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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 7, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> these arrests could not have been made without the assistance and the cooperation of people in our community here in marrin county. sheriff's deputies say these are the three suspects arrested today in portland, oregon, in connection with a tantric yoga instructor here. they were tracked using gps technology. >> the two men and a woman were arrested without incident in portland. they are accused of killing 67-year-old steve carter, who was shot to death monday on a
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trail in fairfax. >> the search continues for evidence tonight. a sheriff says they found carter's wallet but not the gun used in the crime. sky 7 hd caught sheriff's deputies searching along sir frances drake boulevard. >> one other thing they are missing, a moesive for the murder. >> reporter: this is a photograph from a still video frame of the three suspects taken in a gas station roughly 30 minutes after the murder of 67-year-old steve carter early monday night. when morin county sheriff's deputies saw this, they knew they were on to something. >> these are the same three subjects identified early on in our investigation by a number of people who came forward almost immediately who reported persons of suspicion, people who were acting strangely, seemed out of place. >> let's sit down and create a sacred space. >> reporter: carter and his wife were world-renowned for his teachings of tantric massage and yoga for lovers. they were staying in fairfax
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while she received treatment for breast cancer. no one knows how he ran into trouble on the trail monday night. only that deputies found him dead and the car gone. deputies were able to track it through surveillance cameras and a gps system and help from witnesses. the suspects were inside that volkswagen jetta when arrested near a portland dining hall at roughly 2:15 this afternoon. >> today's technology is different. so many people are in possession of cameras in their cars, at their home, at their businesses. and in this particular instance, those types of systems became crucial to basically the pursuit and apprehension of the suspects. >> in normally easy-going fairfax, word of the arrest provides relief. the last homicide there took place before the turn of the century. at least tonight, residents know their nearby hiking trail in the loma alta open space is safe once again. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. friends gathered tonight near the spot where carter was
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shot. they held a memorial for a man that many admired. a family spokesman talked with abc 7 news today about the violent loss of their loved one and the arrests in the case. here's vic lee. >> reporter: the arrests of the suspects were a relief on to the family. however? -- >> it doesn't change the fact that someone great is gone. >> i think steve would want to make sure that they do indeed get the help they need. >> reporter: paul and mary alice were close friends with steve carter and his wife lokita. they met at the ecstatic living institute, which steve, a well-known tantra and meditation teacher founded. >> they helped a lot of people over time with just making their relationships richer, fuller, and better. >> the carters moved to costa rica after he retired, but they moved back so lokita could be treated here after being
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diagnosed with cancer. the carters were staying at the their friend's home. >> he decided to go into fairfax to pick up the parts, take his dog for a walk. >> reporter: every afternoon he took the dog for a walk. >> he'd never been on the trail on white hill. since it was close, he decided that was the place to go for a walk that particular afternoon. >> reporter: so carter came here to this trail with coco. >> around 2:00 in the morning, she woke up. steve was not here. she was worried abouworried. >> reporter: carter was found holding the dog's leash. the dog was also shot in the chest and jaw, but he is
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expected to survive. a wanted felon is still on the loose tonight. police have called off a large-scale search for 30-year-old david nikoonoy. he was being escorted to jail by the bondsman, but somehow got away and ran, prompting administrators at a school to lock down the campus. he was wanted by police on two felony warrants totalling $400,000. artists of all ages are hard at work trying to finish what an oakland artist started. antonio ramos was gunned down working on a mural. he was part of a team working to create beauty and peace in west oakland. today, children joined in that effort. >> reporter: these kids don't know much about what happened here, only why they want to be here. >> my family is here. i love them. it's my favorite place. >> reporter: and you want it to be safe? >> yes.
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>> reporter: with professional artists at their side, children from the neighborhood joined in the effort to finish the west oakland mural about peace. it was the scene of such tragedy last week. why do you think you need the message of peace? >> to stop the violence. the observation of students and the parent, it's very important. they are going to be proud of what they're doing. this is going to stay until they grow older. >> reporter: 27-year-old antonio ramos was shot and killed while painting near this very spot. ramos had exchanged just a few words with a passer-by who then shot him. after a few days off, the work of finishing what ramos started resumed this week. she brought her young children to help out. >> i believe that showing them it's okay, come down here, you can still -- no worries, you can still come and help out your community. >> reporter: oakland police released this photo of a person of interest wanted in connection with ramos' murder.
