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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. a historic day in washington, d.c. pope francis canonizes. silent protests held at the site of junipero serra final resting place. and new controversy over drinking on the job at the san francisco fire department. federal help for those affected by the devastating valley fire. what fema will give the most needy. >> today, we remember the joy of the gospel in these lands.
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father junipero serra. >> a historic ceremony in washington, d.c. pope francis called junipero serra a defender of native americans. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> reporter: and i'm ama daetz live in washington, d.c. covering the pope ease historic visit to the united states. 25,000 people attended the historic canonization today of the hispanic priest that established nine of the 22 missions in california. it was the first canonization on u.s. soil, seen as controversial by some who say the mission enslaved native americans and spread diseases that killed much of the native population. others say it acknowledges hispanic peoples' contribution to the church. the cure rater of mission
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dolores was part of the ceremony and got to meet the pope. . >> i thank the holy father and asked him to continue to support native americans throughout the world but especially in california. >> reporter: he urged the crowd to spread christ's message world wide. a daily city man who traveled here to see the canonization says he's inspired. >> it was my first and unbelievable, and fantastic. i have no words. >> reporter: pope frances held serra as a man who quote sought to defend the dignity of the native community. this morning, the president welcomed the holy father along with the largest crowd ever on the south lawn, 11,000 people. >> you see a living example of jesus' teaching. a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words,
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but also through deeds. >> reporter: the pope thanked his host and the american people for their hospitality and addressed climate change, calling it a problem that can no longer be left to a few tour generation. pope francis's motorcade traveled through the streets in washington today, the pontiff made his way past thousands who lined the route. the pope was traveling along the stretch of the national mall. several people from the bay area have seats to watch the pope address congress tomorrow. thousands have been invited to watch from the capitol itself. palo alto congress woman held a lottery for tickets. winners stopped by to pick up their tickets. >> i thought it was the fairest
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way to give people an opportunity, to have a chance at getting tickets. >> i'm really excited to hear what the pope has to say about different issues like climate change. >> reporter: she was among the few representatives in congress who offered up tickets by lottery. one of the largest gathering of the canonization happened where saint junipero serra is entombed, the historic mission in carmel. it served as his home base when he brought to california. >> reporter: here in carmel's mission, chimes are ringing now. that distance did not dampen the joy of 400 people here, though people here were still upset about the canonization.
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many gather forward mass, a small group gathered over a silent protest over father junipero serra because of acts against indigenous people. >> it is very, very painful. we carry our ancestors within us. >> reporter: there is diversity in opinions among tribal members. >> everybody has their own individual idea what they want to do. i got respect for that. >> reporter: the diocese in monterey says they opened channels of communication several months ago. >> we have to keep in mind among the native people there are different representations this. >> reporter: the disagreement in no way caused disappointment in
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those who broke into applause when the pope made the canonization official. >> i've been to two canonizations. st. john paul and philippine saint so have had to be here. >> reporter: he designed junipero serra tee shirts prompting others to ask how he got them. >> we designed them. it's fund raising for the church. >> reporter: he is buried at the altar of the mission church. parishioners waited to be blessed by a relic containing a fragment of bone perfect the saint's body. >> reporter: and here preparations are being made to get things back to normal after toda canonization ceremony and mass. coming up at 11:00, i'll tell
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you about what we expect to hear from pope francis when he addresses congress tomorrow. the canonization sparked small protests in the bay area. this was the scene outside mission dolores at the same time the pope was making serra a saint. native americans described the missions as forced labor camps for indigenous people and say making serra a saint is a slap in the face of native americans. >> it's saying that your trauma doesn't exist, your history isn't valid and what you feel doesn't matter. >> 55 native american tribes sent letters to the pope urging him not to canonize junipero serra this morning. and ama's reports continue on
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social media. you can follow her on amaabc7. rescuers saved four teenagers from a dangerous rip tide in san francisco's ocean beach this afternoon. teams began treating the teenagers once they returned to shore. park service officials tell us the beach patrol warned the kids to stay out of the water today. it was dangerous. two girls went to the hospital but they're expected to be okay. the two boys were treated at the scene. on monday morning in san francisco last month a fire truck left station three with three firefighters on board. the fourth missed the call and now, there is an investigation. sergio? >> reporter: they're investigating is that firefighter was intoxicated. sources are telling us that that firefighter shouldn't have been here on that morning because he was expecting to be on a flight
