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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 18, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. side, a suspect goes faint after entering a plea. assessing damages to schools within the perimeter of the valley fire. and tonight why authorities are not ready to let people back into their homes. the staying power of the longest-running variety show in history. 53 years without a rerun. it was dubbed the real life gone girl case, but turned out to be legit. >> now, the suspect is not contesting charges in connection with another case, good evening everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm a daetz.
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majority baits was in court and within minutes, paramedics were called to the courtroom. >> reporter: matthew muller told the judge he was well enough to enter the no contest plea. between now and monday, officials will transport muller to san francisco. no contest is the plea matthew muller enter forward a june home invasion. he left his cell phone behind, a key piece evidence that led investigators to his south lake tahoe home, they found more evidence linking him to a march kidnapping in vallejo. police called it a hoax. muller's attorney says the no contest plea is a strategic move. >> everything you're doing here is done with an eye. >> reporter: overlapping
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sentencing if found guilty. >> there is a binding agreement that he'll receive concurrent time for whatever time he gets in sacramento. >> reporter: at most, the home invasion carries 11 years but the kidnapping could send him to prison longer. >> it's decades. >> reporter: monday, muller will be arraigned on a federal complaint for the vallejo kidnapping. >> his mental space will be a component of what happens in sacramento. >> reporter: johnson says muller will plead not guilty. the complaint he is answering to is a charging document, however, he has to the been indicted yet. after monday, the u.s. attorney will have two weeks to indict muller or release him.+ melanie, thank you. petaluma police are searching for a man they say raped a woman in her home this morning around 9:00 a.m. in the west ridge subdivision. the woman found a man inside of
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her house and sexual assaulted her, and took off. the suspect is described as a white man, six feet tall with a pot belly. >> i got a knock on the door. a police officer was there. that is around 9:30 or so. quarter to ten. told me the second house down there had been robbed. i knew whose house it was. >> reporter: his heart dropped when he learned the victim was a relative. police arrested 449ers fans using video to track them down. this video was posted to social media tuesday morning showing a group of niners fans hitting and kicking a man in a vikings jersey. the 32-year-old, 33-year-old and 30-year-old were arrested. a 17-year-old female was cited and released to her parents. the 49ers say one suspect is a season ticket holder and their
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tickets have been revoked. a defense attorney for the man accused of killing kate steinle is maintaining it was a accident. he was arraigned on murder charges this morning. admitted in a jail house interview he did fire the gun at pier 14 on july 1, but his attorneys believe he should not face murder charges saying lopez sanchez never intended to shoot anybody. >> we feel confident from what we're learning when a jury hears the evidence in this case, they're going to reach a conclusion that this was an accident. and that the defendant did not act with criminal intent or purpose. >> lopez sanchez will appear in court next on december 15th. a judge set bail for three correctional deputies accused in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate.
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half a million for each suspect. inside of the hall of justice, a sense of rerev for three correctional officers charged in the jail house beating death of inmate michael tryee. >> we're grateful the court took into consideration everything we had to say and did what was right and upheld the constitution. >> reporter: the judge set i high bail of $1.5 million each, saying there wasn't clear and convincing evidence the men could cause great harm and bodily injury to others. >> what does that mean in the context of this case? that means these defendants beat a human being to death. >> reporter: the district attorney pointed to incriminating text messages to two of the three defendant who's wrote about assaulting other
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inmates one month prior to the death. members of the defense team are skeptical. >> we have to take a little more time to investigate this case and figure out what it means. okay? >> reporter: the family released this statement, saying in part, the ongoing tragedy is that michael and other inmates were not so fortunate to have resources to post bail. they were left at the mercy of the officer who's had none. defense attorneys will be back in court in ten days to discuss bail options with the judge. the latest now on the valley fire in lake county. thousands of people evacuated from their homes are growing anxious to return. authorities say they're not ready to let them back in. a public health emergency has been declared because of the large animal that's perished in the fire.