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in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a man who ran from a chp traffic stop surrendered tonight. he was dangling from a second story window in san francisco. officers say he was in a car that had been reported stolen. he jumped a fence and into this building where he dangled from that window. look at him. san francisco police say the man's cat helped to bring the standoff to an end. police tweeted this picture showing the tabby in an officer's hand. on the peninsula, it seems that bed bugs have found a home in yet another library. the manilow park library is closed. it's the third library in two weeks to report a problem in that area. >> yeah. this is your toy, huh? yeah. good girl. >> reporter: molly the bed bug hunter is very busy. she can smell more than 50 bed bug and egg odors and gets to
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chew on her favorite ball when she hits pay dirt. >> she is around 98%. >> reporter: there's a bed bug explosion in the bay area. he and the 3-year-old jack russell fox terrier mix aren't just visiting homes. >> a lot of places. restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters. hospital waiting rooms. >> reporter: public places like the menlo park library, the third to report an infestation in three weeks. they found bed bugs in the seating area. removed the chair and are treating it today. >> i never sit down in the library. >> i didn't know it was here, and i didn't know it was now. >> reporter: here's what you can do. adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. they like to hide along the seam of a book. >> just put it in a plastic bag and wrap it up and bring it to us. >> reporter: in palo alto, they rechecked the mitchell branch today. it's all clear.
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but there may be many more long days ahead for dogs like molly. abc 7 news. san francisco can't paint quickly enough. coming up, the walls that spray back. how effective are they when nature calls and there's not a rest room in sight. also the governor's big push on climate change. why it may not be the landmark legislation that he wanted. >> and we have the weather. >> the temperatures increased today. i'll let you know if the warmth will carry over to the weekend. and fleet week is in session. firefi
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governor brown today signed a bill to prohibit sidewalk tolls at the golden gate bridge and other state-owned bridges. that is in response to a recurring proposal to establish a sidewalk toll for pedestrians and cyclists on the golden gate. governor brown says, quote, finally a bad idea is off the table. he says this legislation encourages an active lifestyle and is more proof the state is a world leader in fighting climate change. just two days after governor brown signed an assisted suicide law, critics are moving forward with their efforts to repeal the controversial law. >> then you're not looking at all the people could be harmed.
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maybe low income. someone may have poor health insurance. who may live in counties without palliative care. >> opponents fear the law could be abused. they have 90 days to gather more than 365,000 signatures in order for their planned referendum to appear on the 2016 ballot. the new law allows california physicians to be prescribe lethal doses of drugs to patients who have less than six months to live. governor brown is trying to keep california a world leader in climate change. the bill sets a goal for california to meet by 2030. and that goal is to get half of our electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind. governor brown also is challenging some of his republican opponents who have opposed tougher environmental laws. >> we hope you will come back to the good old days of reagan and
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nixon where people cared about clean air and clean water. >> part of the original proposal did not become part of the new law. lobbying from the oil industry killed the part that wanted to cut fossil fuel oil by half. a grievance has been filed after management began deducting leave time or pay for bathroom breaks longer than seven minutes. documents show that since december, managers at the power in road call center have expressed concern about employees spending too much time away from their desks. they say are in a process of preparing a response. one of san francisco's efforts to stop people from relieving themselves in public is making a splash. literally, a splash. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler explains. >> reporter: this is a special paint job. the spray on this building in the tenderloin is a urine
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repellent. and look at the sign saying, hold it, this wall is not a public rest room. >> i'm not sure that the people that are peeing on the walls can actually read that small print. >> reporter: those who go ahead and relieve themselves get a nasty surprise. if the urine hits at the right angle, it splashes back. >> oh. >> reporter: the department of public works says since july, nine walls have been coated. another eight are now being added. with 11 more on the list. homeowners can also request the service. officials say this alley in the mission is the one trouble spot that remains problematic. a resident says the stockton street tunnel also doesn't pass the sniff test. >> i can't say that it does smell better, no. >> reporter: but according to public works, 95% of the so-called pee walls are doing the trick. and at about $200 a pop, are much less expensive than how the city usually responds. >> we have to send a steamer out.
