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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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identities revealed. the people gunned down on an oregon campus wex learn about each of the victims, plus... i'm vic lee in san francisco where two more correctional deputies have been arrested, coming up. the father of a young boy with autism is upset after seeing surveillance video he hopes will put a school bus controversy to rest. >> the world is robbed of a beautiful young woman. >> nine lives cut short. we're learning about the students, staff, and rescue crew
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gunned down in a community college in oregon. good evening. >> as you know, the shooting happened yesterday morning at roseburg community college. authorities read the names of the nine victims. the youngest, 18 years old, the oldest, 67. >> that was larry levine, shot while teaching a writing class. he. >> 20-year-old trevon onspok. >> 18-year-old rebecca khan. >> glenn cooper. >> 59-year-old kim dykes works with her husband. >> lucas was a quadruplet. >> 33-year-old jason johnson completed rehab, attending
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college for the first time. >> serena dawn moore, 44 years of age, an avid church goer who loved animals. and 19-year-old gustero alcaraz wanted to become a nurse. >> we're live at san francisco's only gun shop. now, we're going to go to wayne freedman who spoke with a close friend of one of the victim. >> a close friend, and a neighbor and a sad person tonight. what is continuing to be a procession of cars from umpqua community college. roseburg has a long way. >> reporter: it is a neighborhood like many others. that is where the tragedy happened.
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>> how many people do you know that were connected to this? >> at least a dozen. >> reporter: for crystal, it moves past a kitchen window. the 19-year-old victim was her next door neighbor. >> it's heart breaking. i didn't really think it hit this close to home. >> reporter: residents waited for official naming of the nine victims. the shooter, chris harper rcer. it's an example. >> i continue to believe the media member who's publicize his name will only glorify his
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horrific actions and this will only serve to inspire future shooters. >> reporter: the world may wonder how, and why. but for now, roseburg says no. >> he deserves nothing. i don't care. i care about the families that he has affected because he was so selfish. >> reporter: sarah was 19 years old and was on a scholarship. she wanted to be a nurse. her family described her as the responsible one. this community has a long way to go. there was a high school football game scheduled tonight. that, and other events have been cancelled. in oregon, wayne freedman, abc7
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news. >> thank you, wayne. one of the men who helped stop a terrorist attack in august in paris lives in roseburg. he would have been at the community college campus but withdrew to be on "dancing with the stars". >> i am shocked. i'm just waiting for the names to be released to make sure it's nobody else that i know. but -- i just, i feel horrible for the families. >> he says he wishes he could have been there. he is a member of oregon's national guard and says he is devastated by the shooting and vows to do whatever he can to help the people there heal. the douglas county sheriff revealed the gunman in yesterday's shooting was enrolled at the college and targeted his own classroom. more details from christopher harper mercer's arsenal. he was carrying six weapons.
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all guns were purchased legally. investigators say he had five magazines loaded with bullets. federal agents discovered seven more weapons in the apartment he shared with his mother. the city's last gun shop is about to close, but will it help reduce crime? abc7 news is live in the mission district where high bridge arms is located. lyanne? >> reporter: san francisco will join other cities like chicago without a gun shop. now, many agree that it will take a lot more to stop these mass shootings. >> i think after 40 years you just want to be done with it. >> reporter: fed up with the gun control laws proposed for san francisco, high bridge arms will close up shop before the end of
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the month. the latest proposal demands every gun transaction be recorded and sent to sfpd. the general manager claims people stopped coming in. >> more phone calls, no visits. >> reporter: supervisor farrell introduced the measure. >> there is no one solution that is going to fix everything. we need more officers on the streets. >> reporter: the guns recovered from the oregon shooter were purchased legally. so were the ones used at sandy hook elementary. >> you can't kill as many people when you don't have easy access to these weapons. >> reporter: an abc news survey says half of those are step -- skeptical. two years ago, sandy hook families came to seek out new
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ideas, include fingerprint biometrics that would only allow the owner to fire a gun. now, there have been 142 school shootings in the united states since 20 children died in connecticut in 2012. this map shows everyone around the country. incidents in which guns were brought in but not fired are not included in this map. be sure to watch wayne freedman's live report from roseburg at 11:00 tonight and follow us on abc7 news bay area. in san jose, two more sheriff deputies who worked in jail were just arrested today. vic lee broke this story this afternoon and just spoke with
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officials to get more details about what the guards are accused of doing. vic? >> reporter: well, sheriff's spokesman jenson and the captain of investigations just briefed us here a little while ago, telling us that two correctional deputies were arrested today. the first deputy arrested today was charged with eight misdemeanors. here is sergeant jenson to explain the crime. >> this violation is for illegally accessing confidential records from the data base on people he had personal relations with. >> our other deputy for worker's comp fraud. he came to work and claimed he had been injured on the job. we -- during our investigation acquired information that led to the contrary.
