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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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they never had that in this neighborhood. a pot bust in a quiet neighborhood. also, we've just received video of two people police say persons of interest in the shooting death of a man walking his dog in marin county. i'm doing this -- >> your arrest? >> absolutely. >> a marin county man doesn't want to answer questions about the police raid of an alleged marijuana grow operation at his home. good evening, i'm ama daetz.
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>> that man shares the home with his wife, a kaiser permanente pediatrician, that has also been cited in this case. >> reporter: sources tell me the call came in as a child in danger due to drug activity. police found 17 pounds of packaged not a girl's play room. it is an exclusive but people here were stunned when the major crimes task force found a marijuana operation in home's backyard. >> apalled. >> why? >> we've never had that in this neighborhood this, is a family neighborhood. we don't have pot in the backyard. >> i thought it couldn't be in this neighborhood. i was just really surprised. >> reporter: i caught up to the homeowner, john prescott white.
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>> reporter: john, i'd like to talk to you. i'm doing a story on the news at 6:00. >> i have nothing to say. >> reporter: the i team obtained these photos a small section of the yard. sources tell me there were more than 100 plants and tell me white was also machining hash oil. >> very volatile. the chemicals that are use can cause and have caused serious fires and explosions. in residential airs. >> reporter: white is scheduled to be arraigned in two weeks. >> tell me about the number of plants you have. >> the lawyers told me not to talk to anyone. >> reporter: he and his wife, a pediatrician were cite forward misdemeanor willful cruelty to child. the d.a. is deciding whether to
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prosecute dr. white. i left a message for her and did not hear back. neighbors tell me they're glad the operation has been busted. >> i worry about kids getting, you know, running into that. who knows when they're selling to who, and what kind of people are coming into the neighborhood. that worries me. >> reporter: the task force arrested a man from ohio there to make a major buy. john white had a similar case in 2009. a grow in a green bay house. i'll keep track of this case and get back to you. a massive search is under way for a person who gunned down a prominent yoga instructor. 67-year-old steve carter was just walking his dog on a popular trail when shot. the killer apparently stole his car. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live where police
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released surveillance video of two persons of interest in this crime. cornell? >> reporter: that is right. the video in just a moment. but this trail remains closed to the public. the victim was shot and killed. his dog, wounded. now, just in the last few minutes we've obtained video from the sheriff's department showing persons of interest in this crime. a man in his 20s wearing a hat in a counter and a woman with deadlocks filling up water containers were captured in a convenience store near fairfax. a third person, a man, was also with them. sheriff department wants to speak with them about a stoler car and a murder. search and rescue dogs are on duty in the loama alta open space preserve looking for clues and the gun used for the murder of 67-year-old steve carter, shot and killed walking his dog monday afternoon. >> sadly, the victim was actually still holding onto the
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leash of his brown doeberman who had been also shot. >> reporter: the dog survived and being cared for in a vet hospital. officials say the victim's car is missing and probably stolen after the killing. they're asking people to be on the lookout for a volkswagon jetta wagon. >> right now, we're considering with that vehicle at this point could be considered armed and dangerous. >> he told them about people he saw near the trail. >> just let the sheriff know. >> reporter: steve carter was a prominent yoga instructor. he and his wife founded the ecstatic yoga institute of --.
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they had been living in costa rica. >> we're so used to our safe town. we need to be careful and watchful. make sure we lock doors. a large excavator killed a construction worker in san jose today. the man was working in almaden valley. investigators say it struck the man. work as the site has been suspended. a crew working on gas lined accidentally caused a gas leak this afternoon. pg and e says the crew inadvertently hit a gas main, causing natural gas to leak into the sewer system. ucsf now endorses the
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warriors stadium project in san francisco. that is after the two sides agreed on a traffic pran today. they want to set up a $10 million fund to help control traffic where the stadium is slated to be built. that money coming from new revenue generated by the stadium project. the team agreed to schedule only 12 events per year on the same day as giant home games. supporters call it the strongest equal pay law in the country. governor brown cited and the fair pay act is the first of its kind and could help scores of women in the state. laura anthony is live with the story. >> reporter: it's an issue dating back to the days of rosie the rivetor. california passed a law for women to receive equal pay for equal work. signed by governor jerry brown, it now requires equal pay for
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substantially similar work. at different establishments. it prohibits retaliation against employees. >> this is a bill and an occasion where we have come together. both parties, men, women to, achieve a clear goal. >> reporter: not yet out of middle school, these girls appreciate the law. >> it is not like women are less than men. we should be paid as much as they. >> this is a good thing for their future. >> this is a day for me. >> reporter: day morrison shows well, she's one of the surviving rosie the rivitors from world war ii. >> it's the greatest thing, opening many doors. just unbelievable. >> reporter: california chamber of some ares initially opposed
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out of concern but the fears were eliminated for limited negotiation. a new law in california put new restriction on a drone. governor brown signed a bill preventing paparazzi from flying zones over private property including crossing over fences and peering into windows. last month, the governor heard a water bill that made have meant flying over property a violation. tonight we have information about the death of a whale. testing shows indications of pro peller strike. marine experts say that finding is consistent with a report of a ship strike in the oakland ha harbor channel. a final cause of death has not yet been released. >> the county sheriff's office is warning residents about a phone scam. the department says someone is calling residents, claiming to
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be from the sheriff's department, then, telling the potential victim they have to pay a fine for failing to report to jury duty. sheriff officials say no member of law enforcement would contact the public demanding they pay fees. >> a school at the center of a sex scandal is under new leadership, spark charter schools appointed dr. william overton as the principal and superintendent after aallegations that an 8-year-old student was molested there. the school, at that time admitted it failed to complete background checks on employees and after checks, the school fired at accused molester, this man, as well as two other employees. the family of a canadian woman killed in golden gate park is speaking tonight. what they have to say about their daughter's death.