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that's, you know, quite a huge cost that's been saved. in addition, we are also saving water. >> reporter: the city is also increasing the number of public toilets. and the portable pit stop program so people who have to go will have an available place more appropriate than the side of a building. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. well, beginning tomorrow, fleet week fans will get a chance to tour some of the military ships in town for the annual celebration. we were over pier 80 where two of the vessels, the uss summerset and cape st. george were docked today. ship tours run from 10:00 to 2:00 and are free of charge. fleet week of course is known for ships, planes, and sharply dressed service members. but today the sailors and marines rolled up their sleeves next to the san francisco fire department.
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jonathan bloom explains how the training today could keep us safe when disaster strikes. >> reporter: these marines are already heroes. now they are learning to be superheroes. >> we pick up large heavy objects by hand and move them out of the way. >> nice! >> reporter: strength beyond mere mortals could be a big help when the big one hits. >> you may not have cranes, tools, or power tools. >> reporter: using wedges and levers, they could lift thousands of pounds to rescue people. who is teaching them this? the san francisco fire department. they cut holes in concrete. and practice shoring up a collapsing building. to go inside and look for survivors side-by-side with firefighters. >> we're not just a war-fighting organization but also peacetime and support organization. >> it's not just about service members learning from firefighters. the fire department has learned quite a bit from the military. and they have a big new piece of
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it on display. >> what we have here is one of two ambulance buses. >> reporter: donated by the mta, they have been outfitted with stretchers and military gear. >> includiing tourniquets. >> the idea of treating victims on a bus came from the military. >> most of what we have learned today from the ems community has had some root in the military. >> reporter: there was one fire. a barbecue lunch where two veterans shared how they became firefighters after their service. >> in the marine corps and the fire service is all about teamwork. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> great really useful exercise. >> definitely. another nice day outside. >> yes. >> not too hot, not too cold today. just a bit warmer. and we'll keep the temperatures about the same heading towards tomorrow. let's check out the forecast for fleet week. it looks fabulous for the next couple of days.
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sun d high clouds on thursday. 72 degrees. fine fall weather on friday. very little change. towards saturday, the mild weather will continue. we'll see some patches of fog in the morning hours and high clouds for the afternoon both thursday and saturday. if you are going to check out fleet week festivities, make sure you have your sunscreen. live doppler hd showing you the high clouds passing through the bay area. i'll show you where they're coming from in just a moment. san francisco is not showing any fog. it is 60 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 63. san jose, 65. here is where we are seeing some low cloudiness from the sfo camera. temperatures in the low 60s from santa rosa to napa. 69 in concord. 73 in livermore. and a lovely brew from emeryville looking towards the eastern span of the bay bridge. partly cloudy overnight tonight. mild to warm the next few days. higher humidity this upcoming weekend as more of the high cloudiness comes our way. here is a look at what's going on. high pressure nudged in enough
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to provide us with the autumn warmth today. the circulation around that ridge is allowing some of the cloudiness to spill in over the bay area. they are just high clouds that are passing through. they will be with us as we head into your thursday afternoon filtering the sun. now we take a closer look at hurricane oho, moving away from hawaii. and it is a category 1, so it has weakened. winds sustained currently at 85 miles per hour. it's moving quickly to the north-northeast at 41 miles an hour. and look at the forecast track. it is expected to remain a category 1 hurricane until thursday when it weakens. and then it continues to work its way northeastward towards the gulf of alaska, british columbia where they are going to get battered by strong winds and some heavy rain. some of the moisture will get pulled into the pacific northwest as well. just to give you an indication of how warm the waters here due to el nino and the warm blob allowing this system to maintain its tropical characteristics for quite a distance. not too often that you see a
