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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 27, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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rgo. together we'll go far. hello, thank you for joining us. india's prime minister visited facebook and google to discuss how his nation can work together. not everyone was happy with the prime minister's visit to california. abc 7 news reporter has more.
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>> there was a big crowd outside google headquarters. folks hoping to catch a glimpse of india's prime minister. >> he is emerging as a famous world leader now. he has done so much in india. >> modi is being wooed by silicon valley big time. it began with a hometown meeting at facebook. he told the crowd he loves social media he has 30 million likes on facebook and 13 million twitter followers. >> i think i would say to leaders, all over the world that there is, you are not going to run away from social media. >> india is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. a huge opportunity to deepen digital ties with tech companies. >> the faster the economy grows, the better the business prospects for all technology companies here. >> our prime minister is coming
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to india. >> supporters like his digital india plan to expand high speed internet to 80% of the company. but the prime minister has his opposition. protesters call his human rights record dismal. >> it means success for some, but oppression for many. that manifests as gender violence. >> others see him as the face of a new india, prying to end poverty while i am bracing technology. this is the first time an indian prime minister has visited california. tonight's event is invitation only. vandals defaced the statue of jupiporo sierra.
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the graves of native americans were left untouched. this all came days after pope francis canonized serra. several native american groups blame serra for killing thousands. pope francis officially left the u.s. and is on his home to the vatican. he celebrated mass with hundreds of thousands of followers and talked with victims of sexual abuse. marcy gonzalez is in philadelphia with more. >> reporter: pope francis saying farewell to philadelphia, boarding his flight back to rome. >> you please pray for me. i blows yess you all. >> reporter: the pontiff
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celebrating mass with hundreds of thousands of overjoyed people packing this philadelphia parkway. they waited in line for hours to get through security check points just to catch a glimpse of this papal parade and hear his message. the pope started his final day in the u.s. meeting in private with victims of sexual abuse. promising accountability within the church. >> translator: god weeps. sexual abuse in children, these cannot be maintained in secret. >> reporter: the people's pope demonstrating his passion for the disenfranchised. >> i stand before you as a
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brother. >> each hug and handshake as heartfelt as the love he shared with the littlest in the crowd. those crowds mostly cleared. as people made their way out of here, we heard them loudly clapping. this time not for the pope, but for the law enforcement officers who helped make this such a safe and successful papal visit. an emergency crew pulled a woman's body from the water of san mateo today. two people discovered the waterway early this afternoon. rescuers were originally called in but determined the woman passed away. investigators have not said who she is. an autopsy will determine how she died. a bicyclist going the wrong way in traffic was hit and killed early this morning. it happened last night around 10:00. a driver slammed into him.
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police do not believe speed did not play a factor in that crash. a group of c being targeted. someone is leaving dangerous sharp tacks along mountain road from west side to skyline boulevard. they say it's bad enough several people have gotten flat tires on their bikes. because they can coast downhill upwards of 20 miles per hour, a blowout from one of those tacks could be dangerous or deadly. no one has been injured. last week, eight members got flats. they realized instead of someone tossing them on the road, this time it seems someone made a special effort to cause that damage. >> the last time was vicious because someone placed those tacks so they were there affixed pointy side up. >> look at these.
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this is a picture of the little tacks. it's a problem that's become so serious, riders are raising money for award for information leading to an arrest. >> this brushfire came dangerously close to buildings this afternoon. we want to thank our abc 7 now community for tweeting out this video of the fire. it's burning on both sides of the hill off interstate 2 0. if you see breaking news and can safely take a picture, share it with us, using abc 7 now. >>. >> california's drought is costing california farmers. a new report from uc davis finds the agriculture industry suffered a $1.8 billion loss over the last four years. less water means there is less they can grow. this year alone many farmers had to lay off 30 to 40% of their work force. some are experimenting with crops that use less water.
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that only goes so far. >> consumers make the ultimate planning decision by the food choices we make at stores. a country just switch crops unless there is a market for the crop you're switching to. >> almonds, pistachio and grapes do well because they are naturally more drought tolerant. billions more dollars and thousands more jobs will be lost over the next two years. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, caught on video, a collapse at a carly fiorina event. >> one of the bay areas great theaters getting rid of a piece of history. eyes on the skies. did you see it? a good look at the super blood moon. >> it was chilly out there it
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take a look at this luckily no one was hurt when large curtains fell down at this carly fiorina event in san antonio, texas. the presidential candidate was speaking to a women's group. the see the curtains collapse there. she later tweeted out, everyone appears to be okay. the mighty wurlitzer organ is about to be replaced. workers have been taken apart the last theater organ to be hauled away wednesday. it belongs to private owners who left the bay area repairing it and maintaining it became two
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expensive. >> a $7,000 digital pipe organ will take its place. this is an artist's representation of the new instrument. it can make any sound including the sound of the old wurlitzer. coming up next, a look at rare lunar event that painted our moon blood red this evening. and what to expect on monday morning in the accuweather forecast. the niners look like the raiders used to on the road. >> charles woodson said this is ♪
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♪music continues [announcer] everyone works hard for a reason. working together,we can help you prepare financially for when two becomes three. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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would you take a look at that?
