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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tonight, the pope's historic visit to america, beginning the day with a visit to the white house where he met with the president. huge crowds lined the streets of washington. at one point, pope francis lifted a little girl along the route and later stopped to bless a baby, as you can see.
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and then, elevating california's father junipero serra to sainthood, the first canonization ever to take place on u.s. soil. we get with ama daetz. >> reporter: father junipero serra's elevation to sainthood was the first canonization on u.s. soil. it's seen as controversial by some who say that he enslaved native-americans. others say it acknowledges hispanic people's contributions to the church. the curator of mission deloris was part of the canonization ceremony. he even got to meet the pope. >> i thank the holy father for canon sizing junipero serra. i ask him to continue to support
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native peoples throughout the world but especially in california. >> reporter: pope francis urged the crowds to spread christ's message throughout the world. a man says he's now inspired. >> the canonization was my first, and it was unbelievable. it's fantastic. i have no words. >> reporter: pope francis hailed serra as a man who coat, sought to uphold the dignities of the community. he stopped by the white house for a ceremony held by the president and the first lady. the president welcomed the pope with more than 11,000 people. >> you see a living example of jesus' teachings. a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds. >> reporter: the pope thanked his hosts and the american people for their hospitality. he didn't shy away from politics, addressing climate change, calling it a problem that can no longer be left to a future generation.
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pope francis' motorcade traveled through the streets of washington this morning, weaving from the popemobile, the pope made his way around thousands of people who lined the route. the pope was traveling along a stretch of the national mall near the washington monument. this was his first encounter with the public after his invitation only appearance at the lawn this morning. thousands have been invited to watch from the capitol itself. palo alto congresswoman held a lottery for tickets. the winners stopped by her office this morning to pick up their tickets. >> i thought it was the fairest way to give people an opportunity, have a chance at getting tints. >> i'm really excited to hear what the pope has to say about different issues that i believe in, like climate change. >> reporter: congresswoman esu
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was one of the few that offered tickets by lottery. the historic mission in carmel served as his home base when he brought catholicism to california. >> reporter: while many gathered for mass inside the mission, a small group of native-americans formed a circle at the mission cemetery. it was a silent protest over the canonization of junipero serra because of acts against indigenous people. >> it's just very, very painful. because we carry or ancestors within us. and we're listening to what they need. >> reporter: however, there is diversity in opinions even among tribal members. >> everybody has their own individual idea what they want to do. and i got respect foreth that. so if they want to get out and protest against it, more power
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to her. >> reporter: the diocese says they opened communications months ago. >> i think a wonderful relationship has developed. we have to keep in mind among the native peoples the diversity of representations there. >> reporter: it in no way dam n dampened enthusiasm of those who gathered to watch on a large screen. they broke into applause when the pope maid the canonization official. >> i've been to two canonizations. so i've got to be here on my third one. >> reporter: he arranged tee shirts. >> we had it made specially for this occasion. >> reporter: this may become a good business for you. >> it's a good fund-raising for the church. >> reporter: carmel mission was st. serra's headquarters.
