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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, investigators in the north bay are on the hunt for this man and woman. they say they are persons of interest in the murder of a well known yoga instructor. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. a sheriff official says 67-year-old steve carter was just walking his dog on a trail near fair fax yesterday when he was gunned down. >> abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in marin county with details. lilian? >> this is the trail and the persons of interest were seen in this area around the time of the shooting. >> security cameras at a fair fax convenience store captured two of the three persons of interest. the first is a man seen at the register wearing a hat and a backpack. the second is a woman with
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dreadlock. they say there are no clear images of him. >> we do have a strong desire to talk to these three individuals to find out what they hey be able to add this regards to our investigation where they saw something, heard something, whatever the case may be. >> according to residents the three people were behaving strangely. >> i saw a small group of people that don't really fit in up here. >> let's sit down and create a sacred space. >> the victim is steve carter and seen here in a 2012 video with his wife. the couple ran a well known business which spcial liesed in -- specialized in the sex workshops. carter was shot several times on the old railroad grade trail where he was hiking with his dobermin pincher. >> i thought of going for a hike and i thought woman alone, shouldn't do that. for an older man and a dog?
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that's kind of weird. >> they believe who shot and killed carter also took off his in his car. california license plate 6ppg662. if you have seen the car or any persons of interest they want you to call them. lilian kim, abc7 news. new details on a murder in golden gate park. san francisco police say the victim is audrey kerry. it is this young woman who went on a solo backpacking trick. someone walking in the park spotted her body on saturday morning near stages at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. it is not clear if she attended the con earth is. audrey died of head injuries. tense moments in the north bay after this large 130-foot tree almost came crashing down on several homes. katie is live tonight in mill valley. katie? >> ama, fortunately everyone
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is back in their homes and the power has been restored. as i am about to show you, one man was no match for this massive tree. firefighters and professional arborists spent five hours securing the 130-foot pine tree with the help of a large tow truck. they pulled it over safely and away from three homes and the power lines that it threatened. you can see how crews tied the tree earlier after the homeowner attempted to cut it down himself . as the tree shifted dangerously close to the power lines and the three nearby homes, the man called for help. neighbors say the young family who bought the property had been working to improve it. however, an effort to save money cost them in the long run. >> it is expensive to have a professional come out, but it can be more expensive if it doesn't come out. >> you are looking at another
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angle of the tree fall. an arborist said it is $2,000 for the work, but now they had to remove the tree if an emergency situation it will cost around $8,000 for the homeowner. firefighters say there are many local ordinances regarding the size of trees that homeowners are allowed to cut themselves. it is unclear at this point if the homeowner is facing any fines. the tree is now laying down in the property and the homeowner will clear it and remove it himself. live in mill valley, abc7 news. new at 11:00, a death on cal train tracks, a train hit and killed a person near the broadway station near burlingame. it lead to train delays up to 40 minutes of the this is the fourth insurance department on cal train tracks over the past two weeks. it involved a train hitting a person or vehicle. no one was hurt in the incidents. the warriors scored a key win, but it is not on the hardwood. a key opponent against the team's proposed arena in san
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francisco's mission bay neighborhood has now changed its mind. abc7 news reporter alan wang wants to know why the sudden change of heart. >> for us today is a really big day. we reached an agreement with ucsf and the city of san francisco. >> the deal with the warriors calls for a $10 million transportation improvement fund paid for by proceeds from the new arena. it would fund traffic control in the mission bay neighborhood during events. >> it is terrible for the rest of the city. it guarantees that there will be gridlock from 101 all the way through san francisco to 280. >> opponents of the proposed arena worry patients and hospital employees won't be able to get to the new ucsf medical center across the street. if that happens the warriors have agreed to hold no more than 12 events a year that coincide with the giants' home games at nearby at&t park. the plan calls for dozens of traffic control officers along with sphecial -- special lanes
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dedicated to the vehicles bound for the hospital. >> the reality is there are 220 planned events at the proposed warrior arena. that means there will be an event every other day that will disrupt traffic. >> it doesn't mark the end of the battle. the project needs to pass environmental review and it needs support from several city commissions including the board of supervisors. in san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. >> today in santa rosa we heard from the family members of the former saw noy ma county inmates who claim they were beaten and tortured while in custody. as vic lee reported exclusively last night, the inmates filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff and the county government. family members shared some of the heartbreaking letters they say were sent from loved ones in custody. >> they hit me until i [bleep] my pants. i tried to tell them to get off and i couldn't be -- couldn't breathe. >> he said we cat tau gore
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clear deny the inflammatory accusations. the attorneys for the plaintiffs say there should be video from inside the jail that shows the truth. >> a toon ager has been found guilty of murdering his little sister. leyla fowler was found stabbed to death. her brother isaiah then 12 years old blamed an intruder. the description of the intruder changed several times. he will be sentenced next month and can remain in custody for eight more years. two young men are accused of stealing a cash box from a baseball tournament over the weekend. they drove off after taking the money. the victim followed them and gave their location to police. officers arrested the pair and recovered nearly $1300. a whale that washed ashore near fremont was injured after it was hit by a ship. they show the scene from september 24th near the coyote hills wildlife refuge.
