatened. reggie williams says it's drier because of the drought. a fire like this could happen in the bay area. >> one thing all of these fires have in common this year is that once they start, they get moving very, very fast and it's a lot tougher for us to catch up with. >> reporter: some residents allowed back into their homes are approaching it all with caution.
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>> funny some things you think are important actually aren't until you're forced to think about it. >> i've gone up on ridges and looked and you can see the guys out there fighting the fires and you think, man, it's a tough job they have. >> reporter: knowing that these conditions can change without warning. again, community members are truly thankful for these firefighters that have given their all to help protect their homes. the second g debate tonight provided plenty of fireworks and much to talk got the most heated when the cameras were focused on donald trump. >> brandi hitt has the story from steamy valley. >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. >> reporter: the fireworks were immediate first between donald trump and senator rand paul. >> his response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness that happened in junior high.
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>> i never attacked him on his looks and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter there. >> reporter: trump the front runner was clearly the main target in their second debate. >> we're not talking about real issues and mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house. >> he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes, you did. >> totally false. >> i promise, i would have gotten it. >> more energy tonight, i like that. >> in the latest national poll, dr. ben carson surged into second place within striking distance. >> i in no way will get into bed with special interest groups. >> reporter: it's clear the candidates have different views on immigration. >> time for you to go. >> i'm the only candidate that never supported amnesty and ca fiorina was asked about trump's comment about her face. >> i think women all over this
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country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> it's clear this debate was a make or break moment for many candidates at the both testimony of the polls. they were often seen talking over each other and fighting for any extra minute they could get on stage. patriots quarterback tom brady is standing behind donald trump. he announced support late this afternoon. the super bowl mvp thinks trump who he plays golf with can win. california cash is fueling the race for president and not just democrats cashing in. according to the los angeles times, the state is the biggest source of campaign money for gop candidates and much is from silicon valley. jeb bush and super pacts have raised $7.6 million here, more than the $7 million raised by hillary clinton. overall, $13 million was raised
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in the bay area largely from big donors from larry ellison. he gave $3 million in support of marco rubio and scott banister gave to rand paul. a firefighter returns to the ruins of his home. more stories of devastation from one of those who dedicates his life to fighting fires. busted for a bomb, except it wasn't a bomb at all. the texas teenager that's getting sympathy from the president tonight. >> living well in palo alto, why
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mnch more on the valley fire. so some that lost their home are the firefighters themself. >> one of them was out fighting another fire when his home was destroyed. over his eight-year career. dave watkins has seen loss like this, only this time the home that couldn't with saved was his own. >> i heard a lot of rumors of the area but i needed to see for myself if it was standing or not. >> reporter: we met watkins at the post office where he was picking up mail, the idea of talking to us in front of his home was understandably too
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much. >> do my job to protect other people and their homes, and it's kind of devastating to find out you're helping other people while there is another pyfire going on and your house is going up and there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: as many as 10 firefighters lost their homes, three in the butte fire and seven in the valley fire in addition to more than 500 residents' homes. >> it's the most homes that i've seen destroyed in one fire. especially when it's in your own community and neighborhood, your family and friends live here. >> reporter: watkins was on his way from the butte fire to the valley fire when his home was destroyed. he's comforted by the the community's support. some are actually driving that message home. >> i just wanted to thank them because they are saving our homes. >> reporter: watkins says he'll rebuild, find somewhere else to live and most definitely continue fighting fires.