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a man caught driving in an suv has been arrested for looting. the 25-year-old reportedly admitted to spray painting the vehicle to look like a police car. schools in the valley fire area appear to be a long way from reopening. abc7 news reporter laura anthony was in middleton today. officials inspected one school. she's at calistoga high school. and laura, what did they find? >> well, ama, at this point middleton superintendent tells us the schools look good. she estimates as many as 400 of their 1500 students lost their homes. that is why she's preparing so reopen her schools, most of them still standing to give kids the softest landing possible. >> there is lots of fine particulate matter here.
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>> reporter: officials are planning to reopen the schools to give the community a sense of normalcy. >> it's a miracle. all of our campuses are intact. we have soot and ash to clean out. >> reporter: middleton had one school destroyed by the fire. locanoma continuation school. and all that is left are the face masks for the football team. once cleaned up, the superintendent expects the high school and other schools should be ready to reopen on thursday with one exception. cobb mountain elementary was in the middle of one of the hardest hit areas. smoke damage inside likely means it won't reopen for a couple months. >> we have no idea how many students will be able to return. >> and there is still the open question of when residents will
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be allowed to come back. despite rumors cal fire insists a repopulation plan has yet to be final yiedzed. >> we're pursuing areas that we can open. we want to start that process as we have, so it's an ongoing every day. >> we hope to provide a safe, warm, newer touring environment for kids when they come back. something they're used to, six hours per day. >> so there is a no school in the fire area until next thursday at the earliest. so parents have been working with various organizations owe to keep their trips planned and to an a's game. the information for those families will be on our website, later this evening. in calistoga, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you. one school in the area did reopen today. students at pope valley union
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elementary were back in class for the first time since the evacuation. the principal felt strongly about reopening on a friday. attendance was volume teary. >> it's important for students to know they -- life will return to normal. >> the ones there seemed to be pleased to get on the bus and get back to living their life. >> the principal is hoping all 52 students will be back on monday. let's turn to natasha in middleton. people are trying to get past the police lines to see if their homes are still standing. >> reporter: it's been six long days. many say they can't wait any longer. unfortunately, too many will come home to this. heart break doesn't do justice to what happened in these communities. i want to introduce you to joey here. one resident said joey is her
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miracle today. >> oh, hi, baby. >> reporter: imagine finding a burn line behind your house. >> i don't see any. >> reporter: christine is a teacher who rescues cats. she left her home six days ago and returned to what she called a miracle. >> i was in shock our homes are here. >> reporter: she couldn't find her cat. she left the door open and hoped for the best. >> looks like they're there. >> reporter: names stopped just in time and all of the cats are alive, even the kittens. hundreds of residents are desperate to check on their homes, but many roads are still closed. cal fire says they'll likely not be lifting evacuations sometime. >> there are crews out there doing that. we're still out, pg and e still stringing line so we can get people home as soon as possible.
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>> that is a lot of work. >> a lot of work. definitely. >> imagine we still have to make replacement calls and stringing up lines. >> reporter: she says there are 7,000 poles in this area, and many need replacing. they're 88% done with the task. >> there is a lot of work to be done. we're working as safely and quickly as possible. >> reporter: back at home, there is a mess, it's been ravaged by raccoons but the home is here. >> people are coming home, you know? we're going to be there for each other. >> reporter: christine is a resident of cobb and is looking for anyone who wants to adopt sleepy joey here or these other cats. cal fire says many neighborhoods will not be open for some time, they're just still not safe.
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people are collecting items for evacuees of the fire. thank you to angelo for food and water he's planning to donate this weekend. still ahead tonight, animal clinics in the valley fire area are overrun with lost and injured pets. a woman just reunited with her dog. a harrowing day on the bay for a barge pilot who shows how he missed striking the golden gate bridge. mother nature is bringing the heat for the weekend and records may fall on sunday. numbers ahead, in accuweather. numbers ahead, in accuweather. c
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ many of the people have been displaced by the valley fire. the only thing they have left are their pets. cornell bernard is live tonight in an animal shelter that has been overrun with lost, and injured animals. cornell? >> reporter: yes. it's getting crowded here, but workers here say no problem, they're happy to make room for as many four-legged fire victims that they can. officials say they will stay at the shelter until they are claimed. the pictures are heart breaking. the lake county shelter trying to reunite 200 dogs and cats with owners found lost after the
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valley fire. the shelter's facebook page packed with snap shots and information, hoping someone will recognize them. >> there is information here, this one is pretty girl. >> reporter: kelly tracy checking on dozens. cats that were boarded in a vet clinic forced to evacuate from the valley fire. they're waiting for owners to claim them, but that could take time. >> they've lost their home and everything. everything. and they just now, the pets are going to be one more thing he. >> the shelter is offering free boarding but some won't be coming back. jack's owners surrendered him. and yanni will be looking for a new home too. >> we didn't work on keeping her as calm as possible. >> they will be available for adoption soon. >> she hasn't been lost very long, i'm sure we'll find her. i'm emotional about it.