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to a medical appointment out of state and said he was ordered to fill a mandatory overtime shift. when a fire truck leaves a station, four crew members are usually aboard. the missing firefighter turns out to be one of the only transgender people in the department. he planned to travel to chicago to address complications with his transition, but when he arrived for his august 2 shift he was told to stay on for a mandatory 24 hour overtime shift of august 3, making that a 48 tour, meaning he cannot make the medical appointment. the department has been using mandatory overtime shifts because of staffing cuts following the recession in 2009. sources tell us the firefighter notified his chain of command about the appointment but the request was denied. a spokesperson tells us these special circumstances can be
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addressed with fire chief white but that doesn't happen here. >> i can't discuss this particular case because it's under investigation. right now. an active investigation. >> reporter: firefighters are allowed to opt out of a few shifts but the firefighter in question used all of his requests to refuse overtime. >> how many refusals are you allowed? >> three per year. >> reporter: she did say the department plans on hiring over 200 firefighters over three years. this is the first intoxication investigation for the fire department since a 2013 crash involving former firefighter michael quinn. he had been charged with driving under the influence but charges were thrown out by a judge. he has since resigned from the department. abc7 news. lake county authorities believe they have identified a fourth victim of the valley fire. the remains of 66-year-old
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robert fletcher found in the rubble in the town of cobb. fletcher was reported missing september 16th. a positive identification has yet to be made. fletcher is one of two people unaccounted for. the other is a 61-year-old robert litcmond. tonight residents in anderson springs will be allowed to return home. the evacuation order for that community will be lifted tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., the evacuation center the napa county fair grounds will close and people there will have to go somewhere else. the valley fire remains 08% contained after charring 76,000 acres in lake, and napa counties. the flames destroyed 1910 structures, including a lot of homes. wayne freedman joins us now from middleton with some of the first steps toward recovery for people who lost everything. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, good evening. what an effort behind me. one of the more than thousand homes destroyed in this county.
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there are more homes down and burned than homes still standing. it's obvious cleaning up and rebuilding lake county is going to be a long task. we heard from the state and federal government that it's going to involve paper work. they're basic necessities. food and a roof. whether pets or people, those are in short supply around lake county. we approach two weeks since the valley fire. >> we're nomads. >> we need shelter and money to get shelter. >> reporter: jennifer and hayden. their home was one of the 1230 confirmed to have burned. the president declared this region a disaster area. this afternoon, craig from fema toured the area. >> get in contact with us so we can plug you in and find out how to help you. >> reporter: this was a show of
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force and support from officials including the california office of emergency services. >> whatever it takes to be able to get the county back up, in a place where it's able to stand on its own and move forward. >> could that be years? >> could be. >> reporter: one message from fema is that they go to the most needy. the most they will pay is $32,000 in house hold and the average, is $7,000 and only to non, or under insured families. this family is fortunate to still have jobs but that is all. >> it's scary. scary. huh? we'll have to start over. >> reporter: so in middleton tonight, it remains a long road. the cavalry arrived but needs information. >> how long does it take? if we've got an ipad, we've
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registered. >> reporter: you're looking at a property where the owner told me he feels fortunate because he still had his recreational vehicle though he does not have his house. as of this afternoon, fema said that roughly 100 people is registered for assistance in one red cross center. they're expecting more. they say with the proper information they can get money into someone's account within a day. for more information visit our website. in middleton, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. there is more still to come here at 6:00. south bay parents at the center of a neighborhood legal fight take a stand for families of children with autism. the wider, negative impact they're afraid of. oakland's big win with a ride sharing service, uber. why are people so upset? summer is ended and now,
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it's getting warmer. is that how it's supposed to go is in the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. remember the transition to digital tv? another big change is ahead that
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with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the owner of an apartment building in concord where an 11-month-old baby fell yesterday made fixes to the balcony today. the owner boarded up the area where it happened. officials say inspectors will work to find a permanent safe solution. police say the boy fell from a walkway and landed on the
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pavement. he is expected to be okay. a 34-year-old man is in custody after allegedly abducting his son by force overnight. authorities say he took his 5-year-old from this home around 4:30 this morning. assaulting two people in the process, both went to the hospital. an amber alert was issued for the boy, then, did he -- deactivated when he called to report he and his son were in sacramento. i was arrested on child abduction. the parents of a boy with autism being sued by their former neighbors are speaking out today. a judge ordered the family to try to settle the issue through mediation. the neighbors claim the couple did not do enough to prevent their son from assaulting their children. the boy's parents say those allegations are false and they're concerned this case could lead to a frivolous complaint about other special needs children.