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system going that far north and holding onto its tropical characteristics. this is definitely a rarity. not a rarity to see the high clouds. temperatures in the 50s. you can definitely feel the autumn coolness in the air. but tomorrow afternoon, warm. 89 in the south bay. low 80s in san jose. sunshine and high clouds on the peninsula. 77 in san mateo. 68 in half moon bay. really a nice mild day. daily city 68. downtown san francisco 72. mid 80s around santa rosa. 82 in napa. 77 in oakland. 79 newark. inland spots, you'll be warm. 89, livermore. temperatures coming up a few degrees on friday only to fall on saturday. we'll see minor fluctuations in the numbers with 90s inland through monday next week. low to mid 70s along the
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coastline. we'll keep an eye on that wednesday time period. could be changing it up with more clouds and maybe some drops. right now we're not putting it in. >> thank you. still to come here tonight, a homeowner sets a dubious record. >> how do you use 1,30 sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. this is hard to believe. right in the middle of the drought, records show someone in los angeles is using a record amount of water. according to an investigative site, one household in the bel air neighborhood consumed 11.8 million gallons of water in one year, and it cost them $90,000. the website also said that while los angeles had the highest number of water wasters, the east bay is right up there. 100 households in each area used more than 1 million gallons of
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water. we've been asking the abc 7 news community to tell us about water wasters where they live. and today we found a case on the peninsula. sprinklers were flowing earlier today, but they were watering rocks and the pavement of the parking lot. we reached out to the city and the property owner for comment and haven't received a response yet. if you think you see water being wasted where you live, email us at abc7liste abc7listen >> i think we can all agree that watering the pavement is a waste. another half-hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up, hillary clinton breaks from president obama on a major issue. and late details on a cyber attack on her private server. a terrifying discovery tonight halfway across the world. how terrorists are trying to get their hands on dangerous radioactive material. and police pursuit with
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breaking news just in to the abc 7 newsroom. minutes ago, the sheriff's department identified the three people arrested for the murder of a well-known bay area yoga instructor, steve carter. >> sean michael engel, charles hayes lampley, and carla school allgood. all three were arrested this afternoon in portland, oregon. >> they are described as drifters. abc news has been reporting that carter was killed monday night. he was living in costa rica and recently moved back to the bay area with his wife so she could receive cancer treatment. we are working on more details on the story and we'll bring you the latest information on abc 7 news at 11:00. now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton tonight breaking with president obama on a controversial issue.
9:31 pm
this is now the fourth time in just weeks she's drawn a line with the white house as she battles to hold onto her lead. cecilia vega is in iowa. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton opposing one of president obama's top priorities, a political flip flop on his 12-nation trade pack, the trans-pacific partnership, which she once backed as secretary of state. >> we had to have a trade agreement that would create good american jobs, raise wages, and advance our national security. what i know about it as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> reporter: it's clinton's fourth major split from her former boss in less than a month. from her opposition to the keystone pipeline to calling for a flow-fly zone in syria and saying that the deportation strategy no longer works. separating from the white house, and tonight the joe biden threat is looming. he may not actually be running
9:32 pm
for president, but tonight joe biden starring in that new campaign ad. >> things can change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: in black and white, talking about that 1972 car crash that killed his first wife and their daughter, nearly killing his sons too, shaping his future. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. >> reporter: paid for by a group of sters hoping to convince the vice president to enter the race. the ad hits the airwaves ahead of tuesday's first democratic debate. biden's deliberation in the wake of his son beau's death in may long and public. >> i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> reporter: but a new poll shows many voters eager for a biden bid. in these key background states, ohio, pennsylvania and florida, clinton now winning more than 50% of the primary vote, far ahead of senator bernie sanders. but watch that lead shrink if
