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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 18, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> minnesota viking fan was pummel and kicked in the levi stadium parking lot and tonight police say they have the people responsible. good evening. dan is off. >> santa clara police announce tonight they have arrested 4, forty-niner fans using video of fight to track them down. this
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video posted to social media tuesday morning. show a group of niner fans hitting and kick manage in a vikings jersey. that-year-old felix 33-year-old juan and 30-year-old martinez arrested. 17-year-old girl was cited and released to her parents. >> we received tips the based off the social media if from whether was aired and our investigators were able to contact the tipster and 7 valuable information. >>reporter: miss say that kind of behavior will not be tolerated in santa clara. >> people emotional about the team whether winning or losing and we understand that. but there's no reason why fan behave in such a manner that they did on monday and assault somebody like the way they when this does happen this is very important to us and this behavior not tolerated. >> in a statement the forty-niner say one of the suspect is a season ticket holder. that person ticket have been revoked. petaluma police are looking for for man they say raped a woman in her home this morning. happened in the suburban west
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ridge subdivision. january it o explains what happened. >> neighbors are visibly shake shaken. >> i can't believe it. sf. >> po ice say the rape happened in the suld sack normally quiet suburban enabled. not the case today. sky 7 hd show police cars lining the streets as officers search on foot with canine. to track down the attacker. crime scene technician in and out with bag of evidence from the home where a woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight. officials say the victim came home to find intruder in her house. she said he restrained and raped her before running away. >> i was really surprised that something happened like this. up in this area. it seemed very odd random kind of event. >> well i knew whose house it was. >> bob heart dropped when he learned the victim was relevant. >> he said fortunately her 2 young children were spared for
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witnessing such horrific event. >> they weren't home or anything else. happened i guess after she had left and taken them to escape. never had any problem here. >> used to leave the garage door open in the 40 years they lived on this lot they said this is the first time something like this has happened. neighbors say they will take extra precaution moving forward but the it's still a great place to live. this is 7 news. >> now to the latest on the valley fire in lake county. couple evacuation orders are being lifted tonight. resident of twin lake were allowed back in tonight. residents of middle town will be allowed to return home tomorrow at noon. the that will be relief to lots of people but unfortunately many will find their homes in ashes. also tomorrow rest didn't of hidden valley lake the cobb and anderson springs will be escorted if the evacuation zone for 15 minutes in order to check on livestock or pets they left behind.
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public health emergency declared in lake county because of the large animal that parish in the fire. >> and police have arrested this man 25-year-old jeremiah mcginnis for looting last night in lower lake. police say they caught him driving this suv the stolen from an evacuation area. he admitted spray painting the vehicle so it would look like a police car. >> meanwhile it could be awhile before school in the fire zone reopen. stv laura was in middletown today as officials inspected one school. squa. >> they with had one school destroyed by the fire. this
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school housed in a portable is a total loss. so is an equipment shed. all that is left some of the metal face mask for the high school football team. once the dust and smoke are cleaned up the superintendent expects middletown high and other school should be ready to reopen next thursday t.that is with one exception. cobb mont mountain elementary right in the middle of the hardest hit areas. look okay from the outside but smoke damage inside likely means it won't reopen for a couple of months. >> we have no idea at this point how many the of the displaced students will be able to return. they have a place to live in when they come back. >> we hope to provide a safe warm nurturing environment for all the kids when they come become. something they are used to 6 hours a day. so they are feeling secure again. >> so no school in the fire area until next thursday at the earliest so parents have been working with various organizations to keep the kids busy. trips planned at the