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>> reporter: sarah is looking for her dog, angel. . >> i just kept telling him how much i love them. how thankful i was to be their mom and we're going to make it. >> really emotional. just seconds ago we received word of a couple evacuation orders that have been lifted. residents of middleton will be allowed to reopen at noon and road blocks at spruce grove road will be coming down now. many will find their homes were destroyed. >> environmentalists are applauding a san francisco bar pilot who averted what could have been a disaster. he was piloting a ship that had sudden engine failure, causing a system to stop working. he stopped the ship and was able to hold it in position. he also made sure that the
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disabled tanker didn't drift into the golden gate bridge. >> in a situation like this, we have to evaluate risk and look at options and try to use our best judgment to come up with a best, and safest option. >> investigators inspected the ship and made repairs. the ship's engines restarted and captain man byes was able to get to treasure island. >> the mission district is about to get a lot more colorful. street artists have begun standing out over 16 city blocks, creating art work on walls and fences, more than 15,000 people from around the world are expected to participate in this three-day painting event. the art form has gone main stream. mayor ed lee stopped by to give his approval.
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abc7 news was at justin herman plaza. and this event is during spring training after experiencing heart problems and says a checkup might have saved his life. >> get checked out. he goes bruce, if you come get looked at once per year, i'll make sure it's not your heart. we'll keep it going. >> the heart walk raised $3 million to fight heart disease and strokes. >> the weather is heating up this weekend. >> yes. >> the weekend of summer, witness turn hot around here, sunday, we can see records in the bay. we are tracking nothing.
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there are no clouds so live doppler 7 hd is quiet tonight. right now, it's comfortable. 62 in san francisco. and san jose, 77. this is gorgeous. just a beautiful shot from our emeryville camera. nothing but clear skies and that is going to be the carbon copy. 77 novato. and 84 livermore. heat peaks on sunday. records are possible. cooler air filters in as fall
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begins on wednesday. if heading to the beach, upper 50s to lower 60s out there now. two areas of high pressure. so saturday, and sunday, firefighters show you heating up saturday. lots of 80s and 90s. by sunday, heat returns inland. into 90s and tuesday, wednesday, that is when relief will come. overnight, plenty of stars up there. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s. highs for saturday, 92 cupertino.
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downtown, warm, 80. into the north bay, santa rosa, 92. into east bay, warm. 86 oakland. there is your accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, heating up, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, partly cloudy. so just saturday, nearly sunday going to feel hot out there again. >> thank you. >> well, coming up, a sign of the times for san francisco real estate. >> what would you pay for a house where a m
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in case you haven't heard, tonight's tim mcgraw concert was cancelled. he was scheduled to appear tonight and tomorrow night in irvine. doctors ordered him to postpone the shows. the nature of his illness hasn't been disclosed but mcgraw said, quote, if there was anyway i can sing, i would. >> stocks took a tumble today, the dow jones fell almost 300 points. investors concerned weakness in the global economy might become
7:27 pm
a drag on u.s. businesses. cam cal's jobs pictures showing signs of improvement again tonight. more than 36,000 new jobs were created around the state last month. and unemployment rate dropped slightly. here in the bay area, the east bay gained 600 jobs. the numbers were higher in july. a san francisco house were a mummifieded abouty was found. a corpse of a woman was found, she died earlier but her daughter kept living there. the property just sold for $1.5 million. >> wow. >> yes. >> more still to come tonight, just ahead a 16-year-old boy tackled by police for jaywalking. tonight he'll explain why he was
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doing the right thing. the attack on a high school football rep. you'll hear from players who say they were told to do it. why the pope's visit to cuba is
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the teenager at the center of a video that has gone viral is talking about the police take down that is getting a lot of attention. the 16-year-old was accused of resisting arrest. this 16-year-old emilio mayfield in a struggle with a cop when he allegedly refused to leave a lane marked for buses only. >> he pulled my arm, my shirt. i didn't like that. so i keep trying to walk like i didn't do anything wrong. >> you knew he was a police officer? >> yes. i knew. >> reporter: he was at the stockton transit center on his way to school.
