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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 1, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> this has been a long, sad, tragic day at uc c. >> college community torn apart by mass shooting comes together tonight in prayer. >> i look out and saw the people running and said we need to get out of here right now. >> president obama anger by today events call for changes to the nation gun law. >> we are tomorrow vapsd country on earth that sees test kind of mass shootings every few months. >> good evening. >> i'm in forum may. today shooting happened in rose burg comment college about 3 hours south of port listened right off interstate 5, umpqua. >> here's the latest on the tragedy. 10 people confirmed
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dead. 7 others wounded. sources the oregon identify the again man to us e.he was 26-year-old chris harper merce mercer. undebted picture he posted himself on social media holding a gun. >> we have live time coverage tonight and we again with wayne live in rose burg, oregon tonight. wayne? >> good evening. rose burg oregon is a city with pop litigation of roughly 22,000 people. that is large enough people can have the privilege situation and yet small enough that everyone feels connected especially tonight. hence the vigil just concluded. in rose burg, oregon parade of taillight make their way home no the night. tail let after candle light after day that would seem impossible in such a wholesome peaceful place. >> until recent leit was it's stella is in place. just it really shakes you up you know. >> nice place until this morning when the police scanner crack el with horrific reports shooter uc c e.he look
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out the window and there was a couple girls running sprinting away from the building then screaming after the first gunshot and then i look out and saw the people running. i said to the teacher we need to get out of her right now e.we heard shot and immediately took cove cover. wept down and heard just multiple shots going off. a lot of screaming. >> so many victims in such a small city with so many connections. tonight too many connections. >> my room mit was late to ask and she was to be in the building. doesn't happen if places like this you think but it can happen anywhere. >> now it has. in rose burg, oregon of all places. small can lit area.on the map. >> broken but healing e.easy to say but not so easy to do. they will again by chessing the college until monday. that as
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afternoon of the world focus on this place tonight. we will be here tomorrow as rose burg deals with its days after. in rose burg, oregon 7 news. >> thanks very much wayne. >> 7 news reporter katie continues our coverage. katie tonight we hear from the suspect family in california. >> the shooter father is on his which to rose burg now after expecting with reporters at his home in southern california. e.shocked. shocked is all i can say. okay e.the fts of suspected gunman chris harper mercer. multiple will you enforcement surss tell us that mercer is the 26-year-old who opened fire atom quaw community college. >> devastating day. definite satelliteing for me and my family. all i ask is i know you are here to did your job. all i ask is please just respect our privilege situation so far you have done theshtion neighbors said gunman lived intor rns for a time e.i saw him at the time walking leaving his apartment coming home with
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whether looked like gun case. him and his mom both. he did say that he used to good shooting at some range i don't know where it was. but that's all i know e-mercer father is cooperate with investigators. douglas couldn't shaeffer says he knows who the shooter is but he won't confirm it. >> i will in the name the shooter. i will not give him the credit at the probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >>reporter: oregon governor brown says the gunman was a student. investigators have recovered 3 pistols and rifle from the scene. also searching homes of relevant testifies. shooter mother lives in rose burg. cnn is reporting he also had body arm or. student who witnessed her timer murder told the logical newspaper quote the shooter was asking people to stand up and state religion 10 started firing awhich. law enforcement are pouring over
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threatening posts made yesterday on on lean bull license board. it said in part don't go to ask tomorrow if you are in the north west. we know the shooter and officers exchanged fun fir but app autopsy will determine if the shooter was subdued by the officers or if he took his own life during the gun fear exchange. live in the newsroo newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you. community college in oregon had no formal security staff. here in the bay area city college in san francisco has its own police force. in the coming week the clem plans to relevant out an emergency alert in mass notification system where students will receive a text message in the event of a situation leak the one in oregon. >> unproceed contradictable to this but also make a huge defense for people to be prepared and trained and for there to be alert stems and security systems and please nearby e-2 years ago san jose city clem police want through training to confront a gun man. if you treng program for students staff planned in about
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6 months. >> president obama rae responded forcefully to the deadly shooting with from us stretion and anger. today shooting once again reegg night the debate over gun control. melanie brings us this part of the story. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. >>reporter: president obama reacting to the uc c shooting called for action. sentiment echo by democratic east bay congressman who tweeted here's what will happen. moment of silence for uc c shooting on house floor. followed by moments of inaction by congres congress. victims deserve action. we caught up with a congressman at sfo. >> my tweet today expressed anger that congress has done nothing yet mr. and more innocent people are being killed by people who should not have had guns. >>reporter: members of the nra like larry called the shooting tragic but say stricter gun cell will you are not the's. >> someone who is nuts or wants to brick the will you will always be able to get a gun.