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but today the marine mammal center released the findings about what killed the whale. the whale was emaciated and had a spine ab nor mall tee making it more susceptible to the collision of a ship. a menlo park library was closed after the staff found bedbugs inside. they removed it immediately. the library will be cleaned and checked by a bedbug-sniffing dog on thur before it can open -- on thursday before it can open again. they shutdown libraries last month after bedbugs were found there. they were all cleaned and now reopened. >> imagine you are thousands of feet in the air and the pilot of your plane passes out. coming up, sfo passengers tell us about what it was like when that happened to them in the middle of their flight. >> plus, doctors reveal a big change in a part of the bay area known as a breast cancer >> and later, this woman just won a $310 million powerball
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jackpot. the first thing she did when she found out about her lotto win. >> and our gradual warming trend is underway, and soon it will feel like summer again. i'll explain in the accu-weather forecast. >> very good. first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc fuse at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. look at what we did in the name of entertainment. >> the royals have made a video cheering you on for your appearance on this show tonight. >> shut up. >> everyone in kc is counting on you to get the best late
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fremont, palo alto, north bay and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. there was another midair medical emergency today involving a commercial airline pilot. during a united flight from houston to san francisco the plane's first officer suddenly lost consciousness and the plane made an emergency landing in albuquerque. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler caught up with some of the passengers on that flight. >> reporter: a midair medical emergency delayed flight 1614 from houston to san francisco.
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sky 7hd captured the landing this afternoon. just before 8 ooment 30 this morning -- 8:30 this morning the boeing 787 with 177 passengers on board was forced to divert to albuquerque, new mexico. >> we saw multiple fire engines and police cars and ambulances. it was quite something. >> lori ferguson said it was then that she and the other passengers were told the copilot suffered a massive seizure. a doctor on board stepped in to help. united says a new crew member was brought in. >> what was going through your mind? >> i thought about what happened yesterday and that was scary, but everyone was being so calm. >> yesterday an american area lines pilot died on a flight from phoenix to boston shocking those on board. yesterday as today there was praise for how the situation was handled. >> no problem. nobody felt fear nobody felt nothing. very professional.
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>> they say medical emergencies are one reason planes have two pilots in the cockpit. >> everything worked according to plan. the other pilot took over and handled the rest of the flight and declared the emergency and got everyone on the ground safely and got medical attention to his partner. >> they say what happened in the skies this week is extremely rare. pilots undergo thorough physicals each year. united has not commented on their pilot's condition. at sfo, carolyn tyler,abc7 news. a major reversal in the case of breast cancer cases. once the highest in the world they have fallen to their lowest level. they find a 31% drop in new cancer cases since 2001. the breast cancer deaths in the county dropped by 65% since 1988. researchers say the drop in cases may be linked to fewer women on hormone replacement
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therapy due to health concerns about them. hundreds of under served young people in our community will get the chance to go to camp at south lake tahoe all expenses paid. i'm happy to report that my annual friends of camp concord golf tournament raised roughly $95,000. we've already sent 8500 kids to camp at lake tahoe over the past 19 years and many more will go because of the money raised yesterday. if you missed the tournament and want to help, head to friends of >> a great cause give kids a good experience. >> a great experience. >> we are having nice weather outside. >> we are indeed. a nice weather for camping or whatever you wish. >> we have tee times in the next seven days. the warm pattern will be perfect for the outdoor event. it is a calm picture. a live look from the rooftop camera. it is along the embarcadero the fairy building has just a gentle breeze and a quiet night. the forecast calls for low clouds returning and you are
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waking up to the fog and low clouds on your wednesday morning. it is a warm pattern for the next seven days and it will be a dry pattern as well. san francisco at 61 and off the high of 74 which is 2 degrees above normal. 62 in hayward and the same in san jose. 63 fairfield. in the north bay santa rosa and the cool spot at 57 degrees. here is our muscle maker of a forecast. it is a high-pressure system that is dwifg us the gradual warming trend over the next couple days and it is giving us the quiet pattern. look at antioch. you look at each and every day and the temperatures inch up ever so slowly. by early next week are 10 degrees above normal in the low and mid-nineties. the high pressure that will bring us the warmth and the sunshine, and it is acting like a blocking mechanism. any wet weather is deflected north. they show you showers staying well north of our region in british columbia and a few showers if portland and off
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seattle. we remain dry. the winds in hurricane oho are strong. it is booking at 22 miles an hour. future weather shows it will weaken into a tropical storm as it goes into cooler waters. much of the rain going well into canada and staying well offshore of the west coast in the coming days. back here at home, overnight we will see a mixture of stars and clouds. most areas are falling to the midand upper 50s. nice sleeping weather. highs for your wednesday and our microclimate starting in the south bay. lots of sunshine in san jose. we will top out at 80 degrees. 81 the high in cupertino and 83 the high for morgan hill. along the paw since -- peninsula, partly cloudy skies and 70 there, 78 palo alto. the same in redwood city. 72 the high in millbrae. afternoon sunshine after the morning clouds, 72, 69 is the high for daly city.