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the statement reads when conflict arises we must use our brains for creative community solutions not aggressive, expensive lawsuits. we do not want a single other autism family to suffer what we have. >> the ride sharing service uber is expanding into oakland. city leaders are excited, some people have concerns. abc7 news reporter laura anthony joins to us explain. laura? >> reporter: well, some residents are nervous about this project. as it is now, we found rents in this area uptown as high as $2500 per month for a one bedroom apartment. some are worried when uber comes to town, the rents will go higher. kevin best just opened his gourmet ice cream shop across the street from the old sears building just purchased by uber. >> we hope developers do a great job on the building. we heard rumors of public access
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and thoroughfare. we hope that that happens so it's a building that connects businesses to the community. >> it's home to our current employees but today we're doubling down and deepening our roots across the bay. >> reporter: they purchased the old sears building from lane partners. it will include retail on the bottom with office space above. uber suspects to bring in 2,000 to 3,000 employees. >> people can think their young college graduates can now go to work. >> reporter: housing them without pricing out current residents is part of the equation. >> we believe having great jobs in this city is part of that solution. and encouraging development of additional housing units can encourage part of that solution. >> reporter: uber expects to
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begin renovations next year with target completion set for 2017. in oakland, abc7 news. emergency personnel spent the day at san francisco international airport preparing for a natural disaster they hope will never happen. abc7 news was there as agencies worked together to simulate a major earthquake. the blood is not real. it's just a drill, keep in mind. volunteers acted like injured passengers to test response crews. it's helping them learn for the future. >> and while they're inside, spencer is outside, now, he's inside with us. >> first day of fall, felt like summer over again. it often happens around here. here is live doppler 7 hd. high clouds are becoming more apparent with each passing minute.
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here is a look at yesterday's high temperatures. second column listed today's high temperatures. notice the change. 16 degrees warmer today in petalu petaluma. so it was warmer in all areas. check out this view from our south beach camera under beautiful blue skies with clouds around. it's 64 in san francisco. mountain view, 74. 77 in san jose. and 64 in half moon bachlt here is a view of clouds moving in from the west. looking from our exploratorium camera over the skyline, it's 82 in santa rosa. mid 80s in concord and 88 in livermore, another live view of the soon to be setting sun from our emeryville camera. a quiet, calm pattern next week. high pressure will bring us a two-day warm up.
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a three-day warm up, starting today, then, things cool down over the weekend. high clouds are streaming in tonight. so they'll become a little bit more, we'll get more cloud cover during overnight hours and low temperatures in mid to upper 50s, tomorrow, mainly sunny skies, mild on the coast. highs in the low 70s and mid to upper 80s around the bay. low to mid-90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have two very warm days coming our way. tomorrow, and friday, and temperatures moderating a bit saturday. then, starting next week, we'll see high temperatures only into low 80s inland, and mid-70s around the bay. and mid-60s on the coast. so second week of fall won't feel like fall. >> okay.ww
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♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them,
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we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. the long legal saga between ellen pao and the firm seems to be over. the firm will no longer demand how pay $276,000 in legal fees. the day before, how dropped her appeal that denied claims of
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gender discrimination and retaliation by her former employer. how's old boss found himself apologizing for an off color he made about diversity in the tech industry. he told the crowd in a tech crunch gathering yesterday, quote, we have two partners so diverse, a have a challenge pronouncing their names. he apologized on twitter saying it was an unfortunate joke that was not funny. well, you will see gold appearing on the home field of the silver and black. sky 7 hd showed us the faded marking for the 50 yard line. every other nfl team painted it in gold to honor super bowl 50. officials say the raiders did not want a gold 50 painted. head coach del rio had no answer today. >> yes. that is not part of my decision making. we're silver and black. i know that. >> maybe it's because they like
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to be rebellious. >> this afternoon, raiders owner mark davis saying, quote, nobody respects the super bowl more than the raiders and that gold 50 will appear at the coliseum once baseball season ends. the raiders are the nfl's only team that shares a home with the baseball team. still head in our next half hour, the historic canonization of junipero serra. some devoted followers turned today's mass into a blockbuster event. and a bakery with the honor of feeding the pope's entourage. plus, a mini battle over these mini
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junipero serra. >> the pope's historic first full day in the united states is coming to a close. the day began at the white house with president obama, then, the pontiff blessed two babies and a
7:32 pm
child along his procession. at st. majority's cathedral he led a prayer with bishop as cross the country and a few hours ago, named faj junipero serra a saint. >> you saw the huge crowd in washington but the faithful gathered in loeksz around the world to watch this canonization. one of those locations was in campbell. a group watched it unfold on the big screen. >> reporter: many cam cal catholics would have preferred to see the pope pefsh perform the ceremony in carmel where faj junipero serra is buried. >> you must be a little bit disappointed he is not here. >> well, a little. >> reporter: a few catholics decided to the next best thing, which is come to the movie
7:33 pm
