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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 28, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a up in of young swimmers left high and dry with a club. a south bay dog trainer facing eviction. who is forcing him out? tonight he'll unleash a plea for help. back to business in a town hit hard by the valley fire. what people are doing to try to get back to normal. and we'll take a look at the tragic death of a motorist and why his family says it never should have happened. sky 7 is over a popular swim and tennis club that will close doors next year so the owners can cash in on the bay area real estate boom. good evening. >> putting homes and apartments on the property will need city
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council approval and residents are trying to prevent the closure of subsport valley vista in walnut creek. >> reporter: well, this letter was sent about 11 days ago, announcing that the club would close in four months. members have done a number of things, they set up a facebook page, they're also now and there will be a rally to try to stop the closure. sky 7 hd is over club sport valley vista. six acres, a swimming pool and club house, it happens to be the home the bara cuedas, the largest youth swim club in the league. >> we have 190 swimmers from three years old to 18 years old.
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they'd be without a pool. >> reporter: this deed shows the principal shareholder as steve gillmore. pat o'brian is the chief financial officer. >> it's not making any money. it never has. >> reporter: leisure sports notified they will close on january 31, 2016. the company plans to ask the city of walnut creek to change its zoning status from recreational to residential. tripling the value. >> looking to do some sort of residential housing. potentially empty nester type product or a standard residential project. >> reporter: if it recommends rezoning, the city council would vote on the matter. it could take up to a year. but community members are trying
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to stop it. >> generations have grown up here, this is where we come to recreate. >> i understand they have a right to do that but the city should take more of an interest in the fact a lot of people moved here and bought homes here to be closer to this wonderful facility. >> reporter: the city says it has yet to hear from the owner of the property. in walnut creek, abc7 news. more than two weeks after the start of the valley fire, classes resumed today in middleton. the fire is now 97% contained and in middleton there are sign thaefrz day life beginning to return to normal. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live tonight. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, cheryl. there are signs of life beginning to return to normal, but there are signs it's going to take quite a while. this is an apartment complex. you can tell those are all water
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heaters, every water heater led to a unit. so residents here, it's going to take a while to get back home today. business owners are trying to get back to work. welcome back to middle ton. the land of no easy fixes. the stuff of memories turned to ashes. >> these are for memories, how it was. >> reporter: dalina williams met with her insurance company. her son's room. >> it's not real. it's painful. >> reporter: middleton hits another monday since the tragedy, business remains more ideal than reality. business as usual is back in bits and pieces. schools reopened but what a field trip. huh? it business as usual when food trucks come to town and serve 1500 meals. >> hearing some of the stories,
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they break my heart. >> reporter: business as usual, it turns out, a long process. >> it's baby steps. one at a time. >> reporter: for rita, it's a ladder to hang ornaments in the ceiling of her setore. her customers are also victims. >> we're a community of maybe 1500 here. they're telling the world we've got 1200 homes. >> more friends lost home than did not. and their lost their lives. >> reporter: it is the beginning of another business week, though hardly a usual one. >> maybe looks like people drive through are back together but here, people are really scared, shocked, and hurt. >> are you one of them? >> yes. >> reporter: wayne freedman,
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abc7 news. authorities are searching treasure island for a suspect after two people ditched a car after a traffic stop. sky 7 hd shows officers aesting one person. they found him hiding underneath a roadway. they're searching for a second man in the water nearby. the chp is not saying why the men took off running. one man southbounding questioned for a double homicide in a castro valley mobile home park. a man and woman were found dead earlier today, someone asked deputies to check on them after one failed to show up for a meeting. along with the victims, investigators found a man in his 30s inside. they'll only say he's a relative but neighbors tell us he's they're son. they say they're shocked about what happened. >> it's hard to believe this happened at any age. so it's -- it's confusing to
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even swallow it right now. >> investigators recovered what they believe is the murder weapon but are not saying what it is at this time. a bay area native known world wide as a daredevil is being mourned following a accident in squaw valley. he was an extreme sports star, sky diving this morning when he crashed into a tree. he participated in many stunts, including this umbrella sky dive in 2013. roenan was 39 years old. a man aboard a drifting sail boat on ocean beach has been arrested. sky 7 hd was over the beach as police took the man into custody on charges unrelated to the incident. the two people on board were treated for minor injuries and are expected to be okay. vernal heights residents are
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concerned about the safety of electrical boxes in their neighborhood. two men were injured by an explosion this weekend. m manuel cruz was rushed to the hospital with injuries and was released today. >> reporter: cruz walked out of san francisco general hospital this afternoon, spending two days recovering after being hurled several feet by the electrical explosion. he says he's feeling a little better. his friend was also hurt. he did share pictures and showed us ash from the explosion in his apartment. he was talking to a friend outside of the window. his friend, here, then, an explosion and his friend was tossed into the street. neighbors say it was startling. >> one just loud bam.
