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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> this is new video showing 2 persons of interest in a north bay murder. >> m written county sheriff's hoping to question them about the death of well known yoga instructor. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> is sheriff's officials say 67-year-old steve carter was walking his dog on popular trail 94 fair news 4 jax faction when shot. killer
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apparently then stole his car. >> and tonight the marin county sheriff's department reloweseded that surveillance video showing 2 of 3 persons of interest. man in his 20's wearing a hat. woman with dread lock filling water container. >> 7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on the story. >> search rescue dog are on duty in the alta open space preserve looking for clue annual the gun used in the murder of 67-year-old steve carter. shot and killed while walking his doberman pincher monday afternoon. sadly the victim was actually still holding on to the leash of his brown doberman pincher who had also been shot. >> dog survived and is being cared for at vet hospital. sheriff's officials say the victim car is missing and was probably stolen after the killing. they are asking people to be on the look out for a 2,000 3 silver volkswagen jet a wagon like this one. california license plate no. 6 p p g 6 6 2.
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>> right now we are considering anyone that might be connected or with that vehicle at this point to be considered armed and dangerous. >> hiker eric pop interviewed by police. he told them about some people he saw near the trail before the killing. >> i saw a small group of people that had only fit in up here. let the sheriff know. >> steve cartary prominent yoga instructor visiting marin. he and his wife founded ecstatic living institute in lake count county. couple living in costa rica a.motive for carter murder not known. until suspect is caught fairfax mayor koehler is asking residents to be safe and use caution. >> we are so used to our safe town that we need to be extra careful and extra watchful and make sure we lock our doors. >> in marin county abc 7 news. >> someone killed a young canadian woman at golden gate park over the weekend. 23-year-old kerry was found dead saturday morning. police
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say she had been hit violently over the head. investigators believe kerry came to san francisco to attend the blue grass festival. found 94 one of the stages. unfortunately for investigators this is an area with no surveillance camera. >> information would help our investigators greatly because as you can i emergency we don't want someone to who committed a homicide running around our street and the family is disstrawchlt loss of the daughter. >> canadian media reports kerry took a break from law school to go on extended trip through california. she was traveling alone. >> yet another medical emergency in the cock by. this time during a flight from houston to san francisco. united co-pilot lost consciousness in mid-air. it's the second cohn cockpit medical emergency in 24 hours. david curly has more. >> for the second day in a row. >> we have the airport in sigh sight. >> jet liner with only one of the pilots at the controls. united co-pilot had a seizure
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in flight. announced by the captain according to passenger. co-pilot as you can see regained consciousness and walked down the stair himself during the emergency stop in albuquerque. yesterday a different story. american airlines captain mike johnson just 57 died while in the air. he had had a double bypass nearly a decade ago. and family in utah has been told it was likely a heart attack taking the pilot who loved to fly. >> watching the big jet and look up and said i'll fly me one of them some day and his mom said he always had a passion for that. >> these incidents especially involving the death of a pilot are rare. only 8 others like this in the past 20 years. >> those statistics only reinforce how unusual it is to have an incapacitated pilot 2 days in a row. david curly abc news reagan washington airport. >> cl fire declare the valley fire 100 percent contained late today. start $3 we go ago in cobb then rapidly spread to the
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hidden valley lake middletown area. numbers haven't changed over the past few days. fire burned 118 square miles. 4 people died in the fire. cal fire has located the point of origin but the cause remains under investigation. >> ucsf now fully endorses the warrior stadium project in san francisco. after the 2 sides agreed on traffic plan today. they want to set autopsy 10 million dollar fund to help control traffic in the mission bay neighborhood where the billion dollar stapled is slat slated to be built. that money would come from new revenue generated by the stadium project. in addition the time agrees to schedule only 12 event a year on the same day as giants home games. here's warrior president rick welt. >> warrior agree that in certain circumstances if we are not able to solve the traffic issues as we expect we can the that we actually will impose a limit on the number of events that could take place during giants games during the season. that is something that has