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abc 7 news. and coming up tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00 we'll talk a little bit more about what we're expecting to hear from pope francis when he addresses congress tomorrow. thanks very much. been a very busy day. here is the pope's schedule for tomorrow. he will make a historic address to a joint session of congress at 7:00 in the morning our time. he'll make a visit to catholic charities in washington where he will feed the poor. he departs for new york at 1:00 and attend evening prayer in manhattan. now we want to share with you a photo ama tweeted from the national basilica this afternoon. it shows the throngs of people taking communion. ama's reports continue on social might yeah. you can follow her on tweeter at amaabc 7. but she will ahave another
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report for us coming up on abc news at 11:00 over on channel 7. lake county authorities believe they have identified a fourth victim of the valley fire. the remains of robert fletcher were found in the rubble of the town of cobb. a positive identification has yet to be made. fletcher is one of two people to be accounted for. the other is robert lichmon. an evacuation order will be lifted 5:00. tomorrow the fairgrounds will close in calistoga. peel will ha people will have to go somewhere else. the flames destroyed 1,900
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structures, including many homes. we look at some of the first steps of recovery for the people who lost everything. >> reporter: they are basic necessities, food and a roof, whether for pets or for people those are often in short supply in lake county even as we approach two weeks since the valley fire. >> for the time being. >> right now we need shelter. we need money to get shelter. >> reporter: jennifer nelson and hayden sh win, their home was just one of the 1,230 and still counting confirmed to have burned. the damage prompted president obama to declare this area a disaster area. today craig fugate made a tour. this was a show of support by local officials and state officials. >> the hall is a hall. whatever it takes to get the county back up in a place where it's willing and able to stand
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on its own and move forward. >> could be years. could be. >> reporter: one message from fema, that their assistance goes to the most needy. the most they will pay in cash is $32,000 per household, the least, $7,000. they are fortunate that after this fire they still have jobs, but that's all. >> it's scary. it's scary. yeah. got to start over. >> reporter: so in fire-ravaged middletown it remains a long road. the cavalry has arrived, but it needs information. >> as long as it takes. we'll literally go with an ipad if you've got connectivity and you're not register you, we'll register you. >> reporter: you're looking at a property that even though the home is destroyed, the homeowner feels fortunate because he has a
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recreational vi recreational vehicle. 100 people had already registered at one red cross center. with proper information they can transfer money within about one day. for more information visit our website at abc 7 in middletown lake county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and a sign of a tiny bit of normalcy returning, schools are set to reopen on monday. the school district is now trying to set up bus service for the kids. parents should contact their kids' principal by e-mail for more information. a new controversy over drinking on the job within the ranks of the san francisco police department. also firefighters blew up something that washed up on the beach. why they felt it just had to be detonated. and on this first day of fall, temperatures feeling very summer like. they were warm. some ten degrees above normal in some spots. we'll take a look at how long
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the mild conditions last. and the mini battle over mini parks. how these temporary creations are making a whole lot of people upset on the p
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early on a monday morning in san francisco last month, a fire truck left station 21 with
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ontario thr only three firefighters on board. the fourth missed the call and now they're trying to figure out why. [ sirens ] >> reporter: when a fire truck leaves any station, four crew members are usually aboard. the missing firefighter on this call turns out to be one of the only transgender people in the department. he had planned to travel to chicago for a doctor's appointment to address complications with his transition, but when he arrived for his august 7 regular shift he was told to stay on for a mandatory 24-hour overtime shift on august 3rd, making that a 48-hour tour. that meant he could not make the medical appointment of the department has been using mandatory overtime shift the because of staffing cuts. the firefighter notified his chain of command about the medical appointment, but the request was denied by a deputy chive. fire department spokesperson mindy talmage says these sorts
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of special circumstances can be addressed, but that didn't happen here. >> i can't really discuss this particular case, because it's under investigation right now. it's an active investigation. >> reporter: firefighters are allowed to opt out of a few mandatory overtime shift the but the firefighter in question had used all of his requests to refuse overtime. >> how many row fusals are you allowed? >> three per year. >> reporter: she did say that the department plans on hiring more than 200 firefighters over the next three years. that will heease the need for mandatory overtime. quinn had been charged with driving under the influence after this crash, but those charges were thrown out by a judge. he has since resigned from the department. abc 7 news. a major development tonight in the case of a missing family from venetia. authorities say they found a third set of remains in the ruins of a cabin destroyed in a
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fire on september 13th in eld ray die counsough county. the remains of the two other people have been found. 37 year old adam buchanan, molly mcafee and their son are believed to have been inside that home. rescuers responded to two emergencies at ocean beach and ended up saving fourteen agers. those kids got caught up in the surf and dangerous riptides. the teens had been warned earlier to stay out of the water by the beach patrol because the riptides were dangerous. well, the boch patrol happened to be nearby because a military flare had washed ashore. it was blown up. the sfpd bomb squad detonated the flare so it would be safe for crews to haul it away.