7:32 pm
police tried to cite for trespassing. he says it was self-defense. >> he's pushing it towards my neck, choking me, going towards my chest. i can hardly breathe. he's going like this, pushing in. i'm pushing it back. >> reporter: police say he grabbed the officer's baton, that video seems to support that. >> we cannot, and will not allow anyone to try to take our weapons for us. not only our safety but the safety of the public. >> reporter: emilio and his family filed a complaint. he says he couldn't do anything differently. his grandfather says the officer should be fired. his advice, moving forward is- >> don't be bitter.
7:33 pm
still trust the police. and trust god. >> reporter: in stockton, tim daily, abc7 news. >> the young girl found dead inside of a bag on a boston beach has been identified and two people have been arrested are to the death. official says they have a name for the toddler, bella. she was murdered in june. a woman found her body in a trash bag. bella's mother and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with murder. >> a good day we brought a name to the face but a sad day. we lost a young child. >> the medical examiner is working to determine the cause of death. two high school football players who blind sided a ref admit they tackled him. saying they were under orders to lay the ref out. abc7 news reporter elizabeth
7:34 pm
herr tells me this is a criminal investigation. >> reporter: this moment has two texas high school footballs offering to apologize to the referee. first, tackled from behind, then, taking another hit while on the ground. >> i would apologize for the mistake i made. >> if you can take that moment back? >> i would. >> reporter: expressing regret and remorse in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, they admit they targeted the ref because their assistant coach, seen in this twitter picture, told them that guy needs to pay for cheating us. >> he pushed me and another player and told us you need to hit the ref. he told one of my hispanic friends "speak english." this is america ". >> did you hear that?
7:35 pm
>> i heard it. >> reporter: the school district plans to file a formal complaint against the referee, but through his attorney, he is denying the allegations. >> did he use a racial slur on that field? >> mr. watts? he did not. >> they're flat out lie something. >> correct. they're flat-out lying. >> he says that is the lie. >> that is the honest truth. with how bad it's gotten, the truth needs to be told. >> reporter: the two have been suspended from the school and the team. the assistant coach is on paid leave. donald trump coming under fire for a comment made in a town hall in new hampshire last night. now, it's not what he said, but what mr. trump did not say. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is
7:36 pm
one. >> we're going to look at different things. >> mr. obama is a christian, but made no effort to correct the man's remark or question. democrats pounced on how he hand handled the situation. >> if someone at one of my town hall meetings i would correct them. boy say no, the president is a christian born in this country. >> trump claims he didn't hear the question but has been skeptical of the president's background. 20% believe mr. obama was born outside of the u.s. and 29% believe he is muslim. neither is true. trump said if he is elected he would decline the president's salary of $400,000 per year. pope francis arrives in the united states to cannonize the
7:37 pm
founder of california's missions. the father will deliver a message of hope and peace to cuba. tonight, a look at the pontiff's plan. >> final preparations are being made for saturday's arrival of pope francis. including visits with several churches. he took to twitter saying i need your prayers. sunday morning, thousands are expected to turn out in mass led by the pope. >> this is exciting time for me. looking forward to it. >> last few years they weren't smiling a lot. >> the trip is seen as a celebration of the new era of diplomacy between the u.s. and
7:38 pm
cuba the latest example is easing of business and travel restrictions set to go into affect monday. it's the eve of the pope's visit to the u.s. and not likely a coincidence. businesses are excited for the coming changes. >> you expect people from around the world? >> yes. it's coming. good for the family of cuba. for cuba. >> reporting in what vana, i'm carlos sandoval. >> i'll be in washington to cover his message and cannonization of father sarah. >> coming up next, how to beat
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>> thank you. >> sure. >> just ahead remarkable staying power of the longest-running variety show in television history. 2600