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exploratorium san francisco zoo and oakland a game. that information for those family on our web site 7 later this evening. in calistoga laura anthony abc 7 news. >> 7 fuss reporter met one woman who had a big surprise when she returned to her home in cobb. fight hi baby. imagine coming home and finding the burn lane right behind your house. >> i don't see any dead cat. >> christine is a substitute teacher who rescues cats. she left her home 6 days ago and returned to what she calls a miracle. >> i was shocked. i was in shock. that our homes are here. >> in the rush she couldn't find her cat so she left the door open and hoped for the best. situation. doesn't look like they are dying of thirty. >> flames stopped just in time and the cats are alive. even the kitten. >> hundreds of rest didn't like
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christine are desperate to check on the homes but many of the road are still closed. >> still crew throughout doing that. still out pg&e still stringing line and we can get people home as soon as possibl possible. >> work defendant to be done. >> definitely. >> the home itself is a mess. if the home is here. >> praying for people that are coming home you know. >> we are all there for each other. >> limit so much heart break and destruction joe is one of the also survivors here. christine cobb rest didn't and she is looking for anyone to adopt little joe or any other cats. in middletown, 7 news. >> fire now 45 percent contained but that could change if the weather doesn't cooperate. let's check in now withdrew. >> we see the wednesday begin to shift overnight as we see high pressure really build in to the area where the valley fire is so the next 24 hours you do notice we have a north
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west wind light about 7 miles and it's changing direction to the north and then by the north and east tomorrow afternoon. you do notice the wind are completely gusty. wind less than 15 miles per hour but the high pressure that is building in certainly going to warm-up the area. look at this. afternoon high over the next 7 days. we are in the 90's. through at least monday. 94 tomorrow. 96 both sunday and that monday and then we slowly begin to cool down temperatures clear lake. next 30 days are breezy and hot. look at this gorgeous sunset. happening from our east bay hills camera early this eveni at 7:13 p and live look outside beautiful downtown san francisco. on our way to hot last weekend of summer. we detail the numbers and accu-weather 7 day forecast and accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes >> we aren't hearing another story of bravery from the fire. we are we are. just as the fair was taken off. wild life officer got emergency call from
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a woman in cobb. he drove the car through the fire entered the home and found elderly woman with her 11 month old grand-daughter. that's the baby in his arms. got them to safety just before the fire destroyed their home. >> as remirnd you can give where you live to help people affected by the if fire and several way you can contribute go to our web site for the specific. or text red cross to this number on the screen to instantly give 10 dollars. >> that smoke. sf smoke. sf this is all smoke. >> we get in credible look tonight at thehe valley fire started saturday afternoon. this is video shot from hidden valley lake. desiree lopez first pulled out her phone at her house then went up the hill for a better look. like she said everything you see is smoke. she says the house is okay but she still hasn't been able to return.
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>> people all over the bay area collecting items to deliver to evacuee of the valley fire. thank to you anglo for sharing this photo of food water he will deliver this weekend. you can share with our web site what you donate on social media with the hash-tag abc 7 is now. with the hash-tag abc 7 is now. more head at 9:00. >> this is may neighborhood i can't believe it. >> petaluma woman reacts to learning about a rape down the block. pot belly man police want to catch right now. >> rabid bat scare in fremont. what officials found the warning they give resident. >> and summer returns. just in >> and summer returns. just in time for fall how
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>> it was dub the real life gone girl case but turned out to be legit. suspect in the vallejo kidnapping is not contesting charges in connection with another case. matthew entered no contest plea today to home invasion in dublin. but within minutes paramedic were called to the cramp. melanie was there for all the drama. no contest. that's the plea matthew entered for a june home invasion in dublin. mueller left the cell phone behind. key piece of evidence that led investigators to his south lake tahoe home.