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never been done before with an nba time. >> this announcement follows months of negotiations among the warriors. ucsf and the mayor office. spokesman for the group opposed to the arena says the agreement does nothing but guarantee permanent grid lock for the city. city will consider the arena environmental report next month. >> we first reported last tonight former inmates filed federal civil rights lawsuit against the sonoma county sheriff saying they were beaten and tortured by deputy working as jail guard. today the family spoke out and vic lee was there. >> they beat me until i (bleep) my pant. i was trying to tell him to get off and that i couldn't. >> she read a letter from her brother who says she was beaten messrs. less ly may 28 in the maximum security unit of sonoma county jail. >> he stayed on his bed and yes he buried his head didn't want them to come in but he did. he
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was last one and he was beaten. >>reporter: lori son danny spoke earlier exclusively to abc 7 news. >> guy in black came in. they were all wearing mask hitting us. calling us (bleep) and telling us it's their house. and they can beat us. >> banks lawyer. >> proceeded down the pier one locked room after another opening them and turning thi multiple deputy. >> they wrote letter saying they were systematically beaten 1 by 1 attack lasting 5 and a half hours. started when one got no an argument with a deputy. >> the rest they say were then beaten when they protested. sheriff steve responded by e-mail saying he will investigate but that we categorically deny the out recently us inflammatory accusations. he says deputy were responding to the actions of a seemingly coordinated mass disturbance by inmate. he
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respond by pointing to the incident last fall at the jail where this dui suspect was taser 27 times and that the sheriff said it was justified. >> under the present sheriff we are unawhich are of a single incident where any alleges of excessive force was ever substantiated. >> he believes the sheriff has video of the latest incidents which he says will show the truth. this is 7 news. >> tonight we have a better idea of what caused the death of a whale that washed ashore near fremont. marine mammal center today says testing shows indications of propeller strike not uncommon. finding consistent with the report of a ship strike last month in the oakland outer harbor channel. whale washed ashore near the coyote hills wild life refuge on september 24. final cause of death has not yet been released b.that is the suspicion. >> we have much more head for you on this tuesday night.
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equal pay for men and women. new law signed by governor and what it mean in the workplace report card for bay area transit systems. would scored an a and who got an f. >> drew is here with the weather. >> we scored an a in the weather department today. lots of sunshine. beautiful fall night out there. low clouds and tomorrow warmer temperatures rise. >> still ahead. pop raid at the home of kaiser doctor. we investigate what went on inside investigate what went on inside this marin county
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>> supporters call it strongest equal pay law in the country. the governor signed it in the bay area. california fair pay act the first of its kind since world war ii and could help scores of women in the statement laura has our story from richmond. >> it's an issue that dates back to the days of rosie the rifter. that's when california passed a law that required women to 7 equal pay for equal work. signed by governor brown the california fair pay act now requires equal pay regardless of gender for substantially similar work. at different establishment. it also prohibits retaliation against employees. >> this is a bill and thinks an occasion where we have come together. both parties men and
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women to achieve very clear goal. >> not yet out of middle school the young girls appreciate the new law. >> not like women are anything less than men so we should be payed as much as they. >> do you think this is a good they think for ur future. >> yes. for like a lot of people's future. >>reporter: this is really a day for me. >> kay knows well the long fight for women to get the same pay as men. she is one of the surviving rosie the rifter from world war ii. >> it's the great east they think. it's opening so many doors. it's just unbelievable. >> california chamber of commerce initially opposed the bill at the state capitol out of concern it might increase litigation. but spokesperson told us those fierce were eliminated through negotiation negotiations. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> new law in california puts new restrictions on drones.