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firefighter dave watkins tells me he's lived here about four years and was renting this home from his friend. he says this is a loss for both of them. reporting in hidden valley lake, melanie woodro. >> we are partnering with the red cross support. we held a fundraiser today. callers to the abc 7 give where you live donated more than $50,000 and it's not too late to donate. visit for more information on how you can give where you live or if you want to donate $10 right away, so easy. text red cross to 909 9. >> they can use help and people responded so beautifully. let's talk about the weather forecast, rain in the city tonight, certainly more rain up on the fire lines. >> yeah, which is all good. sandy patel is here with us. >> that helped the firefighters
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as we take a look at live doppl doppler 7 h.d. we're still seeing spotty showers and drizzle right now. i do want to take you in a little closer, napa reporting light rain and taking you down to street level here, light returns between napa and american canyon. you'll notice what came through during the afternoon and evening so we did get much-needed rain in the bay area and at the highest elevations, look at this the last few hours watching some snow not at lake level, it's much higher, the freezing levels are about 9 to 10,000 feet. rainfall totals, quite a bit of rain where our live doppler seven hd is located and .41 and .16 napa and san francisco, oakland about .1 of an inch and san jose has nothing measurable. trace amounts inland east bay
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and hayward, livermore, roads are slick and this is what you're facing for the morning commute. low to upper 60s from san francisco to oakland, san jose currently 63 and half moon bay and fog will be an issue, especially if the showers end in your area as you look at the exploring camera. 67 in livermore. the view is nice and here is a look, showers enterally in the morning, turn sunny tomorrow afternoon and heat returns for the upcoming weekend plans. we'll go from one end of the extreme to other. below normal highs thanks to the cold front and cloud cover, scattered shower wills continue into the wee hours of the morning as you take a look here, the cold front across the heart of the bay area at 11:00 but the front is fizzling and 2:00, 3:00 in the morning slick and winds down. a lot of this is low level stuff, missed drizzle for the
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morning commute. 11:00 sun breaking through and here is what it will look like first thing in the morning. watch out for damp roads and you'll need to bundle up. temperatures will start out in the low to upper 50s. kids will need a jacket or sweater and in the afternoon, you'll need those shades. low to mid 80s inland. 77 in san jose, san rafael and half moon bay 69 as you take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can hang up the umbrellas, not that i'm welcoming, bring out the shades. it will be a dry and warmer pattern, especially friday and then saturday, sunday, it's down right hot inland, 70s at the beach and warm there. we'll actually see the temperatures moderating a bit monday through wednesday of next week but, you know, every little rain drop that we have gotten really does help firefighters because it adds extra moisture to the fuels, if you will, ama and dan. >> keep it coming. >> getting a haircut could not
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be easier, still to come at 9:00, the bay area university where students won't even have to leave their dorm rooms to get a trim. why a 103-year-old woman is banned from the church she's attending her entire life. female announcer: get sleep train's very best mattresses
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92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ one of the best small so mid-sized cities in the country is here in the bay area. palo alto is number six on the top 100 places to live. the city was the on bay area place octo crack the top ten. it's based on parks,
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restaurants, schools, 15 other bay area cities pamade the top 100. a 103-year-old woman says she was kicked out of the church she attended her entire life. she disagrees with the pastor's preaching styles saying it doesn't fit. this disagreement has been running for six years since he took over. last month the pastor sent her a letter telling her the church members voted and she cannot attend church there anymore. that hasn't stopped her. >> this is my church and i've been going there all the while and i want to let him know he can't stop me from going. >> ms. bigs walked into church as normal last sunday and the police were called, but officers didn't do anything because it is a civil matter. can you imagine calling the police on her? >> i know. arrested by mistake, imagine this, the texas teenager that found himself in handcuffs after bringing a clock he built to school. tens of thousands of people
9:27 pm
streamed into csan francisco fo the dream force condition. a wild crash caught on
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good evening once again. we'll start with a muslim high school american student in texas that is getting support after police arrested him. >> the 14-year-old brought his home made clock to school hoping to impress his teacher. instead, handcuffed and suspended for fears that he brought in a bomb. >> ryan owens has the outrage tonight. >> reporter: a 14-year-old hauled out by police in handcuffs. the crime his clock.