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where they found more evidence. also linking him to march kidnapping in vallejo. police initially called the kidnapping a hoax. >> the attorney says the no condition test plea is a strategic move. >> everything we do here is done with an eye to federal court. >> that strategic move overlapping sentence if found guilty in the vallejo kidnapping case. >> binding agreement he will receive concurrent tame for whatever time he gets in if sacramento in the federal case. >> home invasion carries 11 years because the vallejo kidnapping could send him to prison much longer. >> decade as in plural. >> arraigned on federal complaint for vat lay oh, kidnapping. >> mess mental state will be component of what happens in sacramento. >> johnson says mueller will plead not guilty. >> federal complaint that mueller is answering to on monday is a charging document however he has not been indicted yet. after monday the
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u.s. attorney office will have two week to indict mueller or release him. in the newsroom melanie abc 7 news. >> sick bat found entered fremont tested positive for rib he's. found in 100 to 300 black of washington boulevard. al mead county health department says anyone who came in contact with the bat could have been exposed to rabies. it's the 12th rabid bat found inal mead county this year. rabies is the fatal disease but it can be pre-vent in the the exposed person or animal received a series of vaccine shots as soon as possible after the exposure. >> in el vooen veto man arrested for hurling a baseball size rock into a police car. wasn't hurt but in the pictures smashed the windshield. after reviewing the surveillance video from nearby sporting good store police identified 30-year-old frank sanders of richmond as the suspect. and arrested him on charges of assault of an officer on an officer excuse me. >> am door county the butte
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fire now 63 percent containe far it's burned more than 70,000 acres. 2 men died in separate instances in the county when they were unable to get out of the home. all evacuation orders lift entered the county. some remain in effect in this county. 4500 firefighters on the front-lines of the wildfir wildfire. it's been burping for more than a we can and destroyed 365 homes. >> mountain lions cub recovering after badly burned in the butte fire. fish wild life officials are nursing the if 4 month old cub back to health. volunteers found him monday evacuating domestic animal and he was named fir claw because the pads were burned. the condition is still fragile. >> secondary infection possibly respiratory infection that can still set in so we moptor the prognosis daily. >> once fir claw is healthy he will either be placed in a zoo or another educational facilit
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facility. fight hope he gets better soon. >> our weather gets better if you like really hot weather. >> i think you are done with the summer. >> wednesday. >> we felt that open tuesday. felt grit out there. but this weekend mother nature is one last gaps of the summer like heat. the quiet outside. we take you outside. a gorgeous view from the exploratorium camera showing you the lights of san francisco and the crescent moon just ever so on the horizon really just a tranquil night. 62 currently in san francisco. 64 in oakland. 65 in mountain view same in san jose. morgan hill 72. half machine bay 57 degrees. leif look from the are top camera 7 studio and delightful picture. the tremendous not moving all that much just late breasts out there and quiet along the embarcadero 61. no have the 0fairfield 68 concord. 71 and 72 in livermore. final view from the east bay hills camera showing you all of the bay here
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at&t park. diamond back taking on the giants all aglow. no low cloud no fog and that is the sky you see for several da days. high pressure in contro control. mostly clear sky. rather warm temperature once again. sought forecast calls for warm to hot temperatures this weekend. the peek of the heat happens on sunday and sunday we may see few record fall across the bay area. then cooler temperatures move in midweek. just in time for the start of fall on wednesday. doppler along with satellite showing you not one but 2 broader areas of high pressure really the muscle maker of the forecast this weekend. bring us the heat pump hot difficult both saturday and into sunday. so future temperature heat up on saturday you do know 80's and is in pretty prevalent across the bay area by sunday though triple digit heat really moves inland even 80's and 90's around the immediate bay so it's a hot end to the final weekend of enter and then on monday the heat eases ever so
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slightly but we still rather mild for this time of the year. it's tuesday into wednesday you will fell the relief. over tonight tonight. nice tonight plenty of stars. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid 50's across the bay and high for your saturday. south bay micro climate is warm. lots of sunshine pt 91 santa clare. 94 morgan hill. 89 milpitas. along with the peninsula. 77 pacifica. 90 redwood city. 89 menlo park. >> war at 80 degrees. 75 upset district. 79 for south san francisco. 90 petaluma tomorrow. 92 santa rosa. 90 vallejo. 76 for stinson beach. oakland up to 86 degrees. 88 free mont. and inland it's nice and warm in the 90's. 94 pittsburgh. knife walnut cree creek. see the ravens take on the raider sunday it's hot out there 86 by game time. 92 game wrap up sun screen. >> accu-weather 7 day forecast. we are hot on sunday. and the