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governor brown today signed a bill that will prevent paparrazi from flying drone over private property. it includes crossing over fence and peering into window. just last month the governor veto broader bill that make flying a drone over people property without their permission a violation. >> new uc berkeley report card gives bart and muni high mark when it comes to where the rail station are located. highest rank station in the report muni metro station at church and market street in san francisco which received an a plus. some of the lowest though muni station at third and marin streets received a d grade and bart san francisco international airport station was given an f. santa clara county light rail line tied for worst rail system in the statement the report by cal climate change business program looked at the neighborhood around station and whether they facilitated transit use annual. >> the good news about the report gave drew an a across the board every category. >> exactly. >> that's a good spot to have a birth station. gets you there
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efficiently. >> certainly not app f. >> any way weather wise. report card a plus all around. sunshine. warm temperature. only missing rape. >> wet weather somewhere in the the forecast we see a nice picture with some coastal clouds. without that we go earlier tonight. mount tam camp sun going down 6:45 in the evening. gorgeous shot. beautiful location where we live. all the pretty colors. live look from the east bay hills camera showing you you do notice there are some patchy low clouds out there. so we call for that in the forecast tonight. low clouds they will return warmer days into much of next week. that means it feels summer like especially at our area beaches. throughout right now 50's and 60's currently 63 in oakland. 57 in half machine bay. 64 mountain view. 63 san jose. 61 san ramone and napa 62 degrees. here's 7 hd along with satellite the high pressure is a graduate warming trend. not a quick spike in our temperature so each and every day on the 7 day forecas
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forecast. temperatures go up a few degrees. really quiet pattern with high pressure in firm control. some want rain in the next couple day also. it remains dry. let's look at the graduate warming trend tomorrow in the mid 80's. slowly in the upper 80's then the 90's and through the weekend early next week to the mid and lower 90's. now the high pressure that is supplying us with lots of sunshine and warm temperature it kind of acts like a blocking feature. wall so to speak that prevents any moisture from moving into california. you notice showers off in the pacific. they go well in british columbia and seattle portland next couple days. high pressure moves we won't have a shot at any wet weather. we see showers in the pacific we go. hurricane o h o update on the system. win at 85 miles per hour. it's quickly moving to the north and east. look at this. quickly go in cooler water which means it will weaken but will interact with the cold front and bring the showers into canada. >> overnight tonight you see
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partly cloudy skies around the region. temperatures falling in the mid and upper 50's. then high for your wednesday. starting in the south bay. 80 san jose. lots of sunshine. 81 the high cupertino. 78 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula. half moon bay tomorrow. 70, 75 san mateo o. 78 palo alto. 77 menlo park. early morning clouds afternoon sunshine. 72 degrees. 69 for daly city in the north bay. 80 santa rosa. 76 vallejo. 71 sausalito. 76 san leandro. 79 fremont and inland it's comfortable in the mid low 80' 80's. 83 pittsburg. 81 san ramone. walnut creek at 82 degrees. 7 day forecast show even and every day we inch up in the temperature department summer like on friday. a little change over the weekend. october sunshine more fall warmth will greet us early next week. >> lovely weather. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at
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9:00. lost and found. by tom hanks. hollywood star went out of his way to save the day for one woman. >> and we honor hispanic hair tan month with post to our instagram feed and today we recognize rose lebeau president and ceo of san jose base connection to community for more than 30 years. it provid provides service and job training assistance to thousands office people in the bay area. we have more details bay area. we have more details on instagram at abc
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>> valley fire in lake county destroyed nearly 1300 homes and one of them belonged to staff sergeant benson who lived
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outside hidden valley lake community with two daughters and his wife sarah. eight months pregnant. now despite his loss staff sergeant benson said nothing and showed up for work every day to do his job. when colleague realized what had happened they reached out to military advocate group to help the family. >> he want to help them so it's different being on the other end but so many people helping us unbelievable. very gratefu grateful. >> non-profit wine country m arena collect donation. go to our web site to find out how you can help. >> always nice when stranger finds and returns something you have lost. even bigger thrill when the tom hanks tweeted this photo today. he found lauren student i.d. in the park and trying to get it back to her. the post blew up on twitter no word yet from lauren. >> that is cool. >> that is cool. >> well another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming up here
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next as we continue big pot raid at the home of kaiser doctor. we investigate what was going on in the marin couldn't house. >> dr. ben carson and what he said he would do if he was confronted by mass killer leak the one who opened fire in oregon. then this. >> i know there are so many kids who areen entered changing the world. just want to know what they can be the doing. >> chelsea clinton comes to the >> chelsea clinton comes to the bay area.