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it's not unusual for these to wash up from time to time but it is not safe to touch them, because they can be combustible. but this one was, as you can tell, safely handled. it was a gorgeous day. our meteorologist is back with a forecast. it's going to change again? >> yes. in the next couple of days we'll see temperatures stay warm and by the weekend it will feel more like september. it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride in terms of these temperatures. live radar shows you a die lightful sight. these temperatures really rebounded over the past 24 hours. yesterday remember it was cloudy, cool, nice on the last full day of summer here in the bay area. then today we've had to do a role reversal. fall arrives and temperatures jump by 16 degrees in petaluma. walnut creek, oakland, 13 degrees warmer than you were yesterday. rid wood city 9 and san jose up
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to 82 degrees, and that's five degrees warmer than you were yesterday. right now san jose 67. and half moon bay right now at 59 degrees. live look from our future tower camera shows you a gorgeous picture of downtown san francisco. we've fallen back to 65 in santa rosa, 74 in concord and livermore. one final look from the camera shows nothing but clear skies. no low clouds and no coastal fog tonight unlike last night. the forecast does call for very warm inland. then over the weekend we're going to see clouds move in. the temperatures will cool off. and it's a pretty quiet pattern across the region. satellite showing you a weak area of high pressure keeping temperatures kind of warm in the fall pattern. but what we're watching, some
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high clouds that will be streaming in overnight tonight and the cold front will slowly push in and drop temperatures back down to more seasonal averages. overnight tonight we'll have high clouds out there, not bad sleeping weather. in the 50s over most areas. we'll drop to 59 in san jose and 52 overnight in napa. we start in the south bay. san jose warm, 89 degrees, los gat o gat owes up to 89. half moon bay at 71 degrees. downtown san francisco, lots of sunshine. 78, 72 the high for daley city. 88 sonoma, vallejo up to 85. we'll go to 84 hercules and 82 berkley. 94 antioch. and we'll top out at 90 in san
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ramon. here's the accuweather forecast. we'll call it very warm inland. there's very little change. and then finally, it seems like autumn around here for quite some time. the next seven days, nothing but sunshine on the accuweather forecast. you like pace twri. >> love pastry. >> i do. so does the pope, evidently. still to come, a bay area bakery gets a very high profile customer. how some
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we've been covering the
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pope's historic visit to washington. no other monument of junipero serra gets as much attention as this one. it shows st. serra now on one knee and pointing west. it has generated a lot of comment since it was put up in 1976. some call it funny looking and say it resembles a man in a baths robe. it's been the brunt of jokes. the biggest question is where serra is pointing. guesses include the freeway, crystal springs reservoir or perhaps the san andreas fault. well, st. francis is getting a taste of the bay area, litelly. rustic cafe bakery is providing treats for the pope and his vatican delegation, breads like flat bread and krus teeny were
9:25 pm
chosen. >> they are sold inter-nashly and throughout the united states. so i was like, oh, it's really exciting to hear about it. >> the bakery scored this high-profile business through its connections with the airline catering firm lsg sky chefs. well, dozens of people with resumes in hand met at the job event. abc 7 news was at the holiday inn and civic center where candidates looked for jobs. recruiters had more than 600 open positions to fill in fact. those jobs included sales associates and engineers. the next event will be october 7 in emeryville at the hilton garden inn from noon. another 30 minutes is next. coming pope's visit with president obama and the message he sent to the nation and the world. also the feud rekindles
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between donald trump and fox news. news. why he says he will boycott the
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9:30 pm
honor guard marching in. the troops bearing the colors. it was the grandest of american pageantry. ♪ then the trumpets blared and the motorcade arrived, the pope's little fiat bringing all that grandeur a little bit more back down to earth. take being pictures the two men stood together for the national anthem, a striking 21st century image, this first pope from the americas and the first african-american president. an ally on the environment. >> holy father, you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet. god's magnificent gift to us. [ applause ] >> reporter: and then francis spoke. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: in english, carefully, but with utter calm clarity. >> as the son of an immigrant
9:31 pm