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>>reporter: the president dressed the opposition. >> we need more guns they will argue. if you are gun safety law. does 9 really believe that? >> what is sensible to him is in the sense tobl me at all. you have to protect and defend yourself. >> all the legislation that would address issues like this have been shelved i think that's dishonor the victim. >>reporter: congressman flies back to dc tuesday. moment of silence he says will likely be that evening. at sfo abc 7 news. >> the county sheriff in oregon where today shotting took place has been a vocal 0popt of gun control n.the 20 threaten after the newtown school shooting in connecticut he wrote a letter to the vice president revving tone force any gun restrictions on the basis of the second amendment. >> second amendment doesn't say you can own a bazooka. doesn't say you can open an f 15 with hell fire missiles. ability
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the government to limit the type of weapon that is available. >>reporter: sheriff hand license told the legislative committee in march said requiring become ground check would not stop cells from getting firearms. >> one hero from sacramento this stopped terrorist attack in france attended the community college. he steady law enforcement at uc c. he said i wish i could have been there today to assist in rose burg. he's on "dancing with the stars"and object again morning america tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> coverage of the shooting continue on morning news. we have the latest details beginning at 4:30 am. >> wayne is staying in oregon as the story develops. you can see the report tomorrow on later edition of abc 7 news and follow us at this web site for any up deaths. >> you know so many people are expressing their condel instant about this tragedy tonight. go to our web site facebook passenger to share this ban if
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you we shall. let people in other germ plasm know that you are with them. from missing to murdered. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. there is a break in the case of a bay area family found dead if the sierra caben. >> st october sky bring a powe powerful punch of wet weather to the east bay. all caught on camera. >> that's right. the thunderstorm was caught on camera as you can see here. we have the possibility of more showers in our weekend forecast i have details coming up. >> the fashion accessory that brought this local woman and police officer together. >> all that coming up. but fears what's coming up tonight on kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00 e.thanks here's a sample of tonight show free. you know who that is? martha washington? martha washington? it is martha washington.
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>> benetia teenager now faces murder charges for the death of his parents and brother. el dorado couldn't sheriff's deputy arrested 16-year-old nolan buchanan in benetia toda today. this follows the disappearance of adam but can an. his if i app say molly mcphee and their 8-year-old son gavin last month. fire crew found their bodies at the burped out vacation home. noel app spoke with his martial art artsen instructor after the tragedy. >> he was basically talking about moving on. moving forward. talking about the businesses. on his open. that
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struck me as weird. e-autopsy reveal that all 3 victims were shot before the fire started. >> sources told us that the fbi is going to investigate the death of santa clara jailen mate. michael tyree found dead in his cell in august. 3 guards charged in his death. in addition the sheriff's department asked the public ep mate for complaints about the jail as many as 100 have been received so far. the president of the correctional peace officer association is now accusing the sheriff's department of conducting a witch hunt. >> implosion of the largest pier left from the old eastern span of the bay bridge will happen next month. cal-trans received the last permit needed today to blow it up. app mission shows how explosives will be pleased inof the pier. implosion take 6 seconds in all and cal tran will close the bridge on november 7 as precaution. >> pitching lets sheen on san francisco ritz carlton hotel. all this month october is
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breast cancer awareness month. they are helping breast cancer awareness fund to fight the disease. really great. umbrella pop up and turn on the windshield wipe intereastern contra costa county. e.cell phone video cap towered a steady downpour in brentwood this afternoon. randy steadily. viewers tweeted pictures like this one as dark storm clouds fell the sky above this item october when you see pumpkin out there. this one covered in rain drochlt also tweeted out it took about half hour to partially fill that dish with water. remember if you see news happening take a picture or video. share it with us with the hash-tag. >> every drop welcome see it so badly. >> real downpour. >> how about just go for half an inch in brent wood with what you are going to see in just a moment. here's a photo sent to me from pleasanton year and
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this was tweeted to me by ken. thank you for the photo. that was just the beginning and the signs of development. here's the thunder head this started to develop and this one obviously was september by different viewer on my twitter passenger. we love those photo. you can clearly these kind of cloud not very common. thinks 101 near burlingame and this follower said cool cloud formation. yes we don't see those 2 very often. type of clouds we see here east lo level clouds that we see right now. but most of the activity has quieted down. if you showers this morning and then this afternoon with the heating from the sun and low pressure manufacturing on shore cocoa couldn't got hit by the thunderstorms. we did get heavy rain in the area. reports of heal in the apartment i don't care area and those reported in other parts as it tracked south ward to the altamont year. definitely was unsettled weather. it's in the like that receipt new. temperatures are in the 50's
