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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 9, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 11:00, abc 7 news was there as president obama walked off air force one through the bay area. this one has hollywood star power. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz. let's talk to cornell barnard live in san francisco. >> reporter: ama and dan, the road blocks and barricades are up. the president definitely on knob hill tonight. big police presence here this evening. the president's motorcade arrived here just moments ago, slipping into the hotel garage.
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now, the president arrived sfo about 8:30 p.m. ahead of schedule. he made a quick jog down the stairs of air force one and was greeted by governor jerry brown and san francisco mayor ed lee who accompanied the president to a democratic fundraiser in san francisco. many people got as close to the president on knob hill as they could just to catch a glimpse. >> just kind of found out the president would be here. so we're spending the evening hoping to get a glimpse of him. >> i would love to see him, he actually went by my work. >> reporter: lot of people could not get home tonight because of the barricades but they suffered it out. tomorrow, the president will be at the war field theater in san francisco for an appearance with rap artist kanye west at a
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fundraiser, tickets start all way up to $10,000, that will get you a picture with the president. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. and let's continue our live team coverage south of market neighborhood. sergio? >> reporter: ama, there was a private event here, hosted by a pair of tech industry insiders. this was a closed event with only 20 deep pocketed contenders and comes as the president continues to talk about gun control. the president's motorcade arrived at this exclusive fundraiser in the south of market district. there were co-founders there, 20 people paid nearly $34,000 each to be there. this wraps up a west coast trip that started in oregon. marine one touched down in roseburg this afternoon. president obama was there to meet privately with the families
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of the nine killed last week at a mass shooting at umpqua college. >> obviously, moments like these, words will not show the effect. >> reporter: plenty were there regarding gun control, accusing the president of politicalizing this tragedy. but he did not shy away from calling for changes. >> there we be difficult moments as we go forward. we're going to have to come together and figure out how to stop things like this from happening. >> reporter: after his visit to roseburg he continued to seattle for a fundraiser before flying into san francisco tonight. and following tomorrow's fundraiser here in san francisco the president will then fly onto los angeles for a series of fundraisers there. reporting live in selma, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. all right, thank you, stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of president obama's
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visit to the bay area. we'll have live team coverage tomorrow on saturday's news begins at├▒i 5:00 a.m. follow usn twitter. and a vehicle struck and killed an elderly woman in fremont tonight. she was walking near fremont boulevard about 7:15 when she was hit. witnesses at the scene say it was a bus, but police would not confirm that. the driver is working with police to help figure out exactly what happened. pittsburg police are searching for a gunman who drove away with two children in the car. a bullet hit the officer in the neck. police say the driver is expected to survive, the children were not hurt. a firefighter fell about 13 feet when a deck collapsed during a fire at a residential building in east oakland this afternoon. sky 7 hd was over east 21st street, it took about an hour to
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put out the blaze. the firefighter was treated and released from the hospital. four people were displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. two murders, a stolen car and a stolen gun. >> we're getting a better look at the crime spree that three drifters were accused of carrying out. the three remain in a portland, oregon jail as abc 7 news first told you last night they're now accused of murdering 23-year-old audrey carey. here is how the crime spree s n spanning two states played out. san francisco police say the trail of drifters stole a gun at fishermen's wharf, the gun was reported missing october 1st. later, the body of audrey carey was found at golden gate park.