family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families. [ applause ] >> reporter: defying critics on the right he called for action on climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. [ applause ] >> reporter: this man's humility and power somehow enhances his impact on people. >> we love you pope francis! >> reporter: they walked to the oval office for their private meeting. >> i notice all of you are much better behaved than usual. >> reporter: then the pope was off into the popemobile and onto the streets of washington. >> what a day. it was an overwhelming response in washington as you can clearly
9:32 pm
see. thousands on the lawn at the white house and at the basilica this afternoon. the faithful and fans lined up, some overnight to get just a glimpse of the people's pope. here's abc news anchor david muir. >> reporter: the crowds began forming early this morning. pope francis on his way to the white house. cheers erupting the moment the crowd spots him. walking from his compact car as they yell "papa". one girl breaking out in tears. he touches her face too. the children at one jesuit school getting a chance to talk to him. the pope asking them to pray for him in english. >> i will. i promise. i promise. every day. >> reporter: shortly after 1
9:33 pm
11:00, the popemobile, open on both sides. signs reading we love you. at one point, the popemobile stops, a member of the security detail walks over to the crowd and picks up a baby boy, carrying him to pope francis, a kiss on the head. then this little girl in her red yes, sir, 5-year-old sophia cruz from los angeles somehow making her way through the barricades. police stop her a second time, but pope francis gestures for her. the guards carry her up. a kiss, and she hands him a letter. in the letter she writes my heart is sad because of discrimination. my friends and i love each other no matter the color of our skin. later greeted at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle walking down the aisle for a prayer service with his bishops, then a moment of humor. >> our holy father has asked me to say that he is, he's just very sorry he can't greet every
9:34 pm
single bishop personally. but -- [ applause ] >> reporter: and this afternoon, we see the thousands waiting for the pope at the basilica. >> just when he smiles you feel like he's touching your heart. >> reporter: when he smiles. >> yes. >> reporter: if you used one word to describe this pope, what would it be? >> humble. >> modest. >> reporter: these college students say they will never forget this. the pope hung out with you in college. who can say that? to give you an idea of the sphere of the crowd, they are all along the fence here, come on inside. this is where they actually have seats for the mass, and can you see there's not an empty seat here at the basilica. in fact, much of this day, the pope speaking in english. and we remember our time with him inside the vatican, surprising us with english too. so when i asked the pope, are you ready to come to america, the fact three didn't even pause and said yes, meant that he knew
9:35 pm
it was time. >> he has been preparing for this, david. this is no coincidence. >> reporter: he's been practicing his english. >> yes. >> reporter: and just before he arrived here, as we were talking to liam's parents, liam chimed in. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: you're excited too? >> david muir reporting in washington. chinese president xi jinping flies to washington tomorrow for a meeting with president obama. he was in seattle meeting with tech leaders, including mark su zuxer berg. the planes will be bints in washington state. the ceo of german automaker volkswagen resigned today after the company admitted it rigged diesel cars to pass u.s. emissions tests. martin wintercorn says he is
9:36 pm
stepping down to give vw a fresh start. a simple records request uncovered the scandal affecting some 11 million cars. germany's economic minister called on vw to cooperate with american prosecutors who are investigating this growing scandal. now to the race for the white house. donald trump in a new fight with fox news. he says he'll boycott the network. abc news reporter tom yaw muss with what he is saying. >> reporter: tonight he says he's breaking up with fox news. >> the polls came out the other day. they were outstanding. fox didn't put them up. i didn't feel i was beingtreated fairly. >> reporter: but fox says they dumped trump, canceling his appearance on the o'reilly factor. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and
9:37 pm
disgusting animals. >> reporter: more than six weeks later, trump is still trashing kellie. in a tweet last night, calling her a "lightweight." today trump speaking to a half-empty room in south carolina, turning his ire to another woman, carly fiorina. >> she's fighting to raise money, and her business career was a disaster and nobody wants to say that. they say you can't say it because it's sexist. >> reporter: fiorina giving it right back. >> leadership is not how big your office is, how big your airplane or helicopter or ego is. leadership is about service. >> reporter: carly fiorina did have kind words for hillary clinton. saying that he had empathy for her. tom yaw nez, nbc news new york.