theater. the owner of cinalux theater says he wanted to be part of the celebration. >> it's nice to have a large auditorium with a group of people gathered today. san diego, santa clara had roots with this missionary. >> reporter: it was shown on the global catholic network. it wasn't what you'd call a blockbuster, diana says it was like being there. >> i never thought i would see this in my lifetime. >> she is a member of the serra club. their mission is to encourage men to become priests. >> our work is just beginning. we want to grow the church. we're short on priests. we need more. >> reporter: she says perhaps many will be inspire after
7:34 pm
seeing a priest made a saint today. and pope francis will fly to new york city. rustic bakery cafe is providing the baked goods for the pontiff and his vatican delegation on their flights. the pope asked for the bakery's flat bread and costini. >> i was shocked. i didn't know the pope would know about our company. i was like wow, okay. that was cool and exciting to hear about. >> reporter: the bakery scored the high profile business through connection was the airline catering firm, sky chefs. >> the popes visit could delay the new iphones that will lead to road closures in washington, d.c., new york city and the postal service, ups and fed-ex
7:35 pm
suspended deliveries because of the closures. the iphones go on sale on friday. now, here is the pope's schedule for tomorrow. he will make a historic address to a joint session of congress at 7:00 in the morning our time. he'll then visit catholic charities in washington and feed the poor. he'll attend evening prayer at 3:45 at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. boeing is flying high following the chinese president's visit to the company's manufacturing plant in seattle. he toured the factory and announced china wouldjs buy 300 jetliners from the giant. a mini battle is brewing over a mini park. it's called a pop up.
7:36 pm
the paseo parklet is drawing mixed reviews. >> plastic chairs, pink flamingos and artificial turf. >> this is a place where people can just rest and sit down in the shade when it's not too sunny. i like it. >> reporter: for five weeks it's been part of a temporary pop up park known as a paseo. but business owners say it's driving customers away. not the intent of city official who s who hoped it would bring more people downtown. >> would you bring a $0.99 in nordstrom? >> ava says she host 50% of her customers. >> there are people having difficulties to walk far away from their cars. they enjoy parking here. now, six parking spaces are
7:37 pm
taken away. >> reporter: the mayor says the paseo is part of a six year economic development study that could become permanent. >> we have to talk to people and find out it's the right idea, but wrong street. maybe there are aspects that need to be tweaked or changed to make it viable. >> but the plan does have support from younger residents who want to see more amenities downtown. in menlo park, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> up next, big changes for some television viewers. >> how an auction of the air waves will change the landscape
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7:41 pm
their signal from a spectrum. regulators are giving tv stations an opportunity to sell part of their spectrum or all of it to help improve broad band. it's happened to many of us. our internet signal stalls. that is why there is a call for a spectrum auction. if it occurs, the mobile industry says it will mean better service for all of us. >> it's going to mean faster service. >> reporter: here is what it is all about. tv stations and wireless carriers spare the band width, or spectrum. for wireless to expand, tv stations will have to give up some of their spectrum. so broadcasters are being offered a chance to make that available to wireless carriers. and over the years it's been sold and resold to other broadcasters for billions of
7:42 pm
dollars. robe is president of dia-tv, serving a national audience with ties to india. >> the folks that will lose access are the folk that's get marginalized. women, minorities will get dismac dismaced -- displaced off the air. >> reporter: it's not clear which will go up for auction. the fcc says the auction won't be limited to smaller stations. >> i think stations large and small are looking at this and i think we'll see a mix of large and small stations deciding to participate. >> some of the stations will go off the air. others will move to different channel numbers and could share space with an existing station. kapur the stations likely to go
7:43 pm
off the air are small, and pbs stations. he says low power stations don't qualify for money from the auction and are not guaranteed space if they want to share. the fcc says it's working to change that. the wireless provider says viewers will be able to find content online. >> we can serve that community. >> reporter: viewers can see changes as early as 2017. if you want to check out my reports go to >> fascinating. michael, thank you. >> still ahead here, trouble for california's pistachio farmers. >> why growers say the drought
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new details in the case of a family dog hurt during a break in. police say they hurt marley when
7:47 pm
they threw treats on the shattered glass to distract him. police arrested the 21-year-old, he is charged with burglary and animal cruelty. he is set to appear in court tomorrow. a pistachio shortage is a concern for growers. instead of a green nut, many are seeing blanks inside of their nuts. >> reporter: from the outside, the pistachios look healthy and appear ready for harvest. but tom coleman started to cut samples in july. >> reality is that we cut into them and find that there is a little white fuzzy piece in there. but no green. you can see this is just a white, kind of cottony looking substance. >> reporter: they're called blanks. a shell without a nut. the central valley produces 99%
7:48 pm
of all pistachios. but the fall out has shaked many growers. >> we have more blanking going on. some orchards appear normal, but others have blanking as high as 70%. >> reporter: coleman says a warm winter didn't ahow trees to go dormant and early bloom through off the timing of pollination. >> it's made worse by the drought we've been going through. we don't have rain to get the fog to get the chill to get the trees a sleep during the winter. >> reporter: last year, pistachio growers produced 520 million pounds of nuts. this year, because of the blanking problem, the industry could see a 42% drop off. >> we expect the crop for 2015 to be 300 million pounds. >> reporter: many of the trees are still full, but he won't shake them again.