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76 vallejo and 69 stinson beach and san rafael up to 76 degrees. a nice and mild one and lots of sunshine. 75 oakland and 76 hercules and 74 the high in berkeley and inland we are warming up into the 80s. 83 pittsburgh and 84 tomorrow in antioch. 81 in san ramon and livermore up to 84 degrees. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a nice mild fall day and warming continues into thursday as well. we talked about summer like weather and that will arrive on friday. the 90s will make a return inland. saturday and sunday, a lot of events outside including fleet week. a little change mild to warm and monday into tuesday, october sunshine and more in the way of fall warmth. it will be about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. from working the overnight shift to deciding where and how to spend her millions, the very first thing this new powerball winner did when she found out about her mega
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jackpot. >> a reminder when you see news where you live take a photo and share it with us using the # abc7 news now. >> it happens where you live. >> people who lost their homes and businesses have taken the first step to rebuild. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> live from calistoga. >> belmont. >> san francisco. >> 7 on your side is set up to help people. >> the investigation started with a tip. >> talk to me. >> your everything. >> monterey highway shutdown. >> choose the team that works for you. >> reporting from washington. >> choose
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check this out. a colony of fire ants banded
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together when floodwaters hit south carolina. isn't that wild? they used jaws, claws and a sticky oil to become a floating and wrighting raft. it is about survival. tucked inside the queen and the lar vie are safe from the water. they can stay like this for several days, but they eventually need to reach land to build a nest. a michigan woman needs to build homes for her entire team team -- entire family with our powerball winnings. she came forward to collect her $197 million in a lump sum before tacks. she worked overnight at a fiberglass factory for 23 years. she was having a tough night at 1:00 a.m. in a mcdonalds drive-thru she checked her tickets and found out she won. she went back to work and quit. >> good for her. you have to be happy for her. i wonder if she will build houses for a few close friends. >> we know a few. us. >> i'll be her friend. shu is here with spororor
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brought to you by xfinity jie. after 162 regular season games you would think two wild card teams would have more than one game to advance. we had just that in a winner take all one game playoff to move to the alds. the astros and the yankees, here we go. only a couple of scoring opportunities all night. a man on for alex rodriguez. six innings and no runs allowed. houston, and see ya. 3196-foot blast to right and that's the only run houston would feed -- would need. to carlos gomez and out of here. another solo shot.
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he will snag it and it is a good catch. astros are 2-0. they take a 3-0 lead into the night and he gets him to ground out for the final out. astros with a 3-0 win in the bronx. the shark got some bad news yesterday as torres was suspended for 41 games. that's the longest suspension in nhl history. the illegal hit to the head on saturday night is the reason. this is the fifth suspension of his career. he will lose 441 grand as a result. he has to be on the final roster to count. or they can create another roster spot for the 41 games. >> we all know the league's policy on those type of hits. i just feel for him because at ground level we have seen how hard we worked to get back. we feel for him. >> it was tough and you felt
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it in your gut that's what we have to deal with now. >> 49ers and rookie center and a 6th round draft choice and he was the starter in the season and it was against the 9ers in week one. tory smith and a few of his 9er teammates are hoping to kick off fleet week as they boarded the uss somerset. it highlighted the visit, fun for all. it was the raiders hosting members of the blue angels at the team's practice facility. coach del rio had them join the team at the walk through practice session and this weekend is the big weekend for fleet week. indiana up 1-0 against minnesota in this best of three series. a great feed and lincs lead
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it. another steal. she had 19 points. she can do it all. a block here and minnesota evens the series at one with a 77-71 victory. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices o


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