9:38 pm
fbi technicians have recovered some of hill where i clinton's deleted e-mails. the bureau opened its investigation to see if any classified government material went through her personal computer. clinton has said the e-mails were deleted after her aides separated work and perm messages. the dolly thedali lama said must be very, very attractive, otherwise it's not much use. the bbc journalist was a little startled and asked the dolly lama if he was joking. it was unclear if he was or not, but it got a lot of attention. coming up next, oakland's big win with uber. the tech company announcing big plans in the east
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the ridesharing service uber is expanding into oak land. up to 3,000 employees are expected to move into six floors of the newly renovated sears building. real estate experts say the deal puts downtown oakland on the map in a significant way. but there are some concerns. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony explains. >> reporter: kevin just opened his gourmet ice cream shop right across the street from the old sears building just purchased by uber. >> we hope the developers do a great job on the building itself. we've heard rumors of a pa say yoe going through, that it would be a building to connect the businesses inside as the community as a whole.
9:43 pm
>> it's home actually to many of our current employees but today we doubling down on our growth here and deepening our roots across the bay. >> reporter: they have purchased the old sears building. there will be office space above. uber expects to bring in 2,000 to 3,000 employees >> so people can start thinking that their young college graduates who couldn't find work in oakland can now come home and go to work. >> reporter: pricing them without pricing out residents is part of the vision. >> weigh believe that having great jobs in this city is part of the solution. and encouraging development of additional housing units, which an investment like this can also encourage, is also part of that solution. >> reporter: uber expects to begin renovations next year with project
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when pope francis met with president obama at the white house he also had a personal audience with the obama family dogs, sunny and beau. looks like he's blessing them, but it's really more just a friendly pat we think. white house photographer pete sousa captured the moment and sent out this picture. nice picture indeed. i got to meet beau a couple years ago. i'll tweet it out in just a moment. i just fend the picture. >> fluffy? soft? >> very friendly. we're now showing you a quiet picture. high for your thursday in california, lots of sunshine, 89 l.a. and 92 the high in yosemite.
9:48 pm
we'll zoom on into the bay area. definitely not feeling like fall. temperatures above arm in all locations. 83 in oakland, 89 the high in san jose. and antioch up to 94 degrees. a total lunar eclipse. it's going to begin right around 7:00 and a total eclipse will end right around 8:23. i should say the accuweather forecast shows little change. we're mild to warm saturday and autumn sunshine and a steady pattern on the way for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> excellent. thank you very much. star wars fans will love this. facebook introduced a new 360-degree video that allows you
9:49 pm
to roam around inside the latest star wars trailer. viewers can change their viewpoint by looking to either side, up or down. facebook is trying to get its users excited about using virtual reality. well, you'll soon see gold appearing on the home field of the silver and black. sky seven hd shows you the faded marking for the 50 yard line inside the coliseum. every other has painted the numbers 50 in gold to honor super bowl 50. the raiders did not want a gold 50 painted. head coach jack del rio had this answer today. >> yeah, that's not part of my decision making. so we're silver and black. i know that. >> maybe it's because they like to be rebellious. but i wouldn't put it past them. >> well, late this afternoon, raiders' owner mark davis issued a statement saying nobody respects the super bowl more
9:50 pm
than the raiders, and the gold 50 will appear at the coliseum once the a's baseball season ends. they are the only team that share a home with the baseball team as well. >> i'm not making excuses, but i don't know if they could have put it down where the emblem, you couldn't put it on the dirt infield. but if you're the raiders, and you're trying to kiss up to the nfl to help you move or get a stadium, you probably don't want to poke the bear. >> i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to poke that, more like, i'll do whatever you want. the dodgers are doing their best to make them