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plus... >> this is more extreme. hot, hot, cold are cold. >> a fourth straight early wine harvest in napa. the weekend draws nearer. temperatures climbing higher. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. a door to door salesman convince a woman to switch alarm companies but it
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we're hearing from the
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family of a canadian woman found dead in golden gate park over the weekend. she came here for the hardly strictly blue grass festival and was apparently killed sometime after the first day of music. >> this is a very sad story. we're told she a canadian tourist starting out a month-long trip through california. it ended here in golden gate park in the wooded area. police say she might have been beaten to death. this is supposed to be the 23-year-old's first big trip to california. her death is a shock for her family, who released a statement today. she was full of life and loved by everyone. thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy for their support. she was here for the hardly strictly blue grass festival this weekend. >> investigators are asking
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anyone who might have attended this weekend who might have seen her, having interaction with this victim, to contact san francisco police. >> reporter: cary is from a small town near montreal, quebec. so far, her parents have not talked to the canadian media. cary was found a half mile from where stages were set up for the festival, police say she had blunt force trauma wounds to the head. >> the roads were closed but there were thousands of people walking on the paths. through the trees to buses. people take public transportation. coming from around. >> reporter: reagan says lots of people likely camped in golden gate park friday and saturday night. >> they have backpacks and camping gear. so i'm sure people just camp here for the weekend. >> unfortunately, for investigators this is an area witho surveillance cameras. any information from the public
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might be helpful. a san francisco supervisor wants to create a permanent reward fund to help police get tips in unsolved murder cases. they're asking for $250,000 to pay for tips to the cops. san francisco's muni metro system and bart earned high marks in a ranking of california transit systems. they looked at whether they'd promoted transit use. bart ranked high, but santa clara's light rail system earned the lowest grade. many stations are located in industrial areas away from neighborhoods. >> a united airlines pilot is recovering after falling ill behind the wheels of a jet.
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the dream liner diverted to albuquerque. this one day after an american airlines captain died mid flight. >> it's rare. that is why it's making news. people all of the years, the most dangerous part of the trip is to and from the airport. >> the united first officer is in stable condition, the airline flew another pilot to albuquerque, bringing the passengers to sfo. in napa valley tonight, grape growers are praising the potential of this year's crop. which they have pulled from the vine. this was the fourth consecutive early harvest because of a drought. wayne freedman explains this is a pattern now. there is something missing in this vineyard. a couple things, in harvest
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season, where is the noise? and if you look, where are the grapes? so there they are. they're low, and at duck horn vineyards, they are described as perfect. >> you want the juice to melt across the palette. >> it hasn't come easy. ask anyone in the napa valley about this growing season, and two words come to mind. >> you don't see the effects of climate change here. >> is it on your radar? >> absolutely. >> inconsistency has been the pattern. followed by 2012, the hottest, until 2015. >> extremes seem more extreme. >> growers will tell you the season began a month early, finishing a month early with a
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yield of 10% less than average. the red grapes have higher acid and tannin levels and insiders see potential. this cap is about a month old. >> who knows what the weather will be then? there is constant. >> it's a lot of wine. >> yes. true. and it's fun to turn to weather which is nice lately. >> warmer and warmer. >> right.
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it will be a nice colorful sunset. here is a view looking at the soon to be setting sun. oakland, 68. 70 in mountain view. 74 in morgan hill. it is 68 in santa rosa. 74 in fairfield and concord. another live view of the western sky, and here is a look at the composite image. there is a ridge of high pressure building there. it's going to be the dominant picture that will increase day by day. we have a lit bit of onshore
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flow now that will assist low clouds tonight. we're using highs arriving to 91 by friday. dropping off and bouncing into low to mid-90s that is showers move north. so showers move into the overnight, low temperatures in the upper 50s and tomorrow, sunny skies, and south bay, highs from upper 70s to mid-80s in morgan hill. 79 in mountain view. upper 60s to 70s on the coast.