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>> reporter: this on the heels of two deputies allegedly beating a inmate to death. eight guards have been removed from their jobs since tyree was found bleeding to death from injuries. another prisoner died a week after he was forcibly extracted from his cell. the coroner is waiting to determine cause of death. sheriff smith since announced setting up a blue ribbon commission to improve the handling of the jail inmates. smith says her office is reviewing up to 100 complaints involving operations. more arrests could be coming. vic lee, abc7 news. there is a settlement in the robin williams estate fight. attorneys have come to an agreement over millions worth of items including his bicycle collection, art work and books. they were also at ots offer the value of a reserve fund to keep
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susan williams in the home she shared with the actor. oakland police officers say five dangerous gang members are off the streets tonight. thanks to a multi agency raid this morning. police and fbi s.w.a.t. teams served search warrants in oakland and sacramento to arrest five alleged members of the ghost town gang. all suspected of recent violent crime. >> we found supporting evidence to some crimes we're investigating as well as multiple assault rifles, drugs, as well as ammunition. >> opd says the suspects were previously involved in the city's operation cease fire but failed to cooperate and stop the violence. san francisco police are asking the public for help to find a person who sexual assaulted a child inside of a city library. here is a sketch released by the department. investigators say the young victim was in the rest room at the western edition library when
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a man assaulted him. he told his mother and the attacker ran off. he is described as white, 28-32 and 5 feet eight inches tall. this isn't going to go over well with hundreds of needle phobic kids on the peninsula. more than 1500 pediatric patients goring to have to repeat vaccinations because of a faulty refrigerator that spoiled ten different vaccines in san mateo. impacted patients will be notified by mail. the revaccinations will be free of charge. >> the kids won't like that. >> no. will al gore run? >> i feel like he would be a pretty good presidential candidate. >> the former vice president's message in the bay area tonight and whether he's answering the question everyone is asking. efforts to create a separate recreation path along a dangerous, but scenic east bay
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road. cooler and windier for part of the weekend and you may see drops. details, coming up. getting a traffic ticket costs more than you may know.
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centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. happening now in stanford, former vice president is wrapping up a visit to talk about climate change. it's the conversation he's not having that has about the of people talking right now. janet? >> reporter: former president al gore just left the stage after giving a rousing speech to students here. he did tell the students they need to start making changes to
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make changes in global warming. he says students should want to take action and educate themselves on the issue. gore has been a popular figure here. students attribute his efforts to opening up the conversations about climate change. this rally is called a day of action. rallies like this were held at dozens of colleges today. gore says we're seeing the devastating impacts of global warming. >> must we change? yes. we've got to change. we're putting this pollution up there into the atmosphere. now, trapping heat energy as would be released by 400,000 hiroshima clouds of atomic bombs.
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it's a big planet but that is a lot of energy. >> reporter: his message resonating with the crowd. many were hopeful he may announce another run for presidency. when asked this question yesterday in washington, d.c., gore did not deny or confirm he would make a run for president in 2016. students hope that this rally will be a big push when world leaders meet in paris in two months to talk about climate change and what they're going to do about it. >> thank you, janet. a former south bay congressman once called the conscience of congress has pass away. don edwards died at age 100 last night. he made a name as a champion of civil rights. he joined freedom riders and protested apartheid in south africa. in 1974 he created the san
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francisco bay national wildlife refuge. the first of its kind in the country and has been renamed in his honor. an effort is underway to make a scenic stretch of highway safer for bicyclists. highway 84 is pretty but has seen tragedy over the years. abc7 news is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: this highway, highway 84 has that designation and it is. that is why cyclists are drawn here, it comes with a trade off. so much so that many riders just won't risk it. it's pretty, but it's proven to be extremely dangerous, and deadly, for cyclists. >> there are hardly bike lanes. >> reporter: the president of the fremont free wheelers.