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later, steve carter's body was found in marin county. police tracked carter's stolen car to portland, oregon, and that is where they arrested alligood, lampley. officers have had a difficult time finding more out about the drifters, they don't believe it is an accident. >> yes, they say the relationship between the trio, how they're connected, is information they don't want to release yet. >> these three individuals, i believe, have chosen to stay off the radar. >> the identity of the trio was revealed by tipsters who contacted law enforcement with video. leading investigators to connect them to the murders of yoga teacher steve carter and canadian backpacker, audrey carey, the sheriff's office says none of the suspects have a driver's license or state id card. >> because of that we're having to take a lot of extra steps to
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confirm who these people have been. and beyond that, their activities in their life leading up to this point. >> reporter: according to her facebook page, 18-year-old lila alligood went to school in hawaii and was born in santa barbara county, and attended schools in hawaii and most recently in san diego. by phone, a neighbor told police lila had trouble at a young age, including with drugs. her mother is said to be heartbroken. and lampley previously had stolen vehicle and stolen dog charges. even less is known about the 24-year-old suspect, sean michael alligood. investigators are investigating the crimes beyond the two murders. >> of course our imagination doesn't stop there. again we need to recreate the events from the time these three
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have known each other up until the time they have known each other. now, stay with abc 7 news and for continuing coverage in the murders of steve carter and audrey carey. get updates as they happen with our abc 7 news app. and we have new details tonight about the man accused of kidnapping and killing the man. police arrested farmer in a home depot parking lot thursday morning. they found a dead cat in his car, investigators believe there could be more dead cats. and a man who helped stop a gunman in europe is quickly recovering in sacramento. he and two men got into a fight outside a bar in sacramento. stone was stabbed two times, today his condition is upgraded from serious to fair.
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they say he is out of bed, moving around and in good spirits. well, coming up here the work week is ending with the fear of pink slips at a social media giant ahead also. the blue angels return to the skies in san francisco. the other fun event you will also find this weekend. and later, a backpacking trip goes terribly wrong and is all caught on camera. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel, we'll let you know how the fog plays into the activities this week. first. here is what is coming up on abc 7 jimmy kimmel. >> thanks, here is a sample. >> is there anything you like about each other? about each other? can you say something
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this is abc 7 news. festivities continue today with another amazing performance from these guys, the blue angels, but with all the aerial events, more comes with it. >> reporter: hi, ama, we're down on the pier where the u.s. awesoso many -- ├▒isomerset just hosted e events at the embarcadero, but you will have to brave the crowds to get here. fleet week got under way with
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the blue angels flying wing tip to wing tip over san francisco bay. earlier the parade of ships sailed into the golden gate bridge and pulled into the embarcadero to prepare for a week of free tours. >> actually, this was a celebration of what we achieved over the many years. >> they're so open and friendly they want to come up and talk to you and take photos, it's great. >> fleet week is expected to attract more than a million people this week, combine it with the visit from president obama and you have a recipe for grid lock. safety is also a huge concern. drones will be strictly prohibited from flying within a five-mile radius of the air show. >> it's extremely dangerous, the drones are small, they can get caught in an engine. >> reporter: and while you're taking that hash tag selfie with a sailor and posting it to twitter, remember, there are those who will commit crimes of opportunity.
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that is why police are asking everybody to look for anything suspicious. >> if they see something, say something. >> it goes into my ears and then it makes me think. >> reporter: police are hoping for a fun and safe weekend. so strike up the band and get ready for fleet week 2015. in san francisco, alan wong, abc 7 news. good stuff, now so many of you in our abc 7 now community are sharing your fleet week photo with us from selfies with sailors to ships and the blue angels. we would love it if you shared your photos and videos with us, just use the hash tag abc 7 now. and you can watch a live stream of the events every afternoon on abc 7 this weekend. you have will also find more on fleet week. twitter is planning company-wide layoffs starting on monday according to the technology news outlet recode. the layoffs came after jack