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sounded like someone hit my house. >> reporter: a spokesman released a statement that reads in part the safety of the public and our customers is always our top priority. our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to two people hurt in this incident. but they say there have been box fires in this neighborhood before and one as recently as last year. he's upset because of what he believes is pg and e's anling equipment. >> my understanding is that this was inspected and told it was fine. that this this type doesn't explode. someone wasn't right about that. >> reporter: a pg and e spokesperson says the company is trying to figure out what caused this explosion. abc7 news. a dozen people were arrested today for causing a big disruption in san francisco's financial district. they were part of 100 climate change activists.
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the demonstrators painted a birth symbol on the pavement and sat down to continue blocking traffic. others chained themselves together in the lobby. >> we're bringing it to the streets. we have battles against chevron and trying to bring crude by nail into benicia. >> demonstrators are being charged with trespassing. dog and puppy owners are not happy with the decision to end their use for county fair grounds for training uses. david louie explains that santa clara county is making changes at the fair grounds. >> reporter: chris shaw has taken each of his six dogs for classes. this 2-year-old is the recent. however, he and others are facing a dilemma. the management of the fair grounds is no longer going to rent them a large building to
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hold the weekly classes as of january 1st. >> hopes are grim and more and more facilities are being shut down to dogs so clubs have to look around to many different places. >> classes for puppies for training and developing sense of smell for hunting has been held here 50 years by two groups. santa clara dogs and town and country. a change is on the horizon. this has to do with a reevaluation of how the fair grounds can be used in the fewer tour. a 190 page report is going through the board of supervisors on tuesday as a step. a public hearing has been held to get community feed back. one executive tells us there is no timetable for changes at the facility. however, finding a replacement may be difficult. >> during the summer, it's okay to have outside training. but then, when it gets night
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time, you really need the extra lights to be able to see what you're doing. >> reporter: clients say the low costs are lower than private schools or pet shops and that helps as many animals are rescue dog as dopted by owners on low incomes. we'd like to thank chris shaw for bringing this story to our attention. let us know about news happening where you live. post your tips on abc7 news facebook page, and on twitter. well, how many times have you seen a bicycle rider breeze through a stop sign? still ahead tonight what san francisco's mayor has in mind that could inflame tensions among bike riders. details on the investigation of stolen bart tickets. could it be an inside job? a warning for anyone who drives their own car for work.
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i'm michael finney. ahead, why you might not be covered during an accident. i'm sandhya patel. in a cooling trend now and you can see showers later on this week. i'll have
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san francisco mayor ed lee is using a rare veto against a bill he says makes city streets dangerous. abc7 news reporter vic lee joins with us the story. vic?
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>> reporter: i believe the mayor vetoed only three pieces of legislation since he's been in office and is threatening to do that again. the mayor says this is not about politics, it's about safety. bicycles versus cars. a contentious issue that came to a head in july when the bart police station captain began cracking down on cyclists. organizers had stop ins where they stop in mass at every stop sign and red light, causing huge traffic back ups. now, a controversy reached city hall. >> i plan to veto that regardless of the vote. >> reporter: mayor ed lee's warning about passing the so called bicycle yield law. a proposal that would make a stop sign similar to a yield sign for cyclists, meaning they can ride through without stopping with they think it's safe. lee believes the law would confuse cyclists and drivers and
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pedestrians. >> i think that having a roll through in contradiction to what everybody else expects invites confusion and therefore, disaster. >> reporter: the bill's author says bicyclists already know what is good biking behavior. >> it's looking out for people. especially pedestrians and seniors and slowing down. not blowing through at high speeds. >> reporter: so far, he doesn't have the eight votes required to override a mayor's veto. the bicycle coalition, however, is a strong lobby. >> it's unfortunate that the mayor is confused about this or not dedicated to safety as we'd like to see. we're going to continue to push this legislation. >> reporter: one member they can forget about lobbying is mayor lee, who just renewed his membership to the bicycle coalition this year. vic lee, abc7 news.
