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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 25, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> pope francis completes a whirlwind tour of new york. ride through central park and tonight giant mass at madison square garden. good evening. amma is off tonight. >> and i'm dan. the pope spending last night in the big apple. >> 78-year-old pontiff kept to grueling schedule from ground zero to harlem in central park. >> we are live in new york tonight. elizabeth? >>reporter: if good evening to you. yes indeed very busy day but as the pope was exhausted you wouldn't know. tonight many say he has once again shown the world why he is called the people's pope the. standing ovation for pope some
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say is like no other. pope francis wrapping his visit to u.s. city celebrating mass inside madison square garden. clawing his homily with friendly reminder. >> don't forget to pray for me. l. >>reporter: jam packed day began with landmark address before the general assembly at the united nations. if next stop multi-religious service at the 9/11 memorial. where pope francis also took the time to pray and place flowers on the the victims offering blessings for the family. solemn morning then took in up lifting turn in the afternoon. if with the visit to our quep of april jelly school in east harlem. tell class ramp third and fourth graders sing and laughing. then on the move again with lines of people snaking in and around central
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park f.pope waving and smiling to the chosen one which had to have particular equity for the glimpse after the lottery new york residents ended with 8 80,000 fight with new york and dc down tomorrow he leaves for the final leg of his u.s. trip philadelphia. where more than 1 million people are expected for the mass on sunday with pope francis. >> thanks very much. >> the reporting she is reporting live in new york city. pope continues the american visit tomorrow. he is scheduled to 11 jfk for philadelphia at 8:40 in the morning the at 10:30 mass held attica that he had rall basilica of saint peter and pall. then he will visit independence mall with liberty bell is at 4:45 and attend the festival of family at 7:30. >> bay area family among the injured from deadly duck boat and bus crash in seattle. 3
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31-year-old katie moody of fremont recovering in seattle hospital tonight. katie and her father greg were thrown from the duck boat. they were if seattle to celebrate a birthday. >> remember waking up on the freeway and i saw people running toward us from the car cars. to check on us. >> t t.and everyone was actually really saw some. some lady helped me find my mom. make sure we were okay. is. >> kaed and her mom both suffered broken collar pwochbility her dad had cut to the face and bruises. 4 other people died in yesterday accident on washington aurora bridge. more now from ryan owens. >> stunning image and staggering casualty count. 4 are dead. 50 others taken to the hospital. >> mass destruction. >> tonight the ntsb arrived in seattle. lacking that what caused this duck bet to hit a charter bus. the 4 international exchange students
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from north seattle college were headed to orientation on the bus when they were killed. >> these assault vehicle have no police winding their way through american cities. fwl drivers like this one in seattle, also acting as tour guides. earlier this month the dug boat company if san francisco shut down after the city started requiring the a separate tour guide so the driver could folk the us on the road. here in seattle in 2011 surveillance camera catches a duck boat running over a motorcyclist. seriously injuring him. and just the year before that huge barge plows right over a duck boat in philadelphia. the killing 2 on board. the owner of the duck boat company here say they are cooperating but the mayor of seattle says no more of those amphibious assault vehicle on the streets of his city until they figure out exactly what
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happened. >> here train ram 2 vehicle today if burlingame disrupting the evening mutt for thousands of people happened 5:40 tonight. we were above the closed off area at broadway avenue. police say the people in the vehicle made it out before the collision. but did not say why the vehicle were on the track in the first place. the at one point people started leaving the train through the window us a can see. if air conditioning stopped working and no communication from cal train. they were hot wanted off. at about 7 cal train tweeted asking ride investigators stop leaving the traim because there were other active trains in the area. one man headed to san francisco for the acdc concert. the and he was afraid would he miss the show. >> we have had the tickets for 6 months now. and we spent a lot of money on the tickets and will going feared to it with my good friend if her and just trying to get out to the