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>> i'm doing this. you are under arrest. absolutely. can you tell me. marin couldn't man doesn't want to answer question about the police raid of alleged marijuana grow operation at his home. >> that man shares the home
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with his wife kaiser permanente pediatrician who has also been cited in the case. >> now dan has the report seen only on 7 news. >> this is an exclusive neighborhood in san rafael with million dollar view and yacht club. people living here stunned when the marin couldn't major crime task force found a marijuana operation in this home back yard let thursday night. appalled. why. >> because we never had a thing like this in this neighborhood. this is a family neighborhood. we don't have pot in the back. >> thought it couldn't be in this neighborhood. i was really surprised. >> i caught up with the homeowner did. 41-year-old john prescott white. i would like to talk to you doing a story on the news at 6:00. have a good day. i have nothing to say. we obtain these photo taken just before the raid of just small section of the back yard. sources tell me there were more than 100 plants. assistant xhantder on
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the task force told me by phone white was also manufacturing hash oil process that can be very dangerous. >> very volatile. chemical used heat that is used. they can cause and has caused very serious fire and explosion. and residential areas. >>reporter: john white scheduled to be arraigned in two week on 2 fell in. cultivation of marijuana and processing of concentrated cannabis for sale. tell me with the number of plant you have. >> lawyers said not to talk to anybody. >>reporter: who is your lawyer. white wouldn't say. he and his wife dr. rebecca white pediatrician also cited for misdemeanor willful cruelty to child. da office is deciding whether to prosecute dr. white. i left a message for her at the san rafael hospital where she was seeing patients today. and cannot hear back. the neighbors tell me they are glad the secret operation has been busted. >> i just worry about kid getting the running into that or who knows they are selling
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to it who and coming to their house and what kind of people coming in the snibd that worries me. >> task force also arrested man from ohio apparently there to make a major buy. now john white had a similar case back in 2000 nichbility grow operation in a green bray hous house. he was able to plead down to misdemeanor and entered diversion program. i'll keep track of this case. for the i-team dan noyes abc 7 nichlts east coast now. number of people killed after unpress denied flooding in the carolinas is up to 17 tonight. even though the rain has stopped rising rivers have officials warning resident to prepare for more flooding and more evacuation agencies. potential for the rivers to crest is really the new concern at this point. about 500 roads in south carolina alone are closed. federal emergency crew are still assessing the damage after torrential rain over the past week. >> now to the race for the white house. new headline tonight involving dr. ben consider son. he was asked about the school massacre in
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oregon and what he would do if someone point add gun at him. cecelia has more. >> today this is what ben carson says he would have done had he come face-to-face with the gunman in that oregon classroom. >> dr. carson if a gun man walk up and put the gun at you and says what religion are you? that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. because not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say guy everybody attack me. he can't get us all. >> he didn't end there. g.o.p. candidate bashing the president plan to visit with victims saying if he were elected he would not go. >> that would probably have so many things on my agenda that i would go to the next one. >> this all comes after the retired neurosurge on wrote on facebook i never saw a body with bullet hole that was more devastated than taking the right to arm ourselves away. today suggesting some
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kindergarten teacher should be armed and defending himself on the view. >> you said that you wod very comfortable with kindergarten teachers had guns in the class room why do you think it's a good idea. >> not all teachers. people who are trained and understand all the implication and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon sitting on the teacher desk. >> republican candidate all speaking out against gun control since last week shooting but in iowa today hillary clinton making the case for tougher law. >> we have to act against those people who should not have guns in the first place. >> ben carson accusing hillary clinton and president obama of playing politic with these mass shootings but right now he's the one may going headlines on the very topic. this is abc news. >> new anti-hillary clinton campaign blast house majority leader admission that the benghazi committee can take credit for the diminished