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we have details about the theft of high end bart tickets that are allegedly being sold underground to unsuspecting commuters, so watch out. matt keller explains the police are now involved in this investigation. >> reporter: seeking bart is simple. have tickets, will travel. >> straight through. >> reporter: someone is trying to skip the line. a criminal investigation involving one bart employee is underway. according to "the chronicle" a large number of tickets were stolen from the customer service at the lake merit center in oakland and ended up on the underground market, and an officer is on administrative leave and police and accountants are looking into the alleged scam. a bart spokesperson confirms the possible misuse of public funds. she says because this is a ongoing investigation and personnel matter, bart cannot comment on the specifics of the
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investigation. and we're working closely with law enforcement. riders were unaware of the underground market. they prefer buying tickets and clipper cards at authorized retailers. >> a person at bart told me just to buy it at walgreens. >> reporter: no word on the value of the stolen tickets. bart says people should only buy directly from them to avoid becoming a fraud victim. matt keller, abc7 news. it took mer than super heros to bring huge smiles to kids in one hospital. it took window washers dressed as super heros. at children's hospital, these daring workers wiped windows clean and waved at the young patients gazing at them from inside. this is mostly just a stunt. the hospital says these events improve patients' emotional well
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being. >> really nice of them. looks like tape got in the way. beautiful day no matter where you're hanging around. >> beautiful for them and us dan and cheryl. temperatures 3 to 6 degrees below average for this time of the year. we're going to keep it in that mode before we might introduce a few drops. no green on the screen, just cloud cover is what we're watching. as we take a look at a beautiful view, there are high level clouds giving us a nice picture there. low to mid-60s in san francisco to oakland. about 70 degrees in san jose and lake tahoe cameras showing clouds now as well if you're heading up there, partly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon. 86 in santa rosa. and a beautiful view here.
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the sun is being filtered by clouds. partly cloudy the next few days. a chance of showers wednesday night and thursday morning. the weekends on a warm note. here is a look at satellite and radar. there is a system off the jet stream. it's a subtropical jet bringing us clouds you're looking at today. the mid and high level clouds and we'll keep temperatures on the cooler than average side to at average for the next few days. this weak system continues to send us clouds. then, heading towards wednesday night, into thursday morning look what might happen. clouds thickening up, we might see showers around here across parts of the bay area. only problem is that not all computer models are in agreement. we'll go with a slight chance of showers including the tahoe area as well. as we take a look at what is going on in the pacific, tropical pacific here, there is a hurricane formed. it's a category 1 hurricane named marte packing winds of 80
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miles per hour. it's kicking up the swell along the southwest coast of mexico. hurricane warning is up. they're expecting a half foot to a foot of rain as it continues to weaken and move away from the coastline as a tropical storm by wednesday night. if you do know someone that lives there, family, friends, keep that in mind. there is a threat of flash flooding and mudslides there. first thing in the morning, walking to bart, upper 40s to upper 50s. high clouds out there as well as low clouds. into afternoon, 77 in the south bay. filtered sun, 83 gilroy. on the peninsula, nice day. mid-70s in redwood city. 63 pacifica. downtown san francisco, like today. 66 degrees. north bay, upper 70s in napa. east bay, 72 in oakland. inland spots a mild fall day. 82 livermore, 80 inncord.
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accu-weather forecast, partly cloudy and below average. mid-60s to low 80s and maybe showers thursday morning then, warming up just for a day. cooling it back down for the weekend. >> thank you. coming up next a possible new site for a warriors basketball arena. >> why
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police in carmel are looking into a case of vandalism at the carmel mission as a hate crime. newly canonized saint is buried there. police hoped to get security footage but cameras were not working at that time. it's been a response to critics of a proposed new san francisco basketball arena suggesting an alternate site. they're proposing it be built a mile south along the third street corridor near pier 80. opponents believe traffic and congestion would endanger people wanting to get there. the opponents don't speak for
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ucsf and don't want anything to do with the warriors. >> tonight's money matters another disappointing day on wall street. dow jones fell more than 300 points and could have it's worst third quarter in four years. yahoo dropped nearly 6% of the value. and good news if you're a chan of the chipotle chain. the company says it's restored it's pork supply and is serving carnitas at 90% of its restaurants. still to come, a tragic death in a railroad crossing. and donald trump outlines a plan to cut taxes to make america great again, as he puts
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it. it. and a discovery from nasa
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a 22-year-old richmond man who planned to teach music to underprivileged children will never get a chance. >> he died in march in a richmond railroad crossing because what the family attorney calls a dangerous guardrail. >> it's a story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: his family called him tupu. meaning king. >> to describe him seems like an exaggeration but it's all true. >> his sister says he spent time in church. after a full night and day volunteering he drove his family home from church around 6:00 p.m. he fell asleep at the wheel, crashing into a guardrail at 34th street. one steel beam pierced his head.