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concert. fight look at this video showing rider hopping the fence the leaf the track. both track were cleared by 8:00 p.m. but the delay still persist. web you see news or interesting pictures where you have lived police take a photo or video and share it with us using the hash-tag if we may show it on air or web site. sfichlt police say the man shot by an officer last night was trying to grab a shotgun out of the officer's police cruiser. crew called to the scene after 5 50-year-old ronald wood threat toned kill himself. when the officer arrived at mont ri red near motto avenue police say woods refused to comply with repeated commands. officer tazed and pepper spray him but di phase him. he reached for the officer shotgun case he was shop. woods expected to recover. >> sexual predator could soon be roaming the streets unless local officials resolve the des. predator 51-year-old tell frasier smith due to be release from state hospital but
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officials unable to celts on exactly where he will live. if vick lehas the latest open the story. jump gave sln a county prosecutors until october 13 to find a home for frasier smith. convicted rapist is soon to be released from the state hospital. the judge threatened to rae lease smith as transient. if the da fills to meet the 2 and a half week deadline. liberty health care contract with the state to help sexually violent predator reinterest spwrait says it lacked into more than 4000 place that met jessica law strict restriction on distance to schools and parks. it's the most the program has ever conducted for placing sexually violent predators. the last being 33,000 inquirey. in smith case they found on 3 homes. two in slan a county and one in contra costa county. >> rights of these villain should not the take precedence over the rights of our community. our neighbors. our
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lives. if. >> fierce opposition from neighbors in court ruling fell through including this one on this drive in fairfield. >> it's a safe beautiful community one that stays that wait a minute i'm also a homeschool teacher as well as a full time teacher. i have students in my home. >> if smith is relessed as trains gentleman he may be house entered motel in slan a or possibly other counties. moving him every 5 days. the da opposes the court order saying it's virtually impossible for his office to investigate whether these motel are appropriate areas. vic le lee, abc 7 news. >> this man has been arrested for spying on people in dormatory bathroom at uc berkeley. he's former university employee. police say he secretly recorded more than 100 people with the camera planted in residence hall restroom back in may. force say there may be even more
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victims. >> more to get to tonight at 9:00 this friday night. volkswagen under fire in the bay area for a pollution scandal that left 2 stanford professors feeling betrayed. >> also the silicon valley visit of india prime minister. why some consider him a rock star while others are calling him a criminal. >> tvl drew is here with the weather. >> and cooler today compared to yesterday and the cooler on shore breeze will continue for the weekend. look at the numbers in the accu-weather forecast ahead. >> thanks drew. shocker from john boehner. why he is quitting congress. quitting congress. >>
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a. >> welcome back. lawsuit filed in san francisco today on behalf of volkswagen owners and 2 stanford professors accusing vw of corporate culture of arrogance. this following the company admission that it has been rigging the emission readings on its diesel powered vehicle for the past seven years now. because of this scandal the epa today announced sweeping changes to the way it test for diesel emission. volkswagen today named a company veteran to take over for the chief executive officer who resigned this week. tiffany will so that has more. she never thought her jet a was polluting the air. >> i'm pretty shocked because
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difficult buy it because it was a diesel engine and because we were looking for gas mileage. and at the same time something that wasn't going to pollute whole lot. >> campbell considering joining the class action suit filed today in the bay area. at issue light duty diesel sold by volkswagen in 2009 and 2015. vw admitted it installed a device that allow the cars to pass california emission test but failed in real world driving conditions. >> this was a massive fraud is that i hope crease emission can hurt cardio disease an that's dangerous result of the desption. >> they bought a car they thought was going to be friendly to the environment and not hurt people and actually they have a car that is high high pressuring people 40 times worse. >> lawsuit claims the volkswagen electronic research lab in belmont could be involved in the coverup. >> what was going on in belmont as one of the foremost electronic research facilities
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what was going on at oxnard and howard communication being handled back at volkswagen to have led the public to be deceived over this significant period in time. >> they are working with vw to see howed about the problem is and fix it. attorney nancy says her klints have a suggestion for the german auto maker. >> do the right thing and bay the cars back. >>reporter: volkswagen didn't rae respond to request for comment today. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> volkswagen investors in the happy either. sprt lawsuit was failed today claiming u.s. stock hold versus lost hundreds of millions of dollars over this emission scandal. vw shares fallen by nearly a third since the scandal broke last week. >> the now to the latest on the valley l fire in lake county. sheriff's department today said all traffic restrictions will now be lifted tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. in cobb and surrounding neighborhood. most of cobb was