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heat ease as bit on monday but then by tuesday and wednesday we are back to more fall like temperatures but yes sunday the day to watch record to fall unfortunately. >> thank you drew. >> arts comes in all form and tonight 3 day graffiti party is in full invited to the spray paint festival next on spray paint festival next on abc 7 news at 9
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is. >> southern california company recalled several brands of soft cheese after they were linked to listeria outbreak. 24 illness reported around the country and there has been one death in ohio. dairy recalled
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these brand. central valley creamery and this one. company says so far none of the product tested positive for listeria but it did issue the recall after the cdc and fda informed of it a link to the illnesses. >> artist from all over the world are gathered in san francisco this weekend for a major painting marathon. take a look as kahn see this isn't happening in the studio. event is taking place in 16 city block around the mission district. aerosol artist have already started creating the master piece on walls fence and even garage doors. graffiti tagger the street artist have permission to spray paint. >> it take as village and people give them permission to paint help the artist to perfect the craft and it's a win-win for everybody. >> more than 15,000 people are expected to participate in the 3 day painting event. take police on alley near mission
9:25 pm
and 24th street. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9 is next. coming up. arizona police have just announced an arrest in the sniper shooting that left phoenix on edge for week. >> problem in this country. >> donald trump under fire. comment he didn't make that have white house officials angry. >> scene-year-old boy who was tackle by police for jay walking. tonight you will hear him explain why he says h
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>> we begin this half hour with an arrest of man in the arizona highway snaiper shooting. s.w.a.t. team took 21-year-old leslie merit into custody out of phoenix area wal-mart.
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force tow a car in the parking lot for evidence. there have been at least 11 somewhat goes along interstate 10 since august 29. investigators say the suspect has been connected to at least 4 of them. 13-year-old girl was the only person injured. several cars were damaged. >> republican presidential front runner donald trims at the center of a fierce debate tonight. comes after face-to-face meeting with supporter who made a controversial claim about president obama and muslims in america. tonight some of trump republican rival are weighing in and hillary clinton is pulling no punches. david writd has more on the controversy from south carolin carolina. >> donald trims under fire for the way he handled this question. >> we have a problem in this country. called muslims. >> we know our current president is one. >> he's not even an american. birth certificate man. but any way. >> we need a question. >> we have training camp rolling where they want to kill us. about that's my question.
9:30 pm
>> we look at a lot of different things and you know a lot of people are saying that and people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we look at that and plenty of other things. >> trump did not which will engine the man false claim president obama is a muslim. today his campaign tells abc news he has trouble hearing the question adding the bigger issue is that obama is becameing war is christian in this country. liberty at steak trump opponent say he should not have let the question slide. >> if somebody brought that up in a town hall meeting of mine i would say no listen before we answer let's clear things up for the audience. we have an obligation as lead tore do that. >> that's what john mccain did at town hall in 2008 when one of his supporters called obama an arab. >> he's an arab. he's not darns about no. >> no ma'am he's a decent family man citizen that i just happened to have disgrementsd with. >> for years trump has fan
9:31 pm
conspiracy theories that obama was not born in america. as recently as few months ago. >> do you accept president obama was born in the united states. >> i really don't know. >>reporter: more than half the people who support trump believe obama is muslim. today the trump campaign said the questioner was right to worry about terrorist training camp in the united states. trump insists they exist. white house says that's ab sivrmentd i haven't seen anybody produce any evidence to substantiate the claim that there are. vast majority of americans would take a rather dim view of those view. >> hillary clinton isn't a tweet reading trump not deannouncing false statement about the president and hateful rhetoric about muslim is distour be and plane wrong cut it out. >> teen at the center of video that has gone viral is talking tonight about the police take down getting a lot of attentio attention. reporter tim daily spoke with the escape-year-old accused of resisting arrest