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we all know bay area traffic is bad, but some say it's becoming a matter of life or death. we'll explain. and the dark twist in the
9:54 pm
ory of a missing family. those stories coming up over on channel 7. all right, if a whole bunch of things happen just right, the giants -- >> the earth stops spinning briefly. >> if it helps the giants. the dodgers already won tonight. that's not helping. but we're kind of in a category of needing a miracle here. down by six games with 12 to play. giants need to get very hot, very quickly, like right now. giants fans in their lucky green hatsen. and that's how we found them in san diego. top of the first, brandon crawford, sijle to right. angel pagan and alejandro score. jake peavy on the mound for the giants and doing it himself because there's nobody else to help. derrick norse, broken bat. think went scoreless, but after
9:55 pm
peavy leaves, the bull pen gets lit up. and that is young der advice solarte with single. and as i mentioned. dodgers won. the hope they can hope for is still six back with 11 to play. let's enjoy nature for a minute. sunset in oakland. let's watch the game now. a's and rangers. andrus against felix doubront, and yes, elvis has left the building, i thought that might get a laugh or something, but it got nothing, it got groans. beltre, and that is an oh, haw. it is 9-3 texas there in the ninth. the yankees honored yogi berra with a memorial, number eight patches on their sleeves. he passed away last night.
9:56 pm
the empire state building lit up. and fans brought flowers. as for where yogi might be buried. his wife once asked if he wanted to be laid to rest in his hometown in st. louis or in new york or new jersey. and in classic yogi fashion he said i don't know, surprise me. much of the niners' success was pinned on colin kaepernick's ability to raise his game. as they head to arizona, cap is completing 69% of his passes, seems to be more comfortable with this role. the only reason i him a little bit is cap was cryptic in describe being his feelings. if you read between the lines, he likes to use his legs instead of just being a pocket passer. >> i would say the biggest thing is i'm being asked to be myself
9:57 pm
this year. and i don't think anyone knows how to be myself better than me. so it's a comfort zone for me. it's a situation where i'm not being asked to do things out of my character. >> look, guys, everybody here knows how i feel about it. i'm happier than heck that colin kaeperni kaepernick's our starting quarterback. i'm a big fan. >> the raiders will play sunday in cleveland. johnny manziel will be watching. derrick clark, 351 yards passing and a last-minute driving leading to a win over the ravens, but the road has not been kind to the silver and black. they've lost 11 away games. 19 of their last 20 on the road. >> we saw what it takes to win. in the film room, all week, as long as we can take that, we have to fly somewhere to play
9:58 pm
the game. >> clearly there's an advantage to playing at home. but we want to be road warriors, the kind of team that can travel well and play in any kind of conditions, any kind of weather, any kind of crowd and be very purposeful and go in there and be able to impose our will on the opposing team. >> the seahawks are 0-2, but seattle's about to get the best strong safety in the business back on the field. kam chancellor ended his holdout. he wanted to renegotiate his contract with three years left on the deal -- i tried that once -- and got the following response. you'll get nothing and like it! get back out there and put your makeup on. rather than losing game checks, $267,000 a week, which i was not receiving, chancellor arrived today, may play some day against the bears, he's 226 pounds, that's 6% body fat. abc 7 sports brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. very similar to what -- >> i'm more 226% body fat. >> no. no. >> but 6% body fat. wow. >> he's been lifting. >> a little bit. >> he must work out. >> yeah. >> that is all for now. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope you make time for us coming up in one hour.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. the lifelong con game of the man calling himself clark rockefeller spins out of control with charges of kidnapping and murder. [gunshot]


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