9:31 pm
this home made maze of wires and circuit boards he built to impress his since teacher. >> they arrested me and told me that i committed a crime of a hoax bomb. >> reporter: this high school freshman loves to tinker with things electronic but his digital clock spooked his english teacher who told the principal who told police. >> this wouldn't be a question if he didn't have the mohammed name. >> reporter: they deny he was treated differently because he's muslim. they insist the clock with metal wires inside has no place at school. >> that's a suspicious device. we live in an age where you can't take things like that for school. >> reporter: the commander in chief sees it differently. president obama tweeting the teenager an invitation, cool clock amad, want to bring it to the white house? at a news conference late this
9:32 pm
afternoon, amad accepted. >> are you going to the white house, my friend? >> yes. >> reporter: despite all of the criticism, police here say you simply cannot be too careful these days and the school agrees. they suspended amad for three days. he says he's now looking for a new school. ryan owens, abc news, irving, texas. politicians, sell ebb lreme a and. >> the president said we should inspire more kids like you to science, it's what makes america great. >> mark zuckerberg tells him to keep building and says he would love to meet him. zuckerberg invited him to visit the social media company and nasa rocket scientists chris says amad can swing by their labs any time. >> there are several new developments in the case of a man accused in the kidnapping of
9:33 pm
a woman and home invasion. matthew muller was in a courtroom today, his defense dropped a motion to suppress evidence related to his cell phone and they used it to connect him to the crimes. abc 7 news learned the kidnapped woman and her boyfriend will file a defamation suit against the police department. investigators, you may remember, initially called the kidnapping a hoax perpetrated by the couple. if you think you noticed more people in san francisco than usual, you're absolutely right. more than 170,000 people are attend thing year's dream force convention put on by sales force. liam has highlights. >> a person interviewing who raised some eyebrows, travis the ceo of uber hinted the ride share company may soon turn to robots to deliver service. >> this is everything in our world we'll see going robotic in the next 20 years.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: he opted to not question on legal disputes over the rights of employees versus contractors but challenged him and others to give back to their communities. >> uber has a heart. >> reporter: it was classic as he used to gathering to promote new and old causes like the 1 million book drive he kicked off from this temporary schoolhouse located in the middle of the convention. these books will be donated to every public school in san francisco. >> these will be classroom books in different genres and different reading abilities. >> reporter: like in previous years, there was a lot of star power at dream force including singer, songwriter stevie wonder. it was a great song followed by a powerful message of support for yet a new cause. >> how can we improve the treatment of cancer? >> reporter: sales force announced it will partner with the university of california to improve the survival rate of breast cancer patients.
9:35 pm
in san francisco, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. seems like a lot of people are taking bart. bart says they have every available train available running during peak hours. well, lift the online ride share company has a new business partner. the san francisco-based lift company will work with china's top ride sharing service. the new owners or this news comes just a day after that company in china invested $100 million in lift. the two are calling the new partnership two countries, one app. lift users will be able to hail a ride using their lift app and vice versa. they are both in competition with uber. it is more than just vandalism, why the markings on this tree may be a bad sign for a san francisco
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san francisco city officials are trying to figure out to do with a sculpture that some believe was created by a sculpture. paint, burns, cut, that's what's been done this to sculpture carved by a single tree. how does it make you feel to see it in this state? >> i wanted to dry. >> reporter: john temple ton says until earlier this year, the statute looked like this,
9:40 pm
undamaged. he believes the vandalism is a symbol of the disappearing black population in the city. >> when a piece like this is damaged, it's a sign of larger decline of the community. >> reporter: he's convinced it's the work of sergeant johnson, one of the first to gain national recognition, this was a 1936 project by johnson still in place today at washington high school in san francisco. his work is everywhere but not everyone is convinced this statute is his. >> i grew up in the western addition and played on this piece. i'm not sergeant johnson expert. i'm familiar with the work. i'm not 100% certain. >> reporter: london breed says the city is working to identify the piece, two sergeant johnson works are being moved to pier
9:41 pm
27, his totorian temple ton wou like to statute to join them. san francisco police are looking for thieves who broke into a church monday night and stole several items. it happened at anthony in the mission district. they went in through a book door and stole three golden pieces. they grabbed a guitar and price list. >> somebody came here to steal for money. there is a lot of other things that could be pawned easily but the relics has no value except to the people of this community. >> the church has one left, the ones stolen are worth $7,000 each. dramatic i'm pagmages of fl tonight. >> oh, day, it went over the thing. oh, no. >> coming up next an abc 7 news, how people in utah survived this terrifying moment.