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dorsey was named ceo, and the move comes after a similar event two years ago. twitter will not comment on what they call rumors. new at 11:00, the white house has gone pink to celebrate breast cancer awareness month. the white house tweeted one in eight american women develop breast cancer. we lit the white house pink in their honor. breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the u.s., when breast cancer is caught early and treated survival rates can be near 100%. all right, let's move on and talk about the weekend forecast which is critical. there is so much going on all over the bay area. and meteorologist sandy patel is here. some good looking weather, the only thing is, it's changing a little bit from what you saw today. here is doppler 7 hd, changing
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from the fog, you saw it in the gold goen gate area. most temperatures in the 50s, 57 in novato, fog is definitely playing a factor. humidity running higher from our camera, the view in san francisco, cooler conditions tomorrow with higher humidity. warming trend sunday, hot inland early next week. here is a look at the satellite and radar, watching the area of low pressure moving back over the pacific ocean from the baja california area, and left over from ojo, they will see winds. high pressure holding firm, we'll get some of the cloudiness to the north, cloudy and cooler for your saturday. that low pressure system that i was telling you about could possibly bring changes the middle of next week. but ojo did generate some
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sidewa swalls, if you head to the coast you will notice the fog out there even into the afternoon. cooler weather, inland areas 80s, you with it feel better for those who do not like it warm. on sunday, we'll see the upper 80s to low 90s inland and then monday heating up, temperatures low-to-mid 90s, inland 70s at our beaches, so definitely beach weather coming your way. fleet week festivities, it could not be better weather. tomorrow morning fog, upper 50s and cloud cover. i don't think the blue angels will have any problems flying so good looking weather as we head towards sunday. nothing but blue skies, a great air show, obviously the parade of ships, warmer monday, first thing tomorrow morning the falling will be around near the bay and along the coastline to your early plans, if the kids have games temperatures, 50s, 60s, may need to bundle them up
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a little bit. 86 in morgan hill, 86 in gilroy, 79 in sunnyvale, 74 san mateo, 60 on the coast in half moon bay, daily city, hanging onto a little bit of fog, north bay, bright sky, napa, santa rosa, east bay communities in the mid-70s from san leandro, to oakland and hayward. sunshine as high clouds come in and add a little more humidity to the air. in concord, 86 livermore, 84 degrees in antioch. and if you're going to the raiders game it will be nice, sunny, low to upper 70s with a nice breeze, you definitely need a baseball hat or a football, i don't know, whatever you want to call it if you're tailgating, sunscreen, the seven-day forecast for the football. warmup sunday, temperatures in
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the 70s to 90s monday tuesday. now, i know we're ceiliseeing t cooldown thursday and friday, dan and ama, wednesday night, one computer model seeing rain, the other not sooo
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watch this now, four french hikers got much more excitement than they bargained for. the hiking party was sent falling 28 feet into the water below when a cable gave way. nobody was seriously hurt. the fall was blamed on a manufacturing error. the cable was supposed to be safe for ten people but it's not. at least they were only 20 feet
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up above the water. a fun time of year for bay area sports or sports in baseball. >> ton of baseball,
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good evening, no bay area teams to root for this post season but you can always root against the dodgers, clayton kershaw continues to have trouble, struck out 11 but made one mistake, here it is and there it goes. in the fourth, daniel murphy gets all of this, 1-0, mets.
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jacob degrab, struck out 13, andre ethier, don mattingly, pulls kershaw with two outs and bases loaded, mistake, pedro baez, kershaw lost his last five in post season, mets take it game one, 3-1. struck out nine, gave up three runs, career minor leaguer, spends first post season at-bat, two batters later. steven piscotti, his first season opener, cards take it 4-0, josh donaldson, thinks he has the game winner here. donaldson breaking the rule, bench is cleared, no punches thrown, then he would strike out. 14th, alberto, thrown on the
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plate. safe! 6-4, texas, rangers take the series lead there. and another former athletic, second rbi of the game. knocks in escobar, royals win 5-4, even in that series, a game apiece. nobody was talking about cal or utah this summer but they're this only two unbeaten teams, they will meet tomorrow in salt lake city. can jared goff go. now 5 and 0 and in the spotlight. >> just the atmosphere and the buzz around this program right now is really exciting. we haven't been ranked in a while, we haven't been 5 and 0 here in a while. this team is just very confident and excited to go out there and see what we can do. there is no secret to success. it is just hard work, doing a great job of preaching, so what
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if this game is on espn, it doesn't matter. we still have to work hard during the week. that is the only way you can be successful on saturday. >> game three, wnba final, minnesota links, minnesota's mya moore, she had 24, the linx take it. 87-84 the final. >> all right, abc news continues on line, on


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