9:33 pm
biden jumps in. but will it last? >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: clinton suggesting that thinking about running is a lot easier than doing the real thing. >> once you're in the political fray, then, you know, everybody begins to ask you questions and you are being pushed and pulled in many different directions. >> reporter: we are hearing that biden's decision could stretch well into october. of course, that would be past next week's debate. the first filing deadline to appear on a ballot would be in alabama. it comes soon on november 6. if biden is going to decide to run, he needs to do it soon in order to raise that cash to seriously compete. abc news, cedar rapids, iowa. late tonight, the associated press reported that it obtained documents that show hillary clinton's private email server was subjected to attempted cyber attacks from china, south korea, and german after she left office in 2013. republican senator ron johnson says the attempts were apparently blocked by a threat monitoring product. dramatic video released
9:34 pm
today exposes a black market. smugglers are selling radioactive materials to terrorist groups in the middle east. investigators in the tiny eastern european country of maldova say their most recent arrest was in february and involved a criminal gang with ties to russia. the associated press reports that they are targeting hospitals to get their potentially deadly goods. uranium and cesium. and that could be used to make a dirty bomb. >> in a dirty bomb explosion, there would be few if any immediate casualties. but it would lace the area with radioactive particles. it could shut down an urban area. the capital of the united states, for years. >> police say the accused smugglers were looking for buyers from extremist groups that would target the u.s. president obama is apologizing to doctors without borders for the u.s. air attack that hit a hospital in afghanistan. the president spoke to the group's international president this morning on the phone about the bombing that killed 22 people.
9:35 pm
white house spokesman josh ernest said the president offered his condolences and promised that an investigation is underway. >> the president assured dr. lu that the department of defense investigation currently underway would provide a transparent, thorough, and objective accounting of the facts, and circumstances of the incident. >> the white house says president obama also spoke with the afghan president and pledged to keep working closely with his government. more than half a million dollars in cash was found buried in the yard of a southern california home. the home was once occupied by an armored car driver convicted of stealing $1 million from a downtown los angeles bank in 2014. court documents say some of the money was dropped in a trash can. video from the scene shows federal agents carrying a plastic tub and a paper bag from that house. it's not clear what led the fbi to this tub of cash. another $300,000, though, is still missing. a man driving a stolen car led australian police on a wild
9:36 pm
chase. it lasted for nearly two hours before the driver decided to off road it. first through some sand dunes and then into the ocean. as the four-wheel vehicle began sinking, the suspect got out, climbed on the roof. as the waves crashed over the vehicle, several officers swam out to rescue the suspect. a police spokesman says the 46-year-old man is expected to face a number of driving violations. >> not sure what the plan was there. >> i don't know either. coming up next, the oldest woman in the world reveals the secret to her long life. but doctors say not so fast. and abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today we recognize sandra jordan, a local designer who also helps to improve living conditions in peru where she was raised. she also helps to develop housing in areas of the andes community and serves a nonprofit organization which sends medical supplies to people
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tom hanks' tweet worked. the woman named lauren who lost her student i.d. has been found. he tweeted the photo of the card yesterday after finding it in central park. a local tv senior found her. she appeared on "good morning america" this morning to explain how she found out. >> how are you not on twitter? >> i'm not on twitter. >> how did you find out? >> my professor actually is on twitter. i'm sitting in the library getting homework done yesterday and i get an email with a link to twitter, you're famous. >> she says she has yet to hear from hanks' office but hopes to soon because she has to pay $20
9:41 pm