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public standing. clinton found time for lighter moment this afternoon on the campaign trail in iowa. she spoke about her appearance last weekend on "saturday night live". >> you know it's a little bit bit of out of body experience when you are in a skit with somebody who is playing you. and they kept saying to me don't laugh. you are not supposed to laugh i said but it's funny i know but you are to be in the skit. >>reporter: clinton also briefly impersonated donald trump after someone asked her to. >> clinton daughter chelsea was in the bay area today. she spoke to children in san francisco about her new book written especially for them. she is kicking off a world wind book tour but set aside a few minutes to talk with jonathan bloom. >> let's give chelsea a warm welcome. >> warm and if you qu welcome for the former first daughter. >> she's a year old and owl the favorite animal. >> family of her own she's all grown up but america still remembers when she was in middle school. >> i was his able when i was
9:33 pm
living in the white house. >> quite the reader back thichbility i read this bo that had a big impact on me. called 50 simple things kids can save the earth. >> help the environment inspired clinton to write this book about other global issues and kids helping to solve them. >> hi i'm theo and i read the part about poverty around the world. >> kid did their homework. >> how can we get adults to really take us seriously. >> in true clinton fashion shell sea answered by telling stories. when i was 5 i wrote this letter to president reaga reagan. >> she saw a room full of hope. >> the questions or ideas what they are doing this is exactly why i wrote it's your world because i know there are so many kids who areen entered changing the world and just want to know what more to do. san francisco mark the start of the second leg of clinton cross country become door visiting schools and non-profit she wrote about. >> author of chelsea clinton book. >> at this company she heard from kid mick ago difference
9:34 pm
entrepreneur and developing country. >> make us feel good to give someone the opportunity to 35. >> for the kid clinton message made since even though i'm young i can change people live even though on the other side of the world. >> look at me. >> back at everett middle school student election this friday. she calls that good practice for future leaders. >> because i don't think that anyone should ever rule out politic as way to make a difference. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> new york attorney general is looking into possible insider trading at fantasy sports site draft king. investigation will focus on whether employee of daily fantasy football site have one lucrative pay out based on information not available to the general public. espn will drop all segment sponsored by draft king. industry is largely unregulated but that should change says one congress machine from n jersey. >> how is it any different for sports betting i don't see.
9:35 pm
because you call it fantasy pick the time. get the cash winning after monday night. >> draft king and the rival fan dual took in combined 60 million dollars in the first week of the nfl season. espn says the decision to drop sponsored segment from draft king is day by day pending further investigation. >> section of china new glass walkway cracked causing panic among tourist walking on the struck door. witness say they heard a crack and people just started screaming. chinese media reports the walkway is closed for now. staff member claimed it broke when someone dropped a thermos. it made it crack is what they are saying. walkway is suspended at height of more than 3000 feet. only open for two week. >> that should be not enough to compromise that. coming up next 7 news at 9:00. america newest millionaire. >> quit automatically. difference done. >> she's great. she won the
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power ball lottery. what she said about the boyfriend sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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>> just day the company announced new feet. moments. it's collection of tweet accessible by clicking a lightning bolt symbol in the bottom bar twitter app. moments are intended to be easily die jeingist story with news sports enter table. story are being put together by twitter employee in new york and san francisco. but the company will eventually hand it over to everyone. >> well the sole winner of the 310 million dollar power ball jack pot has finally come forward and her reaction is just priceless. here's david wright. >> she held up the big check for 310 million. her lucky
9:40 pm
numbers finally came in. >> 23. number of years she's work at aquatic bath wear. >> fiberglass fact trip. nasty dirty job. >> not that she will ever have to go back now. >> oh, i quit automatically. i was done. 20 dollars that's what she laid out for the quick peck at this michigan shell station. 1:00 a.m. lunch break at the mcdonald's drive through that's where she found out she won. >> i was having a really bad night at work. thought emit as well check my numbers while signature here waiting for my lunch that's when i realize i was the winner. >> 36 the number of years she's been with her boy friend. he proposed yet. >> i said he would have to seen a prenup now. 175 million to 1 t.1 very happy ending. david wright abc news new york. >> isn't that a great rack. >> good for her. >> exciting. >> next here on 7 news at 9:00.