7:32 pm
>> being a religious person i started to cry out to god. i wasn't ready for a challenge this big. >> reporter: according to the report, the california public utilities commission put in this plastic barrier. ttuc confirmed drivers of large trucks were likely striking the gate, causing damage. the agency says these barriers are installed by railroads to prevent damage to railroad gates, however, ttuc says according to records, paper work to install the steel barrier was not filed. ttuc says it doesn't know who installed it or when. >> i got out of the car and looked at the rail. >> reporter: ttuc says
7:33 pm
unauthorized crossings are noticed but staff had been there three times, the undocumented guardrail remained in place. according to google images street view it was here before december 2008. in 2011 you can see one beam had been knocked off the guardrail and is on the ground. in a picture in may 2014 you can see a safety cone. that broken beam in the road in 2011 is now gone. less than one year later, anthony had an accident. according to the report when he crashed into the guardrail the remaining beam broke off and went through his windshield hoo this was an accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: the attorney is filing a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit on the family's behalf. >> nobody is taking responsible but everybody let anthony down.
7:34 pm
>> ttuc says the barrier provides the same functionality. his brother wonders why a safer alternative wasn't there all along. >> if they'd built what is there now, these plastic things, he'd be walking around. >> reporter: his family honors him by spending time in church. she says he would want us to fine peace and answers. richmond pacific railroad leases the line from union pacific. union pacific says richmond pacific is on bhi investigated to maintain the track and crossing. the federal highway administration put responsibilities for installing hardware on the owner of the road. it's not clear who owns the road where this barrier existed. another contra costa county nor the city of richmond would
7:35 pm
answer questions because of the pending lawsuit. in an e-mail, the attorney says this is a tragic accident. the city is continuing its investigation. some breaking news in san francisco. 22 hotel workers were just arrested during a protest at le meridian hotel. the workers staged a sit in to get attention to unionize. the protest was peaceful but police started to arrest workers after they ignored warnings to move out of the doorway or prepare to be arrested. if you see breaking news where you live you can share by posting them to social media with the #abc7 now. donald trump unveiled his tax plan today to shore up more support in the race for the white house, starting with eliminating federal taxes for low income families, including
7:36 pm
couples that make $50,000 or less. the wealthiest americans and corporations would get a big tax break. couples who make more than $300,000 would pay a lower tax rate of 25% down from nearly 40%. >> if i win, if i become president, we'll be able to cut so much money. and have a better country. we won't be losing anything other than balancing budgets and getting them where they should be. >> trump says it would not benefit him. for nine years a nasa orbiter has been circling mars and looking for signs of life. it found it once had an ocean the size of the atlantic. tonight we know there is flowing liquid water on the planet as well. >> we know mars could have supported life. >> reporter: nasa researchers
7:37 pm
could barely hide their excitement. images from the recognizance rover discovered water on mars. >> it gives a possibility that if there is life on mars, you know that we have a way to describe how it might survive. >> reporter: scientists say the moving salty water is the cause for seasonal dark streaks on the planet. >> everyone seems most excited about the possibility of finding life on another planet. >> we're at a point with over 50 years of space flight that we have the capability to go there, ask this question, and answer it. >> reporter: nasa officials say they'll launch in 2016 to take a look at the interior of mars and in 2020, a new rover will bring martian samples back to earth for analysis. >> incredible, really. just ahead, an important
7:38 pm
warning about driving your car on company time.