for a new i.d. our overt dependence on digital devices could weaken our memory. a new study suggests many of us suffer from digital amnesia, which means we rely on the internet for answers but easily forget the information. the survey studied more than 6,000 people ages 16 and older. more than 1/3 say they automatically google the answer without trying to figure it out themselves. the study was conducted by digital security firm kaspersky lab. the oldest person in the world revealed her secret to a long life, bacon. and it set the internet on fire. she says she eats a serving of bacon every day. she turned 116 on july 6, and confessed her bacon habit this week. the story instantly went viral with many saying they might try the same thing. but doctors at boston medical center say she can probably thank her genes for her long life. they claim people who have a good diet, exercise regularly,
9:42 pm
don't smoke or drink and keep their stress levels low might be able to make it to their 90s. >> bacon is pretty good, though. >> it is. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, sandhya patel is back to update the forecast. and rivers are rising on the east coast. the urgent effort to keep the dams from breaking. did you know that good nutrition
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a tense night for thousands of families in south carolina. several dams are near their breaking point after historic rains. abc news has more. >> reporter: tonight, south carolina is on the offensive. 62 daps threatening to burst. >> we're holding our breath and saying a prayer. >> reporter: officials rush to evacuate 1,000 people living
9:46 pm
below the beaver dam just before dawn. >> they have gone nonstop to help prevent a major catastrophe over here. >> reporter: that 52-year-old dam is holding more than 91 million gallons of water away from communities downstream. downtown columbia, chinook helicopters dropping one-ton sand bags in the columbia canal all to shore up this massive breach in a dike near the city's water filtration system. >> we're working around the clock to remedy this. >> reporter: at least 13 dams have failed, including this one in lexington. residents now left to clean up their water-logged homes. >> we're just going through and hoping and praying that god watches over us. >> reporter: at least 19 have lost their lives in the carolinas since the rains began. overnight, two people were killed, their truck swept away. it had reportedly driven around the road block. another problem, the water is bringing caskets to the surface. >> why are you going in to get them? >> reporter: and in the middle of this unfolding disaster, with
9:47 pm
a local station broadcasting live, a pastor retrieved one family's casket. >> if that was my mom or my dad, i'd walk through hell and high water. >> reporter: and this is a delicate situation. those helicopter crews that were here on hold for now until those power lines can be cleared out of the way. abc news, columbia, south carolina. >> just incredible what's happening there. and yet we desperately need rain here, yet too much there. >> and nothing in the atmosphere right now. meteorologist sandhya patel is checking the latest. >> as you look at the live doppler 7 hd, we are not seeing any moisture right now. just watching the clouds that have been passing through. now across the carolinas, they are going to get a break tomorrow. but there is a possibility of some heavy rain coming again on friday. tomorrow afternoon, new york, 69 degrees. chicago, 78. some showers in miami. 86 degrees. flooding rain with severe weather is expected in new mexico and texas where they will see thunderstorms and heavy rain. 70 degrees in seattle. and as we take a look at the
9:48 pm
statewide numbers, 78 in tahoe. los angeles, 87 degrees. you really have to head to the deserts to get the heat. 66 in eureka. bay area high temperatures really quite pleasant. inland in the upper 80s. some sun and high clouds. coastal spots upper 60s. 72 in san francisco. 77 in oakland. 85 in santa rose a. 83 in san jose. 77 in oakland. the week ahead for san jose, you look at the temperature trend, 77 is the average. you'll be a little bit above average, falling a little bit on saturday. and then recovering as we head towards next week. so really we're looking at some minor ups and downs in the seven-day forecast. the weekend is dry. low 70s to mid to upper 80s for your upcoming weekend plans. and then we go up again in those temperatures, 70s to 90s next week. >> wow. all right, thank you, sandhya. city leaders joined students across san francisco in taking part in a global event to
9:49 pm
premo promote walking to school. officials stood above the crowd as their group left helen wills playground in russian hills. it was part of international walk and roll to school day. >> many parents wake up each day and worry that sending their kids to school by walking is going to put them at risk of getting into an accident or getting hurt by a car. >> about 29% of kids walk to school in san francisco. we know we can all do better. >> reporter: some students and parents learned to use radar guns as officers looked for people speeding as they drove into the broadway tunnel. >> slow down. >> yeah, really. and baseball is kind of interesting right now. >> it is. wide open here in the postseason. the chicago cubs have not won a world series since 1908. well, tonight in pittsburgh, we had the thrill of victory. and the agony of defeat.