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the death toll is rising. nick watt has the story of two boys that survived and what they did in the crucial moments. >> oh, no, oh, no. >> reporter: they named their dad killed in these vehicles, there sisters, dell la black and nine of their children. three survived, one cut through air bags and jumped from the roof. a 6-year-old boy still missing. 30 miles north of the national park, they are searching for one missing hiker, six others
9:46 pm
confirmed dead after a flash flood. hill dale is home to the polygamy community. they are suspicious of outsiders and live a simple religious life. >> it helps us deal with it more knowing that they were sweet and innocent. they will go to heaven. >> reporter: virginia black filmed the tragedy from their deck. >> nothing we could have done. >> this community united in grief trying to decipher god's will. in san diego, check out this video. yeah, that semi truck sliding down interstate 15. the truck barely missed a photo journalist. the semi hit the station's news fan. no one was seriously hurt but the photographer says his life flashed before his eyes. >> thank goodness he's okay. let's update the forecast. while that was terrifying, nice to see wet roads. >> definitely and sandy patel
9:47 pm
has a look. >> things starting to quiet down. i'll take you back in time the last few hours in the fire zone, valley fire they did pick up much-needed rain in this region so help to the fires and as we widen the picture, those showers moving through, they are starting to diminish but spotty returns, so do expect some more light spotty showers as we head toward the morning commute. a little drizzle as the low level moisture is there. if you're traveling around the state, tsunami advisory up for the southern california coastline. so be careful, stay away from the beaches, harbors, marinas if you head there los angeles 80. monterrey 70. no tsunami advisories here in the bay area from that quake in chi chile. highs for thursday are coming up. 69 in half moon bay and 84
9:48 pm
antioch and sun will breakthrough everywhere for the afternoon hours. accuweather seven-day forecast will feature a major change in the pattern. we'll go from wet to warmer friday and then down right hot as we head towards the weekend, bay and inland 90s. coastal spots 70s and temperatures will come down a little bit for the start of the workweek. tuesday, wednesday, upper 60s to mid 80s. students at san francisco state university are about to find it easier to get a haircut. dorm cuts is coming to the school. >> works like other on demand services like uber. student schedules an appointment with a professional barber that comes to the dorm room. >> the two college students in minnesota came up with the idea. it's started to expect in october or november. yet, another idea we didn't come up with. >> i know. >> be in a dorm? >> too late. tv station? >> newsroom? >> yeah. [ laughter ]
9:49 pm
>> put a bowl on your head and you're on. >> i don't want you cutting my hair, right. [ laughter ] >> keep the scissors away. >> larry and sharp objects. >> we're in the early stages of developing our app. sandy does not want to be in on the alpha testing. the call that berry zito was the call that berry zito was called would not becoming.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 continuing coverage on the earthquake in chile triggering a tsunami advisory along the california coastline . a live report from santa cruz. >> thumbs up or down on the gop debate. here with bay area republicans that gathered tonight for a watch party. >> those stories and more at 11:00 on channel seven. we have a lot of sports to
9:53 pm
talk about tonight. >> we do. it's been a rough season for the a's, you give the fans something they have been calling for. they heard their fans and brought berry zito back. the pitcher has been in the minors all season in nashville and after running down a list of reasons why he could not be called up, an injury to jesse chavez opens the door. ideal would be him pitching against the giants in a week and a half against hudson. it would be great to see him start a game. cody martin got called up from nashville three pitches many and gone. two-run shot by carlos sanchez, more of the same in third. here it comes and goes. jose with the 29th of the year. the sox score six runs in the fourth and cruz out to a 9-1 lead. good night for ice cream and beer. double fisting. isn't every night a good night for ice cream and beer? jake would add another home run late. this game was over early.