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north bay highs on the coast, upper 60s inland. and inland east bay, highs into low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. highs inland to about 90 friday. mid-80s around the bay. and saturday and sunday, temperatures bounce up to 90 monday and tuesday and perhaps above 90. so nice, warm pattern. >> thank you. >> this is a picture a viewer tweeted looking out toward the golden gate bridge. send in your pictures using
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#abc7 now. >> it is fleet week. the special training exercises today up for a big air show as well. >> 700 jobs are up for grabs tomorrow. it's at the hilton garden inn from noon until 4:00 p.m. it's free for more information go to when you have a moment, stay with us.
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the valley fire destroyed nearly 1300 homes. one of them belonged to a firefighter. his wife was eight months pregnant. despite his loss, he says
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nothing, said nothing and showed up for work just to cope with it when his colleagues realized what happened. they reached out to help the family. >> once they help them, so it's different being on the other end. there are many people helping us. unbelievable and we're very grateful. >> the nonprofit wine country marine is collecting donations. you can find information on our website if you'd like to help out. there is a rare site in the skies this evening. military aircraft participating in an expansive training exercise at moffett field. right now, crews are wrapping up repairs on a water
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main break. the redwood city police tweeted this picture, showing the west road near kaiser permanente medical center. no word on what cause that had line to break. we're hearing from the family of former inmates accusing deputies of torturing them. is it's a story vic lee broke yesterday. >> there is concern for south carolina communities dealing with the aftermath of flooding. why authorities are warning residents they may in the be out of danger yet. plus... >> i know there are many kids who are interested in changing the world. just want to know what more they can be doing. >> chelsea clinton visits the bay area, her message fo
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as first reporting last night, former inmates filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff. >> they charged they were beaten and tortured by deputies working
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as jail guards. >> they beat me. i was crying and i couldn't be. >> reporter: karina read a letter from her brother who was beaten in sonoma county jail. >> he stayed on his bed. he didn't want to come in. but they did. and he was beaten. >> reporter: laury banks son spoke to abc7 news. >> the guys came in, wearing masks, hitting us, calling us [ bleep ] and telling us it's their house, they can beat us. >> they proceeded down the tier. one locked room after another, opening them, entering them. multiple deputies. >> two dozen inmates wrote
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letters saying they were beaten. and it started when one got in an argument with a deputy. the sheriff responded by e-mail saying he'll gate but that we deny the outrageous accusations. he says deputies were responding to a seemingly coordinated mass disturbance. he responded where this suspect was tasered 27 times. the sheriff said it was justified. >> under the present sheriff, we're unaware of a single incident where any allegation of excessive force was substantiated. >> he believes the sheriff has reports that will show the truth. now, to the east coast.
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the death toll after that unprecedented flooding in the carolinas is up to 17 tonight. the rain stopped, rising rivers have officials warning residents to prepare for more flooding and evacuations. the potential to crest is the new concern now. 500 roads in south carolina remain closed. federal crews are still assessing the damage. now, those rains amounted to roughly 11 trillion gallons of water. it equals about a third of the volume of lake tahoe. >> republican presidential candidate marco rubio is calling for less regulation for a pair of san francisco based companies. they praised san francisco based uber and air b and b saying the companies are unfairly burdened
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by government rules. he doesn't agree with efforts to cap. hillary clinton is on the offensive against republicans tonight, blasting house majority leader kevin mccarthy's admission the benghazi commission can take credit for her diminished public standing. clinton did find time for a lighter moment in iowa, speaking about her appearance last weekend on saturday night live. >> it's a little bit out of body experience when you are in a skit with someone playing you. they kept saying to me, don't laugh. i said but it's funny. i know but you're in the skit. >> clinton briefly impersonated trump after someone asked her to. chelsea clinton today spoke to children in san francisco, about her book and she did set aside a few minutes to talk with
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abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> chelsea clinton is all grown up. america remembers her in middle school. she was quite the reader back then. >> i read this book with a big impact on me. called 50 simple things kids can do to save the earth. >> reporter: it inspired clinton to write this book. >> how can we get adults to keep us seriously? >> when i was five, i wrote this letter to president reagan. >> she saw hope. >> their questions, their ideas, this is why i wrote it.