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this is really interesting. if you drive your personal car for business you may not have the insurance that you think you do. >> everybody listen up. a lot of people are in their personal cars during work hours. what happens when anloyee gets into an accident during work hours driving their personal car? whose insurance covers the accident? does insurance cover the accident? employees or employers? angela describes the damage to her car. >> when we collided my bumper pretty much came off. >> reporter: the crash happened near this intersection. police is not determined who is at fault. she was making a delivery for the laundry service when the accident occurred. she called her insurance company, progressive but she wasn't covered for work related accidents. her employer wouldn't cover it,
7:42 pm
either. >> they couldn't even send me a tow truck. >> reporter: she recalls getting an e mail asking for her insurance and registration. it turns out she wasn't covered. >> if you have a commercial insurance policy, you'd be good to go. for personal, your full coverage claim might be denied. >> reporter: she says the company never adviseder to get this type of policy. >> they never told me your insurance is not going to cover this. >> two years ago an uber driver struck and killed a 6-year-old on new year's eve. uber refused to accept responsibility saying at that time, it's insurance policy did not cover the drive. a new law that took effect on
7:43 pm
july 15th requires the companies to cover drivers but only applies to those so called ride share companies. >> at that time for us to look at consulting other businesses to make sure their employees will be safe in the event they get hurt on the job. for angela, the california department of insurance agreed to look over her policy to see if this accident should be covered. >> that is important. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, the remarkable creation of some bay area inventors. >> they've taken hard work out of making beautiful pictures of the ni
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7:46 pm
we want to show you a picture of the car fire that caused a major back up this morning. it sent up a chowed of smoke and
7:47 pm
the patrol issued a sig alert. firefighters had it out within about 20 minutes. >> did you see the lunar eclipse? you might be thinking about the beauty of the night sky. some young entrepreneurs were working on something that might do. >> reporter: hundreds lined the water front to watch the lunar eclipse. one group showed up with something smaller. they're calling it a tony moss camera. right now, it's a series of prototypes. but inside it's working and producing stunning images. >> it means your images are going to be seven times as
7:48 pm
zoomed in as normal. >> the tiny lens is included with the camera. and now, to becomes seven times as powerful a lot of the manic is going to be software that let's an astronomer take pictures. the camera takes care of that for you. >> when you find it, hard work would begin. >> you have to use three different softwares. >> programs that combine multiple pictures are built into the camera. you'll never need to touch a computer. >> it will be uploaded. >> after showing off at the tech crunch conference, the teams headed back to singapore.
7:49 pm
they'll sell preorders at $350 a pop. >> amazing. >> cool. >> hets focus on this planet. >> beautiful time lapses, this hill bit of blue skies as well. we have both varieties now. tomorrow afternoon, warm in yosemite. 87 degree was high clouds there. in spaum springs, 107. 85 in los angeles. here in the bay area, nice, mild and low 80s. cloud cover to the south. temperatures remaining at, or below normal throughout thursday. low 80s inland, mid-60s coast. drops thursday morning and
7:50 pm
warming up, 70s to fridays. if you don't like it, the weekend will be cooler. >> thank you. >> let's talk hoops. >> yes. >> this is what happens. yes. >> the chance to chat with a champ prior to the start of champ prior to the start of training camp
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when you win an nba championship, the length of the off season shrinks. today was media day and abc7 sports director, larry beil, was >> media day used to be quick and quiet. not anymore. golden state's first championship in four decades brought out local, national and international threats. >> the summer this is probably the craziest that it could be.
7:54 pm
granted how much traveling we did, but like i said, that never trumped priority of being prepared for training camp. >> we're young. and we love having to pull it on our back. you know? now, it's the best show in town, warriors. >> the warriors did take time out to have fun today. harrison barns is joining the media. >> training camp begins tomorrow, the first preseason game is coming up fast, one week from today in san jose. regular season opener on
7:55 pm
october 27th. >> this year, giants are trying to come back in the final two weeks of the regular season. six games back of l.a. with seven to play. the giants start a four-game series tonight at at&t park. l.a. got swept in colorado. jake peavy could have applied more pressure tonight but there is no room for error. a dodger win, and it's over. >> we've got to stay out there and win. >> the football path in the path, the raiders went to cleveland and secured a road win yesterday.
7:56 pm
and raiders can be 3 and 1. the complete game for silver and black yesterday. and there is charles woods on's late game pick. they have done two straits. >> we've got way too much work to do. we fear nobody. >> raiders on a high. niners on the lowest of lows. collin kaeper nick nine passes to teammates. two run back for touchdown. and today just three games into the season, his coach had to answer the questions. >> yes. okay? but we're in a game of football.
7:57 pm
okay? and i've had no thoughts of not being a quarterback. he's the quarterback. >> it does not get any easier for 49ers. they have to play the packers. >> join us tonight at 9:00, smart phone wars. what to suspect from google's announcement tomorrow. >> killer bees found in the bay area, what you should do if you come into the contact with these dangerous insects. >> and we have "dancing with the stars" and "castle". then, stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and then it's jimmy kimmel
7:58 pm
live. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. look at that beautiful sunset. >> have a great he can evening.
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