9:54 pm
the a's would lose by a score of 9-4. giants and reds, andres torrez braving the rain hanging by a thread. bust t buster posey bringing in de aza. help from friends here. skip schumaker sinking line tore right. bird and gone right through him if he didn't make the catch. bottom three. triples and here we come. it's bird. knocking in brandon bell and the giants are out to a 3-0 lead. we saw madison bumgarner pinch hitting and jake peavy can rake, also. this is his first home run since 2006. giants pitchers have nine sinkers this year, right now giants leading over the reds 5-2 in the eighth. on to nfl news, derek carr says he's never missed a game due to injury and doesn't plan
9:55 pm
on missing sunday's game. he took 99% of the snaps in practice. no issues and gave a little thumbs up there. although, he says his thumb is still not 100%. he injured it on sunday and said hi couldn't return because he was not able to grip the ball. you can see him in pain there. he did learn a valuable lesson, do not stiff arm opponents with your throwing hand. >> in the spur of the moment especially where we're at we needed a first down and needed something. my teammate said we love why you did it and what you're trying to do but don't do it again. it's hard to draw the line. i have to be smart for the team's sake, just to protect us and just get down and we'll live to play the next play instead of not being able to come back but i definitely learned from it, that's for sure. former 49ers owner was on hand monday night at levi stadium to honor charles hailey and his induction into the hall of fame but also his first visit
9:56 pm
to levi stadium. remember, he spent all these years trying to get the niners a new stadium and that never quite came to fruition. he was in awe of what he saw monday night. >> yeah. >> what did you think? >> star wars. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you one thing, i don't think i've ever, those seats are high. they really are. i don't think i can walk up there, not with my knees. >> deflategate is thankfully over at least for now. today the nfl reinstated the patriots' locker room attendants. john and jim call me the deflator mcnally, the patriots suspended them at the request of the nfl back in hin may. they can't handle the footballing anymore but they are back with the team. the pact 12 season kicks off
9:57 pm
this saturday night they will visit usc a 5:00 kick off and the trojans look like they may once again be the best team in the conference. comes in 1-1 after mist flying and depressing loss to open the campaign. 31-7 over central florida with kevin hogan finds the catch. sc 2-0 and routed a couple in arkansas state and idaho and trojans listed as ten-point fov ra -- favorites. >> we have very few people that think we have a chance. >> big game for our program and i know the guys are ready to go. we're excited to get out to practice. >> all right. so the other football, a win for the earthquakes giving up the play-off spot 35th minute, montreal's donnie turns it over. chris, thank you very much, his 14th of the year, 1-nil san
9:58 pm
jose. 69th minute, tied at one, perez garcia finding one and he's just wide. so close from a sliding kick. this game ends in a 1-1 tie so the quakes remain one point out with five matches remaining. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> all right. nice to see berry zito get another opportunity. >> especially since billy bean said that this won't happen and we're not going to do it. turns out they are able to get it done. >> first, there was a chicken on the bay bridge and now a duck is looking for attention. >> the chp posted this photo of a duck wondering on westbound 80. the duck was quickly captured by officers and taken to the berkeley animal shelter. >> earlier this month, a chicken was caught near the bay bridge toll plaza that caused a big traffic backup as drivers tried to avoid the bird.
9:59 pm
helping to educate children. >> we want to thank you for spending your evening with us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, appreciate your time as always and hope to see you in one hour. >> abc 7 news continues online with our abc 7 news app.
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