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because i know there are kids interested in changing the world. just want to know what they can be doing. >> san francisco marks the start of the second leg of the book tour, visiting schools and nonprofits. >> is an amazing book. >> reporter: at kiva, she heard from kids who are making a difference. >> it makes us feel good to give someone the opportunity to thrive. >> i'm young, i can change peoples lives on the other side of the world. in middle school, elections are friday. she call that's good practice for future leaders. >> they don't think that anyone should rule out politics as a way to make a difference. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> you may notice a change on twitter, directing users to top
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stories. and twitter named jack dorsey it's ceo. >> twitter stock was down slightly. and an announcement from microsoft. the company unveiled a lap top, and set to go on sale later thi crop experts are worried about a possible pumpkin shortage. analyst say the supplies of canned pumpkin could be scarce so they're recommending you stock up now. illinois it's the top pumpkin producer. >> we have to have pumpkin on thanksgiving. >> it could be hard to separate fact from fiction. >> yes. one woman found out the hard way, only after she got a new home security system. >> michael finney tells you what
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7 on your side reported on the risk of opening your door to a salesman selling home alarms. >> they're out there. one woman says a team descended on her neighborhood and she agrieed to buy in and it led to trouble. >> it did for this woman. in this case, she says a sales person made lots of promises that never materialized. and our story has investigators looking into the case. maureen graham recalls the night a salesman knocked on her door. she says the man told her he'd come with a bus load of sales people from texas and he could replace her system with a better deal. >> will cost less than now. >> reporter: maureen told him she's locked in the contract with her current company. >> he says just pay them off. we'll give you the money back. >> she signed this contract with
7:42 pm
elite home of utah and it's affiliate. she cancelled her old alarm service, paying the fee of $764. >> then, i tried to get the money back. and this didn't work. >> we're willing to pay you half of that. i said no. no. no. >> she says her monthly alarm bill is now $four more. not less. we spoke of security and investigative services. the agency issues licenses required for all home alarm companies and their sales people operating here. >> some alarm companies will take collegets.
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>> we contacted elite home. elite responded but a spokesperson would not answer our inquiries about whether they sent the people to the bay area. she says she must now pay it back. the spokesperson says it's been with the understanding. she says she doesn't think she owes anything back. >> i thank channel 7. >> the state is now investigating this case. and will keep tabs on what happens with the despite and investigation. and the bottom line is make sure the sales person has a license. just ask to see it. >> see it. >> yes. as we continue, turning ideas
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into printed objects. >> technology going on in the bay area tonight.
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two bay area technology giants are joining forces to revolutionize the way thousands of products are built. and they're goal is turning engineers into dreamers. if you're riding a super bike, you want to stay between the lines.
7:47 pm
>> we generate engineers are using a design system dubbed dream catcher. the designer enters strength, materials, and how the park needs to work with the rest of the motorcycle. >> we can see the alternatives. >> they mark dozens of prototypes that pop to life with the click of a mouse. >> i think it's revolutionary and going to be a new set of tools for designers. >> but shaping dreams in plastic is only the beginning. that is why auto december is joining forces with engineers. the goal is to design and print
7:48 pm
objects never possible before. >> we can shrink to a tenth of a human hair. >> reporter: he says the tiny strands are formed into thousands of micro structures. >> the team is working to design a helmet. >> so. >> they're hoping the partnership will be turned into reality. >> the partnership is scheduled to last over next year and a half. we'll follow it. >> right. thank you, dan. now, let's get over to spencer for another check on the
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forecast. >> we have clear skies highs from 70s on the coast and low to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures remain warm and then, bounce up to about 90 next week. so it's beach weather at the beaches. and on the coast. >> waves and everything? >> yes. >> to sports. >> yes. that is right. >> the word progress is not being used for the same thing
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for the 49ers. i've seen this before, next in
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49ers gm says the team
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doesn't rebuild, they reload. to me, it looks like they're unravelling in parts. from 1 to 3 loss to green bay, the defense played their best game of the season. but the offense is a business mal, starting with collin kaepernick. since game one they haven't been able to run the ball, either. it's important for offensive success. the confidence is at a low as jim harbaugh enabled this kid, having him think you can do no wrong. >> we need to get it done. you know? i was going to tell you we call a play and it works.
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>> we have to fix the thing. that is where we're at. we're going through that now. >> a sixth round draft pick to minnesota today for gerald hodges. the sharks got bad news yesterday. raffy torres suspended for 41 games. and sharks to create another roster spot. >> the league's policy on those types of hits, and you know, just feel for him. because you feel for him.
7:55 pm
you know? it's what we have to deal with, now. >> the warriors kicked off preseason last night against raptors in front of a crowd of 18,223. i love this team. curry fouled out in the third quarter and. >> you know, it's funny, i don't know the last time he found out.
7:56 pm
>> solid preseason. pga tour returns to action next week. this week, it's the 11th in korea. team usa won eight of the ten and favored again, this year. jordan speith leads the way. >> it's fun to play with pressure and emotion coming out to be able to pull and have partners. >> and this sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. and that is great. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a ballet dancer with cystic fie broebis is getting ready to
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perform again. >> then, at 11 a young boy falls through the roof of a school. and at 9:00 it's marvels agents of shield. >> and that is it for this edition of abc # news. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, mike shumann, we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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