9:32 pm
accusing stockton officer of using excessive force. >> it's 16-year-old amaleia mayfield on the right clearly in a struggle with stockton co cop. all started when he allegedly refused to leave a lane marked for bus only. >> pull me then pull my arm and my shirt. i didn't like at. so i keep trying to keep walking like i didn't do noyshingts you knew that he was a police officer. >> yes i knew avenues police officer but. >>reporter: he was at the stockton transit center tuesday morning on his way to school. police tried to create for trespassing but things turned ugly. he amelio says it was self-defense. >> pushing toward my neck and choking and everything going towards my chest. i can hardly breathe going like this i'm like pushing it back. police say he amelio grabbed the officer baton and this video seems to support that. stockton cops say that's never a good idea. >> we can not will not allow
9:33 pm
anyone to try to take our weapons from us. not only for our safety but for the safety of the general public. >>reporter: she and his family say the officer and several officers during the arrest use excessive force. they have filed a formal complaint. because now under investigation any video shot by police body cam isn't being relessed. he wouldn't do anything differently his grand father a minister says the officer should be fired his advice for he amelio moving forward. >> don't be bitter. about still trust the police. tv and trust god. >>reporter: in stockton tim daly abc 7 news. >> young girl found dead inside a bag on boston beach has been identified. 2 people have been arrested for her death. officials say they finally have a name for this toddler. bell bella. police confirm she was murdered back in june. woman found bella body in a trash bag on beach in boston harbor. bella mother and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged
9:34 pm
with her murder. >> good day that we bought a name to this face but it's a sad day we lost a young child and will never be able to bring her back. >> bond and mccarty due in court monday. medical examiner work to go determine bella cause of death. >> welcome back day and counting until pope francis makes historic visit to could you be a.anticipation building on the streets of had a van a.pope will spend it three days in the cub an capitol before he head to the u.s. pope fran from a situations credited for ending friction between the u.s. and cub a.thanist say the next challenge toning fully open up cuba to the roman catholic church. >> in new york city crew put the finishing touch on 177 million dollar renovation of saint patrick ka that he had rall. project was to be finished in december but the pope is stopping by the work went in hay gear. including the restoration of the massive pipe organ all 9,000 pipe removed cleaned and replaced.
9:35 pm
in addition there are row and row of new or fixed pew or kneeler. >> i knew what was underneath everything and happy to see when we got it clean and painted and how bright everything is and howful of life the whole building is. >> the work included discovery of a bit of a hidden treasure. worker found a bottle of champagne in a box tucked away in the ceiling. written on it the name of the worker from renovation job back in the early 70's. >> will be in washington, d.c. the first of 3 city the pope will visit when he arrives in the u.s. tuesday. watch for my report next week and join me as we follow pope francis on the historic trip. >> up next. saying goodbye to tv giant. look back at the long ceesh:00 done francisco as long ceesh:00 done francisco as he r
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>> he's considered among giants in the entertainment world. host done fran skoys will present the last show after 53 years on the air. longest running television variety show in history. lee ann tells us how it all started. the. >> this is his real name. >> used to work in a jewish club using the impression that couldn't speak well. if name of this guy was san francisco cisco. >> career name he could live with. he was born in chile. father was concentration camp survivor who fled from germany. in 1962 he started a tv show in native chile. so popular
9:40 pm
that at times 80 percent of the country tuned in. years later the show was moved to miami and broadcast on the spanish language network name if spanish for giant saturday. often described as an entertainment interview and human interest show 3 hours long. >> past 53 years favorite of many, many hispanic. few entertain versus nope how to engage with the public. he was. >> he always backed social issues. children fechlt brought everything with joy. everything was nothing impossible. >>reporter: in san francisco mission district employee told us the 74-year-old machine has been an icon in the community. fight sarah gomez says she like how she treats people on the
9:41 pm
show. i'm very honored and very proud of what we did. >> now wants to leave with dignity. in san francisco lee ann, abc 7 news. of. >> up next at 9:00. animal clinic in the valley fire area overrun with loss and injured pet. woman with just reunited pet. woman with just reunited with her dog you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that.