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destroyed in the fire. tell road block removed not all utilities have been restored. the fire is however now 92 percent contained but 2400 firefighters are still on the scene. >> prime minister of india will head license a massive community reception in silicon valley this weekend. mosh 1 18,000 tickets have been distributed for this. >> many are thrilled about the trip others are questioning the motive. if chris has the story. the. >> this sunday independent i don't know prime minister the will take center stage at the center in san jose. event may bay area indian americans have been waiting for. >> all want to share in the pride of having the indian prime minister come here and they lake his style. he's a show man. he enjoy being in these large venue. >> the this plays into the prime minister strategy to i hope introduce new technology to india. >> prove the if great
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opportunity for them to enter the independent i don't know market with support of the indian government and that's probably what lies behind about their the invitation to him. >> east santa clara street manager request for catering and reservation gone up since he said he would be coming to town. >> he's talking about lets all if come together and work towards the progress of every country. that's what i believe that he's looking at the bigger picture. >> they say he's trying to convert independent why into a hindu only nation displacing group like sikh christian and muslim. organization seek for justice plan on protesting sunday morning at town hall meeting hosted by facebook and reception at the center later this evening. we wanted to have the complete religious frame for every minority every religion like in the united states. wanted to have a same model in india. >> politic aside this is first california visit by independent
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i don't know head of state in more than 3 decade. this is 7 news. >> the 7 news was in san jose at black ford elementary this morning as third graders there got hands on experience making weather balloons. take a look at this. over the past few week people got advice from nasa sign tichlingt if experts from bloom sky personal weather device company this morning everyone had a chance to test out their designs. will they fly? exercise cease taught the kid about science but more importantly about team work. yes. a little bit. fight about as long as the wright brothers. >> tell weekend is here. fall temperature around the corner for us. >> just around the corner. we see the temperatures slowly go down and by midweek next week really going to feel like september and october arrives on thursday. we see that we are tracking just some mostly clear conditions out there
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trying to stand for some moisture and we come up empty handed. outside we go. the the camera shoming embarcadero downtown san francisco and if ferry building all lit up tonight and it's pretty comfortable out there under clear sky. 61 in downtown san francisco right now. 65 in oakland. mountain view currently skechlt we'll do this as well in san jose. morgan hill at 72. half machine bay cooler at 59 degrees. east bay hills camera showing you the lights of before this coliseum on there as well t.athletic take on the giants right now. if bit of shaking in our camer camera. we have a breeze out of the west keeping temperatures rather comfortabl comfortable. napa 63 degrees. if 72 the high in livermore. tower cam are showing you downtown san francisco all lit up clear sky in the forecast. call for cooling temperature spread across this weekend. call ate mild pattern in next week as october begins warming up will happen as well. we see
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state showing you we have the stationary front that is oh, so slowly inching its way closer to the bay area. it gets closer it will knock our temperatures down each and every day over the wean. take you to the pacific very quickl quickly. talk about the next tropical storm we have throughout right now. this is if wind 50 miles per hour and moving north west at 7 miles an hour. tropical storm watch out for the big eye licensed of hawaii where we see soaking showers but you notice the tropical storm will weaken and stay to the south of the island chain so some good news there. back hear at home tonight overnight we see coastal clouds and few spots. 62 half machine bay. 57 san francisco. and drop to 59 san jose. 58 oakland and 54 overnight and san rafael. high for your saturday starting south bay to. 83 san jose and 84 cupertino. and 81 tomorrow redwood city and if 66 at half moon basement get up to 74 in downtown san francisco tomorrow. 65 the sun set district. into the north bay 88 santa rosa and 85 vallejo. 74 sausolito.