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people across the country witnessed a super blood moon, a phenomenon that hasn't occurred since 1982. this happens when a supermoon combined with a full lunar eclipse. it can be seen in the u.s., europe, africa and western asia. this is what it looked like in los angeles. in san francisco, people gathered to watch from pier 15. it was hard to see with the cloud cover there. it started just after 7:00 and lasted about an hour. another is not expected again until 2033. >> more than 200 people joined us live on periscope. >> it was way cool. >> drew stayed for the whole hour. >> i'll watch. 2033 is not a short amount of time. great pictures. share them. we'll show you right now, it's a quiet scene.
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look at this some of you were fighting the clouds to see the moon earlier this evening. i know. wasn't easy. our camera showing you we did have clear skies. reare at 60 in downtown san francisco. a bit of chill in oakland. mountain view at 65. 66 in san jose. half moon bay 64. our golden bay bridge camera showing we had fog. that will greet you tomorrow morning for the morning rush. santa rosa currently 77. 58 in napa. 58 in novato. concord 71. livermore 74. here is live doppler 70 with satellite. here is the problem in the south. trying to see that moon. there is a sliver of cloud cover moving ahead of an upper level low. you see it circulating off the ocean. that is going to push to the east over the coming days. that is going to gradually give as cooling trend.
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want to talk about a weak tropical storm. she is falling apart. her satellite imagery nonexistent. she is sinking to the south away from hawaii right now. overnight tonight back here in the bay area, a mixture of stars and clouds. moving in back off the coast of inland. temperatures in the mid 50s. if you are headed out tomorrow for work and school, light jacket needed first thing. the morning chill early on in the 50s. midday partly cloudy. afternoon, a mainly sunny monday. inland in the 80s around the bay. along the coast will be in the 60s. let's take a look at our micro climate for our highs on monday. mainly sunny in the south bay. san jose comfortable high of 82 degrees. 83 cupertino. along the peninsula tomorrow, 72
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milbur milburn. late day sunshine up to 69 in the afternoon. 62. 70 in south san francisco. north bay santa rosa. 76 novato. east bay 71 oakland. 73 richmond. inland warm and sunny. up to 83. accuweather seven day forecast. wednesday leads to fog and sunshine thursday. autumn warm on friday. next week saturday and sunday, nothing but sunshine. nice out there. >> the moon took its time coming up. you were like, it's going to come up right there. we did it. well done. >> thank you. raider nation happy tonight, huh? >> very happy. been so long.
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we hope we can continue. you can feel momentum building. raiders fans coming fruition the regular season since 2011 they have an above .500 record. they win a game in the eastern time zone. raider nation invading cleveland dawg pound. second quarter cooper goes for 40 yards. 134 yards. carr to andre hall. silver and black. seth roberts got it. carr, raiders at the break. many predicted a big day for murray. he delivers. 54 yards down the sidelines. set up a field goal for 20-3 lead. fourth quarter, raiders leading 20-10. murray, 27-10. raiders didn't have a sack in the first two games.
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they registered five today. browns recovered. 27-13 game. cooper would like to have back. cleveland capitalizes. 40 seconds left. angels won. charles woodson got it. 61st career interception. 27-20 raiders. they improve 2-1. win snap from 11-game road losing streak. how about locker room celebration? >> a lot of firsts for your first win road game. >> this is just beginning. great things on the road for us. >> colin kaepernick.
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familiar sight was this. we'll skip over arizona's next few touchdowns to go in front 28-0. here is your highlight for the niners. 37 yards. set up the only florida game for san francisco. colin kaepernick keeping himself 12 yards around the end. niners trail 31-7 at the half. second half. fourth interception of the game. that's cowhers. the giants able to stave off playoff elimination for at least one more day. a's turn of the century big
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three. barry zito. mark mulder. mulder, the only one currently retired. might have thrown the best of the bunch. great moments there. giants would play five runs in the first three trevor brown, player to right center. that would be the winning run in the game. crawford out there. it's a 5-2 game. a's have two more in the sixth. same score in the ninth. billy burns. strikes out swinging. giants take 2-3 with a 5-4 win. six back of l.a. with seven games to play. >> standings are what they are. we are in a tough situation. we'll come out fighting. >> any time you're mathematically in there, gives you hope. it will be an exciting series. we are all looking forward to
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it. >> the ultimate. >> jordan spieth assuring himself player of the year honor depositing $10 million to the bank account. a par putt on the 18 at nine under wins by four strokes and recaptures the world number one ranking. >> matt kenseth takes the flag in new hampshire. >> all good except for the niners. >> not okay. thank you. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, the creature featu
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>>. >> coming up at 11:00, a deadly barrier. the guard rail takes the life of a 22-year-old man.
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you'll want to see this investigation. >> caught on tape. a man takes a package off this porch, but the homeowner is in the house. you won't believe what the homeowner does when he catches the thief. we are more than a month away from halloween but a family-friendly monster movie dominated the box office. "hot "hot "hotel transylvania" movie dominates the movie. it earned $47 million. robert deni niro "the intern" w second. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00.
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