7:49 pm
>> everything, i believe now is pretty much either blank or just not viable anymore because it's dried up. >> reporter: but he believes the industry can meet global demand because of a carry over from last year's big crop. abc7 news. >> i love pistachios. okay. we love spencer, too. he's here with the forecast. >> speaking of nuts. here is a way to spare you. sunny skies across the bay area now. tomorrow, sunny across the state, including the bay area. highs in the state will be well into 90s and we'll have 90s returning to the bay area inland. low to mid-90s and mid to upper 80s around the bay. 70s on the coast. sunday evening, looking for eastern sky, we have a full lunar eclipse coming our way. total eclipse agains at 7:11 and
7:50 pm
ends at 8:23 in the eastern sky, assuming skies are clear. very warm weather cooling down just a tad into the weekend and settling into a fall-like pattern next week. still feels like summer. >> spencer, thank you. >> let's talk nfl football. >> yes. focus on collin kaepernick. what is different from
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very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good evening, coming into the season, much of the 49ers success was pinned on collin kaepernick's ability to raise his own game. so far, so good. he is averaging 250 passing yards but seems to be more comfortable with his role in this offense. he was rather cryptic in discussing his feelings but he likes to use his legs instead of becoming a pocket passer and seems to be happy with changes on offense. >> i would say the biggest news is to be myself this year. and i don't think anyone knows
7:54 pm
how to be myself better than me. so it's a comfort zone for me. it's a situation where i'm not being asked to do things outside of my character. >> everybody here knows how i feel about it. i'm tickled to death and happy as heck that he is our starting quarterback. i think he's a talented individual and i'm a big fan. >> raiders are going to play this sunday in cleveland. johnny mansel will be watching. because josh mccowan is going to get a start for the browns. derek carr, three touchdowns, and a last minute win over the ravens but the road has not been kind to the silver and black. they lost 19 of 20. >> we saw what it takes to win in this league. and i guess a good football team's effort takes practice all week. and in the film room, all week. as long as we can take that, we
7:55 pm
can find somewhere to take the game. >> we want to be the team that can travel well and play in any conditions and weather, just be purposeful and be able to impose our will on the opposing team. >> the seahawks are 0-2 and about to get back on the field. cam chancellor wanted to renegotiate his contract which still has three years left. ha, ha, anyway. management responded with you'll get nothing and like it. and rather than keep losing game checks the $267,000 a week, he arrived today and may play some day against the bears. >> the world of sports is remembering yogi berra. he played in the 1940s and 50s, winning ten world series for the bronx bombers. a catcher, but man, he could
7:56 pm
hit. a three-time mvp. became a tv pitchman. if you're old enough to remember those old yoo-hoo commercials the sayings, if you come to a fork in the road, take it. here is alex rodriguez with his time with yogi. >> he was so generous with his time. one thing was to get an opportunity to sit down with him for breakfast or lunch. he had a great privilege maybe half a dozen times. what is amazing about yogi is how small in stature but what a big bat he swing. and what a big impact he made in baseball. and outside of baseball. >> and all teams in major league baseball will honor yogi bera. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. you don't see catchers that are
7:57 pm
five feet seven inches anymore. >> and so famous, 50, 60 years since he played. i mean, still, that much of a legend and icon. >> his phrases, i mean so adorable. do we have time for one? he hits from both sides of the plate. he's amphibious. >> i didn't know that was his. >> i never said half of the things i said. >> he enjoyed being teased about it. >> join us tonight, the dalai lama. why he says if his successor is a woman, she has to be attractive. then, pope francis getting ready to address congress. ama daetz will anchor our coverage live from washington. >> tonight, the middle, followed by the goldbergs, and blackish.
7:58 pm
followed by abc7 news at 11:00. and followed by jimmy kimmel live. >> well that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. our breaking news is on twitter at abc7 news bay area. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> from the entire abc7 team, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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