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>> i wear a heart rate monitor and it ends out every time you go through the canyon. makes you nervous. >> reporter: in august, a man was killed, hit by a car riding through niles canyon. >> my wife had a harrowing experience. >> reporter: brian price told us his wife was struck from behind while riding niles canyon road. she survived but was seriously hurt. >> the driver saw her but said they saw her signal. but ran into her and tossed her off her bike. >> reporter: now, there is a measure to put the path in a safe place. >> the hope is to build a trail on the south side of alameda creek, just behind me, about eight feet wide, for bicyclists, strollers, joggers, equestrians.
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>> reporter: on october 11th it will be closed to cars and trucks. a test drive of sorts so see what it would be like to ride here without fear. take a look at this. this is snow in yosemite. it's the first snowfall of the season. >> pretty. someone snapped this picture yesterday. it's possible it could snow here tomorrow, too. >> that is what we need. >> we depend on the sierra snow pack so hopefully, this will help. we do have another opportunity for seeing snow showers in the country, but it's going to be above 8400 feet. check out live doppler 7 hd. clear conditions and patches of clouds out there.
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a live look and you're seeing a sea of blue to match the bay. today was a warmer day across the bay area. we're going into the opposite direction. a possibility of rain showers in lake tahoe saturday night an sunday. so keep that in mind. mid-70s in santa rosa and napa. and some warmest valleys made it up into upper 80s today, gusty winds and showers are possible early sunday morning. most of it coming in if we do see anything, during the time you're hopefully sleeping. this area moving out, another system coming in and dropping over land. so this is very limited in moisture. and it's a colder system.
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you'll notice the change in the air if around sacramento, then, 7:00 a.m., sun is out up to our north. and could see showers. it turns mild sunday afternoon as winds switch directions. it's going to be a chilly wind saturday night into sunday morning. and as far as how gusty, taking a look here, coastal areas could see winds 30-40 miles per hour. then, winds relax and turn into another direction sunday so will be a warmer one for sunday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, you'll need
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sun screen. and on the peninsula, bright skies and 63 pacifica. 62 daily city. and 75 castro valley. 78 concord. accu-weather forecast, windy and cooler tomorrow, bumping up temperatures sunday. you can see drops by the time you wake up, then, next week we'll go with mild, mostly sunny pattern after areas of fog. >> looks good. >> trees in the south bay community are dying. and abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with pos to our instagram feed.
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she converted old buses into mobile showers and rest rooms for the homeless. helping restore dignity one shower at a time. check it out when you have
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palo alto is taking steps to save it's tree-lined streets.
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trees are dying in higher numbers. city leaders say they removed 400 trees this fiscal year. extra crews are delivering more water. they have to pick and choose chr most important to maintain. city leaders say it will take decades to replace some of the trees. the city lost. >> in oakland, recess topped the agenda the school is one of 11 to receive the national blue ribbon account. >> just feels like home to me. i've been here since
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kindergarten. >> it's parents, teachers and community partners. >> nationwide, only 335 out of 98,000 schools received blue ribbon awards. >> outstanding. >> yes. >> still to come at 6:00, the i team has a father's reaction after seeing the video he hoped would put a controversy involving his special needs son to rest. it didn't. >> and work being done at uc davis to safe cats that were injured in the valley fire. a growing problem for pet owners. what may be behind a flea explosion in the bay area. [announcer] right now at sleep train,
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >> what do you mean? >> she doesn't have the right to do that to my son. a father hopes seeing a school bus surveillance video would put a controversy to rest. >> tonight, he's more upset
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about how the driver mistreated his son. >> i explained how a school district, police, d.a. and bus company would not see how the bus driver handled his son. with pressure from the i-team, he was allowed to see the video this morning. jason santos asked me to come with him for support to the durham school services office to see that surveillance video. it's been almost five months since a bus driver miss treated his 9-year-old son with autism. the company fired her over this incident. >> both of our lawyers are on the phone. >> his lawyers insisted that i and candidate leave the room. >> you have a father that is nervous.