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>> extreme seem more extreme like hot are hot and cold are cold. >> harvest ends early once >> harvest ends early once again
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>> flying can be mesmerizing and fun to watch when it looks like this plane spotter in the united kingdom captured the video of this plane landing at birmingham airport. look what this does to the cloud as it cuts through the sky on the approach. shape of tud resemble a heart in someplaces. really neat. >> it's cool. >> in napa valley grape growers and wine makers are already praising the would tensional of this year crop which they have already pulled from the vine. this was the fourth consecutive early harvest. the wayne looks
9:45 pm
at whether this is a pattern. >> something missing in the vineyard. couple of things actually. in harvest season where is the noise. if you look closer where are the grapes. so there they are. merlot and duck yard vineyard this is described as perfect. >> for ripe you want the juice to kind of cross the pallet. >> but it hasn't come easy. ask anyone in the napa valley about the 2015 growing season and 2 words come to mine. >> you don't see the affect of climate change here. >> i can't say that i do or don't. is it on the radar. >> absolutely for growers inconsistency has become the consistent pattern. 2011 was the coldest growing year on record. followed by 2012 the hottest. until 2015. >> extreme seem more extreme. like the hot are hot and cold are cold. >>reporter: dprors tell enthusiastic year the season
9:46 pm
began a month early and finished a month early with yelled of roughly 10% less than afternoon whenever average has become. red grape they produce this year have higher acid and tanen level and typical of people in the wean industry they see potential. this cab is one month old. the this is a 200 dollar bottle of wine. >> look at the color. intensity. >> will work on this for 3 more years. >> who knows what the weather will be then. in napa ultimately there's only one constant. all that matter whether they like it or not. from the napa valley wayne abc 7 news. >> changing. >> yes. all right. season not so much changing. >> not really. pretty warm out there. really get into fall. drew is bang with more on that. welcome become to summer guys. >> really. >> quick retreat to fall. to
9:47 pm
arizonament back over the weekend we had the breezes. isolate the thunder showers. the system moved in arizona. brought flooding rain to portion of the statement quick inch of rain has fallen around the phoenix metro area and this is what you get. flooded out roadway and washed out bridge. that's an issue they deal with tonight. we show you the system has rain showers moving out right now. it's switching to some more taper showers. system pulls out of here but still had a lot of rain with it. look at rain accumulation to the north of phoenix. clock in inch of rain north of tucson coming in with 6/10s inch of written and along with the flooding rain they even had this. funnel cloud spotted south and west of phoenix and there it is right there. weak rotating system but nonetheless you see the severe weather. tomorrow they see isolated showers there. other which is lots of sunshine in california. even around the deep south. 87 new orleans. 81 atlanta. minneapolis nice and comfortable at 65 degrees. zoom into california tomorrow.
9:48 pm
clouds in the northern portion of the state otherwise southern california is in and warm with lots of sunshine. zoom in the bay area tomorrow. early morning clouds taper this afternoon and nice fall day out there. 84 in antioch livermore 75 oakland. 72 downtown san francisco 80 san jose and fix the high in san rafael. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you a warming trend over the next couple days. lot of sunshine out there by friday almost summer like. and the change over the weekend perfect for fleet week. amma. >> all right thank you so much drew. >> now to real story of survival. ballet dancer with cf gets ready to hit the stage again in southern california. last time adam young performed was nearly 6 years ago. he had to dance with a long tube attached to oxygen tank even after a double lung transplant in 2013 life hasn't been easy. at one point his doctor said he had 30 days will tovt live. he's had pneumonia 8 times. last tim was in april and he was in a coma. now 5 months later he's feeling healthy enough to get back on stage and
9:49 pm
dance. >> that's fabulous. >> have happy to say a lot of under served children in our community headed off to summer camp thanks to so many generous supporters of my friend of camp concord golf tournament yesterday. we raised about 95,000 dollars and if you miss the tournament we had a great day out at the round hill country club in alamo. like to help us out still can. head to the web site. friends of cam we'll send under serve kid to summer camp in the 19 years i have done this we sent about 9,000 kids. at this time would have been more. >> congratulations to you. >> the all these people. >> how about a little baseball. baseball tipped off the post season tonight in new york with american league wild card game between the astros and yankees. winner take all and houston we don't have a problem. astros advance to the
9:50 pm
and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive.