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oakland tomorrow 78 same in san leandro. 81 fremont. 82 hercules and lower 90's. 89 pleasanton and 90 in antioch. take you to pacifica. very quickly. tomorrow. fog fest under way and how perfect early tomorrow morning we have some fog 62 by 10:00 o'clock in the morning. noon mainly cloudy at 65. peak of sunshine late clearing otherwise upper 60's we top out at. 7 difficult forecast show you a little cooler to. hay clouds on sunday but cooler pattern dominates early next week by wednesday feel rather chilly do i dare say around here with coastal clouds and thursday and friday october sun and autumn warmth. baby steps to wednesday nice direction. >> i like that. >> nothing too shocking for the plans. one step at a time. >> it's graduate. we like that. thank you drew. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. keeping the sidewalk free on the golden gate pwrichbility and the new i-phone is out. you will hear from some of the first people
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to get their hands on the new smart phone. smart phone. >> 7 news weather app.
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for over 30 years, in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> we have weekend street closure we want to tell you about if out and about on sun. rock and roll san jose half marathon run through the downtown area that starts at 8:00 a.m. as you can see from the map. there will be a lot of road closures for much of the day. now in addition as we mention there will be road days tour sunday evening near the shark tank bus of event featur featuring india prime minister. >> governor brown has two week to decide if he will block proposal to charge pedestrians toll on the golden gate bridge. just welcome back of 45 proposal considered by the
9:25 pm
golden gate bridge district to wrist revenue. not everybodylif they walk across the famous stand today. author a bill that would prohibit toll for walker and cyclist on the golden gate state owned bridge bridges. >> reduce green house gas emission in california. charg charging a toll on people for pedestrians riding bake is the wrong which to go. >> charging asidewalk toll on the golden gate raise up to 1 million dollars annually and the bridge faces a 33 million dollar deficit. >> well the most talked about person in lane for the new i-phone this morning was not physically there. tell we were at the palo alto apple store when this row about the the made its way in. the woman work for beam the company that make wrought bought. she was in san diego when the doors opened she wheeled the robot in using her keyboard at home in san diego. told the clerk where her money was in the back of the robot. paid easily and
9:26 pm
was able to whale become out of the store without a problem. >> i did it because i thought it would be a truly techy way to experience camping out. >> i feel like fantastic experience i would do it again in a heart beat. >> she was in and out and became the star among fellow customers and even apple workers as well. >> i'm so glad nobody stole the i-phone open the way back. that would be terrible. >> for the money. back of the giz moychlt more at 9:00. bomb shell on capitol hill. >> i decided you know today is the day i'll do this. >> house speaker boehner calls it quits. >> republican front runner donald trump armed with a bible and getting unprecedented unexpected rae response. >> get ready. rare super blood moon happening this sunday. drew will pinpoint the exact the best time for to you good out and look up and see it. >> pretty
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> about what a surprise it was. speaker oevt of the house john boehner resigning stepping down at the end of next month after emotional meeting with the pope. >> why he decided now was the time. >> january thon karl has more. >> john boehner the altar boy turned speaker of the house couldn't hold back the tears as pope francis came to capitol hill. this morning he seemed like a new man. >> what a beautiful day. >> he's stepping down. >> less tonight i started to think about this and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers as i always do and i decided you if he today is the day i'll do this. >> boehner so clearly moved yesterday told reporters today
9:31 pm
about his own private moment with pope francis. >> as tell the pope and write getting ready to exit the building we found ourselves alone. pope puts his arm around me and kind of pulls me to him and says please pray for me. well, who am i to pray for the pope? but i did. >> not even boehner closest friends expected that this would be the day he would resign. but if he hadn't you can see that he would have had to fit to keep his job. >> turmoil that has been churning now for a couple of months is not good for the members and not good for the institution. >> house will be in order. >> if he stayed boehner faced end leads ballots with house conservative who believed he was too willing to compromise with democrat. the wanted to fight that could have led to government shut down in just a few days. shut down is now much less likely. >> john then karl reporting. john boehner credit his staff who has been with him for a long time for his success. men
9:32 pm