7:33 pm
he wants to know what happened. for them, and for durham not to have the empathy to allow him to have the support he needs? shameful. >> reporter: jason sant yoegs hopes it would help him put this to rest but just made it worse. it shows the bus driver ordering to sit in the front of the bus. he walks forward but changes his mind he turned. the driver went up, grabbed him and went bam. bam. >> just like that? >> yes. >> she does not have the right. >> reporter: durham school services refuses to released video though i agreed to blur the faces of the other children on the bus. in my report, the district attorney's office declined to press charges. >> and we determined that it was not necessarily appropriate conduct by the bus driver, it does fall short of criminal conduct. >> no. that is abuse.
7:34 pm
i don't do that to my son. i have had him for nine years. i don't do that. >> reporter: jason tell meez his son is receiving therapy to deal with what happened. and he wants the d.a. to take a look at possibly filing criminal charges against the bus driver. >> this is not enough. >> reporter: it appears the video they saw did not have sound so the words could add more weight to this case. i have called and e-mailed the driver but she's not responded. >> that is tough to see. they won't let me into the room. >> maybe you'll see it. >> possibly so. >> animal rescue groups saved hundreds of animals hurt and left homeless.
7:35 pm
the most critically injured have been transported to uc davis medical teaching hospital. and they've received 40 cats with burns to ears and paws. >> just scattered. you know? took off. and couldn't be caught. >> the staff is carrying for pic pigs, goats, chickens and a rabbit. they say it will be a few weeks before any are healthy enough to be released. many are still unclaimed. they'll go to shelters once recovering. >> valley fire is still burning in lake county is now # 7% contained. it's killed four people, hurting four firefighters. the fires burned 76,000 acres. the butte fire is 100% contained
7:36 pm
now. two people died and another was injured. the vatican is disputing kentucky clerk kim davis's account with the meeting with the pope. saying the pope gave her only a few moments of his time during a routine meet and greet. official dz confirm the pope's only official audience was with a former student with him, that student's same-sex partner of 18 years. >> tonight, he'llan musk solar city announced it's built the most efficient solar panel that can provide up to 40% more power than residential ones. it's expected to take the market in 2017. >> solar city stock finished up. the dow finishing up more than
7:37 pm
200 points. >> staples is announcing stores will be closed on turkey day. many have tried to get a jump on the shopping holiday. staples says it wants employees to enjoy the holiday in their own way. >> getting pulled over may cost more than just a ticket.
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well, break a traffic law and you can pay more than just the price of a ticket. >> okay. so there are two things worth looking in the rear view mirror and seeing that blinking? there you go. but what is worse than that is getting your next bill. driving past someone being written up stands as a warning for us to obey traffic laws. nicole gibb lived on the coast and says she's been there and done that.
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>> have you ever got a speeding ticket? >> yes. >> what happened to your car insurance? >> it went up. >>? a lot. >> yes. >> keeping that record clean is a financial must do. >> driving well is important to our finances. not only does it cost a ticket but insurance rates go up for those dangerous infractions like dui, reckless driving and speeding. over 30 miles per hour over the posted limit. >> that is senior insuranance analyst. >> there is a website telling you how much your insurance is going to go up? >> really? >> yes. >> it's not good. >> in california it's quite a bit. >> there is a calculator that
7:42 pm
will show you how much it's going up because you got that ticket. >> so shop around, make sure you're not yoef paying for coverage. >> if you'll go through it, you want to drive slower and safer. you will. to see my reports go to our website and go to 7 on your side. >> the warm, dry weather has pet owners worried tonight. >> sometimes, i can hear him doing a
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a long month of dry weather could be producing an uncomfortable side effect. >> you don't have to tell max that fleas force here. a comb through turns up culprits. >> very, very flea ridden. we're seeing more infestations than in the past.