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and the 60's across the region. this is a preview what's to come tomorrow. you can see all the way across the bay towards san francisco. season warm tomorrow turning windy cool saturday just then you thought you cohenoy the sunshine things will change again. we need the sunshine but that system is different than this one. this is the one this produced thunderstorms heading out and we are expecting things to just be really calm pattern for tomorrow. high pressure will take over. but as we head towards saturday there's another system near british columbia that is going to work its way down towards washington and other again and then it is going to move across land down towards the bay area. cold system. limited in moisture pus it's not pecking up the moisture from the ocean. will bring with it windy cool conditions saturday afternoon and start to feel it. low right over us and few showers may develop particularly in the south bay and around the monterey bay going in sunday
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morning. so you won't want to be surprised about it. but just know this your plants might not need to be st there. late morning goes down to southern california taking the rain with it. tomorrow morning do bundle up. need the extra layer because it's crisp and cool. low upper 50's for your morning then afternoon high bouncing back. a little warmer today. continuing to remember with. mid upper yes in our warmest inland cell. 85 livermore concorde 78 oakland. 86 santa rose. 72 san francisco. 76 half moon bay and 77 san mateo o. 7 difficult forecast much cooler. windy saturday rain drop saturday in sunday. at legislature a chance. dry mild conditions as we head towards next week. but sz mid 60's low to mid 80's item a pretty good range e.captain really complain. >> no we can't. >> thank you so much. more to
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come. >> fashion accessory brings together this police officer together this police officer and one grateful driver
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>> smile in slan a county. woman thanked a highway patrol officer would found her purse along enter satellite 80 this morning. susan lopez says the box fell off the family truck while they were moving.
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officer tony glen discovered more than 1400 dollars in cash in the purse but no i.d. other papers helped locate susan. she didn't know the cash was in her purse. >> wow! incredible. 17 years after they repaired this a couple of north carolina walked back down the aisle together. pretty cool. he met his wife brook if church when they were both if grade ask. now they walked in the parents friends wedding when both were 5 years old. in high school they started dating. last month they got married at the very same church where they fears walked down together. >> these cue. >> very sweet is this that's neat. >> december ty if i? that's whether it was. >> all right mr. biel has all the sport. >> yes. less seen steve proved he could coach this season he can't because of his back. warriors coach stepping
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>> rest of the warriors party thanksummer celebrating championship steve was in agony. back was killing him. he needed 2 surgery and now he's basically bedrooming himself. stepping away from the time at least temporarily. his back started acting up during the finals in june. 2 procedures to repair ruptured disk and still unfortunately feeling discomfort. regular season begins in 26 days and the thinking rate now is better to rest at this point than suffer and suffer for months and then be in even worse ago if i in the milt of the season. luke walton will take over as interim head coach during training camp. >> they know what we are detroit tiger to accomplish and they are trying to accomplish
11:58 pm
the same thing. make stepping into that role a lot easier. i have dpret relationships with everyone on our time. fought like i'm going to be anything different and steve did. that's a tone i'm doing. i'm trying to keep the ship going in the right direction. >> hoping he'll be back for the regular season. october 27. >> jeremy wanted to retire during the all star break. buddy said to good. buster said to stay until today. the relieveary beg part of all 3 giant world series runs in the past 6 years announce retirement. he ends the career with this shut out here. he injured himself trying to sprt hamburger patty. his pwibl relited injuries financially made it impossible to continue. >> time when i was at home he was not present. i was at the field. and my bride felt that then i was at the field i wanted to be home. i think it
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would be unfir to my teammate and baseball in general to continue to good out there when i don't feel leaky can give 100 percent any mr. e.retire temperature hudson one latter gym to were up the series tomorrow. 2 and third engines. gave up 3 runs. the salute from the fans on gorgeous day at at&t park. will the next retire please come down most come done. allow rbi single to germ plasm sol east scoring anderson and donors go on to win score of 3-2. 3 games left if the season. tirs net football honored during the gym in pittsburg. pickal vehicle subbing for ben. nice throw to x raider. hold on for the score. steelers up 20-7. baltimore chance at the end of regular legislation. from 42 and it's good. tied at 20
12:00 am
they try the start. from 52. got it. ravens good their -- get their elusive news. >> good game. >> must weapon game for baltimore. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter face box and all the mobile device with our 7 news app e.check it out when you can it works really welcomes in handy. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning hang around


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