while house democratic leader pelosi shared her thoughts with his resignation. she and boehner quote have deep disagreement but i respect his patriotism. i'll miss hill as friend and fore midable foe. >> man who could replace boehner is congressman mccarty. leader is not that well known in the bay area. he grew up in bakersfield elected to congress in 2006 and quickly went up through the rank. became cheap deputy whip then republican whip. third most powerful leadership slot. he has connection to popular streaming series. kevin spacey stars as frank underwood on netflix house of cards t.spacey play as congressman and house majority whip. turns out underwood is based on kevin mccarty. he shadowed him for months specifically lacking at how he twisted arms. he doesn't belief his life mirror spacey character however. both they
9:33 pm
are californians f.he's speaker it's the first time the speaker and i might north leader both from the same state. >> republican front runner trump didn't 7 the rae response expected from a crowd in indiana and rubio called him a clown but then the crowd quickly turned on him t.tom has more. >> donald trump walking in the valley voter summit bible in hand. >> most importantly i brought my bible. the promising today to save christmas. >> you go to stores you don't see the word smachlts it says happy holiday. i want to see merry christmas. remember the expression merry christmas you didn't see it any more. you will see it if i get elected i tell you rate now. >> trump then apparently commit ago political sin. this clown mark rubio. i have been so nasty to him. i have been so nice. >>reporter: showered with boo after slamming rubio. rubio
9:34 pm
rising in the poll and taking on trump. >> can't have conversation about policy because quite frankly he doesn't know anything about policy. >>reporter: but trump does know how to fight. and now he's all over rubio. >> i think he's a baby. >>reporter: trump once trained on bush but now bush facing criticism over something he said about how to attract african american voters. >> our mess ages one of hope and aspiration it isn't one of division and get in line and well take care of you with free stuff. >>reporter: legend tweeting always the guy born on third base talking about black people with free city. the bush campaign says bush comments being taken out of condition texas but he was talking about em powering people because democrat contract war on poverty has failed. tom abc news new york. >> the parent company of safeway has filed to good public. albertson's completed the purchase of the chain in january now the company expects to raise as much as 1.8 billion
9:35 pm
dollars in the i p o initial public offering plan to use the money to reduce death. safe weigh second largest grocery in the nation second only to kroger. >> loretta lynch top conspire came to richmond to take a look at city model for good relations between police and the community. laura anthony has the story. >> u.s. attorney general loretta lynch says her decision to visit richmond his something to do with the troubled past. but also bright future and ongoing effort to improve relations between police and the community. >> mostly clear to me that richmond is working toward really holistic and comprehensive approach to public safety. >> richmond has received prison for its dramatic drop if violent crime under chief chris. >> this is a city that really has struggled with a lot of tough challenges. >> good attorney general has different world view from the
9:36 pm
oscar grant committee. >> just rare to the attorney general arrival there was a protest outside by democrat industry twhors claim last year death of richard perez was a case of police brutality. lynch says riding police force of unconscious by as is just one step richmond is taking in the right direction. >> more than just an arrest. it's more than just identifying a suspect but trying to identify the root cause of many of the problems. >> at the end of the day successful community policing most important part is be trust with the community. >> lynch also announce richmond will receive 6 25,000 dollars in federal money in the hiring of 5 additional police officer officers. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> coming up next. lavish white house state dinner for chin a president. names on the guest list. p. f
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>> lamb lobster and grammy award winning artist. that's what chin ease president was treated to at lavish state dinner hosted by the president and the first lady michelle at the white house tonight among the 200 guest silicon valley ceo including apple, cook. and netflix ceo hastings and face back zuckerberg posted this picture there he is with his waive priscilla chan just before they left for dinner. while we did not get an invitation must have been lost in the mail we can show you what the table looked like for
9:41 pm
the president guest. each table had a floral center piece featuring orange and pink roses flower that is appreciate to us both east and west. >> you condition sea across the table. chinese president and prt president obama exchanged view on range of global and regional challenges. 2 leaders reach common understanding on cyberspying. chin a agreed to step up the effort to kilometer about the climate at change including pledge to put 3 billion dollars towards helping developing country reduce carbon emission. both agree progress was made on several issues. >> we believe the nation are more successful and the world make more progress when the company compete on level playing field. when dispawts are resolved peacefully and when the universal human rights of all people upheld. >>reporter: there was evidence that the 2 remain at odd over china artificial island in the south chin a sea. >> well the baby panda at the national zoo now has a name. first lady michelle obama and first lady of china announce today that the panda will be