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h1n1. >> for onlyth people displaced by the valley fire the only things left are the pets. cornell has more on that part of the story. >> the pictures are heart bricking. like county animal shelter trying to the reunite
9:45 pm
more than 200 dog and cat with their owner found lostfter the valley fire. shelter facebook page packed with snap shot and info. hoping someone will recognize them. >> they all have information on here. >> napa county animal shelter kelly is checking on dozens of cats now resideing in a spare room. the cats were boarded at lake county vet clinic forced to evacuate from the valley fire. waiting for the owner to claim them but that could take time. >> they have lost their homes. the they have lost everything and the pet is one more thing. >> shelter now offering free board to go fire victims. but some won't be coming back. jack owner surrendered him no men to care for him any more and he's looking for new home time. we work on managing the streets and keeping her as calm as possible. >> they will be visible for adoption soon. >> not lost for very long i'm sure we'll find her and i'm emotional bit.
9:46 pm
>> searching for her dog angel. she went missing at the napa county fairgrounds after star and her kids narrowly escaped the flames. >> i justhow much i love them and how far how we would make it. >> they made the out safely and late today angel found safe and sound too. in napa county cornell abc 7 news. >> before amazing discovery at housing dovement coming site in scott valley. this is nearly intact skeleton of whale that could be up to 4 million years old. the site off santa village road had high potential for discovery. scientist called partner said on september 4 they fond the first spot and uncovered the rest. scientist said it's not unusual to find whale fossil on a hill bus of earthquake and shifting tech tonic plates. they belief the discovery can teach them about the evolution of whale. very cool. >> the cool does not describe our weather.
9:47 pm
>> coming to the weekend. oneless check open it withdrew. hi drew. >> one final cool night on the way tonight. temperatures will fall into the 40's and the 50's under clear skies. and then mother nature turns on the heat pump for this saturday and sunday. the. >> we see high pressure and high pressure gets sinking air that quashes cloud cover and no rain fall unfortunately we look at the nationwide map of weather for saturday. it's very quiet. weak cold front moving through the northeast. 80 boston. 88 in the nation capitol. 89 in dallas. uses some residual showers along the cold front but broad area of high pressure really taking a mass of much of the united states sunshine from st. louis denver salt lake city even portland comfortable in the 70's. here in california though lots of sunshine but temperatures much warmer than that. 88 in l.a. tomorrow. 105 palm springs with 91 in yosemite. 94 fresno. even sacramento at 95 degrees. so we zoom in to the bay area for your saturday. this is just the beginning of the warm-up over the next 3 day so to
9:48 pm saturday lots of sunshine. we call it warm to hot out there it will be rather comfortable on the coast. the 72 degrees but elsewhere it's toasty. downtown san francisco tomorrow. 96 antioch. oakland up to 86 degrees in santa rosa. very warm 92 by tomorrow afternoon. here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. tomorrow we heat up sunday just plain old hot and sunday best chance for if i record to be tied or broken. by mopped we call it the heat easing a bit not as warm but really tuesday that's when we get relief from refreshing air and fall feels fall like mostly sunny on thursday and by friday it's partly cloudy so maybe this may be the last intense heat but october known for couple day here and there. >> very true thanks drew. >> the man who committed the most popular app in the apple app store has pulled this app called peace and it blocked ads from appearing in the mobile browser. it was the no. 1 best
9:49 pm
seller earlier this week but developer marco wrote on the blog today he can no longer take money from writers and publishers who rely on ad to support creative work. just didn't feel good. he's offering reif you said to people who want them. if ad blocker most popular others take the place. >> san francisco giants manager bruce regularly take walking along the embarcadero but today he was joined by thousands of people. 7 news at the plaza. 5000 others on the annual heart walk. fundraising event is permanent for both he had 2 stint insert entered spring training after experiencing heart problem. checkup may have saved his life. >> this st. get check out. it's what my doctor told me. sfl may die of something if you get looked at once a year make sure it's not that hard. we'll keep it going. >> so far this year the heart
9:50 pm
walk raised 3 million dollars. to fight heart disease and stroke. >> awesome event. >> yes i lake. >> you may die of something but not your heart. >> it might be of anguish. >> look of offense on madison on the mound usually bruce feeling good when mad balm out there. trying reach a career milestone hoping to shut down the b backs to move one step the b backs to move one step closer. sports up next