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a. >> come up at 11:00 o'clock. tree removal project in the north bay goes terribly wrong. late tonight effort happening
9:53 pm
right now to save the homes below. >> and first palo alto and new tonight we learn bed bug have popped up somewhere else in the bay area. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> lots to talk about. >> a little baseball. post season started and you think after 162 regular season games you would have more than one gym to advance to the american league division series. well, advent of 2 wild card teams you have a winner take all one game play off to move on to the alds. astros and yankees here we good. new york only had a couple scoring tuchbilitys all game. man on foral engines in the fears. caught looking. in the zone. no run allowed. lead off batter. see you. 3 96 foot blast to right. only run they need if the game. first pitch of the fourth engine. carlos gomez. and that's gone. another solo
9:54 pm
shot. got it. astros 2 nothing lead. former a luke greg and ground out to the final out. astros 3 nothing win if the bronx the kansas city royals in the division series on thursday. >> forty-niner gm said the time doesn't rebuild. they look like they unravel in part due to the poor choice in draft pickment defense played the best gem of the year. offense is a abysmal starting with ca capper if he can. offensive line not up to standard allowing 14 sack second worst in the nfl. haven't been able to run the ball either. so important the offense is dead last in the league. you have to run the play action pass. off the run game or move the pocket on roll out. then all time low in the confidence. harbaugh thinks he can do no
9:55 pm
wrong and now there are crack in the leadership with players complaining openly on the side line. >> we didn't get i done. always stay and tell you we call the my and it work. everyone is jeep us an happy. we don't execute then we are in trouble. so until we start executing nothing will change. >> they are all busting their tail everybody is. but we need to we have to fix some things. that's where we are at. we are going through that now. >> 49ers head rookie center an sex round draft pick for honor today. middle linebacker and third season at 8 tackle against the 49ers. and week 1. smith and few of the nineer time mates helping to connect off fleet week yesterday as they board the summer set. throwing drill and reenlistment ceremony highlighteded the visit. the men while today it was the raiders hosting members of the blue angel at time
9:56 pm
practice if a settle. del roadway had the pilot join the time and today walk through practice session. bad news yesterday for the shark as torrez sues pepped for 41 games. that's the longest suspension in nhl history. illegal hit to the head of anaheim silverberg is the tonight is the reason. this is the fifth suspension and he willless close to 4 41 grand as a result. his to be on the final roster for the suspension to count where shark could wave him for the 41 games. >> we all know the league policy on those type of hits and just fell for him because the the the the the the at ground level here we see how hard he work to get back. so you fell for him. >> it was tough. one of those feelings that the the the i think everybody in the room felt. kind of felt in your gut an we were definitely disappointed in the ruling. the but washington we have to
9:57 pm
deal with >> world champion warriors connect off the pre-seasonless night at sap pavilion in front of capacity crowd. curry if mid season with the sequence and break. green then finds curry. he buries the 3 ball. love the time. curry foul out in the third quarter. that's a rear occasion. in the knife-87 victory and he got a little rubbing from it about clay thompson afterwards. >> disappointing. probably i i don't knowless time he did so that's what i do. >> they won the world chairma chairmanship and become on the floor. all right. pga tour returns to action next week for the open. but this week the left president cup in south korea where the time takes on the enter this that include player from any country outside
9:58 pm
of europe. time usa won 8 of the 10 cups and favored again this year. mrer of the year lead the way. no. 2 player in the world. phil played in all 11 cups. >> i love it. >> it's fun to spend time with the guys. it's fun to play with this type of pressure and emotion that comes out an be able to pull app have partner. >> we brought to you by toyota and people get it confused with the ryder cup. >> which is against europe. this is against all the other country. >> why take on everybody? >> they play individual sports and they rarely get the do thi this. it's a lot of fun. >> ryder cup next year an all the players talk about unbelievable pressure when you play for yourself. play for your friends and country. >> the play is on the leap.
9:59 pm
>> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here. we appreciate your time as always. >> we continue now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device with our 7 news 8. rest of the evening and make time for news one hour on channel 7 for news one hour on channel 7 if you can
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