9:42 pm
named be be precious treasure in mandarin. zoo says the cub is doing great and already bigger than the other cub were at this same stage. >> cute fuzzy stage. not the °pink slimey frightening stage. >> up next. conference under way in san francisco that is ground zero for new form of entertainment. entertainment. >> more to kilometer stay with
9:43 pm
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l. >> philadelphia congressman bob brady did something interestin interesting. he got the glass that the pope drank water from during the address. he took the glass back to the office where he and his wife and 2 staff drank from it and that's
9:46 pm
not off. he then invited pennsylvania senator bob casey over and they all dipped the finger into the water. brady says he saved the rest of the world trade center for his 4 grandchildren and his great grand-daughter. at least he didn't sell it on ebay. >> that's true good point. >> super blood moon lacking forward to it. >> that's right. drew super blood isn't that a song acdc is playing the at the park. >> i >> one of those things. i get them mixed up all the time. very similar. it's very quiet. talk about the super blood moon happening on sunday night. the reason why it's a super moon first of all is due to the orbit around the earth it's close sometimes. 14 percent brighter than normal on sunday then the blood notation it turns red. machine goes in the earth shatter on sunday night. it's out of the way of the sun. give the red hue. when it will happen begins at 7:11:00
9:47 pm
p.m. look at the time eastern oh, raze. sundown on sunday at 6:59 p.m. be in the twilight phase. total eclipse at 7:47 p.m. and then it coon of ends at 8:23 so the 7:15 and 8:15 look to the eastern horizon and see if you can see the lunar eclipse happen. should be rather interesting to see. high for saturday. on the east coast mid atlanta ticket it's rather sunny most locations across much of california. it's warm. 91 yos mate. 91 l.a. one of 7 palm springs zoom in the bay area tomorrow. equally delightful sunshine 74 san francisco 83 san jose. 87 concord. 88 in santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast. note it's a little cooler tomorrow. high clouds open sunday and cooler pattern continues mopped tuesday and especially in wednesday coastal clouds feeling nice out there by thursday and friday october begins autumn warmth return so look on the eastern oh, riz
9:48 pm
should be rather cool. >> i lake it thanks drew. >> thus of video gamer con verm on san francisco today for convention that is really the first of its kind. as jonathan bloom explains it's not about to play the game any more. cool kids are streaming the game play to audience of adoring fans. >> in the day when arcade video game playing was what you did when you ran out of quarter. but now it's a serious form of entertainment thanks to web site called twitch and community of big personality. if gamer known as spam fish started broadcasting year ago when he lost his job. now he does this professionally. >> twitch awill you me to do something i'm so passionate about and make a career out of it. >> thousands like him all over the world. >> we had the idea start a convention. bring everybody together in the same place and kind of aha. that's funny and then wait no we should actually do this and then we did. fight
9:49 pm
comes less than a year after san francisco base twitch was acquired by amazon. >> amazon power is actually the back end through amazon web service of the majority of video game to get produced day. and the deep pocket come in handy. >> this is the very first twitch con means it's the first chance for a the of twitch broadcast the investigators meet the fans in person. >> it's amazing. i find that they are just diverse and quirky and nerdy as i am and i love it. >> he now has production company around the twitch channel the gamer learn to broadcast like the prosecute and hay end sound. games of the future and blast from the past but the self made celebrity of twitch might be the main attraction. >> i don't feel like a rock star. i feel lake a web cam with no business with an audience. >> yet you have a large audience. in san francisco abc
9:50 pm
7 news. >> nail was bacon donut. >> how do you think he got that name. >> hard to the say. i wonder what his diet looks like. fight think? >> have you ever tried it. >> larry is here. >> made of kale and avocado. if. >> sell out crowd. haters there. >> sell out crowd for the giants and a's tonight. home run derby and long night for run derby and long night for this poor lady. the one giant
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
a. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. legendary rock band acdc is on stage right now at at&t park. concert concerns coming with tonight big show. >> 7 on your side michael finy part fearing with consumer report to test out apple brand new i-phone. customers who mit want to wait for upgradeism those stories and more 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> not what we hoped for this
9:54 pm
year. >> not so much. i blame larry. fight dispointing year for both the giants and a's. a little late season fun. september bay ridge series. big rae yawn. wounded by a's crazy in the wrong section. giants get on the board in the fears. matt duffy 2 run homer off sunny gray and 2 zip giants in a flash but in the third giants look 2-1 and yank to right off mike lee and 2 run jack. a lead and then adding on with billy butler. here's country breakfast. appreciate a bacon donut for sure. a's up. here it comes and there it goes. if parker off ryan.