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he's considered a giant among giants in the entertainment world. don francisco will announce his last show on the air. his real name is mario blumenfeld. >> i used to do an impression of a language in spanish. >> it was a career name he could live with. he was born in chile. his father was a concentration camp survivor who fled from germany. he started a variety show. years later the show was
7:48 pm
broadcasted on the spanish language network univision. the show's name, giant saturday. it's often described as an entertainment interview and human interest show, three hours long. for 53 years, don francisco has been a favorite of many, many hispanics. few have known how to engage with their public. he was an ace at it. >> you pack social issues. everything was done with joy. there is nothing impossible. >> reporter: in the mission district, employees told us the 74-year-old has been an icon in this community. sarah gomez says she likes how he treats people on the show. >> i'm very honored and very proud of what we did these 53
7:49 pm
years. >> reporter: don francisco says he wants to leave with dignity. abc7 news. >> that is quite a run. >> now, the valley fire is up to 45% contained. >> drizzle, moisture, drew? >> yes. we're going to warm up over the weekend. right now, widening out and showing you what's happening across the lower 48. a weak cold front, otherwise, lots of sunshine in the nation's heartland and back west. into california, hots of sunshine from northern to southern portions of the state. 105 in palm springs, 89 in l.a. 75 in monterey. we'll zoom into the bay area, it's the beginning of a warm up. so saturday, it's going to feel warm. sunday is the warmer day over the weekend.
7:50 pm
80 in san francisco. 86 oakland. 96 in antioch and santa rosa, warm. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, heating up sunday, just hot, records may fall, otherwise, monday heat begins to ease a bit. by tuesday, partly cloudy. >> wow. >> yes. >> gosh. >> great. >> thank you. >> in sports, an early season clash in the pac-12 tomorrow. cardinals heading to l.a. as
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
stanford and usc renewed their rivalry. while a lot of people believe usc is going to crush the cardinals last five meetings is going to decide the new possession. ronnie harris had his big moment in 2012 stopping along special teams. >> that is the experience here on the football team.
7:54 pm
special team on special teams for that year just taught me to do my job. and i just can't let them get that ball out. the ball is able to come out. so just being able to continue to do my job is what i'm working on. >> as mentioned, but worth repeating stanford and sc live here with a kickoff tomorrow at 5:00. and stick around with yours truly. rick quan will be live with live post game interviews. >> cal bears are 2-0 in a hot-style environment at texas in austin. should be packed. long horns are rebuilding for many years under matt brown. a bears win at texas would mean a lot. >> it would be huge. played good football last two games.
7:55 pm
a lot of people will get who we played. maybe there is a reason kids are going out there reggie bush will not play against the steelers after suffering a strained calf. that should mere moan carries for carlos hyde. a huge game. and steph curry today going back to charlotte christian school. he met with former teachers and participated with a q and a and asked about winning the mvp award. >> i won an mvp trophy. and now, you've got a scrawny kid from charlotte christian on
7:56 pm
there, too. it's crazy. >> he's so humble. the sharks open training camp but will be hosting a mixed marshal arts event. a cage and a kick boxing ring that is side by side. also a four-man light heavy weight tournament. the legend looking forward to a unique event. >> to see four of the top heavy weights fight multiple times in one night and the title fight just going to be an amazing night. tiger woods announced he underwent yet another back surgery, his second in a year and a half. he's had knee problems as well.
7:57 pm
tiger will not be playing in next month's open. jason day is open the rise. 18 under par, following yesterday's 61 with an eight under 63 today. he just starts throwing before the putt is down. seven birdies and a bogey. they had a lead over animal burger and brendan todd. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> thank you. be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, a story of bravery and survive value why the valley fire, what this man did to save a baby. then, at 11:00 we told you middleton schools are getting
7:58 pm
ready to reopen. the support athletes are getting tonight. here is a look at our prime time line up. then, shark tank, 2020 and abc7 news at 11:00. >> and that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. from all of us, have a great night.
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