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. friday night lights are dim tonight in middletown because of the valley fire. who is stepping up though to make sure the entire season isn't a loss. >> question many bay area country music fans are asking tonight. what is wrong with tim mcgraw. join us for 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. of. >> we have larry her talking our giants news today. >> season starting to dwindle down. reality setting in. regardless of the standings and dwindling play off hope always an event when madison take the
9:54 pm
mound. he took 18 and 7 record to the hill against arizona tonight trying to inch closer to the 20 win season on orange friday. at&t park the kids got the memo. pitcher dual between mad barack obama bump and 1 hit in 5 and 2 third. giants having problem everywhere. let the ball go between the leg and paul with shot to left. who have kilometer on lake the ball dude goes right by hill. aj score from first. 1 nothing d backs unearned run there. loaded the bases in the sixth despite only 1 hit. andrew gets bell. grouped out and just about night nature time at at&t. lead twoing nothing. isn't she adorable? connect out the a's and as trochlt train in left field but the operator open the phone get your head in the game. right. get his attention. 2 nothing astro. mr. conductor is now
9:55 pm
into it. 3rd inning. a little pick me up and sam will do this to peck you up. diving catch to carlos and reb double also sparked the a's offense. the homer. smack the pair. 2 run shot in the eighth. first lady 2 homer game if 5 years. win 4-3 handing astros fifth consecutive loss. >> stanford and usc renew vivl ri at 5:00 o'clock on 7. and usc will crush the cardinal know the last 5 meetings all decided by just one possession. big early season clash pack 12 here. if corner back harris big moment right there against usc become in 2012. sophomore. successfully stop the fourth down pass that would have resulted in a trojan touch down helping stanford win the game. >> i think the play submits it. my stanford experience here on the football team. that play especially being on special team that year just taught know
9:56 pm
do my job. so this particular play my make measure my eye were on the play and told myself no matter what if we go down to the ground can't let them get the ball out. ball is able to come out great feeling. being able to continue to do my job is what i work on. >> you cap catch stanford and sc leif on abc 7. kick off at 5:00 o'clock. stick around for after the game at 8:30 with yours truly and mike. we are life at the l.a. coliseum with reaction and post game from the stanford locker room. >> cal bears 2 and o. play the first road gym of the soap. hostile environment. in austin facing the long horn. rebuilding we know that. no longer the power house they were under head coach brown. but still a cal win at texas. that would mean a lot. >> huge. off to good start. play good football last 2 games. look at who we played. give that as reason i think
9:57 pm
going out and if let people know. >> college football tonight no. 9 florida state take on boston college. running back crumble and ramsey says thank you investment i take that 36 yard yards. florida state despite a look luster effort on offense. improve to 3 and o with 14 nothing victory. bush will not my sunday against the stealers. after suffering a strained calf and bush did not even travel with the team so should men more care for carlos and perhaps hawaiian. shark open training camp today but the big news shark tank is going to be hosting a huge mixed martial art event 0saturday. promoter scott is back with unique event. see the 2 rings cage for mma and kick boxing ring side by side also 4 man light weight heavy tournament. ortiz and the legend looking forward
9:58 pm
to a unique event. >> i haven't seen a 4 man tournament since 1999 so 4 of the top live heavy weight if our sport fight multiple times in one night and titles fight it's just going to be an amazing night of fights. >> should be fun. tiger woods in fun at all. he can't stay healthy at all. he underwent back surgery again today. ailing back in year and a half and he's out for the next few most. won't play until 2016 so tiger won't take part in next month open in nap a.meanwhile jason day on the rise. bmw championship. tie play of the night pga tour 36 hole record aeb under 61 yesterday. 63 today. look walking even before the ball goes in the hole. he knows that is in. that was an eagle on 18 to match the record. day with 5 shot lead over danielle burger and pwren con todd on a roll.
9:59 pm
the sport is brought to you by toyota. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm amma. for larry and drew and all of us her at abc 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. news continues on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device with our abc the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. over on channel 7
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