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coming up tonighta 11:00, the latest issue of "people" is filled with more than celebrity
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scoops. the political turn this popular magazine is taking tonight. and getting a better night's sleep. the silicon valley start-up now working to make sure you can get some shut-eye. >> wouldn't that be nice? those and more coming up over on channel 7. sports and more brought to you by toyota. >> no sleeping during sports. the chicago cubs have not been to the world series since 1945. they have not won the series since 1908, 106 years. they took a step closer tonight to returning to the fall classic with a win over the pirates in the national league wild card game. a barkman look-alike in pittsburgh ready to help if need be. but the cubs didn't hit foul balls. they hit home runs. rookie kyle schwarber with the man on third, headed for the allegheny river. 3-0 chicago lead. it was a 4-0 game in the sixth. bases loaded for starting ma they yes. jake arrieta is out of trouble.
9:54 pm
at the plate, he is plunked. retaliation for beaning two pirates in the sixth. the benches clear, and sean rodriguez throws a punch in the melee. then the guy goes back to the dugout and has a punchout with the water cooler. the line drive will end it. arrieta goes the distance, four-hit shutout. 11 strikeouts, no walks. cubs will play st. louis in the national league divisional series. wow. your san jose sharks kick started their regular season tonight facing their southern california rivals the l.a. kings. and it didn't take long for the men of steel to give up the first goal of the season. that gets right past martin jones. great shot. but the sharks are right back at it. joe thorp, three-on-one. he shoots and scores. nice to see him putting one on goal early. that started a scoring binge. brent burns fires.
9:55 pm
little joe this time, pavelski, tips it in. 2-1 sharks. san jose with two more sharks. burns with the goal beating quick. 3-1 sharks. then on the power play, showing some patience. just inside the blue line. the redirect. and sharks lead 4-1 in the third. we'll have the complete highlights for you at 11:00 over on abc 7. and the 49ers taking a hard look at themselves in the mirror lately with the 1-3 record. jim tomsula said today he has confidence in his quarterback and has not entertained sitting him for a game. colin kaepernick claims he'll work himself out of this. now he has been exposed as a quarterback with only one real pitch, the fastball, and the inability to be an effective pocket passers. it's tough to run and make him
9:56 pm
beat you in the pocket. kap said today he doesn't want to take a game off or a mental health day. >> mental health for me is doing everything i can to help this team win. sitting around not doing anything isn't something i've been too big on since i was young. i don't play for job security. whether football is here or not, i will be fine. i go out, and i play to win. i'm not worried about job security. >> well, the raiders hostn his undefeated broncos. manning gets all the attention, but their defense is ranked number one in the nfl. demarcus ware and von miller will be coming off the edges. you have to be patient with a defense like this, taking your shots when they are there. manning is not the player he once was, but still very effective. >> they are playing hard. they are physical, up front.
9:57 pm
they are getting to the ball. doing a good job down in the red zone. good job creating turnovers. and, you know, you just need the best team to show up. this weekend in college football, 23rd ranked cal bears hosted by the utah unites. the utes are solid throughout. this game featured on espn college game day. sonny dikes is trying to minimize the distractions this week. >> if you become the kind of program you want to become, you're going to play in games like this. and that's the goal. you know, the goal is to get yourself to where you're playing in what people perceive to be big games. again, they're all big. but that's what you do. you work hard to get yourself in position to play in these ballgames. and then you hope you're good enough to figure out a way to win them. >> while we're in berkeley, a
9:58 pm
first look at the cal men's basketball team. one of the top recruiting classes in the nation with ivan rab and jalen brown, who many viewed as the second best high school player in the nation last year. preseason rankings haven't come out yet, but most view the bears as a top 20 team. >> i think it's nice. like i said, i don't think we can really pay too much attention to it. the season hasn't even started yet. like i said, we can start the season and not do well. and then we're not on the national map. so it doesn't really have that big of an effect >> it will be fun to watch that team this year. great time of year in sports. football, baseball, hockey, everything. what's not to like? >> and cal looks great. >> and a lot of people are pulling for the cubs. >> how many years? >> 106 years since they have won the series. >> a bit of a drought. >> just a little bit. >> a friends texted me tonight earlier.
9:59 pm
cubs win, cubs win! chicago native. he is extremely happy. thank you for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. >> abc 7 news continues on line, on twitter and facebook, with our abc news app. >> see you in an hour.
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