7:46 pm
>> patrice is the head veterinarian in mill valley. where the sign says it all. >> this is probably related to the rain. >> vets have told us there has been an uptick and some cases have been tough to treat. >> sometimes, i can hear them doing yelps. >> lisa block works for the humane society. that hasn't spared her dog. >> it's hard to see him suffering. >> vets say it could mean dogs are reexposed more often so some worry the fleas may have developed a resistance to products used in the past. if there is a concern, they can
7:47 pm
choose products with different ingreed yenths. >> so at one point i missed a treatment and couldn't get out of the cycle. so talking to your vet helps. >> that is a spot. >> he says owners should vacuum regularly and throw out the bag when finished. with cleaning surfaces they come into contact with. >> anyone feeling itchy? we should have a flea forecast. >> with this cooler, windier conditions you might be more itchy. right now, it's clear.
7:48 pm
and it has weakened. gusts 155 miles per hour. good news is that forecast models most are taking this out off shore, an area of low pressure is separate from that that is going to draw up moisture. so there is some heavy rain. and if you have travel plans you want to keep that in mind. look for sunshine. should be cooler tomorrow, windier.
7:49 pm
and dry next week. >> what' view. the sun goes down in just moments. what a way to start the weekend. right? >> amazing. pictures of the sunset last night in the sunset district of course. >> beautiful shot. >> yes. >> let's focus on sports. >> larry beil, like a sunset. glorious. >> on the first full day of a leave of absence, do you want to guess who showed up at practice today? steve kerr.
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good evening, a day after the warriors announced steve kerr will be taking a leave of absence, he was at practice today, kerr dropped in for a few minutes of practice. his staff member told him, go home. still no timetable for the return to coaching but he's going to drop in from time to time during his actual leave. players are going to miss the
7:53 pm
finals and asked if teammates can fill that leadership void. >> a couple guys, you know? he might be your best coach out of all. that fits us well. he has potential. and, had that iq. >> is this you? >> i don't have the patient. >> a son to be publiced book claims a member of the hoops service provided for recruits. >> and stanford three wins heading into tomorrow night's game. and this run, some of us would
7:54 pm
love to see him get this more often. he's being patient. this is just showing we're going to see and have made all three of us better. >> the bears are 17 point favorites against washington state. >> you never know what to suspect. it's a good thing about college football. you know? nobody know what's is going to happen and who is going to play well. you know? i don't know if i anticipate scoring but i know saturday's game will be a competitive,
7:55 pm
tough, hard fought football game that we have to play very well to have a chance to win. >> why would san jose state play in auburn? because of a check for $1.6 million. they lost two straight. >> there wasn't a game that wasn't frenzied and festive. our guys are bracing this challenge and looking forward to it. and are putting forth best effort. >> notre dame taking on clemson. and to the nfl, after losing back to back games, 49ers need good news but this is not that. vernon davis has a knee injury and is doubtful for sunday's
7:56 pm
game but reggie bush looks like he's a go. raiders are in chicago and jake cutler questionable with hamstring injuries. and the raiders are starting to click. >> i remember them saying he's a home run waiting to happen and i saw it. he's a pro bowl guy. we think he's going to score any time he touches the ball. he's a top five pick for a reason. you know? >> thank you very much, larry. >> yes. >> well, tonight at 9:00, why homeland security took way his phone and computer and what he plans to do about it.
7:57 pm
>> then, at 11 a community in grief. the tradition dogged tonight. here is the line up. followed by muppets and 2020 at ten. join us at 11:00. >> well, finally tonight, once again, our nation is rocked by a senseless act of violence and we mourn innocent lives taken in an instant and wrestle with tough questions about what can be done to stop mass shootings. gun rights proponents are convinced it will leave good people defenseless. the truth may be inmiddle. it's difficult. sometimes impossible to determine whether someone with no record is mentally stable enough to buy a gun.
7:58 pm
find being ways to prevent tragedies while protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding americans is a complicated issue. what matters that we refuse to accept these mass murders as just the way it is. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us, see you at 9:00 and 11:00. from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds.
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