9:55 pm
this is high deputy and the aloha. means goodbye. 4 54 feet upper tank. and rate now her in the 9th. might not be enough for the giants. a's leading 5-4. tomorrow is a really special day at the coliseum with barry facing his old a's teammate hudson. barry spent early part of the career with the a's and jump to the giants 1 26 million dollar deal. he's finishing up the career in the green and gold. a's pwawbling at bring up from the minor but get a chance for unique start facing hudson and lake ways a couple we can away from retirement. just lake zito hudson came up with the a and moved on. both pitchers lacking to face each other like throw back game. >> kind of funny we both started in a year of each othe other. 99 and 2000 in the big league. we are both if at the tail end here and it's happening at the same time and
9:56 pm
also against each other and also if all those kind of things crazy how they line up. >> i get a thought of better way to go out and something tell like this. for us and the fants of oakland and fans of san francisco i think is a historic beginning. >> college football rare friday night for stanford. bad ankle and all he started. march down the field on the opening drive. 4 touch down 2 in the game. 7 nothing stanford. stanford tied at z.kevin a from yard strike down the seam to cooper. 14-7 cardinal. the late first quarter. collins. avoiding the rush. find storm wood here a little flip. end up being a 36 yard gain to set up a ryan touch down run to tie it at 14. hogan the christian nobody covering him at all. setting up another wright touch down run. 21-17 stanford at the
9:57 pm
half. if wind up and zip it. down the field to michael. how did that ball not get intercepted went through 2 defender there. fourth quarter there 35-24 stanford. in the fourth t.all the college football highlights tomorrow on after the game and special were your guest because it's media day on monday. jason tomorrow so that come an wants to be a sportscaster once playing career is over. special guest tomorrow tonight after the game at 8:30 on abc 7 follow the arizona ucla gym which kick off at 5:00 o'clock. warriors. fba champ opening training camp next week and busy off season filled with appearances and celebration and party and now you have to get back to work. warriors pretty much entire championship roster coming back with the exemption exception of david lee traded boston but for the first time in 4 decade this team is the hunted. team that everybody wants to beat and they know everybody will try to
9:58 pm
take them down. >> very short off season. the not nearly as many guys come in which is fine with me. i don't want them burning themselves the out. butt mentality changes a little bit. part of it as i said a deeper level of confidence. what you have to be the concerned with is feeling too happy. feeling like the there's nothing left to accomplish which obviously isn't the case. >> don't feel too happy. to atlanta second round of the tour championship jason day on the tee at 17 and this is hook in and hook in and right in the water. take a bogey. even par 9 off the lead. jordan in contention for the 10 million dollar fedex cup grpd prize. birdie on 18 6 un. hand henry the swaed follows this with two under 68. >> if sports brought to you by toyota and it's a final from the coliseum as the a's take game one of the late season
9:59 pm
series a lot of home runs. >> that poor woman is still sitting there. >> she's heading for the parking lot right now. >> thanks so much thanks for joining us. i'm. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time see you appreciate your time see you again in an hour
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, the widest, most damaging crisis in the history of the los angeles police department is revealed by the actions of one crooked cop.


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